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Realistic or Modern What an excellent day for an Exorcism - horror rp


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So where's your savior tonight?
As Angels fall from the sky
His idle hands let me inside


By god do I LOVE possessions and exorcisms alike.

So my premise is simple: Meet Alistair Rossi, one half of a picture-perfect gay couple living their day-to-day life in peace. Until Alistair, a devout catholic young man, begins acting all out of sorts, starting with fainting and fevers, and escalating to seizures, debauchery with a cross, and shouting and speaking in a voice never heard before.

So naturally, it's time to call in a priest.

Simple enough, but I would love to plan out how this will all escalate, including how the couple themselves were before the possession messed up their life together. Is your character also a devout catholic? Are they out of their depths here? Was their first thought a priest or did they think this affliction was more rooted in reality?

Same thing with the priest and his building! Does he believe an exorcism is the thing of the past or has he been a dedicated and studious clergyman to this exact opportunity?

I'd love to discuss all these sorts of details in time if you pick up this prompt, feel free to come in with questions of your own or pitches for characters!

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