1. NotVeryLoud

    Fantasy  Always Chaotic Evil (A Fantasy RP)

    Heyo, everyone! This is a good enough starting-off point, I think. I want to get it out of the way that this isn't something I stole from anyone. As you can probably tell from the clunky setup and squished format, this is all something I made with a primitive ol' comic creator and you can put...
  2. Trektek

    Fantasy  Light in the Darkness (Team 20)

    The Imperial Palace The Kelaran Imperium was an institution that had been around since its founding after the events of the Great Demon War thousands of years before. It stretched for thousands of miles from the heavy and hot sands of the Cinbar Desert in the South west, to it's frozen tundras...
  3. stillalive

    Fantasy  [M/M] Slow Burn Fantasy Romance woohoo

    Heeeeeey I'm Adore, and I'm here seeking an RP partner! What's to tell about me? I'm in uni, I'm 20+, and in the CET timezone. I write exclusively in third person, past tense, and either single or multi-para, depending on the pacing of the story. I can reply, like, every 2-3 days, maybe more...
  4. limetree

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a RP partner! (MxF) (No longer looking)

    Hello! Anyone looking for a new RP partner? 'Cause I am! So firstly let me tell you a bit about myself: I consider myself literate and would prefer if my partner also had a firm grasp on the English language. If you're bad at spelling, it's not the end of the world but grammar is kind of...
  5. Sluruol

    Multiple Settings  Roleplay Partner Search

    ◖ Hello! You can call me Sluruol, Pixie, or Oathbreaker! ◗ ◖ I've roleplayed for a good three years, and consider myself to be a literature writer. ◗ ◖ I'm looking to expand my pool of writing partners and thought that putting up an ad would be a good idea! I have a wide range of interests, and...
  6. Agent23

    Fantasy  King Slayers- The last kingdom

    The city of Lumen Nestled in the center of the continent surrounded by plains and a gentle flowing river it is the fertile heartland of midra. Home to millions, and as destiny would have it home to the six who would shape the future. A gentle breeze rolls in bringing with it the calming aroma...
  7. Yahhah

    Fantasy  Arboara- Land of Resistance Character Sheets

    Character Sheet Skeleton Image(If you've got one). Name: (What is your character called). Titles: (Does your character have any titles they are known by). Gender: (Self-explanatory). Age: (How old is your character). Race: (What race is your character? Refer to the list of races on the...
  8. subwayqueen99

    Fantasy  Hotaru High

    Hotaru High is a "supernatural" university where people who are talented in ways considered strange of any race, religion or preference can learn. Hotaru High is located in the Magic Relm of Accorion. So the more fantastical your character the better the RP will be! Anyone is welcome to join!
  9. CelestiaEmber

    Fantasy  On the Hunt for RP Partners

    Hello Everyone! As the title suggests, I'm in search of some RP partners! I find myself clicking the notifications tab multiple times in a minute-waiting for someone to reply. I'm sad to say many of my RP partners have fallen quiet. So I come to YOU! Before we begin, here's some information...
  10. Agent23

    Fantasy  King Slayers- The Last Kingdom

    Welcome to Diyara. A world of magic, monsters, and of course darkness. Once home to 20 individual kingdoms with their own histories and cultures the past millenia has been a horror filled and tragic period of time. The kingdoms fell one by one as a being known as the monster king began his...
  11. Yahhah

    Fantasy  Arboara-Land of Resistance

    Arboara Arboara is a land beyond time. It has stood for thousands of years, Arboara is a rough cold land. The south of the continent is a frozen waste while the far north is a range of impassable mountains where monsters beyond nightmare prowl. This land though hard is not without life...
  12. mountainborn

    Fandom  Seeking Thranduil for New RP

    Hi all - Though I’ve been roleplaying for a number of years, I am new to this forum-based style and eager to try it out in such a welcoming and positive community! I am seeking an equally literate partner to play Thranduil - I had in mind a sort of Thranduil X OC (human) romance, and I’m more...
  13. deathbenotproud

    Multiple Settings  *•.¸♡ ₣₳ⱠⱠ ł₦ ⱠØVɆ ₣ØⱤ ₮ⱧɆ ₦ł₲Ⱨ₮ ♡¸.•*

    Ayo! I'm Vint, a 21 y/o female (though i'm fine playing characters of any gender and identity.), I've been roleplaying for about 10 years or so. Semi literate preferred (2-3 paragraphs). I prefer my writing partners be 18+. Doubling is cool but I only get into it if the plot really calls for it...
  14. limetree

    Multiple Settings  Someone wanna role-play? (MxF)

    Hello there~ I'm looking for somebody who would be interested in role-playing with me. I'm open to most ideas, but if you want to role-play with me, there are a few rules: I like romance, but please be reasonable- nothings gonna happen between two people 5 seconds after they meet. Please reply...
  15. WorldWeaver

    Fantasy  Alabastor: Age of Heroes

    (Recruitment Thread: Fantasy - Alabastor: Age of Heroes) It is the 540th year of the Second Age of Mortals. Civilizations have recovered from the calamity known as the Great Eclipse, but the unity from before has been utterly shattered. Countries go to war with each other over resources...
  16. Trektek

    Nation Building  BoN Age of Colonialism IC

    Turn 0, Month 1, Year 320 @Athanas , @sovereignrising , @Just_a_loneley_pilgrim , @Bruhaha , @Emperor1 , @The_split_Nation , @LadyOfStars , @CaptainSully (@Emperor1 please add 4 tier 1 troops in your first post. :) ) A skeletal figure sat in a darkened room, lit only by a few candles that...
  17. Sluruol

    Fandom  Dragon Age 1x1?

    Hey!! I'm looking for either an OC x OC rp or a (doubling up) Cannon x OC dragon age roleplay! I can play all three games, any love interest! If we do oc x oc, we can discuss more about the ship over pm! I'm a literate roleplayer, long term, and tend to roleplay with mature themes. ^_^ Newly...
  18. Sluruol

    Fandom  Dragon Age 1x1? (Closed)

    Hey!! I'm looking for either an OC x OC rp or a (doubling up) Cannon x OC dragon age roleplay! I can play all three games, any love interest! If we do oc x oc, we can discuss more about the ship over pm! I'm a literate roleplayer, long term, and tend to roleplay with mature themes. ^_^
  19. Tyrannical by Design

    Multiple Settings  One x One ; Originals and Fandoms, Long-term.

    Thank you for taking the time to check out my search thread. First, I'd like you know a little about myself as a role-player/writer before you consider contacting me. I write in third person and would prefer for you to use some form of it as well. I don't really make exceptions on this. I...
  20. dolortrucido

    Multiple Settings  The wonderful world we create

    Hello to all! I just creating new worlds and stories for my characters to be involved in. It's been a while since I've had a good, long rp story, one with awesome highs and somber lows. Ones where magical creatures are the norm and robots and androids make a life of their own. Send me a message...