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"What are y-" and suddenly, darkness. He had worked at Tecnet for over 6 years. Today marked the 6th anniversary. His name was Steven Garcia, he married his college sweetheart, and liked the ham and provolone from down the road. He was born into a low-level mage family, and his magic revolved around simply making him a stronger martial artist. What time was it? Was it noon? It must've been, and he felt his feet slip from the edge. Around this time, he would've called his wife and talked his entire break, how he loved her. Everything Steven did was just to spend more time with his wife, the money didn't matter to an extent, he got this job thinking no fool would ever break into a Tecnet owned building. His thoughts drifted to her in the kitchen, the scene was a war morning, the birds were out, and she was knuckle dusting the dishes. He was a bit of a slob, he'd quickly admit this, but he was working to be better. She giggles at him, the smile sets abalze his heart, he's going to make her favorite desert, it's how he met her. He used to work in a restaurant before he graduated. He knew she liked a medium amount of frosting, and took note to put the right amount on at all times. The air starts to pick up around his face, and he feels cold. His vision starts to fade away.
Steven was hailed as a prodigy in his family, he was well trained in all forms of hand to hand. He was handpicked after winning a local tournament in drezzen. Only a fool would bring a weapon or some destructive arcane art inside of the elevator shaft. He only ever lost once, and everyone in the crowd thought it was a robbery, and indeed he took a fall, times fell tough, but he had sleep for dinner that night anyway with a smile, as long as his wife got to eat. Steven Garcia by all accounts was a strong mage, he was well liked by his coworkers, and he was a force to be reckoned among the average mages. For all his prowess though, Steven was only a prodigy in his family. The same cruel fate of the blessing of talent he used to climb over others befell him, and he met his end at the hands of a greater monster. His final thought being taking his wife on that cruise she always wanted to go on, his consciousness slipped into oblivion, before becoming a paste on the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Julius knew this guard was here. He had spent weeks mapping the place out, using any spare funds for floor plans, data leakers and the like. He narrowed down the window of assassination to a joint pr and shareholder meeting. Mage society, the Council, the Church, Law Enforcement, they were all getting fed up with Tecnet's legal loopholes to keep them out. Seems Alexia had enough of dealing with all the stress and wanted to get it all done with in a day. Shareholding is public knowledge anyway. It was 12:30 pm, the meeting was 12:45. Julius estimated they were on the 87th floor of 200. Mega structures weren't uncommon, and he knew they'd only get this one chance here. After this Tecnet was bound to triple security continent wide. There was no way Steven was getting out of this alive, the moment this hit was placed, his fate was sealed. Steven guarded the most accessible and quick way of getting around the building. Julius had seen the blood on his hand anyway, beatings given out as after work stress with his coworkers. This wouldn't weigh hard on his psyche.
Steven moved to enchant his body, slow on the draw though, Julius flicker stepped across the walkway and stabbed through his chest with his hand. Scarlet dripped down his hand, and he let the guard fall to the Earth. there was no need to fire a shot or draw a weapon, his fingers were like knives, if anything it was Tecnet's fault for issuing shittily enchanted body armor. Just before he fell, Julius snagged his chip from under his armpit and tossed it to Zack. Julius looked down on Zack, not his talent, he was more than capable, but he viewed him as a time bomb.
"Sure, we're mopping up trash, but sooner or later someone is gonna want Mr. Rogers dead and he's gonna have a problem with it." He told Morgan this once and was dismissed, but he trusted Morgan with his life, besides, Zack had pulled him out of a nasty situation a few times.
"This lets them walk through their magic sensors without triggering the spells. I've been looking for it over, first trillion-dollar company in history, too cheap to constantly have golems or spouts of fire goi-" PLCK! Julius looked down at the guard, "Oh my, didn't quite stick the landing, or maybe he's a contemporary artist?" Julius flashed a somewhat grin at Zack. "My body doesn't give off energy, so their sensors won't pick me up. In the future we should see if it's possible to make our energy match the buildings, would save us more trouble."

Julius pointed up and swooshed his finger in a slight circle, "The elevator is above us; Morgan went with Lyliana and the meeting is on the 150th floor. We have approximately 15 minutes. Morgan opted you and me blow this fucking thing off the rails and send it crashing so A: no one can get up it, and B: it's really fucking loud and masks the shitshow were probably gonna get in. Now, if you ask me they're probably just gonna teleport to our sorry asses, but I'm not the boss so what the fuck do I know," Julius flicked his hand behind his shoulder and started climbing up the ladder, "This one is weird too, the dude wants the body, so don't fucking incinerate him if you can help it." Julius had his doubts about this, previously they waited till the target was alone, but this guy was simply not leaving the building, a cold doubt came through his stomach, while the plipping of his blood-soaked hand against the ladder became a white noise.

Alexia Voldori


Alexia Voldori, 27, single, ruthless. It was 12:30, for weeks he's had a massive headache, being the groomed heir to an empire. For weeks he has felt as though someone has been driving a sword directly through his skull. The stress of running the world's first trillion-dollar company will do that to you. He paces the room, his skills as a mage are rather refined, but his skill as a businessman is second to none. He firmly believes he could shake the hand of God and get him to take a bad deal. Today is the day, today he can, for at least a few months, get the pressure of an entire society off. Left right and center the council, detectives and church have been trying to get into his business, he feels as though his veneer is about to crack. His assistant comes to let him know who is in attendance. Her name is Amber, she's a few inches shorter and her hair glows golden, a small "cybernetic" implant. Beneath her robotic interior she is hopelessly in love with her, he gave her all the techware she needed to recover from a car accident. He genuinely likes how orderly she is but feels little else in return. He's aware of her crush, it strokes his ego. Once, in a daydream, he saw himself wed to her, in a small home with 2 kids, pizza every Friday, passion of the flesh twice a week. He was oddly happy but crushed the thought as the numbers of an industrial machine cranked through his head like clockwork.

"Sir, the shareholders are here. Our markets are up 30-"
"That's not what I'm concerned with. Don't fuck with me, who's in the room I need to know of?" Amber reshuffles her notes, her fingers glide over the papers like a seamstress. It's in these little moments time slows down for him. In these moments his head roars and he starts to sweat. He knows he will have to bullshit, he knows he's good at it, and in a roundabout way the pain brings him the satisfaction of knowing he's about to get out of this. He is about to give another open disclosure or pure malarkey with a shit eating grin. Amber starts to read off the names, as well as anyone else who was invited today for any other special reasons, in this moment everything comes to a stop, and the young man plans his mode of attack.
The Treaty? He's technically not violated anything; lobbying politicians doesn't mean being one.
The church? Last he checked; he's given hundreds of millions to the poor.
Law enforcement? He can worm his way through any loophole possible.
Today is Alexia Voldori's fortissimo of Machiavellian scheming.
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Father Flemming hummed the first few bars of "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" as the over-engineered elevator rapidly rose into the sky. He hated these things. He hated when work took him out of New Versailles. But Archbishop Philippe had been absolutely insistent. The old French prelate of New Versailles, 71 and aging rapidly, had called him on his mobile a week ago- interrupting his beloved choir's rehearsal time. When Flemming had suggested that the Nuncio be contacted instead, or perhaps the diocesan chancellor (they knew of magic too, why not them?) he was shut down with one phrase from his nominal Prelate. "Père, tu obéiras." Now, Flemming was not a diocesan priest, he had every right to refuse, and his Excellency couldn't really invoke his vow of obedience- but should he have refused it would run the risk of damaging the reputation of the Oblates and the province as a whole. This was his first term as Provincial, after all, and he couldn't ruin his image so early. Yes, he wanted to do literally anything else than attend some stuffy old meeting of duplicitous Tecnet charlatans dead-set on lying to his face, but what could he do but follow his orders?

Flemming finished humming the first verse of the childhood hymn as the elevator doors slid open, and he was immediately met with the exuberant smile of a Tecnet representative who would walk him to the conference room. She was short and had what looked like artificial heterochromia- probably an implant of some sort. Her gleeful grin would have been contagious if Flemming wasn't so unenthused. "Bonsoir, mon Père! La salle de conférence est exactement comme ça." She acclaimed proudly, as if impressed by her own French. Flemming was shocked they had the decency to provide him with a translator. Perhaps they thought that a diocesan representative would be sent instead of an Oblate, since French wasn't even his native tongue... "It's quite alright, madam, my English is good enough." Flemming replied, keeping his tone civil, but guarded. He didn't want his lack of enthusiasm for the whole affair to be so easily divulged. She nodded, her expression faltering. She seemed disappointed she had lost out on an opportunity to practice her language skills more. "Very well... All the same, follow me to the conference room. It isn't far."

The two began their short walk together, Flemming keeping an even pace behind the woman. He looked around at the hallways- all an ugly techno-minimalism that Flemming detested. Drezzen as a whole was coated in this aesthetic- probably the Voldori family's preference. One of many reasons he kept to New Versailles. Eventually, the two approached a large set of solid black doors, at least eight feet tall with sleek stainless steel looking handles. The woman grasped the right door tightly, before swinging it open and gesturing Flemming to enter. Flemming tightened his Cincture, made one last adjustment to his Roman Collar, and fixed his hair before nodding and striding inside. It was a massive conference room. Even Flemming was impressed. It was filled with people, too. The press were here, of course, along with local politicians from the city, some from other places on Rodinia, the American ambassador, local law enforcement... all the expected parties. And yet, there were some not-so-expected... at least, they would have been unexpected at best and unknown at worst to any priest who wasn't an Oblate of the Five Wounds. Members of important mage families, an ambassador from the Council of Solomon, magic detectives, they were all here too. Suddenly, Flemming felt very small, and very alone. As the woman guided him to his seat, he founded himself wishing that he had just told the Archbishop to ask the Nuncio.
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"Jesus Christ," Zack muttered to himself as he wateched the guard splatter all over the bottom of the elevator shaft. He still wasn't used to the bloodshed and gore that came from this job, although he knew (or rather believed in) that, in order to rid the streets of criminals, he would have to take lives. There were no bigger criminals than Tecent themselves; taking advantage of their position of power to control the fate of the entire world. No one organaztion should ever have that power, Zack usually thought to himself, reminding him of his greatest enemy The Underground Pillar, who wished to take Tecnet's place. If only I could get my hands on Angelica Pierce, he thought to himself, unaware that she was currently in the building as well.

Angelica Pierce; leader of The Underground Pillar and a name that commands a presence in the criminal underworld. Here at the Tecent shareholders' meeting, however, she was Angelica Pierce; CEO of New World Shopping. The legittimate side of her life was always so boring and annoying. She had to pretend to walk around, listen, and care to what the other people around her were saying. Other business owners, shareholders, law enforcement, the damn Church...they would all approach her and talk to her about business and economics. All Angelica could do is put on a happy face and wait for the perfect time to strike. Putting on such a performance can be draining for long but Angelica was willing to tolerate it if she could get her hands on the location of the next Tecent supply drop.

Zack was not amused by Julius' sacrastic remarks in regard to the person they just murdered. A true hero doesn't take pleasure in death, he thought to himself. After storing the chip in his right arm, Zack got to work creating a large fireball with his hands. "Relax, I'm not gonna incinerate the guy," Zack told Julius. "I learned my lesson the hard way about controlling my flames." Zack proceeded to look over his arms and legs, for they were completely metallic and a showcase of the consequences of Zack's actions. Zack frowned at them before trying to make himself smile. "I guess my new limbs are cool, though. Do you think Lyli likes them? I bet she's secretly jealous of them..not that I want to make her jealous or upset or anything." Zack realized he was getting off track. "We do have a plan to get out of the elevator shaft before I blow it up, right?"

Angelica decided to take a seat and wait for the sharehoder's meeting to begin. Just a couple hours and access to the remote office will be mine, Angelica thought to herself. She hoped the Baron was getting into position while all this corporate nonsense is going down. Just then, a woman and a priest proceeded to sit down next to her, waiting for the meeting to begin. Of all the people who could sit next to me, it's a goodie-two shoes boyscout and his bitch, Angelica said to herself. God, if you're there and real, don't make this disciple of yours talk to me.
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Aiden Graham, that was the name of the man Nosk selected as a host, Nosk recalled the look upon his face when he approached him, a look of utter desperation and despair, how pathetic. Nosk had to restrain a laugh just picturing it now, his eyes wandered around the meeting room, noting the cheapness of the furniture and the lack of anything interesting to look at. An unusual choice for a host, Indeed Nosk tended to prefer mages with even a little talent, not this worthless trash such as Aiden. However, Aiden had one thing that most mages lack: Influence and relations with That Man, Alexia. Nosk smirked at the various ideas that flowed through his head if he just had a host such as that. As of now though Nosk has to play the role of this worthless mage, like a viper hiding in the brush he simply had to wait for the right moment to strike his desired prey. Nosk leaned back in the chair he had been sitting in, he had been waiting within this room for the arrival of Tecnet's CEO for around forty minutes now. The arrival of every figure that wasn't Alexia providing Nosk with another slight irritation, in fact this room was getting far too crowded, far too boring for Nosk's tastes.

Aiden was set to be seated across from that woman, Angelica and some priest he hadn't bothered to remember the name of, it doesn't really matter this man Aiden wouldn't have any interest in either party it was best if he continued to stay unnoticed. Ah, how truly dull this is. If this goes on any longer I may just have to massacre everyone in this room Nosk thought to himself smiling, confident that he could make that passing thought a reality. These thoughts are interrupted once again with the arrival of more people, none of which are the one he desires. He sighs loudly "What a boring game this is becoming."


Morgan exhaled a small cloud of smoke before flicking the stub of his cigarette near the exit of the Tecnet Drezzen Branch Office Building, he sighed at the amount of effort this job would take making his way through the doors to the lobby, the lobby was quite dull it lacked any real decoration aside from minimalist "art" decorating the walls and even then they were a variety of dull grey colors. Metal detectors immediately sprung to life making a shrill beeping noise that echoed as he entered the lobby. Morgan scanned the room looking over each of the security guards panicking at the detector's alarm. Did they not expect someone to just walk in? Ignoring the shouts of security Morgan made his way towards the row of elevators looking each of them over, one of the security guards seemingly recognized him and yelled some panicked comment into his walkie talkie. Morgan appeared unconcerned, he noted a mess leaking out of one of the elevator doors, opting to skip over that one he pressed the button for the fifth in the row. He calmly watched the number above the door tick down from floor 87 while the two guards barked orders at him, not daring to approach after recognizing just who decided to walk in today.

Morgan ran a hand through his hair before checking his watch: 12:30 he sighed loudly and continued to wait for his elevator to arrive. Lyliana should be catching up soon otherwise Morgan may have to make this distraction much more convincing. Morgan placed another cigarette in his mouth before retrieving his silver lighter from his coat pocket, igniting it. "Would you mind stop yelling already, I get it. Its giving me a headache." He glances at the two security guards who once again, despite Morgan's request yell into their walkie talkie rather than act. This was going to be a long day.
The boss was on the 150th floor. Baron was a few floors above, tucked away in an empty office cubical with two afflicted by his side; one was a Tecnet security guard, the other was some sort of desk jockey. One other afflicted, also a prior security guard, stood by the door with the simple order to stop anyone who entered. They were fresh, made only a few days ago for this very occasion, so the growths had barely began to peek out from their shirt collars. Next to Baron was a trembling human sitting at the data relay, one of Tecent's employees. They were busy uploading the most recent Tecent survey reports and supply scheduling to Baron's data block, an outdated but reliable thing he had acquired years ago. All of this 'tech' was above Barons understanding, beyond how to get the job done. He supposed that was how he delt with 'magic' as well, only doing what came naturally, not wishing to go much further than that.

Today's meeting was what gave them the opportunity to make a move like this. Plenty of time to plan. To infiltrate the building beforehand. Find a puppet who had access to the data Angelica wanted. Even having people avoid this office block just from Baron putting up a janitorial sign on the door. A bit too simple, to be honest. Baron felt his muscles tense as he waited for the other shoe to drop.

His train of thought was interrupted by the employee saying something in a stuttering voice, placing his hands on the armrests of his chair trying to get up. His eyes darted from Baron's mask, to the modded rifle slung over his shoulder, to the stalk still Tecent members. "T-thats all I can do. Any... anything else h-has a security cl- I dont have it. C-can I-" his words were stopped by Baron placing a gloved hand on his scrawny iron pressed shoulder, slowly pushing slacks back down into his chair. The man didnt blink. Didnt breathe as he and Baron locked eyes. Baron kept his hand there, gripping the mans shoulder while he leaned forward, using his free hand to twist one of the valves on the side of his mask, releasing a soft hissing sound and a pink cloud that couldnt be seen by the naked eye. The man coughed, his eyes watering as Baron turned him a little in his seat so he could face him properly.

"Keep your voice down."

Barons voice punctured the man's psyche with a hollow tone. Almost as if he was disinterested. Taking a moment to make sure the message settled, he flicked his hand towards the armed afflicted next to him, ordering them to shoot the employee should he move from the desk. The afflicted jerked into position, pointing their Tecent pistol at the employees temple. Baron kept the man still for one second longer. "Dont move," he warned, Baron's voice echoing in the employee's mind just as he released his grip on the man. Satisfied with the jerking nod that the man was able to manage as an answer, Baron nodded in return and walked over to a different cubicle with the desk jockey afflicted.

Focusing, he reached out to Angelica's connection. He had dusted her with enough spores to maintain a telepathic link for about an hour. They were getting towards forty minutes since then. After that, they would have to rely on burner tech to communicate. "Mam, the data will be successfully transferred in seventy four minutes. I am making physical copies now," Baron said subtly in Angelica's mind, affirming, as he had the afflicted man the office printer.
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lylianna noelle leon

he sound of an alarm sounding, ringing within a very particular female's ears -- it was echoing through her skull, a soft groan escaped through the onyx haired female. dreading for the wake up call by the phone alarm, a lazy arm reaching out and smacking around the wooden table to locate said phone. lifting up her head, finally peeking through her long ebony lashes -- revealing a pair of aquamarine eyes. " i guess its time for work.. " her name was lylianna, a member of the crimson hand -- also infamous for not being able to use proper facial expressions during specific times..

she was supposed to be meeting up with morgan, leader of the crimson hand at... 12:30 it seems like and that is when she had just woken up. the young female was actually asleep at a local cafe, not too far from the tecnet headquarters but far enough to not actually see or hear anything that could be happening right now at the tallest building in the city!

as she had left the cafe's door, finding herself hiding away from the public's eyes in an alleyway, lylianna seemingly just vanished within seconds. the female seems to have just fallen right into the shadows and disappearing from the public's eye, of course, nobody has seen her.
by the time lylianna had reappeared, it seems like she had slowly emerged from morgan's shadows -- as if she was a creature of the shadows. the alarm blaring, echoing throughout the large empty lobby. two guards exclaiming into their communication devices. lylianna turns over to the metal detectors, lifting her left hand and flicking to the side -- five thin wires, looking as if it came from her finger tips, stretches out relatively quickly and wrapped around the machines that sounded loudly; tossed and removed from their places, thrown across the lobby with ease and breaking into pieces, stopping the alarms.

narrowing her eyes towards the security guards this time, they were loud, really loud and she also did not enjoy it especially since she just woke up. " you guys are way too loud.. just like my alarm. " her stoic expression never seems to have changed, but her eyes was dark like poison as she stared at the guards -- lifting her pointer and middle finger together, flinging to the right this time. the same wires from before but this time from her right hand, slithered out in a impeccable speed, removing the heads clean off without the blood splatter mess. as soon as the lobby had fallen silent, lylianna was now spotted yawning and giving herself a good stretch of her arms right above her head. " i was having a nice sleep.. am i late? " finally turning her head back to her boss, the ebony haired female stared at him with a relatively blank expression, just blinking her bright colored eyes as if she was a child looking for the next instruction.

" can't i just.. bring us up there instead of waiting for the elevators or do we have to do things the old fashioned way? " observing at the fact the elevator was being called down from a relatively high number, lylianna squints at the number as it was decreasing. she much rather travel through the shadows, as it was a lot quicker and less of a hassle.


a bit groggy




tecnet headquarters



coded by xayah.ღ
⁺˚⋆。°✩ ENDYMION ✩°。⋆˚⁺
Mid-morning, inner city

“♩ Fat baby frog, eating baby bugs, she’s got an ugly mug but she likes a squishy hug—!♩”

A young man sits in the back seat of a cab, bobbing from side to side while he rhythmically pats the lump tucked under his shirt collar like it’s a baby’s bottom. He’s not even close to following along with the melody of the song playing over the radio but the toad tucked against his breastbone doesn’t seem to mind. Every so often she warbles back at him in response.

The taxi driver’s long since shut the privacy partition between them. Endymion kind of forgot he was even there. Hey, not his fault — the driver made it very clear he was not interested in chatting, and only gave Endymion (and his toad) a long-suffering look before waving them both into the backseat.

Speaking of…

The driver flicks open the privacy curtain with one hand. He peers warily at Endymion through the rearview mirror.

“…What kind of business does a fellow like you have in this part of town?” he asks. It’s a fair question. The further uptown into Drezzen you get, the more his bedazzled robes stand out against its sterile cybernetic backdrop. And Endymion doesn’t exactly behave like the pinnacle of corporate professionalism either.

Endymion pauses mid-sway. Beryl croaks in protest from under his shirt. From the way she’s tucked up and secured against him, it kind of looks like he’s a particularly well-endowed woman.

“Believe it or not, I’m, uh, actually a pretty accomplished mage, you know. I was invited to participate in a conference at the Tecnet building today,” Endymion explains. It’s not a lie, as long as it counts for Endymion to have invited himself. He can tell a corrupt authority figure when he smells one— and to him, if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself. What better way to expose the truth of the Tecnet corp’s existence than to crawl into its grimy belly himself?

The driver harrumphs. “You don’t say. You dress pretty humble for the corpo type. Not in the mood to ride your private jet plane there either, I guess?”

“A private jch—!” Endymion splutters out. “Haha! No, not today my friend. Today I stand among the… uh, common people.” He winces. “Haha. Aha.”

If only! Surely the driver was joking; were the kinds of people that worked here really that well off? Endymion could only imagine that kind of wealth! He supposes it is a trillion-dollar conglomerate, after all…. Perhaps if he stayed on his best behaviour a rich benefactor might take a liking to him and—! No, no. Focus.

Alas, his job here today is merely to blend into a crowd of such effortlessly wealthy mages and pretend that he’s one of them, long enough at least to get some good pictures and maybe even record their CEO admitting to a crime or two if he’s lucky.

The taxi pulls to a stop. Just outside his window, Endymion locks eyes with the Tecnet building and can already tell it’s going to be a long, long day.


However, breaking and entering seems to go far more smoothly than expected!

There are no guards around when he enters the lobby; perhaps there’s been an issue within the chain of command and nobody assigned workers to this floor. Or maybe they’re all busy napping on the job. Endymion could hardly blame them if that were so. Hell, he was still a bit tempted to ditch the meeting and sleep away the day under a tree somewhere instead!

Unfortunately the pursuit of justice held him accountable.

He waits while the elevator takes a round and comes back. There’s technically two available, but the one is in dire need of a wipe-down, if he’s being quite polite. Perhaps a hungover businessman emptied his breakfast in there. Whatever it is, it’s none of his business, other than that it’s beginning to stink and he wants nothing to do with it.

150. He keys it in with barely trembling fingers. The nerves are beginning to get to him now; Endymion’s never been good with crowds, or even people in general. How had he ever thought this would be a good idea?

Beryl must feel his heart rate increase because she stirs against his chest and gives another little croak. He gently places his hand over the lump of her. Right. They’re not here to fight; only to get information, and get out. The public had a right to know the truth about everything going on inside, and he was going to bring it to them.

V A N D Y R , L E X
Interacting with:

There were many things Lex could be doing that wasn't attending this meeting.

Lex had been reassigned multiple times over the course of a few years and she had suspected it had something to do with never letting her be able to get her roots down. It kept her disoriented and unable to create the sense of community like she had been able to in her hometown in a decade or so long past. Still, it wasn't like she could bring up the complaint to her higher-ups so she just followed their every whim. It was a far better deal than having detectives knocking at her office door telling her that she was going beyond the bounds of what a private investigator should.

But right now, the Council wanted someone to listen to the young Voldori's presentation to their shareholders. She just needed to listen and maybe selectively pick off anything that could finally legally take down the family— after all, Tecnet was built on loopholes. She was sure that Alexia would throw them for another loop, trying to worm his way through the law as his predecessors did. And like clockwork, the Council was sending their sniffer dogs to finally, finally, crack down on them.

The politics of it all truly does bring a migraine straight into Lex's head.

Still, Lex didn't shirk work. She had arrived at the venue earlier than most and was met with a guide. The young man had expressed genuine hospitality as he led her to the elevator to head to the 150th floor where the shareholder meeting was going to happen. Their small talk mainly revolved around the program as well as some basic security questions to ensure the safety of the conference. Some questions were left hanging; she was just a visitor, after all, and did not have the right to get a full rundown of the actual security in place that the Voldori Family had created. If that Family could somehow make the impenetrable wall around their precious tree, then Lex could somewhat be at ease with their other protective measures.

Slowly but surely, as time passed, more and more high-profile people began to come in. She had exchanged pleasantries with other detectives who took point elsewhere in the room. A lot who entered were familiar faces, mostly seen through interviews on television or in the newspapers. Lex made sure to take note of the ambassador of the Council who had also entered the room. Lex itched to grab another cigarette, just wishing that this meeting would be over with and she could retreat back to her office and do literally anything else.

Julius brushed Zack's comment off. He didn't look down on Zack's weird little crush, a long time ago he fancied a woman under the Union Jack flag, often sneaking out under night to see each other and whisper merry poems. That was long ago however, Julius was by no means a ladies' man, secretly being a hopeless romantic and wishing Zack whatever luck, despite the idiocy of trying to find love in a game where you die young. He continued to climb the ladder, stopping about 40 feet from where he was originally.

"I wouldn't worry about her right now, but let me help you out", Julius knew where he was. On the other side of this wall was the security room. "Cheeky I'm uncultured..." he thought to himself. There was no way into this room other than teleportation, but the cameras were situated right on this wall, with the operator not too far behind. The assassin's ears were another finely tuned part of his body, and he could hear the ever so calm heartbeat on the other side. Julius picked up the increasing pace of it,

"Right on time, Morgan must be making his entrance. About Lylianna, here I'll give you a new look". Julius let a cheshire smile crawl across his face, before hooking his feet under the ring and letting go, hanging upside down. He gripped his throat with his left hand and lifted, pulling his head and spine out in one go, releasing Durandal. To anyone but only the absolute most refined mages, the sword appearing, and his head regenerating appeared instant, followed by a sanguine tidal wave splashing down on Zack.
Julius proceeded to shove the great sword through the wall with a good bit of might, the feeling and roar became of steel, industrial and a bodily crunch. He waited a second, making sure no heartbeat came up, and was quite satisfied that he had disassembled it in one piece.
"Do us a favor and put a fireball through this hole unless you want this operation on Channel Merlin in every single mage's house in Drezzen. Don't worry about the elevator," Julius smug veneer turned serious for but a second, "I trust you, just make sure to only send the elevator hurling down. Its right where we need it, so we'll go through the doors of 150 and meet up with Morgan." Julius stabbed Durandal into the wall and started to bounce on it like a trampoline, taking no care for a priceless artifact of the old, before launching himself up along with it, traces of blood going down his neck and lining up with his mother's jacket. Landing on the elevator, he was quickly reminded that he was in fact not a master, with the duffel bag flying above him. Julius hot potatoed the bag in the air, nearly falling off in the process before catching it and looking like a fool. "Whew..."

The Clock struck 12:40

Alexia snapped a pencil through his thumb and finger. He had had enough; he was ever the master of lying on the spot and planning it out simply meant fucking it up and stumbling across whatever lies he weaved.
"Give me the list..." the spite in his voice stung Amber like a needle to the ear drum. Her sun bright hair waved across the page as she handed it to him.
"Let's see... chicken shit priest-what? I thought I had Phillipe- ah whatever. Angelica hah! Rancid I'm uncultured thinks I don't know what she's doing, were just using her to clear out of date inventory, like you'd ever get a step ahead of me..." Amber gulped, normally Alexia was a rather articulate man. He picked his words carefully in front of other people, but around her he let loose and spoke how he felt. While it might have given her hope for a chance, any romantic relief was beaten down by the sheer nervousness of angering the most powerful man in the world. He continued looking through
"Aidan... fucking degenerate, started sleeping in the office the past week, as if having my CFO doing homunculi orgies wasn't a bad enough look, he goes and makes me look like he's living paycheck to paycheck. Endy- what? Who names their child this..." his gaze landed on a last name, before bursting out laughing,
"Beautiful! Just beautiful! I've got fucking Vandyr sniffing around my building as well-" He wiped the sweat of his nerves into his hair, slicking it back and letting out a predatory growl.
"Get the automatons, we'll take it from here..." slinging his suit on and adjusting his tie, the avatar of avarice opened the door and stepped into the teleportation circle. What kind of CEO takes the elevator? Joining his side were 2 top of the line automatons. This newest line stood at 9 feet tall and took the form of armored knights made out of blades. Powered by demons as a source, Alexia had no doubts about everyone being in line with their appearance. He grabbed Amber by the waist, her warmth surprisingly calming him, and he snapped his fingers, appearing at the podium amidst the end of the room, with a gorgeous city overview behind him, the technological urban empire he forged.

The clock struck 12:40, and Alexia appeared as sharp as a razor, making hard eye contact with everyone on his list
Fr. Flemming Hammershøi, OQV


Fr. Flemming gathered his bearings as he sat in the seat designated for him, not even paying attention to the woman beside him to his right- at least not yet. The translator began to pull the chair out to his left to take a seat- but stopped as Flemming quickly stood back up and turned towards the woman. "Really, madam, your services aren't necessary. But I appreciate your dedication. Take the day off. Surely, you'd rather be with your family than stuck here in this meeting?" The priest said, a genuine, gentle smile on his face for the first time since he began the drive out to Drezzen. The woman had a mixed look on her face, part relief, but also part disappointment. She sighed, before mustering a quiet response. "W- well, my... my superiors might get cross with me- They may think I'm shriking my duties..." The translator said, in a hushed whisper, clearly worried the motley crew of Tecnet executives in the room might overhear. However, Fr. Flemming waved a hand casually. "Nonsense. You're to be my assistant while I'm here, are you not? Then do as I ask. Take the day off. Spend it with your family." The Oblate insisted, the gentle smile not leaving his face. "If your superiors give you any trouble, give them my cell number. You should have it from the contact list. I'll deal with any complications."

The translator bowed gratefully; her fears of punishment were assuaged. She lifted her head meekly for one last request, however, before she left. "F- Father, if I may ask... My fiance... He's got stage two cancer. It's nothing serious yet- the prognosis is good, b- but... Please, pray for him. The executives at Tecnet are working towards a cure, of course, but... I still worry. And, please... your blessing. M- My name is Madeleine, Father." Ah... So this was why she was chosen. She was a Catholic too. Flemming could never refuse a faithful who asked. He gave a genuine chuckle and nodded his head. This was the happiest he's felt all day. He never thought in this altar to Tecnet he'd meet another Catholic. He quickly extended a hand and proceeded with the blessing. "Lord, may you grant Madeleine rest today, or if she must be wakeful, cheerful. Careful only for her soul's salvation, for Christ's sake." He then began to slowly move his extended hand over her head in the Sign of the Cross as he intoned the Godhead. "And may Almightly God bless you: the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Go in peace." As he finished, Madeleine bowed a second time, and left the conference room, leaving Flemming to sigh contentedly, happy that this trip brough him one blessing.

However, that joy slowly faded as he sat back down, and began to survey the room as more and more seats filled up. He took particular notice of the man directly across from him- his nameplate in front of him read Aidan Graham, and he seemed exceptionally bored- perhaps even more bored than Flemming had been before the Blessing. However, it wasn't until he nonticed the individual to his right that his eyes widened. He'd been sat next to Angelica Pierce. The CEO of New World Shopping, that remarkably rich yet incredibly shady company that had more than one case of involvement with organised crime... But there was never any evidence that the woman herself had anything to do with it, and Flemming always gave people the benefit of the doubt. She was much taller than he was and gave off a strong aura of frustration. Perhaps she felt the same way about the meeting as he did. Maybe he'd find a kindred spirit in his hatred of these asinine corporate lie-fests...
"Madam Angelica Pierce, yes? CEO of New World Shopping? My name is Father Flemming Hammershøi. I'm a visiting Cleric from New Versailles and the Provincial superior of the Oblates of the Five Wounds in Rodinia. It's wonderful to meet you, I've done business with your company on multiple occasions." He said, introducing himself with a friendly grin. No need to share what type of business it was... "You look just as fed up with this whole charade as I am... Hopefully this doesn't last too long." He said, giving a chuckle.
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Zack's really cool undercover outfit was ruined when a huge wave of blood splashed all over it. I spent a long time cooking this up, thought Zack, upset at the events that took place before eventually getting a little angry at the idea that Lyli would like someone's blood splashed all over his outfit. "Uh, I don't think Lyli would like something like this," He told Julius, unsure if he was even listening. "No offense to you personally. I don't anyone's blood would do. Next time warn me when you're gonna rip your head off, okay? This has happpened far too many times." Zack pulled out a napkin from one of his arms and tried to wipe the blood off the outfit but couldn't it out. God, I hope mom doesn't notice me doing laundry tonight, he thought to himself. Ew, it's in my hair too. How I am supposed to practice styling tonight?

Julius gave Zack some nice words of encouragement, which made him grin. I really am a great hero after all! He thought to himself before that grin slowly faded. I bet father is really proud of me, he thought before lowering his head. "Honor your legacy as a McGill, a family of heroes," Zack spoke to himself, rememebering his family's code. It was something all McGills believed in, including his father, who, when the bank was being robbed by The Underground Pillar...

That's a memory for another time, Zack told himself. With Julius out of the way, it was time to blow up the elevator shaft. He better hurry to, as there was an elevator currently approaching his location from below. Wait, Zack pondered. What if there's someone inside the elevator? I can't let them die! It could be Lyli or Morgan! Zack, worried at his thoughts, flew down to the rising elevator and, using his fire powers like a blowtouch, cut out a circular hole into the elevator. He poked his head through and saw a guy that looked like an Alexander Hamilton cosplayer. An innocent civilizan...or perhaps a Tecnet employee...

"Hello, sir!" Zack said, filled with energy. "I regret to inform you that this elevator is currently out of service, which means you need to be moved to a new location. Secret hero business and all that." Zack jumped down into the elevator and pulled out a pair of handcuffs from one of his legs. "I'm afraid I don't trust you and, well, my partner already gets on my ass for helping people and letting them to go so, unfortunately, I'm gonna have to take you hostage. It's just temporary, don't worry, and I'm not gonna hurt you. I just can't have you report us to security and all. We're breaking in to do an assassination on a bad guy. Again, hero stuff."

Zack slapped the handcuffs onto the man, whose name was Endy, before grabbing him and putting him on his back. "Hold on tight; I don't want you to catch on fire," Zack warned Endy before flying away with him to a safe ledge fall above the elevator. He proceeded to snap Endy's handcuffs to a nearby pole, keeping him restrained as Zack summoned a massive fireball, firing it at the elevator, causing a small sized explosion that snapped the elevators cord, causing the floating box to fall to the bottom of the building. BANG! The entire elevator shaft began to briefly shake for a tiny bit as the shockwave of the crash rumbled throughout the space. Zack cringed. "That was probably louder than it needed to be."

Zack then turned to Endy, who was still chained to the pole. "You doing okay?" He asked him. "You're probably gonna be there for a while. I promise I'll let you go though. Trust me, I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to. I can get you a snack if you want. There's this cafe down the street that my friend Lyli likes to go too. Oh, wait-where are my honors? I haven't introduced myself." Zack procceeded to sit down in front of Endy, trying to be friendly despite still being covered in blood. "I'm Zack and I'm a superhero alongside my friends. What's your name?"

Meanwhile, Angelica was completely cringing at the scene that was going on next to her with Flemming and Madeline. These motherfuckers are seriously praying in the middle of this shareholders meeting. Such a pity party. You can always get a new husband, Angelica thought to herself. To her, there was no time to nonsense like religion. She prayed to God to save her from that island...and yet no one came to help her. She had to help herself. However, this time around, she wasn't alone, as the Baron was currently on another floor, sending her a message about the data extraction. Angelica smiled. Good job, Baron, she thought back to him. Keep an eye on those files and, honestly, try to make it go faster. I'm sitting next to this priest and it looks like he's about to talk to me about Jesus-

The priest Flemming started talking to her right then and there, although it thankfully wasn't about Jesus. God damn it, she thought. Does anyone seriously care about the CEO of some shopping business? Is he seriously trying to relate to me? God, he must be desperate for some human connection in his sad life as a priest. Angelica then put on a smiling face. "Nice to meet you, father," Angelica casually said. "To be honest, I am not one for shareholding meetings but what ever happens to Tecnet directly impacts my business on their continent. I'm glad to hear that New World Shopping has provided services to you on multiple occassions. That does make me happy," said Angelica, who was miserable. "You're a long way from home, aren't you?"

Just then, a mild shockwave rumbled throughout the room. Angelica looked around and saw a couple security guards converse among themselves. Angelica was confused. Baron, that wasn't you, was it? Angelica messaged to the Barn telepathically. I told you we need to be sneaky.
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The boss' confirmation skittered over Barons subconscious as he idlily positioned himself near the back of the small office complex. There was a small table with a coffeepot still humming away. Made sometime this morning. Picturing Pierce sitting next to a priest made him smile, creases appearing next to his eyes but otherwise hidden, thinking of her squirming with all the social pleasantries. Or the poor priest being berated for simply existing. He poured some of the coffee in one of the cheap paper cups printed with the Tecent logo, barely steaming, and began moving back towards the employee. "I'll see to it," Baron's telepathic voice hummed into Pierce's psyche as he held out the cup to the man, who was now white knuckling the armrests.

Slacks didnt take his eyes off of the cup, looking bewildered. Baron held it still. Staring.

This moment seemed to stretch forever, the employee looking more like a drowned fish the longer it lasted, till he finally gave and slowly took the cup from Baron. He watched the employee attempt an awkward smile, but countered it by speaking into his mind, voice crackling in the human's weak will as if wrapped in static, "Download the files faster." The employee somehow looked even paler at these orders before he near chugged the coffee in one gulp and turned to the computer.

But before he could input even one key the building shook.

Baron appeared to have merely shifted his weight, whereas the afflicted nearly toppled over in their half aware states. "I-I dont know anything about that!" the office worker piped up, quieting when his captor's hooded head snapped towards his direction to remind him about keeping quiet. Pierce's voice came back into his mind then. Concerned.

He telepathically ordered the 'security guard' afflicted that was still aiming at the employee to set up next to the door, readjusting the one that was standing out in the hallway to be half propped inside a vacant meeting room's doorway. Whatever was happening wouldnt interrupt him. Yet. Baron figured the explosion had happened far below. A distraction? Retaliation? Regardless it was clear that some other party had plans for this building as well.

"No, mam. It wasnt." Baron swung his rifle from its sling over his shoulder easily into his hands. A practiced motion with a well known weapon. Without raising it towards the employee, knowing that he didnt have too, Baron glared down at the trembling man. "Continue," he emphasized, voice darkening. Slacks didnt need to be told twice.


Nosk's feeling of sheer boredom had yet to be dispelled, and the fact that the Council's dogs, those Detectives are present proves to be yet another annoyance. If they happen to get involved with his next few actions then he really may have to massacre the entire room, what a pity some of these mages might have even had a hint of potential to become a host... After Alexia of course. His thought were interrupted by the pair near him beginning their conversation, the priest and that tall woman, supposedly some sort of big shot around these corporate types. However trash is still trash no matter how many worthless things you surround yourself with, the modern age may be in abundance of mages yet there has yet to be any worth noting to Nosk, the only consistently interesting mage has been That One... Nosk laughs quietly just thinking about him, an interesting man for sure however-

The man's train of thought is interrupted for a second time with the arrival of Alexia with his pair of guards. His attitude immediately shifts from boredom to pure excitement. Nosk simply couldn't resist grinning at the sight of him, the very idea that Alexia thinks a mere two machines are a threat is infinitely amusing to him, did anyone else here take it seriously? Sitting forward in his chair Nosk waved the limbs of Aiden at the former CFO's acquaintance in an attempt to get his attention, and to slip into the role of Aiden more convincingly, the man was rather outspoken and loud before his death. What fun this will be, a few more pieces and this game can really begin.


Morgan glances back at the woman behind him for just a moment before returning his gaze to the ever decreasing number above the elevator, he didn't seem to mind the guards being silenced, they were getting quite annoying after all, however he was hoping they would at least be able to send something down to the lobby, just to waste Tecnet security's time and lessen the amount Julius and Zach would have to deal with up there. Morgan checks his watch again reading 12:34, he finally decides to respond to Lily "No, you made it just in time. Did you at least bring me anything?" He partially joked, knowing that it was probably pointless acting as such with her. In response to her second question he held up his right hand, still gazing forward as a gesture to be patient and wait.

As if on cue a loud bang echoed throughout the building, more so form where the pair were currently standing. Morgan turned from the spot he was gazing at so intently mere moments before, seemingly unconcerned with it now as a loud grinding echoes from the closed doors behind him. "Old fashioned way is off the table now. I don't think I particularly trust Tecnet's elevators very much." His statement is almost instantly confirmed, the number above the pair of doors rapidly decreases, skipping numbers due to the speed the housing was traveling, the doors open just to reveal the burning metal object whiz past their floor. After a few moments a loud crash is heard as it strikes the bottom levels of the building. Morgan flicks his cigarette on the floor and steps on it, he drags his foot slightly to extinguish it. "Whenever you're ready, we'd better hurry up now. Julius might start complaining if we don't get there soon." He steps past Lily and towards the pair of corpses she left behind, he decides to retrieve one of their walkie talkies and gives it a once over to make sure it still works after its previous owner so carelessly dropped it. Morgan glanced at his watch once again reading 12:40, they really had better wrap this up soon, things may get messy otherwise.
⁺˚⋆。°✩ ENDYMION ✩°。⋆˚⁺
Mid-morning, inner city
Sometimes, it’s true — despite how often you hear it, and how often it’s simply ruined by the faux-chivalry of those who profess it — that good deeds often go punished.

That is to say, that Endymion is only minding his own business and giving himself a little pep talk, when some teenage boy absolutely blasts open a porthole into the (occupied!!!!!! very much occupied) rising elevator and scoops him right out.

“Holy shit!” Endymion quite literally screeches, trying to grab at the boy’s clothes even as his hands are limited in their movement. This fucker can fly?

“You can fucking fly?!” Oops, said it out loud. Beryl trembles against his chest and Endymion hopes she leaves a little bit of slime on this guy’s back. He wiggles a bit and spits sparks as the guy leashes him to a support pole like a dog. If only for show, because Endymion doesn’t know how well he could stand up yet if he tried. The fireballs have turned his legs into jelly.

“This is ridiculous, I can’t even believe it, I don’t know what kind of scheme you’re running here but you’ve got to teach me how to do that too after y—“


Ah! And there it is, the double-whammy. A second explosion of the day. His eyelashes are only mildly singed. So is his frontal lobe, by the looks of it.

Okay. Time to panic. Wait, no, don’t panic. That won’t help anything. Especially if this guy’s friends are as crazy as him. Is he crazy? Maybe Endymion’s the crazy one now, because no sane and normal person gets… what, taken hostage by a highschooler who thinks he’s a superhero? And the assassination-type, at that!

“I am the wizard called Endymion,” is what he ends up saying, stupidly, with loads of false bravado and as if he’s at a comic convention instead of an active hostage situation. “But you may call me… uh, wh-whatever you wish.” Damn! Fumbled it.

“…I don’t recall classic superheroes being known to assassinate their bad guys,” Endymion mumbles, “but in the meantime, might I, er, trouble you for a glass of water? If we’re going to be meeting the rest of my capt- your companions soon, I can’t have my familiar all dried out and wrinkly.”

lylianna noelle leon

aiting for the elevator was not actually on her agenda, at the very least it was giving her the chance to fully wake up. rubbing her eyes as the gleaming sunlight shining through the wide windows -- this was irritating her eyes a little bit but it would be worse if she were under direct sunlight. " i- ... " a pause between her thoughts when morgan had joked with her, she understood it.. but the issue is.. she doesn't know how to react..

staring at morgan intensely, she was trying her very best to figure out how to react but it was practically frying her braincells. although her brows were knit together -- trying their best to figure it out but then she gave up. " i am hungry now.. " rubbing her stomach as she just got reminded of the fact that she didn't eat, although she was at a cafe, she didn't buy anything to eat. she just kind of.. passed out on the booth she plopped herself down on.

within the next moment, the lobby seems to shake with a loud boom. turning her head over to the culprit of the noise -- " i am going to assume.. that is zack's doing. " it had zack's name all over it, considering there were burn marks along the broken elevator. her attention was snapped over from her thoughts as soon as morgan stsarted speaking once again, listening to her employer to bring up on travelling through the shadows. in her opinion, they should have done it right off the bat -- somehow she held that in today. maybe she is learning how to act properly.

the female slowly trails behind morgan, stepping over the decapitated bodies -- the heads were somewhere... with a trail of blood following across the once clean white floor. her eyes did drift towards the extinguished cigarette, the smeared ashes trailing under morgan's shoes. her nose scrunches up from the lingering smell of cigarettes. the ebony haired female's brilliant aquamarine eyes finally lands back on morgan, she made her way close to the taller male -- flicking her right hand upwards, causing for a blanket of darkness wrap around them. within the next second, lylianna had brought them emerging out from the darker shadows of the 87th floor. " it is such a mess here.. it reeks of blood, can they both not be a bit more cleaner.. " a frown, a proper expression, plays across her face as she placed a finger under her nose -- blocking out the strong metallic scent. despite her occupation, lylianna has always been a relatively clean person and so were her kills, they were always clean at the very least. so seeing this mess in front of her, it was quite a distasteful sight.


a bit groggy




tecnet headquarters



coded by xayah.ღ

Status: Curious
Location: Tecnet Building
Interactions: None

53 hours, 17 minutes, and 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

The girl continued to count the time since she had reactivated. There was nothing else to do in the dark. Confined and restricted. That was how she had first awoken, needing to break her way out of a box she had been stored in. After that, she was also confined in a locked room, and a locked home. Both of which she had to break out of. In her foggy past, she didn’t think she had been confined so. Then why was she being confined now? What was the reason? It didn’t make much sense to her.

She had wandered the streets during the night. There were so many more lights and colors than she remembered previously. Granted, she didn’t remember much at all besides snippets of audio and flashes of sight. She knew her purpose though. To serve someone, and protect them… But who? She couldn’t remember. Perhaps she could find them… So, the girl wandered through the city during the night, attempting to talk to those she saw, only for them to run away or avoid her… It was so odd. She didn’t understand. She didn’t understand alot of things right now.

Though, she finally found a more concrete objective. A place where she sensed more Tenebris energy. Maybe she could find people to talk to her there. A memory hit her, that those she served all those years ago had quite alot of it. Perhaps they were there… As she came around a corner of a building, she could see it. A building larger than anything she had ever seen before. The sheer size caused her to stop in her tracks for a moment and simply take in the sight. There was so much new, and so much she was curious about. But that could wait until she found who she was supposed to be with and take orders from.

However, in this moment, some Tecnet employees found her. Calls had been coming in about some automaton wandering the streets, and a few people had been dispatched to bring it in, thinking it was one of theirs. Though, upon arrival, it was clear it certainly wasn’t.

Some hours later, she had reactivated in the basement storage of the facility. Once again confined and a prisoner. This was at 7 hours and 3 seconds. She had been in this basement since then. Though, for some reason, she was finding it incredibly difficult to break from her bonds here, wherever she was now. Though, with all the Tenebris energy in this area, she had enough to charge her right appendage, which happened to be a weapon, and not an arm. For a few seconds, it would glow, slightly lighting up her dark surroundings, and a whirring noise came from it before a shot of Tenebris energy was transformed into an elemental blast of fire flew out at incredible speed, impacting the floor near her feet.

An explosion rocked the basement, throwing her from her bonds and freeing her. Though consequently, her choice of element managed to catch some items on fire, causing the fire alarm to start blaring and the sprinklers to turn on, at least in the basement. Now, she had to look for a way out of this dark room. She couldn’t see well, and kept bumping into things. Weird glass mirrors stood upon desks with a rectangular object stood in front of them with buttons and letters upon them… She wondered what it all was for. And wondered why they were so fragile when she would bump into them, and they would fall onto the floor.

However, for the time being, the sprinklers would continue to go off and drench the girl while she attempted to search around the dark room for the exit. Hmm… Maybe she should just blast a hole in a wall and see if that let her out?
Julius was completely flabbergasted at what his eyes were laid witness to. He half considered pulling his gun and pumping a few into Zack for the pompously flamboyant scene he was being presented, let alone Zack sending his expectations into the shitter. Eyeing up the now "rescued" Endymion, the assassin's mind raced back to his conversation with Morgan. Just before the elevator fell, Julius jumped into the closed doors of floor 150, effortlessly ripping them open and pulling a too curious guard back down into the elevator shaft, another paste demise. Looking down at Zack and his new friend, he watched the elevator plummet to the earth at a breakneck speed, before a strange wave came over Julius, it could have been fate, it might have been God, whatever it was, it was saying to at least let the newly acquired "companion" move a bit. He half considered firing a shot his cuffs, but in a strange act of kindness the child of the eclipse turned to Zack,
"I've got a silly little feeling about that one, do as you want but if I was down there, I'd let him go... anyways, make pace." Julius swung his great sword around effortlessly, twirling it a few times before reinserting into his spine via his neck. The floor of 150 was a technocratic beauty, if that beauty was anything but a lie. Holograms, floating trays of drinks, they were all new and improved accommodations, but nonetheless a lie.
Despite having no access to magic or Tenebris energy, Julius' enhanced senses allowed him to vaguely feel the energy. Being in this building was akin to a sensory overload, any mage could feel the gallons of Tenebris seeping through these halls. Knowing the floor plan to a T, down this long hallway, the meeting room was on a left, around 100 feet down. A feeling of unease shadowed over his soul, today felt different. It felt like he was on the cusp of a biblical event. The whole floor was clear, must be in the meeting room he thought. The duffle bag felt like it had the weight of a cross. Julius had the feeling this was all going absurdly slow, especially since they dropped the elevator, and now, he was having to baby sit spiderman.
Julius blitzed the floor and cocked his pistol. Turning westward, he faced the meeting and looked through the windows in and examined in. Time seemed to slow down in this moment, and he scanned the room
"Vandyr... world famous detective...I remember your face..." Julius felt a slight homing to a fellow countryman,
"Shit! Angelica is here! Only got off last time because time on the hit ran out- Alexia!?"
Perplexed, the assassin couldn't understand why security was so low given arguably the most powerful man on the planet was here. Something about this suddenly became fishy, they had done a hit on some rebels with Tecnet equipment for Alexia albeit indirectly.
Noticing the man worth the gold, Julius' eyes locked in, hearing dozens of heartbeats in the room, he looked for the eye of the storm, and took aim.

Running mentally over his stances, Alexia took first to divulging to his shareholders. Weaving an ornate golden web, Alexia described to utter perfection how much the profits were up from the sheer renting of cities alone. He was so silver tongued, so beautifully spoken as to be Luciferian. After around 5 minutes he finished up with this before he felt a small shockwave, to which his gaze shot up. Alexia Voldori, ever so composed, his gaze filled with anger, anyone in the room could feel his eyes of Sauron on them. He whispered to Amber to send some security guards before he resumed. He flashed a look directly into Angelica, almost as if to say "I know what your doing..."
"Now for what those of you who matter are here for. As your aware, ever since the introduction of Tecnet into the law enforcement, we've seen a decrease in crime of almost 35%..." he grinned in his mind. This was a classic misuse of statistics; crime was in fact down by 35% but only in Tecnet heavy areas. Sure, citizens were safer in these areas, but now the general population was dealing with higher powered technology in things like gang warfare.
"And I'm sure your also aware that we have had a reduction Nephil related instances-" Voldori had set up specific barriers thatt barred Nephil from enetering. All but the smartest Nephil got through, and all but the smartest detectives could notice the spell.
He turned to the priest and flashed a two-face smile, sure, Alexia didn't hold the title of mayor in this citizen, but as it was his city to rent out it might as well be his agent. The years of lobbying governments as well, loopholes in the treaty...
Loopholes through loopholes, false truths and half narratives, Alexia Voldori was raised into being the ultimate businessman. He was ballsy enough to call these shots, and he was cocky enough to stand in front and defend them.
Stocks? Profits? How overwhelmingly dull. Nosk felt a deep boredom just listening to this uninteresting speech, Alexia was a wonderful liar if anything, they shared that in common anyways. Nosk debated on whether he should continue to even bother to play the role of Aiden as its doubtful he will be able to catch that businessman alone anytime soon. Nosk's decision would be made almost immediately however, with the sound of a massive shockwave rocking the building. A grin spread upon the Immortal's face, either one of the guards messed up big time or... His thought was confirmed by Alexia's expression, Nosk had to stifle a laugh at the sight of it, it was like a rat attempting to appear threatening. He leaned back in his chair, his smile never leaving his face. "I suppose its time we wrapped this charade up."

Nosk stands up out of his chair quickly and rather obnoxiously making it a point to interrupt Alexia's spiel, the temperature of the room seems to drop in reaction to him. Nosk glances over the rest of the shareholders taking note of each of their expressions, with grin his attention returns to Alexia "Don't you ever get tired of spewing this bullshit?" he remarks this while making a gesture with his left hand over his mouth, like he is imitating vomiting. He laughs shrilly, seemingly at his own remark, covering his face with his hand "Oh that's right, they aren't supposed to know that!" Nosk walks slowly forward towards the front of the room, towards his desired target. "It's amusing right? Trash like you and the rest of these worthless mages tend to flock together." Nosk's malicious intent was obvious at this point, while he attempted to mask it this entire time he allowed it to be on full display "I wonder why that is really, do you feel safe right with them?" Nosk stopped his advance a few feet from Alexia, his ever present smile turning to a twisted grin, he raised his right hand showing of a faint mark of the Ouroboros to what he believed to be his future host.


The sight was nothing new to Morgan, the moment he emerged from Lyliana's shadow he knew it was going to be a mess. Between Zach and Julius the pair weren't exactly subtle, however the mess was not the thing surprising to him. It was the fact that Zach decided to take a hostage... No, he decided to save a man? Morgan sighed and debated taking the elevator back to the lobby and letting Julius deal with this. He glanced over Zach and his new companion expressionless "Don't let this become a problem or your pay is getting cut." He tosses the walkie talkie he retrieved from the pair of guards Lily cut apart to Zach and stepped past him. "See if security is saying anything about us, and try not to make friends with them, alright?" He debated having yet another cigarette due to this additional factor. At least this job is nearly finished.

Morgan noted the lack of security on this floor, Julius must have done his job right this time. The lack of security must also mean Alexia is far too overconfident, does he think not a single person in this world would want him dead? Luckily for him, he isn't the target. Morgan continued his stroll through the hall ignoring the barrage of holograms and other cooperate bullshit, glancing at the "art" Tecnet decided to display, more dull and boring grey colors and squares, working in this place must be awful. Seeing Julius across the hall standing at the ready Morgan spoke up at him "I would have just walked in by now. Any reason why you haven't yet?" Morgan joked while walking forward, now that all of the Crimson Hand are here this man, Aiden Graham is as good as dead.
Fr. Flemming Hammershøi, OQV


"Well, New Versailles is just a two-hour flight away..." Flemming was responding to Angelica when a sudden shockwave interrupted him. It was not overwhelming, but undeniably significant. Alexia's immediate look of fury indicated this was an anomaly. Clearly, something was amiss. Flemming understood that even the risk to lives wouldn't halt this meeting—not for Tecnet, nor for the contemptible Alexia. Instinctively, his training took over. He scanned for exits, gauging distances. Another tremor might be his cue to leave. Better to face the Archbishop's reprimand than perish under debris. Yet, it was only a minor tremor, despite past missions heightening his alertness. Taking a deep breath, Flemming calmed himself enough to endure Alexia's droning. But as he regained composure, Aidan, the man opposite him, stood up, chastising the irate CEO. Strangely, security didn't intervene. Could this be an assassination plot against the CEO, with the tremor as a signal? Flemming knew he had to act—fast—to evacuate the innocents. Leaning towards Angelica, he whispered urgently, "This seems like an assassination attempt... We need to leave, now! The tremor might indicate there are more conspirators..." His gaze darted around, vigilant for any threat. "I've encountered such horrors before; believe me, we must begin evacuating the others immediately!"

V A N D Y R , L E X
Interacting with:

The meeting room had slowly filled and it was time to start. It was the usual spiel about business regarding their finances— the things shareholders were more interested in. Then a short pause after a shockwave through the building that sent most security personnel and law enforcement on high alert. From Alexia's reaction to the guards and sending them out, it was almost crystal clear that something was wrong. But no one issued an evacuation— Alexia continued to speak and the fact that an ambassador was there meant that Lex had to stay too. Fantastic.

Still, it would be good to have an immediate out. From the 150th floor of this building. Lex wondered if there was something her master could have taught her about teleportation spells because perhaps those would have been convenient to know.

Alexia's speech— his so-called statistics— was even clearly biased. Any detective would know how much of a pain it was to apprehend criminals who also obtained these Tecnet weaponry through some sort of back door or black market dealings. Not to mention the fact that it only applied to the richer parts of the country that had their law enforcement decked out in pure Tecnet. It wasn't like they could apprehend him for something like spewing out half-truths. As for the Nephil...

It all came to a stop when one of the shareholders stood up. Aidan Graham, if she wasn't mistaken, stood up and called him out. There was even a sudden drop in temperature— the culprit being the same Aidan who was manipulating the Tenebris energy. Lex tried to look back to what kind of spells the Graham family specialized in. Had it always been something related to ice?

Regardless, Aidan was advancing to Alexia with some sort of purpose. An attack? An assassination? Lex telepathically called out to the ambassador of the council to tell them to be prepared to evacuate. Oh, how she wished she had started things off while smoking to make her life easier.
"Endaman-Endermoe-Enderman-End-er-I'll just call you Endy," replied a friendly Zack to the person he just took hostage. "I know the way we superhero is a little unconventional but it's all part of the structure of the job. People come to our organization and pay us to take out bad guys that have been bothering them. Bad guys that have been ignored by law enforcement. Not only is it great money but we help out people in need. Terrible people roam the streets and cause problems to innocent individuals who later come to us for help. That's what makes us heroes!" Zack exclaimed, unaware of the true danger of an organization like Crimson Hand. "I'm sorry I had to take you hostage. It's part of the protocol to make sure you don't interfere. I'll get you some water, don't worry. Thankfully, there should be a water cooler somewhere on this floor so I shouldn't need to leave the building."

Just then, Julius commented from above about letting Endy go. "Nevermind then!" Zack exclaimed. "Guess that means I can let you go! Once you let you go, there should be a water fountain down this hallway and to the left so you can have your water." As Zack was loosening Endy's restraints, Lyli and Morgan appeared onto the floor, with Morgan threatening to take away Zack's pay if he continued his heroism. "Hey, I couldn't leave this guy to die! I promise he won't be a problem!" As Morgan left to join Julius on the 150th floor, Zack finally unlocked Endy's restraints, letting him go free. "See? No issue!" Zack then turned to Lyli as he helped Endy off the floor. "Endy, this is my friend and coworker Lyli!" Zack energetically said. "Lyli, this is Endy! I found him in the elevator before I blew its cables. He's a wizard and someday I'm gonna teach him how to fly." Zack then turned to Endy. "However, I'm afraid you must go now. Me and Lyli have things we gotta do...unless you want to help us! I think you're really cool and we can always use more members on the team!"

"What was that?" Angelica told Flemming. Angelica became suddenly worried once Baron told her that it wasn't him that caused the shockwave. Something strange is going on, Angelica thought to herself as more security guards began to leave the room to investigate. It can't be Crimson Hand, right? They're not stupid enough to invade this building just for me...unless it's for someone else. I can't let them kill my unofficial supplier...if it is him. As Angelica was trying to piece together what was going on, she noticed something strange happen; Alexia flashed a strange look at Angelica for the briefest of seconds. It was a strange look of hatred and superiority. Angelica looked around the room to see if anyone else noticed it or if it was directed to anyone else. However, it was solely for her. What does he have against me? Angelica pondered to herself. I just own a shopping business to him...unless...no, that's impossible. He can't possibly know about...no, he can't...right?

Angelica turned to Flemming, who seemed worried and distracted. Something is clearly going on, Angelica thought to herself, with her thoughts almost reaching an answer when Aiden suddenly stood up and began harassing Alexia. Angelica started to get really worried, especially with Flemming whispering in her ear about a possible assassination attempt. Baron, Angelica started messaging to her assistant. Something is going on. Aiden Graham is causing a scene. The priest believes it is an assassination attempt. I believe he might be working for Crimson Hand. If you can leave your post, do it. See if the rest of those fuckers are in the building. However, as Angelica was telepathically alerting Baron, she saw in the corner of her eye Julius in a sniper position. Shit, they're here! Angelica told Baron. "Stay here!" Angelica warned Flemming, as she jumped out of her seat and prepared to tackle Alexia to the ground to avoid being sniped by Julius or attacked by Aiden. "Get down, sir!" Angelica yelled at the CEO. She couldn't care less about the man himself; she just wanted to make sure her supply chain wasn't destroyed. At least this will be good for my public image, Angelica thought to herself.
It was rare to hear Angelica heightened like this. On top of that, the chatter from the security guards walkies only confirmed how quickly the situation was going downhill. Baron's mind buzzed with his new orders, grey eyes widening ever so slightly, thoughts running with a new plan. However, there was little further pause as his body snapped into action. "On my way," he responded to Pierce tersely, connecting to the nearby afflicted with their own set of tasks.

The 'office' afflicted collected the papers that they were able to print out while Baron reached over the employee and disconnected his datablock, leaving a nasty little worm behind to frame one of TUP's competitors. Whatever data he managed to get would have to be good enough. He then gathered the papers from the afflicted and slid them into his pack. Not wasting any time, he lifted the employee to his feet. Dragging the man out of the office complex, Baron shoved him into the broom closet in the hallway just outside. The man began to ramble, all-be-it quietly like he was told, but Baron ignored him, plucking a towel from one of the shelves. Slacks tried to get up, and Baron pushed him back once again, removing a small black canister from his hip, a metallic thing a slightly larger than a smoke grenade. A little present he painstakingly made just for this loose end not but a few days ago. He tossed the can to the man, who barely caught it.

The canister began clicking in his hands.

Panic rippled a cross the man's face. "Wait-" he started as the closet was quickly closed. And locked. Kneeling down, Baron packed the bottom of the door with the towel, careful not to leave any gaps, just as a low hiss sounded from inside the closet. The employee's voice could barely be heard over the rush.

With a slight grunt, Baron stood and began moving down the hall with the three afflicted in tow. As they ran, he peered up at the elevator controls, the red blinking 'out of service' sign not giving him any reassurance. Though he had scouted this place ahead of time, and had gained access to the hellish flight of stairs that served as this building's emergency exits. The four fungal beings rushed down the steps till they reached the 150th floor. The 'office' afflicted led the group of muzzles by a few feet, acting as Barons 'eyes' as they moved.

The stairs were located at the other end of the hall from the elevators and a cross from the meeting room. If Pierce was correct, then the Crimson Hand was already there. He didnt know how many agents would be present. But he had the only exit secured, with the elevators being down that is. Preemptively, Baron opened the two valves on his rebreather. Just from that a fine powder puffed into the space around his head, and as he exhaled, a rush of pink particulate billowed into the air around him, pushing up and the down the stairs like fog. Closing the valves, he positioned the two security guards on either side of the door, and had the 'office' afflicted open it with Baron lying prone behind them.

Opening the reenforced metal door, the 'office' afflicted stepped into the hallway with a pink cloud of hallucinogenic spores in their wake.
⁺˚⋆。°✩ ENDYMION ✩°。⋆˚⁺
Terrible people roam the streets and cause problems to innocent individuals….

…we help out people in need. That’s what makes us heroes!

You don’t say?

(Ah, and suddenly Endymion is but hardly a teenager again, and it’s pouring rain and there’s a steady drip-drip-drip as water leaks from window corners of their shitty little apartment and into a salad bowl that’s older than him. He’s back in bed, again, with sore bones and a cough that tastes sick. The storm certainly can’t be helping his pain, but there’s nothing for him to do but bunker down and wait for the ache to pass.

Knock-knock-knock goes his ache, rapping her knuckles upon the front door.

Bam-bam-bam! she goes, when nobody comes to unlock it and let her in.

Her stench of sweat and alcohol and ammonia is so strong it seeps through the door cracks. The man-thing that grips her by the waist tight enough to bruise flicks open a lighter, and then the hall smells like cigarettes, too.

They leave eventually. Which is good, Endymion’s pretty sure. He thought he might really just die this time if he had to spend one more night sick and gagging into his shirt with his blanket pulled over his head to try and block out the sounds of their creaking and moaning and sobbing from a bedroom over.

She never comes home in the morning. At midday, Endymion finally drags himself out of bed and unlatches the deadbolt to face a cop on the other side, who says that his mother’s body was found dumped in a public park. Coked out and strangled to death. She didn’t even have the money on her that she promised to bring home for his medicine.

The ache keeps haunting him.)

Endymion loses his train of thought for a moment there, so he’s slow to react and only manages a lackadaisical wave of the hand at each of Zack’s cohorts. He’s already exhausted his ability to be upset by their violent tendencies. He does, however, still nauseously avert his eyes from the elevator shaft.

“I suppose I won’t pretend to argue with you. I’ve never been fond of civil law enforcement myself,” he mutters, bringing one hand to his chin. Beryl rustles within his cloak.

Endymion flicks his gaze back up to meet the two young people supervising him. Something bright runs down his spine, and then turns into something sharper, and his mind is made up before the words have even finished coming out of his mouth.

“And I suppose I’ll be honest with you one more time: you scare me, and I don’t quite trust you, but I also haven’t encountered such authenticity or such… devotion to action in a long time.

“Besides, as much as I’m sure I’ll regret following you into this mess once my heart gives out from the shock of it all, I would regret it even more to give up and go home now without any answers to my questions.”

lylianna noelle leon

he young female's eyes were wandering around until she had heard a familiar voice -- belonging to none other but zack's. her gaze turned with her body, facing her closest friend, but was welcome with an unwelcoming sight. as mentioned before, this ebony haired female despises things being messy or dirty. it made her feel disgusted within her own body and makes her feel like she needs to crawl out of her own skin if she were to come into contact with it.

initially, her attention was not on the newcomer, but on the fact that zack was still somewhat covered in semi dried up blood. " you are dirty. " her expressions remained empty, giving off the false feeling that she was being snobby; in reality, lylianna was just somewhat of a clean freak -- she hates being dirty and she hates messes. her brilliant evergreen eyes shifts over to the newcomer, endymion, narrowing her eyes just a bit -- which may seem like she is glaring at him, but she was really just trynna get a good look at him. " you are just picking up random people? " lylianna questioned after morgan had basically threatened about zack's pay. " fly? i don't think he would be able to. " the raven-haired female commented, her bright colored eyes never once left the newcomer's silhouette. it was due to the fact she doesn't know him, also because she is awful with social cues -- so she ends up doing whatever she feels is right.

lylianna did not quite like the idea of some stranger following them into their mission, as they did not know who endymion is. her mental guard was up, she was distrusting of new people, as she doesn't see any worth in trusting people first without knowing anything about them. hearing what the newcomer had said about being scared, " being scared keeps you alive. " noelle had said towards the male, before her eyes wanders over to the walkie talkie that morgan had tossed at zack. she picked it up by the antenna of the device, out of zack's hand, without looking back over to endymion; " don't get in our way, i don't want to kill zack's new friend. " as harsh as it sounds, lylianna doesn't want endymion to somehow be in front of her or get in front of her -- as she cannot gurantee that she would not accidentally hurt him or injure him heavily due to her weapon or her abilities. it was not a threat - it was an advice, but it sure definitely seem like it when she talks so emotionlessly and always having no expressions on her face.

twisting the volume knob on the device, making it a bit louder so that the crimson hand members would be able to keep track of what was happening, in terms of security at least. it was a chaos, she could hear a handful of people trying to communicate and locate them -- it definitely bought them some time with the fact morgan and lylianna had travelled through shadows. on top of that, with the elevator plummeting down and the explosion, it would buy them a good amount of time without having to go through so much trouble. although without another word uttered, lylianna turned on her heels and headed towards where julius and morgan was. she didn't say anything because she knows that zack would come with, endymion seemed like he would be following them too.

as they walked down the office building corridors, lylianna flicks a finger towards each security camera without batting an eye -- silver wires seemingly to appear from her finger tips, breaking all cameras that she had gestured at. throwing the walkie talkie over her shoulder without looking back again, it was tossed towards zack once again like how morgan did so.

they were now approaching morgan and julius, noelle took a quick glance over her shoulder to double check on the two males that were behind her -- she wanted to make sure nothing had happened to them and that they were okay. although it was definitely not necessary, as she had a strong connection with shadows, she could make out who is who from shadows and where they are. once they were near morgan and julius, the female was quiet as she was waiting for morgan to finish what he wanted to say to julius. looking over at the room that julius had aimed at, the plaque on the wall seems to have told her all she needed to know. the boardroom. once the shot was fired, there was no turning back and no knowing what CAN happen and what WILL happen.

as if right on cue, lylianna felt a shift in shadows -- " someone is approaching.. " little did she know, it was not just one person, the fungal infected were also nearby. lylianna's eyes darts around, as if she was trying to see if there's any sudden movements and changes but nothing. the raven haired female did not let her guard down, she was sure of it, someone WILL be approaching them sooner or later. seconds had passed, lylianna could then feel presences moving towards them, and not just one.

" i'll go take care of it. " lylianna said relatively quietly before she removed herself from the group once again, but this time headed towards the unknown beings. it did not take long before the zombie like officer workers are right in front of her -- still relatively far from her, but close enough for her to be able to see it. lifting her left hand and flicking it across, the golden spiderwebs launches out from her left hand -- cutting the first one in half from the torso. that's when she noticed it. a pink cloud. ' fucking baron. ' she knows of baron, only from files and reports that she has gotten, the person who works under angelica, closely. taking a few steps back, even further away from the walking mindless workers. her right hand brought up to her nose, covering it as she does not want to accidentally breathe in any fumes.


a bit groggy




tecnet headquarters


zack & endy, now baron

coded by xayah.ღ
Ignoring the squabble that the boss guy ached in his ear, Julius felt the duality of comfort upon seeing 2 of his co-workers and the distaste for a pompous bitch messing with his plan. Indeed, he could read the lowly neanderthal thoughts of Angelica's face, it wasn't hard to see what this situation was slowly appearing to be. Suspiciously, Julius could see the image of a serpent eating itself above Alexia. While not particularly concerned for Alexia, he was a high paying client, and Julius could see how this was starting to look like a group project between Aidan and them. Hearing Lyliana vaguely off but more importantly smelling Baron, the twilight of seconds between the trigger pull felt like ages for Julius. There wasn't anything to worry over, Julius had taught her himself, she had some his weapon wisdom combined with her innate magical talent. He could hear one heartbeat which seemed to be exploding out of his chest, and it was Alexia.
For a brief second, his eyes telescoped and locked with Aidans, wintery blue sorrow met cold industrial black, it was to the effect of reaching a handout of Hell to ask for help. His eyes moved to Flemming, and back to Aidan, before he said faintly,
"Don't worry, he'll give you your last rites-" Julius pulled the trigger. The sound erupted, followed by a damned scream from the shattering of glass, he watched the bullet trail towards Aidan. Silver, and etched with holy symbols developed by the Knight's Templar, these were normally reserved for nephil, but worked just fine on human targets. Julius had fucked around a little too much mouthing off to Aidan, his aim was more so torso than neck or head. He turned to Morgan, nonchalantly ignoring the chaos he had just started,
"Should we do anything about Angelica? I'm sure Vandyr over there would potentially give us a reward-" he sneered,
"Seven bullets left.." he recounted,

The battle had just begun

In the span of the time it took him to psychotically brush his teeth, Alexia went through disgust, anger and fear. Aidan, a PR nightmare was fucking things up for him even harder. Grasping the microphone to muffle it, he said to Aidan as he walked
"What the fuck are you-" Aidan cut him off. Disgust at insubordination filtered into anger. What was this male slattern waffling about, Alexia lived for this. Whispers among the crowd began as Aidan got closer. Alexia watched Aidan start to hand sign a spell before feeling a wave of sacrilegious Tenebris energy flow through him. There was something about this spell that sent the primal feeling of fear through his spine. He faintly heard Angelica yelling, but it sounded as if both were underwater to him, feeling a sense of the loss of identity come over him.
Amber attempted to reach for Alexia, but he backed away in panic, knocking her over as gasps began to come through the meeting room. He locked eyes with Julius, and read his lips,
"Curse you you sack of shit!" Alexia processed in his mind, though he wasn't sure if these were his own thoughts.


As though God had sent him an angel in the form of a bullet, Alexia regained what he thought was his identity he jumped back and slammed into the windows, whipping his assistant around with such force he cracked her head on the steel lining. Screams erupted, and mass screams started to happen. Just because everyone here was a mage, didn't mean everyone here was a warrior. Alexia's automatons jumped into the middle of the room, their arms forming into giant scythes.
"FUCK!" Alexia howled into his earpiece, "I WANT A TASK FORCE HERE STAT! ROOM 155 MULTIPLE ATTACKERS HERE I NEED HELP!" Alexia wasn't skilled enough to instantly teleport out. He weaved a spell that wrapped him and Amber in 6 rings of flames, causing the sprinklers in the bathe everyone below, as curtains and the podium caught on fire. After which he begun casting a teleportation spell.

Smoke and brimstone filled the room, the battle had begun.

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