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Fantasy Looking to do a fantasy roleplay (m/m)

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Hello! You can call me Mint, and as the title says; I've been into the subject of fantasy things and been looking for someone who shares the same interest as me. I have tons of ideas, and you can find them below. Before though; I should let you know that I'm a minor and don't have discord; therefore all my roleplays occur here. If this didn't make you click away; then I'd love to roleplay with you! I'm decently descriptive and don't mind how much my partner writes as long as you give me something to work with. Anyway, ideas will seperated into two different sections: ones that are normal; and ones that have a darker element. Oh, and a little add-in: mc = my character and yc = your character

- mc is a vampire who breaks into yc's house to get a drink of their blood. But yc hasn't eating very healthy and therefore their blood isn't very good.

- the classic thing of pet turned human (tbh, I don't mind being playing the pet turned human, or owner since I have ocs for both)

- superhero x villain where mc is the villain and yc is the hero. But a dash of soulmate where theres a timer on their wrist that counts down to the time they meet

- superhero school where yc is a superhero in training, and mc is like the support person who makes suits n' such

- in a world where people with magic can summon a familiar. Some can't, and are destined to never use magic. Yc has been unable to summon a familiar until suddenly they do: aka mc

- yc is a creator and made a character that everyone on the internet has fallen in love with. One day yc wakes up to see their creation(aka mc) glaring down at them

-mc and yc are werewolves; and soon to be alphas of their packs. When the day comes, they find out that they are eachothers mates.

- yc is a demon, and is one day summoned by mc; who starts off by saying that they need yc to k/ll someone for them

- mc is a demon who was captured by yc's parents when yc was a kid. In a turn of events, they trick yc into freeing them and k/ll yc's parents. Then erase yc's memories while raising them. One day when mc is gone, yc finds out the truth

- the normal animals of the world have went through some kind of change, making them turn into what people have called devourers: flesh eating monsters with changed appearances. Soldiers are trained to take down these beasts via decapitation. Mc and yc are both soldiers, paired up together to kill the devourers.

Edit: I should mention that these are the simpler explanation of ideas, and that I can get into further detail with em if needed!

Anyway, if anyones interested; please dm me as opposed me as opposed to replying here directly!​
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