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Adopted from Nationstates, but with a LOT of changes to the rules. I just liked the basic rules, time period for the startup. Some inspiration drawn from movies like Old Guard and Highlander. No, this won’t be about chopping off heads. And it will be in the past, long before you have lived long lives. This is the beginning of your stories.

You have arrived just before the dawn of human history and civilization - 5000 BCE (Spring). (That is 7000 years ago!!!) You arrive in a flax subligaculum* and primitive leather sandals. (Ladies will also have a strophium (breast-cloth)).

*The longer-form subligaculum that forms a loincloth is tied as follows: First, the strings are tied around the waist with the long part hanging down back, covering the buttocks. Next, the long part is brought down between the legs and pulled up behind the knot tied in front. Then it is draped over the ties so it forms a loincloth. For ladies the strophium (breast-cloth) will also be a longer variety.

Note: Feel free to just call them loincloths. Subligaculum and strophium are a pain to say and write.

There is no explanation of how you arrived, or even why you are here. Not only has the world changed around you, but you have changed as well. Most of these changes will not be immediately apparent. From the day you arrive in the past, forever onward, you will not age. You are immortal! What is more, you are able to, unconsciously and instinctively, understand and speak every spoken language you come into contact with; your body has become immune to receiving or transmitting disease.

You are free to shape history as you see fit - restrained only by your reason, your means, and the will of others.

Rules and Expectations

(Note: I am the Storyteller wherever that is mentioned.)
1.RPN site rules apply.

2. You arrive in this world in loinclothes. You come in with nothing else.

3. You will arrive in this world after having awoken from sleep. You will have no injuries, no scars (old or new). Impaired senses will be as good as new. Even amputated limbs will be restored.

4. Your character should not just instantly comprehend their situation.

5. You are free to write the reactions of your NPCs as you see fit. On occasion, I may intervene simply to make the story more interesting. You are limited in reacting for the NPC's of another member without their permission or the permission of the Storyteller.

6. The people of the year 5000 BCE are not stupid - or even that ignorant. They are, in their own way, usually just as logical and reasonable as you are now - you crafting some bronze and making a shovel isn't going to make people think you are a god. What is more, these people aren't going to make you chief of their village simply because you killed the old chief in a fight. That'd be unreasonable today; it'd be unreasonable then. Treat the NPC's like they were actual human beings with fully functioning brains.

7. Time skips. Periodically, I will do a small global skip into the future. Every participant will be warned ahead of time of when this skip will happen. Otherwise, try not to jump ahead in time. At first we will be moving along in days … not weeks or months.

Characters Rules
1. Characters should be aged 25-40.

2. Skills listed on your CS should be specific, relevant to your current situation, and things to which you possess a degree of expertise at. You actually must be a knowledgeable expert at the skill which you list, in order to declare that you have it.

3. Your character should not be someone who just happens to be perfectly suited for the time period. You can't be an expert in metallurgy, blacksmithing, masonry, and carpentry. Your character should be an otherwise normal person with normal skills. It is preferred that your character resemble you as much as possible (be yourself if you want), though exceptions will be made if deemed reasonable.

4. Do not list any of the following as a skill: historical knowledge, oration, charisma, leadership, military tactics - unless you have very hard skills in these areas.

5. Unusual abilities include things like double jointed, ambidextrous, photographic memory, etc. It will not include ESP, Magic, etc. Please don’t ask for those. I mean, you are immortal. Isn’t that enough?

Note: I happen to be knowledgeable in most areas characters will need or want to develop. Rebuilding civilization from scratch was a hobby of mine. I had a huge collection of books on subjects ranging from stone age skills to lasers, nuclear generator design, IC chip manufacture, and robotics. I have also lived in or visited some of the areas we will be using.

I also do my research. I aim to be VERY historically accurate at the start. For example, there won't be any horses in use, no governments, no militaries, no large scale agriculture. Large villages will be very rare. There are a few things I will probably gloss over for the sake of roleplay.

Multiple Characters

Very much under consideration. I will especially consider this if everyone decides to start out alone. However, each character MUST be fully developed in the CS. No half baked 2D cutout characters. I want detailed personalities, education, etc. I sort of like this idea, especially if folks want to have characters in different starting points for the sake of roleplay.

About the Startup

I considered having everyone starting out alone in locations of their choice. There are pros and cons to this. I chose to go with a pantheonistic approach. However, I could go with making this optional. If I do, I will be limiting arrival points to Yellow River, Indus River, Nile and Mesopotamia

I considered starting everyone out naked. That is the default. However, walking with nothing to cover your feet on rough ground is slow and painful. And if we have mixed company, well, clothing seems to leave something more to the imagination.

Life in 5000 BCE is pretty basic. No governments, no domesticated horses, no wool, no paper, no papyrus, no writing, and no math. Copper is still rare and comes from native copper sources. Most tools are flint, chert, basalt or obsidian. Most clothing is furs or flax. Every native falls into one of two categories: hunter-gatherer or villager. Villagers do not yet have specialized skills except on the most basic levels. There simply isn’t enough of a population for villagers NOT to be involved in agriculture.

Villages have no chieftains, no militaries, no law enforcement (no laws for that matter). They tend to be egalitarian, without rich or poor. A large village tends to top out around 200-250 people. Most are made up of several families.


Some of you are probably wondering, so what do I do? That is pretty much up to you - within the limits of what is possible. Initially it is all about survival. Then it becomes about exploration.

You can try to pass yourself off as a god. You can try to make yourself a god king and have a harem. You could simply travel the world. Or you could try to live like a hermit. That last one is going to be pretty boring, just saying.

You can try to kick start civilization - introduce technology, law.

You will have to learn what drives a civilization to expand, to crawl up the ladder of technology.
Blank CS

Realistic or Modern - 5000 BCE - Characters

For further questions, please go to the OOC page.

Realistic or Modern - 5000 BCE - OOC

Realistic or Modern - 5000 BCE - Characters | RpNation


I also considered introducing some fantasy or mythological elements. We can discuss that in OOC.

3rd Person Past Tense
Literate to Semi-Literate
3-5 decent paragraphs per post

I will be posting at least weekly. Those who do not manage a post in that time will lose their chance to respond to that week’s round of posting. They are welcome to join in the next round of posts. (I tend to post about 4-10 pages per week when I have time. No, I do NOT expect that of others. That’s just me. Quality is more important anyways.)
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