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Mostly plot-centered, queer-friendly, threads or discord games.

Good evening ladies, gents, and in-between.

You all got beautiful colourful search threads, sorry for this one not being such as well (hopefully - not for long).

Recently, looking at my favourite games played, I realised my common view on any game is "why would I play a boring human I am in real life, when I can play something that has scales, claws, and a dozen eyes?", and decided to embrace in full the love for monstrous dynamics, hence the search thread being created.

I am usually playing male characters, though most of them are queer-friendly, some are queer-only. We don't have to be tied to sex/gender binaries, though, if you don't feel comfortable. I don't really have preference or demands about your own sex, gender, romantic preference, or age, but if you do: I am a boringly straight male in his thirties by the name of Valentine, nice to meet you. Third person limited, past tense preferred; quality over quantity; I'd appreciate if the text would be at least checked via innate spell check before posting.
My monstrous roster varies from more vanilla creatures like goblins or werewolves, to own hybrid species and aliens ones; though most are intelligent. I am willing to make new ones to a degree. I prefer low-/dark fantasy, modern, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, but am willing to try new genres as well. I am not a romance-centered person: if it happens - it happens, but I wouldn't want to force it. I do have a soft spot for married couple/triple/however-many-floats-your-boat adventures.
Not much into fandoms, and would be more keen to make our own universe, or use some flexible tabletop pre-existing one, like Shadowrun or D&D to build upon. I heavily prefer to create a plot based off both people's desires, rather than make a list to limit potential partners, however, I'd be more than willing go with themes of curses and curse lifting, adventures, abolitionism, mentorships, horror, or mystery. Do, please, send a PM or knock into my discord door (in profile) if you feel like having time for a game and are willing to notify if you lost interest or haven't got any time to continue - this would be greatly appreciated.
Would be willing to narrate/GM a story if you'd like, though I'd prefer this to be done collectively. I do not use PMs for games. My preference is the forum threads, or if you aren't willing to do that, I have a server for private roleplay. I would love to hear about the characters would like to play as, or your ideas.

Any questions are absolutely welcome whether here, in PMs, or anywhere else. I try to be as approachable as possible.
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