1. pastelpeaches

    Realistic or Modern 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕡𝕚𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕤 (𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟)

    NSERIES The Spirits The town of Larkfield was said to be safe, and it is. Right? It's not like anyone is going to separate us from our spirit animals right? PG-13 POPULAR SCENES: PIC SLIDE SHOW BEGINS ! COPY ME FOR ANOTHER FRAME ! --- COPY END PIC BUTTONS...
  2. BloodBriar

    Multiple Settings Looking for a few 1x1 RP Partners!

    Hello! I'm BloodBriar! you may call me Briar, Bry or Trina : ) my intro post is here • I'm in my twenties and would prefer partners who are also 18+ • I love RPing animals with unnatural twists to them. • I love making settings but I absolutely understand if you want to collaborate on them...
  3. BluEndings

    Fantasy 【YOU ARE NOTHING】

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  4. ArthurSnails

    Fandom Looking For Long-Term Roleplay Partner!

    Hello! My name is Arthur but feel free to call me Yams! i’m 15 and i’m pretty bored as some of my rps died. i can roleplay on here,Instagram and Gmail!. i’m in some fandoms but not a lot. i can do CCxOC OCxOC or CCxCC! Here’s some of my fandoms i’m in and what gender dynamic's i can do! Fandoms...
  5. BluEndings


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  6. Martyin

    Fantasy Warrior Cats or Watership Down: Rewritten

    Hello! This is a bit out there for me, and I understand if I don't garner much interest in this thread. But I hope there is no harm in posting here! I have always been very interested in animals, soaked up as many animal documentaries as I could find while growing up. Learned to appreciate...
  7. luxnoctis

    Multiple Settings searching for rp partners! [advanced/long posts/complex plots + more!]

    hellooo~!! name's lux. c: despite the young account, i'm a bit of an rp veteran (~9 years experience), and am looking to get back into my old past-time with a couple other advanced players! if you're also on the hunt, i encourage you to keep reading- and if everything checks out, i hope to rp...
  8. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!

    . OP: Just do it ~ ASH DA HERO . ED: Kidzuite Hoshi ~ UNFAIR RULE .
  9. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!「 Character Sheets 」

    Personal Name Nickname(s) Gender Age (16 ~ 18) Height Weight Home Region (The region your character was originally from) Position Jersy Number Record (Win-to-loss ratio in your current Rush career) Profile (Personality and history combined; 1 paragraph min.) Pokémon Slot 1 Species (Actual...
  10. Blu

    Fandom PokéRush 1•2•3!「 A Pokémon Sports Anime 」

    Designed and coded by @Nano. Please do not remove the credits or claim the code as your own work. . . // accents ---------- start of top banner ----------> -------------------- start of title section --------------------> ------------------------------ start title...
  11. Serenity123

    Multiple Settings Your Dream Partner has Arrived! (Female Writer Seeking Advanced/Long-Term)

    Greetings, Welcome to my latest Recruitment Thread and I hope that you are interested. Before that however, a bit bout myself. My name is Serenity and I have been writing now for more than a decade, and I have written near every genre that could be imagined. If you are interested in a writer...
  12. Serenity123

    Realistic or Modern A Girl and Her Dog (Adv, Lit)

    Greetings, Welcome to my latest Recruitment Thread and I hope that you are interested. Before that however, a bit bout myself. My name is Serenity and I have been writing now for more than a decade, and I have written near every genre that could be imagined. If you are interested in a writer...
  13. NeonRain

    Fandom Pokemon Elypsium RP

    The Wingulls called out as the sun rose out of the deep blue sea that kissed the sky that was filling with pinks and oranges. The clouds were brightening in turn and the stars fading into the ever brightening sky. The Tide rolled in with waves that lapped at the white sandy beach that marked the...
  14. pastelpeaches

    Realistic or Modern The Spirits (RP)

    The Event The fair has finally arrived in the town of Larkfield! So come on down and have fun; it’s a nice way to relax and to take a break for a while. There’s plenty of things here that you can do to pass the time and to keep yourself entertained. You can find the fair at the far west side of...
  15. NeonRain

    Fandom Pokemon Elysium A Whole New Region

    Far off across the sea lies yet again another region full of brand new and exciting pokemon. The region is known as Elysium and just like other regions they have their own Professor, the professor of pokemon health and dietary needs; Caspian Socotra. The day has come where he will present four...
  16. Harmonic Raindrops

    Fandom [FANDOM] 1x1 Zootopia/Furry Universe RP

    Hello! My name's Rain (she/her), and currently I'm looking for a new 1x1 Rp! I'm a minor who has been roleplaying for about a year, and I mostly do Fantasy/Fandom Rps. Typically I write about a paragraph or two per response, but often shorten my writing when writing out character interactions...
  17. tulsaa

    Fandom Cursed (Reboot)

    --CODE BY REVERIEE-- lonely in tokyo, interest check. do not remove credit (visible or not) or claim as your own. -- to change the colors/images, change the variables below -- in order to change fonts, change the font in the variable, along with the corresponding font in the call-out tag in...
  18. AntisocialToaster

    Multiple Settings Toaster’s Search

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for people to one on one RP with. I have characters of all genders and ages that I can likely work around a specific setting if you’d like. To make it easier I have a dog swordsman (f), a kobold (nb/fluid), a cowboy (m), a little cat rogue (m), a dog boy (ftm), a...
  19. pastelpeaches

    Realistic or Modern The Spirits (cs)

    hello, and welcome to the CS thread for The Spirits! There's no exact form set in place, so you are free to use whatever form you want to! It can be coded or not coded!
  20. pastelpeaches

    Realistic or Modern The Spirits (OPEN)

    ----tabs---- ----page one (cover)---- ----short quote---- ----* * * a short quote here! ---- "Welcome to Larkfield!" ----main title---- ----* * *main title here!---- THE SPIRITS ----page two (plot)---- ----tab title---- ----* * * your tab title...