1. elijah

    Realistic or Modern  ˚⸙͎ ༄ 𝑰 𝑯𝑨𝑻𝑬 𝒀𝑶𝑼 𝑵𝑶𝑻 (𝑩×𝑩)

    hello !! I'm looking for a 1×1, b×b, oc×oc roleplay to do with someone. I was thinking of an enemies to lovers plot (WITHOUT NSFW ofc that's on the site but this is mistaken to be nsfw a lot for some reason, so just to clarify it will be purely romantic, angsty, fluffy, wholesome content)...
  2. Emmy

    Multiple Settings  • m y t h o l o g y • [greek]

    Hi, hey, hello! I've currently given up on coding. It seems like a lot of codes don't work now and I'm not sure I have the brains to figure a solution. So welcome to my incredibly bland thread! I've been reading some greek mythology inspired books on Wattpad and it's really got me itching to...
  3. DevilWithTheDetails

    Realistic or Modern  Male always on the lookout for love.

    Slice of life romance? Is there anything better?
  4. Rachael

    Fantasy  Looking for a literate partner who can play a more malicious character.

    Let’s start out that I am looking for someone who can play a male character, I'm looking for a sorta dark/supernatural roleplay. What I ask of you •At least three paragraphs or more! I write about five each including about eight sentences or more. Add your own creativity to your response! Not...
  5. Farr Cyrone

    Fantasy  Between broken worlds

    Ezzy hurriedly buttoned the edge of his jacket as he ran through the crowd towards the city hall train station. Dang it, I'm gonna be late!! He thought racing past dozens of humans, person after person. When he saw the entrance he quickly ran towards it, descending down the stairs while digging...
  6. Su3d3Rabbit

    Fandom  A Su3d3 Search for Fandoms [1x1]

    About Me I'm Mary, I'm 22 and in University. I am pretty excitable, love talking to people, and get obsessively happy about dumb and small things. Things I’m Looking For ➨Over 18 & Comfort Level I am 22 years old and would prefer those around my own age group. I also prefer to roleplay mature...
  7. Bumblebii

    Multiple Settings  looking for a semi-lit lgbt rp! (17 and under)

    Hi! I'm new to forums so do forgive me if I am not fully aware of certain phrases or courtesies ;; but quarantine got me bored af ~About~ My name's Lauren! I'm 15 and have been roleplaying for about 5 years July 19th US, Chicago timezone I'm LGBT! I'm super into drawing/art so be warned if I...
  8. Lycan Queen

    Multiple Settings  Multi Idea Original Plots (subject to update!)

    Hello there, Ive decided to do something different with my interest checks for once. I'm going to make one thread of all my original ideas and update it as needed with what I'm in the mood for. Details about me as a partner: - I am 21+ and am a manager to a Senior Citizens Center, so my work...
  9. akilirose

    Fantasy  Non-sexual[18+] Looking for fantasy, slow burn romance

    I am looking to add one or two more roleplays to my list. I believe I can handle it with my current amount going on. I am looking for something pretty heavily fantasy. Elves, fae, talking animals, multiple gods, magic, legendary swords...ya know, the whole shabang. But, if you are up for...
  10. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  Urban fantasy m/m My best friend's a werwolf and I'm the one biting things

    This is Styler, he is my neswest oc and has ADHD, he uses chew necklaces to get him to calm down/ focus/ he likes holding things in his mouth I really want one so it's also part of the reason I made him (chew necklaces, I don't have ADHD but I'm looking into everything so I play him as best I...
  11. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banner of Armageddon

    Oasis The sun beat down mercilessly on the sea of sand known as the Baked Desert. The naturally formed Glass cracked beneath king Amos’s boots as he walked near the head of his small caravan. With him were several new loyalists but no more than a dozen, it wouldn’t be wise to move in large...
  12. AmatsuOtaku

    Realistic or Modern  KARMA ~The True Consequences~ A High School Story (open)

    KARMA is the name of an original world setting I created for multiple stories to take place in. The main one (or the first in a series if we ever get that far) is The True Consequences. I wrote the original story to highlight that small actions like bullying can have terrible consequences. The...
  13. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banners of Armageddon-CS

    The CS skeleton (I am looking for coding for the page now, if anyone has any preferred CS coding feel free to use it and if I like it I will...appropriate it with credits for the RP but coding is optional nonetheless) (delete everything within parentheses and replace fields marked by * with the...
  14. Mobius

    Multiple Settings  Mobius' New Non-Fandom 1x1 Search

    Hey all! I've got absolutely nothing on my plate and I'm looking for a few more 1x1s. Since my desperate search for my ultimate fandom craving has yielded only a few results (go check it out here and maybe make my dreams come true?) I've decided to branch out into original ideas. I'm only going...
  15. cleopatraa

    Realistic or Modern  Bullet to the Heart (Private for Cleopatra and Blue Eyes)

    A Bullet to the Heart A Private, Mafia Based Role Play for Cleopatra and BlueEyes
  16. Redfork2000

    Multiple Settings  Adventures in Emerald Valley (IC Thread)

    Hello there! Have you heard of Emerald Valley? They say it's a sweet and cozy small town located in the countryside. They say it has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region, but mroe interestingly, they say it's a nice place to live for anyone who wants to live a relaxing and...
  17. LetsDoTheFork

    Fandom  Hetalia or freestyle, anyone?

    Hi! I'm Fork. I'm no expert when it comes to RPing, but I'm so excited to find partners to RP with! I'm thinking of revisiting an old favourite anime of mine, Hetalia! Because its potential for wackiness is incredible and I miss the show a lot. If Hetalia isn't your cup of tea, perhaps Fairy...
  18. Emolga

    Realistic or Modern  ATTENTION! (silver oak boarding school rp interest thread)

    ATTENTION! IMPORTANT INFORMATION! ATTENTION! please read carefully! are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms: insomnia difficulty concentrating finding yourself rewatching episodes of glee, degrassi, euphoria and/or any other teenage tv show thinking about that one...
  19. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Fantasy  I’m Only Dead On The Outside, Really (OPEN)

    (Still working on the plot) In the year 2058, vampires are near extinction. No one has even seen a vampire for the last eight years! Except for your character/my character. (Tell me what role you’d like if you’re interested)
  20. FlameAriiDrayceon

    Fantasy  Arrival of the Arcane

    THE WORLD: This word is Esteros, divided into three continents and just out of the medieval era. Vessier, the icy northern continent of strong magic and driven by progression of said magic. Avieran, the dessert land that thrives on animals handlers. It has a diverse array of wildlife, and...