1. shaquille_oatmeal

    Multiple Settings  Long-term RP Search

    * Disclaimer: I've already posted this thread, but have made some updates and wanted to start fresh! Please forgive me if we've started a conversation and I dropped off the face of the Earth - I am doing my best! Hi! My name is shaquille_oatmeal and I've been RPing for 15+ years (I started when...
  2. Murdergurl

    Fandom  Star Wars: Scum & Villainy

    Hello and welcome to my RP request, Star Wars: Scum & Villainy. This will be an EU roleplay set in the era of the Great Galactic War (not to be confused with the later Galactic War) . This is the war right before the Cold War, commonly exemplified by the SWtOR MMO video game. This timeline is...
  3. Transformation

    Multiple Settings  Long term. Advanced. Active. Flexible. Bored stiff.

    -I’ve roleplayed for 10+years (well before I could write worth beans) and I’m looking for a long term partner, so if you are prone to ghosting for month or so at a time… (good luck with your search have a nice day.) That doesn’t include time to recover, do life, school work, work-work...
  4. DTackle59

    Fandom  Titan A.E. rp request

    As the title says I'm looking to do a Titan A.E. rp. I know this is somewhat an oddball thing or maybe tough to rp but I highly enjoyed the movie. This will be oc x canon doubles. I play a canon character for your oc and you play one for mine. In this rp I request my partner play as Stith...
  5. Selee-01

    Fantasy  Monsters and Madmen

    One month after the Day of Awakening ___ “Reports of a gigantic crab in the Norwegian Sea are as yet unconfirmed...”-Norwegian Government, on the appearance of Kraken “Hello, faithful viewers! I’m streaming this from the Texan coast, and as you can see there’s something big in the Bay. I think...
  6. AussieAndCat

    Futuristic  Adv Lit, Regular, Long term

    Most of us start role playing on the playground. We don’t call it that of course, it’s “make believe” and the like. But between a few years of that and then 8 years of writing it, I’m still loving it every day! I’m 27 years old but my heart is still 12. First of all I’m very flexible, Problem...
  7. GrizzlyOso

    Realistic or Modern  Houston Institute for Meta Individuals

    Thread theme: The 2004 Shuttle Incident 17 years ago, on what was initially a routine Space Shuttle mission, an unidentified object fused with the hull of the Shuttle while it was in orbit. Unnoticed until well after atmospheric reentry, NASA command center at the Johnson Space Center would...
  8. Blemmigan

    Futuristic  Descendants of old Earth

    DESCENDANTS OF OLD EARTH The Amity-4 space station was built with far more optimism than it encouraged in later days. It had been designed as one of six neutral zones, a collaborative project that would encourage tourism, travel and shared experiences in this section of the galaxy. These days...
  9. Great Pyrenean

    Fandom  Homestuck

    Hello, looking for any active Homestuck roleplayers on this site. Rules: 1. Swears and extreme gore is allowed but no NSFW 2. No Godmodding 3. Don't interrupt other roleplayers while there Typing we are not all fast typers 4. OCs are allowed in this roleplay, just no OverPowered/Mary Sues...
  10. Blemmigan

    Futuristic  Descendants of old Earth

    It's been a while. I'm bravely putting out feelers because... sci-fi! UPDATE: Character sheet thread is here! OOC thread is here (with a link to a discord)! DESCENDANTS OF OLD EARTH Humans have always wondered: Are we alone? They train their lenses on the stars, searching there as they ask...
  11. the ranmantiric

    Realistic or Modern  Evolution based roleplay

    I have a evolution themed quest role play game named the evolutionary quest, you play as the common vermiris, one of the few multicellular animals on the main setting, a planet named Vermis, you can evolve by choosing options I present to you, sometimes, I throw a event at you, which will...
  12. the ranmantiric

    Realistic or Modern  The evolutionary quest

    (this is a quest game themed on evolution and the likes, you evolve your starter creature by choosing any of the options you give, without further ado, let’s start the game) You are the common vermiris, a basal creature on the planet Vermis, you, along with two of our relatives are the only...
  13. Lilu

    Fandom  Clone Wars platonic RP

    Good time of day to everyone on the website! My name is Lilu and right now I’m searching for a (hopefully!) long-term RP partner to plot and reenact some adventures in the Star Wars universe! I’m searching for someone who’s willing to play during the Clone Wars time period and we could gradually...
  14. Transformation

    Multiple Settings  Advanced permanent flexible search

    I am a prolific writer, Advanced? Idk what quailfies a person to stay that about themselves... just go read the sample(s). I’m hoping to find some permanent partners but I’m not uptight. I really am after someone who can drive the story just as much as I do. I’ve very improve but I am happy to...
  15. Krill

    Futuristic  In the Swamps of Venus! [Pulp Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [ Retro]

    Disaster among the stars! The first explorers of unsullied VENUS have descended below the planet’s impenetrable clouds - and disappeared! Fearing the worst, the fledgling Global Space Alliance has recruited its TWO FINEST AGENTS to embark on an emergency expedition. Their mission: to discover...
  16. TrueAquamarine

    Story  Writing Promt: Write a story inspired by this image

    (Prometheus-2012) Hope I'm prompting it the right way. Context: It's from a sci fi horror movie.
  17. Flame Demon

    Fandom  Marvel: The next gen (Reboot)

    When the threat of Thanos is revealed by none other then Loki the Avengers feel that they have to prepare, so, after talking it over and thinking it through they decide to use the Avengers compound as a school, of course it has to look normal so they go about it as if it's a public school...
  18. thekingofdragons

    Futuristic  looking for felixable rp partner

    needs to be fine with a 1-3 liner, and be open to play by any restriction the agreed plot has. if interstined, messege me.
  19. DS3942

    Fandom  OC x Canon Star Wars Roleplay (Clone Wars and The Mandalorian)

    Hello! My name is Kate and I go by she/her pronouns. It's good to meet you! I'm from Australia, but I promise I don't write upside down XD I'm currently attending university, so I apologise is I am slow to reply Like all of you, I am looking for some roleplay. I am only looking for 18+...
  20. DyNaMiTe

    Fantasy  The Last of the Real Ones [OPEN]

    This RP is basically about how a group of random people get taken from Earth and placed as 'practice subjects', for a science experiment. The group had got sent through time to another generation.. or so they thought.. The new earth was extraordinary and much more beautiful. The resources were...