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  1. Seren_Astrophel

    Multiple Settings  Scifi 1x1

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm bad at advertising myself. However, I have a couple storylines I wanna try out. I've tried one a few times but it's never made it far enough to satisfy me (either do to ghosting parters, busy life stuff, or other stressors) and the other is brand new. So, if you're...
  2. Jewel

    Futuristic  ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴀʀʙᴏɴ --

    Black Carbon ---end of banner--- Tags: apocalypse, grimdark, nuclear winter, aliens, gemstones, sci-fi, dark, gritty, Ratings/Warnings: Mature | No Warnings Currently Apply Authors: @Jewel & @cablebelly
  3. Connie

    Futuristic  Coloniser 95 CS

    Character submission template (just if you want a guide!) Name: Rank/Title: Age: Appearance: Why are you on The 95?: Personality/Backstory: Name: Rank/Title: Ie. High ranking engineer, Commander Colton. Those in the cockpit tend to be commanders and generals, followed by officers and finally...
  4. Connie

    Futuristic  Coloniser 95 (life on a space ship)

    Coloniser 95, or 'The 95' for short, is a huge vessel designed to transport thousands of crew in comfortable living conditions. The ultimate goal for those on board is to create a new colony for humans, on the distant planet Kepler, which they won't reach for another ten years. For this reason...
  5. mogy

    Fandom  Doctor Who Roleplay, anyone?

    I'll have everybody here know that I'm probably unhealthily obsessed with Doctor Who and am looking for people who feel the same way; those in love with the world and stories that Doctor Who showcases. Because I don't have a particular plot set up, I would love it if it could be a joint effort...
  6. K.O.D

    Realistic or Modern  The Endless Experiment

    Some men are normal, others become different as the forces of life change them, and Others are just born different. Augustus Atori is one such man, Born in 1878 he inherited his fathers vast real estate fortune and wasted No time spending his money in ways he found to be fruitful, and using the...
  7. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  Starborne - closed for now

    Galleons amongst galaxies, space travel has been achieved, though the technology retains its brass-tubed Victorian style. This is a world of an empire, of noble families and lowborn labourers, where some are handed privilege, and others must cast their fortune to the solar winds and see where...
  8. free2bealways

    Futuristic  Place to Call Home

    In a world where technology has become so magical, who cares about real magic?
  9. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  Starborne - OOC

    Out of Character Chat GM: Silverflight co-GM: Lioness075 Questions? Ideas? Just want to talk? This is the place! I will be lurking on here a lot of the time, ready to chat or help. Once our characters are established I'll go ahead and poll for a discord channel. I alos put up short...
  10. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  Starborne - Characters

    You can post your character sheets here! The first 10 characters to be accepted (not submitted) will become a part of the initial team. After that, I will form a waitlist and notify everyone else in the order they were accepted. To avoid having to go back and fix your CS and lose your place to...
  11. smolfluffball

    Futuristic  All the Stars and Planets can't compare to You

  12. K.O.D

    Realistic or Modern  The Global Guardians- A Superhero RP

    Superheroes have been a staple of this worlds society for just over a century now. It started out in 1916 when the United States Joined into World War One with the worlds first Super soldier, Patriot Supreme. With his abilities and skills the war managed to end in that very same month. This...
  13. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  Starborne - Lore

    This is a world that can be described at solar punk with a Victorian twist. It is not unlike Disney’s Treasure Planet, where the space-traveling vessels are massive sailing ships with solar energy-collecting sails. There are alien races and a special branch of magically-changed humans called...
  14. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  Starborne - Interest check

    Galleons amongst galaxies, space travel has been achieved, though the technology retains its brass-tubed Victorian style. This is a world of an empire, of noble families and lowborn labourers, where some are handed privilege, and others must cast their fortune to the solar winds and see where...
  15. nexus in space

    Multiple Settings  looking for an rp partner :)

    hey there! it's been a while since i have really gotten into roleplaying, but i'm hoping to get back into it really soon! here's some of my current main interests that i'd love to rp- please let me know if you're also interested in rping any of these! ((bolded names are things i'm very...
  16. moonXVIII

    Fandom  Red vs. Blue RP search

    Hey all! I'm Moon, but you can call me Max if you'd like. I've been dying for a good Red vs. Blue RP or two, but I've run into a streak of bad luck where I've been ghosted either during planning or once I've written a starter. : ( So I'm hoping to find some corporeal peeps here! Side note: if...
  17. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - Main RP Page

    Page for the main RP. If you are interested in background, the 'other' link at the top of the page will take you to the interest check. A Lore page will be built once some plot has gone on. <3 Thank you!
  18. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - A sci-fi space adventure! [Currently Closed]

    HYPERLANE Attention! You are now entering a HyperLane checkpoint. Please have all documentation available for inspection. All pilots and helm officers must also be ready to present their HyperLane flight credentials during the boarding process. Please note, The Cat’s Eye galaxy is...
  19. ColdEmergency

    Futuristic  Oacrus Centre of Intergalactic Species Studies - RP Thread - Open

    -Intro- As several small pods re-pocketed themselves along the side of the ship, the oblong vessel readied itself for departure. Receiving the signal, A.C.E. began the correct sequence for safe space travel. The engines thrummed healthily, lights along the hindsight of the ship began to...
  20. Panda chaos

    Futuristic  ✵ 𝒜𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓃𝑒𝓈 ✵ IC

    ↠ Astra ↞ Hello! And thank you for taking your time to read this; here at The Astra we have dedicated our time to making the world a better place for humanity. We have helped the human race reach many milestones, and we continue to do so today. Where will our next milestone be? Space. We have...