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  • Hey for some reason the conversation from yesterday says it doesn't accept any new repiles, can you make another one? Sorry for asking on your wall.
    No worries. That’s weird. Thanks for trying to get in touch instead of giving up!
    You're welcome!
    Battlefield by SVRCINA

    Serenity sang,
    “*No time for rest*”
    **Regardless they needed to recover, so she might as well sing.**
    “*No pillow for my head*”
    They were prisoners here, experiments slaved to the company.
    “*Nowhere to run from this
    No way to forget
    Trapped in a lab and subjected to trials.

    “*Around the shadows creep
    Like friends, they cover me
    *” **Cain claimed both, shadow and friend. Both her reaper and her ally.**
    “*Just wanna lay me down and finally
    Try to get some sleep
    They just finished tearing out the rest of her organs that they replaced for inorganic components.

    “*We carry on through the storm
    Tired soldiers in this war
    Remember what we're fighting for

    “*Meet me on the battlefield
    Even on the darkest night
    I will be your sword and shield,
    Your camouflage and you will be mine
    *” **Both of them made to be weapons of war, ready to fight for each other.**

    “*Echoes of the shots ring out
    We may be the first to fall
    **There was a chance they wouldn’t make it out alive.**
    “*Everything could stay the same
    Or we could change it all*
    ” **But she wasn’t afraid of that chance, they were as good as dead if they didn’t fight.**

    “*Meet me on the battlefield*
    **Her songs were coded messages, riddles to be unravelled by someone who want to listen. Those watching from the outside didn’t care enough to decipher them though they were constantly surveilled for conspiring behavior.**
    **Her song changed from sorrow to anger and the march of the drum.**
    “*We're standing face-to-face
    With our own human race
    We commit the sins again
    And our sons and daughters pay
    *” **They were suffering for the choice someone else had made. She wanted more than to just escape.**

    “*Our tainted history
    Is playing on repeat
    But we could change it
    If we stand up strong and take the lead*”
    **She wanted the world to see them.**

    “*When I was younger, I was named
    A generation unafraid
    For the heirs to come, be brave*”
    **They were being called to something more. If they could make it out.**

    “*And meet me on the battlefield
    Even on the darkest night
    I will be your sword and shield,
    Your camouflage, and you will be mine*”
    **Their darkest hours coming.**

    “*Echoes of the shots ring out
    We may be the first to fall
    Everything could stay the same
    Or we could change it all
    (We could change it all)*”

    “*Meet me on the battlefield*”

    Please note that Site rules state that smut and other nsfw is prohibited in all rp on and off site. I follow this rule to the letter.
    So Rules. Yuck
    -Talk to me. Uncomfortable with something? Say so. Don’t like where this is headed? Not what you had planned? Let’s back up, tell me what’s on your mind. Going to be busy? I don’t mind, tell me when you’d like a hug/reminder I exist. Not sure how to make a thing happen? Lets plot it out.
    -Shoot for at least a paragraph. I often work on multiple scenes on the same post. I try very hard to make my replies interesting, inspiring and enjoyable and I hope you can too. Tense doesn’t matter to me
    - Romance and fluff are great but I’m here to write a story. I don't do pairings for the sake of pairings.
    - I’m happy with any gender, and will only do MxF ships (nothing against the LGBTQ+ community, I’m just very straight and I think trying to write it would be worse than saying, sorry no).
    -Respect each other: I do have have a life, a job, mentally health issues and parents who need an increasingly level of assistance at their house. I expect to be able to reply once a day.
    Open for new RP!
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