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Lycan Queen

Hello there, Ive decided to do something different with my interest checks for once. I'm going to make one thread of all my original ideas and update it as needed with what I'm in the mood for.

Details about me as a partner:

- I am 21+ and am a manager to a Senior Citizens Center, so my work schedule varies depending on which employee I'm helping for the day. I can work anywhere from a 4 hour shift to a 12 hour shift and I could have to be in bed by 11pm (est) for work or as early as 8pm (est), again it differs based on the shift. So I can have very free days or ones with only a few hours to reply. Alternatively however I have guaranteed weekends off unless I make special plans myself, so I will have at least two days a week to reply multiple times.

- My only fluent language is English so I ask that my partners are too. Ive had trouble working with non fluent partners recently and its only stressful to both of us if we cant communicate properly.

- I typically write long responses and expect at least a few sentences at minimum from my partners. That minimum is okay for dialogue scenes that require a bunch of back and forth. I also stress making character reactions seem realistic even in fantasy settings. If your character has been devoid of love their whole lives I expect them to crave it deep down, yet expect rejection. If your character was traumatized I expect them to have real ptsd symptoms and unless something alters their behavior, have fears and triggers or qualms with the incident. These are just some examples, I really love character growth.

- I rp a lot of mature themes so please assume all will be 18+ or ask if unsure before we get too far. Gore and sexual themes are something I have a lot of experience in and enjoy doing.

Now on to the ideas! I'll try to keep them brief but I have a bunch of ideas and world details that I'd love to share if any spark your interest.

🌟- absolutely craving
💜- open now, ready for
🚫- not in the mood or have one going, wait to reopen
👍- might be open to, just ask

The Secret Witch at the Mage's Academy 18+

🚫 M/F
This idea has fallen through a lot due to people ghosting after only a couple replies, so don't volunteer unless you're serious. This applies to all ideas. This one has a lot of room for you to make up magic for yourself in a modern fantasy setting so have fun with that!

The idea essentially calls for a male mage who has a rare talent in specialized transformation magic. He acts as if 2 different students at the academy for your own reasons. He attends this prestigious modern day academy on an island. One day a woman joins mid semester and rumors spread about how accidents always seem to happen around her, and how lower mages cant controls themselves around her. She is secretly a witch trying to research or find a mage capable of curing her corruption, or killing her if need be. Witches in this universe are founts of magic that turn chaotic and lose their sense of self after a certain age, the magic becoming them. The male mage befriends her as both his identities until eventually he falls for her, vowing to find a cure to her corruption as she slowly slips into chaos.

Warring Mage Factions 18+

🚫 M/F
This idea also calls for a male mage, but more so in the context of a soldier to fight for his temple. As long as he can remember, his Northern temple outside of the Forest of Dreams has been at war with the Southern Temple. The masters of the temples claim that long ago one wronged the other and they have been destined to destroy the other since. And your soldier of magic is quite content with that, after all they highly outnumber the Southern Temple's mages 10 to 1. And yet they have still never won in all these years. He vows to change this until he comes head to head to with the biggest threat from the Southern Temple's army: a beastly woman of incredible physical ability that rarely even uses her magic. She always there, a shield for the other side's forces, and always victorious over her opponent. Until she clashes with you and the two of you find yourselves seeking eachother out in every battle, the ferocity soon turning to passion. You wonder why it is you even fight anymore, and your temple wonders where your loyalties lie...

The Target of a Demonic Contract 18++

🚫 M/F
A hateful and vengeful college student accidentally summons forces of darkness to kill those who have wronged him. He gives them 4 targets: a thief, a bully, a corrupt teacher, and a crush who rejected him. 3 spirits appear to him to fufill his wishes: The Haggard, The Tall, and The Marionette. The marionette takes the form of a beautiful girl, designed by the student's nasty inner desires to properly trick all those he hates, as well as to have for himself once he's been avenged. One victim falls, two... The bully is next, you, a lusty male that is ripe for victimization by the Marionette's hands. But as the Marionette begins to lure him to his doom with her decietful words and actions, she discovers the bully is not what her master painted him as. Her master, whose disgusting nature made him see the world as his enemy. Including the broken man you play. She only has so much time before her lack of action in obligation to her master starts deteriorating her, and the master grows more angry by the day for his wish not being fufilled. His toy treats his enemy like a king. But the Marionette is becoming more and more sentient, and your character and the friends she's made is what she is willing to turn to dust for...

Human Among Elves 18+

🚫 M/M
You're a male human who goes by V. You get lost one day in the mountains with no memory of how you got there, but you've stumbled down the mountainside and into a strange sapphire pool that stains your skin pale blue. Confused and unaware of where you are, you are rescued by a village of blue skinned elves, who mistake you for a lost blonde woman of their kind. They call you a lost princess and offer you shelter until your memory returns to you. You agree, trying to keep up the image of the lost and poor woman. But the village is strangely without a common standard for beauty between genders and everyone seems to swing both ways and have open relationships. You are protected by the leader however, and he "reminds" you of their ways, including the annual battle between clans for an ancient relic that blesses them with luck for the coming year. This battle must take place before the year is up to decide the next holder. The village's rivals for this year who wish to have the relic for themselves are a barbarian tribe out in the forest, led by Dirk the Unstoppable as chief. When he issues his challenge he declares another unrelated: that he will claim V the mystery princess as his bride in a duel. He brings you gifts and declares his love for you several times over until too much time has passed for the battle of the relic. The council of elves forces both villages to compete in a quest for the relic to decide who claims it, V volunteering to help her friends as well as watch Dirk to make sure he's safe. When death nearly takes him, V must decide whether or not to save Dirk... in the only human way he can.

Magical Articfacts and a Hero In Disguise 18++

I've made a lone post about this one at one point, but I figured I would add it to this post.

Seven ancient talismans, found by married archeologists, are studied and prepared for exhibit. Their daughter who has joined them on many trips, is allowed to sit in with them during studies. But VEGA, the company who ordered the excavation, orders a silent kill of the archeologists, planning to use the talismans for warfare. Their daughter, who evades capture, returns to steal the talismans herself and uses their magic to escape, hiding them in a canyon and using their power to run on foot. The power of the talismans transforms the user into an animal to gain a certain ability. Wolf: voice, Bear: strength, etc.

As the wolf, she passes herself off as a lost dog to a male tourist, who takes her home to his gated community nearby to care for her while he looks for her owner. The night of her escape, the community is put on lockdown in order for VEGA to find their thief and the talismans. So for every night after, she turns back into her human self in order to plan, scout, and make her escape once again. Her new temporary 'owner' discovers her as a human in his bathroom one night and for the following weeks he is convinced he's dreaiming up the woman his dog becomes. He battles with the morality of falling for a dream version of his dog, but he's also surprised he is able to dream up such a background for her. But while scouting during the day she's discovered, and VEGA takes the wolf talisman, leaving her trapped as the wolf. Through all her ingenuity she must convince her owner that she's a real person, and to take her to the other talismans before its too late.

Siren and Shiphand 18++

A young man has worked on ships for most of his life (can be a pirate or just a boathand to any kind of vessel). He does the little chores like mop the deck, cut vegetables in the kitchen, and feed the animals on board that serve as their food along their voyages. The sea is all he's known. On one trip he becomes enamored with a girl they fish from the water amongst a shipwreck. Though all alone and without family, she has a witty attitude and a fiesty nature that isn't like that of other girls. Their romance buds and he finds himself looking for her at night when everyone is asleep, but sometimes she just disappears. When a storm hits and he's thrown overboard, he could swear that his shipwreck crush pulled him from the depths. Meanwhile one of the other crew members goes missing during the storm... He's conflicted... is the woman of his dreams real? Or a siren hungry for the flesh of his crew, looking to make the ship her buffet?

Alternatively: Your character is thrown overboard during a storm and washes ashore on a deserted island. While her sisters pursue the ship he came from, a lone siren follows him around the island. Appearing to be a mystical mermaid of beauty that swims to watch him in curiosity. She appears to him in the streams that split through the island and leaves him food and supplies she finds. Though he tries over and over to coaxe her into letting him go to her anx meet her in person, she gracefully evades him for days before humoring his awe stricken state. She never speaks in sentences, only sings to him. He falls hard, hoping the sea angel will help save him from the island, but she secretly lies in wait to devour him...

The Princess and her Bodyguard (Fantasy version) 18++

🌟 M/F
In a land where the normal subjects of a kingdom are looked after by their royal family, their king is a werewolf. For hundreds of years the men of the family have been given the power to become monstrous wolves whenever they chose, with certain constraints surrounding them. They can make their guards wolves as well, and use them to breed the princesses when no males are born. Princesses can't become wolves themselves, but are naturally fierce and strong in their own right, which makes their sons all the more powerful when they marry other wolves.

You are a demon, or a half demon at least, cursed as a child or born to a demon father who took advantage of your mother. Through the efforts of the wolf queen, you are brought into the castle as a guard, though not to be made a wolf. In fact, you not being a wolf is why she wants you specifically to look after her daughter. Her illness soon takes her from the world and the princess, the only child the queen bore, is now under your care. The king, cold even before his wife died, prepares his daughter to grow into the curse of the wolf and take a mate amongst his favorite guards. But for years the princess has made it clear she has no intention of being the ruler she's expected to be, and you've fallen deeply in love with her. Her mother wanted you to protect her though, and your duty is to only see to her safety, and it is not your place to let your feelings be known. But as the princess begins her first change into the wolf curse, she's locked away, to only be visited by a single man: her betrothed. The nature of the wolf will push her into mating with him, but as she cries out for help the last time you see her, your promise to the queen compels you to save her from her forced fate.

The Haunted Forest Gone Wrong... 18++

🚫 M/F, M/M

You're a simple person, invited to a haunted forest event with your neighbor and their grandchild. Both are sweet enough and it isn't like you had any family you would've rather seen. Upon arriving, the introductory act that the coordinator plans for you shows you only a hint of what you're in for. A tattooed man, beautiful beyond words, seems to become some dark angel before your very eyes. The coordinator, whose decaying makeup is incredibly convincing, says this is because his employees are all "Freaks", abominations of man and to beware the terrors within. Its all horrifyingly convincing within the forest, until the scares seem too real and the beautiful opening act says he'll protectntou if you only follow him out of the forest...

Imaginary Friend Not So Imaginary 18++ (horror)


You've grown up having a normal life, except for one thing: Your parents have always been unnaturally protective of you. But you dont think about it too much because scary things have always happened in your town, but that doesnt mean you dont wish you had more freedom. After all, you've voiced this to your imaginary friend Red ever since you could remember. Sure Imaginary friends usually go away by the time a girl turns 18, but you didnt mind that you could still see Red. Your friends had played with Red as kids, but even they thought you were weird for still drawing little doodles of him and using him as the subject of your creative writing essays.

Its your last year of high school and your 18th birthday has come and gone, but your parents have grown more and more paranoid as the year has gone on. You've decided on college and all of your dreams, and you choose to stay close to home so you can still see Red, who's very happy for you despite never having spoken before. His mouth has always been stitched shut. Finally, however, your parents have put their foot down: they're sending you away to a distant relative you've never even met, saying it's for your own safety but going as far as to slap you when you protest for a reason why. In your heartbreak, you drive the neighborhood and cry before eventually coming home. You go straight to your spot in the forest you share with Red, but he bbn isnt there. When you get back to the house, youre horrified to see blood... Red sits beteen the corpses of your parents and his red sticky hands clutch a book sadly. He holds it out to you with a pleading look and his crimson gaze asks that you read it for yourself. The newspaper article title on the cover is all it takes for your stomach to sink.

Project Soldier 18+


The year is 3015 and ASAN, formerly known as NASA, has moved into a new era of reviving extinct flora and fauna of an abandoned earth lost to nuclear devastation a millennium prior. You're a scientist (subject to background change) currently working in the gene splicing program. While most of the station focuses on replanting vegetation and breeding extinct animals, you're supposed to pave the way for humans to breed with other species should their safety be threatened again. There's an accident in your department one day that sends you into a forbidden recreational room across deck for your coworker... putting you into contact with an experiment you weren't cleared to be around. (Open to say whether you knew about it depending on background). Experiment 007, also known as Project Soldier, is a nineteen year old that looks like any young woman. But she's actually a successful gene splicing experiment created to be the perfect weapon for ASAN's military forces. Her composition is that of human and ancient Dire Wolf, who for biological reasons had been isolated from all contact with males. With no undoing your contact with her, you're assigned to be her new handler and to take over her exams and training until cleared for the final phase. And although you treat her only as an animal and an experiment, 007 has never seen a male before and makes teaching and studying her incredibly difficult, all the while, she starts learning more human behaviors from you as her scientific creator plans for her inevitable use of furthering the project.

Church: The Warrior and the Succubus 18++

🌟 M/F
For centuries the church has had it's own network of holy warriors: the nuns, healers gifted in restoring things to their former glory. The missionaries, who would spread the faith by performing miracles to the people. And the lesser known hunters, a position created before the bible itself for those skilled enough in combat to be given the arts to contain and battle demons. All of these positions are given special tattoos by the church to be connected to the heavens and recieve their power. In the old days they would be judge, jury, amd executioner, passing judgment on criminals and carrying out their sentences by offering them up to captured demons based on the severity of their sins.

But not everyone in the church's employ was content with that. Now in modern days, some of the church has long since defected, unable to be punished because of their large group. Led by their former missionary leader Emmett, the defects followed their hunters wherever they could find demons, and one by one, plucked them from the world and dropped them into cells in a remote facility, sealing them in with the missionaries holy protection. Emmett saw there was more enjoyment in watching demons than humans, and that there was more to be had from inviting the masses to see demons fighting and killing, not humans, but their own kind.

A collection of people around the world know about the facility and come to see the demon fights, the underground networks even volunteering demons of their own or seeking to donate to the capture of more. Emmett for years collects demons of all types, treating them as livestock. Until one...

When Emmett collects Serina in the very courtyard of the facility, he has no idea that the seemingly stupid demon who wandered into their hands, was anything more than a simple succubus. But quickly, fight after fight she's forced to participate in, he sees that her charm is only part of her being. With a tail of bone, long, blade like claws, and an aura of flame, Serina never loses a fight and seems particularly focused on Emmett as her prey. She isnt a mere demon like the others, but a Fallen... an actual angel that became her current self alongside Lucifer himself.

A new church hunter finds his way to Emmett's defectors, curious about their life that relies on demons, that exists in shadow. He's shown around the facility and sees just how good it is that Emmett locks up these violent beasts of sin and punishes them, solidified by Serina's own fights in how gruesome they are, and the crowds in the arena above the chain canopy love it. But later on as he's shown the process of each days' fights... he feels himself pitying the demons... Seeking hunter.

More to come???
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Lycan Queen

Now taking some suggestions for plots! If there's any cool ideas you want to add to the list, let me know and I'll decide if I can build off of it enough to give it a try! Siren plot updated as well!

Edit: Additional plot added!
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