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  1. Aniihya

    Fantasy  Devil Priest Saga [Characters]

    Character template Name Age Gender Species (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Demon) (If you pick demon, then write what species your character formerly was) Occupation (or fighting class) Appearance Clothing Armor (if you have any) Instrument Weapon Skills (the larger the ability the larger the drawbacks)...
  2. Aniihya

    Fantasy  Devil Priest Saga

    On the continent of Uros, the people believe in the deity Parthoth. The church of Parthoth wields much power in most countries on Uros. All the other beliefs were eradicated hundreds of years ago. While it is preached that Parthoth is forgiving and the representation of good, past stories show...
  3. White Masquerade

    Fandom  Short Demon Slayer-Themed RP

    Hey. Back after a long hiatus and just wanted to know who if any would be interested in a Demon Slayer themed RP, but on the continent of North America around the same time period? As I’m trying to slowly get back into writing, I’d be a short RP.
  4. Call me Peachie

    Realistic or Modern  Bayou 2 :: Electric Boogaloo

    A roleplay for Peach & Luci only Inspired by old Gaiaonline roleplays, mafia romance novels, and just plain ole tomfoolery 🐰
  5. Aniihya

    Fantasy  Devil Priest Saga (Interest Check)

    On the continent of Uros, the people believe in the deity Parthoth. The church of Parthoth wields much power in most countries on Uros. All the other beliefs were eradicated hundreds of years ago. While it is preached that Parthoth is forgiving and the representation of good, past stories show...
  6. Foster

    Fandom  OCxOC MxF Demon slayer rp! (M looking for F)

    Hey there! I'll start with a quick introduction, you can call me Foster, I'm a 23 year old male in the UTC time-zone and I'm currently studying zoology at university. I'd consider myself pretty good at RP by this point, I've been at it for 7+ years and I've picked up plenty of useful skills...
  7. looseygoosey

    Multiple Settings  1x1 RP Partner Call

    Being incredibly new to this site, I am in desperate search for someone to RP with. A little bit about me & my writing: My name is Lucy and I'm 19 years old. I was born and raised (and still currently live) in rural Australia. I started RPing at 11 and stopped just after turning 15. I also...
  8. ourlove

    Multiple Settings  In The End (Demon x Human RP)

  9. tarot

    Multiple Settings  ✰ tarot's search ✰ harry potter & more!

  10. whatliesbeyond

    Realistic or Modern  dark oc roleplay enthusiast seeks partners

    hey all! i'm scully. i've been out of the rp scene for a couple years, and i'm just now getting back into it. i got several years of experience under my belt before i took that break tho! i'm 18+ and would only like to rp with other adults. i'm lit, and my responses can range anywhere from a few...
  11. Skye Moonhart

    Fandom  Hazbin Hotel (SoL/Romance 1x1)

    I am looking to do a 1x1 ocxoc or ocxcc RP set in the Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss universe. I am looking for, as the title says, something that is along the lines of Slice of Life and Romance. More details can be discussed via pm and I will be playing as my OC Danielle Vermilion.
  12. TheForce

    Fandom  Yu yu Hakusho: Next generation

    Kushiro, Japan - The luxury docks. It was perhaps one of the most gorgeous days of the entire year, bright and sunny without just enough clouds for shade, while the temperature sat at the low seventies. However no tourists were found on this dock, in fact the sheer amount of demons and...
  13. Tapfic

    Fantasy  Headhunters IC

    The Lycanthrope agency sat square in the center of Timber, the largest city (and really- the only one big enough to be called such) in the Den of Wolves. Really, it looked a bit depressing- with how empty it was compared to how much space the old wood building took up. The shoddily painted "...
  14. ikigai

    Multiple Settings  Coming out of a hiatus, looking to get wrapped up in a story (Lit- Adv. Lit)

    So I've been roleplaying the majority of my life, but I'm just coming out of my longest hiatus to date (about 4 years). I've missed the buzz of a good roleplay so much as of late that I decided it was time for me to get back into it. I may be rusty at the start, but I'm confident I'll warm up...
  15. MrThe

    Fantasy  A Small but Faithful Band-IC

    Up in the Citadel of what is now known as Last Redoubt the defenders held firm. Upon the first day everyone was sure that the Demons would breach the defenses, just as they had the other fortifications which stood against them. But miraculously, the defenders tossed back each wave of Demons as...
  16. Gezellige

    Fantasy  the princess & the samurai (1x1 w/ hooligan)

    @hooligan < 3 name: 横山 結愛 (yokoyama yua, or yua yokoyama as written in western style) name meaning: yua - binding love & affection, yokoyama - mountain to the side age: twenty-two gender: female face claim: chou tzuyu occupation: second child & first daughter of yokoyama haru; second heiress...
  17. Tapfic

    Fantasy  Headhunters: Supernatural freelancers

    The human and supernatural ( vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, etc ) worlds exist parallel to one another; evolving together, but separated by a thin veil. The supernatural world is divided into territories, controlled by whatever monster could fight their way to the top. The only true rule...
  18. MoonGem

    Fantasy  𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟'𝕤 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕟𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕙!

    Hi I'm Moongem and I'm looking for an active rp partner! I've been rping for about 5 years now and I'm very active on this site! I'm mostly on during the day but I'm most active around 12-3 am est. I like to match the length of my partner's posts and I'm not picky on post length. I love...
  19. loomis

    Fantasy  flightless bird, american mouth ❞ [one on one w/ aeneas.]

    ❝❝ everything lost is meant to be found. two archeologists travel the world in search of ancient ruins, competing against man and beast alike. dangerous cryptids and traps lay across every untouched refuge , graveyards of gods and relics waiting to be revered.. yet a series of strange events...
  20. TheForce

    Fandom  Yuyu Hakusho: Next Generation- The darkest Tournament.

    Thirty years have passed since Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara and Hiei saved the earth and participated in the demon world tournament. In all that time the Dark tournament has yet to be held again as The committee that ran the tournament was killed by Younger Toguro. However time does indeed seem to...