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  1. Noil

    Fantasy  Like the Stars Chase the Sun {reboot}

    Location: On the road west of Danach Time of day: Mid-afternoon Characters: Talia, Erik Mentions: n/aTalia rolled her shoulders, stretching against the stiffness that was setting in upon her neck. She’d be glad to be off the road for some downtime after this round through the kingdom. Rogue...
  2. Noil

    Fantasy  Like the Stars Chase the Sun {reboot} {{CLOSED}}

    A/N: this is a reboot with a bit of a different start since the other one died :c Like the Stars Chase the Sun (title from fad fa-headphones-alt) In our history, Cantawar was a land of peace and prosperity. The mundane and the magical lived together in harmony and cooperation, and our land...
  3. Shai Hulud

    Fantasy  Witch looking for action

    I am an adult woman, looking for adult partners who also love modern fantasy. I have a witch, working as a PI, who is looking for company. She would love to unravel the mysteries from your characters past. ... And maybe the reason why she loves digging into other people's messes is because she...
  4. aisling_beag

    Fantasy  The Kingdom of Daelbeth [Long-term only, OPEN]

    It's your friendly neighborhood Cas,, back again with ANOTHER plot thread! Lets get into it! For starters, I'll introduce myself: I'm Castor (you can call me Cas), and I'm 19. I've been roleplaying for about 6-7 years and consider myself semi-advanced literate when it comes to writing. Usually...
  5. Breakfeastclub

    Realistic or Modern  Worlds Collide (Open)

    Trigger Warning!!! Please be advised that some dark. grit, gore, abuse, language content, and themes will come up in this RP. You have been warned. outfit Image of Ball Room The invitation to the Fundraisers Ball was sent via the Black Web. Posters were placed at colleges, and storefronts...
  6. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  Lore for The "Ghosts" of Okoheller Woods

    Hello! Welcome to the lore thread for my roleplay! I'll get started on it soon haha
  7. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  IC for The "Ghosts" of Okoheller Woods (ALWAYS OPEN)

    Hello, welcome to the IC thread for my roleplay! It hasn't started yet, but you're welcome to take a look at any of the related links :)
  8. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  The 'Ghosts' of Okoheller Woods- interest check :)

    "Did you hear.." "I was told..." "I heard a rumor that.." "There are ghosts in the Okoheller Woods" The people outside the forest, they like to spread rumors. One of the rumors they've started.. is about us. They say we're ghosts. Poltergeists. That we haunt these woods. Sure, we may haunt the...
  9. J u n o

    Fantasy  Juno's Seriously Great Search Thread (Adventure, Magic, and More Inside!)

    Welcome to my one x one search thread! About Me: - You can call me Juno. - I'm 25+. - I have upwards of ten years of writing experience. - I prefer M x F parings and would like to play the main F role. - My posting length varies, but as a general rule of thumb I will give you 2 - 3 paragraphs...
  10. AlphaBlueWolf

    Multiple Settings  A vampire and a halfblood werewolf | Modern day supernatural interest check (Closed)

    Plot: For as long as humans have walked this earth, supernatural creatures of myth have existed alongside them. Vampires, werewolves, and witches. Vampires and werewolves fed off humans and never got along. These two supernaturals had the ability to transform humans into one of them. Changed...
  11. Talin

    Fantasy  Searching for some magic and non-romance (beginner)

    Hey, I'm Talin! I am looking for a magical adventure. Witches, ghosts, vampires, mermaids, an enchanted journey? I am open for many things, as long as it's fantasy, non-romance and does not have a focus on genres like crime or Sci-Fi. When it comes to settings, I prefer medieval or fairytale...
  12. Exif

    Fantasy  Fantasia - A Fantasy Roleplay

    FANTASIA Pairing: Princess X Knight. It was a simple arrangement. The King would allow her to leave the castle and explore the world as she saw fit, but only on the condition that she be accompanied by a bodyguard. She hated it. She could take care of herself just fine! She was trained by the...
  13. The Great Sage

    Fantasy  The Apprentice: Looking for player

    Legend: The Apprentice It’s been this way since you can remember. Your home is a series of isolations and tests. Closed boxes and lessons. You are ten years old and your name is Apprentice because that’s all you’ve ever been called. You, however, call things by many names. If ever there...
  14. Breakfeastclub

    Realistic or Modern  Worlds Collide

    NSERIES Worlds Collide Have you ever heard someone call your name ---and no one was there? Or a cold chill in the heat of night ----that rose the hairs on your neck? Welcome to the City that never sleeps. Where things go bump in the night. And peace is not too wicked men TV-MA POPULAR...
  15. Call Me Rhys

    Fantasy  Teen Wolf Interest Check

    Okay, so I’m making this and asking that, if you’re interested, to DM me and I’ll see if we can rp! If you’re not all that interested, you can leave a response and help me make up my mind! Okay, thanks!
  16. LanceBlu

    Fantasy  Seeking long term player

    Hey! Im looking to do some rping. I used to rp a couple years back and Im looking to get into it again. Right now I kinda like the vibe of doing something possible dnd inspired. Im also a big bnha fan so Im really into that as well as several other fandoms. I also like to work with ocs and your...
  17. LanceBlu

    Fantasy  Seeking Long term rp partner

    Hey! Im looking to do some rping. I used to rp a couple years back and Im looking to get into it again. Right now I kinda like the vibe of doing something possible dnd inspired. Im also a big bnha fan so Im really into that as well as several other fandoms. I also like to work with ocs and your...
  18. Swan

    Fantasy  Birb for Hire!

    Hewuwu! My name's Swan and I'm an intermediate roleplayer, I'd describe my writing style as cinematic and humorous! I've stopped trying to write "prettily" and just started focusing on making people laugh. Though I can also be deep, like THE ABYSS deep (if you get that reference ilu) I'm...
  19. Wolfiee

    Fantasy  Closed

    In the town of Nightvale lives two covens among the regular folks. The two covens are often at odd ends always having a bit of rivalry between them even when helping one another. However they both care for and take care of the town they live in along side the people who also reside among them...
  20. malicemizer

    Fantasy  Partner Search! M/F Witchcraft RP

    Hey guys, so first and foremost I’m looking for an rp partner that can roleplay on discord. I myself am 18 years old, and I’d like my partners to be 18+ as well however I can make an exception if you’re very interested and 17 years old. Please also be literate, I don’t mind typos and minor...