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  1. raephaeltaa

    Fandom fire emblem: three houses roleplay !! (。•̀ᴗ-) ♡︎♡

    heyhey! first off, i'm rae or rem, she/her, nice to meet you! i'm brand new to this site, but i've been rping and writing for about 6 years. it's one of my passions and one of my favorite creative outlets. i'm excited to hop on here and look for someone willing to do a fun fe3h rp! i am ALWAYS...
  2. riseofrosetico

    Fandom happy lantern rite ( genshin cc/cc )

    No fancy code here just a simple roleplay search for partners willing to help my current craving for genshin archon war era roleplay after that lantern rite story quest ideas: my primary craving is anything set within the archon war era of genshin though im especially interested in musing...