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  1. Superfly47

    Fantasy  Romance Roleplays

    Hello, I am more comfortable with M/F and I am open to doubling. I like slow developing romance and I don’t like Smut. I want partner who can post at least every other day, preferably daily. I want partners who offer plot suggestions and can help create secondary characters when needed. I...
  2. BackSet

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Goddess Girls from Outer Space IC [CLOSED]

    Stratosphere Date: September 26th, 2021 (Earth Time) Location: The Luminous Forest Music Box: The Chase Stratosphere breathed heavily as he galloped through the Luminous Forest. Behind him, his pursuer bellowed. He had to get to the Goddess Crystal before whatever was chasing him caught up to...
  3. BackSet

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Goddess Girls from Outer Space (A Magical Girl Roleplay) [CLOSED]

    Long ago on a planet known as Gaia, there was a war. A war between Kronos, a powerful, tyrannical warlord who desired complete control over the planet, and the six goddesses, Hestia, Hecate, Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, and Demeter, who were protectors of the people of Gaia and wished to keep...
  4. lunarflowers

    Fantasy  Return of the Druids [CS]

    Make your own character sheet here! Feel free to use your own format. .-- Main font --> -- Image -- Gwydion Stoneflick -- Text -- "Don't ask me why I'm the only guy allowed to live here. I didn't make the rules; the that would have been my gran, Rose. I'm just here to look after the...
  5. nonexistent

    Fantasy  Strangers In Dappled Wonderland

    [ Five strangers wake up together in a place unlike any they have ever seen. Or, at least, they each think that they have never seen such surroundings before. It was hard to recall when all they could remember after waking were their names. ] Each of these five strangers seem to suffer from...
  6. kuromigoth

    Fantasy  Ringland High

    The rules are listed Here have fun!
  7. kuromigoth

    Fantasy  Ringland High Recruitment

    Hello dear readers! hi, I’m your student president, Kinchi samto, and welcome to Ringland high, a school for all kids of smart brains. And magic. let’s get onto are rules in the Roleplay. . no sexual stuff . no killing, but you can harm someone but mild . Romance is allowed but keep it mild ...
  8. Valery...just uhm Valery

    Fantasy  Fairies, Specialists and Witches. Female looking for long-term roleplay partners.

    So, this is only a setting, not an actual plot, that we would have to come up with together if you do not mind. Nothing I've written is set in stone, and I'm willing to change quite a few aspects if you have any requests. Please do send a message on here or discord if you are interested. One...
  9. Faethefey

    Fantasy  Enchanted

    ----Story What is this place? The trees are diamond trunks, bare gems, and have purple leaves, The water is so clear... So enchanting...What do you remeber before being here? Did your Amulet open up a portal? That's how we all got here. Our jewerly took us away. This is a prision. Only...
  10. AncientErebus

    Fantasy  ~ Tales Of Hardened Hearts ~ (M// Interest Checks)

    Hello all! It's nice to see you all and I'm not gonna blabber for long! Let's get straight to it! Rules For Me: I can reply at least once a week, if not daily. However, if I don't reply for a week or two, give me a poke! Unfortunately, I am that person who only plays one gender and pairing...
  11. randallhollar

    Fantasy  RP

    Hey, are you interested in doing an rp about a boy who grows into a muscular giant? We can work out the plot details :)
  12. GothicGlypso

    Fandom  Partner needed for Castle crashers rp

    I need a partner for a roleplay based off the game Castle crashers, this will be a more slice of life roleplay that takes place after the events of the game and just follows the characters around their everyday lives, kind of similar to the unofficial castle crashers show on YouTube (minus the...
  13. WakingDawn96

    Fantasy  A Normal(?) World Full of All Different Types of Creatures (MxF Only) (Always Open)

    So it’s just another typical day in the year of 2021. The weather is nice for the most part, and everything is just fine.… That is except for the humans not all agreeing with the way this new reality works. In this reality, life is current, and everything is almost exactly like the real world...
  14. thother

    Fandom  flowers in spring ( oc x cc search ! )

    🕊「 Bim's partner search! 」🕊 hi hi ! i'm bim ! i'm a 22 year old rper with 10-ish years of experience on and off : ) some rules & other things ! - please be over 18 if you're gonna contact me !! this is nothing against minors, i just prefer to rp with people my age ;w; - platonic and romantic...
  15. AncientErebus

    Fantasy  The Packs Of Sun And Moon ~ Character Sheets & Roles

    Sun Pack Alpha ~ @Xeridian Ogres Moon Pack Alpha ~ @xKitty Sun Pack Beta 1 ~ [empty] Moon Pack Beta 1 ~ [empty) Sun Pack...
  16. FuzzySheep12

    Fantasy  CS Mystics' Boarding School

    I'll have the requirements up soon.
  17. FuzzySheep12

    Fantasy  OOC for Mystics' Boarding School

    For all the chatting, ideas, and or if you just need to hang out and meet other roleplayers.
  18. FuzzySheep12

    Fantasy  Main for Mystics' Boarding School (open)

    The lore, dorm assigned rooms,teachers,students list will be here....and the main will happen here. Dorms (3 ppl at most, they will be randomly assigned via wheel decide) 1.Winter Flair, Alpha Sirius Vesta, Sunny Elizabeth Brown. 2. Nuri,Tsoki Kanroji, Akira Gravtas 3.Charon, Ami Giovenna...
  19. The Great Sage

    Fantasy  The Apprentice: Looking for player

    Legend: The Apprentice It’s been this way since you can remember. Your home is a series of isolations and tests. Closed boxes and lessons. You are ten years old and your name is Apprentice because that’s all you’ve ever been called. You, however, call things by many names. If ever there...
  20. Flash_Intruder

    Fandom  (Inactive)

    There's nothing here.