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I'm captain_bumblebee, but feel free to call me bumble or Leonie. I've dealt with some pretty bad mental health and uni stress over the last few months, and am hoping to pick up one or two new roleplays to replace the ones I've lost in the meantime.

Below, I'm listing a few of my absolute cravings. I'm not really looking for anything else right now, though I did leave my old fandoms/pairings tabs open for a read-through. You can always DM me with a good idea of yours and I might just be persuaded to try it out. The worst I can do is say no^^

!!! Please keep in mind that I am a full-time student and I usually won't be able to reply daily !!!

--will delete comments after a while to keep thread clean--

    • I write in third person past tense or present tense only.
    • I'm semi-lit/literate to novella., though I tend to mirror my partner's length. It all depends on how much I can work with!
    • I have a preference for writing male characters as my main, but if we're doubling/tripling/quadrupling/etc. up, I will write as any gender.
    • Lots of OOC Chat! I love making new friends to gush about our characters, discuss music and movies, send each other stupid memes or even just to talk about the most mundane things! Prepare for fangirling - if I get really invested in a RP I will come up with headcanons for our OCs, playlists, moodboards, you name it!
    • I prefer making character sheets, they can vary in length depending on how inspired I am. Realistic Faceclaims only (for OCs)!
    • I do mxm, fxf and mxf. Basically any sexuality and gender! I do have a preference for mxf though.
    • I really enjoy dark themes and love to make my characters suffer! Drama, trauma, angst, loss, substance abuse, etc. - I do not have any triggers whatsoever.
    • Can provide writing samples upon request!

If you're interested please send me a PM telling me a bit about yourself! ^^
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