1. Trektek

    Fandom  Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base

    Gunfire lay all around them. It was a genuine bulletstorm from the automated defenses as they hid behind a destroyed tiberium harvester. At least it's partially burned out hull was still useful for something. Jasper was happy that those things were built so big and bulbous for increasing the...
  2. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  True power: Rise of the Supers

    Set on an alternate earth in the year 2021 history developed more or less the same until December 21st ,2001. That was when the Event occured, a massive surge of mysterious cosmic energy which encompassed the entire planet. It only lasted for an instant yet it fried all electronics on the...
  3. FearItself

    Fantasy  The Monster mash

    "Sometimes to hunt a have to become a monster." The name is Agent Stein, and let me start by saying yes...monsters are real. Ghouls, goblins, Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, ogres you name it odds are its out there somewhere. Its always been that way, monster hunting families...
  4. Peppercorn

    Futuristic  Heavensfall | Out of Character

    Europe, 1945 — In what would've been the waning days of the Second World War , the anticipated V-E Day ultimately never came. Unbeknownst to the Allies, the Ahnenerbe think tank of the Schutzstaffel had made a breakthrough in their "heritage research", opening a webway into alternate dimensions...
  5. Trektek

    Fandom  Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base OCC

    We can discuss things here. :-)
  6. Trektek

    Fandom  Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base CS

    Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Faction: (Is/was your character GDI, NOD, Forgotten, or Independent Personality: (Tell me a little about you character and how they act/respond to the world around them) Skills: (What sort of skills do they possess. Are they...
  7. Trektek

    Fandom  Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base

    The Year is 2036, two years after the Firestorm Crisis that occurred after the Second Tiberium War between the forces of the Global Defense Initiative(GDI) and the Brotherhood of NOD. The war ended in a decisive victory for GDI after they managed to not only kill the Brotherhood's leader, the...
  8. Peppercorn

    Futuristic  Heavensfall [Apocalyptic WW2 Scifi]

    Synopsis Europe, 1945 — In what was the waning days of the Second World War, the anticipated V-E Day ultimately never came. Unbeknownst to the Allies, the Ahnenerbe think tank of the Schutzstaffel had made a breakthrough in their "heritage research", opening a webway into alternate dimensions...
  9. ThrillHunter

    Multiple Settings  Apocalyptic | Dystopian | MxM | Experienced Collaborative Writers

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  10. Jaredthefox92

    Fandom  A Chaos themed roleplay? (Warhammer 40,000.)

    I'm thinking having a small warband themed story that takes off from Black Crusade would be interesting. A plot where a merry band of heretics are actually questing for something really big to help them turn a world to the will of their gods. However, this won't be really dice based as I tried...
  11. Bronco

    Futuristic  First Contact: Orient

    _Incoming Transmission ... ... ... _Transmission Received _Unpacking _PersonnelStatusArchive - Complete _LogisticsArchive - Complete _MissionStatusArchive - Complete _Opening MissionStatusArchive _Prelaunch _LaunchDate _IntermediateA _IntermediateB _Contact _Opening...
  12. Diorlone

    Multiple Settings  Catgirl x human male, pref. long term, story first.

    Hi My first recruit post here. Hopefully I get something good in my net : P I'm over 30 years old, cis-female, if that matter to someone. I have been roleplaying more or less actively for 20 years now. Roleplaying will happen in Discord or via PM. I play only catgirls as my main char, but I...
  13. Meme Man

    Multiple Settings  Meme man's search for partners

    Introduction: hello fellow role player, I'm a high school senior and have a stage 4 case of senioritis, so I need some of you wonderful people to keep me from going insane of boredom. About me: I'm a 17 year old dude (I got rekt by a summer birthday) and I'm pretty involved in a lot of physical...
  14. looking4trouble

    Multiple Settings  DIVE IN WITH ME! - thrilling action - heartbreaking drama - intense MxM romance -

    [div class=fyuri07wrapper] [div class=fyuri07infohover][div class=fyuri07header]Intro[/div] Hey guys! Guess what, I'm still looking4trouble haha. Trying to find a happy medium I decided to make a simple thread. It shows not only my preferences but also hopefully will expose all the possible...
  15. Dr.Wankpants

    Realistic or Modern  Hush Cryptid Contractors (Interest Check)

    The Hush Organization The basic rundown is that the U.S in the near future has seen a rise in Cryptids and the goverment is ill equipped to deal with them being in the middle of another Cold War. A private military none as the Hush Organization comes to them and stricks a deal. In exchange...
  16. Deer of 9 Colours

    Fantasy  ignore.

  17. Archie

    Fantasy  [Steampunk] The Last Ship

    Skyworld: The Last Ship In the beginning, there was no life on the gas giant of Celestis. Then, as asteroids and moons crashed into the world, its magnetic field repelled the cobalt within the asteroids, propelling them into the outer layer of the atmosphere, where the air was breathable for...
  18. Trektek

    Nation Building  Apocolypse Station IC

    A man sits in a dark room with only the glow of computer screens providing any sort of light. The man takes a lighter and lights up a cigar that he puts into his mouth and takes a deep puff before turning back to the screens. Each one shows a different station and each one can show both the...
  19. Trektek

    Nation Building  Apocalypse Station CS

    Outpost Name Details Identifying Symbolism Leaders/Guides Sanctuary Type [Satellite, Station, etc.] Government Type [If any] Population [0-1000] Important Assets: [What does your station have that makes it unique? Do you have any shuttle craft? Is there a terraforming kit on board?, etc]...
  20. bad apple

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Angst

    Hey there! Call me B. As you can see from my title, I am looking for something angsty and dark. If you don't like darker themes and/or have many triggers, I would suggest another thread. On the topic of triggers, if you have any please let me know before we plan out our rp (: I am currently...