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I'm a legume
You are the owner of one of the most prominent biotechnology companies in the world. What does your company do? How did it succeed where others failed? What kind of world changing discoveries are you attempting to do next?

A multibillion dollar company like yours is complex, from board members to the lowliest of clerks, how do their seemingly mundane interactions affect the profit that you're earning?

Of course, you're not alone. Partners and rivals are teeming at every corner, they await the perfect moment to strike. Will you shape lucrative partnerships? Antagonistic negotiations? Or fizzle out as nothing more than an afterthought?

The dice will decide your fate. It is up to you to craft the tale of your burgeoning enterprise. Will it be able to stand the tests of the world?


Hey guys, I want to try something different with this RP. Basically participants are companies that dominate the biotech industry (mechanical augmentations, pharmaceuticals, genetic therapy, etc.)

So instead of RPing as characters you'll be narrating the progress of your company through firsthand accounts, newspaper reports, internet articles, or other forms of documentations

But to write your next post you need to roll a die and roleplay based on what the prompt on the number is. So technically you can RP on your own just by continuously rolling the dice.

Each company starts with 500 cash, dice results may increase or decrease your cash or may do something entirely different. Companies can interact with one another independently from the main dice RP. You can borrow cash, invest, or maybe transfer dice results.

Would anyone like to try?

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