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Sleeping Petals

This is the beginning of the RP thread “Sleeping Petals” between Edric Blight Edric Blight and ArthurSnails ArthurSnails .

The story that follows is one of young love and adventure as we come along with young Hogwarts students Dylan Wittebane and Vienna Thompson through years 1-7 at the magical school.
This takes place in the Harry Potter Wizarding World fandom universe.

Starting post soon to follow…. : )

Dylan Wittebane


At long last, it was September 1st once again. It was time for another new year at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Young Dylan Wittebane couldn’t wait to start his first year at the magical academy. He was itching to start learning magic and most of all- to finally start playing Quidditch with the “big kids.” The 11 year old boy had a knack for getting himself into trouble, so his parents, Thomas and Jessica Wittebane, were a little nervous to send off their second son to Hogwarts. Dylan was young, immature, mischievous, and ambitious. No doubt he’d be a lot to handle for his professors and prefects, but that was what you got with Dylan. It was all part of the Dylan Wittebane package! While Dylan was a handful, his parents still loved him just the same. That went for all of the Wittebane boys. Yes, the happy couple of Tom and Jess had three young sons. Dylan was the middle child, the new future wizard at Hogwarts.

Their eldest son was William Wittebane, an almost splitting image of their father. The now 13 year old was set to be starting his third year at Hogwarts. William, or as many called him, just simply “Will,” had been sorted into the Slytherin house back in his first year two years ago. It was a bit odd, they had to admit, that William had broken the streak set by a long line of Wittebane witches and wizards, of being sorted into Gryffindor historically. Still, that didn’t stop Thomas and Jessica from loving their oldest boy unconditionally. Although he was a Slytherin and not a Gryffindor as both of his parents had been back in Hogwarts where they met each other as children and fell in love, William certainly didn’t disappoint the family. How could they not love William when they took a look at his resume in just about two years going on three at Hogwarts? Why, William Wittebane was the “golden boy!” He was at the very top of his class, earning the best marks. William was also one of the most popular boys in his house and just in the school in general. Everyone loved the handsome and charming young Slytherin. And how could you not? William made himself very likable. He was also the captain and star seeker of Slytherin’s Quidditch team, to add yet another accomplishment. It was safe to say, wherever Dylan was sorted- he had BIG shoes to fill. That was something he quite frankly dreaded.

While everyone seemed to know the perfect top student, golden boy William Wittebane, charming and friendly as ever, Dylan knew a different version of his older brother. To him, this was all just a silly act- a performance put on by his brother to mask his true shitty personality. No, the William Wittebane that Dylan knew was an ASSHOLE. A MAJOR asshole at that! Dylan had noticed a change in his brother ever since he came back from his first year at Hogwarts after being sorted into Slytherin. Something changed in him… and Dylan couldn’t quite understand what had snapped in his older brother. The loving and over-protective brother who would take a killing curse spell for Dylan was gone. Left in his place was a nasty, conceded, rude and bitter young boy who seemed to hate Dylan’s very guts and the ground he walked on! The little brother wasn’t greeted at all with the big hug that he was expecting from his brother back when he was 9 and Will was 11, having just come home from his first year at Hogwarts. It seemed William had developed a feeling of loathing towards his younger brother….

Of course though, no one seemed to see this side of William. Even their parents seemed mostly oblivious to the fact that William was nasty and loathsome to his younger brother who he once loved and protected. As little boys, they would go out playing and exploring in the woods behind their house. It was always William who guided the way and reported any scratches or injuries to the brothers, making sure that they were brought back safely under his guide. That William was seemingly far gone now…. But, not all was lost. Dylan and William did have another brother- the youngest of the three: Jack Wittebane. Jack was your classic innocent and adorable youngest sibling. It was disgustingly cliche in a way- the cute face and adorable eyes that could get him out of anything- he was the very definition of a little brother. Jack was two years younger than Dylan and four years younger than William. Jack was the “baby” of the family- in every sense of the word. He was the youngest, but also was pampered the lost it seemed, something Dylan envied and William even more so. But still, Dylan loved his little brother Jack and he was determined to keep his close relationship with the youngest boy so that it wouldn’t turn into the rift that had seemingly developed between them and William.

But today wasn’t about William or even Jack- it was all about Dylan. Today, Dylan became a man- a real wizard. He would finally step foot into the historic hallowed halls of the Hogwarts Castle to learn how to use various types of magic and spells. No longer would he and his little brother be tagging along at Platform 9 and 3/4 to send off their eldest brother, only for them to wave as the train left the station and they headed on back home without William. This evening, Dylan would for the first time be tagging along with his older brother to take the long train ride to the Hogwarts Castle. The 11 year old felt a sense of excitement bubbling up from within his stomach as they travelled via floo powder to King’s Cross Station, but he also felt a small sense of fear and dread deep down within. He was nervous he’d fall short. He had big shoes to fill and a huge shadow of his big brother over him. What if Dylan wasn’t good enough? What if he was shoddy at magic? What if his grades were pitiful? And worst of all, to Dylan at least, what if he wasn’t a good Quidditch player? What if he didn’t make seeker for whatever house he was in’s team? Sure he was a fantastic and fast broom flyer, all great qualities for a seeker, but what if he feel short? He feared all of these things, but Dylan liked to push those types of things down and off to the side. He was the daring and courageous Dylan Wittebane after all! He couldn’t be scared! Right?…..

Soon, the entire Wittebane family had arrived at King’s Cross Station. William was dressed in his black Hogwarts robes, the silver and emerald green Slytherin crest near the chest area of his garments. He also wore a white and green stripped tie as was a part of the uniform. As for Dylan, he was, for now, in unmarked blank and black Hogwarts robes, since he wasn’t yet sorted into a house. Tagging along, holding their mother’s hand, was little 9 year old Jack, who still had two years to wait until they’d find out if he too was getting a letter to attend Hogwarts or not. Both William and Dylan dragged along a small cart of luggage they had, which contained the various things they would need while staying the year in the Hogwarts Castle. Dylan had new school supplies he and his family had retrieved from Diagon Alley shortly after receiving the letter from Hogwarts inviting Dylan to attend. Dylan had found it particularly fascinating that when going to Ollivander’s Wand Shop for his wand, his maple wood 11 inch wand with the unicorn hair core seemed to choose HIM, rather than him picking out any old wand that he found visually appealing. “The wand chooses the wizard,” he had been told by the old man running the shop.

“Come along now boys,” said their mother, Jessica, motioning for them to go through the brick wall to transport themselves to the magical Platform 9 and 3/4, hidden from all muggles. This certainly wasn’t William’s first time doing this, so the boy for the third time casually walked into the brick wall with his things, phasing through and disappearing. Dylan had done it twice before when he went with his parents to send William off to Hogwarts, but never had he done it alone for himself. He was either 9 or 10 years old, holding either his mother or father’s hand as they guided him through. Not today though. Dylan looked back nervously at his mother and gulped, looking unsure about what to do next. His mother just smiled sweetly and chuckled. “Oh come on Dyl, you’ve done this before. Just like we did when we sent Will off these past two years. Don’t think about it- just walk straight through and- you’re there!” Jessica reminded her middle son gently. Dylan simply nodded and put on a more confident face. If he couldn’t get past something as silly as the entrance to Platform 9 and 3/4, then how the hell was he going to survive at Hogwarts? Surely he’d not be sorted into the house of the lion like the rest of his family (minus Will, of course) as he had hoped. Gryffindor was the house of the brave, not of the timid! Dylan took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he walked straight through the brick pillar.

After feeling a slight tingling sensation, Dylan opened his eyes wide. All of a sudden, he was transported somewhere completely new! He looked around at his new surroundings. All around him were busy families of witches and wizards hustling their children through the station. All of the kids wore black robes- similar to his own. Dylan then looked up at a circular sign and saw the number “9 3/4.” He was here! An eager smile came across the young boy’s face. His first step into Hogwarts was quite literally a success!
“Mum! Mum come look! I’ve done it!” Dylan proclaimed happily, laughing as the smile remained on his face as he took a step back, excitedly looking for any sign of his mother, or even his older brother William. But the smile soon faded off of his face as he looked more worried than excited now. His mother and brother were no where to be seen. His father who had been behind them wasn’t anywhere in Dylan’s view either. Where were they? Dylan gulped nervously as he took another step back, looking around worriedly for any sign of anyone from his family. “M- mum? Dad? W- Will?” Dylan called out timidly, “Jack?” his voice added in a crack.
Vienna Thompson
“What Is The Big Deal? Storms Aren’t As Scary As Fire”

It had been a long year of waiting,5 months and it had finally turned the day,Vienna goes to Hogwarts. Vienna had been kinda scared to go to Hogwarts,but she is also ready for whatever comes in her way. Even with her snarky attitude,she was more excited to go see what her cousin does at the school of wizardry and witchcraft. Vienna’s cousin Riley had already been waiting for her cousin.

Before Vienna was even born,Riley was everyone’s typical hyper and fun girl. She always thought of being a cousin and once Vienna was born,she became the best cousin to her. Even after some ups and downs,the two stayed close,never leaving each others sides. But after a few years and Riley went to Hogwarts. Vienna and Riley barely spent time together but they always talked through notes.

Riley and Vienna’s relationship was still stronger than ever. With Riley being the oldest cousin and the only cousin Vienna had. It was a bit good to have a cousin at your side and a cousin who supports you for everything. Even if your cousin is older then you or if your cousin goes to a wizard school for the last 2 years before you. But now with Riley as a 3rd year,and with Vienna being a 1st year. They were both ready for whatever came at the two.

After two years,Vienna was finally able to go to Hogwarts. Riley was really excited to have her cousin at Hogwarts after her and her ex’s breakup. Riley still misses Jack but she is staying strong for Vienna. But today’s story isn’t about Vienna’s and Riley’s full relationship,it’s about Vienna going to Hogwarts and how everything would happen.

As the Thompson family arrived at King’s Cross station,Vienna was fiddling like her robe,she was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be a amazing student like her mother was or a amazing at witchcraft like her cousin. But she shook it off,she couldn’t be scared now. She was now even more excited then ever as her mom called her to pace up her speed.

’Come on Vee,we can’t be late for the train’. Vienna looked as she soon picked up her pace and walked beside her mom. She didn’t urge a word but she was excited. That was in till her cousin had popped out of no where and hugged her cousin. ’VeVe! You finally get to see what Hogwarts is like! We could talk about our classes together!’. Vienna sighed at her cousins excitement and shook her head. ’I know Ley,you don’t have to tell me again’.

After a few moments,Riley and Vienna’s mom,Alisa had started talking. Vienna looked around before she decided to go explore. She was pretty bored and the train doesn’t come in till a few more moments so might as well look around. Vienna walked around,looking at all the old train marks the train had left the past years of coming to the place and the old foot marks of other past Hogwart’s students. After a few minutes of exploring,Vienna decided she should go back. That was in till she realized she had went to far from her family and lost them. She gulped as she looked around. ’Mom?.. Ley?.’

Vienna was now a bit panicked as she lost her family. She regretted walking around and exploring. ’Crap..’. She then began to pace around the place,trying to look for either of her cousin or her mom or anyone who could help her. She now began to fiddle with her fingers as she paced around the place on a bit of a faster speed.

Dylan Wittebane


“A little trouble doesn’t hurt anybody, right?”

Uh oh- he was lost. Dylan had become separated from his family after passing through to Platform 9 and 3/4. Panic and fear start to set in as Dylan frantically looked around for any sight of any of his family members. “Damn it,” he thought to himself, “None of this would’ve happened if mum held my hand through it!” he thought in his head. As embarrassing as it was to admit, maybe holding mummy’s hand through it all was the way to go. Dylan tried to shove that thought aside as he knew he needed to be manly- he wasn’t a little boy anymore, he was going to be an adult now, so he had to start acting like it!

“Bloody hell…” muttered Dylan, “You’re lost…” he hissed quietly to himself, letting the reality sink in that he was indeed separated from his family. His eyes widened as he looked around. There was no WAY that Dylan was going to spot his family in this huge sea of black robed witches and wizards. Dylan gulped as he began to take a few slow and hesitant steps back, looking around and becoming even more overwhelmed at the sight of all the Hogwarts students and their families going about their routine, ready to meet up with old friends and send their kids off to school.

As Dylan took a few steps back, he suddenly bumped into someone. It was bound to happen in the crowded train station, but in his nervous state, the sudden bump made his heart leap and his blood race.
“Oof!” he grunted as he made contact with someone, clumsily tripping and falling over his luggage and onto his butt. Dylan winced in pain as he rubbed his tailbone. He squinted his brow and looked up to see just who he had made contact with and bumped into. His eyes widened a bit as it seemed to be a young blonde girl about his age. She had black unmarked Hogwarts robes, suggesting that she too was a first year that was soon to be sorted into a house tonight once everyone arrived at Hogwarts for the Sorting Ceremony.

Dylan grumbled and ran a hand through his brown hair, remaining on the ground and making a face that looked like he was pouting.
“Bloody hell…” he mumbled to himself before looking back up at the girl he had just bumped into. “Yikes- sorry about that,” apologized Dylan, feeling a little embarrassed for himself, “My bad I- I wasn’t looking where I was going. Apologies….” Dylan added. He frowned as he realized he was still lost and separated from his family. If only he could find them, he thought. He was already getting himself into trouble and he hadn’t even stepped foot in the castle yet! So much for heeding his mother and father’s advice telling him not to get himself into too much trouble too early!
DDB264AF-3811-4715-B377-EE1B6DEC5933.gif Vienna Thompson
“What Is The Big Deal? Storms Aren’t As Scary As Fire”

Vienna now knew more not to run off from your family. She had seen a lot of other Hogwarts kids with their family and friends. She scoffed a bit,she could have been with her family but no. She decided to be adventurous and walked around the train station,getting lost and losing her family.

’You're a idiot Vienna.. you lost your family and now you are stuck in somewhere you don’t know’. She soon mumbled to herself before she heavily sighed. She kept looking around. She was looking at her books as to look away from the strangers.

That was in till someone had bumped into her,making her almost drop her book. She scoffed again as she fixed her books into her hands before turning around. She narrowed her eyes as she ticked her tongue. ’Its fine I guess’. Her voice sounded a bit cold and rude as she glared a bit at him.

She soon groaned as she looked at him then leaded her hand out to him. She soon looked away as she mumbled a bit in a snarky-like attitude. ’Are you gonna get up or are you just gonna sit there for a while?’. She snickered as she made a small smirk on her face. She watched as a few other Hogwarts kids ran around with their friends,hugging them and telling them about everything.

Dylan Wittebane


Dylan raised his eyebrows a bit, sitting down on the ground there stunned at the snippy reaction back from the girl that he had bumped into. His eyes widened a little as he noticed the girl essentially glaring down at him, her tone cold and biting. Great- now he felt like even more of a fool. Even worse- he hadn’t really been paying any mind to the fact that he was STILL sitting on his ass on the ground!

Dylan couldn’t help but blush as the girl gave him a little bit of attitude and outstretched her hand down at him for him to grab and get up with. How embarrassing, he thought, falling on his ass and making a fool of himself in front of a future classmate…. He felt a bit pathetic, but he wasn’t going to let himself come off as such- or at least he’d do his best to trie and shake it off.

The young brown haired boy grumbled a bit to himself, his cheeks a bit of a rosy red color from blushing as he promptly took the girl’s hand and got up and back onto his feet. After letting go of her hand once back on his feet, he quickly brushed himself and his robes off a bit, the natural color slowly but surely returning to his face. “Well you’re just a little ray of sunshine, aren’t you?” Dylan said softly and sarcastically as he looked down at himself and brushed off his robes a bit more.

Dylan rolled his eyes after his own quiet but sarcastic remark as he turned to look at the girl for a moment. His brows were furrowed, as if he were a bit pissed off. To be fair, he wasn’t exactly thrilled that he had bumped into her, fallen on his ass, and made a fool of himself sitting down there in stunned silence. Dylan softened his facial expression as he tried to recompose himself and play it off coolly.
“But umm, thanks for that…” he added softly, almost talking out of the side of his mouth as he tried to not sound too desperate. He then looked around, standing on his toes, seemingly looking for someone, before grunting quietly and sighing, his face forming into another pout as he couldn’t find his family. What a miserable first day- and he hadn’t even gotten to Hogwarts yet….
2A1F27C6-5A39-45C7-95AD-F91F4E7283FB.jpeg Vienna Thompson

Vienna glared at him slightly from the nickname before shaking her hand off. She soon wiped her hand on her robe as she looked at her books before speaking up. ’You’re welcome,I won’t do it again tho..’. She sighed before looking at him. ’So.. where is your family?. Aren’t you supposed to be around them before the train gets here?’.

She turned her head as she stared at him. Her eyes were blinking a bit in confusion before she snickered a bit. ’or did you lose them?..’. Her voice had went to a bit quiet as she said the last few words. She began to fiddle with her robe again,looking around as she was trying to look for someone or something.

Dylan Wittebane


Dylan just shrugged and grunted quietly in acknowledgement as the girl said she wouldn’t be doing that again. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have to be put in that position for her or anyone else to need to do that, he thought. But the girl’s next question made Dylan tense up and widen his eyes, making it harder to “play it cool” as he was planning on doing to cover for his clumsiness.

He blushed slightly, feeling embarrassed as she asked him if he had lost his family, snickering at the question. He certainly looked lost- damn it, thought Dylan, she could totally tell…. His eyes quickly widened as he straightened his posture, seeming to take offense to the question of whether he lost his family or not. Dylan scoffed and turned his nose up in disgust at the thought of HIM being so silly as to lose sight of his family!

“Pfft! What? Me? Lost? O- of course not!” Dylan quickly replied, his demeanor not doing him any favors in terms of convincing this girl that he wasn’t actually lost. “I bet you take me for some fool, eh? I’m not lost! I know where I’m going….” he said, a bitter and sullen look on his face as he looked down at his feet, knowing that he was lying and mostly trying to convince himself that everything would turn out alright.
6C5F7C58-9BDA-463F-9604-0F8061FEC9D8.jpeg Vienna Thompson

Vienna raised an eyebrow at his expression change then shrugged. She ticked her tongue,she was now a bit annoyed with this boy’s attitude and wanted to go back to her cousin to tell her about this. She soon shrugged as she yawned a bit.

’Eh your lost then,welp see you when we get to Hogwarts!’. She smiled a bit as she turned around. She began to walk off as she then began to think to herself,she looked at the ground as she thought.

”Who even was that boy?.”. She thought more as she shook her head. She was getting out of her mind,she probably was never gonna see him again during the times at Hogwarts. She soon shrugged as she stopped at a station table to fix her things and see if she still had everything.

Dylan Wittebane


Dylan furrowed his brow and scoffed once more as the girl smiled and stared the clear fact that he was lost. He knew it, and she could see it- he was very much lost. “I’m not lost by the way!” Dylan called back, asserting his position that he wasn’t lost even though he was. He rolled his eyes and grumbled as he glared at the girl as she turned around and walked away. “Bugger…” he hissed quietly to himself under his breath. Now he had to focus on finding his family. He wondered if he’d ever see this girl again- probably not, he thought.

Never one to want to ask for help and always preferring to do things on his own, Dylan then set off, dragging his luggage behind him as he went to search for his family members. Surely he’d find at least one of them in this sea of people, he thought. The small 11 year old boy slipped his way through the crowd, easily passing by many of the taller older students and the adult parents. He hoped with enough determination he’d find his family- preferably his parents first over finding William.
Vienna Thompson

Vienna now didn’t mind being alone for a few more moments,she finally didn’t have to hear her mom telling her to be safe at Hogwarts or listen to her cousin. Of course,she loves her mom but she is tired of protecting her. She smiled a bit as she felt a soft breeze. She felt a bit free from the talking of her mom and cousin.

She then looked at her books,she opened her journal as she quickly wrote something down. She sit down at a bench as she pulled her legs close to her,she was to busy writing things down in her journal to hear anyone else.

Toby Ashford

It is now Toby’s 3rd year at Hogwarts. He was excited to see his friends again,especially both Riley and William. As a 1st year,Toby always thought he wouldn’t have many friends and now as a 3rd year,he has two amazing friends and a lot of others who he loves and adores in respectful ways. Toby had already got ready for the train.

He had his robe on,it printed with the Gryffindor colors and house symbol. He tapped his foot as he waited for the train,he was drinking a bottle of water and had a small chocolate bar as a snack. Yes,Chocolate is bad for a breakfast but it was the quickest thing Toby could have found. His mom couldn’t have come to watch him leave due to her job but his dad had came and went to go get a few things for Toby before he left.

Toby looked around as he placed his water bottle into his pocket. He sighed as he kept waiting for the train,humming to himself as he smiled.

William Wittebane


Another year at Hogwarts for the now 13 year old eldest boy of the Wittebane family. William Wittebane was a proud Slytherin- or at least he attempted to display himself as one to everyone who saw him. Indeed it was quite stunning to both parents of the boy to find out that their first son was sorted into the rival house of Gryffindor- the house of the serpent. Still, both of his parents loved him just the same, even if he was the first Wittebane in the family’s history to be sorted into that house. But unbeknownst to anyone but himself, that left a deep self-loathing and envy of the Gryffindor house that he compensated for by hiding it behind a feeling of superiority and Slytherin pride he outwardly expressed often times.

William had certainly changed once sorted into Slytherin his first year at Hogwarts when he was 11 years old. And it seemed that no one saw a negative change in the eldest Wittebane boy except his two younger brothers, Dylan and Jack. But Dylan specifically couldn’t quite place his finger on it as to why there was such a stark change in his older brother’s demeanor and attitude. Hell, William seemed to have EVERYTHING going for him! He quickly made a name for himself as one of Slytherin’s top students- always at the top of his class. William had good grades, good looks, natural charm and popularity! What more could he possibly want or be bitter about?

To the average student at Hogwarts, William Wittebane was very likable. He was a charming young man and seemed to always be kind and friendly. He was also an extremely talented athlete, the star seeker and captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. There was no doubt he was popular and revered by many, and couple that with his intelligence and good marks, it was a total mystery to Dylan as to why William had changed and become so rude to him ever since coming back from his first summer back from his first year at Hogwarts.

But only William as of now knew the truth…. His newfound hatred for his little brothers, particularly Dylan, stemmed from a deep bitter jealousy inside of him- an envy and longing to be Gryffindor just like their parents and grandparents. Unfortunately for Dylan, William compensated for his own insecurities through taking it out on him and Jack. To everyone else though, they saw exactly the persona William wanted them to see. They saw the charming, smart, friendly, and talented William Wittebane. The “golden boy” who could seemingly do no wrong. That was just the way William liked it, and he dreaded his first younger brother entering Hogwarts and attending the same school as him. Of course, William felt that Dylan would probably find some way to ruin this for him….

Having done this twice before though, William easily walked through the bricks to transport himself onto the magical Platform 9 and 3/4. He sighed as he dragged his luggage along, looking down at his Hogwarts robes dawning the Slytherin crest proudly near the chest area. He quickly adjusted his white and green stripped tie as he took his luggage with him. William had caught sight of his dad and soon, his mother holding the hand of their youngest brother Jack. The nine year old had been dragged along to King’s Cross Station twice before for sending off William. Now, Dylan wouldn’t be coming back home with them and their parents this time.

Luckily for William though, he had transitioned through to the platform with the rest of his family. As he linked up with his parents and youngest brother, he looked around. There was one Wittebane missing- the middle child, Dylan. Great…. His mother Jessica, a witch of average height, gently pet the littlest brother Jack on the head as she pleasantly smiled down at the boy. However, when she looked up though, she became a bit distressed to see that their middle child was no where in sight. For the mother sending her child off to Hogwarts for the first time, this wasn’t a good feeling….

“Uh oh…” said the mother of three softly, her eyes widening with fear as she frantically turned her head to look around for her lost son. “Erm, Tom? D- do you see Dyl anywhere?….” the mother asked her husband. Thomas, their father, always an easy-going guy, looked around briefly and shrugged as he shook his head. “Nope,” said Tom a little TOO relaxed and casually. “Don’t see him,” he added softly, shrugging once more. This certainly didn’t do anything to soothe Jessica’s fears. “Merlin…. I- I think we’ve lost Dylan…” said Jessica, trying not to stress and freak out too much. William raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help himself- not being able to hold back an amused smirk at the thought of his brother being alone and abandoned in the large crowd of people in the train station.

William had to look away from his mother so she wouldn’t catch him grinning with his sick sense of amusement at the whole situation. But the grin quickly faded away as Jessica turned to address him. “Will? Will you do us a favor and look for your little brother please?“ she asked her eldest son sweetly. “Please?” she pleaded, “I’m just worried about him, alright? It is his first year after all…” she said, frowning and biting her lip nervously. William gritted his teeth angrily. The last thing he wanted to do was run around on a search and rescue mission to find his lousy little brother! Of course, William couldn’t outwardly express his true feeling to his parents. So he decided he’d be a bit of a smart ass.

A mischievous smirk came across William’s face as he pointed at their little brother Jack. William grinned innocently and pointed at the young 9 year old. “There ya go mum! Found him! One little brother, right there!” he said with a smile. Jessica was not impressed. She furrowed her brow and glared irritably at her oldest boy. “William… you know that’s not what I meant…” she muttered. “DYLAN, William. I want you to find Dylan,” she clarified, as if she needed to do so. William held back a grunt of frustration as he sighed. “Oh mum come on now, don’t fret,” said William, attempting to get himself out of this. “Dylan will be fine- he’ll find his way. It’s really not that hard actually. All he’s gotta do is look for the huge steam engine train rolling into the station. In fact, I’d argue you can’t miss it really- it’s huge! And loud too!” William added with an innocent smile.

“William Thomas Wittebane! Enough! You know what I mean!” Jessica said sternly, losing her patience with her son’s antics. “I want you to find your little brother Dylan so we can say good bye and send him off on his way!” she told him. “He could be lost and scared Will, how could you make light hearted jokes right now?” Jessica asked sadly with a frown. “Now go! Move your butt along and find your little brother! Please!” Jessica commanded. William sighed softly. He certainly didn’t have a choice now- he HAD to find his little brother- mother’s orders. “Right, sorry. Of course mum…” muttered William through his teeth, putting on a fake and forced pleasant smile as he turned around and rolled his eyes out of his mother’s line of sight. “Bloody bugger… stupid brother…” muttered William quietly to himself as he grumbled bitterly and set off to look for some sign of Dylan.

William immaturely made a pouting face as he grumbled his displeasures and spat various expletives under his breath to himself as he left his mother and father to set off and find Dylan. He certainly wasn’t too pleased with having to fetch his little brother like he was a delivery boy. If it were up to him, and luckily for Dylan it wasn’t, William would’ve let Dylan stay lost and force him to find his way on his own and fend for himself. Jessica wasn’t all about that idea though as she cared deeply for her sons and wanted Dylan’s first year at Hogwarts to go nothing but smoothly. As he walked along the platform, mumbling some not so PG words to himself, he looked up to see if he could find Dylan. It was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack, he thought. Dylan was a small brown haired boy in black Hogwarts robes- and it just so happened that pretty much 2/3 of the people on this platform were Hogwarts students in black school robes.

As he went along, William was pleasantly surprised as he caught sight of an old friend. Could it be, he wondered- yes, it was! It was Toby Ashford, one of William’s earliest friends at Hogwarts. William had met Toby through his very first and best friend at Hogwarts- Riley Thompson. The two had met early on right before traveling to Hogwarts for the first time. Ironically, it had been a disoriented and clumsy William who had accidentally bumped into Riley. But, luckily for them, the two seemed to hit it off very quickly, becoming friends and sitting with each other on the first ride to the Hogwarts castle. It was why it hurt so much more when eventually, his first and only friend at the time was sorted into Gryffindor and he into Slytherin- that house’s bitter rival. Still, they maintained a good friendship even though there was slight envy there that Riley was in Gryffindor and he was stuck in Slytherin. Riley and Toby were pretty much the only two Gryffindors that William would talk with. When they weren’t around though, he certainly lived up to the Slytherin name by constantly trashing and talking down about the other houses, particularly Gryffindor. William was a proud Slytherin, and part of that pride was bashing his house’s rival- of course, when his two good Gryffindor buddies weren’t around that is….

Although it was a welcome sight to see his Gryffindor buddy Toby, it didn’t do much to brighten William’s sour mood. His brows remained furrowed and his face still pouty as he made his way over to Toby. William then stopped and tapped Toby on the shoulder from behind, sighing.
“Hi Toby…” he said softly, his voice seeming a bit disheartened. He looked grumpy and like something was bugging him. “Nice to see you here,” he said, although not very enthusiastically. William saw that Toby was with his father. To his knowledge, Toby didn’t have any siblings- younger or older- that he had heard of.
910D644C-4276-44A1-91B4-5981E7B5D448.jpegToby Ashford

Toby’s letted the breeze ruffle his hair. He stared at the train tracks as he thought about his life. Before he even began to go to Hogwarts. His parents and his relationship,it had been off and on during the first few years of childhood but it soon got better as they became more fond over Toby and his where-abouts.

Even with being a only child,well soon to be a older brother,Toby was always quiet about his personal life. He mostly only trusted Riley or William but he still hasn’t spoken about it to them yet.

More into the info of a bit. Toby was always a lonely kid,people thought he was a “too hyper” or “talkative kid”. It was just him,he always wanted others to feel better and not give up but to him,I guess it never worked.

After suffering for years with Bipolar,Toby always hates it when he has a random mood swing in the middle of class. He knows the professors at the academy would let him walk out and sit out for a while till he can go back into class but he hates missing class. He wants to be a good student in class like William and Riley but he hates himself for having his disorder.

Toby never thought he would have to suffer through something. Even if he hates himself for having mood swings,he tries his best not to yell at others during them. When he accidentally yelled at his friend Riley once when a mood swing came up,it had taken him a few days to actually accept his own apology. He still feels bad about it to this day and hopes he can try to keep control of his mood swings from his friends and family.

He was soon shot out of his thoughts when he went a touch on his shoulder. He quickly turned around,thinking it was his dad then smiled when he found out it was William.

’Oh! Will! Hi! How are you and are you alright? You look a bit sad or something?’. Toby was now a bit worried for his friend. He looked at him as he turned his head. ’I thought you would be with your family till you got on the train?’

William Wittebane


William sighed and rolled his eyes, looking a bit dejected as he replied to his friend. “Well, I SHOULD be with my family right now,” said the Slytherin with a bit of attitude, clearly annoyed with his mother and brother Dylan. “That was until my stupid little brother decided to get himself lost somewhere here at the platform….” he muttered, looking around in his peripheral vision to maybe catch sight of his younger sibling.

“My mum is making me look for the bugger now…” complained Will. “If you ask me, I think it’s total rubbish!” pouted William. “He’ll probably find his way to the train- why should I hold his hand through it?” ranted the Slytherin Quidditch captain bitterly.
Toby Ashford

Toby snickered a bit as he smiled softly. He putted a hand on his shoulder as his smile became bigger. ’I can help you find him,I did promise Ley I would meet her cousin so might as well meet your brother too’

’If he was close to you for a few minutes,he couldn’t have gotten to far away. Maybe you could check the south side and I can check the north side?’
. Toby looked at his dad before looking back at him. ’I also don’t think my dad would mind if I went to hep a friend so let’s go?’

William Wittebane


Will groaned and rolled his eyes, frowning at the prospect of having to go on a little mission to find his lame younger brother. Luckily at least one of the two boys was trying to keep the mood bright, Toby wearing a smile that contrasted the grumpy frown on William’s face. “Well… I suppose we could look for them both then…” he muttered softly, clearly not too thrilled. “Believe me- you don’t really want to meet my little brother. He’s nothing special,” he said with a shrug and a slight eye roll.

“I mean it’s a bloody train! How could you possibly miss it? Especially when it hisses into the station and honks its horn loudly. I say why bother with finding him?” William ranted, throwing his hands up and grumbling discontentedly. “I just don’t know where the kid would’ve gone…” said Will, furrowing his brow and scratching his chin in thought. “Let’s go look for him then- of course, if your dad says it’s ok,” said William.

Toby Ashford
’My dad will be alright with it,as long as I get back before the train loads up,I’m good’
. Toby frowned slightly as the other was still grumpy then ruffled his hair,trying to cheer him up.

’Don’t be so grouchy! Cheer up a little! Even if your brother isn’t special,you still gotta love Ley’s cousin! She is almost like me with a disorder! But that’s not a lot of specialness but I still wanna meet him! Maybe he and Ley’s cousin already met by the time! Now let’s go and cheer up as I said or I will tell Ley you are being grouchy again’. He snickered as he began to walk around,looking for William’s younger brother as he sighed.


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William Wittebane


William groaned once more and let out a long exhale, sinking his shoulders and pouting. “Ugh… fiiine…” said William begrudgingly. Will furrowed his brow and mumbled something incoherently as he glared a little at Toby after the boy playfully ruffled his head of soft brown hair. As much as he was trying to be a grouch and pouting, the gesture did help to lighten the mood a little bit, even if William wouldn’t admit it.

The 13 year old stopped pouting for a moment and raised his eyebrows, pausing and putting a hand on Toby’s shoulder.
“Now wait a minute- h- hold on,” he interjected, “You don’t have to tell Ley about this. You know how she gets- she gets super caught up with trying to cheer me up- it gets quite annoying,” said Will with a little chuckle and an eye roll. As much as William loved his friend, Riley could be a bit TOO bright and enthusiastic for the more cynical Slytherin boy at times.

Will nodded and went to go along with Toby to look for his little brother and Riley’s younger cousin on the platform.
“With all due respect Toby, I don’t know if Ley’s cousin being anything like you is doing much to help me like her more,” joked William to his Gryffindor friend. He wore a playful smirk so that Toby knew Will was just being facetious. “Let’s find the bugger,” he sighed, “I’ll cheer up just don’t tell Ley,” chuckled the Slytherin third year.
Toby Ashford

’Aw Wil,are you so scared of Ley? Are you scared she’s gonna make you smile and look like a complete idiot on the train?’
. Toby snickered as he soon smiled. ’But fine fine,I won’t tell Ley. Ur if you become grouchy again,I will tell her everything‘.

the boy soon smiled as he began to walk around,matching the others pace as he snorted happily. ’Eh,i don’t know. You might like her cousin but that is just my theory.. He shrugged as he looked around then looked back at him.

’What does your brother even look like anyway? Just a smaller version of you?’. Toby putted his hands behind his head,getting a bit bored of walking as he kept looking around.

’With how big this place is packed,it could take hours to find them..’

William Wittebane


William widened his eyes and blushed ever so slightly at Toby’s teasing. “What? Rubbish! I’m not scared!” scoffed Will assertively. “I just don’t feel like dealing with her antics this early on in the year- that’s all,” he said, shrugging it off. But Toby was completely right, though William would never admit it- he knew Riley could always make him smile against his will and he didn’t want to look silly on the train. William much preferred to play it cool, as did his brother Dylan. Riley always had a way in the two years they’d been friends, of cracking a little smile out of William, even when he was trying to be brooding and mysterious.

As the two boys walked around through the platform, the Slytherin looked to his Gryffindor buddy.
“My brother? Well… kinda…” replied Will unsurely, “He’s real short- like a little pipsqueak,” he explained. “And I guess Dylan kinda has my same hair color- he just wears it different. It’s naturally more spiky I’d say,” he described, revealing his little brother’s name through his description as he visualized Dylan in his head.

William rarely spoke of his siblings with his two Gryffindor friends or really anyone. It was no wonder why Riley and Toby practically knew nothing about him and didn’t even know what he looked like.
“He’s got me and my dad’s brown eyes too- just looks a bit more like my mum with his face,” he went on. “I don’t know how we’re gonna find the kid- he’s super short and always gets himself lost and into trouble,” said William, rolling his eyes and exhaling.

Dylan Wittebane


Damn it- he was lost. He was officially lost, and it had finally settled in to Dylan’s mind. Then the fear started to sink in truly now. Dylan gulped nervously as he desperately tried to weave his way through the crowd and find any one of his family members who had travelled with him to the train station today. But minutes went by and looking all around him, Dylan couldn’t find anyone he knew. So far, the first day wasn’t going so great- and he wasn’t even on the train to Hogwarts yet.

“Oh bloody hell…” mumbled Dylan softly, lamenting to himself, “I’m done for…” he muttered, maybe being a bit overly dramatic admittedly. As the short boy continued to squeeze through the sea of people, he’d rubbed shoulders a bit aggressively but unintentionally with an older looking student. Dylan looked over his shoulder to see who he had just made contact with. “Watch where you’re going, kid,” spat the boy, who seemed to be a seventh year Slytherin judging by his height and his robes. Dylan widened his eyes and apologized, quickly scurrying off on his way to continue his search for his family.

At this point, Dylan was hoping for a miracle now. Maybe he’d done how bump into his mother or father or possibly even his big brother….
Toby Ashford

Toby snickered a bit as he shook his head. ’Thats how most kids are,they could be really rude and snarky and sometimes nice and playful but,that is just my experience with them’ He shook his head as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

’But hey,it’s okay. We can just find him then we can get back in time for the train,he couldn’t have gone that further then before’. Toby looked around as he place his hands into his pockets,

’But,like.. how is he? Like to your parents and around you?. Are his personality different then anyone else’s personality to another person then another?’

Vienna Thompson

It had been a few more moments before Vienna had finally looked up and saw no one had found her yet. She frowned slightly as she closed her journal and got up. She dusted herself off before beginning to walk around.

She looked at a bit of the older years of Hogwarts as she shook her head. A few of the Hogwart kids looking at her then shrugged,going back to their conversations as Vienna kept walking. She looked at her journal as she flicked a bit of dust off it,she ticked her tongue in annoyance as she kept on walking.

William Wittebane


William sighed and rolled his eyes. “He’s nothing but a bother for me, I’ll tell you that…” he muttered quietly out of the side of his mouth as he walked on with Toby. “Yea, we’d better find him. If he makes us miss the train I don’t know what I’ll do!” William said, getting a bit worked up. The boy paused for a moment and raised his eyebrow as Toby asked more about his little brother. William was curious as to why Toby cared at all and wanted to know so much about Dylan. To him at least, Dylan wasn’t worth giving time to think about- nothing but a nuisance.

“Jeez, what am I, getting investigated by the police over here?” William asked jokingly with a chuckle and a playful smile as he looked at Toby. “Well my brother, he’s err-“ said Will, pausing to take a moment to think about what he was going to say about Dylan. As much as he wanted to shit on Dyl, he knew he had to avoid coming down too harshly on his brother so he didn’t look like a complete asshole ranting and raving about how much he hated his own kin.

“Umm, Dylan’s uhh- weird…” responded William finally. “He’s always getting himself into trouble- a real messy and mischievous kid,” he explained, which to his credit was the truth. “He‘s one of those kids who can get away with anything after doing the stupid pleading puppy dog eyes routine with our parents,” spat Will bitterly. “He’s nothing like me,” claimed Will, “He’s not at all organized like I am and he’s not nearly as intelligent as I,” he went on. “He’s also not so great on a broom, unlike me,” he said, which admittedly was a bit of a lie. Dylan was quite formidable on a broom, as was he. “In short, my little brother is irritating. An annoying personality and he gets away with everything. It’s like I’m the only one who sees him for what he is! I’m the only one in this family who sees his flaws!” he ranted.

William sighed and shook his head after his tirade.
“Sorry about that- enough about Dylan. Let’s just find the bugger and meet up with Riley to get on the train…” he said, his eyes looking around and shifting across the crowd.
Toby Ashford

Toby snickered a little as he shook his head. He sighed a bit out of annoyance with the other then smiled. He followed behind him as he laughed again,sighing then smiled a bit.

’He seems like a little troublemaker for running off like that,but yea. We should get going and find him before the train gets here and Ley yells at us for being late to meet her.’. He snorted a bit in amusement as he stared at the ground. He was now stuck in his thoughts before he shook his head. ’Maybe we could try to yell for his name,he might be able to follow it and get to us but that is just my theory,it could never work as well’. Toby shrugged as he looked at him.

William Wittebane


William nodded. “Well he’s always been a little trouble maker- ever since we young kids,” he said, recalling their early childhood. This wasn’t really an over exaggeration or lie born out of spite for his brother- Dylan really was always the rowdy rebel, always getting himself into something. It seemed at times to Dylan that rules were just merely suggestions meant to be mostly ignored. William then looked around impatiently. “Bugger!” he hissed with frustration, furrowing his brow.

“You’re right Toby- we’d best get a move on…” he said. “Ugh,” he groaned, “We’re going to be late at this rate!” William lamented, not really doing much to offer any solutions and just complaining. Dylan getting himself lost so quickly and their mother subsequently forcing William to find him was certainly not doing the already tense relationship between Dylan and William any favors.

William then turned to Toby and stopped, raising his eyebrow at the Gryffindor boy, looking like what his friend had just said was totally out of left field. Really, it wasn’t an insane suggestion- in fact, William began to feel a little embarrassed that he hadn’t thought to call out his brother’s name in order to increase their chances of finding Dylan. William felt silly- how could he have not thought to call his little brother’s name?! As if walking around silently in the crowded train station was going to do them any good!

“Call his name, eh?” William repeated softly, processing the blindingly obvious solution to aide them in their search for Dylan. “Hmm,” grunted Will softly, shrugging casually, “That just might work,” he said, playing it down a bit. William chuckled and rolled his eyes at his own stupidity and began to put his hands cupped around his mouth, prepared to yell Dylan’s name. But suddenly, before William could even utter a sound, out of nowhere, a fast moving short figure collided with him. William grunted from the sudden impact and furrowed his brow angrily, ready to yell at this clumsy fellow for not looking where they were going.

“Hey! Watch it will ya?” chirped William, “Why don’t you look where you’re going you bloody animal-!“ said William with an irritated tone. But he soon stopped himself and looked down at the person he had just bumped into. His eyebrows raised and eyes widened with surprise at the sight of the person. It was none other than his little brother Dylan.

Dylan Wittebane


Dylan started to quicken his pace now. As he went on, he witnessed more and more families saying goodbye to their children, preparing to send them off on their way to the train which was set to arrive at any moment now. “Crap!” hissed Dylan under his breath as he began to look around more frantically now and speed walk at a near jogging pace. He had to find at least ONE of his family members before it was too late.

He couldn’t possibly imagine missing the train and being left here at the station all alone. In fact, the thought of that even terrified the young boy to an extent. He told himself he had to keep looking- he’d find them eventually he thought. Dylan always eventually found his way back when he would get lost, surely this time would be no different! With his quickening pace, his awareness of his surroundings started to decrease in his frenzy. Pretty much at a jogging pace now, Dylan pushed through the sea of people until suddenly, much like what had happened to him before, he bumped into someone, causing him to lose balance and fall to the ground.

Great! That’s twice now that he’s bumped into someone and fell on his ass on the platform because he wasn’t looking! What an unlucky day, he thought. Dylan winced in a bit of pain as he started to slowly get up. He nervously looked up to see who he had collided with, hoping they wouldn’t be too mad. But Dylan’s blood ran cold as he widened his eyes, freezing in place, still half on the ground as he stopped himself in his tracks. The young boy’s heart leapt. Of all the people to bump into, this had to have been the worst. Ironically though, it was just who he was looking for- his brother William.

“W- Will?” cracked Dylan’s voice nervously as he made an uncomfortable expression. “Willy? Willy! Uhh, h- hi!” Dylan said, chuckling awkwardly as he forced a scared little smile. The smile was not returned though and it was clear that William was in a sour mood. Dylan wouldn’t be sweet talking himself out of this one. William just furrowed his brow and glared down angrily at his younger brother, not even offering to lend him a hand to help him up.

William scowled and rolled his eyes, turning to a Gryffindor boy who looked to be Will’s age.
“Toby, this is my brother…” muttered William as he looked down at his brother from the side of his eyes with disdain. “Dylan…” he spat venomously.

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