1. ArcticFox

    Fandom  Canon x OC in a few fandoms, looking for a casual partner

    Hello everyone. About me: Female 26 Working full time and long hours RP specifications: I write about 2-3 paragraphs per character. Looking for someone able to reply once every 2-3 days on average with same/similar length. Mature themes are fine, can fade to black on here. Doubling is...
  2. MysticalFlower

    Multiple Settings  Some 1x1 plots I'm interested in.

    Fantasy Young Muse A walks through the forest collecting berries for their selves/family and spots a field of flowers. They go to pick some when they spot an elf (Muse B). Elves are illegal in this nation, due to some conflict between the two races a while back in history. What will Muse A do...
  3. dawningEclipse

    Multiple Settings  RP based off pics!

    Hello! I have been looking at some cool images lately and I have found a few that I thought it would be interesting to base an RP off of. I have some ideas for some of them but I am also curious to see what other people come up with as well. I am looking for RP partners who are willing to do a...
  4. Trektek

    Nation Building  BoN Act 3: Modern Age

    Turn 0, Month 1, Year 2350 @CaptainSully , @waifu , @LadyOfStars , @The_split_Nation , @Just_a_loneley_pilgrim , @Athanas , @Blue. , @Bruhaha , @Hatch , @Queen Boudica , @cinnabuns A skeletal figure sat in a large chair in a small, but extravagant room. He only brought a handful of important...
  5. AlorahMannequin


    HELLO!!! So I'm not going to lie I have no idea what I'm doing. I am an incredible noob when it comes to all of this, I was possibly looking for a partner who might be willing to help teach me the ropes? If you are! Then you are an incredibly kind soul, and please shoot me a pm.. (thanks D...
  6. Zackarie

    Multiple Settings  {Closed} Longterm Roleplay! {1x1, lit}

    シ Hi there! Thanks for coming to check my rp information out! シ ⌇ I’m Zackarie (of course a screen name and my first OC’s name), a 22 transmale that loves to write and is after more genres to roleplay about! ⌇ {slide=ꉕ What i'm looking for ꉕ}⁑ You have to be 18+, I do not roleplay with anyone...
  7. Tolkien-fics

    Fandom  Tolkien Roleplay Recruit

    Hi, it’s been a while since I roleplayed anything from the Tolkien verse, looking to get back into it. I have had partners here before, but life happens unfortunately. I don’t have many rules, only that you are familiar with LOTR, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. Mainly looking for a...
  8. Lycan Queen

    Multiple Settings  My Updating Original Plots! (Multi genre)

    Hello there, Ive decided to do something different with my interest checks for once. I'm going to make one thread of all my original ideas and update it as needed with what I'm in the mood for. Details about me as a partner: - I am 21+ and am a manager to a Senior Citizens Center, so my work...
  9. starshinesiren

    Multiple Settings  ahaha... what if we wrote together? haha jk... unless? (Emma's Fandom/OC Interest Check)

    Howdy! Come on in! <3 It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Emma, but you can also call me Star if that strikes your fancy. I’m a college student studying to be a teacher, and I’ve been writing for about 9 years, which is crazy. I’ve got three cats, I sing, I cosplay, I play D&D, and I’ve got a hell...
  10. cleopatraa

    Fantasy  City of Athenia (a medieval fantasy RP)

    Welcome to Athenia, the capitol of the world. In a world where humans coexist with creatures of myth, there must remain order and balance to ensure peace and tranquility. The half elven, half human family of King Lyonel currently serve as the rulers of Athenia and have been in power for the last...
  11. Roaring_Dragon

    Fantasy  The Derangement

    The Derangement - 1x1 RP
  12. DovahBeat

    Multiple Settings  nvm ignore

    so, yeah, I'm looking to rp something related to the Greymoor chapter of ESO, but no knowledge is required. It can adhere strictly to canon, or we can throw canon out the window and create an AU. I'm not picky. Can even be multiverse or crossover. Looking for people who are at least...
  13. Javax

    Fantasy  The King's Game [CLOSED]

    For Gold and Glory! Greetings, fellow adventurer! Thou are invited to partake 'i a momentous event. His Majesty, the King, hath decided to power a game for all to enjoy. There shall be prizes to be won and glory to be achieved. Thou hast the chance of winning 10,000 golden claws and having...
  14. DovahBeat

    Fandom  Looking for Partners! (Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Spoilers!)

    Hello!! I am looking for someone who will let me rp Fennorian Ravenwatch from ESO Greymoor, I am absolutely in love with him and I need to get this muse out. More info on him below!! I am willing to do pretty much any genre, from crossover (no knowledge of Elder Scrolls required) to AU...
  15. Nali

    Multiple Settings  Nali's search for three roleplays!

    Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Nali! I've been roleplaying for many years. It has been my favorite past time and hobby for as long as I can remember, with my passion for MMORPGs and the like coming up strongly in second. I am capable of writing multiple characters, writing multiple...
  16. Fictional_Realm

    Fantasy  Hey there :)

    Hello! I am new to this website but have been doing rp's for about nine years now. Looking to Roleplay with OC's and do world building! I prefer the characters to be 18+ and I prefer pm over thread! POV: Third Person Level: lit to advanced lit
  17. Aniihya

    Multiple Settings  Gods Descended (Foreign Planet Adventure Survival)

    The humans have long travelled to other planetary systems to colonize habitable planets and search for other sentient species. A team is sent to a distant system named Kepler-62 to investigate the planet Kepler-62f, nicknamed Koi. However upon their descent, their ship crashes. Upon waking up...
  18. Selee-01

    Fantasy  The Dark Lords of Araen IC

    Thirteenth Meeting of the Free Council In the Hall of Zarazattar, eleven mortals took their seats. Dwarves, Men and Elves from across the World glanced at each other, and began. “The graves of our ancestors have been stripped bare,” one Dwarf shouted. “Civil wars rage in the Umbral Empire,”...
  19. Selee-01

    Fantasy  Lore of Araen
    Index: Thinking Races of Araen

    The Elves are a passionate race, blinded by their desires and prone to excess. For all that they are deeply mournful, for many of them still remember the wars of long ago, and the terrible losses they suffered. Elven men are expected to serve as warriors and servants. Females are considered...
  20. Selee-01

    Fantasy  The Dark Lords of Araen

    @Puppernickel @Dest @Skylord Nexus This is the OOC for the Dark Lord roleplay. Please post your character sheets here for now, and feel free to ask me questions about the setting. I’ll post a map at some point, and set up a Lore thread.