1. Nubian_Legend

    Fandom ⚜️ Tales of Krat ⚜️ Lies of P - prequel (Interest Check, Victorian, Gothic, Fairytale-souls)

    Tags: Science-fiction, Fairytale, Souls inspired, Video Game, Victorian, Steampunk, Gothic, Vigilantes, Social-politics. K-RPG. Lies of P Cinematic Synopsis: I just finished this gem of a game and I'm enamored by the overall experience but I was left fascinated by the lore and setting this...
  2. SquigglyWiggly

    Fantasy Two Strays

    Two Strays
  3. StuartAnderson

    Fantasy The Reluctant Knight

    I’m 29M looking for someone to play F in a low fantasy slow burn romance between two enemies. I'Ive got more ideas but i'll keep it brief as I like brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other! But the gist is: MC’s Lord makes a controversial decision to forge an alliance with a rival...
  4. utahraptor

    Fantasy Tronkinrse - The Balance Treaty [full]

    Tronkinrse is a world of magic, chaos, and war for many decades but the 6 factions have agreed to try and make peace. A new city is being built at the center of the world, in the city’s center is Balance tower. Each faction has elected 1 member to represent their faction in a meeting to lay down...
  5. Lord Bradorian

    Realistic or Modern The New York Safe Area (Closed)

    In 2050 the world has fallen apart due to nuclear fallout. In New York City, the remains of the U.S. government had pursued a continuation of their life through the building of a safe zone in NYC. This safe zone expanded to include most of the city and it's suburbs, along with some outlying...
  6. PuppyVirgil

    Multiple Settings Looking for a partner

    I have some ideas. I’m 20. Pretty chill. You can respond with one liners or paragraphs. Please don’t take control of my character unless to mention details. Bold means I have full worlds set up already I have ideas for - Disney (Desendants or Nightmare Before Christmas) - Fantasy - dystopian...
  7. Thepotatogod

    Fandom Fate/Convergence

    –DUSK OF THE FIRST NIGHT– To most people, this is but an ordinary night in the serene, man made utopia that is Erzabet Island. However, to the governing figures of the half century old man made island, it’s the beginning of a celebratory ritual for their 50th year being afloat. The ritual that...
  8. welian

    Realistic or Modern Aegis: A Superhero Reboot

    Sniffing out interest for a slightly-futuristic superhero RP, specifically, a reboot of my Aegis/Commonwealth setting. The prior roleplay was a school setting, but right now I'm more interested in following adult characters around. Tentative plot: Commonwealth - the government department...
  9. Ferociousfeind

    Fandom Transformers: New Moon

    - CYBERTRON - This is a cold rock, distantly orbiting a violent blue star, in a quiet corner of the galaxy. Just underneath its frigid surface is innumerable veins of a volatile, cobalt-blue material commonly known as Energon. Millions of years ago, a miracle occurred and life developed on...
  10. Flecker


    You are the owner of one of the most prominent biotechnology companies in the world. What does your company do? How did it succeed where others failed? What kind of world changing discoveries are you attempting to do next? A multibillion dollar company like yours is complex, from board members...
  11. Pilgrim59

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] LORE

    .. . . Project SyndicateLore DISCLAIMER The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes...
  12. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!

    . OP: Just do it ~ ASH DA HERO . ED: Kidzuite Hoshi ~ UNFAIR RULE .
  13. Pilgrim59

    Multiple Settings Project Syndicate: Primium Edition (Discontinued)
    Index: Interest Check Directory

    . PROJECT SYNDICATE :s -- Tab Images + Covers Container -- -- Tab Images + Covers ---- Tab Image 1 ---- Tab Cover 1 ---- Tab Cover Text --fa-lock-- Tab Block 1 ---- Tab Image 2 ---- Tab Cover 2 ---- Tab Cover Text --ACT I-- Tab Block 2-1 ---- Tab Block 2-2 ---- Tab Image 3 ---- Tab Cover 3...
  14. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!「 Character Sheets 」

    Personal Name Nickname(s) Gender Age (16 ~ 18) Height Weight Home Region (The region your character was originally from) Position Jersy Number Record (Win-to-loss ratio in your current Rush career) Profile (Personality and history combined; 1 paragraph min.) Pokémon Slot 1 Species (Actual...
  15. Vale3637

    Multiple Settings Searching for a Roleplay partner for an idea I had.

    Hello everyone!  I'll get straight to the point, I had an idea for a kind of "exotic" roleplay, if we can call it that way. It is going to be set in a historical period, precisely it will be set in 1714, but our characters are going to be a work of fiction, so that we may build our own story...
  16. Kumii

    Futuristic Inter-Galactic Feuds - In-Character

    Part I: Seramine Stars Chapter I: Induction into the Academy The year is 3256 of the 7th Astral Moon (July 7th, 3256). All-out war has broken out between the Colonia Alliance and Imperial Federation to see who will rule over the Milky Way Galaxy. The galactic navies are about evenly matched, no...
  17. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!「 A Pokémon Sports Anime 」

    Designed and coded by @Nano. Please do not remove the credits or claim the code as your own work. . . // accents ---------- start of top banner ----------> -------------------- start of title section --------------------> ------------------------------ start title...
  18. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern 5000 BCE

    Adopted from Nationstates, but with a LOT of changes to the rules. I just liked the basic rules, time period for the startup. Some inspiration drawn from movies like Old Guard and Highlander. No, this won’t be about chopping off heads. And it will be in the past, long before you have lived...
  19. Mitheral

    Fantasy Post Apocalyptic GoT

    This RP is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is the world long after a nuclear war has ravaged the planet. Little is left of our once great civilization. We are simply known as the Ancients. What has risen from the ashes is a world not unlike Westeros. I will be looking for people to...
  20. Mitheral

    Nation Building Post Apocalyptic Game of Thrones - OOC

    Welcome to the OOC