1. Gears

    Futuristic Another Normal Day- Reborn: A Cyberpunk-Dystopian-Superhero-RP

    Welcome to Another Normal Day- Reborn. This is a reboot to an older thread, but I have increased the worldbuilding. What was once a single city is now a country dotted with villages, farmlands, and the ever present Security Agency Garrisons. CS will be posted shortly, along with character...
  2. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Utopia - A Puppet Master Scenario

    This is the story of a utopia being brought about by a puppet master scenario. The world was oblivious to the cause of the changes going on around them. Most people were grateful for the changes and never questioned them. But a few (you, the group) have begun to question the changes. In some...
  3. Lord of Woe


    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers body text, subheaders to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----left---- ----top---- ----image...
  4. Pilgrim59

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act 3 (2015-2018) Recruitment

    .. . . PROJECT SYNDICATEACT III fas fa-play Act III Opening Themea Sierra Five Niner Production TAGS Action, Adventure, Anime, Drama, Military, Organized Crime, Police, Tacticool. DISCLAIMERThe following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced...
  5. Pilgrim59

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act III IC
    Index: A3-C1

    .. . . CHAPTER 1OPEN CHANNEL fas fa-play Ch.1 Themea Sierra Five Niner Production OVERVIEW 2015. Gold, glamor and grit - absent of God. Rumors of the Syndicate's weakness spread like wildfire in Asia, following the destruction of a covert facility that cost the organization both in hefty...
  6. High Moon

    Fandom Amestris 1896: Liorian Emergency

    Interest Check: Hello folks! High Moon here, with the help of my Co-GM @Sire Denathrius , I present to you Amestris 1896: Liorian Emergency, the first part of a series of three mini-rps set in the same alternate-universe take on Fullmetal Alchemist, that we have been working on for a while. As a...
  7. be_l_l_e

    Realistic or Modern Cosmic Horror - Globe-Trotting Investigation/Adventure - 1920s

    Seeking Partner: Cosmic Horror - Globe-Trotting Adventure - Occult Mystery I am seeking a partner for an advanced, long-term roleplay centered on two siblings traveling across the globe in the mid-to-late 1920s, discovering and trying to stop a global conspiracy to invoke the powers of...
  8. Sylvio

    Fantasy Rivers of Blood - A Demon Hunter rp

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  9. Pilgrim59

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act I (1856-1867)
    Index: Chapter 1: Old Wounds

    .. . . ACT ICHAPTER 1: OLD WOUNDS CONSPECTUS 1856. To discern the truths from fiction, a certain gathering of gifted individuals with the intention of reestablishing their presence in the criminal world. At the behest of a telegram, many peculiar members associated with the Grimaldi household...
  10. Pilgrim59

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] LORE

    .. . . Project SyndicateLore DISCLAIMER The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes...
  11. Pilgrim59

    Multiple Settings Project Syndicate: Primium Edition (Discontinued)
    Index: Interest Check Directory

    . PROJECT SYNDICATE :s -- Tab Images + Covers Container -- -- Tab Images + Covers ---- Tab Image 1 ---- Tab Cover 1 ---- Tab Cover Text --fa-lock-- Tab Block 1 ---- Tab Image 2 ---- Tab Cover 2 ---- Tab Cover Text --ACT I-- Tab Block 2-1 ---- Tab Block 2-2 ---- Tab Image 3 ---- Tab Cover 3...
  12. Lorsh

    Fantasy ◙-Fᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ Sᴛᴇᴇʟ-◙ [Open!]

    A low fantasy nobility / political RP, where you play as court officials and warrior nobles in a turbulent realm. Feel free to ask any questions about lore, setup, character ideas, etc.! There is information about the different Kingdoms here, but the RP would focus on characters from Carmondy...
  13. Mitheral

    Fandom Stranger Things 1987 - OC's

    This is a Stranger Things fandom set in Fall of 1987. (The canon kids would be 16.) I have yet to watch SSN 4, except for the first couple episodes (which I half slept through thanks to being exhausted from work and need to rewatch). To be honest, I would be happier with an original cast. I...
  14. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Hate Makes the World Go Around Too.

    They say that Love makes the world go around. They say that, don’t they? What no one ever wants to talk about is that Hate makes the world go around too. Inspiration for this RP was taken from fiction such as Bulletproof Monk, Indiana Jones, Hellboy, Wonder Woman (first movie), and Captain...
  15. BuggaBoo

    Futuristic >̷>̷E̷C̷L̷I̷P̷S̷E̷ ̷T̷H̷E̷ ̷S̷P̷R̷A̷W̷L̷ - by way of our augmented ingressions (Adv/Lit Shared Cyberpunk Storytime)

    {slide=center | Eclipse...}{/slide} Hi!! So! If you are a fan of sinister alleys, chrome smiles, neon dreams, black-hearted skies and the unshakeable megalithic corporations then you may enjoy this Cyberpunk series. And if you are a world-builder too, perhaps you might enjoy it twice over...
  16. Mitheral

    Fandom Star Trek: Iron Wind (Post Canon)

    Welcome to the 25th century. The year is 2415. You will serve aboard the USS Athena-B completed in 2415. Current Mission: Assigned to patrol the borders of the Federation. The story itself begins with the USS Athena picking up its newest personnel. The Captain has orders that are classified...
  17. Mitheral

    Fandom Star Trek: Iron Wind

  18. Murdergurl

    👽 MONSTERS FROM THE STARS! 🚀[retro pulp-styled, sci-fi roleplay]

    This RP Advertisement is best viewed in the Dark Theme. A Terrifying Tale of Creatures from Beyond our World! Bulge-Eyed, Alien, Bounty-Hunters! Secretive Men In Black! Mind-Controlling Brain Slugs! Reptilians In Disguise! They are... 🎵 mood music 🎵 The year is 1967. The...
  19. doedeer

    Realistic or Modern secret society in metaline falls -- dark cult rp

    — the metaline falls cult a dark cult rp --img here... CODE by LEVIATHAN. -- 01 here 01. basis. In 1994 Metaline Falls, Washington is only a small colony of people--about 200 to be exact. These people live far away from contact with other cities, but not because they can't. They simply...
  20. Owlishnerd

    Fantasy Creepypasta (Character creation and Role call.)

    (Here is what I had as a starter and it will give you a good idea of what to expect. The name comes from the odd internet tails during the early 2010's. Which I may take a LOT of inspiration from. Not generic ones like Jeff or some of those but you get the gist. I don't really have experience...