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Fandom Amestris 1896: Liorian Emergency

High Moon

Relic of a Bygone Age
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Interest Check:
Hello folks! High Moon here, with the help of my Co-GM Sire Denathrius Sire Denathrius , I present to you Amestris 1896: Liorian Emergency, the first part of a series of three mini-rps set in the same alternate-universe take on Fullmetal Alchemist, that we have been working on for a while. As a mini-rp we have a planned end date (June 2023)

The Plot:

Just like the rest of the rural lands within the jurisdiction of Eastern Command, Liore was just a dot in the map. It was largely ignored by it's Amestrian overlords, but all that changed after a devastating period of civil wars that forced the civilian population of Amestris to escape from population centers. The small settlement of Liore transitioned into a population center, about the same time a man who claims to be an anointed prophet rose to prominence. This figure was further bolstered by a mysterious benefactor who started donating massive amounts of Amestrian Cens to the Church of Liore in the year 1882, as well as making investments in the township. Almost at the same time, an Alchemist attached to Eastern Command made it his research mission to show that the vast arid plains and the xerxian desert could be reclaimed, using his generous funding to create the ideal Amestrian city in this forgotten land.

Now, fourteen years after the appearance the City of Liore is almost like an oasis in the North Eastern fringes of the Amestrian State. A prominent beacon of civilization, with a Grand Cathedral that’s slowly rising above into the skies, paved roads, buildings of brick and stone, stores of all kinds, schools and even a horse-drawn tram passing through what is now the main-street. The State Railway is yet to arrive to the bustling city however, although the construction for the station has already begun.

There is worry to be had, as some in Central believe that this rapid industrialization is suspect at best. There are rumors abound that the Church's teachings are in opposition to the state doctrine of Amestris and its purpose is to rile the local natives of Liore against the Amestrian State and Nation.

Because of these factors, Central deems it necessary to establish a permanent military presence within the city. Due to the stationed state of Amestris, the Führer drafted an executive order calling for each military command to pull together an Ad-Hoc unit to establish permanent occupation of the growing city—and unbeknownst to the public, investigate whatever secrets the Church is hiding from Central.

A consequence of this executive order resulted in less than stellar "volunteers" being redirected to the East, ranging from state alchemists more concerned with their own research to specialized individuals who got along poorly with a commanding officer. The outcasts and undesirables were being shipped to the burgeoning city.

Even before this special unit's arrival, word is that the inhabitants of Liore are less than grateful at the news of the garrison—antigovernmental displays and protests rocking the streets. With tension thick in the air, one has to wonder what type of reception these soldiers can expect....

The Lore:
Amestris in 1896:
Unbeknownst to the general public, a great shift in power dynamics occurred in the Amestrian Nation, nothing less than a catastrophic event to the fortunes of the artificial nation. In the year 1835, not too long after the last great conquest of Amestris over the Aerugoeans in the South. The one we would come to know as van Hohenheim confronted father, the puppetmaster of the entire Amestrian State, and managed to defeat him, both perishing during or after the event.

From there Amestris faltered, the last Führer installed by Father was able to keep a sense of calm and give the image that Amestris was on track for the duration of his reign into the late 1867, yet upon his death the facade that he had built crumbled. A series of over ambitious officers of dubious quality became Führer during the period that followed, with short periods of rule and coup d’etats being a common sight between 1867-1878.

During 1878, a failed coup by a clique of Officers in Central Command ignited the fuse to the powderkeg, tired of the incompetence of their leaders, the common people of Central rallied around the National Assembly, which deftly seized the opportunity to break free of their puppetmasters for the first time in the country's history.

Thus started the most devastating event known to modern Amestris, The Amestrian Brother’s War, with each regional commander declaring themselves the rightful Führer in a state of emergency, mobilizing their forces to wage war against the rebellion in central and against each other.

Seeing opportunity the neighbors of Amestris struck to take their revenge on the ailing state.

in 1881 the Four Military Commands gathered to declare a peace agreement between the opposing sides to deal with the foreign incursion into Amestrian soil which came to be called the Quadripartite Compromise. The civil war officially came to an end with the joint-occupation of Central in Summer 1882, putting an (brutal) end to the Revolutionary Government of the National Assembly after a three week long thrust into Central and a fourt month long siege of the city.

Thus begun the Tetrarchy Period, a time of normalization one marked by relative peace within the country, yet the four armies remained largely disunited in terms of command structure which hampered their ability to secure victory for Amestris in the border conflicts.

This period was not meant to last, serving its duty to stabilize the artificial nation. In 1893, a cabal of officers known colloquially as the "Young Amestrians" overthrew the Tetrarchy on grounds of high treason. They were charged and imprisoned as the new leadership of Amestris stomped out loyal elements in the government and military.

The present, 1896, the nation of Amestris is no greater for the "Young Amestrians" involvement, suspicion wrought in the ranks and loyalties hidden and divided. The future of the country sits atop a knife's edge, needing only one push to lead to calamity.

Interest Check:
Hello folks! High Moon here, with the help of my Co-GM @TAC, I present to you Amestris 1896: Liorian Emergency, the first part of a series of three mini-rps set in the same alternate-universe take on Fullmetal Alchemist we have planned for a while. As a mini-rp we have a planned end date (June 2023)

Colonel ( High Moon High Moon )
State Alchemist (@Athanas )
State Alchemist
State Alchemist
State Alchemist
State Alchemist
1st Lieutenant ( Sire Denathrius Sire Denathrius )
2nd Lieutenant
Local attache to Liore
Field Medic
Automail Specialist
Automail Mechanic
Communications Officer
Designated Marksman
Designated Demolitions personnel
Designated Heavy Arms personnel

-RPN rules apply as always.

-As usual, god modding will not be tolerated.

-As this is set in an alternate timeline, no canon characters will be allowed.

-While primarily based on Mangahood, elements of 2003 lore may be adapted.

-Due to the scope of the RP, we’ll have to limit characters to one per player (some leniencies in this rule can be granted for plot convinience), so I suggest picking your choices carefully.

-On that note, character death is a possibility but don’t worry we don’t plan on killing characters unceremoniously.

-Making characters from different regions of Amestris is encouraged as the Brigade in Liore is supposed to be an ad-hoc unit cobbled together out of soldiers and officers that the Commands of Amestris could spare to offer to Eastern Command. It’s also encouraged that characters from the same regional command come up with some shared backstories to keep things interesting.

-Applications will have to be accepted by me and my co-gm before acceptance of the character.

- As stated before this will be an RP with a set date to finish by, so consistent posting, up to twice-thrice a week will be important please keep that in mind while applying.

-If you’ve read this far, please add “Don’t forget the Third of October” to the end of your comment.​

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