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emelia newman
outfit - #ba717b

It had taken Emelia all of a day to work out what had happened to her. Well, she was still reaching for literally any other answer, and not finding it, so she was forced to deal with the conclusion she had come to. She had been dead. And she wasn’t dead any more. And it was four years later. The last thing she could remember, she and some of her friends had been excitedly planning a night on the town. And then she’d woken up in an apartment that wasn’t hers, or her grandma’s house for that matter. For some, that would have just been the sign of a good night out. For her, it struck panic into her heart. But there was no sign of a person living in the apartment. It was furnished, but without any heart or signs that an actual person actually lived there. It felt like a hotel room. There was a phone left on the bedside table, and out of fear and confusion, she’d reached over. It wasn’t one she recognised, and it certainly wasn’t the ink-stained, paint-splattered phone she remembered. But it recognised her anyway and unlocked itself. She stared at the screen in confusion, wondering if face recognition was really that bad, when the phone buzzed with a text. Curious to a fault, she tapped into the text, telling herself it might reveal something about whose phone it was. The text simply read,

“Emelia Newman, the apartment and everything in it is yours. Your purpose will be revealed soon. - JB.”

Her confusion only grew at the message, but her curiosity was gradually overcoming her fear. So she climbed out of the bed and almost climbed back in again when the cold air hit her legs. She was wearing a familiar t-shirt and shorts, her favourite pair of “pyjamas” that had seen her all through college. That settled her a little more, and so she decided to explore. The wardrobe was her first stop, primarily to see if she had something a little warmer. The clothes were all certainly to her taste, but she was sure that the majority of the clothes in there weren’t hers. Still, the text said they were all hers. She changed into a t-shirt and jeans, grinning to herself when she found a familiar, well worn denim jacket with telltale watercolours on the cuffs. This, she knew was hers. The fit and weight of the familiar jacket boosted her courage, especially when coupled with a pair of Converse that were already molded to the shape of her feet. She still had no idea what was going on, but at least she had her own clothes.

Her spirits were high when she left the apartment. And then, they came crashing down again to be replaced with confusion when she exited out onto the street. Some things she recognised. But others were strange and unfamiliar. She recognised one of the buildings across the street as the home of her favourite coffee shop; but the coffee shop that stood there wasn’t it. Everything about it was different; white walls painted a dark grey, armchairs in the window instead of her counter where she could watch the world go by as she sipped on her coffee. Had it changed while she was in college and she just hadn’t noticed?

She slipped her hands into the pocket of her jacket to warm them, and found her purse to be in one of them. When she opened it, there was cash waiting for her. Unusual, considering she hardly ever used cash any more, but she was going to take it as a sign that she deserved a coffee to put her mind at ease. So she strode across the road. The menu had changed somewhat, but not drastically. She didn’t recognise the girl behind the counter, but the green-haired woman gave her a big smile anyway. “Hi there! What can I get started for you?”
“Uh, I’ll take a vanilla chai with caramel syrup, please,” she asked, her old favourite order rolling off her tongue. The girl raised her eyebrows.
“That actually sounds really good, I’ll have to try that some time,” she remarked as she rang Emelia up. That gave Em the courage to ask the question that had been on her mind the whole time.
“Have you guys redecorated lately?” She asked, looking around. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here and something feels different.” The girl frowned.
“Nope. Not since we opened anyway, and that was like… three years ago now? But I repainted the menu for autumn lately, maybe that’s it,” she replied. Em gave a laugh she wasn’t sure was entirely convincing.
“That must be it.” It definitely wasn’t. This whole place had been completely different the last time she was here, and that wasn’t three years ago. She shook her head a little, as if to try and clear her thoughts. It didn’t work. And then she realised there was only one person who could clear things up for her. Her grandma.

So, with her drink in hand, she began the familiar walk to her grandmother’s house. Along the way, she spotted more and more things that she didn’t recognise. It was a surreal feeling, one that made her feel like she was in a dream. But she wasn’t. She could feel the heat of the drink through the paper cup, the sweetness of the drink lingering on her tongue. She wasn’t dreaming. So what the hell was going on?

Her grandma’s garden was growing wild and unkempt. That made her frown deepen and her heart begin to race. Her grandma would never let her beloved garden go to that state. Even when she’d had pneumonia a few years ago, she’d wheel herself and her oxygen out to the garden to make sure her roses were pruned right. She wouldn’t ever let it get to this state. Something had to be very wrong with her. She put a hand on the gate to open it, and jumped when somebody spoke to her.

“Sorry, love, but I can tell you now you’ve the wrong address. Nobody’s lived in that house for a few months,” the woman said. Emelia’s heart was in her mouth.
“No, I’m sorry, that’s not right. I’m looking for Sophia Sutton. This is her house,” she insisted. A pitying look overtook the woman’s face.
“You didn’t hear? Sophia died six months ago. It was an ease to the poor dear, she was never right after her granddaughter died four years ago.”

Emelia couldn’t say what happened then. She can remember the woman talking to her, trying to comfort her, but it all sounded like it was happening underwater. She’d been her grandmother’s only grandchild. She couldn’t be dead. Emelia wasn’t dead. She somehow got herself home, the now cold cup of chai still clutched in her hands. There was a PC sitting on a desk in the apartment, and she found herself staring at two things. The date in the bottom right of the screen, proudly declaring it to be four years later than she thought it was. And her grandmother’s death notice; which mentioned that she was predeceased by her beloved granddaughter… Emelia.

She’d sat in her apartment in silence and shock since then. The pieces fit together, but it left a really weird looking scene. How had she died? More importantly, why the hell was she back from the dead? Why was her resurrection so… mundane? She looked in the mirror, and she still looked like herself. Her face was a little thinner now, the circles under her eyes a tad darker, her smile lines a fraction deeper; as if she’d lived her life for the last four years. But apparently, she hadn’t.

Something drove her to look in on her family. She found a picture of her mother in a graduation cap and gown; she’d gone back to school and trained as a beautician. From what she could find, she’d left town again after Emelia had died, but hadn’t fallen back into old habits. There was a picture of her mother, proud and glowing, outside a beauty salon that looked like it had just been opened. It was called Em’s.

Could she call her? Tell her she was alive again? But her fingers faltered when she went to dial. Her mother’s old number, the number she found for the salon, it didn’t matter. She could ring the local pizza place just fine though. At least they hadn’t disappeared in the last four years.

She stayed up late into the night reading everything she could find about her mother and her grandmother and how they’d stayed going after her death. Her grandmother had used her status within the community as a church leader to drive a campaign against knife violence. She’d also become all the more dedicated to her charity work, spearheading fundraisers for all sorts of charities. Despite the shock and the numbness, it comforted her. They’d managed okay without her. Eventually, comforted by those thoughts, she fell asleep again. Her sleep was oddly empty; no dreams worth speaking of.

She awoke the following morning to another text.

“You should check out the Autumn Festival. - JB.”

Well, this JB seemed to have a role in things, so Em wasn’t going to object. The festival didn’t start until that evening, so she spent the day exploring the town and seeing what of the town she remembered still remained. With a hat covering her hair and a scarf covering half of her face thanks to the cold, nobody recognised her. She was a little glad for that, not quite sure how she was going to explain her sudden reappearance. But when it came to the festival, she didn’t need her scarf covering up her face any more. Heat poured out from every stall, and there was free apple cider being given out at strategic points. For the first time all day, Emelia was sure she could feel all of her fingers, and the warmth of the drink gave her the confidence to face whatever the evening would bring.



archer and josie hawkins
josie's outfit - #53917e - #5e6b95 - archer's outfit

It had been a long time since Josie’d had a hangover that bad. Since the incident at the party, she’d stopped going to parties altogether, finding the fear to be the final straw for her with them. She could handle all the people, she enjoyed the loud music, she could hold conversations with unfamiliar faces trying to talk to her. But she couldn’t do that when all she could think about was staring at her drink to make sure nothing was slipped into it. Besides, it wasn’t like Widow’s Peak was exactly a happening spot for parties, and even if there had been, she wouldn’t have been getting outrageously drunk and then landing home to Archer, who’d fought so hard to get sober. She didn’t miss alcohol. People who were genuinely fun to be around meant she didn’t need it anyway.

That said, she’d been staying with Juniper for a few days while she had meetings with her supervisor and was supervising some labs for extra credits and extra money. And when Juniper had broken out the cocktail shaker… it had led to the two of them, sprawled over the tiny couch in Juniper’s apartment, drunk as skunks, having ridiculously deep conversations followed by stupid conversations which would result in one or the other of them nearly rolling off the couch. It had been worth the hangover.

Still, when she arrived back into town, her sole priority was getting more caffeine into her. And some food. She should text Archer.

heyyyy is tyler working at the diner tonight?? the drive was exhausting :(

The Gremlin
why are you asking me and not just texting her???

bc she might not have her phone on her and you always seem to know where she is anyway sooooo

The Gremlin
well i’ve been stuck so deep in this assignment i actually don’t even know so go find out for yourself

:( you’re still coming to the festival though, right? ):

The Gremlin
yes of course i am, ain’t no assignment holding me back from caramel apples

and you’re buying me one, right? :)

The Gremlin
only if you stop texting me and let me finish this assignment


She shoved her phone back into her pocket and stopped to think about her options. She could try going to the diner, but if she went there and Tyler wasn’t on, the food wouldn’t be the same. So she decided to head into the festival. The main festivities weren’t kicking off for another while, but the food vendors would already be open. As a kid, the only vendors she’d ever paid attention to were the ones selling the sweet treats. It had always been Archer that brought her, Archer that managed to find just enough money to buy her whatever she had her heart set on. She’d learned from a young age that they could only afford one thing, so she’d spend ages deliberating to find the perfect snack, and she’d cherish it all evening. But she also remembered the burning jealousy over the kids with their popcorn and a candy apple and a funnel cake and tokens for the games. She’d cried one year over it. Sobbed over how unfair it was. Now that she thought about it, she was sure that it was only a few weeks before she broke her arm and everything changed.

And now, here she was, fully grown, with enough money in her pocket to buy whatever she wanted. And so she was going to do exactly that. The choice almost overwhelmed her, just like it had as a kid. She started with shawarma from one stand and fried potatoes from the one next to it, along with an iced coffee to spike her caffeine levels. It was an odd combination, but the food was amazing and so she didn’t regret it. She could have easily gone back from more, but knew that she needed to pace herself. So instead, she went back for another iced pumpkin spiced latte and decided to see if she could track down any of her friends.

By the time he was finished with his assignment, Archer was tempted to just go down to the festival in the clothes he’d spent all afternoon in. In the dark, nobody would even notice the coffee stain on his shirt. But instead, he forced himself to change into something a little nicer. He didn’t bother texting anyone to see who would be there; everyone always went to opening night of the festival. There’d be performances and free apple cider and just a fantastic atmosphere. For a town so filled with tragedy, Widow’s Peak knew how to have a good time. Maybe it was because, not despite. You had to enjoy the time you had, because you didn’t know how much you had left.

But he’d lost so many of his friends, so many faces he knew weren’t going to be there. So many funerals he hadn’t been to. It was a bittersweet moment, being able to go sober and remember all the memories that hurt in a good way. They’d be proud of him for being able to go, he told himself. Look on the bright side and not the dark. But god, he missed them all the same.

The recipe for the cider hadn’t changed in years. It tasted exactly the same way it had when he was young, when he’d bring Josie here for some warmth and a little joy in their lives. They’d fill up on the cider because it was free and sweet and hot, and they could go to multiple people so nobody would know how much they were getting. If they did, they never let on. Who could say no to Josie with her puppy eyes? He sure as hell had a hard time saying no when she asked for something. He spotted her digging into some food with a happy look on her face, and was reminded that despite all the hardship, they’d still made it here. It hadn’t been easy. But they’d made it.

They’d probably reunite later on in the evenings. But first, he wanted to try and track down his own friends. There was only so much Josie he could handle in a day, and he’d seen the size of the iced coffee she was drinking. Caffeinated Josie was more than able to fend for herself and she’d probably track down her own friends in real time. So he had no regrets about leaving her to enjoy her food and wander off in search of a familiar face. And maybe some coffee himself. It was as he was in line for the coffee that he spotted her. Dark curls, a paint splattered jacket. He had to do a double take, but she turned away from him and disappeared into the crowd. He frowned to himself. His mind had to be playing tricks on him. It couldn’t be who he thought it was. So he turned away again and ordered his coffee, deciding to get an extra shot in it. He clearly needed it.
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Kody Reinheart - Ghost - #63856f - Outfit

Kody stared blankly into the void as his mind tried gathering what could only be considered to be scrambled thoughts, as if any of this even made any sense to him, and he doubted it was going to make sense anytime soon. The sandy brown haired man simply sat on one of the old creaky chairs in the small diner that stood along a multitude of buildings that aligned the streets of the downtown area of Widow's Peak. Ever since he woke up in that apartment, Kody couldn't place his finger on it. But something felt off. He felt constantly paranoid and confused, not exactly understanding why nothing felt like it was supposed to, as if he even knew what that was supposed to mean.

But, normal people don't exactly wake up in an empty apartment with no memories of the past few...well...Apparently it turned out to be years, a whole decade according to the dates he saw plastered everywhere. A whole ten years of his life had apparently passed, but he didn't remember any of it? How could that be possible? But that wasn't the strangest part of it all. No. The strange part was when Kody had accidentally fallen out of bed that morning. No, that wasn't the right word. More like fell through the bed. Slamming his head into the bed from underneath. But at least he didn't fall through the floor, right? Right. Maybe this was just some bad acid trip and he would come down from it in the next few hours. Or maybe all of this was some weird dream and he would wake up any moment. The alternative was just...It was too much for Kody to try and wrap his mind around, let accept. How he was dead and was a ghost? Somehow having lost ten years of a life that wasn't even his at this point? Kody preferred the dream theory between the two. Even if either one felt farfetched than the other. So here he sat, in a place he didn't know, in a town he felt like he remembered, but so much had changed. Was he even really home? Nothing felt like home to him anyway. What even did that word mean anyway? Home. Kody never knew that word when he was alive, if he truly was dead. Such a thought that he kept pushing to the back of his mind. But what did he know? And at that moment, it didn't really feel like much.
But what Kody did know, was how he managed to gather his thoughts together enough to find a place to get some food. Dark green eyes staring off at the wall that stood opposite him across from the counter-bar where he sat. Kody's back against the walkway people would use to come into the small diner.

"Will that be it, sir, or are you going to order another round of food? Again?" a voice broke Kody out of his trance like state.

Blinking rappedly, Kody had to think to himself for a moment, looking at the few scattered, empty baskets of food he had already eaten. Kody bit his lip, "Uhm...I'll take one more round please, and make it a coffee instead of a root-beer, please." he gave the aged man a small smile as he read his name-tag. Isiah. "Thank you, Isiah." Kody finished with a small nod. Even if he was a bit out of practice with social standards, he could at least attempt at being polite. The old man never did him any wrong, as least he didn't remember.

The old man gave him a small nod, his aged eyes looking Kody up and down for a moment as he thought, leaning against the counter as he eyed Kody "You look familiar...What did you say your name was again?" his brow raised, pouring another cup of dirty bean juice into the mug that sat in front of Kody.

Kody blinked for a moment, "Kody." he replied simply, however sheepishly, before adding a few sugar packets and cream into the coffee before taking a sip.
The old man nodded as he caressed his chin, "You don't happen to be from around here, do you?" he questioned casually, cleaning a glass.

Kody raised an eyebrow at his question, thinking for a moment as he took another sip of the hot liquid. The bitter yet sweet taste dancing across his tongue before he swallowed the coffee. Placing the mug down on the counter, "No...Why?" he questioned, trying to feign as if he was simply from out of town and passing through. He may as well have been anyway. However, an immediate feeling of dread and anxiety began to well up inside of Kody after he asked the question, why, Kody wasn't sure. But whenever he attempted to ask questions the sheer anxiety came crashing in, followed by a deep sense of dread and unease.

Isiah simply shook his head as he scoffed, "Sorry just...You look a little familiar is all. Must just be an old man's mind, huh?" he chuckled.

A small smile spread across Kody's lips, however forced it may have been, quickly followed by his expression changing to one of furrowed eyebrows. "I suppose so...But yeah, I just arrived in town a few days ago..." he replied before taking another sip of coffee.

Isiah chuckled as he finished up filling another basket with a cheeseburger, extra onions, extra pickles, ketchup and light on the mustard. And side of house fries. "What is someone of your age coming to a town like this then, if I may be so bold?" the old man was ever inquisitive, wasn't he?

Kody cleared his throat as he accepted the food, placing it in front of himself. "I uh..." he paused for a moment, biting his lip as Kody thought for a moment, "Just passing through, I guess." he said cooly.

Isiah nodded solemnly, "Well, where ya headed?"

Kody gave a small shrug as he took a bite of his food, quickly swallowing as he cleared his throat before answering. "That's the question, isn't it?" he said with a shrug, "I'm not exactly sure. Figure it out when I get there, I guess." he finished, his voice gave off the air of being unsure of himself in the statement.

Isiah nodded once more, "Well, wherever you're headed...I hope you find whatever it is that you're lookin' for, Kody. I'll let you be now." he gave Kody a smile before he turned and began to take care of a few other customers' orders.

Kody took a deep breath as he nodded, "So do I...Thanks." he gave the old man a small smile, before going back to his food. Where was he going? What was he really doing in this town anyway? Nothing made any sense since he found himself waking up in that god damn apartment But all he knew was that Kody was here for something, and there had to have been someone to have known why and who he was. But for now, Kody was simply left to his thoughts and yet another round of breakfast.


Grey Montague - Human - #7192A4 - Outfit

To say that the last few weeks had been stressful, would have been putting things very lightly. Not only had they been filled with what seemed like endless college courses, half of which felt like a complete waste of time, but on the brightside they were being paid for by Grey's grandparents. So she decided to not put too much thought into that. But on the other hand, the weeks had been filled with putting in hours at the local music shop, sometimes she had occasional regrets about working part-time but part of her couldn't entirely let go. Not when it was one of the few reminders she still clung to. Speaking of clinging, Grey really should have booked another therapy session this month, god knew she needed it. College stress was more than enough for anyone, but juggling a job at the same time, and having to visit her mother in the next town over, making sure she truly was staying with the rehabilitation program. Otherwise it would have all been for nothing in the past two years. All that progress of finally getting her mother clean would have been a waste. Another thought that had been weighing on her. Often times it felt like too much. Everything and everyone was just too much.

With a sigh, Grey couldn't help but stare ahead blankly. Three days. Three days and it would be the anniversary- Grey shook her head, she really had to stop letting her mind go back there. It had been years. Four years in three days. She had to accept it and move on. She couldn't keep letting the past define every single action of her life anymore, she had to go on and live and yada yada yada. Words her therapist would try to mentally drill into her every visit. Even if it had been more than a year, there wasn't much progress in that field. And why should there have? Everything felt like it was falling apart at the seams, so why not this as well?

"Have you even been listening to a word I said?" the voice snapping her out of her somewhat trance like state.

"Sorry, what?" she mumbled out, blinking a few times.

"So you didn't hear a single word I said?" the man continued.

"Sorry, my head was-"

"In the clouds?"
there was a small pause, "Happens too much of late these days, if you ask me-"
an older woman's voice chimed in. "Must you do this? Today of all days." she relented.

The man gave a small shrug of his shoulders before straightening up, "Today? Tomorrow? A week from now?" Nolan continued. "Honestly, Hannah. You know as well as I do that this is becoming all too often with her." maybe not as often as the passive aggressiveness from you-

Grey couldn't help but slowly shrink into her chair more and more. Whatever appetite she may have had, had just been royally curbed.

"Don't listen to him, dear." her grandmother chimed in, resulting in an all too displeased look from her grandfather. "You've had a lot on your plate recently and you deserve a break." she gave as kind of a smile as she could afford, before looking over at Nolan once again.
Grey awkwardly squirmed in her chair, "I uhm.." she started, biting the inside of her cheek haphazardly, "I think I'm gonna go...For a bit." she started, slowly getting to her feet.

"You've hardly touched your food." her grandfather chided once again, nodding at the plate with half eaten pieces of pizza, which had all but grown cold by this point.
"Where to, honey?" Hannah spoke up.
"The Autumn Festival?" she replied, "I'm already running kind of late." she gestured awkwardly with a half fake smile.
"You have plans?" the tone her grandfather spoke with was more of sarcasm than genuine surprise.
"Well, Josie being back in town and everything again, I promised I'd go. Just for a few hours before I have to go back and study." she glared over at her grandfather, "Midterms and all that." she returned a rather unpleasant look in her grandfather's direction.
"That sounds lovely dear. Say hi to her for us, okay?" she beamed, "Oh! And remember to dress warm, it's finally getting cold." Grey returned a small silent nod.
"Will do." she nodded again. Without much more she grabbed her things and headed out the door. Pulling out her phone she immediately went to contacts.

To: 👹 Hosie-Josie 👹

'Family Dinner' was a bust. 😃 who would have figured. 😒 You're going to the festival, right?

That's where I told them I would be before heading back home for 'midterms' 🥸

Grey shoved her phone back into her jacket's pocket before making her way down the street. It really was colder than she had anticipated, oh well. Getting some steps in would do her some good after being cramped up all week in the small house that her and her roomates lived in. After her mother went to rehab, the house was too empty. She wouldn't live alone, not there. Not where there were too many memories of people that weren't around anymore, in one way or another. Having roomates seemed like the better option, even if the two in question were well, questionable at best, if not veering on the more idiotic side of things. Twins that seemed to choose partying and causing trouble than actually studying for their classes. Which may have explained why she was always the one getting stuck doing their damned homework. But not wasn't the time for that. She was going to go out with some friends and enjoy themselves for the evening, before returning to an aparent endless amount of papers. At least that's what she was telling herself she was going to be doing. Trying her best to appear as functional as she could. Yeah...That was totally going to work.


Noah Montague - Ghost - #753a24 - Outfit

Waking up with a rather literal start in the middle of absolutely nowhere wouldn't have been on their bingo card if you asked, well, anyone. One moment everything had been silent and still. Cold even. But if one were to reach out for something and touch it, there would be nothing. Just an endless, inky black expanse as far as the eye could see, or in this case couldn't. If one listened there was an endless silence that dared to swallow up anyone who dared to try and listen. But it wasn't exactly silence per say either, more of a very distant and muffled droning. No, that wasn't the right word. At least you wouldn't think it was. It was more like static, actually. The sound one would hear if you tried to listen a bit too hard in a silent room when one is alone. The sound of electricity in the air that can only be heard if one tried to really listen for it. Then it would be unavoidable. It was only then that the sound would feel as if it was growing closer and closer until all one could hear was a ringing pain in their ears, then their entire skull as it hammered away relentlessly.

Gasping for air, a figure sat straight up. Panting heavily as air filled their lungs, for what felt like the first time in well, forever. Which only resulted in a coughing fit. It nearly felt like they were drowning. Drowning for air? Like a fish out of water, one would suppose would be the easiest likeness. Blinking, the figure looked around at their surroundings, the sun was high in the sky still. The air was cold and damp. Indicating that maybe it was within the fall months? The sky..? Why could they see the sky? That was when they finally took in their surroundings. Feeling around them, cold and hard earth lied beneath them. Dirt now buried underneath their fingernails as they looked down at their dirt covered hands. A soft grumble escaped their throat. "Great. Well and truly great." they mumbled. With a heavy sigh, they slowly got to their feet, running a dirt covered hand through their hair. That couldn't exactly be helped, but at the same time, great going, dumbass. finally getting a proper view as they looked around, they didn't know where they were. Trees and an open field was all that lied before them, except for a small paved road less than fifty feet from where they woke up from. The entire situation was strange, but stranger still was the fact that they felt a buzzing in their pocket, retrieving as if by pure instinct alone, a phone was pulled out from their pocket. Eyebrows furrowed as green eyes read the message.

'Make your way into town. Due north.' - JB

Eyebrows furrowed together even more as they typed fervently.

'Who is this?'
'What's going on??'
'Where am I???'

'Follow the road, Noah Montague. Widow's Peak 2.5 miles north.' - JB

What was going on? Where and why were they even out here to begin with? Why was this the only conversation on the phone they had on them? And why did it only begin when they awoke from...From their sleep? Dreams? Whatever it was, none of this was funny. They wanted it to be over. They just wanted to be home...Wherever that was, was well, anyone's guess. But apparently whoever this was, whoever was texting them, not only knew where they were and what way to go to the nearest town, but the one behind all of this, knew their name. Why was it only then that they knew their own name? Noah. Nnooaahhh. It seemed to roll off the tongue rather easily. It felt like the only thing that Noah felt was right and made sense. Their name was indeed Noah Montague. But that was all. They didn't know of this town called Widow's Peak, or why it was so important. But maybe, if they listened and followed the messages, they would have answers. But more importantly, maybe they'd get some food. Their stomach hurt the more they thought on the matter. As well as a pang of anxiety flooding through them with every passing moment. They just wanted answers, but more than anything, they wanted out of this cold weather. Stuffing their hands in their jacket's pockets, Noah began to follow the road to what exactly? Well, there was only one way to find out..

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