1. Fangs9090

    Fandom  Elder Scrolls, anyone?

    So, as the title suggests, I’m looking to do a role play in the Elder Scrolls world, though I’m only familiar with Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Solstheim. Now, before I get into my idea, I should mention a few things. I understand you’ll most likely use a character inspired by your player character...
  2. BrandedAFreak

    Multiple Settings  ~*~Get Lucky~*~ A 1x1 Rp Search

    It's been a while, so I decided to start up another roleplay search, this time with some actual ideas and not a generalized 'this is what I'm looking for'. I deal mostly with fandoms and a small batch of those, at that. This is because my moods for certain ones come and go, but these are ones...
  3. The_Scarlet_Witch

    Fantasy  Looking for 1x1 because I'm very bored

    Looking for 1x1 roleplays. I prefer supernatural and romance but if you have any good ideas, I'm interested. Just send me a message or something and we'll see what we can figure out!
  4. FearItself

    Fantasy  The kindgdom of Xorn

    Welcome to the mystical realm of Parrune a world filled to the brim with magic, monsters, men, and steel. Many kingdoms have risen and fallen in this chaotic realm but none have lasted as long as the mighty kingdom of Xorn. Its emerald towers reflect light from its shimmering barrier, its...
  5. Niri

    Fantasy  Looking for a 1X1 RP or a group

    Hello, I am looking for a 1 on 1 RP or a group RP, doesn't matter to me. I typically do Fantasy/Sci-Fi role-plays, but I'm open to different things. I do not wish to do any sort of romantic role-plays though. Feel free to reach out if you want to role-play. I am one-liner to simi-para. I will...
  6. kevintheradioguy

    Fantasy  The Scarlet Flower

    for @kevintheradioguy and @Blancsan Mid-November | Swamps North of Kilmurry Thick, teal-white mist covered the landscape, creating a smoky veil across the swamps. It was cold. Very cold. Late autumn wasn't the warmest time of the year, but out here, with small drops hanging in the air, it...
  7. Valerya

    Fandom  Prythian Courts

    Hello, I'm looking to gather a group to make up the Prythian High Lords/Ladies. (set in the Prythian world of Sarah J. Maas book series, A Court of Thorns and Roses.) OCs and inner circle members/family of the said high lords or ladies is fine as well! The courts would be: Dawn, Day, Night...
  8. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | Lore [Closed]

  9. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | OOC [Closed]

    Here's a place to talk, if we don't wanna do it through PM!
  10. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | CS [Closed]

    Here's a place to post our characters and keep track of them!
  11. Javax

    Fantasy  Maior Quam Nobis | IC [Closed]

  12. starshinesiren

    Multiple Settings  emma's all-encompassing search thread! come take a look at my humble wares. (fandom & original)

    Hi there! Welcome to my humble little search thread. It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Emma, but you can also call me Star if that strikes your fancy. I’m a first-year college student in EST, and I’ve been writing for about 9 years, which is crazy. I’ve got three cats, I play the ukulele, and I...
  13. BubblegumApocalypse

    Multiple Settings  Searching for a serious 1x1 partner [READ]

    I've got an entire list of possible plots, below is the super condensed basic explanation for each of them. Please read my rules, reply to this thread with the required info, and I'll pm you! Rules 1. Be descriptive. I don't need a novella each reply, but at least 4-5+ sentences with details...
  14. S n o w

    Fantasy  Arkadia

    LORE 200 years ago, humans and elves lived peacefully together in a country called Arkadia. The elves lived in the forests and made their homes within the trees, while the humans built their homes out of clay on the ground. Many elves chose to live with the humans, and vice versa. One day, a...
  15. Florida_Man16

    Fantasy  Hell Hath no Fury

    Hello potential partners! I am looking for one or two partners to run along a plotline I have the skeleton of. It takes place in a fantasy-ish world in which demons might enter the physical world, rare though it is. There is magic, the world is developing from the medieval age to the start of...
  16. Emiaa

    Multiple Settings  Partner Search

    Hiya, so some of my RP's have died off so looking for some more partners to get me back into roleplaying! If I had a roleplay with you just message me again and we can start something up again! I have a few plot ideas, and then some pairings I enjoy. A little about me; I am semi-lit but if the...
  17. scorpiodragon

    Fantasy  Shards of Destiny (Jump In Accepting Always) Chapter One: A Meeting Of Vagabonds

    Joining: Please go to Shards of Destiny Acceptance to throw up a quick sheet and check the Lore, specifically the linked in character sheet about the ages of the races. Link to the character form is above in the tabs. Posting Order (TBU as people join hopefully) 1. @MiraAutumn 2. @scorpiodragon...
  18. Bastion Royal

    Multiple Settings  Flashing lights and whirling sounds - Long time Partner Search

    Time to make a thread looking for some active partner(s) and some wonderfully active rps! But we'll keep this generic and minimal without all the faffing fluff. Just some of the basic stuff that should at least paint a detailed picture of what sort of stuff I am looking for and general knowledge...
  19. scorpiodragon

    Fantasy  Shards of Destiny Lore

    Xaythea The plant like organisms on this planet are an odd balance of trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers. The plant-like organisms on this planet are mostly flowers, grasses and odd types of fungi. These species make up the lower organism layers, but many of them are eerily similar to each...
  20. AtaraxiaCyrrux

    Fantasy  ~Looking for long term, dedicated, and fun RP partner for 1x1 fantasy/ WoW RP~

    Looking for RP partner with experience, open mindedness and engaging RP style! Dedication and Enthusiasm are a plus! Hi there! I'm Angel, and I'm looking for an RP partner who's interested in role playing themes such as Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons and Dragons! MY RP STYLE: I'm...