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Multiple Settings looking for romantic ocxoc stuff :] (always open, i have a problem)

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hii! you can call me ash
i'm too lazy to format this at the moment so what you see is what you get. i type better in character i swear!

so, let's get right into it!
i average about 100-200 words *minimum* but it also depends on the roleplay, how fast-paced it is, etc. i'd prefer if you were able to write that much as well for a minimum :] i'm not picky though
no sexual stuff! its against the rules and it makes me uncomfortable. other than that, i'm down for anything.
i don't really care how old you are, just don't be like, an infant. i don't think infants can type anyways but yknow
oh, and i usually do m/m for pairings but i'm open to f/f and m/f! that's in order of preference :] oh and any pairings with nb characters too! and other genders and whatnot. really just anything

i don't really have many proper plots at the moment, but i'm willing to make one with you! give me all of your ideas >:]
i'll add plots as i think of them. i have ideas i swear they are just hiding deep in my brain at the moment

mortal x immortal (god, demigod, whatever)
friends to lovers
enemies to lovers
guardian angel x human
ghost/spirit x human
childhood friends
alien x human
android x human (think DBH)
angel/demon x human (clearly different from guardian angel x human lmao)
supernatural hunter x shapeshifter


Devil made me do it but i also kinda wanted to
(demon x human)

A has summoned a demon (B) and has made a deal with them for some reason (to be expanded on). B is a bored demon just happy for the entertainment. B cannot return to Hell until both ends of the deal are fulfilled. What does A need from B and what will happen during the time they spend together?

I’m headed straight for the castle
(royal x peasant/rebel?)

A is either some kind of criminal or an important figure in the rebellion against the King. B is the heir to the throne, unaware of the situation in the kingdom they will one day rule over. A has finally been captured, and the King has his guards torture them until they seemed to break. Wanting to strengthen his relationship with his heir, the King gifted A to B as a new servant.

Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does
(childhood friends)

A and B are childhood friends who decide to go on a roadtrip either by themselves or with a group, staying at each stop for a day or two. The issue? They always seem to end up with not enough beds, and so they have to share. Every time. Why does this keep happening??


that's all i can think of at the moment! i'm obviously open to other stuff too, so feel free to throw your ideas at me if you want :]

sooooo either comment or DM me if interested!
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