1. Necromantic

    Realistic or Modern  Project Sailor, a military magical girl roleplay

    Off it's original Hiatus but now I need more members, a ping for the older ones @mysteryxio @Thepotatogod @BackSet @Rantos @The One Eyed Bandit @simj22 @Shagranoz @Shooting Star Asuka Premise 2018, the year that was almost the apocalypse. The year that Magical Girls started mysteriously...
  2. RiverRainForest

    Multiple Settings  :) Zombie RP interest check (:

    :bishiesparklesr:Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Welcome! :bishiesparklesl: About me: My name's River, Rain or Moss, whichever/whatever and I'm 25, so please 18+ only. I'm also an advanced/lazy lit, third person/past tense, multi para kind of person. I live in New Zealand GMT+13 and am a...
  3. Betol The Vulcan

    Multiple Settings  ❈Betol's Interest Check❈

    ❈Betol's Interest Check❈ I’m Betol King of Ironthorn ridge. It's nice to meet you. I'll start by saying that I am unpredictable. So for the most part, expect anything and everything when it comes to RP selection. Anyway please read everything down below before you contact me. PM me if you're...
  4. Ryesona

    Fandom  Mass Effect Andromeda - Retaliation Interest Check

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Retaliation The Archon is dead. The Nexus, the outcasts, and the Angara have made planet fall on Meridian. The pioneers that braved the journey from the Milky Way to Andromeda and Angara celebrate and mourn alike. Despite the legendary acts executed by Ryder’s...
  5. PrismaDawn

    Fandom  (On Hold) Give Your Hearts IC

    Give Your Hearts: The Rainfall Arc The early morning sky was grey and bloated with ugly dark clouds. The scent of soon to be rain lingered throughout the wooden barracks, posts, watchtowers of the forest surrounded clearing. A sever and morale destroying downpour was coming soon. With hearts...
  6. PrismaDawn

    Fandom  Give Your Hearts CS Section

    Character Sheet Name: Age (at least 14): Gender: Height and Weight: Appearance ( at least 1 paragraph; added picture optional): Background (at least two paragraphs): Personality (at least two paragraphs): Special Traits or Skills (Titan ability, natural talent, or rare skill if any): Other...
  7. SpazTheButcher

    Fandom  The Emperor's Will (OOC)

    Here is the Character Sheet, Fill it out and pm it to me. Name: Rank: Planet/Regiment: (e.g. 101st Cadian Armored) Role: (If not a special Role, put "Guardsmen", special roles are plasma gunners, etc) Background: Personality: Regimental History: Description: Gear: Weapon:
  8. PrismaDawn

    Fandom  Give Your Hearts Lore Section

    Here is important lore. Warning for spoilers in the anime.
  9. PrismaDawn

    Fandom  Give Your Hearts OOC

    The Out of Character Chat. Feel free to look through everything in the Lore section. "Fall of Wall Maria and the Capture" is particularly important. Also look at the CS section I have four NPCS there already. PM me your CS before posting so that I can approve the character. Finally, in the main...
  10. xuanan

    Futuristic  Searching for literate long-term partner!

    Hey everyone! Just getting settled in on this site after Feralfront closed down, but I am on the hunt for a long-term literate partner. I'm nineteen years old and in the Pacific timezone. My response time is pretty quick and I usually write between 500 and 1500 words, depending on what the...
  11. PrismaDawn

    Fandom  Attack on Titan RP Interest Check (Give Your Hearts)

    Give Your Hearts Welcome Cadets! You all have joined the 212th Training Division! Here we will turn you into Titan killing protectors of humanity! You will give your hearts to the military, your Drill Instructors, humanity, and to the King! Weakness, cowardliness, and dissidence will not be...
  12. Church103

    Realistic or Modern  Iraq War RP

    Looking for up to 5 people to participate in a military roleplay. Era is 90s to mid 2000s (think black hawk down and generation kill). Scenario will be determined by players. -Faction is US Army -Player ranks can range from E1 to E6 -Player specialties can be anything, but rear echelon troops...
  13. Develius


    (Inspired by the Tohokingdom site "Kaiju War Chronicles" here. ) (Join the discord!) Current Matches - Breaking Mammoth (@Thepotatogod) VS King Dodongo (@Shooting Star Asuka) - King Ghidorah (@Develius) VS Ymir (@Selee-01) Skullcrawler (Knight boi) VS Tentacruel (Scatterbrain) -...
  14. BorkTheDoge

    Nation Building  What if the Axis won WW2 RP/Minor World Building

    Hello to all who may be interested. This is just an interest check for an rp that will take place, in alternate timeline. Specifically one where the Axis Powers won the second world war as you could obviously tell by the title. While this unfortunate world and the rp that it will take...
  15. Develius


    Accepted Character Profile sheets go here! To present your Character Sheet, please present it to the OCC first to be accepted. GM RESERVED FIGHTERS LIST - Godzilla (Monsterverse-Inspired) - King Ghidorah (Monsterverse-Inspired) - EVA-02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion/Rebuild of Evangelion) -...
  16. Develius


    [ Inspired by the original Kaiju War Chronicles by Toho KIngdom. ] Join the discord! This is the OCC - a place where one shall plan with other combatants over their next moves, suggest situations, express interest, etc. Hey you! Do you like kaiju? What about Mecha? So you wish there was a...
  17. Historical Storyteller

    Realistic or Modern  Tactics simulator

    I have returned. + The Questionnaire. Before I begin, I'd like to ask all of you questions. 1. If you joined the army, what position would you like to fill? 2. From the late middle age to modern war, what time period would you like you be in? 3. What is your favorite choice of terrain? As...
  18. CommunistFool

    Nation Building  The New World

    Somehow, governments around the world have collapsed, this will be a realistic role-play where you control a country, complete with a custom Google Map that I will work on! Chances are this will be a modern set thread with threats in the form of terrorists, insurgents, and the other players. I...
  19. GasMaskie

    Futuristic  Beyond the Blue - Interest Check

    Beyond the Blue is a quest inspired by the likes of Ace Combat, Project Wingman, Yukikaze, and Macross. In it, players take control of a fledgeling mercenary, "Joker", as he flies in a world beset by war and conflict. Rather than standard fighter jets, the warplanes of choice in Beyond the Blue...
  20. GasMaskie

    Quest  Beyond the Blue
    Index: Mission 1 - Into the Blue

    Blue. The color of the skies overhead, completely enveloping your field of vision. You can't remember just how many times you've simply lost track of things, looking up towards that endless canvas. And, for as long as you've remembered, you've always had a certain feeling in your chest. That...