1. Darcentridus III

    Multiple Settings  Recruitment

    Searching Roleplay
  2. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  Away the Dawn (Yes, this was on my old account)

    Dancing with the luna moths, I think, is the greatest pleasure I have ever experienced. The way they practically give me the grace and the litheness of their wings, the shimmer of the teal-white powder the falls from their delicate legs. Or perhaps it is lying among the wildflowers and...
  3. Eve13

    Multiple Settings  Away the Dawn

    Dancing with the luna moths, I think, is the greatest pleasure I have ever experienced. The way they practically give me the grace and the litheness of their wings, the shimmer of the teal-white powder the falls from their delicate legs. Or perhaps it is lying among the wildflowers and...
  4. Haru Rivers

    Multiple Settings  Behind Concrete Bars | ACCEPTING

    Doing a quick interest check on an intro I wrote as an idea. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. It's a touch long, so thank you for reading! I'm looking for fairly advanced roleplayers, a paragraph minimum for postings.
  5. Nugget.205

    Multiple Settings  Need a RP pal :D

    Heyo all! Im on a journey to find a RP partner, whether it be mid-term or long-term!! I have over 5 years of experience and am open to mostly everything and will change my post length to suit you!! (I avoid one-liners however) I mostly play female characters so am looking for someone who enjoys...
  6. Vilarious

    Fantasy  New to RPing. Looking for a Partner! [CLOSED]

    Hiya! My name is Vilarious or Emmie, whichever you’d like to call me. I’m semi-new to RPing as I’ve only done it a handful of times throughout the 10+ years of discovering it. However, I’d like to dive deeper into the genre of writing and wish to find creative writers like myself to create a...
  7. zippy

    Realistic or Modern  La Liberté ou la Mort

    position: relative; box-sizing: border-box; width: 600px; height: 400px; background: url(https://imgur.com/4io0DR3.png); background-size: 100%; overflow: hidden; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; border-radius...
  8. Archie

    Fantasy  [Steampunk] The Last Ship

    Skyworld: The Last Ship In the beginning, there was no life on the gas giant of Celestis. Then, as asteroids and moons crashed into the world, its magnetic field repelled the cobalt within the asteroids, propelling them into the outer layer of the atmosphere, where the air was breathable for...
  9. ThaDruid

    Fantasy  In Sanguis Veritas

    Bloodshed and death is what keeps the Empire afloat. The plebeians may not know it, but the beast - the living monster we call our glorious Empire is only sustained by endless conflict, violence and vice. The beating, pulsing Heart of the Empire lies in the great Arena, the centre of all. A...
  10. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  Creators Rebirth

    In the beginning there was an endless chaos filled with entities beyond comprehension. In one being however the spark of order was born and from it came the power to create an ordered universe. This being weaved a massive bubble 120 billion light years in diameter, created the laws of physics...
  11. Asteria

    Realistic or Modern  Conquest and Loss {closed}

    "Forgiveness is the final form of love." @NickNacks quote by Reinhold Niebuhr gifs from Tumblr - weloveperioddrama
  12. Forgotten_by_light

    Futuristic  Battle for Humanity

    Months of Suspicion On January 14th, 2122, in the United States of America, Washington DC. The Arlington National Cemetery, The Ellipse, National Mall, and Colmar Manor community park had multiple instances of small-large sink holes. Taking multiple people with them, these people were never...
  13. MiraAutumn

    Fantasy  A Draconic Dawn [OOC]

    Discussions about the roleplay will occur here. Be respectful to each other and stuff.
  14. MiraAutumn

    Fantasy  A Draconic Dawn [CS]

    Do not ask questions, discuss, or ask for approval here. This thread is for character sheets only. All that stuff can go in the OOC. Character sheets will have been approved once I have reacted to it with a 'like' or 'love'. Please put your CS in a spoiler so that I can easily scroll through...
  15. MiraAutumn

    Fantasy  A Draconic Dawn [LORE]

    Races Most fantasy races can be found here, ranging from mermaids to harpies, elves to dwarves, vampires to werewolves, etc. I will not allow celestial races, e.g. angels and or demons. If you'd like to create your own race that would be fine, as long as you run it by me first. Racial...
  16. Ollanius Pius

    Fantasy  Taxidiótis

    "So is man's heart. The desire to perform a work which will endure, which will survive him, is the origin of his superiority over all other living creatures here below. It is this which has established his dominion, and this it is which justifies it, over all the world." -Jules Verne Dinosaur...
  17. MiraAutumn

    Fantasy  A Draconic Dawn [CLOSED]

    A Draconic Dawn Dragon-riders | Training Camp | War | Weak beginning | Character Development | High medieval fantasy Plot: You don't remember why exactly the war had started. Perhaps it was the assassination attempt on the foreign prince, or maybe the sudden plague that weakened both kingdoms...
  18. ungulatehoof

    Fantasy  Bloody Bog (Goblin RP) (OPEN!)

    The swamp of Yzug is a place no one dares to go, for inside reside the Goblins. Inside Yzug, the pungent scent of the swamp and the blood spilled on its grass and leaves leech onto your nostrils. It is so strong that even once you've left, the smell of Yzug makes a home in you. You will not...
  19. Jagson

    Futuristic  Operation: Shatter Point

    For the last three years the Wraith-Star Empire has been taking territory from the Alliance of the Seven Humaniod Races (AOSHR for short) While AOSHR'd Military has put up a strong front they are near their breaking point. Now in a last ditch effort AOSHR's Grand Admiral McNav has come up with...
  20. Kabboom

    Futuristic  Hostile Contact IC

    HOSTILE CONTACT Nobody really said a thing on New Year's Eve. 2057 passed without much celebration or hopefulness. No, it's not because humanity was suddenly hit by some kind of brain-rotting virus that quickly enslaved us all. And it's not because we've also passed onto some higher form of...