1. Diorlone

    Multiple Settings  Catgirl x human male, pref. long term, story first.

    Hi My first recruit post here. Hopefully I get something good in my net : P I'm over 30 years old, cis-female, if that matter to someone. I have been roleplaying more or less actively for 20 years now. Roleplaying will happen in Discord or via PM. I play only catgirls as my main char, but I...
  2. AlbaGuBrath

    Multiple Settings  Cautiously Returning and Seeking - Historical, Fantasy, Fandom

    Wow, it's been... about ten months since I've been here. The place is looking sleek! Now that I'm out of school and on my own, I've been cautiously considering dipping my toe back into the RP pool, so let's see what happens! Some (hopefully) relevant information: - I am a historian with a...
  3. FearItself

    Fantasy  The kindgdom of Xorn

    Welcome to the mystical realm of Parrune a world filled to the brim with magic, monsters, men, and steel. Many kingdoms have risen and fallen in this chaotic realm but none have lasted as long as the mighty kingdom of Xorn. Its emerald towers reflect light from its shimmering barrier, its...
  4. TheAdept

    Fantasy  Looking for a good Sci Fantasy RP?

    Me and my friend kinggunlucky are working on an RP set in an original universe we created. We kind of went and put the cart before the horse and already posted the IC and OOC for the rp, but I wanted to make sure people saw it here as well. The OOC: Futuristic - Agent of Maniacles OOC and...
  5. TheAdept

    Futuristic  An Agent of Maniacles

    GM: TheAdept Co-GM: KinggUnlucky In the year 2120... A mercenary company, Maniacles Corporation has risen in power and influence thanks to their efforts in the advancement of technology, medicine, and also...weapons. Maniacles is credited for the invention of laser rifles, power armor, and...
  6. Sushi Muncher

    Realistic or Modern  Project Brethren [Discontinued|Closed]

    Author: @Lexielai Credits: @sugarvine, @Alteras This code leverages flex boxes, transitions, and media queries as its core. It was designed with mobile compatability in mind from the start. Significant credit goes to @sugarvine for providing inspiration and debugging support. Note that this...
  7. Arzee

    Realistic or Modern  The Lionheart Agency

    Nikolai Bykov was making his way from the medical block of Lionheart HQ, he ran into Noel Charleson who had a worried look on his face. By the time he saw him, he shook his head and they started walking beside one another. "Sorry they couldn't make it." Noel said to his colleague. "Comes with...
  8. FearItself

    Futuristic  Realm Takers

    Set in the year 2172 mere decades after a massive war nearly destroyed the globe. Natural Resources ran dry in 2140 causing the world to gather its remaining stockpiles and put them inti their respective war machines. Everyone began to wage gruesome warfare for the worlds remaining coal and oil...
  9. Koala

    Futuristic  Praetors: Legends' Origins

    Play Me! [div class=base] [div class=cover] [div class=title]PRAETORS[/div] [div class=sub]Legends' Origins[/div] [div class=cool] [div class=contentbox][div class=content][div class=left][div class=header]TIMELINE[/div] May 25, 2089 The U.S. government received highly classified intel about an...
  10. spinlock

    Futuristic  Spinlock

  11. Loki777

    Multiple Settings  Past/Historical RP search

    Ello Rpnation! Loki Here I have been RPing for quite some time now, and am interested in looking for fellow individuals who might be interested in some Feel free to call me Loki or Lokage. Here is some helpful information about me: I tend to post third person paragraph(s) form. (can be...
  12. Forgotten_by_light

    Fandom  Road to Arizona(Fallout new vegas RP)

    The year is 2286, 5 years after the second battle of the Dam, the road to arizona is in sight and boy oh boy is the NCR ready for war. But first, they are sending an expeditionary force. Inspired by history books on the old worlds MEU, marine expeditionary units. Though the NCR has no ships, and...
  13. Saffern

    Multiple Settings  All That and a Bag of Rocks

    Hullo there~ I've been role playing for ages now, and I think I'm pretty decent. I cannot do one-liners. I try to match my partner's length but occasionally get carried away describing things. I highly dislike God-modding, characters with no weakness, people who take actions against characters...
  14. igna.con

    Nation Building  "Caribbean Fury" Rp: Invasion/Intervention of Venezuela

    Ok, hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day, considering the fact that I havent found any thread about this topic, and having found the Espionage Wars thread, which I liked the idea and got a lil bit of imagination from there (You can see Espionage Wars thread thread here, i recommend...
  15. gunshotuk

    Multiple Settings  Bodyguard Required

    Guard required for modern/various settings roleplay scenes. Contact for more details.
  16. Squad141

    Fantasy  The Forbidden Island [Reboot/Closed]

    There is an island, in the middle of the pacific ocean, undiscovered. Only recently have some pictures come abroad as scientists have captured them with drones flying over the ocean. This takes place in the near future, and the government has begun to frantically gather things for a mission to...

    Fandom  [M/M (F?)] Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan [20+] Eruri

    [ theme ] Long-term | Romance/slow burn | Story-driven “Fine. I'll follow you, Erwin Smith. I will never regret this decision for as long as I live.” Attack on Titan, anyone? To make a long story short, I am craving some Eruri (Erwin x Levi ) goodness, may lady luck smile down on me! Looking...