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Fantasy Spore (Ghost-hunting rp!)


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Greetings! I am Kizz!
I am looking for a ghost hunting, oc adventure!

PLOT: In a city half submerged in water, there's bound to be many agitated souls. There are the spirits of those who were lost in the great flood, and other more dangerous creatures who are attracted to this city of misfortune to feed. Kurumi - a man who happens to be a medium - has the tiring task of settling these spirits before they cause more calamity. He never asked for the job, but someone has to do it, and he's the only one with the ability to see the ghosts. Or, so he knows. The spiritual world is a fickle place, especially when the veil between their realm and earth has grown thin. What will our characters learn about each other? About the world around them? What ooky spookies await them?

WORLD SETTING: Flooded cities / forests
Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10.06.08 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-02-22 at 10.06.50 PM.png69uwGJwN74oyq8TW52FXPD.jpg
People have adapted to living with water under their feet instead of solid earth. Rapidly growing forests claim the concrete sprawl, making it easier to get wood and build bridges between the highrises. Humanity has learned to live with the water - and so have the ever evolving lifeforms underneath the surface. (Mountains have remained untouched!)

MY CHARACTER: Kurumi Keito
PRONOUNS: He/him AGE: 20-30 (depending on rp)
Roams around this 'new world' doing a job he doesn't want. Why's that? Taxes.

- I am older than 18, I would prefer rping with another 18+ person!
- Despite 1: I am looking for a SFW rp with no major sexual themes!
- My timezone is Eastern Standard! My schedule can be a bit hectic, so please be patient
- I tend to swear. My character might not, but me? I'm a bit of a sailor
- I ask about triggers and preferences when we join chat! Important.
- Leaving the rp mysterious is what I do. Besides this intro, I won't give much info about plot threads >:)
- I HIGHLY encourage you to add your own lore, plot points and spooksters! I eat OC lore mmm
- No being OP or railroading my characters. This is kinda standard.
- I'm new to this app plz be patient - I am but a simple rat

I BELIEVE that's it, we can discuss more in PMs!
To apply, please respond below with your name, pronouns, OC concept/sheet and favourite fruit!
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