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  • Hello, just wanted to throw down a word of positivity your way!

    Been looking at the list of characters that are currently in Isekai Hell at the moment and Sariel from at least from my first glance seems like a hilarious yet adorable / cool-as-heck idea for a character, especially one with magical girl inspirations. I don't want to go too nuts about it, but yeah, he's a novel idea for a character and I absolutely adore creative character ideas like that. Respect! 👍
    Oh my korean gods, Thank you so much!!! ><
    Honestly, I created Sariel when I wasn't that experienced in writing (and to be honest, I'm still learning a lotta lots-), so it really makes me happy to know that people find the concepts of what I wrote in some way back-ish(?), interesting or fun. It really makes me glad, because I always feel like I so need to go back and edit or rewrite stuff here and there whenever I look back on stuff and whatnot~~~ ;;;;;

    I saw your character recently, and I must say that I am totes in love with her story!! I found it really funny that I somehow related to her a bit, and the art is really pretty. I especially adore that last name. (for no biased reasons at all sdkghaskghask-)
    Day 98 -
    Wait a minute, Did the rules of love and peace even count as a poem-
    like- it has the structure of a poem
    I think
    what is a poem
    -send help.
    AND ALSO, I'm confusing myself right now- I forgot if I was writing from the point of view from the Underaged Observer or if it's the Villainess-
    --is the maiden even relevant at this point, why is the prince still being mentioned
    ---and why am I still writing on, isn't it supposed to end in 5 steps-

    my life is a lie.
    end post.
    Day 85 -
    Are square shape carousels a thing...
    It could be.
    okay wait. it'd have to spin on a circular thing though, right? like a pizza table turner doohickey? does that make sense? (not me replying to an old update, bye) i petition for square carousel though.
    the square carousel must have a square spinny thingie-majig, and that is final!
    no circles on my squares and no squares on my circles
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