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Listenin' to Theocracy!
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This is the intro post to Tear in the Multiverses. If you have a character in any corresponding location as marked on your character sheet, your username will be tagged in that location. A brief intro is supplied for each location as well as the current time to give you the general setting. However, what your character will be doing is completely up to you!

Signups will remain open forever, so don't worry if you join late and DM me or use the Discord server if you have any questions!

Now let's get started!

(Side note: due to the size of the cast, replies from me might be short in length, perhaps a paragraph or two at most unless multiple player characters are grouped up. However, I'll do my best to make things interesting!)


Las Vegas, Nevada
2 AM

The capital of gambling.

A smell of money in the air, nonstop traffic, lit-up hotels that fill the skyline like the entertainment industry's Christmas trees. Life here's got no breaks. Every waking moment, there's nothing but drinking, tossing dice, one night stands, and the roar of engines from the four bangers all the way up to the twelve cylinders. For some, this place is the best vacation spot in the world. Long as you've got a poker table to sit at and a martini to sip on, all your problems are gonna be left behind for the rest of the planet to deal with.

City's bright as it always is, and weaving between the cars cruising their way to the next luxury hotel are the tuner cars of the underground street racing gang. Probably searching for new recruits again. The presence of other-universe visitors here? High. Turns out the whole multiverse has a thing for gambling, believe it or not. You couldn't be an outcast here no matter how hard you tried.

The early city morning's yours to claim.

'cause out here in Sin City, you can do whatever it is you want.

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Columbus, Ohio
5 AM

When people think big cities in the United States, they think stuff like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and all that. Fact of the matter is, the capital of Ohio's nothing to scoff at either. A fairly large city with a moderate amount of other-universe visitors plus less of the constant activity found in America's larger cities, you'll find such a good balance between peace and business in few other places. It's also the home of the Center of Science and Industry, so it's a fantastic place for science buffs to come visit.

The dawn's rising on a new day, and the morning rush hour is starting. Maybe you should get moving, too.

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Manhattan, New York City
5 AM

New York City is the largest city in the States by population, beating out Las Vegas by roughly ten times. Manhattan's its most densely packed borough out of the five in the city. It might not be as focused on fun as the gambling capital of the world, but as it is one of the most famous cities ever, you'll find no shortage of action here. Ever since the portals started opening, NYC has become home to one of the biggest concentration of out-of-universe stragglers in the world. The interaction between Earthlings and aliens have become daily routine, and you can even find talking animals helping out in the many small restaurants scattered around the streets.

Of course, with so many apples in the barrel, there's bound to be a spoiled few. There's an active criminal underground here being beaten back by an even more active group of vigilantes and heroes, many of which are not actually formal allies with each other except by incident and common enemy.

Welcome to Manhattan.

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Tokyo, Japan
6 PM

We could call this the New York City of Japan, but that'd be a lie. Tokyo's size completely dwarfs New York City. It's currently the largest city in the world for a reason. With over thirty million Earthlings in the world here plus the new population of offworld visitors, the streets might start to feel a little cramped. The institution of birth control laws, the limit on how many other-universe beings are allowed to be in the city at once, the construction of smaller floating cities that rest on the skyline of Japan, and the ongoing work to manipulate the portals opening to Earth to appear in designated spots outside of Tokyo among other new laws are the few fragile things keeping overpopulation from being a major problem here. Work still needs to be done to prevent it entirely, as even this is too little to be a major difference in the coming years.

However, characters from fiction tend to feel very welcome here. A lot of civilians give warm welcomes to the people and creatures from other universe by politely asking for pictures, and there are some very good chances you can find work here that isn't criminal in operation. That's not to say there isn't any trouble brewing beneath Tokyo; there certainly is. But things seem peaceful for now.

Prepare for lots of lights, awesome technology shared from around the multiverse, packed streets, rain, and if you don't know much about Japan, culture shock.

Roxasarass Roxasarass Thepotatogod Thepotatogod PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss

Amazon Rainforest
5 AM

There are no other places in the world that provide such a wonderful break from humanity. The beauty of the Amazon Rainforest is nigh unrivaled, with millions of trees to have fun swinging around and climbing in and a bunch of shade to defend against the hot noon sun. The mass migration of several animals from other universes to here has resulted in a massive crackdown on deforestation laws around here and several attempts to safely incorporate these new breeds of fauna and flora into the ecosystem. So far, things have gone pretty well.

You'll meet few humans, if any, but many, and I mean many, animals. A lot of them speak, too.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore

Prosperity, New Zealand
9 PM

A beacon of hope for a once hopeless people, this city was constructed by Dr. Electricus Von Tesla in 2015 in order to save his kind. In the span of five years, relations have gone very well between Prosperity and their new home country. They even have a defensive pact between each other. Maybe Tesla's people will grow in numbers and become whole again... but that might take a long time. However, they surely have a future made for them on this planet.

The moral of the story is, you can always trust a Kiwi.

Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
12 PM

5,700 square miles of nothing but beautiful wildlife sanctuary makes this one of the greatest spots for fauna on Earth. Ever since the merge, the various animals that were forced onto Earth have been relocated to places such as the Serengeti National Park with incredible caution so as to not wildly disturb the ecosystem. Thankfully, there's been few major incidents since 2015 and the sanctuary has recovered from most of them. You'll find a lot of animals here larger than the ones in the Amazon Rainforest, some of which might be more deadly. Surprisingly, its annual wildebeest migration has remained completely intact, so go and see that when you get the chance.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5 AM

A city from the United States' young days, Pittsburgh is small but mighty! The population of characters from around the multiverse is unusually high here due to the peace it promises, though the city's population even between them and the Earthlings has yet to even approach the millions. This is a perfect place to settle down and be accepted by the Earthlings while living a relatively quiet life compared to the larger cities of the world. You won't be bothered too much, and you'll have a few great attractions to see. Don't expect much action here and enjoy the stillness and history!

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Off to a Better Place
Kazuma and Aqua Prologue


The high-pitched, whiny, and all around obnoxious voice rang out throughout the halls of the mansion as a tall, slender, and all around cute looking blue haired girl sprinted through said halls. She had nearly lost her footing and fallen down… several times, but somehow, she managed to stay afoot.

The girl in question was, of course, none other than Lady Aqua, the Goddess of water. And right now, she carried a troublesome pink slip in her hands, a trail of tears and sorrow following her every move.

“What?! What?! WHAT?!”

A voice thick with venom and dripping with irritation swung right back in response to Aqua’s wails; one that came from a man who knew that whenever this so-called Goddess opened her mouth, it was sure to be bad news. Satou Kazuma - a teenage NEET turned beggar-adventurer - came stomping up the stairs, his animalistic glare shooting daggers at the archpriest as he grabbed hold of Aqua’s raiment and tugged it towards him, spinning her around so as to face each other.

“Aqua, what could you have possibly done this time?! Jeez, you’re lucky we live in the middle of freaking nowhere! If we had neighbours, they’d grab us by the neck and throw us out of town on our first night!” Kazuma growled, scratching the side of his head to cool himself off.

“NOW ISN’T THE TIME FOR YOUR INSULTS, YOU NEET!” The blue-haired girl replied in a screech, one which would probably had blown Kazuma’s ears out, but he was pretty sure she’d accomplished that task on the first day they’d met. Shifting her weight forward, Aqua would shove the pink slip into Kazuma’s face, though she waved it around so frantically and held it so close that he could hardly even read it. “LOOK! LOOK AT THIS!” She insistently pestered, inching closer to him with each shout.

“Alright! Al-right, yeesh!” Kazuma groaned, grabbing Aqua’s face and pushing it away from him so he could have some breathing room while reading whatever death warrant Aqua had handed him this time. He swiped the pink slip out of Aqua’s hand and opened it, taking out the letter enclosed within.

“Okay, let’s see…” Kazuma muttered, narrowing his eyes as he read through it. His expression grew more and more sour with each word, until, suddenly, his eyes almost burst out of their sockets and his stomach almost leapt out of his mouth. Stumbling backwards as if the letter had knocked the wind out of him, he turned his attention back to the troublemaking archpriest and shoved the letter back towards her with the same ferocity she had done to him.



“Are you freaking serious?! This is unbelievable!” Kazuma cried, nearly pulling out his hair in frustration.

“Every damn quest we do, no matter how much money we get in return, by some miracle you always manage to flush it all down the toilet by buying crap we don’t need, or hosting parties no-one asked for, or by doing who-else-knows-what, and then when you burn it all, you borrow more and then can’t pay it back! And you want me to cover it, right?! For your own stupid mistakes?!” Kazuma bellowed. ”Fat chance! This time, pay your own debts!” He finished, dumping the letter back in Aqua’s hands and petulantly folding his arms.

“Wh-what!?” Aqua shouted through a series of sniffles and whispers. Her grief turned into anger on the literal flip of a dime, as she stomped her feet into the ground and pointed at Kazuma with the hand that was holding her letter in an extremely childish manner. “Y-You’re the party’s leader! I-if anything, it’s your fault for not watching me!! I bet you were too busy trying to sneak a peek up Megumin’s skirt to even TRY to help with my needs, you filthy pervert!!”

“H-hey!” Kazuma shrieked, his face flashing a bright pink and flinching in response to Aqua’s accusation, as if her words had literally punched him in the gut. After he had regained his composure, Kazuma irritably paced around the hall in a circle, throwing his arms up in the air as he ranted like a crazy old man.

“Okay! Yeah, I guess it is my fault for thinking that I could turn my back on this lousy excuse for a Goddess for any time at all! It’s bad enough trying to stop you from running away all the time and having to save your lazy behind whenever we have to fight literally anything - too air-headed to understand and follow simple, rudimentary instructions, and useless enough to supposedly have all of these godlike powers and not even be capable of killing a freaking frog! Some Goddess!” Kazuma decried, stopping in his tracks and pointing an accusatory finger right towards Aqua’s face, which was currently full of tears, clearly on the brink of another crying fit.

“I just realised! It’s not even the monsters that make adventuring hard! It’s just you! We’re not even safe once we make it out of the dungeon, because whenever we get home, we’re always hit by the consequences of whatever you thought was a smart idea next! If I could trade you in for some kind of special power or weapon, I would’ve done it a long time ago!” Kazuma heaved, taking deep, laboured breaths after letting off so much steam.

“WELL, YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO GET A COOL WEAPON BEFORE YOU DRAGGED ME INTO THIS STUPID… DUMB… FANTASY GEEK WORLD IN THE FIRST PLACE, DIDN’T YOU!?” Aqua replied, her fists balled up by her side as she took in all of Kazuma’s hurtful words, each one stinging like a needle. She stomped her foot again, this time loud enough to… well, kind of create a small clicking noise against the floor. She then lifted her arms and made a sarcastic “jazz hands” motion, waving both of them slightly. “BUT NOOO!! YOU HAD TO PULL ME IN FROM MY COMFY HOME, WHERE I WAS GETTING WORSHIPPED AND PRAISED ALL DAY, JUST SO YOU COULD FULFILL YOUR SICK, TWISTED FANTASIES!!” There was yet another stomp of Aqua’s foot as she leaned forward again, dramatically pointing towards Kazuma. “SO, IF ANYTHING, THIS IS YOUR FAULT ANYWAYS, YOU DUMB NEET!!”

“Oh, cut the crap! You know that you treated me like trash when I was about to be reincarnated! Because I had the nerve to stand up to you and give you your just desserts, don’t you whine to me about ‘OHHH, IT’S KAZUMA’S FANTASY!’ Maybe if we ever SOMEHOW beat the Devil King, you’ll go back and learn not to treat people who just died like idiots!” Kazuma bit back, mimicking Aqua’s high-pitched, window-breaking voice.

“Well, if all people who die act as ungrateful as you do, then maybe they deserve to get treated that way!” Aqua pouted, crossing her arms and puffing out her cheeks.

“What do I have to be grateful for?! Every dungeon being ten times harder than it needs to be? I’m looking back, and I’m really having trouble thinking of one thing you’ve done while in this party that hasn’t caused a problem!” Kazuma exclaimed, once again pulling the pink slip from Aqua’s hands, pointing at it with his finger like an irritated teacher pointing at the blackboard, all while Aqua stood to the side, her emotions constantly flickering between extreme anger and sadness.

“And this! This just might be the worst you’ve racked up yet! Two-point-three MILLION in de--”

Kazuma’s rebuttal was choked short when the letter was suddenly sucked straight out of his hands.

“Wait, wha - ?!” Kazuma began, when he was cut off again by a terribly powerful vacuuming force lifting him straight off of his feet and hurling backwards, causing him to scream in terror and clutch the rug on the floor for dear life - desperately trying to avoid being dragged wherever this foreign assailant was trying to take him.

Glancing over his shoulder to see just what was doing this to him, he couldn’t believe his eyes - sure, he had seen weirder, but certainly not in his own home, and certainly not some sort of alien rift in the fabric of space and time. He was powerless to stop it as he saw vases, tables, cushions and all kinds of furniture get sucked into the abyss, and he was well aware of the fact that his grip was loosening. Aqua, meanwhile, wasn’t fairing better, desperately clutching onto the blinds of the nearby window for dear life.

“H-hey! Aqua! We gotta do something! We’re both gonna get dra- aaAAAaa - !" Kazuma yelped, as his grip was finally broken on the rug and the rift’s vacuum held him in its arms, tumbling him straight down into the unknown.

“KAZUMAAAA!!!” Aqua cried as her hand stretched out, as if trying to grab her party leader despite the fact that he had already been sucked into the creepy void! Aqua cried as she desperately struggled to pull herself up using the single string that had been holding the blinds shut - only for it to fail and completely snap in half, sending the so-called Goddess into the rift alongside Kazuma.

And then, finally, there was complete silence in the mansion as the rift closed behind them.

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We've Going Hard for Too Long
Prologue for Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Waiting for New Recruits
Interaction: Open

It is a sunny yet early 2 am in Las Vegas, Nevada. The streets were full of tourists & local people, the rich or famous people were always having a vacation here, the people were always gamble in luxurious hotels or casinos thanks to The Collector. The Collector is the main boss for The House, The House are a group that are sold cars from shipping crates to underground street racing leagues illegally & also very corrupt to the Las Vegas Police, they are always paying millions of dollars to stop the underground street racing leagues except the group that started the underground street racing scene in Las Vegas. The female was leaning on her blue Liberty Walk widebody kited Nissan GT-R in boredom since she is part of the day where the gang are finding new recruits in capable to join The Outlaw's Rush, The Rush is a championship were all the top street racers all over the world or the US are competing in various challenges including the road races & the off road races. But if there is one challenger left in The Rush, they will face off the current champion for supremacy as they will dethrone the previous champion. Her name is Alisa McNish, & she is the current Outlaw's Rush champion. She is quite a rebellious person & she sighed a bit being bored while she is taking a smoke saying to herself "Damn, I'm so freaking bored now. Why would I get the job to find new recruits & if The House are spying on me, I would break their bones if The Collector is sending them here." Alisa threw her cigarette to the ground right before she stomps it as she was putting her headphones into her head right before she plays her playlist for music in order if she founds new recruits, she needs to interview if they have potential to join the gang.
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Skeleton Boi
Dr. Electricus Von Tesla
The city of Prosperity...... the last hope for the cybernetic Jalton and Za-noid survivors of their unnamed planet:
Right now, it was currently night time, so activity in is not as active at it is, but you can still see the car filled streets, filled with surprisingly wheeled vehicles for a advance city, along with a Jalton or Za-noid walking on the streets. While not as common as the other two species, there was occasionally a Human New Zealander.... either as a civilian or tourist of the city.

It has been 5 years after the arrival of the Children of the New Dawn, and during that time, the relations between those who accepted them into their lands have strengthened, and would continue to increase each day. But in the largest building in the city, is where the office of the of the leader of the city, known as Dr. Electricus.... the smartest and most powerful of the Jalton kind.

Right now, he was currently in the living compartment of the tower, currently busy with something right now...... let’s see what he is doing here......

“Jackal.... it’s time for bed, you need to prepare yourself for your education tomorrow......” the man would say, before a second, much smaller and younger figure entered the room...... but it was clear that the younger male had more noticeable Cybernetics on his body than the older man.
“Ok Dad.....” as the camera zooms out, revealing a high tech bedroom, which seemed to be the Kid named ‘Jackal....’. The kid would get to his bed, slowly getting himself comfortable, before saying “So dad, do you promise to do family game after work tomorrow.” as he looked at his father with a smile.

Dr.Electricus’s mouth would form into a small smile, before saying “If everything goes fine tomorrow, then we can finally play that new video game you always wanted me to play.” as he went to the side of the bed, before kissing his son on the forehead, before leaving the room, turning the lights off after his exit.

A few seconds after leaving his son’s bedroom, he went to the living room, sitting on the large white and futuristic couch..... before pressing a button on the the table, as a hologram like screen would appear, acting as a type of computer. He then went and began checking through his emails, checking through them for anything important that he is needed for.
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Praise the sun
Bruce Banner
"What the" Bruce Banner sat on a park bench looking at his surroundings as he tried to piece together what exactly was going on. The last thing he remembered was well not an exact thing, just that the Hulk had been angry, angrier than usual. All Bruce remembered seeing through the eyes of his alternate personality was a haze of red. It'd been awhile since he'd been in control, so to be thrust into the driver's seat so suddenly seemed surreal. Especially when that came with being thrust into some random spot he didn't remember going to. To top all that off the Hulk was silent, as if it wasn't even there, lurking within Banner as it had since the incident that had brought it into being. It'd been awhile since Bruce had been alone in his mind so that was interesting for sure. He was left to wonder why the Hulk had suddenly disappeared or put him in control in the first place. The easy answer was that the Hulk had been subdued and had retreated into the recesses of Bruce's mind, but there was no sign of a struggle and if someone had beaten the Hulk why had they not stuck around. It was a conundrum Bruce was trying to piece together as he sat there, watching the early morning rising sun as he rested his head on his hand. He looked around, puzzled at the buildings around the park. This place could be Columbus, Ohio, it looked just like it with some of the buildings so it most likely was. So now that Bruce knew just where he was he now had two questions to answer. Was the Hulk still hiding in him, and how had he gotten here in the first place? Last thing Banner remembered the Hulk had been traveling around Canada.

Bruce sighed, he may as well get up. Maybe a nice walk would help him think up some answers, or maybe he'd run into some answers. To be honest though it'd be more likely that he'd run into trouble. Trouble did seem to find him a lot and for all he knew, this whole randomly ending up in Columbus Ohio was just a whole heap of trouble waiting to happen. He stuck his hands in his pockets and nonchalantly made his way down the sidewalk, moving his hoodie to cover his head out of habit.

Fangtooth was lying in a cave, he had his large scaly body wrapped in a circle to keep himself warm in the cold weather. It was always cold around this time of year, Fangtooth sort of wished he had someone to ask why it did that. Sure his mother had told him about seasons but Fangtooth had never thought to ask why seasons were even a thing and now the dinosaur seemed to be compiling a large list of questions that he had no one to ask. He'd just have to ask his mother that when she found him, which had to be soon, any day now. The vapor that came out of Fangtooth's nose was visible and that had been something that'd startled him during his first cold time but he'd pieced together that when it got cold things breathed non smelly smoke, a realization Fangtooth was quite proud to have come up with himself. His body spasmed in the cold as he lifted his head, there was noise outside. Human cars? Fangtooth got to his feet, smelling the air. It smelled like where he'd hatched, and there was another smell there too, one that was familiar. It was mother! Fangtooth gave a roar of delight as he sprinted outside of the cave, running through a wall of blue which appeared in a flash, and came out to a place he did not recognize.

It certainly wasn't the place that surrounded the cave he'd gone to sleep in when it got dark a mere hour earlier. It wasn't even night. Fangtooth cocked his head as he looked upwards he blinked a few times at the cloudless blue sky. Had the cave moved? Fangtooth didn't know caves could move, he'd never been in a moving cave before. Did caves work like cars? No that was silly, Fangtooth turned around to see where he'd come from and found even more sunny grassland, which was certainly not the chilly forest he'd come from. He stomped his right three toed foot in impatience. Mother had been right there! She had finally come back for him, but then she'd been with the people he vaguely remembered seeing through the glass in his baby home. Mother had told him to stay away if he ever saw or smelled them. It didn't make any sense. Fangtooth gave a low whine in his confusion. Though Fangtooth pulled himself together and reached up with a claw to scratch the underside of his neck in thought. Maybe his mother had made the weird blue thing so he could hide from the baby place people? Yes! That made perfect sense, mother was good at making things, and so long as he had his band she'd have no trouble finding him when she managed to get away from the baby place people. Fangtooth thought he could've just bit the people to make them leave both him and his mom alone but he wasn't supposed to bite people anyway so this was better.

What should he do in the meantime? Fangtooth looked around the grassland and noticed what looked to be a river in the distance. Fangtooth was kind of thirsty he supposed, it was very hot here. Fangtooth began to make his way towards the river, looking at the area around him as he tried to make landmarks in his head and find somewhere to shelter, he was quite sleepy seeing as he'd just been trying to go to sleep but this bright sun would make napping hard. This place was also full of weird scents Fangtooth did not recognize so it'd be better if he identified some of these smells before trying to sleep.


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Takumi Fujiwara
In the middle of the road in the Nevadan desert at night, Takumi, the champion of touge racing, is driving in his Toyota AE86 in its former glory. He is now living in Las Vegas as he has been there for quite some time. He is not interested in gambling nor lewd tendencies as he only cares about racing. He hasn't retired from racing after a year-long absence. He is still vibing as always.

With new friends or rivals to meet there is a possibility that something interesting might occur. His focus on driving through the road is what really gets him going. If he were to get distracted then his focus would've turned out for the worse. Or worse, he could've ended up in a fatal car crash.

He took a moment to look out both windows in the car to see if there are any cars coming through. It didn't last for long. It appears that there is none at the moment. He keeps driving. He took out a smartphone. He then dials Alisa's phone number to get in touch with her. He has known her for a while.


We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Hearing a call from her phone
Interaction: Takumi

As Alisa was listening to the music, she hears a phone call right before she grabbed her phone from her pocket & it was a call from her friend Takumi. She & Takumi met when he was retired from the touge scene in Japan & they are always getting along in midnight cruises together, she will accept the dial from Takumi & said "Yo, Takumi. Did you see any House idiots driving near you or find any new recruits???" Alisa says that on her phone while looking at the early moon since it is now 2 am & was trying to feel the wind on her face after she took a smoke, she has something on her nerves if there is some trouble in her.
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Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi is happy to talk to his friend again as she receives the call from him. He views her as friendly but can be quite aloof. He can multitask while driving even though there is no one on the road.

When Alisa asked him about some idiots that he hasn't heard of, he denies it. He doesn't remember seeing them but he doubts it. Also, he is told that they're drivers like him and they were looking for recruits recently. This gives him some speculation on what might come into play.

"I don't think so. I can't quite recall." He said curiously.


Skeleton Boi
Walking down the unfamiliar streets of a large city, a strange 4 ft tall turtle like figure was walking around the sidewalk, some of the people avoiding its path. They probably had a good reason to do so anyway, for the bipedal Turtle was Covered in in a spiked and dark shell, along with wearing a pretty menacing helmet, and had red glowing eyes located in the darkness of his helmet: A1FCF29C-4D71-47F8-A781-E3E0F76CC4FF.jpeg
Right now to say the least, the turtle was looking around it’s environment, like a confused freshly caught fish in a bucket full of dead fish..... because he didn’t know what this place was even called in the first place, along with who these strange citizens of said city here was well. Still.... he needed to figure out some more information, because being out here with no information might harm him in the future end.

Still, he doesn’t even remember most of his past before even arriving here, only remembering a few slips of his memory along with his name.... Basilisx...... hat after he figured out what he needs to do after gaining said information, because he holds no currency in his hands...... and he needs to find a way how to gain currency out here in this strange new world.

@ Open for interaction
Ah...... the city of Las Vegas..... a large place filled with large lights and lots of areas to waste your cash for money for absolutely no reason..... well except for the fact that you can also gain a profit if your lucky enough to win..... but highly unlikely. Still, holding a sign near one of the more famous casinos in the area, was a block like figure holding a sign saying ‘Need work, Merc for hire...’, the person none other than the blocky parkour expert, JOHN CAA8EEFD-23E4-4E74-BF0E-3CA16AF45670.jpeg
“Man.... I really need a job now, wonder who is gonna hire someone like me.... oh yeah, I look like some kind of guy who can’t even lift a bat....” as he waited a bit, yawning standing up, it was clear he was tired, but he still needed a job if he can actually sleep on a bed soon.
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We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg

Location: Las Vegas
Mood: Bored
Interaction: Takumi

Alisa sighed a bit after she hears that Takumi does not recall about The House & said "The idiots that we are getting chased all over Vegas, stupid. I mean you remember the day that The Collector send a bunch of his goons at the port just to have a freaking Koenigsegg Jesko sold illegally but we freaking stole it from a shipping crate." She laughs so hard after she mentioned the heist that they stole a Koenigsegg Jesko from a shipping crate just by sneakily board the port & driving off the distance, Alisa still remembers that day as her favorite moment with Takumi as her friend.
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Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi still doesn't remember the event much to his dismay. He didn't want to let his friend down. He can remember very little of it. He is then told that they stole something at the port, a sports car.

He is wondering if they have anything to do with working for the drug cartels in Mexico. All he knows is that they are up to no good but he is glad that they are out of the situation. However, he can't recall much. He is not forgetful after all.

"We did? I bet I was terrified by then. I'm sorry but it has been so long that I forgot much of it. Although I do remember going with you but not the 'stealing' part." He said in shame.


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Oddball Team

Location: Las Vegas

It's early in the morning and the city is still packed with people from all walks of life trying to either earn a living or luxury. Among the places most people would visit are the casinos, most famously...

Caesar's Palace, the greatest place to waste money and get laid...until a certain group of people came in, the youngest members lied about their age, and all hell broke loose.


Just like that. "STUPID FUCKING MACHINE! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME WIN FOR GOD'S SAKE?!" There goes Devonecia, wrecking a slot machine after a number of losses without a single line of sevens. How sad. "GOD DAMN MACHINE WON'T GIVE ME SHIT! THIS IS STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" She is very furious, and everyone, even the security, wouldn't dare get near her. On the other hand, there is her brother Jared having his sweet time winning the slots...unless if one were to be keen eyed, he is actually cheating by having a small magnet placed on the winning combinations and win lots. He eventually stops, accumulating in a whooping 2.3 million dollars. "Sis, you done? I think I had enough for today. Look how much I've-" As he approaches his sister, Devonecia turns to him and tackles him down to the floor as she proceeds to beat the living hell out of Jared.

Outside by the pools, Alona is seen swimming around while Talavera and Gen are on poolside relaxing in benches and sipping martinis, although the former is already dead asleep. "Ah, kimochi~" Gen spoke "Watashi wonder how Jaredo-kun and Debonesha-chan are doing? They must be having a subarashii time at the casino." He takes a sip of his martini. Eventually, Jared and Devonecia came, though the former has his face covered in patches due to his sister's assault. "Hey guys, we got money!" Jared said "Let's spend it all on...whatever shit we want to buy, I don't care at this point."

Alona comes up to the group and ask "That's an awful lot of money. Are you sure you want to spend all of that?" Jared looks down at his mermaid companion and answered "Why not? I mean, we don't have any much to do other than gamble and take leisure. We've been here because Julius told us so...well, kind of." Devonecia sighs. "And we were supposed to take a ride on your closet should that portal thing never showed up." She said just as Talavera wakes up. "Is it Christmas time yet?" He asked. "Look, we're only stuck in this world for maybe quite some time. We may have fully adjusted because this place looks similar to ours, but I'm sure we may find a way to get back. Anyway, leisure time is over. Let's ourselves on the road and do whatever to waste time." Jared said as he kneels down for Alona to latch herself on him and he lifts her off the pool. He doesn't mind the water dripping on him however. Alona goes over to his back to be carried over and the group leaves the hotel.

Out of the hotel, Jared and Devonecia went over to their respective motorcycles with Alona and Talavera sitting on the former and Gen at the latter. They then drive off. "VIVA LAS VEGAS!" Jared yelled. "VIVA LAST VEGANS!" Talavera followed.

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Funny Rat Man in Basement
The Tower, New York City
Global Vanguard Headquarters

In the five years since entering this new reality, things had changed. At first, a few dozens Guardians, civilians, and Frames from the Last City had found themselves inexplicably transported to a whole other dimension when the shockwave from the exploding Almighty reached the City. Lost and confused, they had soon discovered that this was Earth, but not the one they had come from.

Instead, it was an Earth centuries before their time, before the Golden Age, before the Traveler, and before the Collapse. An Earth where humanity still thrived, its rivers running deep and far. Humanity wasn't constantly threatened by its many enemies and the Darkness itself.

Things were peaceful, yet humanity was still divided into many different nation-states vying for control.

However, what was most shocking was that in this world, their very reality from nothing but a work of fiction. The Traveler, the Guardians, the City, everything was created by some very creative minds over at a small video game studio known as Bungie. In this world, their reality was known as Destiny, and it had been only a year since it was released when they arrived in 2015. Everything was fiction, everything was controlled by them.

For their part, Bungie was as amazed as everyone else when so-called fictional characters started appearing out of thin air, stranded on what was supposed to be the 'real-world'. They decided to support the Guardians and fund their ventures, viewing them as their creations. Only problem was that they were burdened by a corrupt corporation known as 'Activision', who desired profit more than anything else. Bungie wanted out, but Activision refused, claming ownership of the Guardians themselves.

They very quickly went back on their decision after a few threats from Shaxx.

Over time, the stranded Guardians came together, deciding to put their trust in the Vanguard Commander Zavala. He had decided that the best way to adapt to this new world was to protect it, just as they had with their beloved City. He reorganised the Vanguard into an international peacekeeping organisation known as the Global Vanguard.

With a bit of funding and loans and discovering that Glimmer was massively valuable here, the Global Vanguard purchased an abandoned skyscraper and renovated it, turning it into the new headquarters of the Guardians and Vanguard, the Tower. It was here that most Guardians lived and operated from, and where civilians also functioned as support. It also proved to be a great tourist attraction, with players coming here to meet their heroes, though many would endlessly bug Zavala by spamming his inbox with his infamous war with the Cabal on Mars speech.

And things were good. Shaxx would broadcast his Crucible matches, Ikora would conduct seminars to the greatest minds of the world, and Zavala didn't have to worry about the Darkness threatening the City any longer.

At three in the morning, the sun had not yet risen over New York City, and while the city was as glitzy as ever, most of its inhabitants were asleep, or just waking up to head to work.

For Titan Chance-28, he was up and about, sitting in his office in the Tower as he compiled report after report at lightning speed. As both a Guardian and Exo, Chance didn't require sleep, and didn't get tired. Besides, whenever he slept (or engaged his sleeping subroutine), he'd end up at Deep Stone Crypt anyway.

He sat behind a monitor, his massive frame decked out in full armour looking rather comical as he typed into a rather small in comparison keyboard. He'd mostly been relegated to office work for some time, given how there weren't really any actual threats to fight. If there was one thing he missed dearly about his Earth, it was punching things in the face. Punching bags didn't have the same satisfaction (most were destroyed after a single punch), and sparring with civilians didn't work, either, given how he could break someone's neck with a flick of his finger.

So, he'd gotten rather bored. He missed going on adventures on his fireteam, too. Valeria was off giving seminars over at some top university in Britain with the Warlocks, and who knew where Grey was. Last he heard the Hunter was off doing bounty work in Las Vegas. Martingale didn't always get along, but they were devastating in combat.

Chance was better off in combat, and that was just about the only thing he was good at, not hunched over a monitor like how the Americans called 'code monkeys'. Fists were made for punching, not typing, dammit!

As he finished his report, Chance leaned back and stretched. It was more of a human compulsion than anything, given how Exos were all human once.

"I'm bored," he said, seemingly to no one in particular.

"Yeah, well, not much else to do," came a voice. In a flash of light his Ghost Zeke appeared. The Ghost's shell was fairly simple, being a Frontier shell that was blue and white, much like his Guardian. The two pairs of headlights shone in the dark. "I mean, no Taken, no Fallen, no Hive, you get my point."

Chance groaned loudly and reached for a pack of crayons on his desk, opening it up and retrieving a cyan one. "I'm going crazy just holed up in here! It's just report after report. I miss going in missions with my fireteam!" He complained, biting into the crayon and chewing it, and then swallowing. "Is this how Cayde felt when he was Vanguard? Guess now I know why he was so eager to get out of the Tower."

"I'm sure we'll get a mission sooner of later," Zeke reassured him. "But come on, it's nice and quiet here. Don't you think it's peaceful?"

The Titan rolled his glowing blue optics and took another bite out of the crayon. "Yeah, but I want to punch things. I didn't join Future War Cult for nothing, you know," he groaned, slamming his face into the keyboard. "I haven't punched some Fallen in five years! These fists hunger for punching, dammit!"

Zeke floated over to him. "You could always take a break, you know. Go visit an orphanage or something, like you did back in our world."

Chance turned to look at his Ghost. "Yeah, but these kids aren't the same as the ones in the City. Lots of them seem to be scared of me. I mean, I'm a seven-foot-tall magical robot who likes to punch things. I'd probably scare anyone who doesn't know what Guardians are."

Before he could despair about not being able to punch Screebs ever again, his computer blinked. Chance sat up, clicking on the notification. "Huh, it's an urgent message from Vanguard Command," He said, now paying full attention. "Wonder what's so important. Oh, maybe it's a mission!"

It was a series of reports from police departments all over the country. Most of it were missing persons calls, but what was most interesting was that many witnesses claimed to have seen people getting taken by four-armed creatures with glowing eyes into their spaceships in the dead of night, which then turned invisible and disappeared.

Sounded very familiar.

"Fallen?" Zeke asked. "Sounds like them."

"They can't be here," Chance said, shaking his head.

Zeke turned to him. "Why not? You're here, the Guardians are here, and lots of others are too, like that Penny girl you met in Pittsburgh. All of these people are supposed to be fictional, at least to the inhabitants of this Earth."

Chance scratched his chin. "Well, if they're here, they need to be stopped. Looks like they're kidnapping people for something."

"Might be a lure," Zeke said. "For us Guardians. They might be planning something big."

"You bet," Chance agreed. They continued to read through the report. It stated that the calls were coming in with increasing frequency, and that the latest incident was in Las Vegas only a few hours prior. "Hey, Vegas? That's where Grey is!"

Zeke bobbed in the air. "Looks like we can get Grey and go investigate this Fallen disturbance at the same time."

The Titan grinned. "Hell yeah!" He bolted out of his chair, grabbed the crayons and his gun, and then headed out the door and down the hallway and speed walked in the direction of the Hangar. He passed by several Guardians and civilians along with way, as a few Frames. The 44-20 model Frames were a new model less advanced than the 99-40s and 55-30s, but could be built with materials and technologies that were readily available, and in large numbers.

The Tower Hangar was built into the upper levels of the building to house the jumpships used by Guardians. Recently, there were several other aircraft there, mostly helicopters used by the people of Earth due to them largely lacking advanced VTOL craft. Chance headed to his jumpship, a modified City Hawk, and entered. He started up the engines, the lift jets making it hover as he steered it towards the large opening. Then he gunned the throttle, and the Hawk boosted forwards and shot off into the night.

The flight to Las Vegas took around an hour and a half, his Hawk being much faster than conventional turbofan-powered airliners, and soon enough the glittering skyline of the Gambling Capital of the World came into view. Its neon signs shone brightly even at the wee hours of two in the morning.

"See Grey anywhere?" Chance asked. "Wouldn't be surprised if he's off gambling again."

"Found him," said Zeke in a surprisingly short time. "Locking on to his signature now."

A marker appeared on Chance's display. Instead of leading him into the city, however, it was on the outskirts. It made sense, actually. Grey didn't really like being in the city. The Titan steered his Hawk to the marker, eventually noting that it was directly outside a bar... surrounded by police cars with their lights on.

"What the..." Chance muttered, taking his jumpship down. "What's Grey gotten himself into this time?"

He landed his Hawk on the street, transmatting himself out in a flash. The officers took notice, heading over to him. "Sir, I'm gonna need you to step back," one said.

"Chance-28, Global Vanguard," Chance replied, flashing his ID.

The officers scrutinised it for a long moment. "Another one?" One of them huffed. "Well, guy over there says he's one too. Showed us his ID and everything."

The Titan looked over the officer's shoulder. There was Grey, casually sipping from a bottle of whiskey, while sitting on an overturned car. Grey's Ghost was floating next to him. "I, uh, I know him," Chance told the officer. "He's the leader of my fireteam."

The officers glanced over to Grey. "Maybe you should sort this out, then."

"Yeah, Vanguard business," the other officer almost sneered.

Chance cringed slightly, but made his way over to the Grey. Noticing his arrival, the Hunter gave a casual wave. "Oh, hey, Chance."

"What happened here?" Chance asked. "What did you do?"

Grey took a moment to glance at the carnage. Behind him, several windows of the bar were broken, and inside was a mess, tables and chairs everywhere. There were also a few patrons looking quite injured. "I ain't killed nobody, if that's what you're askin'."

"So what did you do, then?"

Grey paused, then shrugged. "Bunch of these addle-headed folks came in here and started insultin' everyone. I tried mindin' my own business, when they put their hands on my cloak. Told 'em to get lost, they didn't, so I decided to teach 'em a lesson."

The Hunter raised the bottle to take another sip, but it was snatched away by the Titan. "Were you drunk?"

Grey shrugged. "Only a little. This stuff ain't enough to phase me much anyway. But so what if I was drunk? I get drunk lots of times. Big deal."

"It is a big deal here!" Chance cried. "Lots of people already don't exactly have the best opinion of us Guardians, and you aren't making it any better!"

The Hunter rolled his eyes. "Too bad for them, then," he said, unconcerned, then looked to Chance. "Why are you here, anyway? Sure as hell didn't come all the way here just to chew my ass out."

Deciding to let the matter slip for the time being, Chance straightened up. "We got couple reports of people going missing. Fallen might be involved."

Grey was listening immediately. "Fallen? They's here?"

"What could they be doing?" Grey's Ghost Saratoga spoke. His accent was just as smooth as his Guardian's.

"We don't know for sure, but it seems likely. Most recent report was in Vegas only a few hours ago."

The Hunter hopped off the car and got to his feet. "Well, then, looks like we got a mission," he said, grinning. "What say we go ahead and get to the bottom of this?"

For once, Chance returned it. "You're the boss," he grinned. "I think I know just who to call."


Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.

A city you could gamble your life savings away in one move for the possibility of something bigger. A city for the gamblers and the rich.

Or That's what Alexis thought it would be like...in the movies. Surprisingly, anyone can live and be successful, if you work for it and that's what she was doing now. She saw plenty of others do the same and she decided to join in. So...What was she doing exactly?

Fixing a goddamn Prius overtime instead of spending time at home, you know, sleeping. Most jobs were at least a tiny bit exciting, as they something bigger wrong with them, but this Prius only had an Electrical problem. An Electrical problem that took her 2 hours to figure out. It shouldn't be this hard to replace a few parts, but it was, surprisingly and after a few more minutes of rummaging through the plethora of parts this model had, it's problem solved. The rough hands of Alexis had done it again, even if it took like and hour more than expected
"Finally, goddamn. As if that couldn't have taken any longer." She says to herself, annoyed. She knew damn well that a job as tiny as that should not have taken that long. She looks around, Prius keys in hand and hanged it on the return keys area. She signed out, changed out of her mechanic clothes, said goodbye to the boss and went on her way home. Luckily, she had something that at least differentiated her from the crowd. No, it wasn't a supercar or an old classic car...

I mean, kinda. It was an old Toyota, a Supra A70 to be exact, and unlike anything else on the road, this thing gave her driving experiences unlike no other on the road. The roar of the modified 1JZ could slay many easily in a race and that adrenaline of racing at full speed was tempting, but something she decided to ignore in order not to stand out. Standing out is what brought her to this place in the first place and she didn't want to move again because of something stupid. Alexis pulled out in the somewhat plain looking A70 and drove away to the streets of Vegas, with her initial destination of her Small little apartment on the other side of town.

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Off to a Better Place

Location - Manhattan, New York City
Status - Distraught
Condition - Healthy

Just outside of The Tower where Chance and Zeke were discussing their no doubt... lucrative business ventures, yet another one of that many rifts that had been appearing everywhere for the past few years opened up, this time popping out three things:

The first was one Satou Kazuma, who landed on the pavement with a quiet thud.

The second was a couch, which had been unfortunately sucked right out of the duo's mansion when the rift had torn itself open. It had landed perfectly rightside up... at the expense of Kazuma's back, because it landed right on him.

And the third was Aqua, who was shoved out of the rift rather harshly, landing on her front. Her rear was pointed into the air as her cheek rubbed up against the pavement, and for a moment, the goddess had no idea what was even going on. It had taken a moment for everything to register, though once someone stepped over her, her eyes quickly snapped open due to the choice words they had for her.

"The sidewalk ain't a place to sleep, ya fuckin' moron! Get outta the damn way!"

"HEY!!!" Aqua shouted as she quickly scrambled upwards to stand upright, angrily shaking her fist and stomping her feet in place, one after the other. "That's no way to talk to a goddess! You should show me more respect! And how dare you just walk over me!? Don't you know it's polite to help a lady up when she's clearly knocked out on the ground!? Didn't your mother ever teach you some manners??"

Aqua's rant, however, fell upon deaf ears as the man disappeared into the crowd, having ignored her words entirely. Aqua huffed, throwing her arms down by her sides and balling up her fists tightly. She walked off to the side of the tower she'd ended up landing beside and began pacing back and forth. "Stupid Kazuma! Can't even pay back the stupid debt after everything I've done for him! Why, if he shows his stupid face over here, I'll just..." In the heat of the moment, Aqua reeled her foot back and kicked the side of the building...

...and then immediately froze in place as she realized that she had essentially just firmly planted her foot in a few good inches worth of bullet proof glass.

And, of course, Aqua started crying.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! KAZUMAAAAAAAA, I STUBBED MY TOE ON THIS STUPID BUILDIIIIIING!" Aqua cried out at the top of her lungs in her usual shrill voice, tears pouring out of her eyes as she sobbed like a child. The strangers who passed her shot her strange looks, some of them even making an effort to avoid eye contact or even just avoid her entirely... though Aqua didn't seem to care. Rather, moments later, she collapsed onto the couch that had entrapped Kazuma, crying loudly as she licked her legs into the air...

Of course, she didn't realize that Kazuma was currently under the couch, but she would... eventually... maybe.

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Off to a Better Place
Banjo and Kazooie

Location - Amazon Rainforest
Status - Bored
Condition - Healthy

Life had been pretty good for Banjo and Kazooie since they had arrived here in the Amazon about... four years ago, maybe? Honestly, the laid-back animals had lost count after a few days.

Sure, this wasn't any Spiral Mountain, and they certainly missed Tootie, Bottles, and even Gruntilda to an extent. But, besides their lack of friends, life hadn't really changed much for the bear and bird combo. Aside from the one or two odd adventures they'd had with Gruntilda, not much could really be said about their life outside of those. Before, they'd mostly spent their life loitering around, so why would they change things up now? If it ain't broke, don't fix it kind of mentality, ya know?

Right now, the duo was laid up against a log. Banjo was idly strumming away at his... well, banjo, not really playing any music in particular. His legs were propped up, with one crossed over the other, while his head relaxed back against the log and he gazed up at the clouds. He closed his eyes and sighed happily, letting the melody of his trusty instrument take him away to lands unknown.

Kazooie, on the other hand, had been in Banjo's backpack like usual. Well at least, her lower half had been. Her upper half was currently popped out of the backpack, her body draped over Banjo's head for the most part. Her wings dangled off the sides of his head, idly swinging back and forth in tune with the instrumental strums. She yawned a bit, which caused her bear buddy's eyes to peer upwards and look at her.

"You bored, Kazooie?" He asked as he stopped strumming, placing his banjo down next to him as he sat up.

"Well, duh!" Kazooie complained, crossing her arms as Banjo, who was now sitting upright, brought one of his knees up, where he then rested an arm on it. "It's been... what, twelve years since our last adventure?" Banjo opened his mouth and lifted a finger, but Kazooie cut him off. "And no, that tournament we were invited to doesn't count!" She shouted, which caused Banjo to slump forward a bit, lowering the finger. Grumbling, Kazooie threw up her wings in an annoyed fashion. "I mean, you'd THINK that this place would have some excitement, especially since there's holes opening up all the time, but nnnope! It's just more talking animals!"

"Well, gosh, Kazooie..." Banjo replied as he lowered his head, rubbing his chin in thought. "When ya put it like that, I guess it has been a while since we've done anything, huh?" The question was pretty obviously rhetorical, and not too long after he'd asked it, Banjo stood up and threw his finger up into the air, a confident smile curling up on his lips. "Well, then that settles it! Today, we're going on an adventure, Kazooie!"

"Okay... but where are we gonna go? We're in a jungle! Everything looks the same!" She shouted in response, throwing up her wings again, this time to gesture towards the almost identical looking trees, logs, and pretty much everything around them. Once again, Banjo lifted his fingers, stroking his chin in thought.


Not long after this declaration of adventure, Banjo and Kazooie both came to a conclusion. If there was any group of animals in the Amazon who knew how to start an adventure, it was the monkeys! They always had something fun planned up their sleeve! So, that's what Banjo and Kazooie did, and within the hour, they had made their way to the monkeys' habitat.

"Uhhh... hello?" Banjo would call out towards the monkeys, cupping both of his paws over his mouth so his voice reached all of their ears. "Monkeys! Hey, uh, Kazooie and I were wondering you had any adventures we can go on?" There was a pause, and Banjo snickered. "Maybe some... monkey business we can get into?"

No one could see it, but Kazooie cringed so hard from that joke that she literally shed a few feathers.

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Off to a Better Place
Star Butterfly

Location - Columbus, Ohio
Status - Rushing
Condition - Healthy

Hey, nice shoes - oh, sorry!"

Star Butterfly was running late again.

This was her third time this week to be late for practice, and she really couldn't afford a fourth! Ever since she'd arrived in Columbus (whatever that was... she still wasn't sure, honestly), she'd been doing anything she could to keep herself occupied. Picking up odd jobs, helping people out, going to go see movies, playing video games, and, as she was trying to do right now, playing sports. The sport in question was volleyball, which Star found she was quite good at. Now, that may or may not have had anything to do with a few magic enhancements here and there... but she was still good at it nonetheless!

And right now, her team needed her! And here she was, practically tripping over herself on the sidewalk as she attempted to rush to the gymnasium. She had considered using one of her many, many speed spells to get there faster, but there were so many people in the way! And she was already tripping over herself and bumping into random strangers enough as it was! The last thing she needed was to collide into some random dude at like... a bajillion miles an hour!

Come to think of it, is bajillion even a number?'

As Star began to ponder on that totally important question mid-run, her mind drifted away from what she was even doing, effectively putting her body on autopilot, as it were. So, there she was, just running down the sidewalk, thinking about numerical symbols rather than everyone else in front of her. Luckily, most people had the common sense to merely move out of the way of the blonde. Keyword there, of course, being most. Because during her mindless marathon down the street, Star ended up colliding headfirst with one Bruce Banner. Her head bonked right into the taller man's chest, which sent her falling to the ground and onto her back mere moments later.

Slowly, Star sat up, rubbing her head with a quiet groan. "Ohhh.... ow...." She hissed a bit, before she took a short look around. It was then that she noticed Bruce Banner, flat on his back and on the ground! Gasping, Star scrambled to her feet, before running over to Bruce's side and wrapping an arm around his, helping him up. "I am SO sorry!!" She vehemently apologized as she pulled the man up. "I was in such a rush that I didn't even realize where I was going! Are you okay??" The young girl asked worriedly.

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We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Quite Bored
Interaction: Takumi & Oddball Team

Alisa laughed a bit right before she will get in her GTR & starts the screaming V6 engine with a loud pop like sound & has some amazing flames coming out of the exhaust, she was putting the phone call into her customized phone call stereo while driving off the spot right before saying to Takumi "Yeah, you still don't remember that day but. Wanna have something to eat right after you have your driving all alone??" She says that in order to have some more team building with her friend & when she was waiting for new recruits right before she tries to overtake two motorcycles while trying not to accidentally beep her car horn in order to get past. She will drive near one of the motorcycles right before she rolls the window saying to the driver "Hey!!!! You & your buddies in motorcycles are tourist here in Vegas or something!!!" Alisa says that jokingly in a boyish voice to the driver in order to think that they are tourists or actually some goons from other cities like New York or Los Angeles that are sent by The Collector.


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Oddball Team

Location: Las Vegas

As the team kept driving to god knows where, they were greeted by two cars, one of them rolled her windows down to tell them they're tourists. Their response? "How about you go fuck yourself and get out of our way?! You asking for a race, bitch?!" Devonecia yelled at the driver. Jared is not happy about this one. "Hey, sis, I think she's just joking." He tells her. "Are we actually tourists? I thought we're something. I guess we are something." Talavera asked. "Ara ara~ watashi wa thinks she might want a race with us. So this is how it feels to be in Las Vegasu. Subarashii!" Gen rejoiced. "...I don't think she is." Alona quietly said.

AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc


We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Pissed off at the female that is rudely talking her
Interaction: Oddball Team

Alisa will look at the female that says she wants to race right before flipping the bird her off saying "Just don't fucking scream at me like that when you trying to have requested me a race, but sure let's get it on!!!" She will prematurely drive away from the two motorcycles after she rolled up her window as she will drive at around 153 mph in a street full of slowing cars & pedastrians right before she will drift in a sharp left after she uses her hydro handbrake & using her quite balanced driving style well, she will drive properly & consistently in order to sailing yet driving away from the motorcycles.


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Oddball Team

Location: Las Vegas

Devonecia let's out a devilish grin as she goes full speed, passing by slow cars and away from Jared, all the while Gen starts panicking. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! DEBONESHA-CHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!! ABUNAI! ABUUUUNAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!" He screamed. Jared sighs and does the same...except he went passed Devonecia and is now on the same head as the driver. "Hey! I apologise for her behavior! We didn't asked for a race anyway!" Jared tells her until Devonecia catches up and hits him at the back of the head. "Stay at the back, Jared! This is MY race!" She yelled.

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Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
Interaction: Alisa ( AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc ) and Oddball Team ( Zamasu Zamasu )

Upon attempting to drive home, she notices the plethora of very nice cars, ones she wished she could have. The occasional Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Tesla and a few others surprised her and made her look in awe for a few seconds before driving away. She wonders how her Supra would hold up against one of those machines. The feeling makes her speed a bit to make the drive faster. And what do you know, while waiting at an intersection, a obviously Modified GT-R suddenly just passed by on the other lane on the left, obviously going higher than the speed limit. It's tempting to try and keep up, but it was obviously too quick to keep up as it seemed professionally tuned to perfection. So she decides to abandon the idea and head home.

That is until trying to take a right goes horribly wrong when a few bellends on bikes suddenly race through, forcing her to go right into the sidewalk and almost into a lamppost in order to prevent hitting them.
"What the hell? The fucks their problem?" She says, annoyed. "Damn. That could have been much worse." She mumbles, getting out and analyzing what could have happened. "Much worse." She sighs and re enters her car, driving back on the street and back on the trip home, even faster than before.​


We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
tear in the multiverse.jpg
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Being Silent yet Deadly
Interaction: Oddball Team

Alisa will roll down the window again right before saying to the male that he was apologizing to her for her sister's actions that was actually the same girl that screaming at her & said "It's freaking okay, dude. Wanna have a conversation at a spot or the cops will chase our ass!!!!" She says that while driving pass some slower vehicles right before trying to drive to a hidden location in order to not have the cops on their tails already, she will pull over her GT-R in a spot & gets out of the car right before getting out & she will looked at the male saying "Is that fucking girl your sister & she is a hot-headed person???" Alisa says that in a boyish yet rebellious voice to the group.


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Oddball Team

Location: Las Vegas

The driver went to stop at some place hidden before the cops could get on their tail. Smart move. However, once the team make their stop and as the driver gets out of her car to ask, Devonecia straight up goes over to her a delivers a hard sucker punch onto her face. The rest of the team were in shock. "Hooray!" Talavera cheered. Dumb move. "Debonesha-chan! Nani the fuck are you thinking?!" Gen asked in a panicky tone. "Teaching this bitch a lesson, that's what I'm thinking." Devonecia bluntly answered.

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We've Going Hard for Too Long
Alisa McNish
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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Mood: Pissed off at Debonesha
Interaction: Oddball Team

Alisa will look at the female who was trying to punch her right before she dodged the punch & pulls out her silencer attached USP when she was aiming on her head saying "Don't fucking try to punch me or I'll shoot your brain to pieces, you piece of shit. I'm just friendly & you acted there all rude to me when you attempted to race me, now we're in this fucking situation where we are gonna fight & end up fucking killing each other. So, I'm gonna stay friendly to y'all." She says that in a pissed off yet boyish voice while not trying to pull the trigger at Debonesha quickly, Alisa will put down her pistol into her holster just under her dark green jacket.
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