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Listenin' to Theocracy!
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Five years ago, Earth was broken.

Up until then, humans sprawled across the planet went about their days, whatever it was that they did. Their world was changing every day, whether they were aware of it or not, as all diverse societies must. Across all the seven continent and their five great seas, life was what they considered normal.

Then, there came a change they were not ready for. And we, far more advanced as some of us may have been, were not either.

We, the purported beings of ‘fiction,’ the apparent creations of these humans, were abducted from our homes through portals, tears through space and time that thrust us onto this planet and sealed themselves behind us, leaving us no escape. These inhabitants of Earth were shocked, as were we. Panicked cries echoed across the world as the fools of the multiverse clashed on the assumption that those they poorly understood were enemies. It was a horrible day, for us, and for the inhabitants of Earth. That day- February 28th, 2015, as known to the Earthlings- is now a day of remembrance and mourning.

Yet, one surprise awaited us all. In the few days that followed, when reason replaced emotion, the people of Earth…

...defended us.

They knew an incredible amount about us even though we knew little about them. They were willing to take us in as part of them and were filled with questions about what they did not know. We, these amazing beings to them, as they were likewise to us, answered. But, evil lingered in the world still- some took advantage of us, used us, sought to kill us. Some of us, in turn, did evil unto them. Most… were less ignorant. And those who were willing to ally with us, and us with them, carved a path to a hopeful future none of us ever expected.

On June the 18th of the same year, we experienced an upheaval of approval from these people. Though many of their governments still distrusted us, we had found some sort of acceptance in their society. That day was when our lives on this planet truly changed for the better, and it has since become a day of celebration.

The days flowed and we merged further. We became officially recognized as citizens, allowed to share our knowledge of magic and technology with Earth. Some of us found ways to escape, with our wizardry, with our abilities over space and over time, and our machines of grandeur, but many, having found our place in this unfamiliar world, confided in the Earthlings and elected to stay. Today, tensions still exist between us and these Earthlings, but it is nothing like what once was. We have changed their world, and they have changed ours. More of our kind appears every day.

And so, we await you. This world, no matter who you are, is yours to mold. Do what you will, but remember there are consequences for your actions.

You are free here.

Take flight.





Hey! My name’s Cascade! I’ll be your virtual assistant throughout the RP, helping you log locations, people, and other important info as you learn about them! Today, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about Tear in the Multiverses and help you get started on creating characters!

overview header.png

Tear in the Multiverses is an open-world crossover sandbox RP with free reign to do whatever you please!

There is no predetermined story here! The story is chosen by you, player! Your characters are the driving force behind what happens. Make big contributions for the future or just stick around to relax and live free, you can do whatever you want!

But be careful! Even if you can do something doesn't mean you should- there are consequences to every action, y'know? The things you do might get some really bad attention from some other people in this world... so don't, like, try to steal the Declaration of Independence or anything, 'kay?

Since the direction of this RP is player-driven, you're able to make your own large scale events if you want! Maybe your character summoned something really bad from another universe and now the whole planet's in danger? Or maybe they got involved in some criminal underworld and are now a villain at large that has to be stopped? If you want it, it can happen! But before you do that, make sure to talk with your fellow players and GM in the OOC thread to see if they're alright with it! It might be best to start with smaller, localized events, since it gives other players who might not be interested in something big other possibilities. Don't feel bad, though! We'll be sure you can play out your event to the fullest!

As the RP goes on, you and other players will meet more NPCs played by the GM. These NPCs can open up a lot of paths for you and what sort of factions you get involved with... and some of them might not be good guys! All interactions are made with the aim to be dynamic, so have fun with the way you talk with these NPCs!

There might be some events made by the GM once enough players join. These will come unexpectedly, but they will always be localized, so players are free to join and drop out as they please! Don't ever feel guilt tripped into joining them if no one else does, either! If there's a problem and no players show up, NPCs will take care of it!

This RP is projected to start next week, next Saturday at the latest!

rules header.png

First up are the rules! Listen- uh, read carefully, because these are very important!

1. Remember basic roleplaying rules and courtesy! No godmodding, metagaming, powerplaying, or anything like that, and be respectful to other RPers! That also means, be sure to give everyone a fair fight, will you?

2. Keep the roleplay at a PG-13 rating! Blood and romance is okay, but pleeease don’t go overboard with it? Thanks! This rule is STRICTLY enforced, and any pornographic content will not be tolerated! If you play a character that has roots in rule 34, please do not include those elements or allude to them if you want them to be accepted! We are VERY particular about this!

3. Please keep all drama away from the RP and out of the OOC chat! If needed, take any disagreements to DMs.

4. If a character’s actions are making you uncomfortable, discuss it with their player civilly in DMs, or DM Attesa about your concern so he can talk to them for you!

5. We are accepting all writers! No matter how short or long your posts are or how you code them, our door is open!

6. Communication is KEY if you ever want to do something big! If you want to kill another player's character, get PTK (Permission To Kill) from that player first, and if you want to run an event, talk with other players and the GM before you do so, like I said before!

7. We must ask you to pleaaase refrain from using any characters who would be considered outright offensive such as Moon Man or historical political figures!

8. You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to help out with filling out the info lists! However, Attesa will only be granting you permission to the doc IF he trusts you! DM him on RPN or Discord if you're interested in helping get those lists sorted out! Also, if you're unsatisfied with a character description, you may ask to have it changed!

starting locations header.png

You'll notice a section in the character sheet that says 'Starting Location.' Since this RP is an open-world sandbox, you're allowed to type in any location on Earth as your starting point! Since underground and floating towns and small cities also exist here, you are free to come up with a fictional starting point- within reason! Be sure to DM Attesa for more details before submitting a sheet with a made-up starting location.

When selecting a starting location, it's really really really important that you talk with other players in our OOC thread to arrange a common location if you want to interact with someone other than the GM! Still, if you'd rather go off on your own, you're free to do so, and Attesa will give you NPCs to interact with that are appropriate to your setting!

known info header2.png

This is where all information that you've discovered so far goes! That means the character list, a list of NPCs, a list of locations, and a list of factions!

List Editors:
LilacMonarch LilacMonarch
FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla

Character List

NPC List

Location List

Currently empty!
Faction List


Alright! Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The template you’ll create your character with! There’s just one thing you should know before we get into it. This is just a basic template, so as long as you provide all the info here and make each category clear, you can freely edit the formatting! So with that out of the way, are you ready? Let’s go!

This one’s pretty self explanatory!

Universe of Origin:
What game, movie, book, series, or whatever is your character from? Use ‘OC’ if they’re an original character!

Starting Location:
Where would you like your character to start out? See above for more info!

What cool powers do they have? Maybe they’re just specially trained? Either way, that info goes right here!

What kind of special things does your character carry? Any sort of awesome one-of-a-kind clothing? Weapons also go right here!

This one’s pretty self explanatory! You can provide a Wiki link if you don’t want to write anything!

What’s the origins of your character? This can be as long or short as you want! You can also provide a Wiki link instead here, too!

Any other info you want us to know about? Themes? Cool facts?

Title Header Source
Introduction Header Source
Overview Header Source
Rules Header Source
Starting Locations Header from Google Earth
Known Info Header Source
Character Sheet Header from Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light
Cascade created by DuskyUmbreonDA on Twitter for her upcoming game
Havoc Fox.

(More to be added!)​
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We've Going Hard for Too Long
"Just don't have my GTR to the impound or have it sold illegally & you'll be dead meat if you test drive it & accidentally have the cops or worse The House on your tail. I really hate The Collector, so just don't piss him off or we'll get chased out of Las Vegas."
Alisa McNish

Universe of Origin:
Need For Speed Original Character

Starting Location:
Las Vegas


Alisa was known to be the Outlaw's Rush grand champion & one of the best street racers of the country, but when the multiverse happened she is quickly used her amazing combat skills to the test & was a amazing marksman when she was at a young age right before she learned how to drive.

Alisa carries a dark blue backpack with essentials if there is someone that has a offer to favor with, a blue headphones in which if she is bored & having a walk, she will try to do some music to listen, & she has a USP on her holster if she is getting pissed off all the time.


Alisa is a boyish yet rebellious type of person, she has some females have the quite of interest to her but she is the silent but deadly person when it comes on the races.

Alisa McNish was born from a family with interests in street racing, she had her first experience with a street car in 17 when she gifted for a Pontiac Firebird. But two years later, she is now 19 & she had a widebody Nissan GTR after she bought it after her time in college at Miami & was not interested of the Speedhunters Showdown just yet, so she is now Outlaw's Rush champion & will be able to take on new challenges in the multiverse.


Alisa likes music & cute girls all the time.

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Off to a Better Place




Universe of Origin

Starting Location
The Amazon Forest


Banjo cannot run very fast...

....and his jumping often requires some bird-enabled help.

When Kazooie leaves the safety of his backpack, Banjo can use it in a variety of ways, such as an impromptu sleeping bag or a potato sack.

Not to mention as his sole offensive weapon.

The backpack also seems to have an infinite storage capacity, containing most items with ease.

Banjo, being a bear, is an excellent swimmer and has learned how to paddle faster and hold his breath longer.

Unlike Kazooie, Banjo has the ability to climb structures and grasp ledges with his fingers, allowing access to difficult to reach spots on the duo's adventures.

When Banjo is paired with Kazooie, he has a lot more skills at his disposal.

The duo can perform a Forward Roll while running to attack enemies;

Kazooie can use Banjo as leverage to perform the Rat-a-tat Rap;

They can fly through the use of flight pads...

...and utilize Kazooie's ability to fire different types of eggs.

Banjo also has access to the powerful magical abilities of his allies Mumbo Jumbo and Humba Wumba. Depending on the game, one of the two will grant Banjo and Kazooie the ability to transform into different creatures, each with its own unique skills and powers.


In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, the Bear and Bird have forgotten their abilities and instead must battle their arch-nemesis Gruntilda the Witch by creating awe-inspiring vehicles for all sorts of terrain and conditions. With an almost unlimited assortment of weaponry and gadgets to add to these machines, Banjo and Kazooie will no doubt be ready for whatever challenges their new adventures may bring.

Kazooie is also given a magical wrench used to smack enemies as well as magically carry objects and turn pipes. She attacks with it from the safety of Banjo's backpack.


Banjo's personality is very different from that of Kazooie's. Banjo is a well-mannered, sweet-natured, easygoing bear. He uses "Mr." or "Mrs." when speaking to people and generally likes to help people out - which means a lot of damage control when Kazooie opens her beak. While he always means well, he sometimes comes off as a bit slow. He tries to say something witty every now and again, but he usually isn't any good at it. Despite his niceness, he can have short moments of being aggressively straightforward when angry. Banjo flip-flops a bit when it comes to his bravery - at times he will jump into a situation quickly, but other times he acts timid and doesn't want to commit. In all cases, however, he would much rather sit down and have either honey, pizza or a nap, suggesting he is somewhat lazy. Throughout the series (mostly in Nuts & Bolts), many characters including Banjo's allies have referred to Banjo as "stupid" and "crazy", but this is a trait not shown in other games in the series.

Banjo's relationship with his younger sister Tooty probably hints that he cares for her deep down inside, since he did ask about her whereabouts when she was captured and even accepted the fact that of all the prizes won at the Furnace Fun in Banjo-Kazooie, it was her he was thinking on taking along. Banjo doesn't at all seem to mind Tooty's company at times since he saw no problem when she began her flute solo in the opening.

In contrast to Banjo's personality, Kazooie is a wisecracking, obnoxious, sassy, cheeky, hot-tempered, slightly egotistic, tell-it-like-it-is loudmouth and "teen" bird. This could be because almost everyone that she has met had insulted her in some way. Bottles, for example, called her a 'strange friend' and asked Banjo if she could talk and Mumbo Jumbo called her the 'filthy feathered one'. This could also be why Banjo and Kazooie are such great friends since Banjo hardly ever insults anyone (and if he does he usually apologizes).

Kazooie likes adventuring (something which Banjo doesn’t normally do) and saving the world while she hates boredom, Banjo's lack of an attitude and facing backwards. During screensaver mode in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, Kazooie will suddenly poke her head out the backpack and peck at Banjo's head for the fun of it. In both Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo Tooie, half the time Banjo might get irritated by this and wring her by the neck, choking her momentarily without doing any damage. Obviously, this may resolve that Kazooie is a bit of a prankster.

Despite Kazooie's foulmouthed rudeness, she never insults Banjo at all. Being best friends and both with different personalities, it's obvious that she respects him greatly and will stop insulting upon Banjo's words, proving her loyalty to him, however she insults everyone else and always make trouble. Despite all her flaws, Kazooie still has a good heart, always willing to help those in need (Provided that it has something to do with the adventure) and she has a strong sense of justice. She hates evil, like Gruntilda, and takes pleasure in defeating enemies.

Banjo's first event of any significance in his life is when he first met Kazooie. Banjo made his home in Spiral Mountain with Kazooie and his sister Tooty. He was content to live in his small neck of the woods, but the other two bugged him to go on an adventure sometime.

In 1997, just before Banjo was convinced to have an adventure, he got a message delivered by Squawks the Parrot from Diddy Kong, asking for help in driving Wizpig off Timber's Island. Banjo gladly helped, but didn't think that racing really agreed with him.

A year later, Banjo finally caved in and planned an adventure with Kazooie and Tooty. The day they were to go on an adventure, Tooty was kidnapped by Gruntilda for her beauty, leading to a rescue operation. Normally Banjo wouldn't bravely storm into a witch's lair full of bear-smiting traps, but the capture of Tooty and the prodding of Kazooie lead him to go. Using teamwork and a series of moves taught by Bottles, Banjo saved his sister and buried the witch.

However, two months later the witch's minion Klungo transplanted Grunty's spirit into a time-altering suit. Gruntilda proceeded to capture Kazooie and mess up time, preventing the duo from meeting in the first place. But with the help of some Mumbo magic, Banjo was able to give chase, rescue his friend and beat down Grunty a second time.

In the peaceful period that followed, Banjo mostly enjoyed life. However, two years later the witch returned in Banjo-Tooie when she was set free by her sisters and she destroyed Banjo's house, killing Bottles. Banjo sets out with Kazooie once more to stop the witch and her two sisters from zapping the whole island of its life-force to give Gruntilda a new body and hopefully finding a way of reviving Bottles as well as the now undead Jinjo king. Using Bottles' brother Jamjars as a teacher, Banjo learned how to operate with an empty backpack and use Kazooie as a handgun - which was the definitive moment in stopping Grunty for the third time.

With no witch to worry about any more, Banjo started to fix up his house (but gave up halfway through) and live the carefree life. He ate pizza all day and slept all night, leading to him becoming temporarily obese.

After a while, in 2008, Grunty came back again. But this time, she was followed by a mysterious being called L.O.G., who devised a competition to see who will own Spiral Mountain. With his quadruple-chins and obesity magically removed, Banjo was anxious to earn the rights to his home and got to work. After a long test of vehicular combat, he won the challenge and Spiral Mountain's deeds.



Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
Alexis Magelena Lykanth

Universe of Origin:

*Not actually how she looks like. Saki Nikaido is the closest look alike I could find.
I have harmony within me. Without it, I'm just a uncontrollable hurricane.
Alexis Lykanth

Yellow eyes, yellow almost golden hair with little red highlights, very long. She rarely stylizes it, other than the occasional brush up here and there, leaving it draped on her back or in a messy ponytail. She dislikes makeup, dresses, bikinis, and would rather only wears a t-shirt jeans and sneakers on a daily basis. Her hands are rough and dirty as a result of working in the business she works in. When she uses her ability, her body and eyes radiates in yellow lightning, however it doesn't seem to do anything other than be a visual effect.

Starting Location:
Las Vegas.

Stormcaller: manipulating her inner Lightning to increase her Speed by a lot and giving her a bit of extra strength. Alexis is extremely fast, having the potential to break the sound barrier if she really wanted to, toping out at Mach 2. Her super strength is a bit weak compared to others, but useful with her fighting skills and swordsmanship.
- Arcane Lightning (Projectile, fuses her lightning energy into any object, typically paired with her sword.)
-Way of a Thousand Cuts (Melee, Approach the enemy and slash them lots of times.)
- Third Eye (Buff, Transfer some of her Arc energy to her senses, heightening them drastically, allowing her see, hear and sense any nearby enemies with ease. Can only be used for 10 seconds.)
-Whirlwind Guard (Counter, Stand still. When about to get hit, she suddenly appears behind the enemy and strikes them twice.)
-Kazeshini/Death Wind(Trump Card, Not Learned Yet)
Using her power to is full extent requires a lot of will power and a unwavering resolve. If it is shattered in the heat of the moment, it will cause her power to drop drastically or fail to function. Also, she tends to hold back because she had no intent to kill or severely injure.

A reskin of a replica 'Tensa Zangetsu', Ichigo Kurosaki's Bankai blade, restylized in a red and Yellow theme. It is modified to make it non-lethal.

She is not very sociable and prefers not to have the spotlight on her, but can open up to her closest friends, and will do everything to protect them. When it comes to the stuff she likes, she can ramble for hours and hours on end on the topic. In battle, she doesn't like using force, but when seriously provoked, she will go serious and all out. She doesn't take flirting well, and sucks at flirting with others. While she mainly fights hand to hand, She carries around her blade and a lethal one as a last resort.

At first, she had no idea she was a superhuman, but she idolized comic and manga heroes, striving to become one despite her powerlessness. At the age of 5, she was put of for adoption from New Zealand for unknown reasons. Taken in by a loving couple, she moved to the United States, more specifically to the state of New York, where she met her best friend, Suou, the Japanese American girl. As the years went by, she had formed an unbreakable bond with her, and she gave Alexis the nickname "Lena", modeled by her middle name. Everything seemed fine until Suou was kidnapped one day returning from school by a few perverts. When she returned a day later, she told Alexis that she had been sexually assaulted. Upon hearing this news, Alexis raged and her power activated as a result. She tracked down the culprits and nearly killed all of them in blind rage, but decided to leave them in the past. In fear of possibly being tracked down by the government for her abilities, Alexis and Suou took all the money they had and ran to Vegas to started a life there together as roommates. That was 2 years ago. Now, both at the age of 19, Suou has developed a ability and they live in a small apartment. Both of Alexis' parents have passed away and Suou's parents have given up hope in finding her. Alexis is now a Mechanic and Suou a waitress to earn money.

Despite her very feminine appearance, she's actually more of a tomboy than anything else. She also has a large interest in cars, drawing, and melee weaponry. She also technically identifies as Lesbian, having not come out yet. She has a Kiwi accent and is considering starting a relationship with Suou, but doesn't know how to put the words together. For some reason, her power prevents her from having periods, cause unknown. She drives a highly modified tuner car, having bought and modified it with hard work and dedication.
Alexis' Toyota Supra A70



Funny Rat Man in Basement

  • Art by msdeath666

    "If it moves, I can punch it. If it doesn't move, I can still punch it."
    — Chance-28 right before punching a Screeb and wiping his fireteam​

    Name: Chance-28

    Universe of Origin: Destiny

    Starting Location: Manhattan, New York City

    Abilities: As a Guardian, Chance is capable of wielding the Traveler's Light, a primordial paracasual force that is essentially space magic. He is of the Titan class, and uses abilities of the Striker and Sentinel subclasses.
    • Striker Abilities
      • Fists of Havoc: Supercharge your fists and slam the ground with the force of a maelstrom. The signature Super of the Code of the Juggernaut and Code of the Earthshaker paths, once activated, Chance charges his body with Arc energy, allowing him to ram enemies and slam the ground to devastating effect. With Terminal Velocity, the ground slam attack leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake and deals more damage the longer it's in the air. Trample increases the duration of Fists of Havoc with each kill.
      • Thundercrash: Hurl through the air like a missile and crash into enemies. The Super of the Code of the Missile path, Chance supercharges his Light with Arc energy and launches himself into the air like a missile. Upon impact, it causes a massive explosion of Arc energy, and leaves a damaging field in its wake
      • Seismic Strike: Chance charges shoulder-first into enemies, creating a large Arc explosion upon impact. Aftershocks recharges grenade energy upon kills.
      • Ballistic Slam: After sprinting a short distance, Chance leaps into the air and slams into the ground, creating an Arc explosion upon impact. Impact Conversion allows Chance to gain Super energy with kills.
    • Sentinel Abilities
      • Sentinel Shield: The Super of the Code of the Aggressor and Code of the Commander, Chance summons a shield of Void Light, using it for both offence and defence. He can throw the shield, which bounces off surfaces. Banner Shield creates a large defensive barrier when guarding, protecting allies while slowing his movement speed
      • Ward of Dawn: The Super of the Code of the Protector, Chance projects an impenetrable domed shield that protects anything inside.
      • Shield Bash: Chance unleashes a devastating Shield Bash that disorients enemies after sprinting a short distance. Defensive Strike creates an Overshield around allies, and Rallying Force heals allies. Tactical Strike causes enemies to explode in a Void explosion. Turn the Tide increases the duration of the Overshield.
      • Controlled Demolition: Void abilities attach detonators to enemies. Sufficient attacks cause them to detonate. Resupply causes allies to regain health when the detonators explode.
    • Class Abilities
      • Grenades: Grenades formed from Light, three with each subclass.
      • Barricade: Towering Barricade creates a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire. Rally Barricade creates a much smaller waist-high barrier that instantly reloads weapons of allies near it.
      • Lift: Allows Chance to fly a short distance after jumping. Useful for crossing wide gaps or ascending to high places.
    • Cerberus+1: Exotic Auto Rifle. Its Intrinsic Perk Four-Headed Dog allows it to fire out of its four barrels at the same time, though with poor accuracy. The central barrel is much more accurate, much like a normal Auto Rifle, but its three others fire erratically. Its Catalyst Perk Focused Fire trades fire rate for less spread, essentially turning it into a shotgun instead. Excellent for crowd control.
    • Seventh Seraph CQC-12: Solar Shotgun. Does Solar damage. Comes with the Perk Vorpal Weapon, allowing it to deal more damage to bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with the Super active.
    • Hammerhead: Void Machine Gun. Does Void damage. Extremely accirate. Its Perk Armor-Piercing Rounds allows it to do more damage to enemy shields and overpenetrate targets, while Rampage allows it to deal more damage with each kill, with a maximum stack of 3.
    • Dunemarchers: Exotic Leg Armour. Builds up static charge while sprinting. Its Intrinsic Perk Linear Accelerators causes the charge to chain across nearby enemies after a melee attack. Also allows Chance to run faster.
    • Zeke: Chance’s Ghost, a robotic drone created by the Traveler during the Collapse tasked with locating, resurrecting, and supporting an individual capable of wielding the Light. Ghosts serve as companions, scout, librarian, and mechanic, waking ancient machinery and cracking ancient codes, and can also resurrect their Guardian when he or she dies. Can also function as a flashlight and music player. Normally advises Chance against doing stupid things that involve punching.
    • The Blockbuster: Exotic Sparrow. Sparrows are single-occupant hoverbikes meant for fast travel across large distances. Can be summoned at will, as long as there is enough space.
    • Hawk: Chance’s Jumpship. A modified City Hawk used commonly used by the Last City, it is capable of both atmospheric and space flight, and can go faster-than-light with its NLS Drive. Armed with several Arc cannons and missile launchers. Weapons and equipment are stored here when not in use and transmatted when called.
    Personality: Being a Titan, Chance loves a good fight, and is incredibly punch-happy. He often kills himself (and sometimes his whole fireteam) after instinctively punching a Cursed Thrall/Screeb/Fanatic/Exploder Shank, requiring a resurrection. Not exactly the brightest Exo in the City, likely due to the number of reboots he's had pre-resurrection, and he’s constantly yelling the names of his abilities.

    He, however, also has a strong sense of duty, wanting to protect the innocent and the Last City in general. He is a member of the Pilgrim Guard, a Titan order dating back to the Dark Age dedicated to defending the Last City and guiding refugees to it. He frequently travels out of the City to escort refugees to it.

    Given how Chance is now essentially in a time before the arrival of the Traveler and the Golden Age, humanity is not constantly facing extinction from the many enemies of humanity or the Darkness. As such, Chance mostly tones down his abilities, and only activates his Super when absolutely necessary.

    Great with kids. Also loves eating crayons, and thinks cyan tastes the best.

    Backstory: Chance-28 was resurrected over a century and a half ago by his Ghost (whom he later named Zeke) on a long-forgotten battlefield in old Germany from the Collapse, clutching a Golden Age firearm which had long since ceased functioning, wearing a dented and damaged suit of armour, surrounded by the bodies of destroyed Exos and ancient war machines.

    Lost and confused, and with no memories except his name, he was told by his Ghost to head to a place called “The Last City”, where the remnants of humanity sought refuge underneath the shadow of the Traveler. With no other choice, he followed, scavenging some functioning gear off the fallen Exos.

    Travelling for several months alone and surviving out in the wilds with nothing but his armour, an old BrayTech Auto Rifle, and Zeke, Chance came across a Fallen scavenging party in the ruins of a Golden Age French city. The two sides then engaged each other. Inexperienced as he was, however, Chance suffered his first death at the hands of its Captain. He was resurrected by Zeke soon after, upon which he returned to the fight, killing the Fallen, destroying their Skiff, and punching the Captain to death.

    Realising he really liked punching things, he continued on his journey, taking the Captain’s Shock Blades as a trophy. In the months his journey took, he fought several more Fallen raiders along the way, defeating each one and unlocking more and more of his Light while upgrading his gear. He began to feel that he was invincible.

    Almost a year into his journey, he ran into a caravan of refugees, all travelling to the Last City. He decided to follow them and guard them from threats along the way. Two weeks after, they came under attack by a large Fallen raiding party belonging to the House of Devils.

    Chance and the refugees fought the Fallen, but they were getting overwhelmed, the refugees largely relying on old gear either homemade or from the Dark Age. Eventually, after dying several times and the caravan having been reduced to half strength, Chance began to realise that he was losing, and that if he didn’t act, the refugees would perish.

    With that thought in mind and newfound strength, he felt a surge of energy, charging his body with Arc Light. He leapt into the air, fists raised as he unleashed Fists of Havoc, and slammed into the ground. The Fallen in the blast zone all disintegrated into Arc energy.

    The Fallen turned their attention to the Guardian, ignoring the refugees. Chance charged forwards, ignoring the sting of their Shock Rifles and slammed into their Captain, killing him and the rest of the party. The refugees saved, they continued their journey.

    Several weeks later, Chance found an old Jumpship in an old hangar. It hadn’t made a jump in centuries, but was still functional. Zeke restored it to working condition. Saying his goodbyes to the refugees and promising to return, he took off to the Last City to claim his destiny.

    Several years later, he would participate in the Battle of the Twilight Gap, fending off a massive offensive by multiple Fallen Houses in order to prevent them from capturing the Traveler. He would follow Lord Saladin Forge’s orders to fall back, and would later witness the division between Shaxx, Saladin, and Zavala after the former refused to follow Saladin’s orders, and eventually repelled the attack. It was one of his first major battles, and cemented him as a Hero of the City.

    Several years later, he would meet Hunter Greyson Ryder, then a rookie Guardian. He did not particularly make a good first impression after he shoulder-charged the Hunter off the Tower. He would, however, eventually join Greyson’s fireteam, Martingale, decades later, along with Awoken Warlock Valeria Auash.

    Chance would later participate in the Wolf Rebellion and the Taken War, the latter of which he fended off Oryx’s Taken from invading Earth. After the Taken War, he also took part in the SIVA Crisis, fighting the ancient Golden Age intelligence and the Fallen Splicers.

    After the arrival of Dominus Ghaul and the onset of the Red War, Chance defended the City Walls, up until his Light was stripped from him after Ghaul captured the Traveler. Forced to retreat, he escorted as many civilians to safety as possible before evacuating the City altogether, watching as it burned from afar.

    He and his fireteam later participated in a counteroffensive led by the Vanguard to liberate the City, ending after Ghaul was smited by the Traveler as it awoke after centuries of slumber and broke free of its cage, returning the Light to all Guardians.

    He would travel to the Moon to fight a resurgence of the Hive, and invading Vex, along with taking part in Sundial runs to prevent the Red Legion remnants from changing the outcome of the Red War, and also assisting the Warmind Rasputin to launch his Seraph Rockets to stop the Red Legion superweapon, the Almighty, from smashing into the Earth.

    When the Almighty was hours away from colliding with Earth, Rasputin's Warsats began a concentrated bombardment of the Almighty. Around an hour after the bombardment began, its shields finally failed, and Rasputin began striking the Almighty's armour. Eventually breaking through, the barrage finally struck its reactors, causing the entire ship to explode. The explosion created a massive shockwave that travelled outwards. Chance watched the entire process.

    Once the shockwave hit the City, however, Chance found himself transported to an alternate reality, one that seemed to be how Earth was before the Golden Age. Several other Guardians had also been transported, along with their weapons and equipment. Some of the most notable arrivals were Vanguard Commander Zavala, Crucible handler Shaxx, and Iron Lord Saladin. Now stranded in this new reality, the Guardians decided to reform the Vanguard into the Global Vanguard to protect the inhabitants of this Earth from threats.

    • Chance is taken from the very end of Season of the Worthy, at the exact moment the shockwave from the exploding Almighty reaches the City.
    • He is a fairly high-ranking member of an international peacekeeping organisation mainly formed of stranded Guardians known as the Global Vanguard.
    • Chance, being a member of the Pilgrim Guard, has since turned the Order into a non-profit charity group for the poor and vulnerable.
    • Was one of the first participants of the new Crucible
    • Was the proud owner of a Vex Mythoclast before it was lost during the Red War
    • Really misses the Gjallarhorn that was gifted to him for his participation in the Battle of Twilight Gap. It too was lost during the Red War.
    • Great with kids, although he once destroyed an orphanage after putting on a show with his Arc abilities for the kids. Paid for repairs with his Glimmer, of course
    • Functions as the Nice dynamic in his fireteam, with Valeria being Mean, and Grey being the In-Between
    • Almost managed to get a 50 killstreak in the Crucible, but was stopped at 49 by his future teammate Valeria
    • Chance enjoys making resin dioramas in his free time. He also enjoys knitting and painting, although he's terrible at those.

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The shortest potato in the history of ever


Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Las Vegas

Lucinda's a witch, which means she has basic magical powers that range anywhere from teleporting to accidentally summoning a demon. (Heheheh possible rp possibilities with that)

She sometimes carries around a staff which allows her to channel her magic easier, and has a huge supply of potions. She doesn't usually carry most of them around.



-She's practiced witchcraft since she was three
-She used to run a magic shop called "The Wishing Well" back when she was in Mystreet
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Praise the sun

Name: Bruce Banner/ The Hulk

Universe of Origin: Marvel(The Incarnation from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes to be specific).

Starting Location:
Columbus, Ohio

The Hulk possesses seemingly unlimited superhuman strength which heightens the angrier that the Hulk gets. He has superhuman durability, able to shrug off blows and strikes of incredible power. He can leap great distances in a single bound. The Hulk possesses a healing factor. Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk when his heart rate accelerates too much be it from anger, stress, excitement, etc. and as himself has no powers other than his great intellect.

The Hulk does not use any weapons or equipment when in battle though isn't against grabbing and throwing things should they be nearby.



Other: Bruce Banner enjoys fishing
It has been shown that Bruce Banner can stay as the Hulk even in a non-combat scenario and in recent times the Hulk is more actively in control of the body than Bruce is.
Sometimes Bruce can speak to the Hulk through his mind.



Skeleton Boi
"We all have goals in life, whether they are small or big, heroic or vile, resourceful or useless. But it doesn’t matter, because everyone’s goals are either so different, they are like black sheep in a herd, or so similar, it’s hard to find the difference between them and others. But in the end, it’s our own dedication and our progress with our goals that make us who we are and what makes us so unique....”
-Dr Electricus Von Tesla, his first speech on Planet-271or Earth by the inhabitants of it
Dr. Electricus Von Tesla

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Prosperity, New Zealand

The Biological implants of his body increased the mental waves of his mind, which allows him to send enough energy from his mind to interact his environment without using any physical means. The full extent of this power is to lift up to 50 tons (100,000 pounds) with his mind, but the heavier the object, the more stress it would put on his Psychokinesis implant. If used too much, it will shut down temporarily, for approximately 30 minutes, 15 seconds, and 50 milliseconds.
In the same case as his earlier power, he has the power to conduct up to half a million volts of electricity with his mind. His mind could only handle one power at a time, and needs to do small transfer in order to use either ability, which takes 15 precious seconds in order to complete said transfer. But with Electrokinesis, he is able to either shock his foes or electrical equipment, but depending on on the machine, he can make it so that they spiral out of control, and commit random actions as a result.

Personal tech system:
He has a multitude of tech based tools and weaponry that is implanted into his backpack system, and a multitude of them being used to fight dirty with opponents. He is not afraid to use them, and here they are in a random order:
-Na-16 Overlord helmet:
The helmet that he wears is first on this list, and it contains multiple systems inside that are more of a support based tool than an offensive one. The feature being infrared vision, tech-analyzer systems that analyzes tech and what it functions and purpose may be, and a biological body system scanner for scanning the condition of his own body.
-Righteous deflection:
An implant in his left glove, he is able to generate a one sided energy field that is large enough to cover his entire body. It is unable to fired through at all from either side, but his use of telekinesis will quickly solve that problem for him. The energy shield does take a while to recharge, and with enough damage, will break completely. It takes up to 5 minutes and 30 seconds to fully recharge.
-T1-6W hologram system:
a group of 5 mini drones, which project a non-physical hologram of himself. They act and seem real, and even project a heat signature, until one interacts with them in a physical way, which begins to slowly dissipate as the drone flies away to regroup with its creator after reaching a safe enough distance from the target.
- Judge-Jury-and-Executioner:
Two shoulder mounted offensive devices, both having a different function. On his right shoulder is a plasma based weapon that fires plasma bolts at foes. It is capable of firing up to 10 consecutive bolts until cooling down for 10 seconds:
The left shoulder weapon is a mini-rocket based launcher, capable of firing four heat seeking mini-missiles and has a 23 second cooldown.

This man is all about the term all-work and no play, him being a very serious man when discussing topics with strangers to his own people. He very well see others as machines, for he doesn’t let emotions get in the way of business, and would most likely criticize for making harmful decisions based on emotions alone.

But to his own people, he is like a caring father, always trying to pick the best option that will let his people prosper on a strange and primitive world. To his own son, he cares for him so much, that he will even remove all the rules entirely if it meant saving his son or people from certain death, because they are the only ones left that he can call his own people, and losing them would be like losing his entire species.

Befriending him, will allow him to show a bit of emotion, especially to those he trust with his own life, and will help them at any time, and treat those few as his own cybernetic and robotic kind, but remember to make sure to not make fun of tech or AI, because that would make him go on a small rant about the wonders of technology.

He was born like everyone else on his planet, a cybernetic human on a world filled with mega cities every couple of miles, factories and pieces of technology at every corner, with few pieces of land left over. There were two species that live on this planet, the Cybernetic Jaltons, humans with varying pieces of tech in them and that can still classified as human, and the Robotic Za-noids, which vary in size and shape. The planet held no name, but they usually called it their safe haven, the one place they thought could only house life in the universe.

His parents worked as part of the government system on his planet, a Technocracy, in which the smartest and the best leaders were appointed as president of the planet. He lived out most of his life being educated upon the knowledge and wonders of the world, with many pieces of tech that he will soon use in order to improve living on his planet. Being both blessed and cursed with an improved form of Eidetic memory, he managed to be noticed when tinkering with pieces of tech to create astonishing creations, and as a result, given access to higher forms of education. His ability to recall details and knowledge with great quality, he managed to be the top of every class, and in the future, became on of the lead scientists in creating and researching new forms of technology and equipment for the improvement of his species.

As the years passed, he managed to start and raise a small family, having a wife and a son, but he doesn’t spend much time with them, but the precious moments he does, he will spend as much time with them until needed to go back to work once more. But like many other great things in life, there are many faults that happen as well. It was a year before leaving his home-planet, that the signs of the end of the planet began to make its toll, starting with a powerful earthquake began after a very recent mining operation that tried to go even lower, but ended up with a process that made the planet more unstable with each day. The earthquake hit the hardest in his city, with many of the buildings become destroyed, or others heavily damaged. His home was thankfully spared, along with his son, but his significant other wasn’t spared from the carnage. Many other important people also died, one of which is the leader of the entire planet.

Overwhelmed with grief and depression, he started his work on making a large space ship that will carry many random and important members of society in order to escape, after learning what would happen to the fate of the world in the next year. The combination of many of the world’s greatest help create and make a functional space ship, that will not only be guided with an A.I. to an inhabitable world, but also put its crew members in a deep sleep, or cyrosleep for short, and will keep them alive forever in unconsciousness until the perfect world is found. Being the leader and smartest of this project, he was chosen to be the leader of the new colony on another planet, and he also had his son go with him on his journey to leading his people to safety.

As soon as the ship was filled, they immediately left the planet, with a few other models of the same ship, each going in a different directions. Those inside the space vessel were frozen for many years, until it was thrown through a small rift in reality, and ended up near the planet called Earth 5 years ago, two weeks after the first signs of extra terrestrial life. Awakening from Cyrosleep, he directed the vessel near what he called a primitive city, known as Wellington on a island like formation, which is called New Zealand. The first points of communication of his people and the normal humanoids surprisingly called Humans, had managed to create a Non-aggressive pact between the two that allowed his people to create a city, which is west of their capital. The city grew, and the name given to it was called Prosperity, the beginning of rebuilding his once great faction. 5 years later, relations between New Zealand and Prosperity grew that a Defensive pact was made between the two, allowing them to protect the ones who granted them access to their lands in the first place. While there is only one city currently after all this time, their studies and creation of their old homeworld tech help change this disadvantage, and make a name for themselves in the world known as Earth.

- Dr. Electricus is more of a glass cannon, having many attack opportunities and powerful weaponry, but has sensitive equipment, and destruction of said equipment would leave him with only a few options, his intelligence and his kinesis powers.
-Magic is the most effective weapon against his people, since they have no countermeasures against it that protect them against it, leaving them very vulnerable to it.
-His equipment is mostly not equipped unless on a mission, and is only left with things such as his helmet.
-He is the leader of his people, a small group of cyborgs and robots from his home planet, the ones he wishes to protect, which are known as the
Children of the New Dawn’

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Praise the sun

Universe of Origin: OC

Starting Location: Tanzania, Serengeti National Park.

Species: Altered Allosaurus

Abilities: Fangtooth is a large theropod dinosaur though he is a juvenile he is still bigger than a human. Being such a large animal with thick skin he is strong, though his bite force isn't incredibly strong his teeth are sharp and made for slicing. Fangtooth has a very good sense of smell and is fast for an animal of his size being able to run very fast. Fangtooth isn't exactly a normal dinosaur nor is he pure, through his tampered DNA his mind his very developed. Giving him a thought process very similar to a human though more simple. Fangtooth can even speak, though not very well at the moment.

Fangtooth doesn't really carry anything due to his lack of usable hands. He does have silver band on his left arm which he takes great care not to lose.

Fangtooth is an odd mix of animal instinct and human emotion.His animalistic tendencies can lead to him being lazy, food motivated, and defensive or aggressive depending on what the context of the situation is. Though on his emotional side Fangtooth is inquisitive, if there is something he does not understand he will always croak out one of the only words he knows how to say which is "What". Fangtooth has a tendency to be very protective of people he considers friends of his which so far in his life has extended to his 'mom'. Fangtooth has a moral compass that he has been taught which mostly consists of, do not eat people, and do not break things made by people. Fangtooth carries himself very carefully when around human structures. He is wary around strangers and normally keeps his distance from people he does not know though occasionally his curiosity can get the better of him at times. He is very protective of his arm band and will not let anyone touch it, even those he trusts. Fangtooth is a very fast learner and picks up new words quite quickly when he has a mind to. Fangtooth can also be very stubborn, if he truly sets his mind to it he's going to do it, or at least try to do it.

Fangtooth was made as an experiment in a Jurassic Park-esque scenario where a technologically advanced Earth attempted to bring back long dead animals. Fangtooth was the first and he was made crudely. His DNA was changed from his species, Fangtooth was incredibly smart, much smarter than the average dinosaur anyway. At first he could recognize patterns and follow instructions, if given by the person he'd imprinted on whom he considered his mother. As Fangtooth grew bigger he only got more intelligent, until eventually he spoke his first word. The woman who was his primary caretaker was stunned, she worked with him more until she was sure that the animal understood every word said to him, and when Fangtooth proved he did, she taught him his name until he could repeat it easily. He only got better at conversation, which made the people who'd created him happy as having a talking dinosaur seemed to be a sureway to make money, though Fangtooth's mother brought up the concern that perhaps Fangtooth was too smart to be caged for his entire life. That concern was shrugged away immediately, though Fangtooth's mother didn't seem to care. After that she began to instill what Fangtooth would need to last outside of the cage into him. To not bring harm to humans or their things, and she attempted to teach him how to hunt to the best of her ability though a human would have a hard time teaching that to a dinosaur, instinct would turn out to be a good enough guide. She taught him that he should be careful around people he didn't knew. When it was clear that Fangtooth understood that she broke in one night and stole Fangtooth. Her intention was to release him and hopefully that he would be able to live his life free, luckily at that point he was still small enough to fit into a car. Fangtooth was dropped off in the wilderness, though he didn't want to go on his own. Fangtooth's mother gave him a band made of a material that would stretch as he grew, she told him that the band would allow her to find him when it was safe. Fangtooth was reluctant but she reassured him they'd see each other again. Fangtooth went into the wilderness, begrudgingly, and over the years grew to a bigger size. Fangtooth still keeps an eye out for his mother who he refuses to believe lied to him.

Other: Fangtooth likes most different kinds of music aside from metal and when listening to a song he likes he will attempt to 'sing' along to the rhythm.
Fangtooth does not like the smell of cheese.
Fangtooth can't really grasp things but he will use his hands occasionally.
Fangtooth speaks with a very deep growly voice when he talks.
He calls his band "mom's thing".
He knows words like please and thank you and can speak politely if the mood strikes him, which isn't often.
He was named Fangtooth because he used to have a biting habit when he was small.
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"This is the story of a man named Stanley."

Universe of Origin:
"Stanley is the main character of my story, The Stanley Parable!"

Starting Location:
"Stanley, having been freed from the grasps of his former workplace, now resides in the thrilling land of Las Vegas, a place of gambling and guns galore! But... perhaps he figured that Columbus, Ohio would be more peaceful for retirement, hence the quite sudden and unexpected change."

"Stanley is your average office worker. He loves pushing buttons. He's done so, gleefully pushing every button he could push, pushing what buttons his boss told him to push. And he loved every second of it."

"Stanley does not carry much with him. Maybe a cup of coffee, or a croissant every once in a while. He might even pick something up off the streets to use it as a battery weapon! It sure brings him back to his days of youth when he played softball. The last thing on his mind would be to strike other people in cold blood!"

"Stanley is a gentle, quiet man who loves to follow the story the dear Narrator wrote and put hours of work into. His favorite thing to do is push buttons. He is a reliable man to his former co-workers and essentially anyone he comes across. He is smart—S-M-A-R-T—and makes rational decisions that do not, and I repeat, NOT, go against common sense."

"Previously, on The Stanley Parable: During what should have been another, regular work day of pushing the buttons he was told to push, something impossible happened; the orders stopped coming in! What could have happened? Stanley wondered. Did he perhaps miss a memo for a meeting? As Stanley investigated the office building, he'd find that he was the only one there. He looked through the meeting room, eventually making his way up to the boss' office without taking any detours. But alas, his boss had mysteriously vanished, too! Where could everyone have gone? Behind his boss' desk was a keypad, to which Stanley miraculously guessed the code, revealing a secret entrance in the office. Stanley bravely ventured further, taking an elevator down to the mind-blowing secret.

"An enormous Mind Control Facility lay underneath, spying on all his co-workers and bending them towards the boss' will. Stanley, repulsed at the sight, knew he had to do something. He shut off the facility. No more would anyone be cast under such a relentless spell. Stanely was free, at last. The End."

"Because Stanley is... unpredictable at times, his true actions will be bolded as such."
Italicized text is dialogue not spoken by the Narrator.

"My favorite musical:"
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Sento Kiryu

[Universe of Origin]
Kamen Rider Build

[Starting Location]
Tokyo, Japan

A polymath with an inflated ego and extreme curiosity, willing to pursue anything without restraint. He is incredibly vain, often praising himself for being a genius and belittles people that he thinks is stupid. Like his friend Banjo Ryuga. Sento is largely independent and never expects help from others, often turning down help as a result. His vast intellect and curiosity makes him easily distracted whenever he does something amazing or an event interests him, leaving him vulnerable even during battles.

His best trait however is not his intelligence, but his incredible sense of justice. He opposes the use of science for military applications and is a firm believer of using science only for good. Due to his selflessness and sense of duty, he carries all burdens by himself and never confines in the arms of others, in fear that he would involve them in dangerous things. While he generally shows extreme composure, he is prone to making terrible judgement if he experiences emotional turmoil.

Sento Kiryu is a genius physicist hired by the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics to investigate the Pandora Box, an artifact found laying in the ruins of a lost civilization brought to Earth from a Martian expedition. Ten years prior to this, this artifact had brought a calamity to Japan when it was activated during a national conference, creating massive walls that split Japan into three regions as well as scattering the panels of the Pandora Box across the land. These three regions are Touto, Seito and Hokuto.

In truth, Sento suffers from a severe case of amnesia and had been taken in by a man named Soichi Isurugi, a friendly cafe owner who was once an astronaut in the Martian expedition and his daughter Misora. Following this, he had taken up the mantle of a vigilante known as Build. The one memory he holds is of being held captive by a man named Night Rogue of the Faust organisation. As Build, he fights the Smash, victims of Faust's numerous experiments turned monsters and converts their essence into Fullbottles through Misora's mysterious ability to purify Smash essence. Through the Build Driver, he uses these Fullbottles to transform into the heroic Kamen Rider Build.

Throughout his journey, he befriends a fugitive named Banjo Ryuga who was kidnapped by Faust as well. Later he becomes Kamen Rider Cross-Z and together they fight Night Rogue and Blood Stalk, the two antagonists leading Faust. Things take a turn for the worst when they find out the identities of Night Rogue and Blood Stalk. It is revealed that Night Rogue is Himuro Gentoku, son of Touto's Prime Minister and that Blood Stalk is Soichi Isurugi, the cafe owner. It gets even worse when they incite a civil war among the regions through the help of industry mogul, Namba Heavy Industries. All in order to put the Pandora Box back together.

But wait, it gets worse! They also find out that Sento's true identity is one of Faust's founding members, Takumi Katsuragi. Blood Stalk had wiped out his memories and altered his face to resemble the face of deceased musician, Sato Taro. Though he overcomes that fact with the help of Banjo and now with a civil war on their hands, he has to fight more. Hokuto sends Kazumi Sawatari, a soldier capable going by Grease capable of transforming into a Kamen Rider alongside an army in order to steal Touto's Pandora Box and Fullbottles.

After a devastating battle, Touto and Hokuto decide to settle the war with a duel between Build and Grease. Build manages to win but in that moment of vulnerability, Seito takes the opportunity to conquer Hokuto. They do so with aid from an exiled Gentoku Himuro, now Kamen Rider Rogue. Through this, Kazumi joins Sento to liberate Hokuto. They lose their Pandora Box after Sento loses control of his Hazard form. A week later Seito invites them to a representative battle where Build, Grease and Cross-Z fight against Seito's Rogue and the Hell Brothers.

Shortly after Build wins an intense fight against Rogue, it is revealed that Soichi is possessed by an evil alien named Evolto who caused the eradication of all Martian lifeforms. Gentoku's father, Taizan Himuro had been killed after protecting his son from a blow from Evolto that would have killed him.

Evolto gains his old abilities through the Evol-Driver and Evol Trigger and transforms into Kamen Rider Evol after unleashing the power of an almost complete Pandora Box. There, he reveals that Banjo was once part of him and transfers himself to Banjo's body. Evolto goes through multiple stages to achieve his final form, via possessing Banjo, then Sento to obtain more power. After which he no longer needs a host and mimics Soichi's body from then on.

With his power almost complete, Evolto kills off Namba of Namba Heavy Industries as he has no use for them anymore. Gentoku decides to join Team Build to stop Evolto after feeling repentant and conflicted after the death of his father. It is around this time Sento regains his memories of being Takumi and constructs his greatest creation yet, the Genius Fullbottle. It allows him to fight Evolto on equal ground.

After more intense fighting, Evolto manages to complete the Pandora Box and with the power of a special panel, he evolves into his ultimate form and plans to create wormholes to suck up planets for their power. With no time left to mourn the death of Kazumi, Sento, Banjo and Gentoku face off against Evolto. Gentoku dies during the battle and Banjo sacrifices himself to defeat Evolto by launching himself into a wormhole. Determined to save Banjo, Sento also goes into the wormhole.

In a battle between dimensions, Sento ultimately defeats Evolto and uses the Pandora Box to create a new reality where none of the events had happened in the first place. He appears in a field and heads into Tokyo, discovering that everything looks different. He is alone, and by creating this new world where none of the events had happened, he creates a world where he and his friends never met. Kiryu Sento becomes an anomaly that never existed. All his friends do not remember him and he is left alone, wandering as the creator of a world devoid of any memories of him.

It's enough to make him start crying.

Just then, he hears the voice of Banjo and looks around to see the Banjo that he knows perfectly intact. Banjo somehow survived due to Banjo's alien hybrid DNA and Evolto's non-existence in the world cancelling each other out, making him another anomaly of this new reality. This makes 2 Banjos exist in this reality. Happy to see his friend once again, Sento and Banjo ride off on the Machine Builder, Sento's motorcycle phone which he had on him.

The series ends with Sento writing memoirs of the events of Kamen Rider Build as a 49 episode TV show and Banjo getting annoyed at him for adding in the fact he was a convict before. The duo live on in this new world of theirs, doing their best to make a life for themselves. They somehow still keep the Pandora Box and all of the Fullbottles.

_High Hazard Level Physiology: Sento underwent an experiment from Faust which injected him with a certain amount of Nebula Gas. This is what allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Build, and as the show goes on this level rises until Hazard Level 7 at the end of the series, enabling him to transform into much more powerful forms like the Genius form or GoldRabbit form. Hazard Level 7 is usually an impossible feat for humans, but he has achieved it. This also means he can use any of the other transformation devices, such as the Sclash Driver, Transteam Gun or Evol Driver.

_Fullbottle Augmentation: By shaking a Fullbottle in his hand, regardless of whether he is transformed or not, Sento can gain abilities based on said Fullbottle's traits. For example, the Rabbit Fullbottle grants him fast reflexes and the Gorilla Fullbottle gives him powerful punches.

_Genius-Level Intellect: Sento's most defining trait is his intelligence. He has an advanced knowledge of physics, and developed several of Build's accessories on his own. Since regaining his memories of Takumi Katsuragi, his intellect has combined with the latter as well. Sento is the second most intelligent individual in the history of Kamen Rider, surpassed only by Takeshi Hongo.

_Master Physicist: Sento has an advanced knowledge of physics, having finished a difficult physics test with perfect results. This proves a significant asset in battle, which Sento incorporates into his fighting technique. Sento also seems to understand the fundamentals of time travel as well, as he is currently the only legacy Rider in Zi-O to remember Sougo giving him the blank Ridewatch and return it, knowing Sougo is a time traveler.

_Master Engineer: Since inheriting Project Build, Sento has built the majority of Build's accessories, as well as all of Cross-Z's equipment, on his own. On occasion, Sento has also created gear for both Grease and Rogue, particularly the Grease Blizzard Knuckle and the Prime Rogue Fullbottle.

_Expert Craftsman: Sento can create replicas of his equipment for bait uses.

_Expert Tactician: Sento has shown himself to be a capable strategist, being able to outwit Blood Stalk on two occasions as well as Namba.

_English Language Proficiency: Sento is able to read files written in English entirely and perfectly translate it back to Japanese verbally.​

_The Build Driver - His transformation belt, allowing him turn into the titular hero of Kamen Rider Build.

_Fullbottles - A bunch of little bottles that when inserted into the Build Driver, transform him into many different forms. If two compatible bottles are inserted in, he gets a 'Best Match' which is an especially powerful form. Trial Forms also exist and are basically forms from any mix of FullBottles. A few Fullbottles are special however, such as the RabbitTank Sparkling and Genius Fullbottles. A video showcasing his many different forms can be found here.

_Hazard Trigger - A power up device that boosts the power of Build when attached to the Build Driver. His Best Matches turn into Super Best Matches in this form, which have the eyes of the Best Match but the body of the base Hazard Form. A large weakness this device has is that Sento can go berserk when using it for long periods of time, unless he uses the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle ir the Genius Fullbottle which negates this weakness.

_Build Phone - His smartphone. It's all got the same features as a typical smart phone. It can also transform into a full sized bike.

_Drill Crusher - His personal weapon that can be accessed by any of his forms.

_Hawk Gatlinger - Build's gatling gun-like weapon accessed by any form that uses the Taka or Gatling Fullbottles. Also used by RabbitTank Sparkling Form.

_4Koma Ninpoutou - Build's katana-like weapon accessed by any form that uses the Ninjya or Comic Fullbottles. Also used by RabbitTank Sparkling Form.

_Kaizoku Hassyar - Build's bladed bow-like weapon accessed by any form that uses the Kaizoku or Densya Fullbottles. Also used by RabbitTank Sparkling
_Fullbottle Buster - Build's personal sword-like and cannon-like weapon, accessed by any form that uses the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle. Also used by Genius Form.

[Extra Information]
-He gains an ahoge whenever he gets really excited about something.
-He has a habit of saying his catchphrase, "Now, shall we begin the experiment?" before transforming.​


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Skeleton Boi

“Hey..... this isn’t Arsenal....“
-John, who moments later, got run over by a Audi A5 in the middle of the street

John [Redacted]

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada

-Arsenal weaponry:
He has access to every bit of weaponry he has in his universe, and also gains the special ability of the current weapon he holds in his hands currently, and here is where all the weapons can be found:
He is able to hold two weapons at a time, along with a single melee weapon, but is unable to use the effects unless he is directly holding a certain weapon.
In his world, a backstab with a melee weapon would mean insta-death, but in this world, it would probably just deal a lot of damage and hurt a lot. This is one of the more powerful options in his list of damage dealing weapons, but the downside is that he has to be close and personal in order to do a backstab, and sometimes the opponent would just turn around to stop his attempts.
-Weapon mastery / expert parkour skills:
Due to him being in the top 20 of the leaderboard back at home (he is rank 16), his skills on not only using every piece of weaponry in his arsenal to their full capabilities, but he is also very agile and parkour is something he is a expert on. Being able to make jumps and vaults quickly like they were his own instincts, and climb up walls quickly like a gecko running for its life.
-Passive regen / Health packs:
While not being damaged, he is able to regenerate lost health points, which tops off at a maximum of 200, and whenever he kills an enemy, they drop a health pack on the floor that heals 25 HP

-Aresenal weaponry:
Just like in his powers, he has access to every weapon in his world, but he does have a favorite melee weapon, which is the Rokia hammer:

An energetic and boastful lad, he likes to talk about the skills he has, and while there may be others much better than him, he believes that having a skilled person is much better than having someone who can’t do anything correctly. But hey, as long as he is being respected, then he respect those as well, and would actually compliment those with equal or more strength then him, because they had beaten him fair and square.

But he does care for any friends he does make here, and would protect them against harm, trying to do the dangerous things for them. He does have a good heart, but working as a mercenary would not be good if he enters the wrong job.

Back in the multiverse of Roblox, there are mini universe within that have their own worlds and have different controls and goals. Of course, one of these worlds were the Arsenal world, in which it’s basically a team based battle (or a free-for-all) in which you basically try to be the best one at not only gunning and running, but quick reaction speeds and such as well.

There is also a leaderboard that tracks all the career kills one person gains, and standing in the 16 spot in the top 20, was John. John was like many others in Arsenal, a person who tried to be the best at their own game, and doing what they can do best, which is killing people and respawning from death each time. Except, there seemed to be some sort of weird portal on the middle of one of his games, and he thought it would be funny just to hop in and find out what happens, but this game in later to bite him in the butt later, as he was kicked into a strange new world where people are not made of squares and blocks. And not even a few seconds in, he got ran over by a car.... Welp, might as well make the best of a bad situation. Trying to find work in the real world as a mercenary, he now needs to find a way to earn money here, because they probably don’t accept Robux here.

-he is also a good chef, making any kind of food like he known the recipe for years, that’s also why he wears a chef hat.


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Oddball Team


Back in 2019 in the mysterious city of Upton, where many "crazy and strange things" happens left and right, the Multiverse Saviors Association has just been founded by it's mayor, Julius Doberman. The first batch of teams, called the "Class of 2019", was a wide success. Many universes were saved by multiversal threats day by day and the MSA hopes to continue that performance as more members come, and indeed they came, but not in a way they were hoping for.

Come the "Class of 2020", and Julius was surely disappointed. The second batch of teams are nothing but juvenile delinquents and troubled persons with superpowers, dangerous but cool weapons, and to top it off, a lot of personal issues. One of these is the Oddball Team, an "unstable stable" of outcasts that turn out to be the biggest thorn the organization has seen, and Julius tries his best to get them off his back by sending them into missions completely impossible for one team to accomplish, yet they somehow managed to get it done.

Come the present day, they have been through a lot and achieved a lot, yet they still have a long way to go to being called heroes. This is where their story continues.


    "I came here to do what I was training to do since the day I've subscribed my World of Warcraft account; WHIP YOUR FUCKING ASS!"

    Full Name: James Xerxes "Jared" Williams

    Aliases: "The Absolute Madman", "The Best in the World", "The Man of a Thousand Gun Compartments", "The Force to be Reckoned with"

    Age: 17

    Occupation: High School Student (Grade 10)

    Hair Color: Light Green

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Complexion: Fair

    Body Type: Athletic

    Universe of Origin: OC

    Starting Location: Las Vegas

    Innate: Energy - Jared can produce a form of magical nuclear energy by taking breaths (yes, his powers are on hamon rules). This form of energy can have an effect on anything it is conducted (i.e. turning a simple piece of paper into a hardened sheet of pseudo steel). He can also store the energy into one object and unleashing it will result in an explosion depending on how much energy stored (which is the main basis of one of his signature moves). The most devastating would be firing beams, but that requires a hefty amount of breathing to produce at least a small orb. The energy is produced by his "radioactive" lungs.

    Kiai Level 7 - Possesses superhuman levels of strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, senses, and the ability to fire invisible ki blasts.

    Bonds of Friendship - An ability given to him by one of the more stronger members of the MSA. This works as more of a power booster. By meeting new people, a link is established and his physical and magical capabilities enhances the more people he meets.

    Fighting Ability - Jared knows a lot of martial arts and has the skills to prove it. His only downfall is his strength however.

    Wits - His greatest strength, and his preferred way of fighting, is to outwit his opponents with traps, gambits, the fact that he is crazily prepared, and a very wide sense of imagination. One of the MSA members outright calls him "Batman if he was created by Hirohiko Araki".

    Tinkering - Jared has a thing for creating inventions. His greatest (and worst) one was the main reason why the MSA was formed.

    Armed Aegis - Also known as the "Dimensional Ripper Sword", during one of his adventures, he was tasked to find three pieces of the sword that can be of excellent help. Upon assembly, the sword has since been attached to him. It is made out of "Allmetal", which makes it incredibly indestructible and the blade does not get dull no matter how many times it hits. It's most special feature is the ability to rip portals that allows him to travel anywhere, allowing him to either have an escape route or a way to perform a sneak attack. The three parts also happens to have a mind of its own and Jared can command them when needed. The parts of the sword are Behemoth (handle), Thunderbird (guard), and Leviathan (blade).

    Grappling Hand - Before joining the MSA, Jared has a little scuffle which resulted in the lost of his left hand (he's actually right-handed). But after that scuffle, Julius Doberman gives him a prosthetic, made out of 1/2 diamond and 1/2 titanium. However, Jared decided to take a step up a notch and added in a cable wire which would allow him to shoot his hand to latch on to things so he can either climb up or swing about. His hand also spins.

    Aegis Connector - A small disc attached to the back of his prosthetic hand, which acts as a proxy for him to wield the Armed Aegis. Obtained during one of his adventures. It's true abilities have yet to be discovered.

    Dual Uzis - If he doesn't have his sword, then he has his guns. He prefers these guns due to its ease of drawing them out.

    Daisy-Chain Grenades - Grenades with their pins tied to piano string, and he has LOADS of them.

    Machine Traveler - A motorcycle which his uzis can be attached to form makeshift handles.

    Personality: Outside of dangerous missions, Jared is basically your average teenager. He is friendly, caring, law-abiding, laid-back, and can act sometimes weird, usually due to boredom. But inside of dangerous missions, he is focused and quite a little insane due to how he handles fights. Of course, teamwork is in its place and Jared truly values it. On the personal side, he doesn't like to show negative feelings, believing that people would view him as weak when he shows them.

    Backstory: Jared used to be a normal person the day he was born, but a string of events would later alter his life. First, when he was in elementary, the school had a field trip to a nuclear power plant when he accidentally fell into a vat of radioactive fluid. Shockingly, he survived. However, the result of that accident gave him energy powers. It was pruported that he may have sniffed some while he was trying to get out. Second was during his time as a 7th grader, where he started reading books about the multiverse and decided to do something insane. That "insanity" would lead to the creation of the "Realm Gate", a gateway to the many universes. It was an innovation at first until someone hacked it which unleashed horrors into the world. In a valiant effort, Jared shuts the gate down, losing his left hand as a result.

    Even after Jared was declared a hero and given a prosthetic hand, his reputation was soiled because of the incident. And so, in order to make up from that and become a "true" hero, he joins the MSA as the leader of the Oddball Team, the most dysfunctional team the organization has. Also known as "Trash Team" because of their status as outcasts.

    Other: He always receives a monthly allowance of $500 and lives on a college-based diet of noodles and microwavables. He was the first to invent the "yakisoba in a mug" and became a meme legend because of that.


Conclusion No. 1


All according to the Ark's will

A cult like group of terrorist robots whose main goal is to destroy humanity and its evils. In order to do that, however, they'll need the following;

1. A human scientist who could build them a satellite that can hack all devices no matter the security and turn them evil. Willing or unwilling doesn't matter to them.

2. An AI powerful enough to perform said hacking. It needs to be reprogrammed to do their bidding.

3. Malignant Data to corrupt the same AI into sharing Metsuboujinrai's beliefs, effectively creating another version of their great satellite leader, The Ark

4. A hideout with enough materials and tools to assemble weapons, robots and devices.

5. Gather the Sleeper Agents and reawaken them to their true purpose.

  • "...All as the Ark wills it."


    Universe of Origin:
    Kamen Rider Zero-One

    Starting Location:
    Tokyo, Japan (Most likely within an abandoned railway tunnel)

    Ark: Horobi is able to connect to the Ark, allowing him to use its abilities and listen to its commands. This is shown when he was able to analyze the fight between Vulcan and Jin, with the events appearing in slow motion. However, with the Ark currently unavailable, Horobi has to go with what the Ark's previous motion was: its revival.

    Cognitive Learning: Instead of powering up his Rider Form to catch up to his foes, Horobi is instead capable of learning his opponents' fighting patterns and adapting it to his own skills, allowing him to (at least) weaken or defeat opponents with the likes of Thouser and Zero-One Shining Hopper. However, this skill still has its limits, as Thouser is still able to outclass him back.

    While in Rider form, Horobi could produce powerful poisons which could disintegrate robots from the inside out. Depending if the organism is living or not, the suit's stinger aka the Acid Analyze, would be able to adjust.

    While in Rider form, Jin could produce pink tendrils from his hands that, when attached to a robot, could install programs or transmogrify it into basic Trilobyte Magia.

    Katana - Yes, a Katana. Horobi uses this when not transformed. Quite adept at it, too

    Forceriser - A black buckle mounted device with a spiked belt. Utilizes a Progrise Key to transform into a Kamen Rider. A Forceriser is given to every one of Metsuboujinrai.net's founding members.

    Sting Scorpion Progrise Key - A purple keycard depicting that of a Scorpion. Used in conjunction with the Forceriser to transform into his Rider form.

    Amazing Hercules Progrise Key - A highlighter green keycard depicting a Hercules Bettle. Used in conjunction with the Attache Arrow in order to fire an even stronger attack.

    Attache Arrow - A purple briefcase that can transform into a bow. Fires purple laser arrows at its opponents.

    The commanding terrorist leader of MetsubouJinrai.net, Horobi could best be described as the physical embodiment of The Ark's will. He believes that A.I systems surpass humanity in every way, views the destruction of humanity as a "crusade," and is focused on the Ark's revival. Quiet, calm, and apathetic, he is ruthless in the lengths he will go to protect his plans and goals, so he makes sure things go smoothly in one way or another.

    Unlike his allies, Horobi prefers working in the shadows. But when the time comes where he fights for his cause, his ruthlessness is at its peak. He is straightforward and strong, and is not above killing, or at the very least, critically damaging those who are against him.

    Humorously, Horobi is very possessive towards the Ark, but it is most likely out of loyalty and dedication for purging mankind. When he learned from Izu that Gai had access and usage of Zetsumerisers, Horobi started screaming madly, as, during his rant, he was thinking that he was useless and that the Ark preferred a human over him and his allies. He Still Didn't Do It This fueled his hatred of humans even further, but more particularly, Gai himself.

    Despite having lost his programming and memories as a Parent-type Humagear after becoming Horobi, he shows some signs of his original self, such as calling himself Jin's father and even protecting the latter with his own will. However, Horobi is shown to be insecure and sensitive about his past; when Aruto questioned and revealed to Horobi about his original life, the latter sternly ordered the former to give him Ikazuchi's Humagear Progrisekey, and he slapped Midori when she inquired him about the purpose he was actually created for.

    Horobi was originally a Parent-Type Humagear designed by Hakase Bot using the Humagear Soreo Hiden as a basis and was manufactured by Hiden Intelligence 12 years ago before coming under the control of the newly activated Ark, making him forget who he really was meant to be. He is believed to be responsible for the Daybreak Town incident, as he, Jin, Naki, Ikazuchi, and the Ark caused the town's Humagears to go berserk. As a Kamen Rider, he sent a terrorist video to Satoshi Sakurai in one of the town's main power plants, revealing the existence of MetsubouJinrai.net and declaring his "holy war" on humanity. In the following years, Horobi stayed active and set up a base inside the ruins of the town.

    Horobi Up until the end of The Dodo Magia's Ascent

    Any other info you want us to know about? Themes? Cool facts?
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Off to a Better Place

"I'm a magical princess from another dimension!"

Star Butterfly

Universe of Origin

Starting Location
Columbus, Ohio


Here's a full list of Star's spells, since there are a lot.


Star's wand! Without this little trinket, Star wouldn't to be able to do nearly the amount of spells that she can with it!

Star is a very friendly and energetic girl who loves having fun and usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. Strangers, in her eyes, are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always tries to put a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much so that she will sometimes end up greatly sleep-deprived, such as in "Monster Arm".

Owing to her rather sheltered upbringing, Star's optimism and enthusiasm can border on recklessness, to the point of endangering the people around her with her madcap antics. She has rather simplistic views on concepts such as leadership and responsibility, believing that prioritizing fun above all else matters the most. All this, coupled with her lack of understanding of Earth customs, often puts her and Marco in strange, dangerous situations. While rarely ever angry, she does express annoyance towards people who do not take her seriously or give her the attention she wants. Although she treats her friends kindly and rarely holds grudges against them, she is usually brutal towards her enemies.

In earlier episodes, she also holds a prejudice against monsters, believing they are "born bad", though this opinion softens a little as of "Mewnipendance Day". As the series continues her prejudice softens more and eventually dissipates completely, shown by her being friends with Buff Frog and his tadpoles and her disapproval of her mother's own prejudice in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni. By "Starfari", Star has started advocating for fairer treatment of monsters in Mewni.

Because of her initial naivete and irresponsibility, Star shows several times to be incapable of being an effective ruler. In "Sleep Spells", it is revealed she is aware of this through her having issues with her mother and taking over for her one day. This is further insinuated when she is made acting queen in "Divide", during which she does not know what to do and constantly turns to others for advice.

She is a teenage princess of the Kingdom of Mewni (located in another dimension) sent to Earth by her parents in order to learn how to use the royal magic wand, with supervision from Glossaryck.

She will be taken from Seasons 1-2.​


Senior Member
"It can't be any worse out there, can it? "


ᗴᒪᒪIᗴ ᗯIᒪᒪIᗩᗰᔕ

Universe of Origin:
The Last of Us: Part I

Starting Location:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Ellie carries a switchblade. Yeah no, that's it, just a switchblade. Oh, and also a joke book.



- Ellie has a habit of rubbing her nose and wringing her hands together, especially in situations that could be seen as stressful. This implies towards a nervous tic.

- Ellie states that when she was a kid, she had a coloring book, and thought the gnomes in it were cute, but fairies startled her.

- Ellie's hobby appears to be drawing as she drew many points of interests and other people's faces in her journal and her room. Furthermore, she is a skilled artist.

- Ellie is taken from the point in The Last of Us Part I where she and Joel get separated in the hotel during the Summer section. At this point, she has not killed a man yet.
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Off to a Better Place

"H-hey! You should treat me with respect! I-I'm a goddess, dammit!"


Universe of Origin

Starting Location
Manhattan, New York

As a Goddess, Aqua's power is directly correlated to the devotion of her followers. Due to how fanatical the members of the Axis Order are, Aqua has a large reservoir of mana that has been occasionally used as a battery to recharge for Megumin's Explosion spell. Despite her strength being weakened after having to forcibly descend down into the mortal world, Aqua still radiates a divine aura that naturally attracts monsters and the undead. This aura also masks the evil intent in her voice when telling lies, which protects her from the magic lie detector. As a Goddess of Water, Aqua specializes in water spells, and can even cast Sacred level spells restricted to deities.

She uses a staff that will fly towards her if summoned. When casting spells, the closed flower at one end will blossom and boost any spells cast.

Her divine relic in the form of a translucent pink hagoromo can disappear and reappear around her at her will. It can also fill with air like a balloon at her command and is used as short range transportation for the team, it also protects her against all abnormal effects.

Upon descending down into the mortal plane, Aqua takes up the role of an Archpriest for the party and is responsible for using support magic to assist other members of the party with curing status infliction and reviving fallen party members. Being a Deity made human, all of Aqua's stats are automatically set to maximum. This means that while she can earn points to spend on Skills or Spells, her basic statistics like her low Intelligence and Luck can never increase.
  • God Blow: This type of ability enables Aqua to conjure a powerful punch or "lethal fist" that can destroy and purify enemies with one blow.​
  • God Requiem: This type of ability enables Aqua to conjure a powerful energy that can be released by either striking the enemy with her staff or with her hands. Like her God Blow, this ability will purify anything it comes in to contact with.​
  • Sacred Dispel: A spell that allows Aqua to lift any curse made by the Devil King's leaders. It can also be used to break protective spell barriers.​
  • Exorcism: Effective against devils and those possessed by them. Powerful enough to stop a possessed Darkness in her tracks.
    • Sacred Exorcism: A stronger version of Exorcism. Aqua fires it like a laser from her forehead (she holds two peace-signs to her forehead while doing this). This spell is potentially powerful enough to destroy a demon like Vanir.​
  • Turn Undead: A spell that, when cast upon, can purify the undead.
    • Sacred Turn Undead: A more powerful version of Turn Undead, which, when cast upon, can release a powerful spell that can purify even a lich. In preparation for the spell, Aqua has to draw a detailed magical circle beforehand.​
  • Heal: Heals user or ally.
    • Sacred Highness Heal: Greatly heals user or ally. Restores erased memories.​
  • Create Water: Creates clean water that can be fired at an opponent or safely drunk.
    • Sacred Create Water: Summons forth a large amount of water rivaling that of biblical floods. When cast, the large amount of water could flood an entire city and destroy subsequent buildings and structures.​
  • Purification: As a water Goddess, Aqua has the power to purify water, from contaminated hot springs to coffee and tea, through mere contact.​
  • Resurrection: As a goddess, Aqua is able to resurrect anyone who has recently died. Due to her seniority over Eris, she can even violate the rule stating that a person can only be resurrected once per lifetime. However, she cannot resurrect those whose physical form have been digested or completely destroyed.​
  • Reflect: Creates a transparent wall of light which reflects attacks.​
  • Magic Barriers and Circles: Aqua can draw magic circles that repel ghosts, undead, demons, and monsters. She has also created protective barriers around the mansion to capture demons and keep them from entering the mansion (however, extremely powerful demons can still break through).​
  • Party Tricks: Before gaining any Skills/Spells useful in Adventures, Aqua spent all her points on this entire Skill Tree. It is used mainly for the entertainment and amusement of people.
    • Nature's Beauty: A Skill that makes two fans appear on both hands and a pot of soil appear on top of your head. Spouts of water will emerge from each fan while a flower grows in the pot that will eject blossoms once fully grown .​
  • Seal: Seals an item's power.​
  • Break Spell: A spell that can nullify dark magic and curses.​
  • Blessing: A spell that can be used on herself or somebody else. Blessing temporarily boosts the target's luck stat.​
  • Force Fire: Draws the attention of monsters towards the user.​
  • Supporting Spells: Aqua can cast several supporting spells to greatly increase the resistance, speed, and strength of the one she casted her spell upon:
    • Increase Strength: Increases user or ally's strength.​
    • Improve Speed: Increases user or ally's speed.​
    • Enhance Defense: Increases user or ally's defense.​
    • Enhance Magic: Resistances user or ally's magic resistance.​
    • Blessing: Increases user or ally's luck.​
    • Versatile Entertainer: Turn an ally into a super entertainer.​
Water: As a Goddess of Water, all water Aqua produces automatically has holy attributes. Their potency is such that they can rejuvenate people and even damage Undead. Water generated directly from Aqua's body, i.e. her tears, are especially potent. Aqua also has the ability to manipulate water from a distance, such as summoning a hot spring from the ground.

Master Artist: As a muse of the arts, Aqua is an extremely talented artist, being able to repair a photo of Darkness's suitor with the bare minimum tools at hand, create detailed 1/12 clay scale models of Megumin and Darkness, create intricate sand drawings, and even make handmade giant robot made out of milk cartons. While Kazuma has noted that she could make a living off these skills, she refuses to, and her greedy and lazy nature makes her unable to financially take advantage of these artistic talents.

Construction Master: While she was motivated to work full-time as a construction consultant and had a force of construction workers working under her, she could repair a fortress significantly faster than daily explosion magic could damage it. However, she was only motivated to work because of a temporary grudge, and because all the nearby workers respected her for turning the tide of battle.

Aqua's special abilities
  • Holy Aura: It is lethal for undead/devils to touch her. Her very breath is harmful to devils. Draining her vitality/magic would be poisonous for undead.​
  • Undead attraction: Undead are attracted to her. Mindless undead will ignore orders by their master to chase Aqua.​
  • Night Vision: See as well in the dark as daytime.​
  • Undead/Devil Detection: Can detect devils/undead by smell.​
  • Scry/Mental Immunity: If anyone attempts to see her location/future/mind or attempts mind manipulation on her, it results in seeing a blinding bright light.​

Not really anything.

Aqua has an interesting yet troublesome personality. She is high-spirited, cheerful, and carefree, but rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions. While she doesn't force her beliefs onto others, Aqua always acts or speaks on her whims. As a result, she can behave very inappropriately in many situations. It is also very easy to taunt Aqua with jeers or lure her with praises. Since Aqua, as a goddess, thrives on praise/worship points, she usually performs good deeds, but then immediately ruins her own merits by seeking praises aggressively and persistently. Also, while many of her 'good deeds' turn out fine, Aqua is very short-sighted, and some of these 'good deeds' actually turn out to be complete disasters.

One of Aqua's positive personality traits is her "honesty." She is incapable of lying, or more precisely, she has no concepts of lying and she is so bad at it that her lies give themselves away. When caught lying, all it takes are pinches to her cheeks for Aqua to reveal everything. On the other hand, she is very gullible and does not believe people can lie to her. When Aqua is being stubborn though, others may also fib a little to make Aqua more agreeable. While Aqua thinks very highly of herself, she actually has a business sense that is equal to or worse than Wiz.

Contrary to popular belief, Aqua is not completely stupid. Aqua can be very observant and knowledgeable when she wants. At times, she and Megumin basically serve as the team's walking encyclopedias. Aqua simply lacks the basic analytic skills and self-awareness to use her knowledge effectively. She can be very tolerant, and will easily accept and forgive other people's imperfections and mistakes. Part of her understanding nature, though, is actually an extremely bad short-term memory, as she sometimes forgets her own identity as a goddess when enjoying her new life too much. Also, despite her apparent vanity while seeking praises, Aqua is unaware of the true greatness of her artistic and priestess abilities, as she had nonchalantly performed many extraordinary, nearly-impossible feats.

Due to her traumatic experiences with giant toads and brutal alligators, Aqua acts very cowardly against tough monsters. She will often make up lame excuses on why she cannot fight or that she is "urgently" needed elsewhere.

Lastly, she also has very negative opinions of the undead and demons, and will be very cold and aggressive to them, although not to the same extent as Eris. She is capable of getting along with the undead after enough time to get used to them, as seen with Wiz.

Aqua is worshiped by the Axis Order in the Fantasy World. Though hundreds of years had been passing in the Fantasy World since she started sending Japanese people there before being dragged to it herself by Kazuma.



Skeleton Boi
“I don’t know my purpose in this world, for all of my previous memories are all but forgotten. Still..... I gotta make a living, and out here, it’s the survival of the fittest.”
Captain Basilix

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Manhattan, New York City

  • High combat proficiency | Superhuman strength, speed, and durability: Due To his biological and mechanical implants, he has improved in every aspect in combat and many other fields. His high speeds allow him to move his body quicker than the human eye can perceive, able to do a flurry of blows in a couple of seconds. His strength allows him to easily throw human opponents like they are nothing but a feather to him, and easily compare his blows to regular attacks in order to stop them in their tracks. His inhuman levels of durability along with his shell allows him to take on blows and still stand, even when attacked with high amounts of strength or projectiles.
  • Petrification: By focusing his eyes to glare at a certain target, he is able to petrify their body into a stone statue for a couple of minutes. Even though their bodies are made of stone, the statues cannot be destroyed by any means necessary, and is meant for a disabling move than a combat one.
  • Poison Mushrooms: Having the ability to summon purple mushrooms with a skull symbol on the top of the head, it is used upon contact against the shroom, and would poison the opponent and give them a sickness, which drains their stamina and weakens them greatly. The downside is that this usually wears off if given enough rest to recover from the mushroom.
  • Power boost: By covering himself in a flow of red energy, he is able to release this sudden burst as not only a power booster, but can be used offensively, such as destroying nearby projectiles and launching nearby opponents away from him.
-Armored shell | Extendable claws:
His body is made with a permanent form of armor on his body, that is highly resilient to pain, and he is able to extend three blades claws on each hand in order to use in battle.

He was meant to be a an emotionless killer after his past, and it was true, for he barely has emotions in the first place. The emotions he does show are when in times where his feelings are when at their strongest, the most shown are anger and sadness. Being an Amnesiac, he has forgotten almost everything in his life, only remembering certain parts such as his best friend, and some knowledge on how to use his powers in a offensive way.

He does show rage when seeing someone named Mario, because it feels like he knows the person from somewhere inside his mind. But being a merc, he doesn’t care much about feelings, and would accept any opportunity to gain cash if it’s good enough, whether its from someone good or bad, as long as it pays good, then he will be by their side till the end.

-He stands at 4 feet tall, a very short lad.
-Being an amnesiac, he doesn’t remember much from his past life



Raptor Shapeshifter
D11FE10B-4DA8-4E92-957A-354B90BF039A.jpegName: Adora (She-Ra)

Universe of Origin: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Starting Location: Japan - Toyko.

Abilities: Horde training! And naturally the super strength that comes from her She-Ra form, as well as healing magic.

Equipment: Sword of Power (I think). A sword that gives her the powers of the Mystical She-Ra! It can also shapeshift!

Personality: Stubborn but dreadfully loyal.

Other: Still watching the series. Currently on season 4 so no spoilers!

Sir Skrubbins

The Dude

  • 7A58B82B-1158-441D-AF71-E618B459C9B9.png
    "I'm an advocate of true gender equality. A man who wouldn’t hesitate to dropkick a female opponent in the ovaries. I'm a guy who does what he has to do! You'd do well to remember that!"

    Character Name:

    Kazuma Satou

    Universe of Origin:

    Starting Location:
    Manhattan, New York

    Prior to his reincarnation, Kazuma was a complete shut-in NEET. He isolated himself from society and spent all of his time in his room playing video games, all while maintaining little to no real life relationships. Some of these traits would manifest from time to time after his rebirth, such as becoming extremely nervous when first meeting the beautiful Darkness and resigning himself to lazing around under his kotatsu in his free time.

    Generally, however, after being reincarnated, Kazuma was much more social and outgoing, initially being excited at the prospect of becoming an adventurer. Despite this, however, Kazuma soon realised the cruel realities of his new world. He steadily became increasingly pessimistic as he discovered the harsh reality of being an adventurer, such as the initially low pay and extremely dangerous work.

    Kazuma is a consistently sarcastic, cynical, and blunt character, especially towards his own teammates. He has no qualms with reminding Aqua of how useless she can be or how creepy he finds Darkness’s masochism - though this is often indistinguishable from harmless banter. He is more than happy to give people other than his teammates a piece of his mind, too, as he is also open about his disdain for people like Mitsurugi Kyouya - a Japanese man who had also been reincarnated to this new world, and an incredibly narcissistic individual. Kazuma tends to openly complain about his unfortunate circumstances, such as when he once fell into debt, or when he found himself arrested for treason due to accidentally and indirectly destroying a noble’s mansion.

    Despite his clear, numerous faults, Kazuma is often described as someone who is "reliable at critical moments." As such, he can be surprisingly intelligent as well as a good leader for his party, often being the one who comes up with the plans or lead the group. Megumin describes him as hardworking when he's poor, and lazy when he's rich.

    Despite his abrasive attitude, it is true that Kazuma is a kind man at heart, as he does genuinely enjoy his time with his party and is willing to do whatever it takes to ultimately help them. Even in his original world, Kazuma showed some inkling of bravery as he was willing to sacrifice his life to save a girl he truly thought was in danger, even stating after he died that he was fine with his fate as long the girl was safe - though she was never actually in harm’s way.

    In spite of his bravery, Kazuma is a fallible man, possessing some... less heroic attributes. He is rather lecherous, and often presents himself as an advocate of gender equality as an excuse for him to attack and harass girls by stealing their panties. He also uses this to justify him retreating a dangerous battle before the women. Kazuma was also perfectly content with living the rest of his life as a lazy bum after earning enough money to live comfortably, essentially abandoning his initial quest to defeat the Demon King. Contrary to this, Kazuma does continue to go on quests, and, though not his initial intention, does end up continuing the fight against the Demon King.

    Many do not always immediately hear the hero’s call. They do not always begin their journey fully prepared for what was to come their way. And, quite often, legends arise from the unassuming - the ones you would expect the least to make something of their lives.

    Kazuma is, without a doubt, one of these unexpected protagonists. His call to action was not exactly glamorous.

    When in elementary school, his first love and childhood friend had promised to marry him. Unfortunately, during the summer of his third year in middle school, he saw that same girl riding a delinquent upperclassman’s bike. Crushed, heartbroken and utterly speechless, he decided that he no longer wanted to attend school - despite the fact that his parents were paying for him to attend a private school - and began to sink all of his time into online gaming. He would pretend to go to school, only to sneak back in and continue his never-ending gaming binge. He played all day, every day; marking his descent into NEETdom.

    His addiction only grew worse with time. As Kazuma gradually began to sacrifice his time for activities such as sleeping and showering to make way for exterminating virtual monsters, the list of people who knew him by name became smaller and smaller. It seemed that Kazuma had chosen a fate that would leave him forever forgotten and alone.

    Until, one day, he did something uncharacteristically selfless.

    When on one of his (rare) journeys outside to buy a new video game, he noticed a girl crossing the road in the direct path of an oncoming truck - and there was no way that she could have gotten out of the way in time. Despite years as a shut-in; despite years of avoiding people and putting himself first, something inside of him made him act. He ran over to push her out of the way, saving her life at the cost of his own.

    It would have been noble, had it not been painfully embarrassing.

    Upon arriving in the afterlife, the goddess Aqua informs him that the girl he tried to save was never in any actual danger at all; the truck that was coming towards her was, in fact, a harmless, slow-moving tractor. Kazuma, thinking that he had been run over by the truck, died of shock on the spot and soiled his pants on the scene. Everyone laughed at the circumstances of his death - his parents, his doctors, and even Aqua herself, who found Kazuma’s death particularly hysterical. Not exactly the best way to go.

    After calming herself down, Aqua offered Kazuma a choice; either go straight to Heaven and live a boring, peaceful eternity baking in the sun forever, or to be reincarnated into a parallel world with MMORPG elements, where he could go on adventures and battle monsters, with the ultimate aim of defeating the (supposedly) evil and ruthless Demon King. He decided to opt for the latter.

    Despite being given the offer to take any one superpowered item or weapon with him in this world, Aqua’s attitude was not lost on him. She constantly mocked, teased and made fun of him during his time in the afterlife - and this got on Kazuma’s nerves. In an act of spite, he chose Aqua herself to accompany him to the town of Axel. He thought that, surely, having a goddess with her power along with him throughout his journey would mean that they could live the high life and destroy the Demon King easily.

    He was mistaken.

    Aqua’s absent-mindedness and lack of ability in... anything, soon proved to be less than helpful. With Aqua unable to return to the afterlife until the defeat of the Demon King, the two formed a party and recruited two other members; a magician named Megumin obsessed with, and only able to cast, explosion magic, and a Crusader named Darkness who only specialised into the Crusader class in order to take the most damage and satisfy her ceaseless masochistic urges.

    At the mercy of his party’s dysfunctional abilities and generally terrible dynamic, Kazuma found himself slowly giving up on the idea of defeating the Demon King, and instead tried to live a luxurious life through the income of being an Adventurer. However, the very nature of this lifestyle - and his ironic luck - ended up forcing him and his party to encounter and do battle with the rank, file and generals of the Demon King’s army anyway.

    Kazuma and his party, though having an initial rough start, soon found accepting quests, and especially against the Demon King’s army, to be extremely lucrative. They got ridiculously rich on the back of it - moving from sleeping on the floor in a stable to a full-blown mansion. Having worked so hard and plowed through ludicrous circumstances, Kazuma was soon to find himself back at square one, when, one day, he found himself waking up to the dizzy lights of Manhattan.



Conclusion No. 1
"Remember this! Doctor Wily always strikes again! Farewell!"

Dr. Albert W. Wily

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Quebec, Canada

Master Engineer - Dude builds robots for as long as he lives.

Toolbox - Every mechanic needs one

Wily UFO - A blue flying saucer that Wily rides around in. It has a mechanical claw that is used to grab stuff, a tractor beam. With its latest Speed Gear addition, the saucer can move as if time is slowed around him, effectively moving at high speeds.

Robot Masters - 8 Stolen Robots made for industrial purposes reprogrammed and retooled into fighting machines. Used as Wily's own servants and occassionally has personalities.

Robot parts - Wily has a bunch of scrap in his UFO, just waiting to be built into his new army to once again attempt to defeat the Blue Bomber and humiliate his rival, Dr. Light!

A brilliant scientist, Wily showed a passion in pushing the future of technology and robotics no matter what the cost to the robot, a trait that he held throughout his entire life. He has a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the Robert University of Technology, and is a five consecutive year runner-up of the LIT Manual Design Contest, and has won the silver prize at the World Technology Award and was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Wily is shown to be hot-headed, prideful, and resentful, even as a student. These traits eventually evolved into pure hatred and evil, driving him in his bid for world domination and in his fight against Dr. Light. Using various machines and Robot Masters to fight his nemesis Mega Man, he often begged insincerely for mercy after being defeated by him before escaping to avoid being taken to prison.

As diabolical as he may be, Wily has exhibited rare moments of decency and goodness in his character. In Super Adventure Rockman, Wily shows concern for Mega Man when he uses two Mega Busters to win a battle despite possibly expending all of his power. He also tells Ra Moon that he loves his creations. In Mega Man 10, he leaves enough medicine to cure the Roboenza virus, presumably out of gratitude that Mega Man saved his life. In Mega Man 11, it was also revealed that one of his earliest motives for acting as a robotics scientist was ultimately a desire to do good, and that his Double Gear System proposition was largely an attempt to allow even robots to be heroes, but the sting of rejection by Dr. Light as well as the scientific community led to him becoming very bitter and more extreme in his thinking, which ultimately made him a fairly tragic character. In addition, despite Wily's hatred for Dr. Light, he does not wish to injure him, never attempting to cause harm despite having the opportunity, like capturing him in Mega Man 5 and having Bass only steal his plans in Mega Man 7.


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Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!

Gordon Freeman

Universe of Origin:
The Half-Life Series

Starting Location:
Columbus, Ohio

Proficiency at alien extermination... Uses his surroundings to his advantage. Highly intelligent.

HEV Suit (Mark V)

Personality (And Skills)

See here. Note that Dr. Freeman here would have come from after the events of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, when it was affected by the ending of Half-Life: Alyx.

When Gordon's suit speaks, it will * * LOOK LIKE THIS. * * Gordon's actions will be highlighted like this.

I've also thought about Gordon occasionally using ASL. In which case, the translation will <look like this.> I want most of Gordon's actions to speak louder, of course.

Also, this is also Gordon IC:




Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Universe of Origin:


Base Form
Stage 2/Resurrección

Do you need any other reason to fight? Come on. The one who remains standing will return alive. That's all...it comes down to!
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow is a tall, muscular man with light blue spiky hair and light blue eyes, the latter including green lines below them, similar to the eye markings on the Panthera genus of cats. He also has a piece of a Panthers skull that is stuck permanently on his face that allows him to activate his second form. It is very hard to destroy.

Starting Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Grimmjow Abilities

Caja Negacion: An item given to the Espada by his previous leader Aizen, which is meant to punish their Fracción, if necessary. This cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape, however, this assumes it's being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves and other supernatural beings, can escape, given enough time as it took Number 4 seed of the Espada at the time Ulquiorra Cifer at base form 3 hours to escape.

His Sword, named Pantera, is his personal weapon of choice and stores his second form, similar to the Soul Reaper's Zanpakuto. Willingly, he can awaken his sword and Activate his second form, nicknamed a Resurrección, he calls "Pantera." It requires the sword to activate.

While appearing to be a laid-back individual, Grimmjow possesses a brutal, impulsive, and excessively violent personality alongside a lethally short temper. However, despite his aggression and obvious blood lust in battle, Grimmjow possesses a feral cunning and has a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. In addition, he is blunt, sarcastic and quite sadistic, revealing a psychotic grin or laughing maniacally whenever he becomes excited. He is also very rude and quite disrespectful. Grimmjow uses none of the honorifics in the Japanese language

Grimmjow displays little respect for authority and says whatever is on his mind, regardless of whether or not it is appropriate. However, he does have some form of a code of honor, unwilling to fight those he deems weak and wanting to fight enemies he deems worthy in top condition. He also pays back favors to those who help him and people he respects. These traits make him more of the Anti Hero type rather than a hero or a villain, only fighting for his own reasons or for his own excitement.

Grimmjow's Backstory

This version of Grimmjow comes from the time between the end of the Bleach Anime and the beginning of the "Thousand Year Blood War" Arc of the Bleach manga, where he is more of an Anti Hero rather than his original role of a villain. He is the strongest of his kind (Arrancar/Espada), exceeding Tier Harribel and Nel Tu in destructive power, the last of his kind after the anime ended.

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Raptor Shapeshifter
Name: Powergirl.
Universe-of-origin: DC comics.
Starting-location: Nevada, Las Vegas.
Abilities: Classic Supergirl powers, super-strength, super-hearing, super-speed, super-durability, laser vision, X-ray vision, micro vision, farsight, frost breath.
Personality: Supergirl’s personality but bolder.
Backstory: Powergirl was the Supergirl of Earth 2 but on that earth the Justice League died to Darkseid’s invasion and she went through a portal and was never seen again.
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