1. ShadStorm98

    Fandom  MCU Future Roleplay

    Many many MANY years have passed since the ultimate battle between the Avengers and the Mad Tyrant Thanos. Ever since that fight, all the chaotic occurrences have slowly diminished. Sure, you'll get a supernatural event every so rarely, but it never got to that point of extreme. Life pretty much...
  2. xuanan

    Futuristic  paradise in purgatory - ooc + characters

    Please post your character sheets for Paradise In Purgatory below! This post will also contain information on existing characters in the casino as well which will be played by me on the occasions they are encountered.
  3. Japanime

    Fantasy  River Valley Academy For The Unique

    ARC 1: River Valley The sky was a beautiful blue. Within it, splotches of white puffs, gracefully gliding to the unknown. Birds were up and about, chirping their cheerful tunes. And the cherry trees danced in the soft breeze. The wave of students didn't stop as time got closer and closer to...
  4. Japanime

    Fantasy  Dorm Assignments for River Valley Academy

    Male's Dorm Room 101 - Chita Goukiatsu, Martine Marcellio, and Daniel Marcelo Room 102 - Lucas Campbell and Grayson Lavicchi Room 103 - Vernon Viotto and Shin Daiha Room 104 - Ethan Banesworthy and Jack Nichols Room 105 - Kai Natsume and Craton Marcellio Female's Dorm Room 101 - Aurora Lee...
  5. TheTypestitute

    Realistic or Modern  The Damascus Institute (IC)

  6. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world: Outsiders

    Remember the rules! no one liners do not be op and give other players chances do not travel from one location to another in one response it will take a couple depending on the distance And have fun!
  7. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world outsiders cs!

    Dino sheet Dinosaur Name: Dinosaur Species: Dinosaur Type: Size: Weight: how wide?: Appearance: (Either describe it or find a picture.) Diet: Behavior: speed: (mph) interesting body features: starting location: Human sheet Name: age: gender: sexual orientation: height: weight: hair color: eye...
  8. Knight boi

    Fantasy  The isle

    Renember the rules! no one liners do not be over powered be detailed don't travel from one place to another in one response it's will take multiple responses to get from on place to another depending on the distance. and have fun!
  9. xuanan

    Futuristic  Behind the Iron Curtain

    A lone jet flew over the ruins of Moscow. In this sleek, expertly-crafted American vehicle, Maria Wiley and her designated android were seated first-class. The jet was a black crow on the horizon, an admirer of the barren landscape that lay beneath. The sky blazed by the duo. Bleak television...
  10. Alexis-Faye

    Multiple Settings  The Great Search

    (EDITED FOR GRAMMAR AND CLARITY) Hello everybody! My name is Alexis-Faye. I’m from Massachusetts (EST Timezone). I’m 20 years old, and I’m currently working and in school full-time. Don’t worry though, I always find time to respond at least one or two times a day! I was a pretty active...
  11. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world: Outsiders

    Greetings survivors, let's go over the story again just to remind you of what happen to this corrupted island It was just a normal day at the incredible island, kids and family's having fun at the quite impressive theme park i mean like they had actually made live dinosaurs, then it escaped a...
  12. ZuzuChan95

    Fandom  Craving some Undertale with my oc

    Hello my name is Zuzu and I am currently craving some Undertale rps. I've been rping for 10+ years. I'm in my mid twenties and I am stay at home mom. My time zone is Pacific time. I am also aware of some of the AU of undertale such as underswap and underfell. If you wish to rp any other AU then...
  13. AstroNeko54

    Fantasy  ⢾【The Nekoverse】⡷⠂(w/ Indoors)

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Welcome to the Nekoverse! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ This is a private thread, but if you're intrigued and would like a game of your own, then check out this post to see what everything is about! OoC Discussion Thread: [Nekoverse Player Chat + OOC] <GRACE HARPER NORBITT> Lives: 3 HP: 100...
  14. Prosellet

    Fantasy  The End of Silence

    Act One: An Artist's Refrain Location: East End Docks, London, England 4:45 am They found the body by the docks, half buried beneath the remnants of a wooden crate, with the glassy sheen of its remaining eye left open to search for a sun that would never come. Had it not been for the...
  15. Japanime

    Fantasy  River Valley Academy For The Unique CS Thread

    Do keep in mind that we will need a variety of roles filled. (Students, teachers, bad guys [PM me about this one.], etc.) You are free to make whatever you want, and as many characters as you want as long as you can handle it. Also, this is just the basic character sheet and info I need from...
  16. SnowAshe

    Realistic or Modern  The Great Separation. Can be 1x1 or 2+

    My name is Snow Ashe. My world is not like yours. Well, in some ways. Everyone knows that the world was supposed to end on December 21st, 2012. In some ways it did. Earth split into two different realities. You are from the original, what we in my world call Earth Veteris, or Old Earth in Latin...
  17. Japanime

    Fantasy  River Valley Academy For The Unique

    A note was left on your phone. There was another note beside it from your mother saying it was from your new school. Greetings, student and welcome to River Valley Academy. A big fancy school that teaches kids like you, to hone your powers. Why do we teach you to hone your powers? So you grow...
  18. Knight boi

    Realistic or Modern  Winter love~ (mxf or mxm)

    I'm currently thinking about an rp where (m or f) and their short little soft boyfriend comes along with them, and they go on vacation together until....they get stuck there and have to try their best to hold up on their own....though matter gets worse and a blizzard hits forcing them inside...