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Multiple Settings Looking for Some RP Partners!

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The Aristocrat of Evil
Hello! I’m looking for a literate roleplay with a couple of people!
If you have any plot ideas that you think I’d enjoy just based on my own below I’d be happy to hear them!

I highly prefer fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi elements as almost none of my characters are human or live within a totally human world.

EDIT: so I have enough people to roleplay my two other prompts with my other OCs, and now I'm just looking for people to roleplay with Mikah! This character sheet is here: One x One - Purqleguy's Character Sheets

  • Welcome to Blackhelm City: Your Character finds themself in a city created and run by monsters. The streets are barren, and watched by a protector that accuses you of being the murderer in Blackhelm. (Adventure/Mystery. Your chara can be human or a monster of any kind! I actually have already posted the starter to this in 1x1 RPs)

  • All Tied Up: Your Character is a successful and feared monster hunter, who's efforts to detain and kill monsters have continuously been interrupted by some kind of monster sympathizer. The two are caught in a battle, before a mysterious 3rd figure bounds Y/C and mine with magic handcuffs. Now the two have to put aside their differences to work together and undo the handcuff spell. But that may mean seeking help from the monsters Y/C seeks out to destroy. (Adventure/Mystery. Platonic preferred, unless ur character is Polyam! My character has a BF already, who is pretty important to his personal backstory omg.)

  • No plot in particular, but now I am itching to Roleplay my pokemon trainer OC! I don't have a plot in mind except for he's a pokemon ranger and does rescue missions in Sinnoh!

  • Are you Afraid of Ghosts?: Your character meets the outcast at school, Clifford, who seems to talk to himself a lot. When Y/C is forced to work with him, it seems there may be a chance he really Can see ghosts like he swears he can. And maybe he can really exorcise them, too. (Paranormal, Platonic.)

  • O My Heart: A night swim in the sea gets your character kidnapped by a young man who calls himself the Prince of the Sea. As Y/C tries to find their way back to the surface, the Prince tries to make them his bride. It’s Beauty and the Beast adjacent. (Romance, kind of dark but he isn’t creepy at all.)

If you’re curious about my characters or have any questions I’d be happy to answer them!
Also Sorry in advance if I do things strangely, I’m rather new to the site.

a Couple of things I ask from my partners:

- Paragraph style, at least a couple of sentences in a reply.

- Please please, use punctuation and grammar. It's so hard to get into the story if things aren't expressed with emotions and cohesion.

- Please don’t force romance if my characters already have partners or are not interested.

- I'm a really patient Roleplayer, so it doesn't bother me if replies take awhile! I have Narcolepsy so I fall off the map often, so I just ask for the same grace from my partner.

- I am 19, as a disclaimer if that bothers anyone!
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Is that a police!? I'M CALLING THE WEED!!!
I like the second plot, and If my character can be some sort of half-breed, that would be cool


The Aristocrat of Evil
I like the second plot, and If my character can be some sort of half-breed, that would be cool
Yes your character could absolutely be a halfbreed omg! Honestly your character could even be something wild like a centaur and I'd still roll with it. In this world essentially all mythical, urban legend, gods, cryptid etc. exist!

I actually have the started for the RP Posted in the 1x1 forums right here! Fantasy - Welcome to Blackhelm City (Closed)

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