1. Dragongal

    Futuristic Horseshoes and Ion Grenades - IC

    UNOFFICIAL FIRSTPOST, TO BE EDITTED SHORTLY Erxgrn Lorerz Hzmgrztl, nfiwvivw yb zm zihvmrx gzyovg wrhhloevw rm svi uzelirgv hlwz. Svi 15 bvzi low xlfhrm kozxvw gsv gzyovg gsviv rmgvmgrlmzoob, gsrmprmt rg dlfow ivhloev z qvzolfhb wrhkfgv yvgdvvm gsvri uznrorvh levi gsv wvxvzhvw tizmwnlgsvi'h...
  2. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act I (1856-1867)
    Index: Chapter 1: Old Wounds

    .. . . ACT ICHAPTER 1: OLD WOUNDS CONSPECTUS 1856. To discern the truths from fiction, a certain gathering of gifted individuals with the intention of reestablishing their presence in the criminal world. At the behest of a telegram, many peculiar members associated with the Grimaldi household...
  3. sophocles

    Multiple Settings head in the clouds ;; ☁︎

    !! please don't post in this thread; feel free to reach out to me in my pms !! sophocles, (she/her), also known as soph. i’m twenty-three years old, an architect by trade, and a writer at heart. little bit about me, my hobbies include video games, bullet journaling, crocheting, and...
  4. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Lore

    .. . . Project SyndicateLore DISCLAIMER The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes...
  5. Primula

    Multiple Settings Project Syndicate: Primium Edition (Always Open)
    Index: Interest Check Directory

    . PROJECT SYNDICATE :s -- Tab Images + Covers Container -- -- Tab Images + Covers ---- Tab Image 1 ---- Tab Cover 1 ---- Tab Cover Text --fa-lock-- Tab Block 1 ---- Tab Image 2 ---- Tab Cover 2 ---- Tab Cover Text --ACT I-- Tab Block 2-1 ---- Tab Block 2-2 ---- Tab Image 3 ---- Tab Cover 3...
  6. rumblebee.

    Multiple Settings '( ᴵ ˢˡᶦᵗʰᵉʳᵉᵈ ʰᵉʳᵉ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵉᵈᵉⁿ .

    Hello, world. I am a 26 year old female that generally goes by Kleo or Rumble/Bee! I am looking to get back into roleplaying after a bit of a hiatus. I spent well over a decade roleplaying daily in the past, so I am experienced! I prefer quality over quantity and will scrap a word limit in...
  7. goache

    Realistic or Modern wild fever. (rdr)

  8. goache

    Realistic or Modern lf 1x1 red dead OCxOC.

    a very small nothing fancy 1x1 interest check. ✂ introduction — hello! i go by goache or parsley. i'm in my 20's, and i use she/they pronouns. i have a relatively busy schedule, but still will absolutely make time for writing. i've been writing/roleplaying for over a decade, and have used rpn...
  9. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings Mith Int Check (Mostly Sci Fi)

    About me: I'm looking for someone to hopefully write with long-term! I prefer PM’s (One thread for OOC; One for IC) I typically manage about a pagee (400-500 words). More or less depends on what I have to respond to - and how tired I am from work. I am old. I work a 70 hour week. Weekends...
  10. Foxglove_Rae

    Realistic or Modern Id steal the world for her -western roleplay

    Hello! You can call me Rae I go by she/her pronouns, and I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a western roleplay with me. My character is female and for this rp will be playing the ranchers daughter role. I'm open to M/F, F/F, F/A. This rp will contain dark subject matter so if you...
  11. halcyon_tales

    Multiple Settings 🐙🌈 LF RP partners! Mostly nonfandom, romance, f/f, drama, fantasy, character focused | (OPEN) (+SAMPLES)

    Hello hello! I'm halcyon/guac. she/her. I’m your typical college student that likes to write! I've been roleplaying for 5-6 years now mostly through video games and writing for as long as I know. I've been lurking around until I knew I had more free time. Really excited to get to know you! I...
  12. Foxglove_Rae

    Fantasy The Hunter becomes the Prey

    ~The story~  Character A is a sheriff that runs a small town in the wild wild west. Character A was respected by those in the town as they were seen as a kind and honest person. Character B an outlaw one day rolls into town and it wasn't long until he started to grow obsessive towards the...
  13. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Cowboy in Spite of Himself

    History of New Mexico A young man is thrown back in time to 1881 to the Territory of New Mexico. More specifically he travels to Albuquerque, NM for this is where he was from in the 21st century. New Mexico won’t be a state until 1912. Homesteaders began moving into the area in the late...
  14. Idea

    Storm Over Rivayle

    Storm Over Rivayle Nearstream Camp Travel by cart might not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was certainly easier than having the whole group come by horse and without question more affordable than either that or taking the Magitrain to get here. That later point was...
  15. Mitheral

    Fandom Firefly (Original Characters) - Still Accepting

    Theme Firefly Ship Specs (Note: There will be some customizing done.) This will be set in the Firefly Verse. The RP will pick up after the events of the movie, Serenity. I will not be using any of the comics material. All characters will be Original. Crew (Owner State room (High Passage) +...
  16. Mitheral

    Fandom Serenity / Firefly (Canon)

    Firefly Serenity Specs This will be based on the TV series. The RP will pick up after the events of the movie. For the time the RP starts at, I may timeskip a year. Must Fill Slots Captain (Mal) First Mate (Zoe) Pilot (River) Engineer (Kaywinnet) Mercenary (Jayne) Doctor (Simon) Indra...
  17. Gray Sage

    Fantasy The Treacherous West

    Where traitors die and cattle roam.
  18. Dragongal

    Futuristic Horseshoes and Ion Grenades

    Hi all! We're looking for some new players to add to our Rp, Horseshoes and Ion Grenades! HIGs is a sci-fi RP with heavy Old West flavoring. Or an old West RP with a Sci-fi reskin. Either way it's a mix of two very colorful genres promising lots of adventure and interaction. If this interests...
  19. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Young Guns (Western)

    Theme Music I just love the theme music from the movie. That is about where the similarity to the movie ends for this RP. Well, that and the fact that it is a western. And it is about a gang. This gang, however starts with two femme fatales. The year is 1871. The RP begins in the...
  20. Syrli

    Multiple Settings I am once again checking for your 1x1 interest

    Hello hello! I am a uni student from Europe looking for new writing partners! I'll try to keep things short and sweet, as I am not overly picky about writing preferences and I much prefer to start off with a pretty basic idea for a plot, and then develop it into something greater together. But...