1. shaquille_oatmeal

    Multiple Settings  Long-term RP Search

    * Disclaimer: I've already posted this thread, but have made some updates and wanted to start fresh! Please forgive me if we've started a conversation and I dropped off the face of the Earth - I am doing my best! Hi! My name is shaquille_oatmeal and I've been RPing for 15+ years (I started when...
  2. Paige

    Fandom  Looking for 1x1 warrior cats RP partners

    The title says it all! I'm obsessed with RPing warrior cats at the moment and I need more 1x1 partners. Original characters please, not canon characters, I find canon characters limiting. I'm full lit, I'll have multiple paragraphs with every post. I'll respond every day (or will let you know if...
  3. Minteafresh

    Multiple Settings  Looking to do a roleplay(m/m)

    Hello hello! Please call me Mint, and after a super long break I'm back and in the mood to do a roleplay or two. I'm not good at talking about myself, so I'll only tell you the most important things. I'm a minor in highschool, don't have discord, prefer third person roleplays and I don't mind...
  4. Kitteh

    Fantasy  Phrases of the Moon ~2/3 Roles Open!~

    Heya! I'm Kitteh, and my friend @CalliopeDaKitteh and I have been working on this world for a while now, and we'd love to share it with you all. Phrases of the Moon: Basics! So this rp is slightly because we're a little lazy. I came up with the world, and my friend helped expand the lore...
  5. Vixenshine

    Fandom  looking for an Okami roleplay

    hi I'm looking for someone to join an okami roleplay that takes place in the main story, I prefer oc and oc roleplaying but I don't mind playing a cannon character every now and then. I don't mind if characters are what some people call mary sues, I'm just looking for someone to roleplay okami with
  6. okami.kitsune

    Fantasy  🐺✨ Wolf roleplay ✨🐺 (closed)

    Swiftly running through the snow covered forest a white she-wolf made her way through the underbrush, dodging trees as she ran. It was a cold morning, sunrise had just passed and Aniu was making her way out of her now former pack’s territory. “All I have to do is get past that River...” she...
  7. Starwalker123

    Multiple Settings  Star's Searcg

    i I’m Starwalker123 but you’ll can Starwalker or Star. I an a 21 year old female. I can play any gender. .I’ll do any pairing . I can match my partner but prefer paragraph at least posts e. I want a partner that can help with plots. I like to make friends I can chat with outside of the role...
  8. Vixenshine

    Fantasy  looking for a roleplay partner

    hi i'm looking for a roleplay partner who enjoys edgy roleplay and is okay with gore blood ect. I'm not the best at roleplay but I'd like to try, i'm also good with just random chaos roleplay. so yeah. here's fandoms im cool with roleplaying in Okami Warrior Cats Kid icarus BNA
  9. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  The Loser in Love, The Beautiful Vet and The Talking Cat

    Image Prompt: Absolutely no idea where I'm going with this idea but the gif and title intruige me. If your interest is piqued hit me up and we can plot something together :)
  10. WolfStar12

    Fandom  Isle of Dogs: The Roleplay.

    In the past, I have made numerous RPGs based off of Wes Anderson’s 2018 stop motion animated film, Isle of Dogs, however, I have decided that this time I’m gonna do the real thing and set the story in the universe of the film. Isle of Dogs: The Roleplay. In the near future, the city of...
  11. Kitteh

    Realistic or Modern  Pride Lions- Open to all!

    Heya! This is a new take on your typical lion rp inspired in part by both 'My Pride' and 'The Lion King'- and by that I mean a few prides, (at current times three to fill! though prideless will be considered and more will be added with enough interest/time!). Along with the usual hierarchy...
  12. Kitteh

    Realistic or Modern  Pride Lions RP Thread

    Welcome to Pride Lions! If you haven't already made a character sheet and read the interest check, the threads will be linked below. @Cosmos is sort of co-GMing this, so please be nice to them and respect their decisions. Anyways, welcome! I'll start us off soon. CS Page: Realistic or Modern -...
  13. Kitteh

    Realistic or Modern  Pride Lions Character sheets

    This is the place to post Character Sheets for Pride Lions. You can add as much as you like, but the base template is: -Name: -Gender: -Looks: -Pride: -Role: -Relations: -Personality: Please Note: Even if your character is a premade one from the list, filling out a CS is something you need to...
  14. okami.kitsune

    Multiple Settings  Wolf roleplay - adventure/slight fantasy roleplay

    Hello! I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a wolf themed roleplay with me. I don't expect a whole 6+ book for replies, but I do like to have an RP partner who is able to write a decent chunk for me to work with :3 In this world different kinds of crystals hold different kinds of...
  15. Kitteh

    Realistic or Modern  ~Pride Lions RP- Always open!~

    Heya! This is a new take on your typical lion rp inspired in part by both 'My Pride' and 'The Lion King'- and by that I mean a few prides, (at current times three to fill! though prideless will be considered and more will be added with enough interest/time!). Along with the usual hierarchy...
  16. Coco Adel

    Fantasy  My World : [Fantasy World Lions RP]

    So this RP an idea for a none human lion RP but I wasn't sure if it more under fantasy or not so lease bear with me there is a decent bit to go over. Also know that for some reason things have been separated into like 3 or 4 spoilers, I don't know why it did that, a didn't do it myself and I do...
  17. Coco Adel

    Fantasy  My World : [Fantasy World Lions OOC

    Welcome to OOC, where we can hang out, have fun, discuss plot points, plan out interactions and such, enjoy.
  18. Coco Adel

    Fandom  My World: My Pride AU CS

    Name: Age: Generation: Gender: Blessing: Talent: Gift(s): Personality: Bio: Appearance: Miscellaneous: I'll post my first two characters as sort of an example
  19. Coco Adel

    Fandom  My World (My Pride AU RP, no prior knowledge required)

    So this RP is an AU idea for the YouTube series My Pride and an idea I've been having for a while that I want to try out. You don't have to watch the series to get into this RP as I will explain the things that are relevant though if you just want to watch My Pride then you can use the link to...
  20. Stale Biscuit

    Fandom  Beastars RP Search

    A Biscuit's Search Thread! INTRODUCTIONS Hi everyone! I'm your run-of-the-mill biscuit on a quest to stave off the boredom from this quarantine. There's nothing much exciting about me, but I'll just say that I've been roleplaying on and off for about 10 years now. Normally I'm open to more...