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Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

...The Demon Slayer couldn't quite say he agreed with the mentality others aside from Sam and Sasaki were having. This person was dead, the dead cannot walk with the living anymore. He knows because he, himself, is a dead man walking. His time was long gone- if saving 'lifes,' saving 'others' who were already gone and spirits was so easy like that...Then what do the sacrifices other brave men and women mean to history? It just didn't feel right, they weren't gods, they weren't beings of great power who could simply shift life and death like that...The Demon Slayer could only look at the side as those thoughts rushed through his mind. Sam and Sasaki seemed to agree with him in different ways, but...

"It simply isn't right," Yoriichi muttered, looking off to the side. "The dead deserve rest. We aren't gods...Controlling life or death isn't our job." Refusing death was something terrible in his experience. Not in the sense to accept it whenever it comes- but to try and stop it in the way of becoming immortal, trying to come from the dead- break the natural laws of this world and whoever crafted them. To simply spit into the face of those who died for a single person was a mentaliyu much like demons.

But either way, Yoriichi didn't say anything else, simply looking to the side.


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Remi looks puzzled.

“Pokémon world..? Why would Bulwar send me here? Or was it really a random dimension I’d go to...”

A small white stone starts to morph from Remi’s hand. She’d clutch it close and look at it.

“Still got this to take me back...just in case...”

She glances from her mistress to the stone and back to her mistress again.

“I doubt you’d want to follow me back home when peace has been restored again. Other than that—do you need anything, Mistress?”

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We don't want zombies on our lawn!
Right Hand Man
Location: Tokyo, Ramon shop
Right Hand Man.png

The guy was laying on the ground for a while before he finally get's up on his hand and coughs. "Where...where am I?" He questions himself while panting. Soon he would get up looking noticeably damaged judging by him shambling and holding his cybernetic arm, his cybernetic eye was also slightly damaged and glitching out. He then leads himself over to the ramen shop to see everyone inside. "What's this then?" He asks again still panting. His vision was a little blurry but he could still make out a few people but not many.

Attesa Attesa and the other people in ramen shop


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Zdzieszowice, Poland

“Guess we'll find out sooner or later.” Nero spoke, “But for now....the hell do we do with these guys?”

“Is there even anything we could do with them?”

Kazer asked, Arena circling around him leisurely as it kept his eye on the carcasses of the Empusa-s.

“I'd say a clean-up is order if we don't wish to be scorned at for-”

A sudden clank alerted the trio to a presence several meters behind them. What greeted them was....a bespectacled man donning what looks like a bulletproof vest, a tactical helmet, some elbow and knee pads while being armed with an assault rifle as he scrambles out of an empty trash can that he was evidently hiding inside of.

“You're a little late there Private Ryan. What kept you?”

Nero joked as the stranger stood up and dusted himself off as he approached the trio.

“Well uh...it was actually meant to be for self-defense in case they found me while I was analysing their behaviour. I probably wouldn't have stood a chance against them though in hindsight.”

He sheepishly admitted before Kazer stepped forward.

“"Analysing their behaviour", you say?”

“Y-yes. It's a first for demons like these guys here to be roaming around the world unlike every other interdimensional beings which we're now used to-”

“Woah woah hold it,” Nero quickly cut in, “You made it sound like this has been going on a for a long while now. What with other people like us being trapped in this world and...”

The demon slayer gradually trailed off, the realisation of their situation sinking in before the bespectacled man spoke.

“I'm sorry if it hurts to hear this but...indeed. In fact years have passed since people from other worlds like you arrived and stayed here. There wasn't any reports of them ever finding a way to return back either.”

(Any longer and it would've become a huge info dump so I'll have him pause there)
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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "Excuse me? Intentional wiping?" Rex narrowed his eyes. "Who would want to wipe out memories, let alone the ones that have nothing to do with my upbringing at Providence? Van Kleiss wouldn't just wipe random ones."

    "Oh, we suffered an attack." Six muttered, sheathing his katanas. "The body seems to have outright died. Everyone was knocked unconscious. When we woke up, the memory gallery looked like this. Nobody even remembers what those missing spots were, but we think it has something to do with the hauntings within this mind."

    Every time Julia tried to fill the gaps, Rex briefly remembered staring at a blank wall. "Uh, Julia, are you implanting memories of me at a modern art museum or something?"

    On the outside of his head, Giffany was still holding him tight as he tensed. "It's okay, you're doing great, Rex, you're doing great...Oh, hi, sir!" She waved passively at the cyborg stick man. "This is a really bad time for me right now, the most I can tell you is that you're in a ramen shop in Tokyo."

    She almost discharged when Accelerate blasted in, but for once managed to stop herself. "Double Trouble? Who's...Oh, no..." She wished she couldn't put the pieces together so easily. "...Swiftgove, are we being invaded by fading ghosts like yourself?"

    "W ca e to thi world for h lp." The critter confirmed, trembling head to toes. "We don't wa na go..."


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
"Well, okay..." Rex opened his eyes, relaxing slightly in Giffany's arms. His normally dark sand-colored skin had turned as white as a tortilla. "So...I actually...I'm...I might be from another...And I don't..."

"Welcome to the club." Giffany jested lightly.


We don't want zombies on our lawn!
Right Hand Man
Location: Tokyo, Ramen place
Right Hand Man.png

As he was scanning the ramen shop one of the people inside, being a pink haired girl in a school uniform, noticed his presence and waved passively. She also said that now wasn't the best time for chitter chatter at the moment since she's kind of busy right now, but she did say where he ended up, witch was a ramen place in Tokyo.
"Right then, thanks." He nods in response still seemingly damaged. While he was waiting he looks up at the sky for a moment and growls. Maybe he was trying to fight someone or was just minding his own business, but it probably had something to do with him in the sky and the being transported here.

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Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
So, the funny thing about being able to get out of the Underworld- while another familiar white-haired, legendary demon hunter sure was happy to get out of it alongside his brother after a good, long-ass time of just beating demon ass senseless with basically no breaks in-between, he wasn't as pleased that the next location he ended up on wasn't the streets he's grown so used to over the years.

See, it was pretty funny, actually. One moment he and Vergil were cutting down demon after demon while annoying the hell out of each other, (well, more like he was most of the time), and the second, a portal relatively similar but still different to the ones the Yamato creates came into being in front of them both. They didn't jump into it instantly, obviously. There was a bit of a back and forth between them- was it a trap? Maybe Vergil unlocked some new secret power that let him just shit out portals midair? And maybe it was just a really, really big coincidence that had no right being this big? It was all good theories and all to the two sons of Sparda, but at the end of the day, they agreed on one thing: Probably a way out.

When Dante passed through the portal with a loud yell akin to a kid finally getting out of school after a long day, and Vergil sighing but going through with regardless, he was pretty happy for a while- untiiiil he realized it wasn't the sort of portal he was used to, and it felt more like he got kicked in the balls of his atoms all at once, and Vergil got separated from him in an almost expected, and ironic manner.

A bright light came into his eyes as he realized, for a moment, that with a loud and unexpected crash, that his body fell inside a really shitty trashcan, placed conveniently near to the kid of his brother, some random lass, and Private Ryan.

The trashcan, of course, had suddenly a large dent on its inside bottom, and while it was relatively empty, it still smelt like shit and was sticky everywhere. The smell of sad anchovies and pizza could almost be smelt into the air, as from the inside, like a deadbeat uncle, Dante, the just-ate-a-lot-of-shit Devil Hunter rose from it, with a small slice of pizza that was probably just lying on the inside of the trashcan lazily resting upon his head.

"Okay," He spoke with a bit of a hiss and a groan. "Never taking another freebie portal like that again..."

Emiya Shin

Just a dumbo

Tokyo - Rhodes Island HQ

This time, Sam merely observed the ongoing conversation, and even witnessed possibly a possession of some sort in Shaw from that mysterious ghostly figure. She was not exactly enthused about the current situation, while hoping that it can be resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, Ben seems to know someone that can help them in the current matter, and he zoomed out from the HQ within an instant. The white-haired Lupo finally broke from her bystander mode when the Dokutah asked her about a report.

"Report?" She blinked at the Dokutah, before she somewhat remembered her previous obligations. "Oh! If you want to have the subway event detailed in a written report, sure thing. Though I may need to get back to my dorm for that. I can get that report done by tomorrow if you wish, Dokutah."

Then Sam turned to Shaw, after noticing the part that there could be... more of those... ghosts?

"Wait a minute. Shaw, did you just said that there will be more... ghosts like them? Also, how are you feeling right now? Did Silence's concoction worked on you?"

Interactions: Dokutah Crow Crow , Shaw - P PopcornPie
Mentions: Bio-Beta - Attesa, Nebula - SkipTheKip, Claire Redfield - TheElenaFisher, Sasaki Kojiro - laix_lake, Yoriichi Tsugikuni - Celestial Speck



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Remi looks puzzled.

“Go home? This only leads to one place: where I come from, Andalucia. When we find your friend, maybe I can take you there to live a more peaceful life?”

The stone melts back into Remi’s hand.

“My services would sadly come to an end with you though.”

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Listenin' to Theocracy!

So here's the deal, I'm gonna start out with some shorter posts this time. As always, message me if you need me to reply, because I'm bound to forget some folks. I really just wanna get my creative juices flowing again.

  • Ramen Shop

    Son of a gun. Does Eric always have to look like an idiot in front of everyone? He glances away from Natasha, unable to meet her eyes from the embarrassment. "Oh... right, sorry. Okay, um, let me just... try this..."

    A few seconds of concentration later, Eric's voice pops into Natasha's head. No one else is able to hear it, of course, apart from Julia and any other skilled psychics in the room. Hello? I-is it working?

    Kleur, all the while, takes any new orders from the newcomers and gets down to cooking. He's stumbling around a little less- is he sobering up a little? The wolf's snout twitches in Marvin's direction as he goes about his business. "Oi, Eric, yer' cleanin' up yer' friends' messes, right?"

    "Yeah," the Espeon responds simply.

    Kleur scoffs and pours more sake into a shot glass, sliding it over to Cass. "Ya' look like yer' having a good time, so take this on the house." He then gets right back to cooking and quickly serves Syl and Crescendo their meals. Unless I already said he did and forgot which is actually pretty likely. "We've got everything you see on the menu, kid," he then informs Gawr. "American, Japanese- got food from both sides of the planet."

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    "Damn. You look exhausted," the soldier comments as he outstretches a hand for the, uh... honestly what do we even classify Princess Iced Cream Sparkles as. "You still look like you're gonna need a hand in getting home. We can escort you there. C'mon. It's safer, 'specially after that robot attack an hour ago."

    Robot attack, hm?


    LUCY222 LUCY222


    "You were?" the man asks in surprise. If that was a reference, he's not getting it. "Well, it is good you are still alive today, right?" A chuckle. "I am Akimitsu. It is nice to meet you, Ms. Vitan." He bows respectfully.

    He glances up at the sky. Not so much of a starry night, being in the bright city of Tokyo and all. But beauty can be found in even the darkest of skies, right?

    "It is odd. Even after the attack, it still feels peaceful, as if nothing could truly touch this land."

    Chungchangching Chungchangching







The cold city air seems to sting today, static on my skin. Rising now. And yet, that’s not the cold air, is it? That’s a chill. An icy pest gripping it’s fingers up under my pores, curling a cold spell into my skin. What is that? WHO is that..???
A snake curling his way through my ear; some velveteen voice decorated in chocolate.

Who the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... HOLY SHIT IT’S THAT FUCKING LOSER AGAIN. Nobody any of you would actually KNOW, but... OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT.


Haha. Wow, that was easy.
Lucy’s passed out on the concrete. Which means...

I’ll be taking over the narrative- Hello, readers. Hello. I don’t believe we’ve been acquainted yet- I guess I’m the “FUCKING LOSER” she was referring to.

Peculiar as it is to be narrating someone else’s story, here I am. Always left with everyone else’s mental messes, huh? Always left here to untangle them. But... Guess what? I don’t give a damn about cleaning this up for her. Nope- you know what I’d really like? A laugh. And I’ll sure as hell get one.

For now, however? I’ll leave her passed out on the concrete sidewalks of Tokyo- right outside of that ramen shop. I have something to attend to, anyway- someone. I won’t be long. It was nice meeting you, reader. Goodbye.


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • At last, Vegan Velociraptor came into the ramen shop. "Sorry I'm late, I was investigating some things. Did Julia spread my bad Necromorph news?"

    "Huh?" Giffany, still struggling to comfort a shell-shocked Rex with his meal, turned pale herself. "...What news?"

    "You guys won't like this, but either Necromorphs respawn, or someone stole the bodies for their own purposes."

    "What?! Oh, no, if they're still alive, they might cause a pandemic!"

    "God, what else could go wrong today?!" Rex grumbled.

    "Y u coul be fuc in dying." Swiftgove growled.

    "Oh, yeah, I guess we gotta..." Rex rubbed his chin. "So, just what happened that killed you?"

    "Th mul ive se we bel ng d to must've been over hel ed, so it col apsed and took us wit it."

    "We're dealing with collapsed multiverses now!?" Vegan Velociraptor clawed at his head. "I wonder if Umbrella came out of it."

    "I unno. I tho gh the MPF def ted Wesker."

    "I think you're all overreacting about that blood drive." Giffany rolled her eyes. "Let's get back to the ghost troubles. Swiftgove, just how many of you died?"

    "Uhhh..." Swiftgove tapped his tail-fingers. "Las thing I rem mber was thousa ds of us on a batt e field."

    "Oh, boy. I hope the Ghostbusters arrived in this world..."
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  • Sweatdrop.png
    Tiny?! Wait...
    "Alien Invasion...?"
    I haven't heard of that before...Yet again, I did just come here.
    "I'm...afraid I haven't. Is that why there's so little people around...? What happened?"
    I replied to the...creature. I didn't show any concern for their non-human appearance.


Owner of your soul

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    "Ooh, thanksss, big boyyy," Cass takes the new glass and sips it. "Hehehehe..."

    Syl sits with William, and Ori on her other side. She smells her food once it arrives. "Mmm..."

    Julia smiles and pats Rex's shoulder. "Just know you're not alone in this. You'd be surprised how many have gone through something similar."

    She shakes her head when VV arrives and asks if she spread his news. "Not yet."

    The Espeon sighs as the others, predictably, start freaking out about the news VV shared. "Yeah, I was thinking about heading somewhere else. I was going to do it here, but evidently it's not safe..."

    Yeah... Natasha replies through the telepathy Eric started with her.

    It's just...the whole thing with you being old is weird, but also... The Glaceon frowns. I made a fool of myself in that fight with those things...


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Remi suddenly looks disappointed.

“Well...if you follow me home, I’ll be serving my king again. Of course we can stay friends, but...I wouldn’t be serving you as a maid. You’d be free to visit the palace though!”

Now she looks guilty...

“S-Sorry Mistress...”

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Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!

  • DenzelDepressed.png

    Denzel mindlessly drummed on his surfboard as he tried and mostly failed to understand what Giffany was retelling. This was his only, what, second time meddling in multiversal affairs? Yeah, this was still very new to him. And it wasn't like he wanted to do any of this. If it wasn't for Voss, Denzel would likely still be living in his humble shack on the beach, surfing to his heart's content. Boy, did he feel homesick all of a sudden, now.

    At some point, Denzel chose to stop drumming and noticed that most, if not everyone, had left where they were to get food. Initially, the surfer declined the offer to tag along, but after a few seconds of being alone, he quickly retracted that statement. After all, Denzel would hate to be by himself when something else happened to pop up. Denzel caught up with the group and remained at the back of the group.

    Upon arrival, the pirate decided to take a seat by himself within the restaurant. It was was nice, as the establishment itself seemed to specialize in a variety of food. Specifically ramen. Ramen was hard to beat, but oddly enough, Denzel hadn't bothered to eat. He hadn't actually told anyone about what he wanted to eat in his depressed stupor, and he figured it was too late now. Besides, the surfer was far too anxious to eat... maybe. This was the lie he put in his little head, anyway.

    Eventually, while everyone else was eating and Denzel resumed drumming his hybrid on his booth, the mention of ghosts caught his attention. He didn't actually see the aforementioned ghost, nor did he pause his drumming. He only stopped once he heard the spirit respond to Rex, in which Denzel stammered and straightened.


    The pirate got all of this out of context. Regardless, he shifted in his seat, repositioning his surfboard to use as a sort of shield. He faced toward the spectre, Rex, and Giffany (as well as whoever else I may have missed.)

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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.

  • "A safer place, huh? But people are going to think of us as the first line of defense now, so we shouldn't abandon them." Hinaro meowed. Using her keen sense of smell, Hinaro was able to lead herself and Denzel to the ramen shop. She'd been eating her rice balls peacefully in a corner, expecting the peaceful situation to last.

    Boy, was that too much to ask for.

    "Ghost?! Emer, did you return?!" The Glameow's bristling only intensified when the spirit turned out to be some creature she had never seen before. "Whoever you are, don't try anything, I'm sure Marnie has some Dark type TMs in here!" She started to rifle through the bag, grumbling.

    "Oh, yeah, speaking of her, it's not just bad news I have. Check it out!" Vegan Velociraptor delivered Emer's body onto Giffany's seat, much to the girl's delight.

    "Yay, you saved Emer's body!" Giffany chirped. "Did you see her ghost anywhere?"

    "No. I saw a shadowy figure in the street, but they disappeared before I could get a closer look."

    "Oh. Maybe that was one of the Necromorphs? We'll have to track it later. Hey, Swiftgove-san, maybe you'll be saved if you took Emer's body over for a while?"

    "I hope that works!" The white-cheeked Dromaeosaurid drummed his fingers as he positioned himself in front of Denzel. "I didn't know ghosts could even deteriorate, it's super creepy..."

    "It's wif glove. An I'm ke n to try anything." Swiftglove slowly inserted himself into Emer's body, but the Braixen barely showed any sign of life regardless. "I'm not s re if it wor ng..."

    "Maybe you just need to rest your soul. Here, some of my ramen will perk you up!" When Giffany tried to lower some of her ramen into Swiftglove's mouth, it slipped off her fork and landed on his neck, bringing him to yelp before Giffany sheepishly corrected her mistake.

    "You think he's one of yours, Denzel?" Hinaro inched closer to the sailor, her eyes narrowed and focused on the paranormal situation. "Did you often encounter ghosts on the seas?"

    Meanwhile, despite Julia's efforts, Rex was far from comforted. "Julia, that's really not a good thing. It means that an entire multiverse problem has been covered up, that people are also stranded in other worlds with no idea how they got there, and that I don't know who they are and can't find them!"

    "Rex, look on the bright side. It had to have been done to protect you." Giffany ruffled his hair. "And if Swiftglove is from your old world, then he's bound to know what was going on!"

    "I do." The spirit affirmed.

    "And I bet we can find whoever really sent you here, and then you can get your memories back! We might have to battle them, but sometimes you just need to fight for a friend!"

    While all this was going on, the same nine tailed creature Accelerate passed by was watching from within the kitchen. Could he help? Sure. Did he want to help right now? No, everyone freaking out over the dead Swiftglove was funny.


Owner of your soul

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    Julia sighs and shakes her head, tiredly closing her eyes. "Well yes, but...see, I'm not worried about it for myself."

    She nods her head in Asha's direction, the Eevee currently eating ramen messily, as a fairly obvious example. "It's just, not all of us are exactly fighting fit."

    The Espeon looks up and frowns at Emer's body and the ghost, grimacing at the thought of him possessing a literal corpse.

    But she can't help but chuckle a bit at what Rex says. "Thank you, captain obvious. But what are you going to do about it? You're not going to accomplish anything by just worrying your head off. So loosen up a little."
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“Don’t get the wrong idea- women can do whatever is legal. I just have been serving people since...well as long as I remember.”

Remi puts a hand behind her head.

“T-Thank you for the compliment Mistress. I am just who I am. If you want, after we find your friend, I can take you to my home to live a more peaceful life. You have guilds in your world correct?”

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Listenin' to Theocracy!

  • Ramen Shop

    Eric blinks.

    Made a fool of yourself? Natasha, just because you might've been caught off guard by some new kind of enemy doesn't mean you made a fool out of yourself. You've never dealt with Necromorphs before. Heck, I haven't either, but at least I had the luxury to read up on them beforehand. You didn't make a fool out of yourself. You just underestimated how durable those things are, just like anyone else would. And... really? Made a fool out of yourself? You're talking to someone who makes an actual fool out of himself every day. You don't call me an idiot all the time for no good reason. I've always been the weakest link, Natasha. I wasn't born a Pokemon, and I was never as strong as a real one. I could never beat you. But that's why I look up to you. It's why I made the decision to pick up a sword, it's why I came back to the Expedition Society in the first place. You're my inspiration. An inspiration that led me to the Vast Continent and pushed me to help defend it against Eternatus. That's exactly why I can't accept what you're saying.

    The wolf, Kleur, grunts at Gura. "Can give ya' a cheeseburger and I can give ya' ramen. Assumin' that's what ya' mean. Better have enough to pay for it, kid." A few minutes later, he slides the two piping hot dishes towards her.

    That was fast

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    PRINCESS ICED... cream... sparkles?

    Concerned, the soldiers surround Princess Iced Cream Sparkles. A few orders can be heard from the higher ranks. 'Pick her up, bring her to a hospital' and the like. The small gathering grab hold of her and raise her up- if they can, that is- and carry/drag her down the streets, off to a safer place than some random Tokyo sidewalk.

    ...anyway, while they're doing that, I need to deal with this side of the fourth wall.

    I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want. I just want to know who you're talking about. Please don't hurt anyone here. This is just supposed to be a fun roleplay. Please.

    LUCY222 LUCY222

  • The food came fast, but not as fast as her confusion and disappointment. "...eh?" She stared at what she got. She was hoping for a combination of the two, not separate. "Um...I don't mean two separate things, just a fusion between the two?" She said shyly, hoping for the owner to understand.

    Attesa Attesa Crow Crow

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