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  2. _Sargotha_

    Futuristic  Stray

    Plot: A mercenary is hired by someone with the highest offer of compensation in exchange to bring back a creature alive. Living in the jungles of Africa there are a myriad of species that coexist and are rivals to another, though a recent addition to the wildlife has begun to make a home for...
  3. Farmgirl310

    Multiple Settings  Partner search !!

    A little about me. I'm 22 yo Female from the USA. I'm looking for long-term partners. I consider myself Semi-lit. I usually match my partner, but keep my responses to a paragraph or two depending on the scene. I can RP both M and F at any age or any other species. I'm open to anything along...
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  6. Humon Person

    Fandom  James Cameron's Avatar Crave (M/F)

    Hello! So my all time favorite movie is James Cameron's Avatar world. And I am looking for someone who loves this movie as much as I do to do a roleplay based upon the movie fandom together. I am looking for someone who can write as Jake Sully in his Avatar Body Form, and Tsu'tey. I would...
  7. smooshie

    Realistic or Modern  GENEPOOL - OPEN! - full

    Hidden away from the public eye rests Xenos: a highly confidential and maximum security research facility that specializes in genetic engineering. Which government is funding them, and exactly who is in charge, remains unknown, but their mission has always been clear: optimize the human genome...
  8. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Fandom  Meet the T-Rex

    Hi, is there somebody, who wants to play on meeting with a T-Rex? I´a m friendly one and i can write (speak). Although with my small hands it's quite difficult.
  9. Serenity123

    Multiple Settings  New Perspectives - Long-Term, Advanced Search!

    Hello Everyone, I am on the search for active, long-term, and above all else advanced players. As for a little about myself, I have been writing for a long time (too long sometimes) and my average posts tend to be between six paragraphs to nine paragraphs (1,000 - 1,500 Words). I tend to focus...
  10. The_Regalia

    Fantasy  | ¢єηтαυяѕ ρяσρнє¢у | ℓιмιтє∂ ѕρσтѕ

    . -- Slide 1 -- {slide=center | -- Triangle Left ---- Triangle Right ---- Ribbon --Forbidden Covert}-- Shadow ---- Text --There is a legend. Words passed from mouth to mouth, generation to generation. Nobody knows where it started or when it will end but it all relates to one place on Earth...
  11. cazhascake

    Fandom  retired thread.

    retired thread.
  12. Ari Number Two

    Multiple Settings  Through Blood and Tears - A Totally SERIOUS and EMOTIONAL RP

    Theme Song Today is the day... A day that will fulfill all your hopes and aspirations... It has come around again... The day of Fur-ious Racing is here. welocme to Gafrield Kart RP. Yuo do nto need to konw the fandom Garfield Krta to participaet. I am the GM Ari Numbre Two back wiht...
  13. brainsick859

    Fandom  Dream SMP Roleplay

    I'd like to do a DreamNotFound ( DNF) Roleplay cuz that's my thought process and uh- yeah. I'd like to have the role of George- I honestly don't care if its angst, fluff, etc. it doesnt matter lol- i just wannna do a dnf roleplay
  14. Minteafresh

    Fantasy  fantasy based roleplay [m/m]

    Hello! So, I'm sorta in a fantasy roleplaying mood right now, hence me creating this topic. Firstly, just some minor things. I use animated/drawn fcs, and would like that my partner does the same(not picrew though). I'd like to steer away from op/mary sue characters, aswell as the soft bby type...
  15. Saheylu

    Fandom  ωαяяισя ¢αтѕ яєвσяη.. ƒσя тнє ησѕтαℓgια яρ тняєα∂

    ωαяяισя ¢αтѕ яєвσяη _______________________________________________________________________________________ TideClan Leader: Wrenstar Deputy: N/A Medicine Cat: N/A Warriors: Quietbreeze Queens: N/A Elders: N/A Kits: N/A TerraClan Leader: Lilystar Deputy: Wolfheart Medicine Cat...
  16. harmonic raindrops

    Fandom  Into The Forest (A WARRIORS ROLEPLAY: CLOSED)

    WE ARE CLOSED! Hey! We're reopening the roleplay to new members for a little bit. So if one or two more people want to join, that would be great! Take a look at some of the stuff down below, and if you're interested then let us know! Just remember to read and follow the rules! More...
  17. RoleplayColinOrAny

    Fandom  Bigger Changed I guess

    Suffered same fate as colin PS: colin is waiting (some anime references
  18. RoleplayColinOrAny

    Fandom  Changed I guess

    There might be anime references here and there) You suffered the same kidnapping situation as colin what do you do PS: colin is right outside the chambers
  19. KingOfGrief

    Realistic or Modern  Wild Horse Herd RP

    I've a craving for a realistic horse herd roleplay. The roles will be lead stallion, lead mare, herd protector (kills predators), food finder (seeks out new pastures), elder, and foal. You can have unlimited characters but after a week with no responses your character will be killed by...
  20. Minteafresh

    Multiple Settings  m/m roleplay?

    hello hello and yet another hello! It's been months since I've last been here, and a even longer time since I've had a nice roleplay, so I'm here in hopes of finding one. I only have a few rules which aren't anything new: no soft/shy bby ocs who have no backbone, please rp in third person + be...