1. Satanic Nightjar

    Multiple Settings  ♥*♡∞:。.。 𝒔𝒆𝒆𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒏𝒆𝒓𝒔 。.。:∞♡*♥

    welcome Welcome to my search thread! I'm currently on the lookout for a roleplay partner that I think I'm a good fit with. I have more time on my hands recently than usual, and while I'm still rather busy I've been seriously craving a good 1x1. So, read through what I've got posted here, and...
  2. That random Role Player

    Fandom  Pearl Harbor?

    I have been wanting to Role Play Pearl Harbor because i love the history and the movie so let me know if some one is down. We can Go by the movie or use OCs and make it our own
  3. Trickster Crayon

    Multiple Settings  Guess Who Came Crawling Back..

    Yeah, it’s me. I’m back.. and I’m bored. I really want to get back into roleplaying! So let’s get to it: -Semi Lit to Lit! I like a few paragraphs! -MxF, I play female I just.. am no good at anything else. (Unless it is a double.) -Fandoms and Originals are my forte! I’m kind of sick of the...
  4. Corrosion

    Realistic or Modern  Special Elite Black Ops Shooter Guy: Inaccurate Military Action Quest 2: Electric Boogaloo: This Time It's Personal: The Revenge: Freedom Reloaded

    You are Captain Shooter Guy, a member of the United States military Army Marines Navy SEAL Delta Force Recon Green Berets SWAT Black Ops. The year is 202X. The X is helpful as it makes the year this takes place in ambiguous, but because it has a 2 it obviously takes place in the near future...
  5. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Welcome to the Expirement

    In the teens lives has always been a lot of strife. No one seemed to want them and they were unloved by their caregiver. The woman who owned the orphanage always suggested to people that they should adopt a teen but no one ever wants them they just want the babies. But one faithful day all the...
  6. Crow

    Fandom  Azur Lane: Tides of Hope [Signups & OoC]

    Eagle Union. Royal Navy. Sakura Empire. Ironblood. Long ago, the four factions lived in harmony, forging the core of a global alliance known as Azur Lane after the first Great War in which they united against the Siren scourge. Azur Lane used a special technology forged from Wisdom Cubes...
  7. ThomasYeagger

    Multiple Settings  Fantasy+modern rp, like Gate !

    Title says it all I guess. I'd love to explore stuff related to this anime's main idea. If you don't know it, it's quite fine though I'll try to explain ! A gate would have opened between 2 worlds, our world, like reality, and a medieval fantasy world. The door opened in a huge and empty...
  8. Shade Wraith

    Multiple Settings  Azure- Another Sky

    4 Races are dragged into a new world together by the collision of 3 universes. The Humans, the Shalonian, Tral and the Delsh. Can the 4 races get along long enough to find a way to undo the collision or will their hatred for one another be their downfall? Delsh- Original Builders and architects...
  9. Grayson Lockwood

    Realistic or Modern  Military based Roleplay

    Hello looking to roleplay our nation's Heroes. either a brother to brother military story in a world war 3 or a nurse and soldier romance - dont be a jerk. - can be semi-long or one-liner.
  10. Midoria

    Fandom  Carnival of Heroes (Freezing RP)

    In the year 2032, Earth was invaded by inter-dimensional beings dubbed Nova. As mysterious as they are powerful, these strange beings wrecked havoc as they destroyed cities, industrialization centers, and power plants. For five years humanity was defenseless as they watched their cities turn to...
  11. Exif

    Fandom  Calling All Halo Fans!

    Introduction Hello, there, and welcome to my request thread! Allow me to introduce myself; you can call me Exif. I've been on a military science fiction kick lately and Halo has been scratching that itch quite well. But I've been wanting to try a roleplay set in the Halo universe for a while and...
  12. StarlessTrooper2112

    Nation Building  1848: Age of Revolutions RP

    Map of the world in 1848 Welcome to the Age of Revolutions historical role play, where you control a nation state or other political entity such as an economics union or a rebel faction in the middle of a civil war. This roleplay starts during the 19th century, more specifically 1848 where...
  13. Jagson

    Futuristic  The Emergance War

    September 2nd 2016 (From U.S. perspective) It was just like any other day. Most people were planning for their long weekend to celebrate the hard work they've accomplished. Most government workers were home and military bases were closed. Everything was great until two dozen ships of unknown...
  14. Florida_Man16

    Futuristic  Neon Horizon (Closed)

    The warehouse that was to be the base of operations for the newly formed SAHD unit had been largely emptied of it’s previous contents. It would be the responsibility of the unit to change and furbish the inside to their liking. The only people within the structure currently were the director’s...
  15. ScalpelsNSaws

    Realistic or Modern  Osowiec, Then and Again...

    The year is 1915 on the Eastern Front, the Great war is raging. 12 Austro-Hungarian battalions have been sent to overwhelm and destroy the Russian Imperial fortess known as Osowiec. You are amoung these men, can you survive the newly invented weapons destined to change the course of the war...
  16. Mythy The Dragonwolf

    Futuristic  Our Differences - Military RP with Mechs, Mecha, Battlesuits, Genetic Engineering, and a Relentless Alien Foe

    Please only express interest if you are actually interested and won't drop out within the first few posts Hello there! I've a setting I'm making a story in and figured it could also be done well as an RP. I'll give you the bullet points instead of a full lore writeup, feel free to ask questions...
  17. Florida_Man16

    Futuristic  Neon Horizon: Cyberpunk RP partner needed (Closed)

    In the year 2116, technology has advanced to the point where it's not even considered strange or futuristic anymore to have mechanical limbs or physical augmentation. It's not uncommon to walk down the street and see people with something about them that has been modified. It is actually more...
  18. Crow

    Fandom  Azur Lane RP?

    You know, I thought of making a shipgirl RP. I wanted to make my own thing due to the inevitably of someone's character getting canonized. Then I thought that I should just make an AL RP. Straight up AL. I want you all to pick which era we should take from: 1. The warring times that parallel...
  19. H1C3TH3K1LL

    (GURPS) - BLACK OPS - Trainee Hour

    Welcome to the main page of Black Ops, here the main plot will develop, all things said and done here will be considered cannon. We’ll follow the basic Character Creation rules of GURPS 4th edition, that means you star with 100 points to spend. You must have 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages...
  20. H1C3TH3K1LL

    Realistic or Modern  The Matrix - Black Ops

    Welcome to the Lore page of Black Ops. We’re playing on the Shadowrun 6th World universe, that means we consider cannon everything that happened up to 2082 in the storyline. Here’ll link the Shadowrun Wiki page, and I’ll answer any question relevant to the main plot.