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    directed by fairyfawn fairyfawn

    ghosts, pirates, hidden treasure, battles, shipwrecks, sea monsters, sirens, islands, enemy pirates, mystery, pirate ships, caves, 1700's, cursed objects

    beneath the waves


    plot. roles. rules.

coded by xayah.ღ

What lurks beneath the waves? What sort of creatures lurk beneath the boat that you feel safe on? One minute you're sitting on the boat and the next something is bumping your boat and sending you into the waters. What could be beyond the fog that clouds one's vision? What could be hiding in that cave that you cannot see into without the light of a lantern or torch? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in sea monsters? What about that singing in the fog? What about that eerie ghost ship that is slowly drifting amongst the waves in the eerie fog? Sure, it might be your eyes playing tricks on you but what if your eyes aren't? There are many dangers that come with sailing amongst the seas and the various legends of sea serpents devouring sailors and the kraken taking ships with it to the watery grave. Despite this, many people still sail the seas for adventure and pirates are no different. Come aboard The Howling Eel where you'll meet a merry band of pirates who are looking for adventure and mischief.

The crew of The Howling Eel are always looking for adventure. They rarely turn down an opportunity to search for buried treasure. Cursed shipwreck? They're already on their way there. If the old tales are true, the pirate crew most certainly aren't going to let that deter them from a thrilling adventure. Maybe they'll discover an island! Danger excites the crew and tales of the kraken taking ships down does not scare them - they'll face the kraken if they have to do so. On this ship, there's never a dull or boring moment with the excitement in the air. Of course, being pirates can be troubling - because even though they're looking for some adventure and getting into mischief, some don't take kindly to that. Take the kingdom the Royal of the crew is fleeing from, they certainly hate pirates! And there are towns who hate pirates and will make swift disposal of any pirate that sets foot in the town. Does this scare the crew off? Of course not.

Now then, are you going to come aboard the ship and become a member of the ship?

Hi, it's me again, Juniper. I'm back with yet another pirate roleplay. A reboot of a pirate roleplay I did some time ago. I'm going to go ahead and state that this roleplay takes place in the year 1720 -- October of 1720 to be more specific. There are no cars, no television, no cell phones, none of that here so please keep that in mind. The main modes of transporation will be ship, horseback, and carriages. Is there a plot in mind? Honestly, not really but there will always be a mystery or adventure for the crew to take on. Ghosts to lost treasure, you name it!

Captain (TAKEN) - The captain of the ship! They are the one who formed this merry band themselves! Just don't go forming a mutiny against them though! They handle things and will decide where the crew will go, when it's time to make port, you name it!

First Mate (OPEN) - The second in command of the ship! Should the captain be sick, injured, or currently absent, the first mate will take over and the crew will listen to them and report to them until the captain feels better or comes back. The captain has complete trust in this person.

The Spies (OPEN/OPEN) -
The spies are stealthiest and sneakiest of the crew members. They will spy on others, not on crew members mind you, but on townsfolk who seem to be hiding something. They'll collect valuable information and will report back to both the captain and first mate.

The Carpenter (OPEN) - Someone needs to fix up the ship after a particularly bad storm or after an exhausting battle with enemy pirates or the royal navy. The carpenter will examine the damage the ship has sustained and will tell the captain how bad the damage is. This person will also check the masts and make sure everything is ship shape.

The Cook (OPEN) - This person can make a really mean fish stew out of some tuna, herbs, broth, and spices. This person is an excellent cook and cook up a meal with whatever the crew has for food. The crew always looks forward to the meals the cook makes.

The Lookout (OPEN) - Stationed up in the crow's nest, this person looks out towards the open ocean for anything that lies ahead in the ship's path. Land, Ports, Rocks, anything really. They'll then alert the captain of what they see. Perhaps they'll see a sea monster too.

The Surgeons (OPEN/OPEN) -
These two people know human anatomy and medicine. They tend to the sick and ill crew members of the ship and will ensure that the crew members get better.

The Gunner (OPEN) - This person is the weapons and artillery expert! They man the canons and will look after any weapons on the ship. You can often find them down below with the canons.

The Royal (OPEN) - A runaway royal who is currently on the run from their kingdom. They're not up for a lavish life of royalty, rather they want to be free and spread their wings out and get a taste of that salty sea breeze. However, having a person of royal blood on a pirate ship is extremely risky. When the kingdom finds out the future ruler is gone, they'll be looking everywhere for the person and bring them back home. This person is learning the ropes of being a pirate

The Cartographer (OPEN) - This person maps out towns, islands, and anywhere the crew has already been to. They map out landmarks and will advise captain the best route to take.

The Tailor (OPEN) - someone needs to know how to mend and make clothes! well, this is where the tailor comes in! they will mend tattered clothing and will even make clothes! the finest tailor around!

Rule One - This roleplay is LGBTQ+ friendly! All genders and sexualities are welcome and encouraged here!

Rule Two - This is an application based roleplay, not first come first serve. Multiple people may apply for the same role and I will be choosing which OC will get the role. There are some roles that require 2 people.

Rule Three - While applications are being done, there will be a temporary OOC here for us to chat. However, once we have our cast, there will be a Discord used for OOC chatting and plotting! So please ensure that you have Discord. The roleplay itself will be taking place here on RPN. The Discord is for OOC and plotting purposes only.

Rule Four - Realistic Faceclaims only please! I will not be accepting anime, drawn, or Picrew FCs nor will I be accepting plain descriptions for your OC. And by realistic faceclaims, I mean real people like actors, actresses, etc. AI generated faceclaims are not going to be accepted.

Rule Five - This roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced. Please try to push out 3 or more paragraphs per post! Also, life comes first - let us know if you're unable to reply for a while!

Rule Six - Be respectful towards each other! Bigotry and Bullying will absolutely not be tolerated here! Let's all get along with each other. Furthermore, do not leave anyone out: that's not cool at all. If you see someone being left out, then please include them.

Temp. Onsite OOC - clicky
Discord - will be DMed to accepted members
Applications - meet the crew
Lore - here!
Interest Check - you're here!
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oo definitely gonna throw my hat into the ring, for spy or some other role, this looks really interesting.
Is there still a surgeon slot open? This seems really interesting.

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