magical girls

  1. ThomasYeagger

    Multiple Settings  Fantasy either Modern or Medieval, even sci fi

    Hi there, pretty straight forward title eh ? I'm just into fantasy and supernatural. I'm seeking a long term partner, or partners hehe, to try many plots with as time goes by. I'm into original stuff, no fandom, yet mangas or movies or whatever can be a huge inspiration. I don't mind if such...
  2. Nachodounut57

    Fantasy  Romance fantasy Rp

    I'm looking for someone to fantasy role-play with. I was thinking magic person x normal human. Another Idea was Werewolf x human. I think it will be lots of fun. I don't care how long responses are. Message me if your interested!!
  3. ArianaBoes

    Multiple Settings  A world of magic, creativity, adventure, and romance

    Elayne Beaulieu was born in a little town in France. She was the first child of her two loving parents Zach and Madeline Beaulieu. Her parents were both from pure bloodlines of witches and wizards and it was only natural that she was one as well. Her father was from France and her mother was...
  4. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banner of Armageddon

    Oasis The sun beat down mercilessly on the sea of sand known as the Baked Desert. The naturally formed Glass cracked beneath king Amos’s boots as he walked near the head of his small caravan. With him were several new loyalists but no more than a dozen, it wouldn’t be wise to move in large...
  5. A Killer Queen

    Fantasy  𝕺𝖕𝖕𝖔𝖘𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖘 𝕬𝖙𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙 | Magical School Roleplay

    Hello to anyone reading this! Currently, I've got a big urge to do something original and non-fandom and it led me down the path of fantasy because of a few things I recently watched. Anyway, I was hoping to do something with the following elements: Mages: As the name implies, this will take...
  6. MarmaladeSoda

    Realistic or Modern  -Aphid Allure- [oc magical girl rp] [OPEN]

    Aphids. The ladies and lassies that drive back distortion. Malblancs. The creatures birthed of distortion that either hide away or lay waste to cities. Malphidias. The distorted corpses of failed Aphids that now wander the waking plane. You are an Aphid. You are the force that keeps the peace...
  7. LittleSabreGirl

    Multiple Settings  My Failure Roleplay Interests

    With all the mixed replies on my HELP thread, I give up. I can't find my interests anymore like I did when I was still using Amino. Now that I have confessed that finding my interests are the vain of my existence, I have to get into every single thing just to have interests. Here was the Amino...
  8. The Elder

    Fandom  Power Couple

    The Story of Sabertooth's S-class Mages, Katherine Mae and Miles Redd. @Britt-21
  9. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banners of Armageddon- Lore

    The history of the universe The creation era- Our universe began not with a bang but a roar. The old universe having been reduced to subatomic atoms by a war waged between angels and demons, The celestial forces of the old world. This war ended when a mysterious being called the Overlord...
  10. AngelEva

    Fantasy  The Alternatives|Elemental Teens/Hunters|Open

    Welcome to The Alternatives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |RULES| No perfect characters (this includes dodging every attack, making severe injuries seem like scratches) There will be death and violence. You may go all out as long as it is within site standards You may have as many...
  11. ZeiruliousMakavar

    Fantasy  Magika Chronicle Redux (A Magical Girl/Boy RP)

    Simply put, there are young girls and boys who gain power from something called "The Will of Gaea." Because of this, over the years different factions of Magical Girls/Boys have popped up. For the longest time, there was only one faction that had enough power to lord over the other factions...
  12. ZeiruliousMakavar

    Fantasy  Magika Chronicles (A Magical Girl/Boy RP) OOC

    Simply put, there are young girls and boys who gain power from something called "The Will of Gaea." Because of this, over the years different factions of Magical Girls/Boys have popped up. For the longest time, there was only one faction that had enough power to lord over the other factions...
  13. ZeiruliousMakavar

    Fantasy  Rebooting a Magical Girl/Boy RP

    So, this is me posting an interest thread for an RP I had tried getting off the ground some time ago, but failed to do so. The main premise of the RP was a twist on the Magical Girl genre, where young girls are 'gifted' powers from some force to defeat some other force. But, in this RP, the...
  14. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banners of Armageddon-CS

    The CS skeleton (I am looking for coding for the page now, if anyone has any preferred CS coding feel free to use it and if I like it I will...appropriate it with credits for the RP but coding is optional nonetheless) (delete everything within parentheses and replace fields marked by * with the...
  15. Agent23

    Fantasy  Banners of Armageddon-An apocalyptic Fantasy Rp.

    The Realm of Midnas was once a world filled with magic and those who practiced its art. Yet that time of grandeur has long passed. The decline started over 2000 years ago when seven mighty empires waged a war across the realm during which powerful Magic’s and artifacts were used for battle...
  16. D4NTE

    Fantasy  Navarasa

    Alisa Yamato isn’t like other girls, she has 9 gifts. Fire, Ice, Time, Lightning, Possession, Portal, Necromancy, and invisibility. These gifts represent her emotions. Fire for anger, Ice for sorrow, Possession for confidence, Lightning for joy, necromancy for disgust, Portal for astonishment...
  17. RageForOrder

    Fandom  Harry Potter (1x1 - RageForOrder/AmatsuOtaku)

    Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone (First year) Plot/Setting: A boy name Harry Potter thinks he is nothing special until one day he received a letter addressed ‘cupboard under the stairs’ ... His destiny set in stone as a saver of the wizarding world. Along with his friends can he stop the...
  18. AmatsuOtaku

    Fandom  Fandoms list/recruitment (open)

    Might as well make a list of all the fandoms I'm willing to rp since apparently nobody cares about the specific one I've been trying to do xD Requirements: At least 1 reply per day Must play at least 1 canon character. You may do more than one or add ocs but I can't play everyone Post length...
  19. Deredere

    Fantasy  A quarnintine roleplay

    I'm looking for a more long term partner for roleplaying. My length can be nearly Up to two paragraphs (depends how much time I have on my hands),but more comfortable around one paragraph. I have nearly finished all my characters, but some are more flesh out than others. Green would mean this is...
  20. Neo Alice

    Fandom  Pokemon Ranger: Magical Styler

    “Dear Pokemon Ranger, you have been chosen because of your exceptional work and true love for pokemon to take part on an elite team of pokemon rangers. Please step outside of your house to be transported to our main base, maximum discretion is required.” That’s what the letter said and that’s...