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Realistic or Modern ~ boy meets girl... (ghost x ghost) ~


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It's a big city.

Two people are living two very separate lives... that is, until they bump into each other on the street, and both realise through an unintentional touch that passes through each other's body one trait they both have in common.

They have both recently died, and nobody else can see them.

While dealing with grief and the recently discovered 'rules' regarding their new ghostly states, our two protagonists end up forging a reluctant friendship (and maybe more...?) as they work together to comfort those left behind and figure out how things end...


I'd love to find a partner to write either character in a detailed romantic/supernatural/dramatic/slice-of-life MxF RP. My idea is that our characters would be 20s-30s with some life experience/possibly families of their own?

We can follow the plot mentioned above, or branch out in AUs and our own ideas of how the story should go... I'm open to new possibilities~! I would love to craft a story together with my partner.

  • No one-liners. I write from 3 to 6 paragraphs, so have a good sense of grammar and spelling please.​
  • We will be using PMs (or DIscord, if you prefer) for this RP.​
If you are interested, please reply to this post or PM me~!
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