1. catlesbian

    Futuristic alien enthusiasts wanted [oc sci-fi plots - f// only]

    do you like sci-fi? aliens? lesbians? a combination of all three? well buddy do i have a thread for you! by becoming my partner you will recieve one (1) 22 year old useless lesbian who: replies multiple times a day has 2-3 paragraph responses, in 3rd person enjoys violence, drama, & romance...
  2. K0mori

    Futuristic Starpath X: For All Mankind

    "Men will seem to see new destructions in the sky. The flames that fall from it will seem to rise in it and to fly from it with terror. They will hear every kind of animals speak in human language. They will instantaneously run in person in various parts of the world, without motion. They will...
  3. Percyblade97

    Fandom Independence Day: Resistance

    The conflict against the Harvesters by an interstellar coalition of extraterrestrial races had been ongoing for over a thousand years. As of 2016, the coalition's representative called the Sphere had chosen humanity to lead the war effort after their success in defeating the Harvesters twice...
  4. jthablaidd

    Multiple Settings Looking for aliens, dragons, etc!

    Howdy! I’m here to make a very odd request, aliens! I’m looking for aliens, dragons, really anything of the sort Plot: we can tailor one to you. But the overall goal is jon pretty much being captive to the group or hive, wether they’re friendly or not Please be lit or semi lit. I’m semi lit but...
  5. BadUpdate504

    Futuristic Cyberpunk Adv-lit—lazy-lit Multi-paragraph+

    Looking for a Science Experiment x Science Experiment the most right now. But there are always lots of possibilities. I’m always looking for my soulmate RP partner, even if you’re not 100% sure, introduce yourself anyways. My interest checks are always open. [/SPOILER]
  6. FayeHarper

    Futuristic An Unexpected Odyssey

    AN UNEXPECTED ODYSSEY Hi, I'm looking for RP partners to join me and my character in an original science-fiction story set in space, and ideally those who like the darker and grittier depiction of space. I want to give you freedom of choice when it comes to story direction, as my only request...
  7. ManicMuse

    Futuristic HARVEST MOON INTEREST CHECK (Group is live. Come join us.)

    Designed and coded by @Nano. . . // accents ---------- start of top banner ----------> -------------------- start of title section --------------------> ------------------------------ start title ------------------------------> HARVEST MOON. <------------------------------ end...
  8. OmniscientBurrito

    Futuristic World of Iron

    (Centinilator) It was 35 years ago when they arrived. Alien machines from the stars. They ravaged the earth, turning our own technology against us, carving paths of destruction and carnage all across the world. In only one year they had crippled Energy grids, Knocked out communications, and...
  9. OmniscientBurrito

    Futuristic Spiritual Warfare- (A sci-fi Dark fantasy.)

    In the year 19,712 ACE Mankind had spread across the milky way galaxy. After discovering the Spiritual world they had become a hugely powerful empire, hated by aliens because the destructive nature of man caused damage to the world of souls. At the height of mans greatness our empire was brought...
  10. moonrise

    Futuristic ᴄᴏꜱᴍɪᴄ ꜱᴛʀᴀɪᴛꜱ [ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴅ]

    @pinkmoonrise & @NightNurse
  11. ziti

    Fantasy Oh My Clematis ( Alien Stage : 1x1 : oc/oc : lit-adv lit)

    Hope bloomed from the abyss... Hello, I'm Peter (she/he), I'm a 23-year-old who's really unsure if the prefix is fitting. Well, either way, it's lovely to meet you! Before I get onto the concept, let me just share some things. - Please be 18+. Non-negotiable thing. - This is gonna be a...
  12. Azymondias

    Futuristic It was like a nightmare {0/5 Slots taken) It's painful for me

    Newwark City 3002 A.D (980 years into the future.)
  13. jaam

    Multiple Settings Craving a bunch of random pairings / pairings I'd really like to do!

    Helloo! As the title suggests, I'm totally interested in a bunch of random pairings, so here's me hoping to find someone who's interested in the same ones! Of course, we can talk more about them in more detail, or if a specific pairing gives you an idea, I'd love to hear it and we can eventually...
  14. TheHistorian

    Realistic or Modern The Source

    The tires of the plane would let out a screech as the giant metal bird touched down on The runway. It was but one of many planes that had touched down today, and like the others it carried throngs of people, among them were several individuals who seemed to have special treatment above most...
  15. Ian Temero

    Multiple Settings Starfall (modern/sci-if)

    Hey all! So I noticed that there aren’t a lot of Sci-Fi 1x1 games on here. Thought I’d suggest one that I’ve been craving the last few days. But before that a bit about me and what I expect from you... I am more comfortable playing against female characters. Not that I won't write with other...
  16. TheHistorian

    Realistic or Modern The Source- An odd superpower RP

    3 years ago a strange event occurred that was widely ignored by the media. A brilliant green meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere and landed somewhere in the Outback of Australia. Yet this was just the start of a series of strange events that would change the way the world operated. UFO...
  17. Foxglove_Rae

    Multiple Settings Looking for some partners

    Hi! You can call me Rae, my pronouns are She/her and my time zone is MDT. If any of these intrest you please do let me know! My preferred roles will be in bold! Giant royalty x human Sea monster x  pirate Yandere photographer x  muse Brothers best friend x  sister Villain x captive hero Doctor...
  18. TheHistorian

    Fantasy Deicide- A plot to slay a god

    From the eyes of Gods <~~~~~~~> Long ago the planet of Alduin, was Taken by several beings of incredible technological advancement calling themselves the Celestians. Having come to study the potential for future life to develop in the universe they cut the planet into nine sections and made each...
  19. Apolleux

    Multiple Settings Apollo's Digsite

    Hi! My name is Apollo, I'm 24, and this is a general 'looking for' thread! I'm here to dig up some pals! Rules n' Regulations: -Adults only. I'm not comfortable roleplaying with minors. -Keep it SFW! Follow all site rules. -No bigots, thanks! -Please message below and PM me if you're interested...
  20. Foxglove_Rae

    Multiple Settings It's research I promise!

    Hello! I'm Rae I got by she/her pronouns and I am in the MDT time zone, I am pretty active and can respond many times a day and write normally around a paragraph but never a one liner. I'm currently looking for someone to do a fun rp with me so If you find this interesting let me know! It was...