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We don't want zombies on our lawn!
Location: Manhattan

Lilith was just about to leave to explore a little more but the block guy called out and for her and asked if she could keep company for a bit, she looked back and approached the lemonade stand again while the guy had still had that somewhat creepy permanent smile on his face. "Um...okay then, my name's Lilith." She says as she sits next to the stand and relaxes for a bit. "I have no idea how I got here, well I do but it's a long story."

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Assassin, Sasaki Kojirō
status: In japan, an inevitable fate...and some form of impatience
condition: normal​
"Very. I wa t to b anc ored down." The Etherian confirmed with a shaky voice. With a flick of their tail towards Yoriichi and Sasaki, he added wearily, "Yo don't und r s nd. I wasn't d e to go to an aft rli e. This is se ond deat . If I fade, I'm gone."
Again, it was certainly an unfortunate situation, but how does that make it any less different? more so with someone like himself. It may as well be the same either way, to keep one's self alive...much less your own soul, will only prevent the inevitable. But in this case...who knows what might occur. Still to fade away without anything to one's name, yet another thing to relate with.

"Either way, what myself and Yoriichi have stated still holds true. There is little we can do at this point but to wait for that young man to come back." he said as he referred to ben "For now, keep yourself from unneeded panic. Even if such only serves to delay such a fate."

He turns back to the demon slayer in question, who was content with staying by the sidelines. Unwilling to do the near impossible. He could have suggested to the Wrath to learn whatever sort of breathing technique from Yoriichi, but to be fair it was clearly something more than just some breathing technique, given that he was able to deal with those Necromorphs in a same if not greater efficacy then Sasaki himself.
"So Yoriichi, how exactly would one go about learning this breathing technique?" the obvious has been stated. He appeared to have some kind of desire to teach this technique, so why hide the fact of his desire to do so?

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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "Well, geez, I gotta go recover my memories and help them, don't you think?" Rex sat up. "I mean, I could have just gotten lucky for all we know. I could have friends I don't remember who ended up like Swiftglove there."

    "That's a good point, I don't know what I'd do if my boyfriend was fading away like this." Giffany massaged Swiftmer's cheeks.

    "But where would you even start?" Vegan Velociraptor poked a claw in the air. "It's not like this world is a merger of every world we lived in before."

    "I don't know, but I gotta get on it." The EVO replied with a flare of confidence as he returned to his meal, his eating speed on overdrive.


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    He thought to himself.
    "Hmm... Wonder where Ben is... And what's up with Shaw?..."
    Neb took a look at Shaw, presumably still sad about Double Trouble's ordeals, so he lifted the Brody plushie she was holding on to earlier on her waist (assuming that she did let go of it during her virtual trip to the lost dimensions)

    Then, the man in purple mentioned something about Yoriichi.Oh right, he said he's gonna teach them breathing techniques. Oh well, anything to pass some time... Looks like Ben won't return for a while anyways, so might as well. After standing back up and putting the book back into his Spark, he looked at both Yoriichi and Sasaki's general direction

    "Yeah!... I think I'd like to learn your ways... I was quite impressed by the way you used it earlier... Gives me the chills, and in a good way too!..."

    His tail is wagging in excitement... Is this what it's like to meet a superhero?....

I slowly began to open my eyes seeing that I was in some different world. Just a few second ago I was at home asleep... now I’m here... wherever here is. I was extremely confused to say the least, but I guess there was no use questioning it. Eventually, I pushed myself of the ground and got up on my feet. I might as well explore this place. I began to walk around looking at all the buildings. After around 30 minutes of searching, I got a little hungry and say what looked like a shop for noodles. I walked over to the shop and reached for the handle. I opened the door and walked in. The smell of noodles was pretty strong and that only made me hungrier. I began to look around for some place to sit.

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  • Ramen Shop

    Eric wraps his paws around Natasha and embraces her. "No shame in that. We all need to get saved by someone else sometimes. You've saved my life more times than I'll ever save yours." Upon seeing Lana entering, he waves to the Braixen. Silently.

    But internally...


    He's having major problems keeping his cool.

    Kleur raises a brow at Gura. "Like I said, we serve cheeseburgers, we serve ramen. Not both. But here." Kleur scoops the burger into his paw and puts it in the ramen. "That work?"

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As I entered the building and began to look around, I saw out of the corner my eye a familiar face.


I rush over to where he was and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever! How have you been?”

I wanted to ask a million different questions, but I tried to restrain myself. I sat down in the seat next to him. I was super happy to see someone I knew here. Not just someone I knew, but my best friend! Hopefully we can be more than friends som- uh... actually thats not very important.

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  • Ramen Shop

    "I've been awesome! Bored, though!" the Espeon smiles widely and returns the hug. "How've you been?! How've you been holding up ever since we last saw each other?! Feels like it's been years, but I think it's only been one!"

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  • Gura's disappointment further deepens. She sighs in despair. "Close enough..." She said sadly before proceeding to eat her "cheeseburger ramen". It's actually decent...but way far from what she had hoped for. Just for reference:


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  • neutral.png
    I blinked, snapping out of the strange state I was in. I looked over to Eric and the others he was speaking to.
    I had no input. I wasn't even entirely sure of what's going on anymore. So I just watched.


“I’ve been alright! I haven’t really been up to much. Kinda boring without you around hehe.”

I looked over and saw Natasha and Julia. I waved back to them with a smile.

“It’s nice to see you two again as well.”

I turned to the guy at the counter thinking that I should probably ask him for food.

“Hey mister! I want food. Can I have some please?”

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  • Ramen Shop

    Kleur, the wolf at the counter, grunts. "Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever, friend of Eric's is a friend of mine..."

    A few minutes later, Kleur hands Lana a steaming hot bowl of ramen, wordlessly sliding a slip of paper underneath.

    "Here ya' are, kid."

    Eric turns back to FLUTE, Marvin, Nightshade, and Leighton, his paw patting Lana's arm. "Hey, yo, guys! Wanna come and meet a friend of mine?"

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“Thank you!”

As soon as the food was brought out, I began to dig in. When I saw Eric I kinda forgot just how hungry I was. It didn’t really take very long for me to already finish the bowl. I felt Eric pat my arm and begin to call out to his other friends asking if they wanted to meet me. I couldn’t help but blush a bit

“O-Oh come on Eric. You don’t have to make a big deal out of me being here, h-hehe.”

I finally noticed the price of paper under my bowl and pulled it out with my free arm that wasn’t being pat by Eric.
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  • Happy.png
    I seem relieved.
    "My name is Flute. It's good to meet you." I say politely.
    "Oh, and what's your name?"


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We don't want zombies on our lawn!
Location: Manhattan, Lemonade Stand

The block guy responds by saying that he didn't know how he got here ether, although him saying that he never joined a game like this confused Lilith a bit but she decided not to question it. He introduces himself as Kendall, or Alt, whatever you prefer. Lilith was also a little surprised when he asked if he could come along with her. "Well I guess so, I could use a little company anyway." She says as she gets up and leaves, encouraging him to come over.


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Right Hand ManRight Hand Man
Location: Tokyo, Ramen Place
Right Hand Man.png

The Right Hand Man was leaning against the ramen shop to rest but while he was looking through the window he thought about getting himself something to eat so he refresh himself for a bit. Before he does that though he tries to call someone up. "Ello, anyone there?" Most of what he heard he was able to make out but some of it was glitched. "Don't worry, some portal just opened up and sent me in Tokyo but I'm fine, aside from a few minor injuries. I'll try to get back to the ship but it may take be a while." After the call he opens the door to the ramen shop and steps in. "You guys don't mind if I let myself do you?"


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“And I choose to serve whomever!”

She suddenly looks very surprised with her outburst and covers her mouth.

“My apologies Mistress...I shouldn’t have shouted.”

Now she looks ashamed

“Its what what I have known ever since I was a young girl...I served my parents...then two kings.”

That same faint swirl starts to appear back in her eye. Same place as before.

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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "You have a point there." Rex tapped his chin. Just how would one return to their home from here? "We all know that portal travel is possible. I bet if I could just make it back to where I was before, one clue could lead into another!"

    "I mean, I could help..." Someone said quietly.

    Cloud, reflecting on how he and Tifa just randomed themselves into Greece with no warning sign, merely shrugged.

    "I know! There's got to be a ton of information on the internet!" Giffany's eyes glittered. "Anybody have a phone?"

    "Right here." Rex allowed his well-loved phone to absorb Giffany, who immediately went to work Googling "portals to other worlds".

    Right after she disappeared, somebody who looked just like Emer came in. As she reunited with Eric, Vegan Velociraptor and Rex worked together to move Swifmer's body into the corner, hoping Lana wouldn't notice. As the EVO helped, and laid his eyes on the living Braixen, he began to suffer the same phenomenon that occured when he laid his eyes on Kassandra.

    "Hey, 'Lana', right? Did you see a Lopunny on the way here?" Hinaro pressed her paws together. "She's got scars all over her face and body, this is her backpack right here. We had an incident in the subway that she ran away over. Her name is Marnie, my name is Hinaro."

Celestial Speck

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The Demon Slayer's gaze landed back at the group as they seemingly once again took an interest in learning his breathing techniques. For a moment, he didn't say anything, as his eyes seemed to drift across the large majority of the group once more- and finally landing on Double Trouble. A...Part of him told that ghosts could not breathe, or at least didn't need to...But...It was clear Shaw wanted to try anyway to help the ghost. Yoriichi simply closed his eyes and nodded. Even if he didn't agree with the prospect that there was nothing they could do to revive her, he wasn't about to deny someone comfort or help.

Walking towards the ghost, Yoriichi kneeled down in front of her until the other took notice of his presence. His entire aura and being were akin to a spirit himself...With a hint of unmistakable sadness inside his gaze, but he spoke gently as he always did. "You're breathing too quickly." He began, before looking at what appeared to be...The bodies of everyone here present. Most of them like Sasaki was muscular and lean enough to be able to use the techniques- good. Double Trouble included, even if she is...Non-physical.

"Begin slowly, let your lungs expand to their full capacity- know your limit before anything else. Use the oxygen in the air, coursing through your blood, to tighten your muscles, feel the blood flowing through you...Breathe."

What happened next was arguably one of the hardest, yet most amazing exercises any Demon Slayer from Yoriichi's world could go through.

When Yoriichi breathed, one could see and feel the air moving to his body. Specific bursts of air that increased the oxygen in one's body, allowing the muscle to tense up, movement and reflexes to be higher, strength increase, blood slowing down or speeding itself up for adrenaline...It was truly hell to go through, principally if someone wasn't physically fit like Yoriichi. Despite the slayer looking incredibly skinny and weak, he breathed in so much air that it felt impossible- with a demonstration on his part showing him blowing up a plastic water bottle with ease in less than a second just by breathing inside of it.

And then came the demonstration on how to use them in combat.

Sam was right- Yoriichi perfected the technique and his sword technique beyond what one might call 'human.' The Sun Breathing Techniques were so beautiful it took one's breath away. Whenever he swung his sword, it was almost as if the flames of the sun itself appeared around it by the sheer presence and skill Yoriichi had. It was almost as if he was the sun itself. The flames weren't real, that's for sure, but they sure felt like it, much like all other breathing styles in his world.

It would be impossible to learn it all in one night, in just a few hours, but it certainly was possible for those other equally amazing warriors to learn something from the strongest Demon Slayer- be it sword technique, or breathing technique.


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  • DenzelQuestion.png
    "Emer? Who's Emer?"

    Though still panicked, Denzel remained behind his hybrid as he spoke to Giffany and Friends™. This was clearly something the group had dealt with before. He still isn't sure why the ghost was here in the first place. Then again, it didn't seem like anyone else had a complete answer, either. However, before the surfer could get an answer, Vegan Velociraptor came forth with Emer's supposed body. As to be expected, Denzel responded as such:


    The pirate stared at the body laying on Giffany's seat for probably far too long before the sound of the specter exclaiming snapped him back to reality. The ghost tried to take over the offered body, and as it did, Giffany tried to feed it ramen and scared it. Denzel expected Giffany to try something like that. He shook his head, then replied to Hinaro.

    "... Uh, I don't think so...? I mean, I-I might've only seen, like, two or three ghosts in my life... Like, ever, dude. And most of them were just the jacket hanging on my doorknob when I was a kid... I didn't think ghosts were real until now..."

    "Oh yeah, we don't talk about what I saw while I was with Voss, haha... That was a ride... But no ghosts there either, no sir...!"

    "... Heyyyy... Who's the new fox dudette...?"

    In an attempt to divert his attention from the weird, Denzel thought he'd distract himself by talking to a new potential friend. Anything to get his mind off this ghost!

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    A girl...wandering into a subway. She would examine her surroundings, and would take notice if the bodies of the Necromorphs were still there.
    I guess I'm too late.
    She took out a phone, checking the recent news. If those bodies were still there, she would take care as not to get sick.


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Remi tilts her head in confusion. It appears that she’s not even aware of her own eyes.

“Little stars? What could you mean by that? The only magic I possess is healing and comfort magic. I’m no psychic, Mistress.”

She sits down next to Marnie.

“Unless you can show me, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

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The Sole Survivor (Nate)
images (1).jpeg
Location: Somewhere In Boston, Massachusetts (Vegas after Portal)
Condition: Healthy
Mood: Confused

Nate stood up after he placed a single mutated daisy on Nora's grave and Shaun's grave. Shaun had finally given in to cancer and Nate just finished mourning the passing of his son. He slowly stood up and felt a tear run down his cheek. All he has killed, the friends and family of those he has killed must feel like this too. He didn't want to kill them but had no choice to or else he would've been killed and never found his son. Nate slipped his 10mm into his backpack and slipped on his pre-war dog tags, Something to remind him that War would never change. He wished for a second chance at life, But that was far from impossible. He twisted the valve on the back of his full suit of Nuka-Cola T-51B Power armor. The back of his armor hissed open as he climbed in remembering what pre-war Nuka-Cola tasted like, Before everything was sent straight to hell. He started back home along the cracked asphalt road as the joints in the power armor clinked along with the beat of his walking. Suddenly there was a bright light appearing from behind Nate as he walked, He turned around slowly to see an other-worldly portal emitting a bright white light. The portal began to suck in everything around it but the pull of its' gravitational field kept Nate from running away. "Help!!" He screamed as the portal pulled him in. The armor kept Nate from being hurt or injured and he soon woke up alongside a stretch of road and what he saw...was the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign. Bright lights shined in vegas as he took off his helmet to vomit. "This must be a dream of some sort..." He grunted as he pulled himself up. He got up and put on his helmet as he walked towards vegas in his power armor. Even if this wasn't a dream nobody couldn't really hurt him because he was wearing power armor and had a few weapons in his backpack which he was wearing inside his suit of power armor.
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  • Marvin got up, stretching. Can't sit around and taste things forever.
    "Mm.. think I'm gonna go outside for a bit. Maybe explore."
    He makes his way outside, taking in the air.
    He's never really been to a city before, or, if he has, he doesn't remember it.
    Kinda bright. A bit jarring for Marvin.
    He looks around, stretching again.

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