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Fan of Psychological, horror and old west stories
Anyone a fan of the film 1408, based on the Stephen King short story?

I write for Mike Enslin, and would love to cross over into other stories involving horror, supernatural/paranormal elements, ghosts, demons, undead, etc, for taking his story beyond the events of the film and story. My version of Mike has him officially separating from his wife, Lily, after healing from the fire and horrors of Room 1408, seeing proof of his daughter in the afterlife (and capturing her ghostly voice on his trusty Sanyo minicorder) and writing what he thought would be his final ghost book about that fateful experience. He's now more of a "Believer" who works with paranormal groups and hosts his own paranormal/supernatural podcast called Shadowtalk with Michael Enslin.

Here's just a little taste, as a sort of intro into what my version of Mike Enslin is all about:

Well, Yours Truly has started writing again.

Yes, kids, Mike Enslin is back, like it or not. I suppose only time will tell whether my return is a benefit to the literary world or a scourge upon it. It’s been over three years since my last installment hit the shelves, a book intended to be my final statements in the paranormal genre.

Thanks to the support of my loyal readers, 1408: Autobiography of a Nightmare became an even more successful bestseller than all my ghost survival travel guides combined. I’ll even give credit where it’s due - the book’s success was definitely helped by some occult followers out there who originally bought the book solely for the purpose of reveling in a little old-fashioned schadenfreude over a former skeptic getting what was coming to him. Your reposts of my mea culpas all over social media actually increased the book’s popularity, ensuring 1408’s bestseller status for weeks. Word of mouth marketing has kept the royalty checks coming. Thank you, everyone!

Not bad, considering I didn’t do any press for that particular project, not a single book signing on either coast. During that point in my life, I didn’t care if it did well (my agent cared quite a bit, naturally, but he thanks you all now, too). The story just needed to be told, a story pouring out of me, in only two separate drafts, until the vessel was effectively emptied. The idea of any further ghost adventures left a bad taste in my mouth and a startle reflex that affected both my sleep and waking hours. Like I stated on the last page of what I expected to be my swan song: Believe what you want. All I know is, no more ghost stories. I’ve checked out.

I was done, or so I thought. I rode that massive wave, and barely reached the shore in one piece. The fire almost killed me, but I was luckier than most. Only four skin grafts were necessary while I recovered from the burns sustained in that evil room, and the physical scars have already begun to fade, just like the doctors thought they would. But I won’t lie, there really are scars that cut deep below the surface and take longer to heal. Where once I welcomed any proof of a real paranormal experience, I left 1408 with a better understanding of how traumatic such an experience can be. That, Dear Reader, isn’t an awareness I take lightly.

But I get it now.

I really do.


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