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  • shock.png
    ...A quiet gasp. My eyes had widened, all of the sudden.
    ...I feel something. Someting...strange.
    Something familiar...
    I can't quite put my finger on it...
    I looked around my surroundings in the ramen shop, as if searching for something.


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Location: Tokyo
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While everyone was spending their time in the ramen shop there was a loud sound of a portal opening a couple of yards away. The portal shot out a another stick figure like person but this one looked much different. He had a top hat, a red mustache and his legs, right arm, and half his face was replaced with robotic parts. The guy seemed to be unconscious, most likely due to the portal that he traveled through.

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  • 𝙲𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚎 𝚁𝚎𝚍𝚏𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚍
    ━━━━━━ ⊙ ━━━━━━

    Before she could get a response from BB, Neb had wandered off and came back, this time with news. It wasn’t good news, especially for Claire which was very apparent by her head snapping towards Neb, the look on her face being a mix of anger and shock. “Umbrella’s here?!” Of course, she tried to keep her voice low but considering her history with the group, it wasn’t exactly easy to do.

    Did they just get here or were they always here, just under a different name? It didn’t matter, what mattered was that she needed to stop them. BB then responded to her, asking for more information on S.T.A.R.S. and Chris’ training. “
    Uh, right, S.T.A.R.S. are basically super cops. They’re called in when there’s things regular cops can’t handle, hiring people that are ex-military and specialists like computer hackers and chemical disposal people, people like that. My brother, Chris, was in the Air Force as a pilot and he was trained to use a bunch of weapons. He also won a contest for marksmanship and hand-to-hand which made him point man of Alpha Team.

    With that done, she’d wait for BB to see if he could make the simulation before making up her mind about what to do next. If she could get back to Las Vegas, she could start planning her raids on Umbrella HQs around the globe. If she started now, she could at least get a few planned and right now, few would be better than none.

    The others began to head somewhere, resulting in her following them as she couldn’t really see the simulation if she stayed behind. Claire was too busy thinking about Umbrella being back to participate in the conversation. If Umbrella was here, then… could Chris be here? Could Leon and Sherry be here too? The girl they were following began to freak out, snapping her out of her thoughts and when she followed her gaze, it was a… ghost? Wait, ghosts exist now?! It definitely made the girl’s freak out understandable.

    Getting inside the building, her thoughts tried to push away the fact that ghosts exist now, going back to Umbrella. All she wanted to now was see the simulation of her brother, if BB was able to make it, and get back to Las Vegas so she could start dealing with Umbrella.

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Cameron Wilson-Müller: The Water Absorbing Mercenary
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Location: Tokyo
Mood: Quite Hungry
Interaction: Aqua & Talria
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I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢..... I͢.....

Cameron nodded when Aqua made the same decision as well to go to the third building in which he chooses and he, Aqua, and Talria must be very hungry right now because of how well this will be going right now, Me too. Richtig, what was the fastest route there too??

The half-German asked, he was quite confused on why there is some routes that can be possible to be leading to the third building if they would just simply go for a walk to the third building instead of a simple portal because it would just have some locals confuse on why they appeared in the restaurant via a portal.



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  • "I wonder myself, Sam, I wonder myself," Silence adds.

    "Pandora! That's the place!" Ben said. "you're asking us to save you, heal you, but... how?" Ben says as he pokes the head of the 'ghost'.

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  • Gura turns her head upon hearing a familiar voice calling her. It's Amelia Watson. "Watson? You're here too?" Gura was surprised and she wasted no time to walk over to her and settle down. She looks down at the ramen she is eating. "What's that?" She asks.

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  • Nebula
    What is this ghost saying?... Neb can only make out a few words, but it seems that this isn't everyone else's first time outside of her own universe... Looks like the kid even knew them!
    "It seems you lot knew each other....Perhaps something could jog your memories? Something you held onto, or an event of some sort? Wherever Pandora is, it doesn't sound like any place in this world..."
    It seems their time is limited, since the spectre's apparent demise is imminent. He then turned to the ghost, hoping that he could try communicating with it again, while placing his paw on one of their... Legs? Do they have legs?

    "Idunno if you can hear me.... But.... What can we do to save you?... And how long do we have?...."



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Stealing the target away would prove harder than expected, the others have gotten attached enough to try and rescue the plant creature.

But what would they chase him through.

Opening up a nearby manhole Subject Four and his target descend into the dark.

This would almost feel like home to him, but this was no time to daydream, he began to drag the plant creature further in.

About half way through the darkened tunnels Subject Four began to feel something odd about himself.

Reaching behind him with his clawed limb he removed an item from his dorsal spines.

A metal appendage?

It appeared to be similar to the one that Voss walked on.

This made Four feel more at ease, with lack of mobility surely that would be one pursuer down.

The floran continued to jab at Four's hand, growling at the alien, still struggling. But she stayed.. almost completely still, upon the creature retaliating back...
Subject Four Looked into the eyes of the plant creature and let out this low hiss like growl.

He wanted to tear it to pieces but something felt wrong.

Killing it would not make Subject Four feel better, instead he took a clawed limb and with a quick motion stole the item it had that was responsible to the destruction of his hive.

After that with all the strength he could muster threw the plant creature into a wall in an attempt to knock it out.

This item it cherished would heal the damage done to Four.

An eye for an eye.

You wrecked my home I take the tool responsible.

As for the metallic limb, he found it, so it belongs to him now.

This new prize was much lighter and would not slow him down, as soon as he could Subject Four Bolted down the tunnel with two prizes instead of one.

This was satisfactory.
Upon being THROWN however, the Floran let out a final, high pitched, raspy scream, before remembering.. well..

Before she had stopped here, she had made a trip to The Arc, and gotten some sort of upgrade, from that Apex scientist!! The Distortion Sphere!!

Right as Oba was about to hit the wall, her whole body flashed, a bright bright blue light..

And she simply.. became.. this small.. black sphere, with blue lights around it. Rolling across the floor like any ordinary ball.. while Four got away.
And the little ball of Oba just sat there... waiting perhaps?? God knows what...

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The Demon Slayer simply waited and watched in utmost silence as the ghost showed its true signs- there weren't any signs of wickedness or negative feelings towards any here, aside from basic ones such as perhaps 'sadness,' 'grief,' and 'terror' like he had thought, but it didn't mean the situation was done with, either. An exhale came from his lips, the grip over his sword untightened itself the slightest bit at the signs of the ghost speaking, or trying to. Their voice was-- shapeless, but it was clear it was trying its best to make more sense as it looked at his eyes. Such an event that deeply confused the Demon Slayer. Was it his silent threat? Maybe she read his body language wrong? Or perhaps was that edge of compassion he still carried within him...?

...It was hard to tell, but that pressure in the air and the muscles in his body slowly gave away to normalcy once more, but he was still very clearly holding his sword and was very clearly watching the ghost speak and its body movements, simply watching to see if anything else would occur that would lead to him swinging his sword at the base of their neck. From the little, he could understand in this situation...It seemed as if this ghost knew the little Zalak.

...Some spirit incapable of moving on? A yokai bound to the physical world by grief or some feeling of vengeance? Or simply someone lost and confused in this new world- in a much worse state than he was, trying to find some manner of comfort after their dreams and body was shattered?

"...You can't heal someone who is already gone," Yoriichi spoke, wisdom and...Clear sadness in his voice. "The only thing you can do...Is to honor their memory. A person only truly dies when they are forgotten. We can't save them, we can't bring them from the dead...To simply break the natural laws of the world. The least we can do is allow them to move on in peace, and live in the memory of their close ones."

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Meanwhile, near Tokyo...

Swinging from building to building at the dead of the night, (or perhaps morning) a local gas-masking vigilante was arriving in the capital of the land of the rising sun. Locals, some offworlders, and perhaps families in their homes could see a single green blur almost flying through the buildings, leaving behind some manner of white, sturdy substance as he swung around the buildings in incredible shows of movement.

Matheus Santos, 'Spiderman', had just arrived in Tokyo after a long, long travel here. Unfortunely, he wasn't here for vacation, like entering a cute maid cafe, or maybe get lost in machines of pachinko, or mess up the language completely of the people here. Ever since his battle against his 'bulky friend,' as that Kadokawa guy had put it, he manages to squeeze some info out of the Guardsman over where the actual fuck he was. Another dimension- unnamed, although from the looks of it, his 'contractors' were well aware of what this place was, and how to access it...But the question was, how, and why? The strange spiders he knocked over certainly had some hand in it...But...

...Bleh. It didn't matter now. The dude didn't have as much info as he had hoped, but he did hint that 'they were so close to the other cache...' before he had passed out, and the police had taken him down. Did Tokyo had a cache of those spiders, too? Could someone from his own world be involved as well? 'Nuclear Spider,' or 'Spiderman', could only frown under his mask, as he kept swinging from building to building, eventually landing at the perch of one, simply watching the city from above. He had some free time now, so he could probably rest now, right?

...Probably not.
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Tokyo - Rhodes Island HQ

Sam merely giggled at Silence's response on her questions, while keeping an eye on the ongoing situation. She felt more relieved when Shaw's condition was improved with the medical drone.

"Hahaha! Right, I just remembered that Oripathy actually messes with your brain, causing you to be extra sleepy. Have you asked Mayer about it?"

Then she heard the replies from Yoriichi and the swordsman in purple, addressing about death, even though she cannot clearly see the so-called ghost currently in the room. It was nothing but mists after all, at least through her amber-colored eyes. The white-haired Lupo merely nodded at their words, before adding her thoughts on the subject as well.

"I think Mr. Tsugikuni and the other swordsman are right." She replied, with her arms crossed. "There is nothing much that can be done, aside from assuaging their pain and regret after encountering their own death. Some even go the extra mile of helping them to move on."

Sam then turned to the small firefighter. "Shaw, do you remember the Sauin festival back in Lungmen? Where we have a big festival to feed and remember the dead, as well as having a couple of funs of our own? I think that's what basically Mr. Tsugikuni referred to. Honoring their memories while the survivors try to usher a new beginning."

"But who knows, maybe we can help that spirit to move on." She then sighed in-between her words. "But we may have other pressing matters to pursue..."

The white-haired Lupo then looked at the Dokutah...

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Alisa McNish: The Outlaw Racer of Las Vegas
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Location: Streets of Tokyo
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Interaction: Knockout
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Alisa looked at Knockout when he asked her turning into his robot form at the same time that she was chickening in the bet and he doesn’t do earth beds at all also what will be next in the itenary, Yup, I chickened a bit actually. You must be sleeping in your car form, right?? But I think let’s wait for Ren to arrive here so he must be on the way right now in around 5 minutes or something.

She asked, chuckling a bit because she must be actually trying to be friends with Knockout and tried to predict for the Corvette driver to be arrived in around 3 minutes because she sometimes tries to predict something yet she failed many times on her predictions. She listened with the sound of a soft breeze of the cold night wind in Tokyo and she is feeling also the soft hit from the cold wind before she was looking at the street lights were shining near the parking lot.

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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "I...was part of a Multiverse Protection Foundation?" Rex continued to whine, involuntarily preparing his Big Fat Sword. "No, that's crazy! The only universe I've ever protected was my own."

    "W̶̰̤͎̻̭̮͙͖̪͝Ŗ̵͍̳͔̹̪̫̹̞̮͈̃̈̏̃̀̃͝Õ̴̮̲͙͉͇̳̭̠̪̝͋O̸͙͎͕͙̼͂́͂̈́͊̏̕O̶̧̙̘͍̖̜͕͊Ó̵̡̭̤͉̝͕̗̘̱̼̙̤̮̽̒̔͑̃̑́͋͘̕Ṇ̶͊̅̓̒́̍G̸̛͍̩̙̦̯̱͊̋̆͒͠." The ghost crept through the open door as others wandered in, slowly crawling towards him. Its ears twitched, its eyes were widened. The answer to all its woes was a sitting duck.

    Giffany backed away, her head pulled into her shirt. Her only attempt at an electric attack, as she suspected, went straight through the ghost. "Leave Rex alone, you corrupted spook! Don't you hear that he's had nothing to do with any of your troubles?" On the inside, she was deep, deep in thought. She'd just tried and failed to tame a wayward ghost, and now corrupted spirits had arrived. It wasn't a coincidence as far as she was concerned. "Spirit-san, did a fox-like creature named Emer summon you, or dredge you from a dark place?"

    "̵̢̖̟͍̺̱͙́̿̇̑Ỳ̶̧͈̖̩̬͛̍̾̏̇̃͗͘͝ ̷̧̛̛̾́̽̄̃̈́̂́͝U̷̖̥̟̣̟̫̓͐ ̷̖̝̼͓̞̾̓͐͠͠R̴̨̺̯̥̭̥̟̱͔̲̺̫̖͊͛̕͠͝E̵̫̲̫̺̙̙̖̜̠̮̘̺̓̾̆́M̴̧̤̘͖͓̱̈́̆̓̈͐̑͆̏̒͠ ̵̡̼͕̞̲̦̙̭̮̝͚̺̳̮͇̿̐M̶̧̩̺͕̪͓͈͓̣͖͎͇͂̈ ̸̡͖̮̩͖͙̲̬̪͉̼̰̱̎̈́̆̏͊͗̈́̚ͅR̷̛͈͐͒̔͑͗͆̇ ̸̡̺̥̟̗̇̅̏̎͑̋͂͗͛͐̊̆͝͠M̵̛͔̞̼͋͗̓̀͑̎͗̎̀̈́̚̚͝E̴̩̬̘̙͖̓̇̿͋̀̚͜͝͝.̷̫͍̼̼͍̔̈̐̊̇̄̊͝ ̶͎̱̲͎̣͙̰͋̈́ͅͅM̵̻̫̳̥͈̻̤̗̙͉͓̈̇͆̒͜͝͝Y̸̧͉̟͉̳̘͉̘̳̰̹͈̍̈́̏̌ ̴͔͍̩̜̩̪̳͎̦̼̂͛̈́̏̚͝͝N̴̨͉̙͉̠̬̜͔̘͐̽̆̐̃̌͛͊̇̓͠Å̸̢̛̱̖͕̬̝̹̟̝̤͎̻̭̀̈́́ͅͅ ̶̩͙̠̤͈̇͆͋̂͋͛̓̀͛̕Ȩ̴̡̛̖̥̺͚̜̼̤̰͈̜̞͋̂͑͐͑̔̿͆͂͜͝ ̸͔͉̩͓̝̩̝̞̼̫͓̆͊͑̌͗̀͘I̸͈̭̞̙̙̬͉̲̻̫̝̓́̾̃̿͆̉͌͊͐̒̃̕̚͠S̷̺̪͉͚̾͗̈͐̀͋̾̈̾͗͊͐̃̕̚ ̷̘̥̈́͌̽͑̕S̵̢̞̳̳͉̦̟̖̺͕̮̟̠̗̒̓͂̉̆̍̾̾̾͋Ẅ̴̢̡̞͔̺̩̬̳̩͍̺̼̲́̑̾Į̸͙̻͚̲̣̦̥̦̻͍̟̭́̇́͑̈́́̌͋̈́͜͠͠F̵̡̧͈̜͍͖̰̫̥̮̲̗͚̿̽̇̚T̷̰͓̈́͑́̍͒͊̇͠G̶̰̗̰͇̉̿͋̒̍͌̓̄̏̀̂̈́̕͝͝ ̸̡̜̘̘̗̟̯̬̞̻̓̄̾̾͗̅͝Ȏ̷̧͙̯̩̙̻̗̱̬̝͇̮̥̮͎͌̎̾̾͌̏̾̾͂̔̚͠͠͝V̸̧̦̩̻͚̞͚̗̜͊̇̇̔͜ͅẼ̶̟̤͕̳̞̦̭͕̖̙ͅ.̴͍̯̩͒̓̃̇̑̑̊͆̎̑͘͘͘

    The mysterious creature reached out to touch Rex with the three black fingers on its blurry tail. "W̷̛̰̯̰̎̓́͜e̴̦̣̗̹̎̇ ̵̨̧͍̬̀̈́̄̕m̷̡̬͉͓͆͐̍͐ë̷̡̼̘̠́̍͛̈t̷̯͇̔ ̵̭̝͉͊̈́̿i̶̡͔̤͆̏̕n̸̮̏̍ ̷͍̯̘̽Ņ̷̜̬̿̆̀ ̷̺̹̊ẘ̴̯͑̎͘ ̸̛̖̅͠D̸̙̺̟̺͌õ̸̦ǹ̶̮̓ ̶̨͋̎C̸̥̙̎̀i̴̤̝̗̮͊͛́t̴̬͉͈̝͛̉̓͝y̸̨̗̮͕̽.̵̱̝̇̈́͐͒ ̸̳̍͌Ŷ̸̮̤̚͠͠ǫ̷̗̱̻̀̓̋.̵̹̮̐̄ ̴̨̟͇̉́͊͋f̸̢͔̊͜r̷̳̜̃ĕ̸̱̫̉͋̍e̴̼͋̇̉͘d̷̗̀͂͠ ̴̘̮̔u̵͕̯̗͗ ̶̹̂ ̸̢͓̌͊f̸̛̱̻̹̞̀̿̋r̶̫͎͒o̸͚̐ ̴̏͝͝ͅD̵͎̓̓̐r̴͓̃̀.̵̝̯̞̒̑̊ ̵̼̂̃̚F̴̫̣̉͒̈̑á̶͕̰c̶͛͜ ̷̳͓̒̐͑l̴͇̖̼̀́̀͘i̶̝̘̮͋́͛͌.̸͙̗͖̲͂͝ ̷͔̰̖̔̈,̶̡̯̼̰̌̏ ̸̝̲̩͍͋w̵̭͊̍é̶̞̝̒͒ͅ ̵͕̝̬̠͗̾͐f̸̺̬̥̀͌ř̶̺̭̘̍̌͜͠è̸̜̔ ̵̡̹͕͐͜d̵̦̣͉̅̾͘ ̴̢̲͉̇̈́̀͝y̵̞̰͍̑o̵̠̰͘ŭ̵̬̈̕ ̶̧̺̯̐́̚ͅf̴̬͔͝r̵̮̩͊̃̍͂͜o̷͚̓́m̷͓̳̦̒͛͝ ̸̯̊̿͘Ḫ̶̨̒͌͜͝ ̵̼̲̀̓͝ḻ̶̖͉͖̾̈̈́̐l̴̟̦̓̇͝.̴̥̦̜̫͒ ̶̺̦̘͍͐̒̿̊W̸͔̘͗̋́ ̵͈̺͈̅w̵̿͌͜e̷̟̝̫̜̽̏̋̈́r̷͇̼͙̂͌̈́̐ ̵̢͍͇̍t̵̩͑̑̑͝h̶̦̘̠͕͐̄̎ê̷̛͕r̸͉̗̺̊̈̑ȅ̶̪̹̣ ̵̞͙͗̌ẗ̵̢̹́ͅ ̴̧̰͚̌͗̉̽ ̶̡͍̖̊͌s̶̠̣̉e̸͎͌̈́̆ȩ̵̼̰̇̊̆̐͜.̶͕̿͘ ̴͍̓
    ̵̫̈́y̸̬̝͝ǫ̶̠̭͖̆̽̀͘ ̷̼̪̮̠̋ ̴͎͉̮͎͊͐͝͠f̷͔͛̄e̶̳͖̼̾̀̋á̶͎͙̲̔͝t̸̢̫͕͊͗̓̀ ̸̡̪̯͉̾̓̈́Ģ̵̖̗̼̑̔͌͑å̷͙̼͉ ̷̘͔͛͘o̴̞̤͈̬͛̾͑̀n̶͓͗ͅd̸̖̦͊ ̶̝̳̈ͅͅ ̸̺̀͋ ̶̡̬̠̃̓̍f̸͔̭̈́̐͊͂.̷̯͖͚͌̄͂ ̶̡̫͐̿̓B̷̼͔͆̏ǔ̷̡͈̱́͆̔ť̷̠̤̹̖ ̸̨̫͉̮̕h̷̠̗̐͌̅ ̴̫̈m̴̛͚̮̔̄͝e̴̪͛͆ ̸̱̙̘̋̈́͂̓w̷̤̏͂͛ả̴̮͉̕s̶̹͛͊͊
    ̷̨͚͕̑̀̐͝s̷͔̙͌̓͝ ̶͕͖͈̋͜͠͠ṯ̴̟͂ṛ̷̣͖͂̑o̷̳̍̊̎y̷̨̮̟̘̆̉̇͘ ̶̳̥̺̟̄a̸̦̜̬̭̒̍̑ṇ̴̨͐̄y̸̻̰̝̓w̶̯̅̐a̴͚͔̽̋͑y̸̛̘̤͋.̶̤̃̍.̸͚̝̗͆.̸͓̜̦̂̂͘͜"̸̞̈́͒

    "S...troy?" Giffany's eyes watered. "You don't mean 'destroyed', do you?"

    The ghost nodded slowly.

    "Oh!" Giffany's hands clasped to her cheeks. "Rex, what if your home was also destroyed!?"

    "My home wasn't destroyed!" The EVO snapped. "Providence is around here somewhere."

    "Ỳ̸̢̞̘̋̏o̴̢̜̜̽̌ ̷͖̉r̵͙̪̩̓̆̕ͅṡ̵͉̌ ̴̧͌̈͜m̶̱̎̎̑u̷͈̎s̷̥̱͒̈̓ ̸̰̺͐̇̽̄ ̶̡̎h̷̹̤͇͋a̴̧̔̐v̴̗̩̍ê̷̡̗̘ ̵͕̙̫̜̉̊̾̕b̵͈̦̓̀̓̌ẹ̶̫̬̈́̇e̸͍͓͍͊͋̊̉n̷̗̿.̸̟̲̮͑.̸̰͛̋.̸̗̘̩̆̈͌"̶̹̳̳̯̽

    Cloud had tried to keep tunnel vision on his meal and the unfolding mystery outside, now punctuated with a gunshot, but the conversation between Rex and his new spirit "friend" managed to keep a steady hold on his ears. "So some people here have had their homes destroyed. I doubt that means ALL of us, but suppose the same entity that destroyed Rex and Swiftg-ove's homes could also be coming for ours?"

    One mystery at a time, Cloud. One mystery at a time.
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    Yoriichi and Sam had a point. Whatever is dead can't possibly come back without some divine intervention. But blaming it on Oripathy? Quite a rushed assumption. Even Neb can see them clearly
    This spirit must've been one of their colleagues back in one of the many multiverses...

    Dule Troble... Hang on... Double Trouble? It might just be his hunch, but the spectre's starting to talk more clearly now, as they demonstrate what power they have left.

    Oh snap. Whatever they did to Shaw, even if it was a gentle nudge on the forehead, it certainly did something to her. And judging from the huge wound across their waist, which they gladly showed, they definitely did not make it alive, unlike Shaw and Ben... Neb's just hoping anyone here know of a divine intervention to help this poor soul

    Well, it's time to put his guesstimates to the test

    "This might just be a hunch, but... You're Double Trouble?... And you, Ben and Shaw were at Pandora at some point in time? And you.... didn't make it out alive?..." That last part was a bit hard to say for him, but he carried on "And now you need our help to stop your soul from fading away?... What can we do?"


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "Wh-wh-?" Rex was utterly broken now. He curled up, cradling his cranium. First he was stuck in Vegas, then he had the Necromorphs, and now he had pink pixel girls and magic cats who apparently had links between him and a disbanded multiverse organization? Utter madness! Where was Holiday when you needed someone who could guide Rex through these kinds of events? "Did my memory reset?! Am I in a coma?! If I was a part of this big, important group, why has nobody filled me in?! Who even are you people?!"

    "̸̯͙̫͌͑̿̌̿̆̃̾̾̽̕͠ͅŞ̶͎̹̻̭̻̣͕̥͓͖͐̽́̀̅̈̓̊̊̓̿͝t̴̨̛͓͈̣̥̭͍̺̘̱̦̲̒́̋̈́̒̃̂̂̚͝͠ ̶͖͕̫̪̦̯̯̖͎̼͆̍̒̒̀̏͜p̷̳̞͇̗͙͎̮̣͍̻̫͕̅ ̴͙̻́̂d̶̰͈̘̝̬̘̝̤̫̟͍̞̮̤̄́̅̈̄̓͌̐͆̀̚ͅḙ̴̩̠̩̪̪̗̟̰̳͚̾̎̿̑̈̇͒̉͂͘ň̵̛̹̼̼̮͇͈̖̈́̏̿̏͑̏̊̕y̴̛̪̦͈̥̹͇̔̉̎ ̷͚̬̖͍̠̼̈́̒̈́̇͂͒̄̇̏̏̽̄̉͛͠n̵̡̢̛̠̳̭̤̹͉͖̏̍̔̄̓̅̽̊g̵͓̠̥̞̳̟̯̤͎̳͓̟̘̥̐̓ ̴̢̡̬͔͇͈͓̺͇̝̮̩̅̀̏͠ͅĭ̵̢̨̨̜͉̪̩̣̜͈̙̰̾̾͒͘͘ͅͅţ̸̗̘̮̐̃̒̓̓͋̾͌̍͜!̵̧̨͎͇̲̬̻̥̠̲̯͍̥̜̉̋͆̂̎̉̐͝͠"̸̡̟̬͎̞̝̥̗̠̖̟̜͎̣̇̓̊͆̀̅̈́͝ The ghost snarled. "̶̧̩͍͇̹̦̻̲̪̜͇̟̼̩͈̂͌̋͆̇Y̸̗̺̣̯̆̄̀̅͌̍͑̍̇̒̐͝ͅo̴͕̙̱̐͗͐͂̇̏̕̚͜ ̸̧̢̛̛̥̩͕͖̝̥̯͔̫̟̯͌͒́̈̔̀̊͐͘̚͘͜ ̸̨̬̭͈͚͖̦̺̙͑̑̔̋̀̈́̈́̓̊̌̈́̏̕͝a̴̧̢̛̰̫̬̦̳͓̩͈̬͈̺̗͂̂̌̄͂̄̎͒̊͗͋́͝͝ͅȓ̷̡̩͍̪̘͇̳͇̃̆͌ḛ̷͚͓̩̐̂̆̌͗̎͝ ̵̧̡̝͚͈͕̬̹̰̣̪͈̲͐͑͂͒͒̈́a̷̮̠͍̟̫͎̺̣̭̓̉͒͐̒̏͛̄͊̂̿̓̚ ̴͙̮͕̞͚͈͕̱̈́̉̍̅l̸̦̱͔̙̱͖̺͈̙̀̃́́̇͛̚̚̚̚ ̴̛̛̹̖̉̍́̔̕s̶̢͚͚͙̻͇̼̫̞͚̦͋͑̋̀̑́͌͠ͅt̴̜̻̮̜̠̬̥̘͉͋͝ ̷̳͆́̔̑̏̅̌̋̀M̶̧̨̛͓̹̺̠̤̰̗̰͓͇̟̝͓̒̂̎̑̽̌̚P̶͍̣͔̪͙̖̙̞̦͔͇͌̓̆͒̋̃̏́̇̀̚͝F̴̨̲͙͕̙̦̠̬͍̝̳͙̻̀̏̀̾͂͛́̅̓͊͝ͅͅ ̵̫̊͠m̴̡̧̢̡̛̝̟͕̲̱͈͔͈̓̋̀̑͌̌̔͂̕̚͠͝e̸̢̡̛̩̰͇̱̙̟̥̟̦̭͊͂ ̴̧̧̟̲̠̬̜̺̼̼͙͎̻̗̍͂̊̽̑̾̎̿̒͛͌̀̄̍̉͜b̴̡̧̤̫̤͓̮͎̮̥̳̣̣̠̾͛̿̔͆̀̈ͅẻ̵̲͇̬̳͕͎͔̺͔̩̼̎͑͂́̉̊͘͜r̸̢̹̼̜͕͐̈́̎̓́͆̿͂̐̚̚͘!̵̝̇̒̆̎̏͑̚͘"̸̛͚̱͓͔̤̲͓͉̭̦̋̌

    "Rex, don't lose your head!" Giffany shouted nervously. "Let Julia examine your memories!"

    The boy nodded, then dipped his head toward the Espeon. "Julia, do it. Prove me innocent!"


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    Er, something like that, kinda... Julia replies to VV.

    The Espeon nods as Rex asks her to inspect his memories and closes her eyes, looking into his mind unless there was something to stop her.

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    Depending on how his memories were wiped, she might be able to restore them, but probably not. Either way though, she'd most likely be able to see the gaps where they'd been. "Hm..."

    If that was the case, Julia would show them to him by connecting the holes to his chain of memories, allowing him to 'remember' the missing memories - only, if he tried to actually recall them, he'd just draw a blank. "You see that?"


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
//Oh, God, PLEASE say I didn't end up killing this RP...

  • There was nothing stopping Julia from entering Rex's mindscape, aside from the EVO's anxiety. He bunched up and breathed sharply, muttering to himself, "Thisisweirdthisisweirdthisisweird-"

    Giffany merely laughed softly and hugged him. "It's okay, Rex. I know I'm not very soft, but I can keep you comforted anyway!"
    For what it was worth, though Rex's mind was a dry desert, it was far from lonely and deceased. In fact, it ran rich with confident, happy thoughts, which were encouraged by little mind ghosts of many different people the EVO had met throughout his life. Nobody, however, knew what to make of Julia; They stared at her like some kind of invading alien, and, if she wasn't careful, she would see a warning swipe from the figment of Six, Rex's handler and father figure. "State your business, creature." His voice was monotone, but quick and sharp, just like the blades he carried in his hands.

    "It's okay, Six, she's a friend." Rex's own voice echoed across the "sky".

    The Espeon would have to watch her step as she neared Rex's memories; There were, indeed, hungry gaps in the ground. If she looked up from those, she would finally come to his memories themselves, which had an identical issue. These, however, didn't look like natural gaps that would form in a wall after an earthquake or tornado. They were even and smooth, gently carved out like pieces of cake. Warm desert wind galloped through them.

    Also, there were glitchy figures flickering in and out behind her.


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    Julia finds one of those pesky mindscapes in Rex's head, forcing her to insert a figment of herself to play along.

    Rex's mindSure enough, what she found was something similar to what she had encountered with Lucky.

    Not this again... She thinks, facepawing with a sigh.

    The Espeon figment turns to look at Six. "I'm here to investigate like he asked. You should pay attention."

    She walks over to the memory 'wall', simply floating over holes in the ground - which she was capable of doing in the real world too - and nods to herself as she inspects it. "I suspected as much. This looks like an intentional wiping, not natural amnesia..."

    Julia takes note of the glitchy figures, but stays focused on the wall for now. With a wave of the figment's paw, she covers the gaps with temporary blank pieces just for demonstration purposes, to make them more visible for Rex.

    "You see that?"


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Assassin, Sasaki Kojirō
status: In japan, an inevitable fate...and
condition: normal​

So Sasaki watched as the conversation between Shaw, the serpentine-like wrath, and Nebula. The wrath, in particular, doing all in its power to convince shaw that it was at one point an ally. He kept his stern glaze as Duble implanted whatever unknown visions in the mind of the squirrel girl. So from the mess of word that this Wrath...Dreble? Drubble? Double Trouble? an odd name. But from what was said, she and a few others were tasked with some mission of importance? something about a throne. Then came the show of petty, or at least that how it spears to the Wrath in the mantle of "Sasaki Kojiro". Her claims of her very soul fading, her body...obviously long gone. And some sort of explanation on some "lost valley" where souls in Doubble's predicament are left to simply fade away into nothing. A fate that would be befitting for someone like himself, not that he would mind. But again, it is unclear why Double came to this place for something of a spiritual matter.

"...it's a unbefitting fate for you, but what you are asking for is nothing short of a miracle." It was blunt, maybe a bit rude depending on the person. But what was she going to get out of this place besides some sympathy?

"Unless someone here has the means to bind your soul to an anchor of some kind, you would be better off looking elsewhere. All we could do for you is to assist you on your passing."

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Remi looks completely unfazed

“So...everyone is a weird species of creatures in this dimension...? I’ll get used to that.”

She smiles back at her mistress

“Who are ‘The Heroes?’”

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More posts coming soon. Like, for real this time. I just have an essay to do and I don't have time to do others. Hang tight, please.

"Thanks fer the nice words, I guess." The sea captain dismissively waved at Zane before pausing to regain his balance. All this hopping around sure did remind him of his first time in Pandora. When his old, shabby wooden pegleg was shot off and replaced with his current one, well, he couldn't have been more grateful. It was so much more functional than his former prosthetic. God, it has only been less than five minutes, and Voss was already mourning. Guess bouncing around like a living pogo stick will do that to you. It was like the world's worst cruel joke.

"... I'd join ya, Zane. If I wasn't... ya know..."


"Believe me, I'd gladly tag along... if it means I'd have to stay with him if I don't..." Voss glared at Abbott, still wobbling on his singular leg.

"... Uhm... You know what? Going with you doesn't seem too bad of an idea right now, Zane!"

Thankfully, Stealth and Kieron arrived, helping to damper any anxiety Abbott may have had with accompanying his ex-captain alone. For a brief moment, Voss seemed prideful in response to Stealth's complement and had temporarily forgotten about everything he was so mad about. He patted what you would barely call a beard under his chin. Really, it was more like random tufts of hair scattered haphazardly across his face. It was like a shave gone wrong. I'd go on about how shitily-designed I made his beard, but Birb the Simp would strangle me if I did.

"Heh. Why thank ya. I worked very hard on it...! Glad ya like it- ..."

"YOU!" Well, so much for that. Voss began to hobble toward Kieron. He started to chew out his deserting First Mate the best way a veteran sea captain could. "Who the fuck do ya think ya are? Huh? I fuckin' fell in a pit, almost broke my goddamn neck, and yer first instinct at the first sign of danger is to go AWOL? What the hell is wrong with ya?! Wait, hold on, I know exactly what's wrong with ya, cur..."

Voss stopped to meekly chuckle before resuming. Kieron stood straight and stared at Voss during his tongue-lashing and the only form of acknowledgment he returned to the sea captain was the occasionally nervous take to either side of himself. Otherwise, he only gave a bad poker face to those around him.

"... Yer a coward. Actually, yer more than just coward. Yer a liability to lug around. Ye've caused me nothin' but trouble ever since I replaced this bastard," he threw a thumb behind him to point at Abbott. "With you. And ya know what? Yer not worthy t' be me First Mate. Yeah, I think I'll just-"

And then Voss finally lost balance and fell. He fell forward on his face, just shy of Kieron's feet. At the sight of this, Kieron's fear immediately shifted to that of pure smugness.

"Wow, haha. You were just gonna demote me? I thought you were gonna, like, flog me or something."

Voss replied in a mumble, not even bothering to lift his head. He sounded defeated. After a few moments of gathering himself, Voss kept mumbling, still yet to raise his head. He sighed.

"... Whatever... Where's... Where's the hippie? I thought I'd hear him by now..." Voss twirled his wrist in a motion as if he was waiting for some kind of answer from Denzel. Kieron didn't reply, however. He just returned to his regular nervous self. Yikes.


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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
"Well, when we're all lumped together, just about everyone is a weird creature to each other." Marnie folded her arms behind her head. "Even you. You're a human, right? Those are never seen in their natural form in the Pokémon world, they get turned into Pokémon."

"And as for who 'The Heroes' are, I don't know. Looks like it's not just living creatures who were plopped here."

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  • "I know what to do, and I've got just the alien for the job!"

    Ben dials his Omnitrix, and before he could slam his Omnitrix down, he shakes his head.

    "No, I'm not good enough," he rotates the dial away from his initial choice and slams it down, allowing a flash of green light to engulf him.

    "XLR8 will find someone who is!"

    XLR8, as this new form was called, quickly dashed out.

    "Speedyquick," Ifrit comments, "who is this someone though? And how long can she stay here before Ben comes back?"

    "We will see," Doctor speaks, then turns to the Lupo, "the report, is it not?"

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    Well, it's like what the guy in purple said, nobody here can raise the dead. Despite his magical powers even Neb has no clue how to do something like that... Looks like Ben was about to shapeshift into something... But he then quickly changed his mind and improvised with a plan B of sorts. After watching his new form (now a creature called Accelerate... Or XLR8), Neb decided to leave a few comments of his own

    "Well that's quick... Guessing I'm not the only one that can shapeshift round these parts... Let's just hope we still have time when he comes back to bring... Whoever it is..."

    To pass the time, Neb decided to read a book. Pulling one out of his spark (literally), he plopped it on the ground and flipped it to a bookmarked page, before lying down so he could read it closer. It's not like he could do anything to help anyway...
    He can only wonder what's going on in Shaw's mind... And whatever's going on in general....
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  • "Sure! I'm actually quite hungry right now." Gura happily said before she sits right next to Amelia. She doesn't seem to take note of her sweating, what with her being hungry and all. Just then, some blue alien bursts in just as the owner was about to ask something. Gura would turn to him and say "Excuse me, I would like to have what my friend has."

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