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The once glorious ship, the Meadowsweet, has been permanently docked in harbor and now serves as a hotel for those who wish to spend the night on a ship. However, reports of a phantom sailor who is rumored to be one of the sailors who once sailed on the Meadowsweet is scaring away guests and ruining business. If this doesn’t stop, the proprietors will have to close down the ship hotel for good. Is the mystery club brave enough to spend a few nights on a supposedly haunted ship hotel? Is it really a ghost sailor haunting the ship or is it a person in costume trying to scare everyone away for some reason? Gang, we’ve got a mystery on our hands!

the setting
the meadowsweet
june 18th, 1986
warm with a small breeze
the mystery club is planning on staying on the meadowsweet for a few days as a means of relaxation but when they find the ship hotel empty and a spooky receptionist, it seems like a mystery is starting to brew and this is definitely not going to be a mystery-free vacation.








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sun may shine

This was supposed to be a vacation for the mystery club. A temporary getaway from the monsters and ghouls they were always tracking down, a break so they could relax and have fun for a while. Heading down to the docked ship called the Meadowsweet that had been turned into a hotel for guests who wish to spend some nights on a ship. Someone in the club had suggested it and here they are on the road heading to the ship. No mysteries, no ghosts, no monsters, just a few days of relaxation.

Otto wasn’t going to lie, he had his doubts and worries about this. How could he not? It’s probably the anxiety creeping up into his chest at the thought of spending nights on a ship. A ship of all places. Something could go wrong. Something will go wrong, Otto’s anxiety told him. Otto swallowed hard, pushing the anxious thoughts out of his head… for now. This was supposed to be a vacation. Let Otto enjoy it! This is supposed to be fun.

ABBA’s ‘Voulez-Vous’ was playing on the radio as the club was making their way to the Meadowsweet. Otto was sitting up front, feeling reassured by the seat belt that was crossed over his chest and over his waist. Otto liked having the security of a seatbelt when otter’s in a vehicle. No having to worry about otters aorta tearing from jerking forward and worrying about if otter’s bleeding internally. Otters head was leaned back against the headrest of the passenger seat, eyes fixated on looking out the window as trees and houses passed by. The road was kind of bumpy and rocky at first, though it eventually smoothed out as the club was driving down to the pier that the Meadowsweet was permanently docked at.

The vehicle came to a halt; they have arrived. Otto sucked in a deep breath, fingers fiddling around with the seatbelt to unbuckle it so otter could get out, get otters luggage and lead the way to the lobby. Otto unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out, grateful to finally stretch his legs out after that long ride. Otter padded over to retrieve otters luggage full of clothes and other necessities for the hotel stay, it was just a simple suitcase.

With that, Otto was off towards the lobby of the ship.

The lobby was desolate. No guests mingling about, no receptionist at the front desk, no laughter, nobody. It was silent in the lobby save for the sound of luggage rolling across the carpeted floor and footsteps. This… is the Meadowsweet right? They didn’t walk into some abandoned, tetanus paradise of a ship right? Brown hues looked around for signs of life, hoping that maybe the receptionist had just stepped away for a moment to do something. Maybe the guests were in their rooms or sightseeing outside or something. Surely this is the Meadowsweet ship.

“Ummm, are we on the right ship?”
Otto questioned aloud.

On the reception desk, there was one of those silver bell things you ring when you want service. Otto is brave and strong, otter can do this! Otto strolled up to the empty reception desk, thinking for a moment before ringing the bell with the palm of otters hand and the ring echoed throughout the lobby. Otto was anticipating for someone to pop up from behind the desk as some sort of scary joke.

No response.

Otto waited for a minute.

Otto pressed otters palm down against the bell again; another echoing ring. When there was yet no response for the second time, Otto turned his head to look at his friends, words forming on his lips. Maybe they’ll have to pick somewhere else to stay for their vacation.


A gravelly voice came from behind Otto — right behind the reception desk.

It made Otto jump out of his skin. It was like a jump scare from one of those horror flicks. How did this person hide themselves so well? The club leader swallowed hard before turning his head to take a look at the receptionist. Freakishly tall — way taller than the desk, well dressed and hair well combed, face wrinkled. Are they in a horror movie right now?

Otto mustered up the courage to speak, “do you have five hotel rooms available?” Otto finally inquired. The receptionist laughed, “you’re my only guests here! All of the hotel rooms are empty.” The receptionist briefly explained. “May I ask why?” Otto inquired again. “This ghost sailor is scaring away all the guests. They’re getting up and checking out in the middle of the night saying a ghost sailor is appearing in their rooms at night. If this keeps up, my partner and I are going to have to shut down the hotel.” They went on.

Otto sensed a mystery brewing. A mystery on a supposedly mystery-free vacation. Otto turned otters attention to otters friends, “I’m sensing a potential mystery here.” Otter spoke as the receptionist was starting to get their keys to the rooms that they would be staying in. Warm brown hues flicked from the group to the empty lobby. "We'll get settled in our rooms and take a look around, yeah? We'll have to decide who's rooming with who though." A small smile pulled at Otto's lips.

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MOOD: relaxing? more like creepy.

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LOCATION: the meadowsweet; lobby.
MENTIONS: otto & lucas.

INT: sharkbyte, historia calamatium.

TL;DR internally disappointed at this vacation but ready to get on the case. she offers to room with lucas.
aimee booker
The Haunting of Meadowsweet.
the interviewer.
cramped legs popped in unison at the release of tension from her limbs. riding around in a van with all of her friends had many perks: the sight-seeing, the sing-a-longs, the cat naps, & the laughs. but when it came down to stepping out of the vehicle did the realization hit of how long she had been sitting down for. and for that, she was thankful to stretch.

thank god, she thought to herself as she stepped out of the van and to the side.

although small, the breeze that brushed the nape of her neck felt comforting and only added to the peaceful atmosphere she would unwind in. aimee never knew how much this vacation of sorts was needed until she stepped into it, and it only made her eager to get inside.

following behind otto, but making sure to keep a comfortable distance away, her excitement only grew within her chest. the architecture of the ship drew a deep appreciation from her as she stepped into its history: soon after, a smile cracked her porcelain features into two.

"this is insane, she mumbled to herself as she came to a slow halt by the receptionist's desk. briefly did otto's commentary float through distracted ears as aimee stole a gaze of the decor. the interior itself was enough to distract her momentarily from the lack of its occupants.

overheard: '"the ghost sailor is scaring away all the guests..."'

ghosts? on our vacation? the dreaded word was enough to fix aimee's smile into a slight frown. it was the last sentence she wanted to hear but she wasn't caught by surprise in the slightest. the receptionist that greeted them oozed an eerie feel, further validated by his choice of introduction. it wasn't often that an employee found it best to spook their clients on the first day.

"sounds like a plan to me,” she chimed in after him, knuckles tightening around the handle of her luggage as she pulled it closer to her. "i should probably room with lucas since we're on ghost duty again." aimee casted a smile towards her partner-in-crime's way almost instinctively before returning her gaze back to otto.
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The Haunting of Meadowsweet
orelai rested her head against the van’s window, the warmth from the sun radiating through her skin. Her eyes began to feel like they weighed a ton, her blinks becoming slower and slower with each passing second. The latest mystery novel she was reading flopped into her lap as her grasp on the book relaxed. Usually Lorelai was much more energetic, especially during their road trips, but a particularly nasty nightmare kept her from getting much sleep last night. The low rumble of the vans engine, the cozy sun beaming on her, and soft lyrics from the radio lulled her into a swift sleep.

A sudden jerking motion of the van startled Lorelai awake, her eyes wide in fear for a brief moment at the sudden movement. Once she realized all was okay her heart rate began to regulate back to a normal rhythm. She wasn’t sure how long she had been out for, taking a quick glance around the van everyone seemed to be in their own world. She hated this part of road trips; when the excitement wore off and the energy was low as they waited to reach their destination. Her black painted fingernails tapped on the book resting in her lap as she debated between falling back asleep or diving back into her book. Deciding on the latter, she cracked her book back open and the rest of the world faded out.

She had lost herself in the story, completely engrossed in the characters and their adventures. The characters felt like old friends and the plot had her heart racing with anticipation. The vehicle's gentle motion only added to the immersion, making her feel like she was right there alongside the detective in her story. Time seemed to slip away as the pages turned. The world outside transitioned from serene trees, to the salty air of the docks and she had barely even noticed.

Then, as if a spell had been broken, she felt a subtle change in her environment. The soft vibrations of the van’s engine had stopped and the sound of the others shuffling out of the vehicle signaled they had arrived. Lorelai reluctantly closed the book and gathered her things.

Once outside the van she stretched her arms upwards, arching her back to break the stiffness that had settled in her muscles. “It feels amazing out right now,” Lorelai said to herself as the ocean breeze swirled around them. Grabbing her things she followed behind Otto as he led the way to the Meadowsweet ship.


The emptiness of the lobby caught Lorelai by surprise and an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness settled across her chest. Her hand absentmindedly flew to her necklace, her fingers twisting the Scrabble pieces to calm herself. As the others filled the lobby Lorelai hung back by the door, just in case they somehow came across the wrong ship, or if she needed to bolt for any reason. She was too distracted with eyeing every inch of the lobby to listen in on the conversation Otto was having with the receptionist.

“This ghost sailor is scaring away all the guests…”

Lorelai whipped her head to the front desk, ears alert and heart picking up in pace. A ghost? This was supposed to be down time, relaxing, fun, ghost free. Looks like I won’t be getting any sleep the next few days. Lorelai wasn’t the jumpiest in the group, but she definitely wasn’t the bravest either. Now every bump, creak, and voice would send her heart into her throat. Great, just great.

“Well at least the equipment I packed won’t go to waste,” Lorelai forced a smile at Otto as they mentioned the mystery at hand. She gave her suitcase a couple pats, “I didn’t bring everything, only because I wasn’t expecting us to need it, but it’ll help for sure!” Kicking herself for not packing more she made a mental note to bring everything next time, even if the others teased her for it. Lor was already an over packer to begin with, she had two suitcases for their short trip. She liked to bring a couple different books just in case she wasn’t feeling one or the other, multiple outfit options for Amiee to put together, makeup, skin care, the list goes on and on.

Her blue eyes quickly bounced to Lucas at the mention of his name, her stomach sinking a bit as Aimee quickly snagged him as her roommate. She didn’t particularly care who she shared a room with, but she had to admit she was a bit jealous that Aimee stole him so quickly. Stuffing her emotions down quickly before her face could betray her she turned her focus to the person nearest her.

“Whaddya say Fin, wanna be roomies?”
Meadowsweet Vessel
I should've brought more equipment...
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THERE WERE LOTS OF WORDS one could use to describe Mitchell Lieberman. Let us begin with the one that first comes to mind the moment you lay eyes on him, all 5'8" of puny muscle and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mousey brown hair and a dead stare: hot. In second place, bastard; third, easy. There were undertones with those—implications—but then we move past the pedestrian, on to the explicitly derogatory sort: slut, whore, cvnt. Cvnt, in this context, being used almost creatively as both a noun and an adjective, pleasantly surprised Mitch.

From the slurs we move onto the specific descriptors. These ones, according to Mitch, became very redundant, very quickly, spilling over tongues, lips, teeth just a little too sloppily to actually leave a mark, clumping together like blood dark, dried and congealed.

Vicious, clever, cruel, cutting, abrasive, callous, always looking for a fight.

The thing about blood was, Mitch found, it wasn't that hard to get rid of.

What else was there? Dismissive. Mendacious. Indifferent. Stubborn. Paradoxical. Confusing. The list went on and on. Hypocritical, heartless. Opinionated—passionate. Loyal.


, of course, was the word his friends had put forward when asked—to Mitchell, it seemed very much a centrist response, a I don't know how to describe you honestly without being kind-of mean, so I'm just going to pick something neutral that applies to most people and hope for the best-type answer. However, centrist or otherwise, from the small sample size Mitch had accumulated over the years (the people he'd dated/fucked/fucked over) it was some of the nicest feedback he had received, so he took it.

So, yeah. There were a lot of words you could use to describe Mitchell Lieberman. Loyal cvnt was, perhaps, the most accurate. All-inclusive.

When it came to describing The Meadowsweet, though, the only word Mitch could think of was hideous.

Let it be known: Mitchell was not the judgmental type, nor the flattering. The word "vacation" was almost foreign to him, weeks on the road and day in and day out of hotels was hardly new to him, but a pirate ship?

The pungent smell of mothballs was hardly a welcome one, enough to make Mitch gag as the brunette lulled to the side, half asleep in the back of the group's van. He'd been in and out of sleep for the better half of the day, still hungover from last night and reeling from one too many Hot Pockets after midnight, Mitchell was more than ready to check in and check out, crash hard in the first room he could get his hands on and fall asleep watching re-runs of Mork and Mindy.

"Rest up," Winona often told him, but to Mitchell, rest never came easily: the good nights of sleep he'd had since he turned thirteen could be counted on one hand. Sleep was at the forefront of his mind as Mitch slinked out of the van, grumbling about stupid pirates as he threw his duffel bag over his shoulder, trailing not far behind Lorelai. Aimee's clicking heels echoed through his hollow mind as he followed the brunette into the ship's lobby. Tacky decor glared back at him from them entry way, plastic anchors and singing fish eyeing him in a way that almost felt mocking.

Drifting between distant listening to Otto's faint conversation with the receptionist and daydreaming about the miniature coma he was about to fall into, his ears perked at the mention of ghosts, so much for sleeping. He shouldn't have been surprised, catching a break in the mystery busting business was a rarity. Another case was the last thing Mitch wanted to hear.

"Whose ass do I have to kiss to get cable around here?" He scoffed, switching his duffel bag to different hands as he glared at the receptionist across the counter. The man seemed completely unfazed by Mitch's request as he dangled five sets of keys in front of the group. Snatching one for himself, and seeing that the others began pairing together, Mitch knew he had to be quick if he wanted a roommate that wouldn't snore. Fortunately for him, Jackie wasn't far behind and more importantly, who could say no to this face?

Turning on his heel towards the blonde, Mitch displayed one of his signature smiles, a sideways smirk that spelled nothing but trouble. "You. Me. And a family a cockroaches infesting our bathroom. Wanna be roommates?"

now playing...



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the bait









Dylan's emergence from the car was deliberate, as if he were awakening from a dream, each movement an unhurried stretch of limbs akin to a cat stretching after a deep slumber. His eyes, still bleary from what had undoubtedly been a profound nap, bore the gentle glow of a sleeper reluctant to part with the realm of dreams. In tow, he dragged along a rather large and disorganized backpack, a chaotic heap of clothes, snacks, and sundries that only he possessed the uncanny ability to navigate.

As he trailed the group toward the Meadowsweet, the unease that had initially greeted him dissipated, replaced by a sense of resignation. Ships, whether docked or cruising the open sea, had never held any particular charm for Dylan. The vast expanse of water perpetually unsettled him. But one comforting thought lingered—the promise of a good night's sleep. While the ship was far from his ideal setting, any place with a comfortable bed was, without a doubt, his favorite.

Amidst the group's excitement and idle conversations, Dylan remained a calm observer, content to stand back and take in the surroundings. He savored the quietude, content to be a mere spectator of his surroundings. The Meadowsweet's interior possessed a distinct allure, a silent nod to bygone eras. Polished mahogany gleamed under soft, ambient light, casting intricate patterns on the walls. Gleaming brass fixtures added an ageless charm to the vessel's heart.

As he admired the surroundings, he couldn't help but think of them as mildly fascinating, although he wasn't one to engage in deep philosophical contemplation or whatever. The ship's ambiance enveloped him—the soft, ambient light casting ethereal patterns on the walls, the strange eerie silence that pervaded the vessel, and the aroma of history intermingling with the scent of aged wood, creating a sensation that stirred his senses.

Lost in this reverie, he momentarily neglected to pay heed to his immediate surroundings. However, as his gaze returned to the group, an inkling of realization began to seep in. Perhaps it was time to shift his focus from the ship's allure to the unfolding situation. It seemed as if something rather peculiar was in the offing.

Surveying his friends, Dylan couldn't help but scratch his head in bemusement as he noticed pairs forming and excitement rippling through the group. ''Oops,'' he muttered to himself.

Dylan's gaze, in an almost instinctual fashion, gravitated towards the nearest shoulder. It was a familiar one, draped in the companionship of shared jokes and friendship. Kiera. He couldn't help but break into a soft, appreciative smile at this chance encounter.

"Hey, Kiera," he greeted her with an air of ease. "Bunk?" he inquired, the question hanging briefly in the air. "Oh, and... what exactly is happening?"

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The bait

nine lives


Jackie Foster
the medium
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In the Meadowsweet
Mitch ( twin peaks twin peaks )
A break from ghost and ghouls sounded genuinely soothing. They'd more than earnt it.

Jackie sat nestled in a middle seat of the van, shoulders tightly squeezed between her friends, many of whom had settled into a slumber, or were otherwise quietly absorbed in their activities. She watched as the scenery crawled past, craning her neck to get a glimpse as the Meadowsweet came into view. It stood impressively, and perhaps a little menacingly, in the harbor, both due to size and age.

Finley pulled the van over, and the group exploded into a chorus of unbuckling and chatter. Jackie managed to scramble out (notably lacking coordination or grace), slinging her own small bag over her shoulder. Otto led the charge in, as Jackie fell in with the pack. Instinctually, her eyes began to wander, noticing the eerie stillness surrounding the Meadowsweet, disrupted only by the warm breeze rustling the leaves and the lapping of the water against the harbor. The interior of the lobby consisted of luxurious velvets, rich woods and decorative lighting fixtures, coupled with some tacky nautical trinkets scattered about. Truthfully, she appreciated the dedication to the theming. It screamed 'this is what tourists think the Titanic looked like'. Yet, it appeared they were the only ones inside. Slight creaks echoed loudly, and the silver call bell even more so.

Jackie stifled a small chuckle as Otto jumped from the receptionist's appearance- only because she would jump too. Whilst she wasn't tuned into the conversation, instead choosing to continue to survey the lobby, her ears, like the rest of the club, were well trained; the two words 'ghost sailor' sending a noticeable ripple throughout them. Jackie's response was a little more restrained, though her head did snap to the receptionist, as the conversations erupted around her. She could certainly sense death, but, well, she could pretty much always feel that since somehow there's always a place where someone has died nearby. Though that couldn't rule out the existence of a ghost haunt- her connections still occasionally sported inconsistencies, or needed something more to focus on depending on what the spirit seemed to want. So fickle.

Situated just in front of her, Mitch snatched a set of keys and spun to face her. "The cockroaches are going to make fantastic company." Jackie beamed. He knew it was 'yes', and she knew his mischievous smirk much too well. Jackie wouldn't claim she could see the future, but she could already hear him later tonight: 'Cmon Jackie, can't you feel the ghosts? Can you tell the ghost to possess me?'. If he kept it up, she just might (she would never... probably).

Then, shifting to address the group: "Meet back here after we've unpacked... or?"

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the meadowsweet
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dylan ( sillybilly sillybilly ), jackie ( opaline opaline ), receptionist
;; Kiera
A ship hotel was definitely not Kiera's ideal vacation destination. Seriously, the ocean was a terrible, terrible place. No one really knew what was down there. Still, she should be fine so long as she doesn't ever have to get into the ocean. She was really looking forward to taking a break with her friends, even if the location wasn't her first choice. She'd be able to relax and probably get really drunk at some point; it would be fun.

After spending most of the car ride nodding along to to music and spacing out, she was happy to finally get out and stretch her legs. Her gaze fell upon the Meadowsweet; it honestly looked like a terrible place to stay. She made a mental note to try to get more involved in future vacation planning efforts to avoid ever having to stay on a cursed ship again. Grabbing her suitcase and tote bag, she followed the others to the lobby. She'd say that it was nicer on the inside, but then she'd be lying, and Kiera was no liar. In her opinion, it was all quite hideous. "Classy," she muttered, eyes fixated on a piece of gaudy ocean themed decor. She did find it all pretty entertaining, though; she loved a good mess, and the setting of this trip was already shaping up to be quite chaotic.

She listened in on Otto's conversation with the very odd receptionist. Of fucking course, this wasn't a normal vacation. There always had to be something. Now, this trip was going to be spent finding a "ghost sailor," because of course it was; nothing could be straightforward or easy with this group. Honestly, she wasn't sure why she was included in their little paranormal activity group at all; she didn't contribute much to their investigations and was always offering up a sarcastic jab at how ridiculous it all was, never taking things too seriously. Kiera could only assume she was kept around for her stellar personality. In any case, a little ghost wasn't going to ruin her day and she was ready to kick off her vacation, no matter how weird it was now bound to be.

As the group started pairing up, she heard Dylan, who was standing near her, speak. "Of course! I knew you'd ask to sleep with me one of these days," she quipped with a wink in reply to his request, her signature flirtatious sense of humor shining through. Really, she was glad to be rooming with Dylan; she could always relax around him. She smiled as she caught him up on what was going on, not surprised that he was off in his own little world. "So basically, this place is haunted. I mean, no surprise there," she gestured around the lobby. "Apparently there's this ghost sailor guy that's been showing up in people's rooms, scaring them off." Her words were seeped in disbelief; she clearly didn't think that the ghost sailor was real; she was just along for the ride.

She briefly turned her attention to the receptionist as she grabbed a key. "That suit is really working for you. Seriously, you look fantastic." She blew an air kiss towards the old, vaguely creepy man and then brought her focus back to the group, catching Jackie's question. "Yeah, we should just all go to our rooms, unpack, then meet back here to discuss this rando—oops, sorry, I mean ghost sailor—that's been breaking into people's rooms in the middle of the night," she replied, her words about the ghost soaked in sarcasm. Kiera linked arms with Dylan, beginning to head towards the hotel room. "Anyways, my bet is that the ghost sailor is just some guy who wants this hotel all to himself to have a nice, quiet vacation, but I'm totally open to other theories."
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Lucas Pierre-Aston
Location: The Meadowsweet - Lobby/ In his own head

Interaction: Aimee

Mood: ok the ghost sailor is nice and all but is the tea here any good?

"Three across. A five letter word for conflicted?"


The brunette boy felt his face go slack at the swiftness his conscious mind answered the question and threw him under the bus. Was he feeling conflicted at the moment? In truth, when was there not a sort of conflict raging behind his eyes in some shape or form? The longer he pondered the question the more he realized he didn't really have an answer. At least not an answer he would be happy with.

In truth he didn't really have much to be conflicted about in the first place. He was vacationing with some of his bestest friends in the world. Away from the monsters. From the mystery. Away from all things that go bump in the night. He should be more excited, right?

And yet…

And yet he couldn't shake it. The thing in his chest that had grasped and held him so tightly. It was probably nothing. He was probably just being paranoid. He pushed the feelings down as he did with all things he didn't particularly like. They were going to have a blast.

Lucas had no opinion of the exterior. The boat was big and old but as long as it served its purpose and kept his friends happy that's all that mattered to him. Though he had to admit that under their normal circumstances this would be the kind of place right up the club's alley. Good thing they were on vacation and weren’t going to be engaged in that kind of stuff any time soon.

As the club filed out one by one and stood in the menacing shadow of the once majestic ocean liner Luke had to admit he wasn't all that impressed. At first glance you could tell it used to be beautiful but age and the lack of proper upkeep had taken away all the things that once made it standout. Now it was simply bland.

The interior at the least forced an opinion out of him. It reminded Lucas of a ship movie he had seen with his parents. The Poseidon Adventure. He recalled that a giant wave had caused the boat to flip upside. It had given him nightmares for months.

They probably hadn't decided to renovate since the thing was built. He assumed the owners thought it gave the ship a bit of character. A throwback to a bygone era that folks clamored to recapture. It did. At least in Lucas' opinion. The only positive opinion he could offer about the place, that was currently barren of souls save for themselves. Guess not everyone shared his opinion.

At the mention of a ghost sailor terrorizing the guest Lucas had to admit he wasn't disappointed by the news by any means. The thought surprised him but he didn't have much time to dwell on it before the group was splitting off into pairs.

"Uhhhh. Anyone want to switch?" Lucas murmured awkwardly. "I'm sorry Aims but you snore. Like really loudly. On second thought you might scare off the sailor if he shows up." Lucas grinned as he reached for her luggage to carry in addition to his own. "As if I'd have it any other way. You know I'd never say no."

Before leaving the lobby Lucas turned back to the eerie receptionist. His expression laced with urgency.

"Before I forget. How is your tea? On a scale of 1-10? Any recommendations?"
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"Ummm, are we on the right ship?"

The kid was rattling a bit. Anxious.

Hours spent sitting in a metal hull had made everyone sleepy-eyed and sort of slow — even Mitch, who, if you made a comparison, was a whisper of his normal self now — but Otto was still moving fast, too fast, choosing the shortest words. Pinging around. Like popcorn in a bag. Like usual.

The bell rang and there was a tremolo to it. Like otter had fed his heartbeat to it.

Siobhan had not met many people whose usual survived for this long. But this kid — poster boy for the future, it seemed like he could be, his hair wild like she'd never seen — answered any and all conditions with this annoyance, she guessed, that otter could only be right here, at this second, now, seeing everything only as it was now, never looking over the edge at the next thing. Always sort of shaking with the restlessness of not knowing, bored and frightened at the same time.

Any other kind of a leader and Siobhan might not have joined them. She'd seen their troupe passing by. Walking like ducks in the hospital hallway. She'd seen Otto and then seen the rest of them and thought, without really thinking it: something's gonna happen. Something's waiting down the line for them, and I can't trust them to go and meet it like I know they'd take care of themselves. And God it would be a better use of my time then staying here and dealing with these surly fucking small-town hospital people. Being talked down to for next to no benefit does not fucking interest me.

"The ghost sailor is scaring away all the guests."

Siobhan's eyes flashed up, more alert now than before. Everyone else's, too.

She smiled, lips no teeth and a bit dizzy & head-sick from how grateful she suddenly was. Like, oh God, thank you. Because chasing after things in the dark, hungry things that supposedly weren't real, all that was, you know, one thing. Having to be on vacation and share rooms and bathrooms in one place with these folk? That would've been a bit too much, not that she was going to say anything. She'd been with them enough time to know — some of these people were animals. Not even the party kind. She was not quite ready to see them cut loose.

And what an upsetting man to look at, by the way. That concierge. Stopped at a wary spot halfway between vampire and human. And she knew he would try to brick any real questions being asked, any of her questions, or Aimee's questions, or Luc's questions, and with so much patience, probably, because he wasn't like other people. That much was obvious. He'd have them work out some new problem for him/the ship and then send them on their way, probably. Or they'd be scapegoats, maybe, for something-something.

She didn't trust him at all.

The Meadowsweet's lobby had clean light in dull bulbs, like a hair salon, and it was all very nice and the carpeted parts of the floor were shaved, and the doors had gold doorknobs but she didn't take it too seriously. She decided she would wait to see the rooms. The beds.

Siobhan's rainjacket folded and swished as she grabbed her nose — a tic to cover for whenever a cigarette wasn't there in her mouth. People were doing rooms now. So she went up to Otto, who was really the only unpaired person left — and who smelled like shampoo and had lines coming off of him like he was in a comic strip, flying around otters elbows and knees, forewarning action and signalling worry — and she said:

"You're with me. Does that work?"



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MOOD: slowly becoming comfortable.

OUTFIT: groovy fashion icon.

LOCATION: the meadowsweet; room.
MENTIONS: lucas & mitch.

INT: Historia Calamatium Historia Calamatium

TL;DR aimee's anticipation to start investigating the ship is growing while she settles into her room with lucas.
aimee booker
The Haunting of Meadowsweet.
the interviewer.
aimee stood patient, a wandering mind stolen again by the meadowsweet and all its glory. grand, yes, but her perspective of it had changed at the revelation of a haunt that resided in it. suddenly, the attempt to conceal its overall vacancy with decor and a decent scrub became all the more noticeable. she couldn't blame its owner for trying to salvage the ship and what it could have to offer guests; after all, from what she understood, it wasn't always haunted. but the lack of business didn't offer any favors and neither did the receptionist who's demeanor reminded her a lot of historical paintings whose eyes seemed to follow you from any direction. creepy was an understatement.

but now situated by her side, aimee's nose scrunched up instinctively as her solemn expression shaped into a smile in response to lucas' playful approach. "ha ha, very funny," she replied, carrying the same tone as he: not without saying 'thank you', she let her grip loosen around her luggage handle completely when he took it from her.

after mitch's theatrical approach did aimee follow suit to take a key from the man's grasp. his hand was held up towards her, stiff as a board, as his beady eyes landed upon her own for a second. almost instinctively, the urge to ask questions swelled up at the back of her throat. casually revealing an active haunt aboard the ship would trigger arising questions within anyone, but aimee wanted to ask with an intent to interrogate. it wouldn't be the first time the gang had a supernatural encounter, but it was aimee's first time feeling as if she couldn't trust the person right in front of her.

something about him was off.

for now, she would brush her urge off and take the piece of metal with a smile. there would be a time and place to investigate, and there was nothing she was looking forward to more.

not before turning her back to the receptionist's desk did aimee hear the familiar voice that was lucas' chime in again. 'how was the tea?' did he ask, causing a chuckle to escape from her lips without a thought behind it. the seriousness of his question was the funny part, perhaps. dozens of trips with their friend group, face to face with the unknown almost one hundred percent of the time, and the biggest horror for him was not having a good quality tea on hand.

did they have good coffee, was the better question that needed answering.

aimee began a leisurely walk back towards her roomie's direction, heels clicking after each step she took. her natural instinct was to follow a fair distance behind finley as he led them to the way of the hallway before she broke away to the door whose room number matched the one engraved into the key in hand. pushing the key into the lock and turning the brass knob with her free hand, aimee pushed the door open for them and let her eyes do the wandering before her feet would lead her in all the way.

safe, she thought to herself before walking in and moving out of lucas' way. after taking the key out, she wandered over to an unclaimed bed, a glint of immediate inspection hidden within her gaze. aside from the ship being haunted, it's room wasn't half bad. the scent of fabric detergent fighting against mothballs was rather noticeable and the stiffness of the mattress as she pressed her hand upon it showed the lack of usage. it was almost a shame to aimee that the establishment was slowly going to waste.

"oh, thanks again lucas! you're a gem," she expressed again, taking her luggage back from his grasp. despite always being a light-packer, she was still internally praising herself for her habitual choice to only pack the necessities. aimee's theory that as long as lucas was her roommate, she would never touch her own bag for the most part, has been proven true. he was a courteous companion with gentlemanlike qualities that never seemed to retire. aside from his smarts, it was one of many things that aimee liked most about him.

"whatcha think about the meadowsweet so far?" she asked while throwing back a glance towards his direction. awaiting an answer, aimee found herself picking up her luggage and putting it on top of her bed, aiming to unload the small stuff and leaving the rest for later in the day.
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Otto was hesitant to take the key from the creepy receptionist. His movements to grab the key were hesitant and unsure, wondering if the group should really be doing this. Otto had otters doubts about this because couldn’t otter and friends go at least a few days without being visited by ghosts and monsters? Otter worried otters lip between otters teeth as otter thought about it for a moment. After giving it a moment's thought, Otto reached to snatch the keys from the receptionist in one, swift swipe.

Room 13.

Wonderful. Lucky number 13.

It’s not like Otto is scared of the Friday the 13th movies or anything or he’s scared of the number 13, Otto will watch scary movies but why Room 13? Is the receptionist trying to scare Otto on purpose? Probably. The receptionist might be a vampire or a zombie or the ghost sailor. Either way, the receptionist is very suspicious. Spooky. Still, Otto took the key and gave the receptionist a mumbled, “thanks.” in return. How long has it been since the last guest has checked out? Are the rooms clean? Yes, the ship looks very nice considering it used to be an ocean liner but still. Are the rooms sanitary? Otto doesn’t want to catch anything. Is there disinfectant in each of the rooms?

Otto’s thoughts were interrupted when someone was speaking in otters direction. Otto’s gaze shifted from the room key to Siobhan. Oh, so they’re going to be rooming together! That’s okay with otter! Otto didn’t mind rooming with Siobhan; at least otter’s not going to be by otterself. If this ship is haunted then Otto didn’t want to be spending the night in Room 13 alone.

Otto gave Siobhan a cheery smile, “sure that works for me!” Otter spoke cheerily, shaking the eerie feeling off of otters shoulders. Whether or not there’s truly a ghost sailor (honestly the receptionist might be making this story up), this is supposed to be a few days of chill and relaxation. Let Otto enjoy this! With his other hand, he was starting to roll his luggage down the dimly lit and carpeted hallway.

“We’re in room 13. Kinda creepy right?” Otto was trying to make conversation as he was looking for the door that had 13 printed on it in the middle. After that, Otto was unsure of what to say next. So it was just the sound of luggage rolling against the carpet. After a bit, Otto finally found Room 13.

Otto’s hands fidgeted with the key before he was able to unlock the door and slowly push it open as if he were expecting something spooky to jump out. Nothing. Just a dark, unused room. Otto’s not going to lie, he wanted to change into pajamas and collapse onto one of the beds and sleep.

Does this ship have coffee?

Otto runs on what little sleep he gets and a whole lot of caffeine. But you know, sometimes Otto is able to get a full night’s sleep. Anyways, Otto felt for a light switch, flipping it on once otter found it and the light engulfed the room. The investigator stepped into the room with luggage behind otter. The beds were neatly made, showing they hadn’t been slept in for a while. The only thing that matters is that they’re clean and comfortable enough to not wake up with back pain or well… any kind of pain from sleeping on a lumpy mattress.

Even if the receptionist might be a vampire or zombie, Otto still felt the need to help them out and not let the Meadowsweet go to ruins from a lack of business. The club is going to get to the bottom of this mystery! And then they can relax. Extended and hopefully ghost free vacation!

Otto went straight to claiming the bed that was closest to the door. And otter’s hoping it’s going to be a comfortable bed. Otto toed off otters shoes and sat on the mattress, silent as otter thought for a moment. Hmmm, seems comfortable enough even though it hasn’t been slept on for a while.

“What do you think of the receptionist? Suspicious? They might be a vampire or zombie. Or the ghost sailor if there is one. It might just be a story though.” Otto voiced his thoughts, trying to make more conversation with Siobhan.

“What do you think about the supposedly unlucky number 13?”

There he goes again.

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The Haunting of Meadowsweet
s she stood in the lobby of the haunted ship, a shiver ran down her spine, her heart thumping against her chest. She was suddenly very aware of every creak and groan the ship made as it rested in the harbor. And that receptionist? He looked like he was plucked right out of a Stephen King novel. Lorelai refused to make eye contact with the man, she was positive he would steal her soul with one look.

The sound of Jackie’s voice stole her attention from the front desk and back to her friends. “Sounds like a plan to me,” Lorelai nodded and turned on her heels to follow Fin’s rambles down the hall to find their room. The hallway was more narrow than she expected, the unease she felt earlier began tightening its grip on her chest as they made their way to the room.

“Oh look, no bunk beds, you’re safe,” Lorelai teased as she hoisted one of her suitcases onto the end of the bed. Resting her hands on her hips she took a look around the room. It was very similar to the lobby, it had the same musty air, faded wallpaper, tacky nautical decor and wooden furniture. Her eyes landed on the bed sheets, a worried expression took over her face. When was the last time these sheets were cleaned? She leaned over and pulled the blanket back to intensely inspect the sheets, they seemed fine but Lorelai was still skeptical. Making a mental note to start bringing her own sheets she unzipped her suitcase and began to unpack.

“Do we at least have a good view?” She asked as she started lining up various items on the dresser, making sure everything was perfectly in place and that there was still plenty of space for Fin’s things.

“I want to put some clothes in the dresser, but I dunno…” Her voice trailed off as she tried to jiggle one of the drawers open. As she pulled the drawer open her eyes landed on something unsightly. There, nestled in the corner, was a large, hairy spider. Its dark, menacing form stark against the dull wood of the drawer. A wave of panic washed over Lorelai as she imagined the creature crawling on her skin, or worse making home in her clothes. Letting out a yelp she slammed the drawer back into place.

“The dresser is all yours!” Her voice an octave higher than usual she backed away from the dresser and immediately zipped up her suitcase to keep it safe from any unwanted guests. An uncontrollable shudder erupted through her body as the image of the spider stained her mind. A ghost and now a spider? This trip is going to be fun. Lorelai removed her suitcase from the bed and wheeled it next to her nightstand for safe keeping.

Moving on to the smaller suitcase she bent down and opened the bag to gather the equipment she brought. “I brought the video camera, the emf reader, spirit box and some flashlights. Hopefully we can make do with the limited supplies, I really wish I would’ve brought everything though,” Lorelai frowned as she stared down at the equipment. Shrugging off her disappointment she stuffed the flashlights in the back pocket of her jeans and scooped up the rest.

“I want to see if this place has decent coffee. Wanna go with and then we can find the others?” Without waiting for Fin to respond she shuffled the items in her hands around so she could open the door to their room. Her eyes shifted from left to right, inspecting both ends of the hallway before fully stepping out from the doorframe. As she made her way back to the lobby a frightening thought filled her mind, stopping in her tracks she spun around to face Fin.

"If the receptionist is out there, you have to talk to him. He gives me the heebie-jeebies!" Lorelai said in a hushed tone, looking over her shoulder in anticipation to see the man standing there listening in on her words. She dramatically stuck one leg out to the side and slid out of Fin's way and nodded her head in the direction of the lobby, forcing Fin to take the lead. Flashing him a 'thank you' smile she happily followed behind him, using Fin as a human shield from the receptionist.

Once again the lobby was an empty shell of what it used to be. No receptionist, no excited guest buzzing about. Just Lorelai, Fin, and the cobwebs filled the entrance to the Meadowsweet. She found herself looking around the lobby once again, but this time specifically looking for a coffee pot and not aimlessly noticing how eerie the place was. There, in the far left corner by the reception desk, was a make shift coffee station.

"I spy coffee!" Lorelai sang, breaking the heavy silence around them. Gently placing the equipment down onto the counter of the check in desk she bolted straight for the machine and got to work. Opening the bag of coffee that sat next to the pot she inhaled deeply and her senses were filled with the wonderful, nutty and smoky scent of the coffee grounds. "It's fresh too," She mumbled to her surprise. Everything else in the hotel was going stale so she had anticipated the coffee to be old and unusable. The receptionist must be a coffee drinker too, her eyes fluttered to the half open door behind the desk, her curiosity building as to what secrets were in that office.

"Fin, come here," Lorelai craned her neck to try and peer through the small opening into the office. The light was on, but she didn't hear any noise coming from inside the room. Once Fin was by her side she pointed out the open door, "I think this might be the coffee excitement talking, but I think we should investigate."
The Lobby
Walliver Walliver
brave, yet still cautious
The receptionist is gonna kill me in my sleep for drinking their coffee...
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