1. GhostSnake

    Fantasy  The Deadly Wolves of 12 [TDW12]

    Intro: In a world where the most strangest but most powerful beigs could ever live, existed the The deadly wolves of twelve. Shapeshifters, each oe with their own abilities. These creatures are all siblings. They were also the guardians of a great baob tree. These twelve siblings were all...
  2. GinkyGotBack

    Hey you got League of Legends in my D&D 5e! (WIP)

    Premise Okay, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is 100% still a work in progress. This isn't so much a recruitment thread as it is a genuine interest check thread. I'm throwing this out here mostly just to see if anyone would actually be interested in it. I know people are...
  3. chernaya-koshka

    Multiple Settings  Looking for advanced, long-term partners for gritty plots

    Hey all, I'm a 20 year old female college student, currently on summer break. As my summer research fell through, I've been left with little to do but write and entertain myself with odd projects. I'm looking for a RP partner to create a rich and immersive world with. I've been roleplaying for...
  4. x.alittleneko.x

    Multiple Settings  Looking for partners!

    about me I'm a female and often prefer to play as one, I've done roleplay for about 5-6 years. I don't require multiple paragraphs etc.., but do more than 1-3 lines. I'm descriptive often and like to be open about the plot with each other to a mutual agreement (not necessarily say what's going...
  5. Agent

    Fantasy  Ash Islands RPG

    The expansive isle of the Ash Islands, ruled by the council, has seen war for the first time. Despite their rather neutral nature, they have always been fully prepared to take on threats, having raised a large army capable of warding off an invasion. It is thanks to this that they were able to...
  6. Livarian

    Multiple Settings  Searching for some 1x1 partners

    Hello and welcome to my little roleplay hunt. I am going to make this as simple and to the point as I can. ✬I am a woman in my mid Twenties, I have been writing and roleplaying for over ten years. I would prefer to rp with mature adults. Please no one under the age of 20. ✬I love to hash out...
  7. Loki777

    Multiple Settings  Historical RP Search

    Ello Rpnation! Loki Here I have been RPing for quite some time now, and am interested in looking for fellow individuals who might be interested in some Feel free to call me Loki or Lokage. Here is some helpful information about me: I tend to post third person paragraph(s) form. (can be...
  8. victrazte

    Fandom  Pacific Rim Roleplay?

    So I will likely be adding more ideas besides Pacific rim, but this is generally what I am looking for right now. I'd be careful and not read on if you don't want spoilers for Pacific Rim [/spoiler]
  9. TheMightyBulk

    Futuristic  Rise- Main Ic

    New York City Abandoned Subway Station 7,Queens. 11:49 Pm. Roarke It was late in the night but that hardly mattered down here, it was always dark. It was also however one of the few places where the Orders Satillites and the Soul sensing of the Knights wouldnt penetrate, too much metal and...
  10. Amfleet

    Nation Building  The Shifting Sands V3: Spring in the Desert [Closed]

    The year is 2010. Since the end of the Ottomans, the times of peace the Middle East has known have been short-lived, held together by treaties between iron-fisted rivals, foreign interventions, and war weariness that can never be passed down to the next generation. In spite of this cycle of...
  11. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a feudal japan-based rp

    Konichiwa! As the title suggest, i'm looking for an rp based on feudal japan. It can be either fantasy or realistic but i kinda prefer realistic. Romance is ok but all sex will fade to black. _my character_ Name:Katsu Gender:female Age:16 (she can be aged up if you want)...
  12. Agent

    Fantasy  Fantasy. Role Playing. Game.

    Have you heard of "role-playing"? I ask, using my fingers as quotation marks. Well of course you have! But have you tried "role-playing games"? Well duh! But if not then you'll learn quick. Let's just do this: A roleplay but with turn-based combat thrown in using my newest experimental combat...
  13. Keggee311

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones rp

    I'm not gonna be fancy but I want to start a roleplay based on a Game of Thrones. The setting will be based on the family life of one of the houses of Westeros. Dealing with the violence and politics of the seven kingdoms. Ideally, I would want to start with the War of the Five Kings but I'm...
  14. TheFool

    Fandom  ♛ Council Of Fire ♛ 𝘈 𝘎𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘖𝘧 𝘛𝘩𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘴 𝘙𝘗 (𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘞𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘥!)

    ♛ A dragon … is a dangerous thing. King Maekar “Eggbreaker” knew this. 41 years ago - They were given new life. The darkest of magics brought them back from their unbeing. Creatures born from flame and chaos. Monsters. The rebirth of the dragon was seen as a good thing - the...
  15. TheCrimsonPhoenix

    Futuristic  Age of Androids (The Complete Saga)

    So, back into RPing once again! Why not make a comeback with an RP I've been working on for at least 2 months? Quick summaries to keep it from spoiling the RP... Part 1: The A.I. Drone Wars After heated tensions rose to a boiling point between nations, the United Territories of Patria and...
  16. Agent

    Fantasy  The Ash Islands

    WARNING: This roleplay will feature occasionally excessive use of explicit language, because it's funny. The year is XX67. Every major villain that has threatened the continent of Avarisse, has died. From three months ago, to fifteen years ago. But this is not the story of humanity, but far...
  17. Sitri The Enlightened

    Fantasy  Familiar Of Zero / Warhammer Crossover

    Hello, I was looking to see if anyone would would be interested in a Familiar Of Zero and Warhammer Crossover RP.
  18. RedLight

    Futuristic  Any Warhammer 40k RP?

    I'm looking for a Warhammer 40k based RP.
  19. ScarletTears

    Multiple Settings  MxM - The Prince's Commanding Officer

    Hello! If you like this plot and want more- head over to my main thread, there's a link to my masterpost there. This is just my current craving... About Me NOTE- I’ve left the setting for this one purposely vague. I would love to do it in an 1800’s Napoleonic or Crimean war setting, but it...
  20. TheFool

    Fandom  ♛ Council Of Fire ♛ A Game Of Thrones RP

    ♛ ♛ Current Time : Early 300 AC, Autumn