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greetings everyone, and welcome to the application form for the 1980's mystery roleplay, the mystery club!

this is not a first come first serve roleplay. this is an application-based roleplay so please don't worry if you see someone making an application for a role that you would like to apply for. i'll be choosing which OC gets the role, though the skeptics and the baits require two people for the roles. also, you do not have to use a fancy code for your application. you may use one but do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

application due date

the club
lead investigator - otto fischer - played by fairyfawn fairyfawn

assistant - character name - played by

medium - character name - played by

the skeptics - character name - played by , character name - played by

researcher - character name - played by

the baits - character name - played by , character name - played by

journalist - character name - played by

interviewer - character name - played by

nerd - character name - played by

sketch artist - character name - played by

the application
character image here (realistic)
full name
age (20-24)

appearance description
personality - traits or paragraph
history/backstory - optional!
place of birth
date of birth - please include month, day, and year. remember this is summer of 1986!

are they good at their role?
do they believe in the ghosts and the supernatural?

body modifications/scars
romantic orientation
sexuality orientation
headcanons/fun facts

hello player!

what can we call you?
your pronouns
what kind of mysteries would you like to see?

applications - you're here!
ic - tba
interest check - here!
temporary ooc - here!

the investigator

billie eilish

FULL NAME: otto theodore fischer
D.O.B: April 14th, 1965
P.O.B: Berlin, Germany
AGE: 21 years old
GENDER: transgender male
PRONOUNS: he/otter
ORIENTATION: polyamorous homoromantic homosexual
ROLE: the lead investigator

APPEARANCE: Otto is short, standing at 5'1" in height. He has short, fluffy hair that varies in color due to the fact that Otto will often dye his hair different colors. Otto's hair is long enough to put it up into a short ponytail. His eyes are a warm brown.
FACECLAIM: kaiisyourhomie

Otto is... spontaneous. Sometimes you will find him up on his toes because he hates sitting still for long periods of time and he wants to do something, or other times you will see him being calm and quiet. He's pretty easy to get along if you can handle the fact that he's pretty enthusiastic and hyper. He loves making other people smile and laugh, so you'll see him doing something goofy or comical to get a laugh out of others, he's a pretty funny guy. Otto is also pretty forgetful, an example being that he'll forget what he was talking about earlier.

Otto is also messy and disorganized, the type to stuff papers into a bag and go rummaging for them later. Otter also doesn't like being told what to do, and more than likely otter is going to brush it off and do what he wants to. Otto is prone to reckless and impulsive behavior, doing things out of sheer impulse and not thinking about what otter is doing is possibly a rash decision. He wants to help out, he wants to help others and he doesn't want to be standing idly by when he could be helping somebody out.

Otto is easy to scare, every little noise will make otter jump in fright.


impulsive, creative, loyal, moody, gullible, helpful


chronic insomnia, ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, hypochondriasis, latex allergy, bee sting allergy

HISTORY: uhhhhhhhhh

Otto has a septum piercing, ear piercings, and a lip piercing. Otto also has a stick and poke tattoo on his right ankle of a cat.

iced coffee, cats, sweaters, fireplaces, aromatherapy, rain, cold weather, fluffy blankets, books, strawberries

bugs, crowds, hot weather, being disturbed, summer, sour things, cheese, mud, itchy clothes

cardiophobia -- fear of something being wrong with the heart
thalassophobia -- fear of deep bodies of water
arachnophobia -- fear of arachnids
thanatophobia -- fear of dying

bouncing his leg, biting his fingernails, pacing, humming when nervous or scared

crocheting, ghost story telling, swimming, drawing

Well, Otto is... kind of good at his role. He's a scaredy cat and will jump at the smallest of sounds, thinking it's some monster out to get him.

Otto sure does! In fact, otter will tell the other members of the group about otters paranormal experiences.

- remember courage the cowardly dog? that's him. that's otto.
- what a scaredy cat lmao
- a bundle of chaos
- Norse Pagan
- soft fluffy hair 101
- sweaters and hoodies are his friends
- will bite
- clumsy, tripping over nothing
- butter fingers
- leg bouncing go brrrrr
- easily distracted
- what do you mean otter needs to organize otters belongings?
- forgets that otter forgets things
- LOVES SWEETS like i'm not joking, Otto has a big sweet tooth


otto fischer.

designed by bad ending. & coded by xayah.ღ

what can we call you? - juniper, juju/juni, pastel, shark
your pronouns - he/purr/fox, other neopronouns welcome
triggers - just treat things with respect and all is good with me!
what kind of mysteries would you like to see? - honestly, i have a whole bunch of mysteries prepared for this!

pascal st. bastien

goddamn, skeptic
goddamn, fool.

♡coded by uxie♡





there's no method in your madness,


Mejdi Pascal Saint Bastien.

preferred name



Pascal, Bastien, Santos, Basta, Mej.



date of birth

May 21st.

place of birth

Paris, France — where he has spent the better part of his life. Moved to the US in his late teens.

gender & pronouns

Cisgender male. He/him.



race + ethnicity



no scientific way.


Pascal is jokingly referred to as deitylike by both family and friends alike. His figure is tall and lean, although not overtly muscular, there is obvious strength built into him often masked by clothing. As a child, Pascal was long and skinny. He was always too tall for his age and was often mistaken for older than he was because of it.

People are often left a little concerned when they see him, due to how thin he is. His pants usually hang off his hips and his shirts pillow out around him, and only ever really seem to fit his shoulders. He has the usual square body shape that most boys do, but with a waist that seems smaller due to his broad shoulders. After he hit puberty, he shot up fast like most boys. He got even taller than he already was, though it took him a second to grow into the extra space. He has come to stand at six foot two in the span of a couple of years.

His face shape is a mix of the heart and diamond shape. His eyes and nose are the first things people look at when they see him. His nose is mildly prominent, and his eyes are big and bright with very long eyelashes that add some feminine qualities to his face. He has pretty average lips, thick brows, and wild/untamed hair that is pretty long. His face is usually always bruised from fights, and he has loads of old scars that give it some personality, the most obvious one being a jagged break in his left eyebrow that has given it a permanent slit.

He has a few freckles, but they usually can only be seen in direct lighting or under the harsh rays of the sun. His skin tone varies depending on the season/weather and the lighting. He gets a very warm, soft tan in the summer but turns very pale in the winter.

Some people might describe him as attractive, while others may not. He fits American beauty standards just barely, but there isn’t anything particularly interesting about his appearance. When his face is clean of any bruising, some might describe him as “pretty” or even “cute” depending on how you're looking at him.


Gauge Gabriel Burek.

notable features

A prominent nose, very big eyes with long eyelashes that make him look like a deer caught in headlights with the right setting, a box smile, an obvious scar near the edge of his left eyebrow, and several moles on his face; specifically near his upper lip and right under his eye.


Paz is someone who likes to experiment. Big pieces, Vivienne Westwood, Chopova Lowena, Prada (with an edge) repurposed military jackets, suit without a shirt for more formal events. Likes to humor, to provoke, mismatch, crazy jewelry, big white shirt and boxers. He actually has great fashion sense, and can dress glamorously if he likes, and often embraces a feminine edge.


you're a monster given life form,


A firestorm, Pascal is impulsive, wilful and messy. He has a wild spark in his eyes that suggests trouble laced with danger. He embodies the punk rockstar, always pushing life to its boundaries. He attracts people like a magnet, but repels some just as fast. He can be very charismatic, but also difficult. He is unpredictable, and never seems to choose the easy option. He likes a challenge, and excitement.

Pascal is quick witted and audacious. He loves to provoke, whether it be to get a rise out of someone or simply impress them, or make them smile. He likes to live on the wild side, try new things. Rebellion is in his blood. Conformity is the worst sin.

He can be rude, and often comes across as mean or unfriendly. He is often argumentative, and definitely has a mean streak. Just as he likes to be provoked, his mood can flip with a switch, and he can get angry and start profaning in French. Let’s just say he doesn’t do things in halves, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is passionate and always present, and a very physical person. He thinks big, with grand gestures and ideas, often outside the box. Whilst he’s the rough-edged rockstar, he is a bottle full of emotions. This means he can be a very loving partner. Not soppy, but he’s not afraid to show it. Grand gestures, lots of physical touch. He gets obsessive over things and he’ll give you time if he’s interested. He’s a charmer with a lot of self-confidence (although underneath the facade he struggles with self-love and has been known to exhibit self-destructive behaviors).

Unfortunately he can be insensitive and his wildness can be exhausting for his friends and family. And because he doesn’t really consider consequences, he can be quite selfish. Although he has a definite creative genius, his brain sometimes moves too fast for his own good and he gets distracted very easily. He is very energetic, and brilliant at brainstorming, but struggles to commit. He is very determined and often hyperfocuses, but is bad at time keeping be it for deadlines or events. He’s known for being late, having a lazy attitude about things he’s disinterested in (anything from press tours to doing the washing up) and his provocative nature gets him in trouble with the locals.

hobbies & likes

Music, most instruments, drumming, adrenaline, the feeling of being, risk taking, debating, screaming his lungs out, cigarettes, cliff jumping, hot weather, swimming, earrings and jewelry, fashion, motorbikes, punk, rock, crowds, people, skinny dipping, loud music, chilies, tropical holidays, beaches, big cities, night life, dogs, animals, goats.

dislikes & pet peeves

Rules, being told to be patient, being told no, monotony, feeling he is boring his friends, stifling atmospheres, people with no sense of humor, stuffy people with conservative politics, elevator music, anyone anti-vegetarian, small children, being told to fit in, being patronized.


Being topless, smoking, tapping his fingers in little rhythms, jiggling his leg, generally being reckless and unpredictable, starting fights or arguments, breaking things.


Many of Pascal's fears are not physical, but mental. Like his younger sister who died of Leukemia, he fears that those close to him will die. Is also very neurotic about cancer symptoms. Fears that he’ll somehow amount to nothing and die without being remembered. Is a serial flirt but is afraid of commitment.


with one foot in the grave.


The Skeptic.

is he good at his role?

Pascal's role is to be the voice of reason, a point of logic for the group- as well as a stubborn prick. The notion of ghosts both interests and excites him, not by belief, but spite. To disprove believers is to be right, and goddamn does it feel good to be right. That is not to say he's completely close-minded, much of the time encouraging others to tempt or provoke these "spirits", although it's all in goodhearted fun.

does he believe in ghosts?

Pascal is the kind of person to look you in the face point blank and laugh at the question. Ghosts are nothing more than coincidences and easily explained scientific phenomena. Ghost hunting has become more of a game for Pascal over time. His reluctance to believe is as fascinating as it is annoying. Very rarely is he shaken by many of their cases, and he often finds himself presiding over some of their journalistic and research works published.

brief history.

Pascal grew up in Paris, France, with a successful property developer father and a mother who worked in fashion. He was encouraged to explore his creativity as a kid, and in after school clubs he was always in the music room. Obsessively teaching himself guitar, electric base. He even played the trumpet for a short period in middle school.

He was always a troubled kid. Running away, bunking school, in detention. Music felt like his only release. A world he could get lost in and focus without making a mess. Soon he found the drums, which were the ultimate escape and release. He joined bands in school, then at 16 he was picked up by an emerging band who needed a drummer. That gained him some traction and industry attention. He moved on, and at age 18 he took off on the first plane to the United States, not a word to his parents (even to this day). From then on, his life has been sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And a lot of it. He has struggled with addiction, and also has had difficulty with his hearing with tinnitus induced by the noise that has flared up.

But his life took a turn for the better upon meeting his group of friends, people his parents would be proud of him to know.


* Is French, has a French accent but fluent in English and has some Russian and Arabic.
* Has loads of tattoos.
* Is quite athletic and tanned.
* Has a gap tooth.
* Is good fun when he’s not angry or out for trouble.
* Can be surprisingly gentle and caring (when he cares). Will look after you and make sure you’re okay (like holding your hand in a large crowd if you’re nervous).
* Deep down just wants hugs and to be loved unconditionally, regardless of his talent or expectations on him.
* Is a huge flirt. Flirts with basically anything that moves.
* He is a talented guitarist (both bass, electric and especially acoustic) and can play numerous little tunes that are much more mellow than the music his band puts out.
* Wanted to be an astronaut when he was a child.
* Gets cagey about his family, especially his sister Ana.

hello player.

what can we call you? michi or luce!
pronouns. he/him, accepts any.
triggers. n/a, as long as you're respectful about the topics you want to delve into, i'm down!
what kind of mysteries would you like to see? give me everything. i want abandoned hospitals, splitting up, "did you hear that or was that just me" shenanigans. also something a little dark, cults veiled behind simple ponzi schemes, cryptids, old man jenkins dressed as the wolf man, cases gone cold, everything in between.


you better think it over.

♡coded by uxie♡
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rebecca Joyce RJ lawson

#sketch artist

#gracie abrams

♡coded by uxie♡

B A S I C S .

full name. rebecca joyce lawson.
nickname(s). rj, please. she much prefers it to her real name anyway. not becky, not joyce, and certainly not rebecca.
age. twenty-one.
gender. cisgender female.
pronouns. she/her.
romantic orientation. panromantic
sexuality orientation. demisexual

V I S A G E.

face & voice claim. gracie abrams.
height. 5'5''
weight. 120 lbs
clothing. a closet full of colorful blue jeans with a patchwork pieces of colorful fabrics, handkerchief headbands in vibrant shades, paint-stained white button downs, her favorite pair of paint-stained overalls, a single trusty pair of worn out doc martens she wears everywhere.
body modifications/scars. three piercings (lobe, second, and third) in each ear. her knees and arms are constantly scraped up from traipsing around in places she shouldn't be at. there are small tattoos sprinkled all over her body, here and there-- she gave them to herself using a stick and poke kit, because "why use a sketchbook always when i have room on myself?"

P S Y C H E .

rj is vibrant and creative, her artistic spirit radiating through her every action and interaction. with a perpetual spark in her eye and a perpetual spring in her step, she's the embodiment of excitement and pep. she's the type of person who can turn even the most mundane of moments into an adventure, infusing her surroundings with an infectious enthusiasm that's impossible to resist. some may describe her as 'odd' or 'eccentric': she's got an offbeat sense of humor and greatly delights in pulling pranks and teasing her friends with a mischievous grin. that said, she is witty and has a tendency to bring warmth to all of her relationships.
beneath her lively exterior, rj harbors a sensitive heart. she's easily touched by the beauty of the world, as well as the emotions of those around her. her tendency to wander off, both physically and emotionally, is a testament to her deep connection with the world and her ever-roaming curiosity. she'll start a conversation about art and end up discussing the mysteries of the universe or the meaning of life.
she has a knack for masking her negative emotions behind a facade of extreme optimism. rj is known to many as an eternal optimist. she's a master at projecting a cheerful front, often concealing her own worries and fears behind a smile. to some, she may appear resilient. to those close to her, it is clear that she acts this way just to ensure those around her don't also feel down. she does not care what most others say about her, and does not let it ruin the pep in her step.
likes. homemade clothes / colorful jewelry / the smell of fresh paints / alt rock / ghost hunting / stargazing / climbing trees / apple cider / birdwatching / having a perfectly messy studio space
dislikes. strict rules / rude or unkind people / anything lacking color or vivacity / feeling isolated / malice and gossip / stories without happy endings / ketchup /
fears. ultimately being an unremarkable person / losing her friends / losing her ability to see spirits
habits. refuses to throw things away, and keeps them because practically everything she encounters once automatically has "sentimental value". she also has a habit of drawing the people who are important to her: family, the others in the squad, people she develops small infatuations with, etc. when it comes to the club's exploration attempts, she also enjoys pranking them by pretending she sees ghosts even without her spiritual vision picking up on any nearby.
hobbies. painting / drawing / listening to music / dancing whenever and wherever without any rhythm / collecting and telling stories / hunting for ghosts

R O O T S .

coming soon
place of birth. point pleasant, west virginia
date of birth. march 1, 1965

R O L E .

sketch artist
are they good at their role? "ask all the people who tell me i need to stop drawing scary things. i can't. i feel like i'll go crazy if i don't put the truth down on paper." although not great at coping with her paranormal abilities, rj does her best to help the crew by drawing whichever spirits her sight allows her to see. something about being the only person she knows who is able to see them feels scary and isolating sometimes. it's all she can do to keep herself from wondering if it's all a figment of her imagination.
do they believe in the ghosts and the supernatural? "i see them. i wish i could speak to them, but i can see them— i used to think i was crazy, but now i know im just lucky enough to see something that others can't." she has to. the evidence is right in front of her eyes, right? the fact that the medium can speak to the spirits she sees is also enough to keep her grounded during the group's excursions.

H E A D C A N O N S .

she mends her own clothes, and doesn't care much if fabric matches. as a result, she has a bunch of patch-worked clothes in her wardrobe.
02. she carries around one sketchbook just for the spirits, a separate one just for drawings of the people she loves, and a third for everything else.
03. her main love languages are words of affirmation and physical contact. if you need a hug and a couple of compliments, she's your gal to reach out to.
04. she's twenty-one years old and still refuses to use swear words for some incomprehensible reason. she will come up with creative alternatives, though.
05. she almost never ties her hair up. it's always freely thrown about in the wind.

O O C.

my pronouns. she/they
triggers. nothing that isn't already covered by site rules!
what kind of mysteries would you like to see? spirits with personal connections to the characters, objects that could have supernatural relevance, a person who needs help from the mortal plane to make sure their spirit is put to rest, people faking paranormal activity.

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Artist — Janice Sung

Brody Sedona — The Interviewer

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

* Brody Sedona

  • req.


    * n.name(s)

    * d.o.b.
    11/29/64 , 22yr’s old

    * p.o.b.
    Arlington, Texas

    * Favorite Color?




    #The Interviewer

    * height

    * build
    Tall, Broad Shouldered, muscular

    * hair colour

    * eye colour
    Dark Brown





♡coded by uxie♡

full name: Luella Davina Hewitt
nickname: Lue
age: 22
gender: cis-female
pronouns: she/her
faceclaim: Jesse Mae Alonzo

appearance: Luella Hewitt stands at five feet and four and three quarter inches. She has curly, raven black hair that reaches her shoulders. She's thin but adequately muscled. Her eyes are almond shaped and maple syrup brown in color. She often wears simple makeup and regularly paints her nails a deep gray-purple. Her earrings are always gold flat studs and she wears a simple, small gold chain around her neck. She can often be seen in sweaters and slacks.
personality: Lue prides herself on her own competency. She is usually the smartest in the room and if she isn't then she's somehow failed. Lou possesses a drive like no other, always striving to be the best, never backing down in the face of challenge. She studies hard and plays around about as much as an angry dragon. She's high strung, uptight, and has a nasty sneer that can make one feel quite small. There's just something about her that's not necessarily better than everyone else, but definitely nothing to scoff at. In reality, when she's not fronting, Lue just wants to be treated softly and allowed to calm down, but she doesn't actually know how, so for now she's just doing what she's always done: get better.
history/backstory - a wip
place of birth: Pleasant Point, WV
date of birth - June 16th, 1944

role: researcher
are they good at their role?: very
do they believe in the ghosts and the supernatural?: very
likes: Silver, Her Sister, Children, Birds of Prey, Stickers, Coloring, Diamond Paintings, Fashion, Natural/Neutral Colors, Natural Fabrics, Fall, Running
dislikes: Touching People/Being Touched, Insects, Misogynists, Incompetence, Bluffs, Intimidation Tactics
fears: Losing her sister, Being alone forever
habits: tapping her pencil, flipping her hair, crossing her legs and shaking her foot
hobbies: she has a debate cub frequent flyer card

body modifications/scars: three lobe piercings
romantic orientation: bisexual
sexuality orientation: bisexual
headcanons/fun facts:
-wants to be a lawyer
-likes the color lilac
-prefers silver jewelry
-has a silver chain bracelet with a small silver panel, the outside of the panel is blank but the inside is stamped with a name and date
-tutors her sister and her sister's friends
-hates the smell of whiskey

hello player!

what can we call you?: ferret or fer
your pronouns: they/them or he/him
triggers: sensitive topics being discussed in an offensive way
what kind of mysteries would you like to see?: it would be so cool if the group could solve the mystery of a serial killer or something solely through supernatural experiences

rory larue

#the nerd

#jack champion

♡coded by uxie♡
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the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

mahatma gandhi

enthusi-astic bait

stevie mckay.

full name

parker anne stevens-mckay


stevie is what she went by most of her childhood, although she was also fine with parks (or even parker, though by age 8 she solely referred to herself as stevie)




female (she/her)


may 14th, 1965


spokane, WA


chinese/caucasian, mixed


demi romantic/sexual


the very enthusiastic bait. frankly, she thinks she is the best dang bait there is. Stevie really is the best kind of bait there could be, she really seemed to peeve whatever entity they come across. while she may not be able to fully say she believes in the supernatural, she can't discount their existence either. she has been injured, chased, and borderline haunted far too many times for that.










short, lean, rectangular :: she is not what you would expect when you hear "a girl beat me up" but due to rigorous physical training she is actually quite sturdy

hair c.

a very dark, chestnut brown hair that nearly reaches the middle of her spine w/bleached blonde rebel streaks.

eye c.

such a deep, dark brown they appear black

body mods

none, never even had her ears pierced due to a very strong "no" from her mother. when she was an adult she just never bothered to have them done

distinguishing features

by far her most identifiable feature is her two blonde rebel streaks. additionally, she is covered in freckles and beauty marks. as a child her favorite hobby was to play connect the dots on her arms and legs, you can still catch her doing that on occasion


chase sui wonders




— frequently, if not always, covered in random cuts and bruises
— they don’t even have to ask her to be bait
— goes on runs around whatever haunted house they’re staying at to get a feel for it
— certainly never tries to fight them early. . . that would be irresponsible
— carries chalk in her pockets to mark the corners she turns
— or just to draw on the floors while the others make plans
— dense as hell
— social ques just go right over her head
— impulsive
— “lets just get into it already y’all!”
— danger makes her tingle from head to toe
— the type to wipe blood from her lips with a smile
— *its not creepy, she just likes the adrenaline*
— her knuckles are always cut up and bleeding from one fight or another
— took up boxing and wrestling in high school
— can and will pin you to the wall by your shirt
— *despite her height*
— defends the people she cares about, tooth and nail
— stands up for the underdog
— “say that again, I dare you”
— she smiles/laughs and ruthlessly taunts in fights, even if it’s clear she’s losing
— will fight until she absolutely can’t anymore
— but that smile and energy never fades
— her laugh is of the loud, rather contagious, kind
— can’t help but snort when she laughs too hard
— rarely caught with anything other than a cheesy smile
— likes to tease and mess around
— although she has a hard time recognizing when she needs to quit
— frequently steps out to take phone calls
— always broke despite whether or not they all just made some money from a case
— will come out of a case shaking from the adrenaline/crash
— frequently refuses help or care
— “I don’t care that I can’t see them, I *feel* them!”
— chronically dehydrated
— lives on redbull and monster energy drinks
— will never admit if she hurting
— physically or emotionally
— never sits the right way in chairs
— writes in all capital letters
— *reckless reckless reckless*
— first one in last one out
— no man left behind
— has the most fun with the skeptics of the group
— “nothing there huh? tell that to the scratch marks on my arm”
— will give out noogies and put her friends in headlocks
— has gotten concussions a dangerous amount of times
— never the smart kid
— sole reason she graduated with decent grades was so that she could participate in sports
— pretty vague about her childhood
— cooks like a boss
— cannot handle owing someone a favor
— always finds a way to repay any kindness done to her


brave , caring , passionate , friendly , honorable , loyal , enthusiastic


secretive , impulsive , impatient , rowdy , gullible , reckless


doodling (poorly) , energy drinks , running , adrenaline rush (so much she seeks them out constantly) , the sound of running water , pretty rocks (not crystals, just random interesting rocks) , the rain , mud wrestling


drinking straight milk , being too hot , losing (at anything) , being talked down to , people disrespecting their elders , doors with those baby proof covers (she cant open them) , babies (she doesn't know how to talk to them) ,


pacing (always has to be moving) , giving a thumbs up to literally anything , accidentally pushing people away due to her slightly abrasive personality , running out to pley in the rain (and subsequently getting a cold) , walking around in her underwear and not realizing it makes people uncomfortable (sometimes girl needs a drink of water at 3am leave her alone)


wrestling , boxing , doodling on herself , making ghosts and idiots angry


anyone but her getting hurt , silence , that creeping empty feeling she gets sometimes , death as a whole (although she would actually rather die, ironically, than let anyone knnow)








"Sue" Xiong Su

Sue is Stevies mother. After being abandoned by Stevies father when she was but two years old, Sue worked hard to give her the best childhood a kid could ask for. Unfortunately, with work and sickness, this proved difficult. Diagnosed with Alzheimers when Stevie was twelve, things have continued on a downward slope. Currently, she is living in a care facility paid for by Stevie.

character name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse finibus erat mi, vel consectetur neque ultrices a. Nulla facilisi. Fusce at quam ut sem pharetra posuere nec nec enim. Mauris rhoncus fermentum sapien, ac finibus mi tempus sed.

character name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse finibus erat mi, vel consectetur neque ultrices a. Nulla facilisi. Fusce at quam ut sem pharetra posuere nec nec enim. Mauris rhoncus fermentum sapien, ac finibus mi tempus sed.

character name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse finibus erat mi, vel consectetur neque ultrices a. Nulla facilisi. Fusce at quam ut sem pharetra posuere nec nec enim. Mauris rhoncus fermentum sapien, ac finibus mi tempus sed.



what can we call you?

anything really! Goldie, Fish, Fishy . . .




nothing specific beyond what is/isnt allowed on site! as long as we all stay respectful I don't mind!

what mysteries would you like to see?

just about anything and everything! from the more serious stuff to the funnier things like ripping the mask off of an imposter. give me everythinggg

♡coded by uxie♡
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/* ------ right side ------ */

/* ------ image 1 ------ */
role | journalist

location | Point Pleasant, West Virginia; 1986

/* ------ image 2 ------ */
mood | permanently tired

/* ------ image 3 ------ */
tags | tbd

/* ------ left side ------ */

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Name: Braeden Alexander Fournier
Nickname(s): Former teammates tend to refer to him by his last name, Fournier, but otherwise sometimes people shorten his name to Brae.
Age: 23
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Role: The Journalist


Faceclaim/Voiceclaim: Benjamin Wadsworth
Appearance Description: Braeden has thick short hair that always appears to be a little bit of a mess of curls atop his head. He has matching brown eyes, that you might be able to catch a couple flecks of gold and green in them depending on the light. He has fair skin that has quite the freckles and small moles spread on it, though the freckles depend how much he’s been in the sun. Braeden stands at about five feet and ten inches with a lean yet muscular frame from running.
Body Modifications/Scars:
  • Due to being quick to his anger, it isn’t uncommon for Braeden to get into fights every now and then. Especially with his older cousin. So, it isn’t uncommon that you’ll see him with a bruise, cut, or two on his face. Though there is a good permanent scar just on the left side of his forehead edging into his eyebrow.
  • Has a few small scars on his arms and legs from mosquito bites or small childhood injuries since he never let it heal properly.
  • He both of his ears pierced. Usually just wears small black studs in them.


Positive Traits: Laid back, passionate, intelligent, witty, extroverted, kind hearted, helpful, determined, hard-working, curious, creative, etc.
Negative Traits: Impulsive, quick to anger or frustration, sassy, stubborn, often isolates himself, tad reckless at times, acts like he doesn’t care (cares a whole lot), etc.
Likes: Reading, writing, solving mysteries, escape rooms, running, track, music, the 'unknown', learning new things, forest, old bookstores, night, diners, good and strong coffee, etc.
Dislikes: Being underestimated, his cousins at times, overthinking, uncertainty, disrespect, being told he can’t succeed, etc.
Fears: His loved ones getting hurt, abandoned hospitals/asylums, failure, losing everything, disappointing people, spiders, unfinished basements, etc.
Habits: Bites the skin around his nails, smokes cigarettes and at times weed when stressed and/or bored, shakes his leg, rolls pens between his fingers
  • Braeden loves to read. He tends to stick with anything fantasy or science fiction related. Sometimes he also will pick up the odd folklore or mythology book as well. He always has a book in his bag.
  • In high school he was on the track team and loved to race. His preference is short distance races, but he’ll throw in some longer distances or cross country every now and then to change it up. As he graduated he just runs for fun. Even though he’s a night owl, there are times he’ll wake up early just to run in the morning. Even if it’s followed by a nap.
  • Braeden tends to doodle on draft copies of articles. The final will be pristine, but the rough drafts are pretty beaten up and covered in doodles, just like his field notes.


Birthplace: New York, NY
Birthdate: January 9th, 1963
Backstory: Coming Soon
Present Day: Coming Soon


Are they good at their role?: For the most part he is, depending what’s going on he gets a tad distracted if he’s not interested in the story. However, even with that Braeden makes a point to have reminders and such to come back to articles.
Do they believe in the ghosts and the supernatural?: Braeden isn’t a hardcore believer, but he still does. More of a casual believer and if there’s no other explanation… then it must be true. He also finds it more entertaining to believe.


  • Pinterest board aesthetic here.
  • He is diagnosed with ADHD and Depression.
  • If you need an article ready and notice he’s procrastinating, just give him a due date. It’ll be done for then.
  • More to be added.


What can we call you?: Fae, faerie, kenzie, kenz
Pronouns: She/They
Triggers: Pretty much fine with anything as per RPN guidelines!
What kind of mysteries would you like to see?: Can we romance mothman? Kidding, however I am open to any. I do quite like the group splitting up somewhere dark and easy to get lost (or found) like forests, abandoned labyrinth-like buildings, and more.

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