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  1. Yuri GreyThorn

    Fantasy  Zodiac Patrons

    Yuri had taken a week to pack quite a few of his belongings, onl a few pairs of clothes, no shoes, as he doesn't wear them, and gifts for every individual Patron. He had heard about their lands and made up specific gifts for each and every one of them. He knew that they were meant to meet and...
  2. cheesecakefood

    Fandom  Winx Club

    does anyone here rp winx club? i don't think i ever ran into someone who does.
  3. Yuri GreyThorn

    Fantasy  Harry Potter Rp

    I am currently very inter in something Harry Potter related, it would satisfy a new craving Of mine. I am only on Goblet of fire book-wise, and only prisoner of Azkaban on the movies, so no spoilers would be greatky appreciated. Now, to the thick of things, I just want someone who can play two...
  4. K.O.D

    Fantasy  New Beginnings & Ancient Ends- OCC

    “The Multiverse is a mind boggling my large construct, endless realms, filled with endless galaxies, which swirl with endless worlds. However even the largest of things have an end, nothing is truly infinite and nothing lasts forever.” Shadus Nalaar Realms are born from the source and enjoy...
  5. zacharychi

    Fandom  Madoka Magica: Matsuyama Mystery (IC)

    "Now that everyone is gathered here... We can begin." A girl said to the crowd of her peers that had gathered in front of her. She swallowed. This plan... It'd set them all free. Free from their duties, free from their fates, free from the trick that's been played on all of them. She was...
  6. BackSet

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Goddess Girls from Outer Space (A Magical Girl RP) [CLOSED]

    Long ago on a planet known as Gaia, there was a war. A war between Kronos, a powerful, tyrannical warlord who desired complete control over the planet, and the six goddesses, Hestia, Hecate, Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, and Demeter, who were protectors of the people of Gaia and wished to keep...
  7. Comicwolf

    Fandom  'Lets create a contract together'

    Welcome ladies and gents, I am comicwolf but you can call me comic......i've recently started a new anime and decided to create a seperate thread for these animes in mind. ----— Rules of the magical: - can reply twice a week -no mxm unless its platonic or friends. - if a character isnt...
  8. rainwater

    Multiple Settings  1x1 rp search

    Hello those who r reading this!! I'm Rainwater, feel free to just call me Rain. Looking for rp partners for no specific roleplay but something we'd both be interested in! <3 I am a minor that would not like to roleplay with any one over 18+! I enjoy ooc talk, I'd like to be your friend as well...
  9. Chain of Memories -MCRP-

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Roleplay Partners

    Hello, my names Katelyn, but you can call me Katie. Anyway, a little bit about me I am a 26 year old who recently got married. I've been struggling a bit with the pandemic and everything and have been looking for ways to try and get myself out of this recent funk. I started out last year as a...
  10. Nic the Merc

    Multiple Settings  F4A- enter for fae, eldritch horror, fandoms, and wlw

    hello all! new to the site, veteran rper. forgive my simple post. About me: Nic, 28, she/her married, adhd, leo roller skater, writer, gamer cat mom of 4 consistent mon-fri, flakey on weekends and holidays My writing style: 3+ paragraphs I only rp females ocs, usually bratty bottoms romance...
  11. zacharychi

    Fandom  Anyone interested in a Madoka Magica RP?

    With a new movie having been announced, I think now is the perfect time to see if anyone is interested in a roleplay centered around the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. I have a few ideas, but I think I'll save them for the unlikely case of this garnering attention.
  12. Shura-Yuon

    Fantasy  DSSSE - Awkward Acronym RP Gang OOC

    Here is OOC. Might be used a lot, might not. Do you prefer an OOC or do peeps prefer another means of having out of character chatter? Let me know! If you have any questions about the RP, feel free to leave them here as well. here is the discord server, if you wish to join. It's not...
  13. K.O.D

    Realistic or Modern  Outworlders- Season 1- Violent beginnings

    As vincent lifted his head he wiped a few beads of sweat off of his brow as maria, claire, and the kids pulled into the driveway in the large black van. They had spent the past four hours in town, eating at a restaurant then catching that movie they were wanting to see. at first it was just a...
  14. Nightmarish

    Fantasy  Primiton University for the Magical

    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers body text, subheaders to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----left---- ----top---- ----image filler----...
  15. K.O.D

    Realistic or Modern  The Outworlders- Violent Beginnings.

    What happened? People always thought that mankind would destroy itself with its own technology, but few saw it coming in the way it happened. Most foresaw atomic bombs or some kind of evil A.I. Going all terminator on everyone. Who would’ve thought that it wouldn’t be the technological aspects...
  16. K.O.D

    Fantasy  Lands of Roh- The Giantslayers

    The cold chill began to bite again into the wardens gathered at the training camp as the orders to douse the flames spread throughout the camp. The veterans knew why this day was important. The lord warden herself was delivering the deployment orders on her way to Therious by way of the coastal...
  17. Superfly47

    Fantasy  Romance Adventure Roleplays

    I am more comfortable with M/F and I am open to doubling. I like slow developing romance and I don’t like Smut. I typically do a few sentence posts. I post multiple times on most days. I want partner who can post at least every other day, preferably daily. I want partners who offer plot...
  18. Kermit_fan505

    Fandom  Does anyone want to roleplay links awakening?

    It’s my favorite zelda game, and I have an oc for it. Anyone interested?
  19. LofiCat

    Fantasy  𝕌𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕎𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤- 𝕔𝕤

    Name: Pronouns: Species: Powers/Abilities (I don't have a limit on number of powers, but you can't have everything! Make things related!): Weakness: Strengths: Appearance (you can link a photo, describe them via text, or both): Personality (Optional/"You'll see in RP" is allowed): Likes...
  20. LofiCat

    Fantasy  𝒰𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇 𝒩𝑒𝓌 𝒲𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈- 𝒫𝑜𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓈 𝓇𝓅

    (I guess you could say this roleplay is loosely based off of My Hero Academia, what with the "school to hone your powers for good" premise. However, i haven't actually watched or read MHA so I'm not sure if this is a direct ripoff or if I'm copying stuff.) You are a proud student at the New...