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Multiple Settings MetaruSonniku's Magical Super Interest Check!

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I am become enby, destroyer of gender
Hey y'all! Scott MetaruSonniku here! I decided to open up an interest check for RPs I’d like to do! I mean, why not? Either I get ignored and don’t do an RP, which I would have done anyway, or I get noticed by people and do an RP which is fun! Anyway, here’s some stuff you should know.

  1. I'm 15, soon to be sixteen, so I’m ok with a partner of any age as long as you’re not a creep which you won’t be I’m sure :)
  2. I like to do RPs with LGBT+ themes, being LGBT+ myself (specifically nonbinary and pansexual), but I also like doing MxF for all y’all purists out there.
  3. I'm fine with both platonic and romantic RPs!
  4. I’m autistic, so please PLEASE tell me if I do something wrong socially. I always panic I am and people are too polite to tell me, so this will help me stop worrying so much.
  5. No real life faceclaims please, they just bother me and I’m not sure why.
  6. If I don’t respond it’s likely that I’m not able to access RPNation- I’ve experienced some personal tragedies and it might get to the point again I’ll have to abandon the site for my own mental well-being. If I’m still active on the site just tell me to stop being a bitch lol.
  7. Nothing 18+... I mean that’s site rules but like don’t get yourself in hot water trying to get a young teen to ERP with you lol.
Anyways, here’s a list of things I’m interested in RPing! The rating of 1 to 10 next to it is how much I want to do it.

A SBURB RP (Homestuck) 7/10
A roleplay of a SBURB session, duh! We'd probably need to double for this, but we could technically do it without. We'd need to do some character sheet setup, as well, but it could be a lot of fun!
A Hunger Games RP (The Hunger Games) 4/10
A roleplay in the Hunger Games themselves. We don’t need to play other characters, though we could (maybe we could be the whole Career pack?) if you want. Only one Victor though. We can plan the arena together and start anywhere from the Reapings to the actual entrance of the Games. I'm actually setting up a group RP for something similar so if you’re interested in this premise but prefer groups check it out!
Metonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) 10/10
Just. Anything Metonic is my lifeblood. Anything Metal Sonic is my lifeblood SEGA please actuALLY REMEMBER HOW COOL HE IS. Uh, anyway. This is a niche ship but like? If you’re interested a Metonic RP would be amazing. I call dibs on playing Metal Sonic though, fair warning.
Metamy (same as above) 9/10
As you can probably tell I’m just obsessed with Metal Sonic and want an RP that lets me play as him lol. It’s an obsession killing my soul. But anyways Metamy is slept on and pretty good.
Charisk (Undertale fandom) 9/10
I'm really getting into Undertale again and Charisk is the best. Unlike the other two I do have a specific plot in mind for this. Two actually! Either Frisk has just fell into the Underground and basically awoken Chara as a ghost and it’s basically just the game I guess or a post pacifist (soulless or not, I don’t mind) surface RP where Chara stuck in Frisk's head still. I don’t mind who I play but I have some pretty unconventional reads of each character so fair warning there.​
Other fandoms I'm interested in are Madoka Magica, Gravity Falls, Pokemon (games and manga), The Binding of Isaac, Heathers (musical and movie), Evelyn Evelyn, Kirby, The Sims and Super Smash Bros. so if you have a suggestion for any of the above fandoms including the ones I have specific plots for just go ahead and ask!

Summoner and Demon 7/10
Basically, a newbie wizard or witch or whatever a nonbinary magician is called tries to summon a succubi/incubi/whatever a nonbinary ‘cubi is called and fails miserably, but the demons actually pretty nice and we just get some wholesome Summoner/Demon romance/friendship.
Witches Academy 5/10
Well, Magical academy but witches academy sounded less Harry-Pottery. Basically just a bunch of magicians and magical creatures at school and learning. Just like a chill slice of life thing, and we can play either multiple characters or just one.
Magical Girls! 8/10
This counts as fantasy right? Uh, anyway, I thought a magical girl team RP would be super cool! It’d require doubling and possibly tripling, but it’s very open ended and we could talk a lot about it. Be it Madoka Magica dark (or literally a Madoka Magica RP) or fluffy and sweet.
Demon and Angel 2/10

This is pretty simple. Bad boy/girl/enby meets good boy/girl/enby but with a semi biblical faction war between them or something. Opposites attract to its extreme.
Monstergirl Menagerie 3/10
OK I admit I’m just putting this one there because I love drawing demihuman characters. Basically just like a slice of life thing but everyone’s half human half monster. Dragonboys and catgirls oh my!

Fluffy childhood RP 4/10
Just. Something sweet to keep my mind off the bad things. Doubling is possible but the core of this is just a sweet neighboorhood childhood friendly RP where everything is just fluffy and sweet.

Robot and Creator 4/10
Give me these unhealthy ships. I live for them. Uh. I mean. A roleplay around the relationship of a cute robot lady/gentleman/gentlenby and their creator and owner.
Supersoldier Robot and Regular Person 5/10
Basically this one’s pretty simple- a robot built to be a weapon breaks free and ends up learning how to be a person by befriending (or romancing ;) if you want) them.
That’s pretty much it! I hope this list is OK- it’s a bit overwhelming writing eveyrhing down and even then I’m sure I missed something. I’m a bit tried so if you see a spelling mistake or something I’m just a bit tired and delirious lol.


Hello, autistic sister. I am sure we can find common ground on this basis much easier.
I'd be interested in some light and sweet RP, although I don't think I am very comfortable with non-binary theme, as I do not fully understand it. If that's okay with you, you can always PM me with your current cravings so we brainstorm and perhaps start a game.

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