magical girls

  1. SadistPoet

    Multiple Settings  Magical Girls VS Soviet Russia!

    Magical Girls! VS Soviet Russia! The year is 2099! Not one trace of the American Dream can be found on planet Earth. The Magical Girls that destroyed the capitalist swine now are being hunted by Mother Russia. The Magical Girls are far too powerful to have a society of equality. Now...

    Realistic or Modern  SAILOR BADASS: Rebooted [under construction!]

    S A I L O R B A D A S S The Ultimate in Weird and Wonderful Magical Girl Roleplays ROLEPLAY CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE YET! characters | here official ooc discord server | here @uninvited trashcan @Noivian @BlueJay1403 @Cass The Mad @Trektek TASTE THE POWER OF...
  3. Dragon Slayer Arcos

    Fantasy  End's Beginning

    Dominaria, a world of power and beauty beyond the imagination. From sprawling jungles and forests, to eternal snowy regions and lands of fire and never ending storms. Islands that float in the sky can even be found on this world of wonder. Magic permeates all things, from the rocks and the...
  4. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [Main] Down For The Count

    New years day... January 1st, 2032 Within the Neon District and Intermediate District people found relief in that it was a new year. They all took a collective sigh of relief as they made resolutions, and left behind the bad. Humanity as a whole had become more lively and vocal about the New...
  5. cheshirekitt

    Multiple Settings  Looking for someone to rp with!

    I usually like to play the more 'submissive' one in the relationship if it's for same sex pairings but I'm totally game to play the other side. I do like to play the ladies in straight pairings too though I don't mind playing the guy if I think it'd be a fun character to play! I love fantasy...
  6. cheshirekitt

    Fandom  I'd love to rp some She-Ra

    I'm up to date on all three seasons of the Princesses Of Power so you don't have to worry about spoilers from me but because of this I've decided i absolutely need to rp some She-ra stuff! Ships I'd LOVE to rp: Catradora Entrapdak Scorpia x Catra Scorpia x Entrapta Scorpia/Catra/Entrapta as an...

    Realistic or Modern  SAILOR BADASS: Rebooted (small group found! C L O S E D!)

    Magical girls! Magical girls are all the rage. Who doesn't love seeing little girls in slightly sexual outfits beating the shit out of each other with hearts and sparkles while shouting about love every twenty seconds? Nobody, that's who! Because everybody loves magical girls! But with all...
  8. Dragon Slayer Arcos

    Fantasy  End's Beginning

    Sooo I have quite literally been working pretty intensively on this idea for some time. However, I am not going to type it all out unless there is a decent amount of interest. Plot Points: The world is divided into 8 Kingdoms. Each kingdom is has an elemental attribute of which their magical...
  9. Queenie

    Multiple Settings  The Gods & Goddesses of What Once Was {Open + Interest Check}

    [div class=background][div class=second] [div class=topimg] [div class=back]fa-angle-double-left go back fa-angle-double-right[/div][/div] [div class=border][div class=opacitybg][/div] [div class=box][div class=over]overview[/div] Long ago, before the powerful civilisations such as The Greeks...
  10. BackSet

    Realistic or Modern  Project Sailor 2.0 IC (3.0) [CLOSED]

    Adrian Thane Codename: Aphrodite Date: Wednesday September 1st, 2021 Time: 10:30 AM Location: New York City, New York Music Box: Let's Go Sailor Force ~ Battle Theme It had been 3 weeks since the establishment of Project: Sailor 2.0 and already there had been 5 monster attacks. The current...
  11. Dante125

    Fantasy  Gods hiding as Humans

    As the title states I want to do something involving gods hiding as humans. Whatever their reason is, they are among humans and try not to reveal their secret. Romance is not a requirement. PM me if interested.
  12. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [Pretty Pretty Slaughter Crossover] Down For The Count (Dark Anti-Magical Girl Horror RP)

    Premise They hate them. They look down from their neon towers at the filth ridden slums and scoff. No-one is coming, and for good reason too. They are scum, lowly, filthy, and any other negative adjective those "elite" wish to rightfully assign to you. Maybe it was not always this way, perhaps...
  13. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [AU] Pretty Pretty Slaughter Boarding School Fun-time Fever Dream Bonanza

    (MAIN THREAD: Futuristic - [Main] Pretty Pretty Slaughter) General Guidelines/Rules 1.) This RP is canon to the Decay timeline. It is assuming our girls have been "gooped" and now are hallucinating a shared reality. 2.) Posting order does not apply and RPers can post as often as they like...
  14. Sera

    anyone want a supers game?

    We'd be using prowlers and paragons, a very rules light system that's quick and easy to learn. there's basically zero math involved, it's just counting successes. We can do any setting and plot, from magical girls to giant mecha and monster fights, or capes and tights, or anything in between...
  15. BackSet

    Realistic or Modern  Project: Sailor 2.0 (A Magical Girl Roleplay) (3.0) [CLOSED]

    Hello. It's-a me, BackSet! Welcome to Project Sailor, a Reboot of a Reboot of a Roleplay by yours truly. I believe that I have learned ffrom my mistakes and can do a better job now than what I was doing before. Thank the lovely people over at The Very Best for that. I love you guys, in case...
  16. aDistraction

    Fantasy  One In a Million

    You ever had the feeling that you're in some way different from other people? Like you're special and have a unique ability only you have? But even when you feel this way over and over again, it proves false, yet you still believe and have a tiny bit of hope. You wish it was true and you had a...
  17. apbro98

    Fantasy  Looking for a female for a M X F fantasy romance rp

    Hey everyone I’m a male looking for a someone interested in a one on one long term romance story. This is my first time looking for a partner for a while so if I’m a little rusty I’m sorry! Really interested in a Harry Potter themed story but any fantasy/sci-fo romance story is ok with me, hmu!
  18. Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

    Fandom  Puella Magi RP (Post Rebellion! OCs with limited CCs): Searching for participants

    There was once a raven who sought for a friend. This raven was a lonely raven, who could always find a friend, but never keep it. This friend had always been taken from that raven, yet, it never was taken..... That friend however, learned about the ravens' problem, and would escape it's fate to...
  19. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [Passive] Pretty Pretty Slaughter

    This is the passive RP thread for Pretty Pretty Slaughter. It will be only utilized during declared time periods. This thread is used for more light, fun, and goofy interactions between the girls. This does not make this thread not canon, and it can be used for dramatic conversation too...
  20. foolboi

    Fantasy  A Wiccan Story

    Very new here, haven't seen many RP's designed around wiccan magic, only aged-fantasy magic. Would like to try out a small group, 5-7 (maybe 9-11 if there is enough interest), in a real world setting in 2019. The characters ages will range from 15-17, and will include 1 coven leader who will...