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  1. Squad141

    Realistic or Modern  Silent City - Civilian Profiles

    Click Bar {slide=-- Bar ---- Minimize --fas fa-window-minimize-- Maximize --far fa-window-maximize-- x --fas fa-times}-- Slide Body ---- Tab Window ---- Text ---- Image Window ---- Bar ---- Minimize --fas fa-window-minimize-- Maximize --far fa-window-maximize-- x --fas fa-times-- Artist Credit...
  2. Squad141

    Realistic or Modern  Silent City - The Lounge

    Enjoy nonexistent overpriced coffee as we discuss OOC stuff.
  3. Squad141

    Realistic or Modern  Silent City - "Sitting on an Open Wound" (Still Accepting)

    NSERIES SILENT CITY A city trapped in a world of horror. Sitting on a rift in space and time, bleeding entities of fear and whimsy. TV-MA POPULAR SCENES: PIC SLIDE SHOW BEGINS ! COPY ME FOR ANOTHER FRAME ! --- COPY END PIC BUTTONS fa-play Play +...
  4. beess

    Realistic or Modern  horror roleplays! come get ya horror roleplays

    hey there! i'm beess but i also go by Jay or JC i'm the biggest sucker for anything horror related horror movies my beloved and been looking to do some horror-based roleplays. i've been roleplaying for about 7-8 years give or take, i've lost track of time and consider myself semi-advanced to...
  5. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  Lore for The "Ghosts" of Okoheller Woods

    Hello! Welcome to the lore thread for my roleplay! I'll get started on it soon haha
  6. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  IC for The "Ghosts" of Okoheller Woods (ALWAYS OPEN)

    Hello, welcome to the IC thread for my roleplay! It hasn't started yet, but you're welcome to take a look at any of the related links :)
  7. gxxberkit

    Fantasy  The 'Ghosts' of Okoheller Woods- interest check :)

    "Did you hear.." "I was told..." "I heard a rumor that.." "There are ghosts in the Okoheller Woods" The people outside the forest, they like to spread rumors. One of the rumors they've started.. is about us. They say we're ghosts. Poltergeists. That we haunt these woods. Sure, we may haunt the...
  8. moonXVIII

    Fandom  Mob Psycho 100

    Hi, it's Moon/Max again. I'm looking for a Mob Psycho 100 RP or two this time. I recently re-watched and finished the anime and I got nostalgic for the days I used to run a Mob RP account. : ) I've read and finished the manga in 2017 but my memory of it is pretty fuzzy so I'll mostly be using...
  9. obikanwenobi

    Multiple Settings  It's Spooky Season [Partner Search!]

    My name is Hal. I am looking for a long-term partner(s). To begin with, I'll tell you a little bit about me! I am 20 years old. I am a film student. I am an avid reader. I'm a ballet dancer and color guard coach. Eastern timezone. Looking for 1-2 new roleplays. I like to chat OOC. Pinterest...
  10. GlitchyGamerGirl

    Fantasy  1x1 idea! Ghostly Antics

    My idea is this My character is a ghost, just recently dead. Y/C moves into M/C house, and M/C is not happy, thinking she still lives there. Hyjinks ensue of course. This goes on for a while. Little does M/C know, that she's actually in a coma and is almost dead. Y/C eventually finds this out...
  11. withinasapphire

    Realistic or Modern  Wandering Iridescence (a haunted school roleplay)

    Please do note: This roleplay will probably have descriptions of blood and other things that can make people uncomfortable, so because of that I'm keeping this roleplay to those who are 18 and older. Do take care of yourself though, if you feel like you can't continue reading you can click away...
  12. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  Our Haunted Town

    Hopefield. On name and first impressions alone, the town may seem like it's the ideal slice of Americana. White picket fences, an ice cream parlor filled with local teenagers and a movie drive-in still open for business Beneath the surface however, the town has a corrupt and seedy...
  13. saintaelphaba

    Fantasy  Ghosts of Beaumont (Raven & Aelphi)

    A young lady must settle a business matter at Beaumont Hall, a once beautiful, illustrious manor now on the verge of financial ruin. The Beaumont family--or what's left of them--are more than meets the eye, and possibly more dangerous than they first appear. And the house itself is more than a...
  14. Loner Raven5885

    Multiple Settings  New Rp Partners and Friends

    Getting back into roleplay. I have been busy a bit, but now I can and want to resume Roleplay... I do hope to make friends as well as partners Here is What I look for in a partner: Should be able to write 1+ good paragraphs. More is absolutely welcome. MUST BE 18+ I don't feel comfortable with...
  15. thegamemaker

    Futuristic  Among Us

    Aboard a spaceship, a crew of young, specially-trained cadets(ages 13-18) are on a mission to save the human race. The year is 2047 and Earth has become uninhabitable due to climate change, drought, and disease. Scientists have discovered a new planet for humans to colonize, but the only problem...
  16. Nuclear_Kindness

    Multiple Settings  Looking for partners! (no fandoms)

    * You can call me Kans! I'm 28 and enrolled in college in year round courses studying pre-law I try to 'promise' at least one reply a week, sometimes I get more in Please PM me if you're interested any ! I rarely do fandoms, and this post isn't looking for that * Rules * What you're skipping...
  17. FactionParadox

    Fandom  Fatal Frame?

    Anyone know of a rather obscure game series called Fatal Frame, you play as multiple characters who fight off ghosts in Japan with a supernatural camera called the Camera Obscura.
  18. WlfSamurai

    Dice  The Crew (Lore)

    The City of Doskvol
  19. WlfSamurai

    The Crew (Main)

    IC Posts for The Crew RP.
  20. WlfSamurai

    Dice  The Crew (CS)

    This is where we you can post your characters for The Crew RP. Use the attached Player's Kit to choose the playbook you wish to play. The, work through the playbook to create your character. Feel free to use the form-fillable character sheets found here: Blades in the Dark Form-fillable...