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Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

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Happy Necromancer
The Grand Coliseum

See the source image

The Location was set. It took a few months to put into motion, but now his plan was able to move forward into its next juncture. Commander Le’Grange stood back and looked at his handy work. Using the Drones and the Magic, it took almost no time at all considering all the details that were put into place. Anyone else would think that a structure such as this would have taken a fraction of the time, but he also couldn’t divert important resources from the other tasks at hand.

This was to help give them a fighting chance. At least against what is to come. The dangers would only be able to be held back for so long and this sort of danger was not the most important on his list. But having these burgeoning nations be able to take the reigns for such more pedestrian matters, it seemed the sort of delegation on his part that was needed.

His metal hand lay on top of the stonework. Greatness would be forged here. And knowledge of the others that exist on the continent as well. No longer would they be able to wallow in the darkness of ignorance. But perhaps become a part of a greater community. Whether that such community was a violent one or a peaceful one is another matter.

“Boyle!” The Commander called out to his second in command. Though not forgetting the strange oversight that had occurred in the notes that he read previously, it would not do to alienate another officer.

“Yes, Commander?”

“It is time to send out the messengers. It is time for The Tournament to Begin!”

“Right away, sir.”

ALL NATIONS RECEIVE A MYSTERIOUS INVITATION TO A TOURNAMENT. It is informed that the tournament is deadly and there is no guarantee of survival, but with great prizes to the victor. If you choose to participate, remove one troop or elite from the field as your contestant. The Winner will receive a Hero Unit. The Second and Third place will also receive special gains.

1 AA, Turn 3, Month 3

Population: 14 Resources: 6 Order 1
Battle Results:
Battle loss of all units. But the Geckos earned a pyrrhic victory, losing most of their troops.

Rumors of the strange lizard people desecrating the corpses of the fallen return home with what few survivors remain.. Non magical people are angered by these actions and have risen up to support attacking them. Gain access to militia units.

Militia -3/-3
Poorly Trained Horde: These units must be taken out before other units can be targeted. Gain 2 militia units per training.

Farm is finished being built for the joy of the people. +1 Happiness.

The non magical people demand a form of protection to be built for the Farms considering the recent loss to the Gecko Menace.

Exploring the farmlands, the soldiers come across a series of caves. (Continue in Diplomacy chat)

Zanzir Aka The Waste
Population: 14 Resources: 6 Order: 1
The City of Sun Spire is finished construction to the joy of the people. +1 Happiness

Ogre Kingdoms
Population: 14 Resources: -6 Order: 1
Battle Results: 1 Bull unit killed and another ran away from an enemy Cavalry Charge. The remaining forces are still ready for a fight as the Defenders stand strong in their walls.

A Giant of an Orange Hue, easily 20 feet tall arrives at the Main Encampment of “The Capital” demanding to speak to the leader.

Population: 18 Resources: 3 Order: 1
The Eternal Swamp: The swamp is a place filled to the brim with all kinds of life. Small insects buzz and chirp, while larger animals flit and scamper and even larger beasts stalk silently through its depths weather on the land or within its dark waters. As these forces travel deeper in, it has become clear that they are being watched. Something is active in the darkness and tracks their every movement.

Draken Guard
Population: 14 Resources: 4 Order: 1

Explore tip of the Forest: Comes across a strange small nymph crying near a tree. (Continued in Diplomacy chat)

Research Gravity magic: Allows Dragoon Units to have Move 2

The Oni
Population: 14 Resources: 6 Order: 1
The Oni forces come across a settlement in the desert (Diplomacy in progress)

Strange foreign forces have arrived at the Capital. (Diplomacy in progress)

2 lost units of Ashigaru are found by the Samurai to the north.

The Order of Kerem
Population: 14 Resources: 11 Order: 1
Strange men in strange clothing, not of the desert, the newest settlement to the trading empire. (Diplomacy in progress)

Market square research complete. +1 Resource per turn and allows trade with other nations that also have a Market Square.

Army Exploration: The army group comes across an ancient buried treasure worth 5 Resources

Takrian Republic
Population: 15 Resources: 13 Order: 1

The Legionarrie came across a large hidden cache of supplies. Gain 10 Resources

Settlement Completed: Gain +1 Happiness.

The people from Ga'Lade Castle throw a major celebration of revelry in honor of their new allies +1 Happiness and gain a statue made of two people. One wearing a suit of armor and the other wearing the lighter armor of the Takrian Army. One of each race standing side by side in solidarity, pointing towards the future.

Population: 14 Resources: 6 Order: 0

Fire Cap Farms research complete: Standard Settlements (Including Capital) produce +1 Resources per turn.

Hearing rumors of the unknown magical invaders that decimated the exploring army sows discord among the population. -1 Order

The Great A.I. whispers its secrets to the Gelicko Leader. A way to create walking explosions. But first, the magical nature of the elves must be researched.

The City State of Mesania
Population:14 Resources: -3 Order: 1

The Army reaches strange lands and encounters a large settlement. (Diplomacy in progress)

Trading Outpost constructed: +1 Resources and allows trade with other settlements that possess Market or trading outpost.

Eager Crews researched: Reduce cost of Bireme units by 1.

Aphrodite is pleased by the integration of the pleasure village and causes greatness to well up inside the heart of each and every man. For this turn, all actions and costs reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1

The Exploring troops came across a group of 4 Bastarnae out in the field.

Population: 14 Resources: 4 Order: 2

The army managed to drive back the first wave of the Ogre invaders with their powerful walls, siege equipment and the timely arrival of their cavalry which drove a number of them off. The people are impressed with the results and feel more secure in their holdings. +1 Order

Population: 14 Resources: 12 Order: 1

The Dwarves discover a hidden clan and gain 2 Guards

Unit training now cost -1 resources and -1 turn to a minimum of 1


The Oni

“He did what?!” said a shocked Jin. “He not only found Jigamundo but managed to convince him to join us?!”

The shogun couldn’t hide the look of absolute surprise that was etched into his face.

“Yes sir,” the messenger said with a bow. “He and his men slayed a great beast at the Lord’s request and took that as a sign worth enough to join us. Samanosuke has told me to tell you that those who died, died with honour.”

Jin took a moment to reflect on those that had died but the messenger hurried along.

“There was another thing,” the messenger pulled a scroll from his pocket and handed it to Jin. “Samanosuke asked me to hand this to you.”

The shogun took the scroll and gestured for the messenger to depart. With scroll in hand Jin headed towards a table at the back of his quarters, sitting down before it and rolling the scroll out across the table. He began to read the words written by Samanosuke.

"The events of the past month have truly been something wondrous dear friend. First we stumbled across the settlement of Lord Jigamundo, the man truly has a warrior's face. Battle scarred and ravaged, you can see why he is one he remained a Lord. He gave me and my men a challenge with the agreement that completion of it would see him join our nation. Unfortunately in the process we lost people, however they died with honour. I repaid the beast in kind, separating its head with one swing of my sword. I have done my best to preserve it so that you can get an idea of the beast's size.

However, that is not why I write to you. Jigamundo has trained his Samurai in styles that we have never encountered before. The forms and way they fight will be a most welcome addition to our forces. I suggest you take the trip to visit Lord Jigamundo and witness them for yourself. As for me, I head north in the search for more. I will write again soon, stay safe.


Jin rolled the letter up with a smile on his face.

“That is a most excellent idea…” he said audibly, rising to his feet.

Paid for Actions

• Recruit x2 Builders - 4 Resources
• Recruit x2 Builders - 4 Resources
• Recruit x2 Builders - 4 Resources

Free Actions

• Move Army 1 - 1 Unit Ashigaru - NE - Explore Tower in the Forest
• Move rest of Army 1 - W, NW - Attack Ogres
• Move Army 2 - 2x E
• Ashigaru to Herem capital from village



Hoshi streamed into the capital. Greetings were exchanged between the swarm leaders of the fourth and fifth swarm.

“What are our orders?” The leader of the yari swarm asked.

“An entity has moved into the western jungle, you are to protect the settlement being established there, while we make contact.”

The Yari Swarm Leader nodded. “Do you have experience with these kinds of things?” It asked.

“I was responsible for bringing the inventor to Seicho.” The Ite Swarm Leader said proudly. “I have no doubt that I will be able to lay contact with this entity.”

The conversation fell silent after that. The two swarms rested or sluggishly went through preparations for the mission.

Finally, the signal came and the swarms woke from their lazy slumber. Now that twilight had set in the sluggishness of the daylight was quickly dissipating. In moments the swarms were ready to start the march. Like hundreds of shadows the army slipped through the jungle, completely unencumbered by the thick jungle floor. Soon it was time for the two swarms to depart. The Yari Swarm Leader raised its spear, a gesture returned by the Ite Swarm Leader with its bow.

The Ite Swarm Leader started its search for the mysterious entity, that had been spotted in the vicinity by the growers who were growing the new sleeping warrens in this part of the forest. “Remember, we’re not here to destroy this being, I want to talk to it. Everyone clear on this?” The Swarm Leader looked around and saw Hoshi nod. “Good, spread out, find it and report back to me.”

Meanwhile, at the village everything seemed quiet. “Take up defensive positions.” The Yari Swarm Leader commanded. It was a careful creature by nature and it was rather wasting its time with security measures than being caught unaware. “I want to speak with the head grower, now.” He commanded as he strode towards the largest tree in this part of the forest.

The head grower was inside the tree, which appeared to be partially hollow. “Swarm Leader, you will be pleased to know that we have almost finished setting up the new settlement, soon we can start growing the population. The Swarm Leader nodded.

“Very good. If all is well then, we will be securing the settlement for now, anything I need to know?”

The grower shook its head. “We have no defences installed as of yet, it is generally the last part of the process.”

The Swarm Leader grunted in annoyance. There was nothing to be done, he would have to make do with what he had.


Movement: free movement only (Natural woodsmen strength gives double movement on jungle tiles)

· Army 3: Yari moves to capital to link up with army 4: Ite

· Army 3 and 4 move 1 tile west of capital

· Army 1: Yari moves to capital and then 1 tile east into Hirogaru

Free action: Army 4: Ite attempts to establish contact with foreign unit, Army 3: Yari defends settlement.

Action 1: Finish establishing town 1 tile west of capital: Kakucho, action 3/3

Action 2: Finish establishing town 1 tile east of capital: Hirogaru, action 3/3

Action 3: Advancement in empire: Jungle irrigation: Policy forrest growth takes 1 turn less when adjacent to tiles with a fresh body of water.

Continuing processes:

· Growth of a new jungle tile 1 tile ne of capital 2/4 (5 -1 turn for presence Niwashi)

· Inventor Hekron creates a new invention 1/3 (4 -1 for the Inventor’s Workshop advancement)



Today a grand event unfolded and all were in attendance, even the sun as it hung high in the sky focused it’s gaze down upon the capital of Zanzir. Cheers resounded over the city’s walls and caused ripples through the desert sand.

On rooftops Raven’s watched the busy streets as citizens moved like hordes of wild animals. Everyone was eager to watch a new king be crowned.

Raven Heart’s famous marketplace had been transformed within the hour to host the Prince’s special day. A large platform raised up the royals and nobility above the commoners and the slaves.

“Let us begin already.” Tenebrous declared softly to the clergyman.

The elderly man nodded his head and then stepped and toward the edge of the platform. “Silence!” His voice rang out over the masses, low and strong. The crowds fell silent in an instant, like a graveyard. “We gather here today to bear witness to the rise of Tenebrous Elesham!”

The Prince stepped forward and sat down on the regal chair that had been arranged for him. “Here, in the sight of men, and the one god Kerem, we crown Tenebrous Elesham the rightful King of the Great Sand Sea and Protector of Zanzir!” The nobles all bowed their heads and the crown settled gently upon his head.

A smirk formed on his face and Tenebrous rose from the temporary throne, a new man.

Throne Room

Now crowned the King, Tenebrous had one less thing to worry about in his day to day. He sat now with a spy at his right and a soldier at his left. Before him stood a room of nobles and the members of his council.

“Zanzir has begun to move towards the future! Expansion across The Reach will bring us new riches and outside powers will devote themselves to our causes.”

Amanitore scoffed softly as her brother made his little speech to the crowd.

Palace Library

Entering the quiet room by herself, Amanitore looked around the library briefly before she headed deeper in. The hem of her linen dress slid over the floor and as she made her way to the farthest wall of the library she plucked a book from the wall. Its location was known to her by heart at this point.

She lingered in the back behind a bookcase while she started reading through the pages, picking up where she had left off. “Tenebrous thinks those spies of his will be the greatest tool of the nation forever. I may not have been crowned, but I will prove them all wrong.” Her back pressed against the shelves as she became immersed in the texts. The book in question, “Demons of The Great Sand Sea.” Within were rituals and myths for binding and creating spirits within the desert.

  • Infantry Founds City of Kerem’s Reach (Farming City) +1 Action to rush​
  • Train Infantry Unit in Raven’s Heart (Capital)​

  • Study The creation of Sand Demons/Spirits​

  • Spy#1 continues W 1 Tile​
  • Spy#2 Moves NE 1 Tile​
  • Spy#3 Moves SW 1 Tile​
  • Archer#1 Moves SW 1 Tile​

  • Infantry Explores Tile​


  • Raven’s Heart (capital)​
    • Palace​
    • City Walls = 0/+1 to defending troops​
  • Sun’s Spire (Standard)​

Total Income: 6 per Turn​
  • Base +2​
  • Capital +2res​
  • Sun’s Spire +2res​

  • 3x Spies​
  • 2x Archers​
  • 1x Infantry​
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The Emerald Knight
Commander Sparda Hendri
~ The Paragon ~


  • Standing upon the balcony overlooking the newly built town square, Sparda could not help but smile at all of the hard work that had been achieved in just two months, watching the mundanes preparing for the first day of trading as they set up their stalls and open their shops, Heaven's golden light spilling out from over the icy horizon. Sparda could not help but glower at the rising Heavens with a smirk. To think that he and he alone faced and defeated the Regal One, that she rages in the Heavens even now, unable to do anything to ever influence this world again. Despite the victory, he is still weakened by the encounter even after nearly two months, and so he has yet to wear the crown.

    With the expansion into this province completed, the newly appointed Provincial Governor declared the official opening of their new town to all last night, just before throwing a small party to celebrate the occasion. The wine and food flowed freely last night, amongst other things, and Sparda is certain most of his troops will be seeking the services of their regiment's healer right now. Sparda joined with the celebrations as well, though sparingly; he is still a Commander of the Realm, and must always make himself an example for his soldiers to follow.

    After a short while of watching the town begin to bustle with activity, he turned and stepped back into the Governor's office as soon as he heard someone enter, and there stood the Governor in all his finery. The office practically reeked with opulence; freshly painted walls, heavy ornate furniture, fine art hanging from the walls, cabinets of vintage wines and spirits, thick animal skins laid as rugs on the floor. Feels far more like Sparda just walked into Alexian's private study rather than the office of a public servant. The Commander has a few ideas where that kind of wealth came from.

    "Commander," The Governor greets Sparda warmly, "I am sorry to hear that you will be leaving us. You have done so much for us in these last two months, and it is no exaggeration to state that we would not be where we are today if it were not for you and your soldiers. Your protection and assistance has been invaluable, and will be sorely missed."

    "I appreciate that, Governor." Sparda returns with a polite smile, "You will also be glad to know that the rogue mages that had been troubling the good people of the province will no longer be of concern for you. And I believe Celest issued a bounty for the elimination of these mages, a bounty that you hold in safe keeping."

    The Governor's smile instantly fell, causing Sparda's eyes to narrow knowingly, but the Governor attempts to recover himself. "T-That's good news, Commander, but do forgive me if I cannot take you at your word." The Governor formulates, "Of course, I completely believe you, Commander, without question. It is a... stipulation from the capital... that I must ask for proof. Yes, anyone making such claims must have proof of such things. So, you see, without..."

    "No trouble, Governor." Sparda smiles wider, "I have my proof right here."

    With a snap of magic, a bag appeared in the air and fell to the ground with a slam, the bag tumbling onto it's side before a few severed horned heads rolled out of it. The Governor pales at the sight, and not just because it is ghoulish. Wide eyed, he looks to Sparda, who only grins back.

    "Now, about that bounty..." Sparda begins, but cannot finish. In the very next moment, the Governor attempts to conjure his magic to attack the Commander, but Sparda predicted this rather rash course of action. Within a fraction of a second, Sparda not only ripped the magic right out of the Governor's hands, but blasted him with a wave of force that sent him slamming into the back wall with enough force to send a web of cracks across the wall, the Governor crumbling to the floor completely stunned.

    The Commander approaches the Governor, Sparda casting yet another spell, this time summoning an ethereal chain around the Governor's neck, tightening fiercely. Before long, the Governor is writhing on the floor as he chokes and gasps, clawing at his neck as he struggles to breath. Of course, Sparda does not let up, and only holds the grip firmly.

    "You do not have the sterling anymore, do you?" Sparda sighs in disappointment before leisurely looking about at all the splendour of the office, "You see, I knew that when I walked into this office for the first time two weeks ago. There is no way a mere provincial governor could afford all of this, not without years of service first. Celest issued bounties for rogue mages, gave you the reward in good faith that you would safe keep it on their behalf, and, instead of doing your duty, you decided to take the sterling for yourself. And you believed that you could brush off anyone who tries to claim the bounty, if they actually succeeded. After all, you are the provincial governor. You have nothing to fear, except from those above you. You just did not expect a Commander to do the work of lowly mercenaries, did you?"

    Just on the brink of unconsciousness, Sparda decides to release the Governor, and the mage practically swallows air in an effort to catch his breath. "Well?" Sparda prompts the Governor, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

    "Commander, I..." The Governor croaks, his neck now scratched and bleeding, his eyes filled with fear, "...I apologise without reserve. Please, I beg you to spare me. I... I will do anything you want, just please spare me."

    "Anything I want?" Sparda raises an eyebrow, "Governor, what I want is for you to do your job, exactly as you are expected to do. No siphoning off public funds for your own benefit. No endangering mundanes to suit your purposes. No abusing your power just because you see the opportunity to do so. Is that really so hard to do?"

    "Commander, I swear, I will do as you ask." The Governor croaks, before shielding a cough, "Let this matter go, and I swear, I will do as you ask."

    Sparda stared down upon the cowering Governor, thinking of what to do with him, before the Commander shrugged and extended his hand to the mage. "Very well." Sparda offers, "In exchange for your word, I shall let this matter go."

    The Governor sighed in relief, and reached for Sparda's hand. But the moment the Governor's took Sparda's, the Commander latched onto the Governor in a tight grip, before pulses of magic rippled into the Governor's body as Sparda's eyes glowed. "Trouble is, I do not believe you, Governor." The Commander spoke, his voice now in clear contempt, "You are mine now, Governor. Swear yourself to me. Swear that you are mine. Swear that you will serve me in mind, body, and soul. Swear that you will do anything I tell you to, and that you will do so for the rest of your days. Swear it."

    Every fibre of the Governor's being screamed for him to refuse. Such oaths are bound in magic, and they cannot be broken once forged. But Sparda is simply not giving the Governor a choice. The Commander imposes his will upon the Governor, and it is simply too great to be resisted. Despite himself, the Governor's mouth opened, and words that were not his own came forth.

    "I swear." The Governor pledged, his voice shaky through the exertion, "I... swear myself to you, Sparda. My mind and body and soul are now yours. For the rest of my days, I serve you and you alone, in whatever way you decree."

    The moment the words left him, the Governor felt a tightness in his chest, the magical bonds of servitude wrapping around his heart and locking into place, gripping him like a vice. Its done. The Governor is Sparda's slave, and there is nothing that can be done about it. With a smirk, Sparda finally let go of the Governor, and his new slave takes back his hand and clutches it as if it had just been severed from him. The look he gives the Commander is one of horror, like seeing an atrocity for the first time.

    "That... magic...." The Governor speaks, his words forming an accusation, "You broke my will! That magic is forbidden by the Compact!"

    Sparda can only look somewhat stunned at the Governor, before he bursts out into fit of bitter laughter. "The Compact?!" Sparda chuckles, before his jovial manner drops like a lead anvil, the Commander suddenly turning savage as he reached for his mace, swinging it in a flash and cracking the Governor upon the side of his head. As the Governor cries out in pain, clutching at the ruined half of his face, Sparda stands over the Governor in a storm of fury.

    "You, you of all people, dare to lecture me about the Compact?!" The Commander roars, "You filthy, rutting cur!"

    In another snap of anger, Sparda raises his mace and brings it down hard upon the Governor's arm, shattering bone with that single swing, the Governor now shrieking out in sheer agony.

    "If you knew anything about the Compact, you would know that you forfeited all rights and protections the moment you tried to attack me." Sparda told the Governor with no small measure of threat, "I can do anything I want to you now! And there is no one in all the Realm that would stop me! I could break every bone in your body and force you to endure the agony! I can shatter your mind and leave you as a drooling husk! And I can bend your free will and turn you into my eternal slave!"

    As the Governor desperately tries to crawl away with his one remaining good arm, Sparda steps over to the side of the Governor's head, laying his boot onto the ruined side of the Governor's face before digging in his heel.

    "I want you to remember this moment, Governor." Sparda speaks, his words managing to cut through the cries and screams and pleads, always finding the Governor's ears, "I want you to always remember where your place will always be now. That it is right here, forever under my heel. And should you ever try to betray me..." Sparda leans in a little harder, "...I will crush you without a second thought."

    Satisfied that the message had been received, Sparda finally released the Governor and walks away from him, sheathing his mace, approaching the cabinet filled with vintage wines as his magic surrounded the Governor again. But this time, the magic would do not harm, and only heal the Governors wounds. Sparda did not dull the pain, however, so the Governor gave a few last screams before it quickly ended. Once Sparda had finished, it looked to all the world like the Governor was not just tortured at all, except for the little sprays of blood here and there. While this was happening, Sparda poured himself a glass of wine before taking a sip, grimacing and then muttering under his breath, "Too sweat."

    The Commander gave his new slave a few moments to breath before turning back to him, finding the man now curbed up on the floor, staring at Sparda with no small amount of fear.

    "Now, Governor, from this moment forth you shall no longer misapprepriate anything from the Realm or its people." Sparda begin, "You will read my messages, and you will do whatever is written within them. You will never speak of anything that has transpired in this office today. You will keep your position as Governor, and from now on you will very generously donate all your surpass earnings to the Provincial budget, so that it may be spent on those far less fortunate than yourself. You will serve the good people of this province, mages and mundanes alike, to the very best of your abilities, without excuse or exception. Should you ever find that the Province, not yourself, is in need of aid, then you will appeal for that aid from me. You will not burden the good people of this Province anymore than is absolutely necessary, and you will admit to your every mistake from this day forth. Do I make myself quite clear, Governor?"

    The Governor says nothing, and merely nods emphatically, something that brings a genuinely warm smile to Sparda's face. "Good. I am glad that we finally understand each other. I shall leave you to your duties, Governor. Please do excuse me."

    With that, Sparda showed himself out, the Governor flinching as Sparda approached but the Commander only reached for the door. But Sparda stopped, and looked to the Governor, before speaking the thought that came to him. "I do hope all these pretty things were worth what they cost you, Governor. Let me serve as a reminder of your past failings, to inspire you to always do better from now on."

    Again, the Governor said nothing, but turned away and began to sob to himself. Sparda shrugged dismissively, slipped out through the door, and quickly returned to his duties. He and his soldiers are finally going home.



  • Location: La Banque de Toulais, Bon Leroux
    Characters: Directeur Amand Allais
    Events: Advancement - "Central Bank"

    "I believe this concludes our business, monsieurs" the bald banker declared as he laid down his ink quill. "You will mint a minimum of fifty thousand millards by Nivôse, followed by another one hundred and fifty thou-"

    A loud crash echoed from outside, and one of the guardsmen drew back the curtains to reveal a group of laborers knocking over keg stands. "No workers! No food!" they began chanting as one by one each stand tumbled over, some spilling wine and spices among other things. There were perhaps twenty strikers - hardly a mob at this point but as Amand knew that could change in a moment's notice. "Well, what are you waiting for!? Alert Capitaine Dieulafoy and have this put out at once!" Amand demanded.

    "Yes, your Excellency. They'll hang by noon."

    "You must be mad, sergent." Amand replied. "Who have you served under? That is a very royal thing to do, one which needs not repeating unless we want another Terror on our hands. No, they must not be touched until such a time they may stand trial...that could be quite awhile from now. But until then they may join the multitudes at Château d'If, out of sight and out of mind." Prisons typically ravaged a man's constitution. Perhaps they would die in captivity all the same and yet that didn't seem to concern Amand Allais, former banker-turned-politician. He had a republic to run, and a republic to ruin...

    The sergent simply nods his understanding with a thump of his pike. He then makes his leave of them, carrying orders to the Capitaine of the Gard Nationale.


The lord of randomness and the warp
"war is inevitable but, not always one of the blade“​
The early morning around the base of the tower was turned into a bloody battlefield smoldering wreaks of exosuits and a titanic mechanical lay burning in the breaking dawn, there pilots mostly escaping but without there machines they where of no combat use. The massive striders spotlights scowered the ground picking there the collums of odd pointy eared things that had attacked the survey team. Most of the dead where scythed in twain by flying blades. others where skewered upon spear sized arrows. the bodies of the mutated magical ones where separated form then pointy eared ones. Garli was concerned left as the most senior officer.. he watched the long striders spindly arms pluck the occasional terrified survivor form the bodies. They where left to hang in the air helplessly until they tired themselves out... but what did magic do to these ones? had it corrupted them in some way? or where they simply not related to the point eared ones? They had appeared to be running this impromptu attack. some of the magical ones that where more... intact where loaded onto a seperate cart pulled by a large crystalline spider while the living ones where too placed put on a seperate inclosed prison cart of sorts. They would drag these lot.. back to the west where they seemed to have come from. Surly this was a simply... misunderstanding Garli though nothing that was intelligent enough to produce armor and weapons would attack without reason.. or prehaps the cowardly commander that was spotted fleeing the battle field was an ambitious fool seeking glory... only time would tell 20 spider drawn carts began the march westwards... for now that was all.

back at zigzarag the new spire and it’s subsiquent hills of metal had been Finished now more complex spiralling towers of metal churning smoke into the air where erected to serve as irrigation and heat regulators though the purpose these structure held remained unclear for now was it a mine? A farm? Or a house? Who knew for sure..

Free actions
Split army 1- army 2 strider: army 1 garli

Army 1 move West initiate diplomacy

Police proc army 3: add 1/1 to a sword slinger unit.

Army 3 move south west: explore tile

Advancement: elf mage dissection: cost 2

Fire cap farm level 2 (not sure the cost) 2/2 +2 resources per settlement (including capital)


Happy Necromancer
The Tournament Arrivals

Commander Le’Grange made sure that each and every combatant that had arrived so far was well taken care of. They were given rooms that were suited to the individual tastes of their nations and sensibilities. They were each treated well. Especially since combat can be quick and dangerous. Not all of the combatants would necessarily return home depending on who they went up against. Some of the fighters were honorable, but others were brutal and would not hesitate to kill an opponent.

This was a test of skills, but also to harden the troops of the realm for what dangers were to come. As each and every combatant was received and registered, The Commander was saddened that there were so few of those requested that did in fact arrive.

He supposed that it was to be expected. After all, a small series of wars had possibly started since the invitations had gone out. And any necessary troops would more likely be put towards defense then out on some competition of battle.

As he looked out at those that had assembled so far, he knew that soon enough, it would all begin. He hoped that these nations would become ready for the dangers that lay ahead. He wished for the civilizations to flourish. But they had to do so on their own feet.

A cool crisp wind blew through the air. Winter would be upon them soon. And most things in the northern territories would most likely ground to a halt...

1 AA, Turn 4, Month 4

The Oni
Population: 18 Resources: 4 Order: 1
Battle Results: The Samurai decimated the Ogre Hordes, leaving no survivors.

The Samurai after helping out on the field of battle with the Azerans. The troops are all among the battlefield. (Continued in Azeran Diplomacy Chat)

Explore: Tower of The Lost: Deep inside the forest, you come across a tower that seems to still somehow be concealed beneath the tall branches. A thick oak door bars the entrance and it seems locked. Nearby, a small hut with a small stack of smoke from what you can guess is a smaller fire.

Approaching from the west, is a group of armored individuals. (Continued in Oni Diplomacy Chat)

Population: 20 Resources: 2 Order: 1

2 Settlements finished construction. +2 Happiness
Advancement in empire: Jungle irrigation: Policy forrest growth takes 1 turn less when adjacent to tiles with a fresh body of water.

Population: 18 Resources: 3 Order: 1

Study The creation of Sand Demons/Spirits: Gain access to:
Sand Devil
HP: 1
Attack: 1
Atk: 0
Def: 0
Unstable Body: This unit has a 9+ save

Infantry Explores: Uncovers Ancient partially buried temple. (Continued in Diplomacy Chat)

Population: 16 Resources: -1 Order: 0

Garli comes across the farmland of Regalia. The people are scared from the rumors of the horrible lizard men from the East and scramble to find a representative. (Continued in the Regalia Diplomacy Chat)

Dissecting the Regelian Corpses, would bear fruit in their discoveries. The Gelicko would discover that the magic that flows through their veins would make them a perfect energy source for the machines that they wished to build. Also as per the instructions of the A.I., it was also realized that the Regelian blood added with some additional reagents and encased in sharp metal, could be used as an explosive. Unlocked new unit: Gelicko Sapper
Gelicko Sapper
Atk: 3
Def: -3
Volatile Ordnance: Upon death, roll d10. On a 9+ deal 1 Damage to the unit that landed the killing blow.

The Gelicko explore and descover enough material to put together 3 Sword Slingers

Population: 16 Resources: 16 Order: 1

Researched Shieldmen and Marksmen
Farm Fortifications have been researched. Farms gain 0/+1 and now require 5 units to be able to attack.

A series of large carts pulled by large crystalline spiders, being led by a small lizardman that reeked of uncontrolled magic arrived in the farmlands. Upon closer inspection, some carts contained corpses of the fallen Regalians and others contained bruised and battered survivors in cages. (Continued in the Regalian Diplomacy Chat)

The City State of Mesania
Population: 18 Resources: -4, Order: 1

Army 2 arrives at a settlement in the middle of the desert.The warriors are covered in bronze armor and strange yellow beasts can be seen walking around with them. (Continued in The Order Diplomacy Chat)

Amphibious Assault: Marine units gain 0/+1 and can participate in sieges and naval battles.

Small Agora: At the start of the turn, roll 1d10- on a 10, gain one free advancement. This bonus also applies to any nations that have a trade agreement with Mesania.

Agathos and his men explore the area and come across a large stone maze with a sign that reads: Whomever shall defeat the maze, shall gain my services in battle. (Continued in Mesania Exploration chat)

Draken Guard
Population: 16 Resources: 12 Order: 1

Quest 1: Build 6 Settlements
“In order to be able to protect the World, first, we must be able to provide enough for our own people. There have been others that have tried this task. We must be cautious and not follow down the darker paths. It can be far too easy to fall. And up in the sky where we reside, there is a long way down” - Dratarion Hitolius

Dragons find an ancient cash of supplies: 10 Resources

The Order of Kerem
Population: 16 Resources: 0 Order: 1

Irrigation system constructed: +1 Resources per settlement

A group of strange men pulled by strange carts can be seen approaching the village. (Continued in Order Diplomacy Chat)

Takrian Republic
Population: 20 Resources: 4 Order: 1

Farming settlement complete +1 Happiness

Capital generates new type of civilian unit: Entertainer
Bread and Circuses: Settlement that this unit is in gains +1 Happiness every turn and lowers chances of Order decrease.

Army 2 explores and uncovers a small encampment of survivors from the crash. Gains 2 Archer Units

Ogre Kingdoms
Population: 16 Resources: -4 Order: 1

Battle: The Ogres were defeated by the combined forces of the Oni and the Azerans.

A rival clan, the Bloody Hound Tribe has declared them weak and wishes to crush them and eat their bones.

Population: 16 Resources: -1 Order: 2

Battle against the Ogres has been a complete and total victory with the added assistance of a strange group of sword wielding, horsing riding warriors. (Continued in Azeran Diplomacy Chat).

Explore: Tower of The Lost: Deep inside the forest, you come across a tower that seems to still somehow be concealed beneath the tall branches. A thick oak door bars the entrance and it seems locked. Nearby, a small hut with a small stack of smoke from what you can guess is a smaller fire.

Approaching from the South is a group of lightly armored sword wielding individuals on horseback. (Continued in Oni Diplomacy Chat)

Fishing Boat constructed. +1 Resources for Capital City

Dockyards researched allowing sea trade and more efficient handling of fish. (+1 Resources and allows trade by water)

Population: 18 Resources: 16 Order: 1

The Fallen City: A large structure, larger than any city that has been seen by these eyes stads high above the horizon. It’s walls have cracks, but seem still sturdier than any bronze armor that you’ve seen. Outside, overgrowth on skeletons is numbered beyond a small scale battle. This must have been a large scale war, the final battle of one, anyway. Inside lay the remains of an entire civilization, if one could pierce its powerful, but ancient crumbling walls, who knows what they could find. ( Continued in Dwarven Diplomacy Chat)

Population: 12 Resources: 4 Order: 1

Central Bank Researched: +1 Resources per settlement.

Explore: The Archers come across a partially sunken castle deep within the limits of the swamp. (Continued in Toulais Diplomacy chat)​
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The Oni
Without honour there is only darkness
The Story of the Oni
In the space of a month the Oni had begun diplomatic relations with multiple other nations. It was a unique experience given that the idea of other nations existing in the world was never really discussed. However, there was no denying that the world beyond their mountainous home was brimming with life and other natures to be met. Fortunately the first encounters, the first with the Messanians and second with the Order of Herem, went well. Both were alien in nature but there seemed to be strong, mutual bonds between them. Emperor Midori had a strong hope that these budding relationships could grow to not only secure the safety of his people but to also help them on their path to enlightenment.

Out in the world, the warriors of the Oni were already exploring further than any Oni had gone previously. A small band of men followed a trail of billowing smoke that led them to a scene of absolute carnage. A settlement sat on the coastline surrounded by corpses that towered above even the tallest of the Oni men. The sight of such freakishly large beings was a concern but how they lay dead, peppered with arrows and large bolts was far more shocking. The defenders of the settlement had clearly mastered the art of defensive warfare to repel such a monstrous force. It was impressive to say the least and the hope was to add another potential ally to their already growing circle of new acquaintances.

Meanwhile, Jin had taken leave of the Oni capital to visit Lord Jigamundo. His hope was to learn their Samurai’s form for himself and in the long term, begin to pass that knowledge on to his own men.
Paid for Actions

• Build Farming Settlement on Builders - -2 Turns Due to Builder - Completes​

• Advancement - Market Hub:
Able to agree to trade routes with other nations and gains +1 for every trade route.​

• Advancement - Great Embassy:

Once the Oni meet a nation, that nation may send a diplomat to the embassy (costs 2 resources). Once this resource cost is paid they gain access to the Great Embassy private discord channel. Once per quarter, the members of the Great Embassy may pass a vote to enact a policy that affects all members. The policy is in addition to each player's own and after four turns, a new policy must be voted on. Each quarter a nation becomes the "chair" which gives them the deciding vote on things in a tie situation.

Membership can be revoked either by vote or if a member declared war/attacks another member. The victim has the lone deciding vote in this scenario.

If the Oni are ever expelled, then the remaining nations will need to build a new Embassy.

Free Actions

• Move x6 Builders E1 to Army 3

• Move Army 1 SE x2

• Move Army 4 SW x2
Merge with army 1​

• Move Army 2 NE and E

• Move Army 2 - 2x E​
code by nano


Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

Open Desert

Out in the desert between Raven’s Heart and Sun’s Spire, Amanitore and her retinue stood beneath the scorching sun’s angry gaze and toiled in the sand. Slaves carried a chest of rubies before the princess and set the chest down. “Space them out in the sand. Be quick about it.” At her command the slaves scattered and set to the task. They carried handfuls of rubies into the desert and although running away would have afforded them new lives in a distant land, ther did as they were told.

With the rubies buried in the sand, Amanitore pried open the old book that she had discovered to be a grimoire. “Here it is.” The page on Sand Devils presented itself and a wicked grin crossed the Mistress of Coin’s face. “Hear me Goddess of the Sun and Great Sand Sea!” None but Amanitore expected anything to occur, so when a rippled traveled through the sand from the princess’ location, they were all shocked. The slaves scattered once more, this time running to the back of the party. “These gems we offer and ask you to possess! Zanzir seeks your protection and your deserts are defenseless.” As Amanitore spoke, her own magical energy filled the gems and activated the spell.

Small tornadoes of sand lifted the rubies into the air and humanoid forms began to take shape. The denser the figures became, the weaker the tornadoes became until they had dissipated entirely. What was left were sand figures with unstable bodies. That wicked grin she wore transformed into an ear to ear smile and Amanitore’s face beamed with pride.

In the distance a raven took flight from a dune, leaving behind it’s master and heading back to the capital.

Raven's Heart

“I think you’ll be pleased to know, cousin, that the new farming settlement will be ready within the month. The people will be ecstatic.” It was good news and while Tenebrous usually celebrated such things, his mind was elsewhere. Earlier today his sister and her entourage left the capital on foot, going god knows where. The recent reports from his spies were troubling with talk of her having discovered a grimoire, but was Amanitore even capable of magic?

“That is great news, we’ll begin drawing up plans to expand it right away. How goes the search for a Master of Ships?” Tenebrous questioned as he rose from his throne and made his descent from the platform. “With the ocean now available to us I want us to take advantage of it. Exploration and trade will carry Zanzir into the future and greatly benefit the people.” He and his cousin, Hand of the King, left the throne room and began their descent to the lower levels of the castle. Beneath the kitchens and servants’ quarters in what was once the dungeon, construction workers moved about clearing out the space.

“We are still getting the logistics together and devising a plan for how it will all work, but our work on building a secret market is making headway. We’ve reached out to several merchants who are known for their discretion. We just need to get their replies.” Tut explained to his cousin as they stood in what would one day be the illegal market of Zanzir. “And don’t worry, we’ve kept Amanitore completely out of it.”

The last part was what Tenebrous wanted to hear the most. He just knew she could not be trusted with this type of secret. “Master Tenebrous.” From the shadows of the room a raven approached the King and bowed his head, He held out a small scroll, a message written in code. As he unraveled the note and translated the words in his head, Tenebrous’ eyes widened. “So, Amanitore gathers her piece. Finally she prepares to make her move.”

A confused expression contorted Tut’s face and he tried to guess what it was that had happened. “Should we be worried?” He asked. “No. If this is the strategy she intends to use then she has already lost the game. We will focus on fortune and future, cousin.” Tenebrous smirked and shooed the spy away.


  • Complete Construction of Kerem’s Reach (Farming City)​


  • Research Black Market of Zanzir​


  • Spy Army#2 moves NW 1 Tile​
  • Army#! Moves E 1 Tile​
  • Army#3 Moves NE 1 Tile​


  • Spy Army#2 explores site​



  • Raven’s Heart (capital)​
    • Palace​
    • City Walls = 0/+1 to defending troops​

  • Sun’s Spire (Standard)​
  • Kerem’s Reach (Farming)​

Total Income: 6 per Turn
  • Base +2​
  • Capital +2res​
  • Sun’s Spire +2res​


  • 3x Spies​
  • 2x Archers​
  • 1x Infantry​
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The lord of randomness and the warp
Gecklicko Combine
"To fear the unknown is to embrace ignorance to be suspect of it is to learn"​
The survey team had left about a month prior Gespi and Gorbic leading each a respective unit of sword slingers. it had been relatively quiet though some reports form zigzarag where concerning for both the highly respected individuals the other survey team had been assaulted by.. pointy eared creatures for what reason no one could say. Gespi couldn’t help but think it was perhaps something to do with the tower.. the only question now was would these pointy ears see reason? she could only worry about her husband and how the other where handling such a revelation would the world be so openly hostile towards them?

a few days had passed as the survey team continued there long long march They came across something none of them had expected a massive machine left half buried in the dirt to Gorbic this was instantly recognisable the rusted decaying hull of a Grand mechanical. The machine towering machine still inspiring aww despite its collapsed decrepit state. Gorbic had to wonder what one of these machines was doing out here? There were only ever 4 of these constructs known to have existed this would make a worrying fifth. “we should take a look see if there is anything salvageable within it“ Gorbic commented the team quickly setting to work scaling the huge metal titan that easily stood three mechanical troopers tall. With transport hatch quickly located they entered a strange scene the corpse of massive serpent was in the centre of the cargo hold having smashed its way through the underside of the grand Mechancial‘s plating destroyed exosuit littering the floor along with seemingly fresh corpses! this would mean that the whole Incident was very recent. “Wait.. I thought Snalw where extinc how is this even possible?” Gespi voiced her concerns. Gorbic remained deep in though as he surveyed the scene. “I do not know at all.. but judging by how many suits are missing.. there must be a majority of the crew must still be alive...” Gorbic suggested and as soon he’d finished his sentence a blade came flying towards the Gecklico who’s exosuit caught it precisely. “Right then show yourselves if you are gecklicko you have nothing to fear“ Gorbic announced with an expectant tone as if he knew they would respond and indeed they did emerging form the shadowy corners of the wreckage where a few dozen gecklicko all with exosuits.. “finally we thought we would be stuck here forever“ one spoke up thusly these troops where greeted with some suspicion and a smile for why had they been out here and what had transpired?
The rrequisitioned bodies had been dissected and it was found the magic pointy ears where infused with magic down to there very blood. It was Strange very strange but most found this somewhat novel except for Gisl whome had been put In charge of speaking with the great machine bellow, he knew there was something useful in this arcane concoction the month was full of fruitless tests and experiments until one day... mixing the blood With sulphers firecap spores and incasing it in metal yield a result a powerful explosive unfourtnatly for Gisl he'd lost an arm in the process... but it was the price of progress. The new mechanical to launch these.. blood bombs required designing and Gisl would imminently begin work on these unknown to him was what had happened to his wife... though he'd soon learn..
Free actions:
Army 3: (5 sword slingers) split army 4 (2 sword slingers)
Army 4: move north east
Army 3: move south west
Army3: split (3 swordslingers) army 5 ( 1 sword slinger)
Army 5: move West
army 3: explore (once movement is finished)
Fast movement army 3 south west
Fast movement army 3 south east
Fast movement army 5 west
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The Emerald Knight
Commander Derin Hendri
~ The Devourer ~

  • Ever since he has gotten out of the healers bed, Derin has been locked away in the left wing of his mansion home, training himself at all hours and pushing himself to his limits. The Lizardmen have hurt his pride when they defeated him, but this is more than about settling a score. He endured the sight and sounds of the massacre of his men. All one thousand of them. He underestimated the enemy, but it was his men that paid the price for that mistake. Despite all of his preparations and planning, despite his own power, it was simply not enough. That dawn was a disaster, one that lingers within his mind. All he can see are the piles of the dead, all he can hear are the screams of the dying. He remembers it all so clearly...


    By his orders, both archers and battlemages were assembled in their striking positions, ready to lay waste to the enemy. It was all tactically sound; making use of the environment, positioning his units in good positions, poising everyone to strike at once upon his command. And once all was ready, Derin would be the first to strike, and signal for all others to attack. He stood upon the ridge, and cast his spell, a great entropic wave blasting away the Lizardmen and their metal contraptions. Then came all the others. The resulting blast of sheer magical might blew Derin clear off his feet, throwing him backwards down a gentle slope of the ridge. It was simply spectacular, and the enemy outside the Tower had been wiped out completely.

    But then more came out of the Tower. Derin's men simply did not have the time to recover themselves from being knocked by the wave of force generated by the blast, and the Lizardmen struck out quicker than anyone had expected. The first Regalian archers were cut down before Derin had the chance to get up onto his feet, and when he saw what was happening he was already being set upon by more Lizardmen in their metal suits. Derin had to defend himself, leaving his forces without command, and things broke down quickly after that. Regalian forces fractured, each regiment and battlemage company turning to face their attackers, but this gave the Lizardmen a chance to regroup. They used such a chance well, and pushed hard out of the Tower against Regalian lines.

    Of course, Regalians did not go down easy, both archers and battlemages brought down scores of the enemy, but Regalians were simply not equipped to face an a foe in this manner. Piercing through the hard metal shell of these contraptions was difficult, even with magic and enchanted arrows. Whilst the enemy could cut down scores of Regalian soldiers with every wing of those enormous blades, Regalian soldiers could only bring down each Lizardman one at a time, with concentrated attacks. Both sides were equally adapt at killing the other, but neither held an advantage. It was nothing more than a massacre.

    Derin fought harder than he had ever done before, and saw more of his own blood than he ever had. He alone tore apart the metal suits, one after another, ripping away the hard metal shell to find the Lizardman within, dragging them out screaming before he used his entropic magic to drain the creature of it's life energies, revitalising himself while the Lizard's flesh turned to ash and their bones clattered to the ground. He did this again and again, devouring this vermin to heal his wounds and bolster his endurance, but they just kept coming. And then the Lizardmen turned toward Derin, one and all. He looked around, and saw only death. His soldiers and battlemages were either dead or dying, the battlefield filled with the screams of the dying and the air filled with the noxious stretch of blood and visera. It was over, and he knew it. Is this where he would die? Is this where it will end for him? If so, then he'll just take them all with him.

    The Commander drew all the power that he could gather, tanking brutal strikes that would kill any ordinary man while his power grew, and, once he was ready, he threw the entire concentration of power straight at the Lizardmen horde in one great burst of entropic energy. Those closest to Derin died instantly, their suits crashing lifelessly into the bitter snow with resounding booms, whilst those further away would find themselves overcome with paralysis. Which is when the arrow bolt struck him. Just before Derin cast his spell, one of the Lizardmen launched one of their enormous arrow bolts at him, and it tore straight through his armour and gored into his side. The Command gave out a cry of agony, the pain so great that he almost blacked out, falling to one knee as he clutches against his grievous wound.

    But the Devourer would not die here, not die to this vermin. Through sheer strength of will, Derin forced himself back onto his feet, and took the chance to flee there and then. Escaping into the howling blizzard, Derin used every last ounce of his power to keep himself alive, rushing as quickly as he could back to the West, back to the Eastern Province.


    Derin looks in the mirror, standing in his training room, seeing the scarring from the great gash that the Lizardmen gave him. He looks to the vials of potions, takes one and drinks it down, and looking again in the mirror, the scarring fades slightly. Tress is an amazing healer, and her potions are doing wonders. But seeing the gash fade only makes him more angry, making him physically shake, turning and throwing the empty vial that smashes against the floor. "Lizardmen," Derin growls hatefully under his breath, "I am coming for you. Mark my words. I'm coming for you."
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The proud City-State of Mesania

Coreatades looked at the scrolls before him over and over, as if though repetition could somehow make the figures on them different. While that may be a talent some of his fellows possess, he himself had no such luck, and so the numbers remained the same.

Despite trade agreements with other nations and investments aimed at the reinvigoration of the fishing industry, Mesania's economy was in absolute tatters. Even the blessing of Aphrodite, though truly beautiful and most helpful, had not done anything to alleviate the horrid situation. He could feel discontent growing, control slipping through his fingers by the hour. He was perfectly aware of how violatile Mesania's people were, and how ambitious the other demigods had been. A new civil war would not be to the benefit of anyone, but that had never stopped any Mesanian in the past, and it would most certainly not stop them now. Conflict was in their nature, after all....

But then how? How had Euvoia managed to keep everything united and strong through thick and thin? The more Coratades was forced to deal with the mess that was the Mesanian people, the more he became convinced that such a thing was impossible. That was not to say he disliked them. He loved his people, truly, but to truly love someone meant that you had to acknowledge all of their flaws.

That was what Mesania used to say, anyway.

Thoughts of his wife immediately soured his mood. Though he would never admit it, he still was not over what had happened. How could any man ever be? Hera wanted to punish him for being an Illicit child of Zeus. Though it was not his fault, she wanted to punish him all the same. She clouded his mind and filled his heart with a monster’s rage. And Coreatades tore apart the things he had loved most. When his mind returned to him it was too late. Far, far too late. And, in a final act of cruelty, Hera made it so their blood embedded into his skin, becoming a part of him. A sin that he would never be able to wash off.

He shouldn’t allow these thoughts to cripple him. Mesania needs him, needs his guidance. Needs him to overlook everything to ensure none of the others do something he would disagree with. But he cannot. The memories overwhelm him once more, and he casts the scrolls aside, instead moving to a large amphora filled with strong wine.

"Father...Oh Father, what must I do?"

There is thunder in that moment, perhaps an answer of sorts, but not in Mesania.

Having power comes with it’s privileges, thought Agathos, who was currently enjoying the comfort of the captain’s cabin while the storm raged all around. It was late november and the weather was already markedly worse, and though the old captain had assured him there was no threat to the vessel, it still poured with a vengeance. He did not envy most of the other marines who were outside, manning the oars or tending to the sails.

But of course, what good are privileges if one cannot share them? And so, the dry cabin was currently occupied by a few others, marines and Bastarnae alike the company of whom Agathos particularly valued. They currently were all huddled around the table, playing dice (made out of human bones-them damn Bastarnae were savage even in their pastime).
The game was going surprisingly well for Agathos, and he had accumulated some of the coin the other men had bet with. He didn’t really need it-he was a captain now, and he had access to many things because of that- but half the fun of the game is in the betting.

“Land! Land spotted! There is a city by the seaside!” He heard from outside. One of the marines up on the crow’s nest seemed to have found something. Intrigued, the men began to lazily pack up the game, getting up and preparing to see this new land.
Then the old captain’s order made everyone freeze in their places. “Drummer! Increase rhythm! Assault speed! I repeat, Assault speed! Warriors, to your units! Now! Move!”
The marines shot Agathos a quizzical look, to which he could only shrug. The Bastarnae instead grinned from ear to ear, merrily charging outside and to their stations.

Agathos was very confused. This was all supposed to be an exploration mission! Why would they attack this settlement? Before they even got to talk to the locals? He hastily stepped outside, approaching the captain. “What are you doing?”
The old man hastily bowed before answering, clearly confused at Agathos’s tone. “The standard procedures for an offensive landing, my lord. Am I doing something wrong?” His answer created more questions than it answered. “Yes, preparing for an assault when we’re supposed to be here to explore! Who even gave you that order?”

“I did”

The Great Minotaur was standing just a few paces away from the two men, which greatly unnerved Agathos. For a creature the size of a medium statue, the Minotaur was somehow unnaturally skilled at moving without making much noise. With a wave, it motioned for the captain to go back to his organizational work, while continuing to stare at Agathos.

To his credit, having faced down two great beasts in the span of as many months, he did not flinch as the beast approached further. “What is going on here, Minotaur? Why did you order the men to battle against people who could be our allies?”

The Minotaur chortled, reaching into his bag and pulling out a piece of parchment. “Here is why, and I believe you’ll find it a good reason, too.” Agathos grabbed and quickly skimmed over the parchment. It seemed to be a direct order to attack the settlements they encountered on this coast, complete with the seal and mark of Glaukos himself, the Son of Ares. The Minotaur’s arrogant expression however necessitated some understandable doubt. “Glaukos gave you these orders? Why did he not share them with me?”
The Beast shrugged. “Feel free to question him yourself when you are back. This is not for me to know.”

But why?

“And...Coreatades approved of this? You’re sure?”

The Minotaur huffed, clearly annoyed now. “I have been in your city for less than a month. Why do you expect me to know what politics have been going on? What I do know of, however, is that pale man-Mourlos, I think you call him, he approves of this plan. He told me so himself.”
Mourlos...Of course Mourlos approved of this. No one quite understood what Mourlos’s true intentions were, but he was paranoid. No doubt he saw every other nation as a possible threat.

He would love to continue questioning the Minotaur, but the captain’s voice rang out again. “Seven minutes to landfall! To your units! Now!” If he wanted to have his armor on for when the battle started, he’d need to run, and do it now.

“We’ll talk about this later, Godsdammit!

Surrounded by Monsters, savages, and raiders, Agathos didn’t feel like a hero-he felt like the monster a hero was supposed to hunt.
And yet the voice of Ares had spoken. A mortal’s duty is to obey. This is the way of the world. And whether he liked it or not, he would try his best to honor Ares today.


Army 1(Minotaur, Agathos, Four Bastarnae) moves to Mesania and embarks(consumes 1 action due to extra movement). Disembarks on Takrian capital. Begins siege.

Army 2: Moves 1 tile east, and 1 tile southeast.

Army 3: Moves 1 tile northeast

Two Biremes: Move one tile southeast, and two tiles east(after embarking).

1 Marine unit is deployed on Takrian farming settlement. Assaults and RAZES

Advancement: Harasser parties: Any Mesanian army is always preceded by guerillas who do everything in their power to harm the infrastructure of the foe. While within an adjacent tile from a Mesanian army, training of units takes an additional turn and two additional resources(this affects units that would have just finished training when this effect triggered).

Advancement: Ritual Scarring: The Bastarnae practice self-scarring and mutilation as a form of ritual to Deimos. This not only makes them completely heedless of pain, but the scar tissue around their flesh also hardens, making their skins as tough as those of a boar.

Bastarnae gain +1 defense. Unlocks unit: *Warrior-Priest(Ares)*

Trade Route Agreed with Oni. 2 resource fee paid for representative in embassy.
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Unlucky Member
Turn 4
“Enough!” The Red Petal shouted. Its face was contorted in rage as it pointed at the Purple Petal, who was clearly enjoying itself. “I direct the swarms, it is my role, function and purpose, I will not let the Purple Petal overstep its bounds.”

“Peace Hidetade, I’m sure Iemitsu meant nothing by it.” The Black Petal, ever the diplomat said, its palms turned outwards. The Purple Petal, Iemitsu grinned.

“To the contrary, I meant everything by it. This one believes it is more fit for duty than the current Red Petal.” Iemitsu said, not even trying to hide its mirth. “Going further, I suggest that the Red Petal lays down its function. This one will serve willingly, with the competence Hidetade so clearly lacks.”

The scathing remarks did nothing but further anger the Red Petal. “I won’t stand for this! I ask permission from the Great One to relieve this council of the Purple Petal’s existence.” As one being the council turned towards the Green Petal, who had been quietly muttering to itself, eyes wide in madness. The flow of words between the Green Petal and presumably the Kaminoki ceased and clarity returned to the Green Petal’s eyes.

“The Great One sees the need to settle this dispute by force. It suggests a duel a month from now. The winner will be proven right, while the loser’s blood will stream over the roots of the Kaminoki, a sacrifice worthy of remembrance.”

The Black Petal sighed. “The Great One has spoken, until the next full moon this matter is considered settled. Now, if you all don’t mind, I have work to do. The population keeps growing, but I have nowhere to house them. If this continues, I might be forced to reach out to others to take some of our people.”

“Wait.” The Green Petal rasped. “The Great One has a task for you, a project. He asks you to build something called the Tomb of Growth. Please step forward.” What followed was unpleasant. It laid his hand on the Green Petal. First there was nothing, then with a force, not unlike getting crushed by a falling tree, instructions and images started to flash through its mind.

The Black Petal fell to its knees, gasping for air, a headache splitting its skull. “Is it always like that?” It asked the Green Petal. The latter smiled, weary, tired.

“Imagine seeing it all, all at once, all the time.” It whispered.

The Black Petal nodded. “Your sacrifice is remembered.” It whispered back.

“Sacrifice?” The Green Petal asked. “I see it all, non are closer to the Great One than this one. Sacrifice? No, this is true love!” There was a zealous fire in the eyes of the Green Petal that the Black Petal didn’t understand. “I’m the first among all my peers, I’m the first one.” The Green Petal said, much softer. “I’m the first one. The first one. The First. First. First. First.” The Green Petal’s eyes went out of focus as it started to babble to itself.

The Black Petal turned towards the council. Its voice was cold as it regarded the other members of the council. “The Great One has spoken, let us depart, we have got work to do.”

turn 4:

Movement: free movement only (Natural woodsmen strength gives double movement on jungle tiles)
  • Hero Unit Borage moves 1 tile east, 1 tile North East.
  • Army 3 splits. Unit Yari, forms army 4, moves 1 tile North West
  • Army 1, Unit Yari moves 1 tile North East
Free actions:
  • Hero Unit Borage activates Swamp growth
  • Unit Yari, army 4, explores tile.
  • Advancement -3 resources: The Tomb of Growth, building, location Seicho. Even the Kaminoki cannot stop the growth of the forest or the Hoshi people. Sometimes this leads to overbreeding. The Tomb of Growth is a place where Hoshi go to become one with the Kaminiko, who then uses their bodies to create resources. Proposed effect: Population can be turned into resources at ratio of 2:1.
  • Advancement -3 resources: The Blood Pits of Seicho, building, location Seicho. In the Blood Pits Hoshi can settle their differences in single combat. Much like nature it is kill or be killed in the Blood Pits, and all the blood spilled is in the name of the Kaminoki. Proposed effect: +1 order and the Kaminoki is empowered by blood sacrifice (up to gm’s discretion).
  • Recruit: X1 Yari -2 resources - turn 1/1
Continuing processes:
  • Growth of a new jungle tile 1 tile North East of capital ¾ (5 -1 turn for presence Niwashi)
  • Inventor Hekron creates a new invention 2/3 (4 -1 for the Inventor’s Workshop advancement)
  • Borage grows a swamp tile 1 tile East, 1 tile North East of capital ¼

Weaknesses Effects Location
Sunlight Units in deserts or snow tiles have -1/-1, +2 to fire weakness Empire wide
Sub-Kaminoki trees If a Kaminoki tree is destroyed, all units in that tile and surrounding tiles lose the bonus they receive from Strong Magics. Those not under the affect of the tree have a -1/0 Empire wide

Bonuses Effects Location
Natural Woodsmen Double movement for units on forest tiles +0/+1 while in forest Empire wide
Population Growth Population growth +2, Max pop +5 Empire wide
Strong Nature magics Units have +1/+1 in settlements Empire wide
The Inventor’s workshop While residing in his workshop Inventor Hekron creates and invention in 3 turns instead of 4. Seicho
Forrest Irrigation 1 when adjacent to a tile with fresh water new patches of forest are grown in one turn less than the required 4. Empire wide

Settlement Type Level Pop Resources per turn Pop Growth Order
Seicho Capital 1 20 (max) +2 +4 -
Kakucho (1 W capital) Standard 1 0 +2 +4 -
Hirogaru (1 E capital) Standard 1 0 +2 +4 -
Overall: - - 20 +6 +12 per turn 1

Unit Type Location Army Stats (Strenghts, weaknesses, settlements included)
Hekron the Inventor Hero Seicho (capital) Army 5 HP: 2 Attacks: 2 2/7
Borage Hero 1 E, 1 NE from capital Army 6 HP: 3(4) Attacks: 2 0/1
Ite unit 1 Troop Kakucho (settlement) Army 3 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 3/2
Yari Unit 1 Troop 1 W, 1 NW from capital Army 4 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 2/0
Yari unit 2 Troop 1 E, 1 NE from capital Army 1 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 2/0
Niwashi Elite 1 NE from capital Army 2 HP: 1 Attacks 2: 2/0


Magic Eight Ball
As Godrick led Hazel across the surface of the sky he showed her he vast Beauty of the Sky lands, How life seemed to survive up above the world and how their society was focused on helping each other and watching over those who needed help themselves, He would lead her through the capital until he was called off to the councils Chambers to get his next assignment.

Inside Godrick was Greeted by the council and Met the Nymph hazel, they had asked her many a Question about what she did on the surface asking if their were any civilizations that resided down below that she knew of. After some Deliberation and evaluation of where the island was currently located they decided they should head back down to the surface and send Hazel with Godrick and his Dragoon unit, They were to Explore the new structure they had located down below, and with hazels help and knowledge of the surface they hoped they would be able to negotiate with anyone they may run to in that area.

The council then sent the command to start building, They sent orders to the Juggernauts(Army 3) to make a settlement down where the had found their recent resources having found that area rich with goods it would make a good spot to stage out of on the surface, And then they ordered the other Dragoons (army 2) to Finish the Farms in the forest so they could start producing food so they could harsh out the changing weather and be ready to offer any to those who may be in need on the surface.

Resourcest - 12
Free actions-
Army 1- Fly to surface Move SW to Tower/village grid (whatever that spot is) Explore
Paid Action-
Army 2 finishes farm (action cost 1 - policy allows building to take 1 less to finish) - 5 resources

Army 3 Builds Settelment (action cost 2 actions) -5 Resources


Herald of the Great Devourer
Takrian Republic

In the wake of the Mesanian attack, preparations were undergoing in Unity to defend the capital. Reservists living in the city were called to arms, for the first time since the crashlanding. Messengers slipped through the siege lines, and made their way to recall forces stationed in other parts of the nation. Takrian command present in the city was busy drafting battle plans for the upcoming counterattack.

Unity: Capital lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Prosperity: Standard settlement lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Eternity: Standard settlement, lvl 1; (under construction 2/3)
Policies and advancements:
Unknown horizons: Being a colonization mission sent to an unknown planet, the crew of Unity was trained in handling the dangers of unknown territory. Exploration a tile is more likely to yield a favourable outcome. [policy]
Resource extraction: Intensified prospecting and advanced mining techniques lead to more efficient utilization of mineral wealth. All settlements gain +1 resource income. [advancement; lvl 1]
Army 1: 1 legionary
Army 2: 1 legionary, 2 archers
Army 3: 1 archer
Army 4: 1 Ga'lade knight
Unity garrison: 1 cataphract
Off-map: 1 Ga'lade knight
Army 1 moves southeast and the southwest to Prosperity with boosted movement
Army 2 moves southeast to merge with army 4
Army 3 moves west to Prosperity
Action 1 used to complete Eternity
Action 2 used to research advancement: military reserve corps.
Military reserve corps: Takrian military, aside from its active service branch, also operates a reserve force. Those are troops trained for combat, but not on constant deployment. Whenever combat takes place or a settlement is attacked in takrian territory, the settlement spawns Xd3 legionary units, with X being the level of the settlement. Reserve legionaries disappear when the threat is over.
Action 3 used to boost movement of army 1


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
The Ru-Ten Amalgam
Ru-Ten flag 2.png
To the far corner of the southeast, among territories not yet ventured by the other great powers of the time, a sprouting nation that had only just finished recovering from its most recent internal conflict was preparing to jump into the world stage as well. Deep within an overgrown swamp with trees that rose high, a race of bipedal plants known as the Ru-Ten dwelled. A people with a long history of conflict and recovery, of great minds and greater battles.

For the better portion of the last decade, the Ru-Ten Amalgam had been locked in a civil war that had nearly managed to send the blooming nation back to its early years of squabbling factions. But with the rise of their new ruler, the Seventh Sire, and the destruction of the rebellion, the Nation was finally able to turn its attention outwards. With much of their homelands already understood thoroughly, the Amalgam could turn their interests to the unknown lands beyond.

The Sirewood's fortress city of Yomus was a thing to behold, a twisted assembly of twisted vine and stone that sprouted from the heart of the nation like a monolith of what they could accomplish. Having been named the Capital of their nation amidst the turmoil of the Oltri Rebellion, the structure was built to withstand conflict coming from both within and without. And within the great fort that stood at the apex of the Capital, three Ru-Ten had finished a meeting. With discussions and stances affirmed, they began the short trek to the Sirewood's chambers to relay their decisions to their ruler.

These three were members of the Triumvirate, the advisory column to the Sirewood. Though their positions were always given and taken at the Sirewood's discretion, and though they could only advise their ruler, their usual sway over them made them the highest seat of power within the entire Amalgam. Second only to the the Sirewood themselves, it was no wonder that the recent Civil War had been orchestrated by treasonous elements of the former Triumvirate.

The current Triumvirate consisted of two men and one woman, each of them chosen based solely on their adherence to one aspect of the Three Strengths: Body, Mind and Spirit. It was tradition for the Sirewood to place the finest representations of each of these tenets in the Triumvirate, so as to have the Strengths constantly in places of power. That was why the three members of the Triumvirate often looked considerably different, despite their mirroring positions on the same council.

Gurok was a scarred veteran of the Civil War; having initially served the rebels as a commander out of loyalty for his hometown, his realization that the entire rebellion had been staged by a power-hungry element of the Triumvirate was an undoubted turn in the war. Pagon was a merchant who had managed to prosper in times of war due to his cunning yet equally ruthless cornering of specific goods, whose lust for greater wealth had pulled the Amalgam government from the brink of economic collapse multiple times during the Civil War. Tal-Run was a scholar of the Buried Palm who'd headed many recovery efforts during the war, and even saved a number of Temples caught up amidst the fighting.

It was these three who entered the Sirewood's chamber, a massive cavern far beneath the Fortress where both the walls and floor were covered in tightly interwoven vines that all stemmed from the same source.

As the Triumvirate members entered, a path of vines coiled and grew, forming a bipedal figure out of themselves that stretched out its arms as other figures took shape. These smaller figures took the shape of chairs facing the bipedal form, behind which a throne was being constructed out of more vines. Wordlessly, the Triumvirate members gave short bows before taking their seats, waiting for the Seventh Sire's entire body to finish coalescing, but even before his head had finished taking shape, his voice reached them.

Not from the figure which stood before the throne, but from the very mass of vines and branches around them came the weathered tone of a voice which could only belong to a Sirewood.
"The matter of expansions has been laid bare before you," it said as the Seventh Sire finished forming, standing before his throne as he gestured to them "don't keep me in suspense."

"No matter our decision, the risks remain the same, my Liege." Gurok stated before gesturing towards Pagon and Tal-Run "These two have made their case and I cannot disagree with them at the time being-"

"Because there isn't much to disagree on, really." Pagon chittered whilst reclining in his seat "If you want to maintain the prosperity of the people, you need more land to work with than this. Ten to fifteen years before Economic Stagnation starts to set in. Just not enough of those prime resources to fuel a war machine of our size, so either we start scaling back immensely on everything from training to sciences-"

"Which would be a most dreadful turn of events." Tal-Run noted with a small applause

"Or, grab some new lands with fresh resources untapped by both us and our ancestors." Pagon waved a hand in the air "Its the definitive long-term solution."

"Which doesn't detract from the state sending an entire Expeditionary movement out into the unknown would leave us in." Gurok said whilst leaning forward, glancing Pagon's way before turning back to the Seventh Sire "My Liege, given the force needed to counter potential opposition we'd have to recoup the losses so we don't leave ourselves exposed, and we can't pretend as if the Nation has fully recovered from the Rebellion. My concerns lie squarely with our timing."

"Funny thing about Economic Stagnation," Pagon shrugged :the longer it goes unresolved the harder it is to stop."

"Even so, given your predictions I'm just unsure what makes you so certain now is when this undertaking must be undergone." Gurok sighed before looking past Pagon to Tal-Run "And your insistence on supporting this effort simply exacerbates my worries."

"The people need signs of hope if they're faith in our dear Sire's capability are to be reinforced." Tal-Run held a hand up to her face and laughed into it "Why, if we let them get too focused on the recovery efforts then others may start getting ideas. Have their gaze set to the potential beyond and let them enrich us all through their own desires."

"And sending off entire Army of Skirmishers is supposed to convince these bad actors of our strength?" Gurok asked her, to which she only tilted her head to the side.

"Showing unfaltering determination can breed uncertainty in even the slightest of doubts," Tal-Run practically sang before turning her attention back to the Seventh Sire "Besides, it's not as if we're not leaving anything in their stead, Dear Sire. If our brave warriors were to incur the wrath of something too strong to overcome, and it were to sniff out their tracks, we would need something in place to deter it wandering over to us now wouldn't we?"

"And this something would be?" the Seventh Sire asked whilst sinking back into his throne.

"Well..." for the first time since the discussion started, Pagon hesitated before leaning forward a bit "Given how successful that whole thing with the Beast went, we were hoping you'd consider expanding your ability to defend the lands, Boss."

"Explain." the Seventh Sire ordered

"We believe that the infestation we cultivated in that beast was only the precursor to much more grand ventures, dear Sire!" Tal-Run folded her hands together in joy "Why, if we could cultivate patches of Sirewood Vines throughout the Capital and its surrounding areas, we could drastically expand the range of your perception."

"Or risk its integrity by expanding too far." The Seventh Sire grumbled as his gaze turned upwards "Already I can feel the ever increasing number of feet moving upon me, I twist in turn within the soil. Memories of my former body fade every moon and yet its not enough?"

"Sorry to say, Boss, but not really." Pagon shrugged whilst leaning back "At least, not for what's gonna be needed down the road. But Tal ain't even bringin' up the biggest thing we gotta focus on now."

"Apologies, Dear Sire," Tal-Run bowed "I just let the possibilities overwhelm me. Interlacing your vines with those of the larger soilings could theoretically allow you to assume control of them."

"Theoretically, she says." Gurok shook his head, but Tal-Run pressed on

"If you were able to react to foreign threats beyond what you are capable of now, then the need for forces here would diminish!" she concluded, tapping her fingertips together "We could worry far less about ventures such as this."

"Free up some of the guys to start looking into other things." Pagon added on

"If it manages to bear fruit." Gurok noted "Let us not forget that the Soilings are not creatures of the flesh like the beast, Success is not assured considering the risk involved."

"So you object to their move, Commander?" asked the Seventh Sire, gesturing to him "your opposition to this movement has not gone unheard."

As a purely advisory body, a unanimous movement was not required for the Sirewood's decisions. However, objections would often slow down these choices considerably, as any true Sire must recognize the importance of the three Aspects of Strength in relation to their Nation. So upon hearing the Seventh Sire's question, both Pagon and Tal-Run turned their attention Gurok's way, for a solid objection could lead them to have to continue arguing their case for hours.

However, Gurok merely shook his head, "As stated before, my concern has lied solely with Timing. Both initiatives would warrant no hesitation if undertaken further along. Given the current state, I can only offer my support with a caveat of caution."

"Then it is decided." the Seventh Sire leaned back in his throne whilst turning his attention to the thriving vines curling and twisting along the ceiling of his chamber "Send the Expedition, have them leave no stone unturned in their mapping of the lands beyond. I expect their reports to be thorough."

His attention went to Tal-Run, "Call upon me when you wish to test this venture of yours, meeting adjourned."

The Triumvirate bowed as the Seventh Sire began untwining himself, the numerous gnarled and grotesque vines pulling apart and sinking into the thriving mass of the Chamber. As they arose from their seats, the chairs also undid themselves.

And so, the orders were given.

Later that day, as the Triumvirate began to split to see to their tasks, Gurok was halted by the words of Pagon.

"You saved us a lot of bickering in there, old wood." he noted just as Gurok was leaving to organize the Expedition "Considering all the pushback you gave in earlier talks, I'm surprised you didn't try to sway the Boss."

Gurok didn't speak at first, merely sighed before turning back towards him "The benefits of your proposal would be too great for my Liege to deny, even if I were to speak against it with vigor. The result would've been the same, and even more of our time would've been wasted."

"And we're both extremely thankful of that, brother." Tal-Run cooed whilst reaching over to grasp Pagon's shoulder "Rest assured that the Palm will do all it can to bolster our Nation's defenses in the absence of those forces, we shan't be left weakened."

Gurok turned away, "I can only hope for such efficiency."

And so it was, by the week's end Ru-Ten were gathered to see the Expedition force of a company of Bentvine Skirmishers as they ventured from the Capital to the West to explore the lands beyond. Around the same time, word began to spread of the Buried Palm's new efforts to make use of the Soilings for something other than warmth and lumber.

Yomus: Capital +3 Resources +2 Population
Policies and Advancements
Recycling - Nothing is allowed to go to waste, anything from corpses to destroyed ruins are bounties of resources in the eyes of the Ru-Ten
Yomus Garrison: 1 Gnarlroot Brawler, 2 Bentvine Skirmisher, 1 Sirewood Beast
1 Bentvine Skirmisher forms Army,1 moves directly West to explore Tile

1 Bentvine Skirmisher forms Army 1
Army 1 moves directly west of Capital to explore Tile
Action 1 used to begin Research: Sirewood Defenses.



  • Location: Regalia
    Characters: Gibrian Armeron
    Events: Free action - move 2nd Archers NORTH 1 hex, EAST 1 hex.

    "We have arrived, mon Directeur," the chef de bataillon pointed out. A color party stood out front ready to escort Gibrian toward the farming settlement's town center. Among the color guard were two eagle bearers, one bearing the national flag of Toulais and the other a white flag, the universal sign of truce. The rest of the bataillon waited outside the perimeter and made camp. Chef Tigre soon rejoined them as the former Regalian made his way toward the town. Perhaps he would be shot out of hand. He honestly did not know nor care about the ramifications, since his business here was neither personal nor of the symbolic sort. It was just that - simply business.
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The Ninja. Now you see me, Now you don't.

In the capital people were celebrating the victory against the Ogres, and stories were written about the soldiers. Because of these deeds, the military has received more support and enlistment opportunities. While the swordsmen from a different land will be remembered, some fear that allying with them is not a good idea. After all, not much is known about the other nations other than there's a bloodthirsty tribe of Ogres to the north.

Army 1: move Southwest, explore, use Catography
Army 3: move southwest, explore

Join Oni's Embassay (-2 resources)
Build farming settlement on Army 3's location​
Grock with his quickly increasing cunnin knew his chances of defeating the rival tyrant and his tribe increased if they were starved or weakened! Sending Tiny and what remained of his forces to maurad the settlement as a preliminary force before the main push seemed advantageous. However as Grock ordered this tactic a familiar face would limp into the camp, "BOGKRUS" shouted out Grock rushing to his wounded friend who looked as if he had tusseled with a hundred sabertusks, "I thought ya dead" said Grock helping the other ogre up, "I tried ya plan Grock....theyre walls to thick, didn't even get close. Then some new slimms showed up, swords sting like nothin else...The slimms are powering up Grock, all of em" was all Bog could get about before finally succumbing to unconsciousness from his injuries. After handing off Bog to the tribe butcher who would try their beast to heal the ogre, Grock decided then and there that those slimms must be broken, no matter how long it took or how much it cost, no Slimm would spit in the face of the ogre kind so and live to tell the tale.


Move "Tiny" two tiles down adjacent to rival tribe and adjacent to ogre bulls

Maurad enemy settlement

Train unit of sabertusks


Happy Necromancer
The Tournament Arrivals

See the source image

The arena was reminiscent of a time long since past, a giant amphitheatre carved from the finest stone and packed from front to back with people baying for blood. As each of five gates opened, in walked each of the combatants to cheers and heckles from the horde in the stands. The first to enter was a representative of Mesania, a muscled figure hidden beneath basic armour but unmissable was his large, curved blade. He walked into the arena with purpose and one to watch.

The next entrant was somewhat larger with vast wings sprouting from a body covered in scales. Heavy, thunderous footsteps followed as the dragon made its way into the arena. It let out a roar of intimidation as it stared at the bastarnae opposite. The simple fact it didn’t charge straight for the kill showed that the apparent beast had a level of consciousness beyond that of a bloodthirsty monster.

The third entrant wore an ornate set of leather armour that showed an appealing aesthetic as much as it did functionality. Its layered sections allowed for free movement while offering some semblance of protection. As a representative of Lord Jigamundo, a Lord bound to the Oni, the samurai was equipped with a sword that was crafted by masters of metalwork. He entered the arena, bowing before each opponent.

The fourth to enter was a towering man clad in thick, plated armour. His one hand held a sword while the other clutched to a tower shield that provided extreme protection. While the man appeared to be human, the nation he represented was not. Visitors from the stars who became trapped on the world had already set about making friends and that was why the knight from Ga’lade found himself in the arena.

The fifth and final entrant was from the state of Zanzir, clad in a combination of tight robes and leather armour, the man had no visible weaponry but surely one would not be so foolish? As he looked at his opponents he reached within a hidden pocket and drew two small daggers into hand. He juggled them around his hands in a dazzling display of dexterity, some of the younger crowd members cheering as he did.

With all fighters in the arena a deep, rapturous voice echoed throughout the arena.

“Welcome combatants! Today you fight to prove your worth! The last surviving one amongst you will be allowed to return to your home while the rest of you shall be left as food for the carrion!” Cheers and laughter erupted from the crowd before the voice continued. “Now ready yourselves...begin!”

The first to move was the dragon, rushing out towards the spy from Zanzir. The giant beast lunged forward with an attempt to eat the man whole. The rows of teeth were numerous and each had the capability to tear and rend flesh. The spy managed to roll away from the attempted attack, flipping up from the floor back onto his feet. He raised his hand towards the dragon as its head craned back towards him.

“Come on!” yelled the Zanzir representative.

There was a rapturous cheer from the crowd but not for the show of bravery from the spy. During his attempt at goading his opponent, a large curved blade had come cutting down through his shoulder and collarbone. The blade continued on downwards until becoming wedged in the hip bone of the spy. Blood erupted up into the air like a crimson fountain and the once pale robes of the spy were drenched in gore. The representative from Mesania roared in glee as he kicked the derriere of the spy, freeing his sword and sending the fresh corpse flopping to the ground.

The samurai had made his way towards the dragon but had found himself blocked by the representative of Takria.

“Out of my way! That beast is mine!” he called out.

A simple grunt came from the mountain of armour before him before the tower shield rushed forward towards him. The Samurai spun away from the shield and had to react quickly to deflect the incoming attack. Meanwhile, the dragon lunged at the bastarnae who had drawn first blood in the arena. This time it swiped its front claws towards its prey but once again found nothing but air. In his attempt to dodge, the Mesanian representative bumped into the Ga’lade night, giving the samurai a chance to break from the engagement.

“Come here beast!” the samurai cried once more as he charged forward, drawing his blade into two hands.

“Come find your death!” the dragon said in a deep, resonating voice.

The samurai found himself taken aback by the dragon's words, not expecting the beast to speak. The minor opening gave the larger combatant an opening to unleash a large sweep of its tail. The Oni warrior leapt above the sweep and charged forward, undeterred by the surprise the beast could talk. As he closed towards the dragons torso he thrust his sword forward but found his sword did little but scratch the outer scale of his quarry.

“You sword is useless!” the beast mocked, a guttural laugh following close behind.

The dragon stepped sideways, knocking the samurai backwards with its giant bulk. It reared up onto its hind legs before bringing them down towards the samurai. A massive cloud of sand and dust rose into the air as a thunderous crash echoed throughout the arena. Amongst the haze the Oni representative had managed to return to his feet, avoiding the dragon’s.

“You shouldn’t make your weaknesses so obvious!” shouted the samurai, gesturing at the dragons underbelly.

He charged forward raising his sword above his head, the blade cut into the soft underbelly and the satisfying feel of blade through flesh rushed through the samurai’s body. As he pulled the sword from head to tail of the beast, a trail of blood and slaughter followed him until he finally withdrew his blade from the creature. A quiet whimper was the last noise the beast made as it slumped to the floor dead.

Several metres away from the fallen dragon, the bastanae and Ga’lade knight continued their stalemate, the brute force of the Mesanian unable to move the representative of Takria. The samurai rush into the fray and began swinging his sword at the larger of the two foes, finding his attacks blocked by the giant shield before him. It was then a sharp pain coursed through his body, looking down to see the blood soaked tip of a blade through his shoulder. He gritted his teeth tight before pulling himself free from the blade. A quick flurry of sword strikes came his way courtesy of the man from Mesania, each coming within inches of inflicting a killing blow. In the meantime, the Ga’lade Knight simply chucked beneath his thick armour and watched the others.

As the blood trickled down the inside of the samurai’s armour he felt a rage building within. His vision became focussed and his arms moved without hesitation. His sword deflected an incoming sword strike before he drove forward with a hard elbow to the stomach of his opponent. The Mesanian arched over trying to gasp for air but the gasp was soon followed by a loud thud and a blood curdling gurgle. The bastarnae’s head rolled away from its slumped body as the representative of the Oni shook the fresh blood from his blade. It was a quick, precision strike which wouldn’t work on the last remaining foe.

“That was impressive,” the knight said sarcastically. “Don’t expect to get that puny sword through my armour as easy as you did his neck.”

The samurai removed his mask and helmet, revealing himself to be Kawada Jigamundo, son of Lord Jigamundo.

“You may be big and you may have thick armour, but you are slow.” Kawada proceeded to drop the layers of his armour off leaving nothing but the clothes beneath.

“You’re a cocky little bastard…” the knight said, quickly using his shield to kick up a wall of sand.

Kawada wiped at his eyes before feeling the full force of the knights shield crash into him. The Oni representative stumbled backwards, regaining his composure just quick enough to parry an incoming sword strike. For such a big and heavily armoured man, the Ga’lade knight could certainly move. He tried to repeat his trick again, drawing his shield back to thrust forward again. Kawada took the opportunity to side step, thrusting his sword towards the side of his opponent. Sparks shot into the air as the sword cut against the armour, causing little more damage than a scratch.

The knight swung his sword out to his side, narrowly missing the already injured Kawada. The initial adrenaline from suffering the wound was giving way and the pain and exhaustion were beginning to settle in. He knew he had to end it fast and so decided to go all in. He stood in front of his opponent, taking a stance with his blade hanging at his side. The knight in his bluster rushed forward, bringing his down down towards his opponent's head. With an upward swing of his own sword, Kawada moved aside from his opponents blade as it crashed to the floor next to him. There was a scream of pain as the knight realised that his sword was on the floor not from the force of his attack but from the fact the samurai had several his hand at the wrist. He tried his utmost to stop the bleeding, losing focus of his opponent. Then everything went dark for the knight, dropping to his knees and drifting away into eternal sleep. Cheers erupted in the stadium as Kawada stood before his opponent, his sword embedded through the thin vision slot of the mans helmet. He placed his boot on the Ga’lade knights chest for leverage before pulling the blade free.

Commander Le’Grange watched the free for all that was the tournament considering the turnout that had actually arrived, this is what seemed to be best. The fighting was intense, but when the battle was done, there was but one winner.

The crowd cheered, with hooting and hollering at the combat. Seeing these warriors of different nations competing in the deadly arts of combat was a real treat for them. Especially since many of them were constantly cooped up in the underground bunkers or flying machines. It was the nature of being outside, along with the action that got their blood pumping.

After signaling the coroners to remove the bodies of the fallen fighters, the Commander went towards the Samurai of the Oni. “You are a powerful warrior, my fiend. And are deserving of this.” He hands him a black case. Inside is an elegant samurai sword made of a material that the man had never seen before. “Well done. You have proved that you are the strongest of this group of fighters.”

1st place: The Oni gain a Jigamundo Samurai Hero Unit
2nd Place: The Takrians gain back their Ga’Lade Knight and 30 Resources
3rd place: Masania gains back their unit and 10 Resources

WINTER HAS FALLEN ON THE CONTINENT. IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN ANY LOCATION THAT IS COVERED IN SNOW AND ARE NOT A NATION THAT IS USED TO THE HARSH WEATHER, YOUR MOVEMENT IS -1 (As far as I know, only the ogres and Regalia will be unaffected by the Snow due to living in an already harsh snowy environment.)

1 AA, Turn 5, Month 5

The Oni
Population: 22 Resources: 11 Order: 1

The City by The Sea: A small bustling city by the sea catches your eyes. Near it is a Large Lighthouse and a Small Fort to keep the place safe from those that would do it harm. As your troops approach, they are greeted by a group of Five Green Goblins wearing Bronze Armor, carrying Spears and a Female Figure that Towers over them, clad in some unknown metal. “State your purpose, outsiders.”

A cloaked figure and a group of humanoid dragon people are also seen approaching at the same time. (Continued in Oni Diplomacy Chat 1)

Population: 22 Resources: -1 Order: 1

The City by The Sea: A small bustling city by the sea catches your eyes. Near it is a Large Lighthouse and a Small Fort to keep the place safe from those that would do it harm. As your troops approach, they are greeted by a group of Five Green Goblins wearing Bronze Armor, carrying Spears and a Female Figure that Towers over them, clad in some unknown metal. “State your purpose, outsiders.”

A strange group of people wearing light armor and a group of humanoid dragon people had also approached the city at the same time. (Continued in Diplomacy Chat 1)

Black Market of Zanzir unlocked. New Items will become available for purchase at intervals.

Quest 1: Eliminate 4 Experiments

“Before the actual restoration can begin, the rogue experiments must be cleared out of the facility. Otherwise they possess a danger to both those affecting the restorations and the restorations themselves. Over the course of the milenia, they have made this place their home. Be wary of them as they shall fight tooth, claw and deception to maintain their existence.”- BAN

Population: 18 Resources: 2 Order: 0

The Fallen City: A large structure, larger than any city that has been seen by these eyes stads high above the horizon. It’s walls have cracks, but seem still sturdier than any bronze armor that you’ve seen. Outside, overgrowth on skeletons is numbered beyond a small scale battle. This must have been a large scale war, the final battle of one, anyway. Inside lay the remains of an entire civilization, if one could pierce its powerful, but ancient crumbling walls, who knows what they could find.

Some Dwarves can be seen coming and going through a large hole nearby. (Continued in Dwarven Diplomacy.)

Population: 18 Resources: 26 Order: 0

Until the Guardsmen had shown up, panic had traveled through the province as the strange Lizardmen had arrived holding carts of soldier corpses and prisoners of war, decreasing Order by 1.

The battlemages explored the capital and came across a strange Crypt door that seems to lead underneath the city. The door is covered in strange Runes and looks as though it dates back centuries. (Continued in Regalia Diplomacy Chat)

Shieldmen Armor researched: 0/+1 to Shieldmen Units

The City State of Mesania
Population: 22 Resources: 16, Order: 1
14 Slaves

Takrian Capital under siege. The men eagerly prepare for war upon an unknown foe. +1 Happiness

Takrain Farming settlement is razed to the ground. The screams of the dead and dying are echoed only by the sobbing cries of those taken as slaves.

Advancement: Harasser parties: Any Mesanian army is always preceded by guerillas who do everything in their power to harm the infrastructure of the foe. While within an adjacent tile from a Mesanian army, training of units takes an additional turn and two additional resources(this affects units that would have just finished training when this effect triggered).

Advancement: Ritual Scarring: The Bastarnae practice self-scarring and mutilation as a form of ritual to Deimos. This not only makes them completely heedless of pain, but the scar tissue around their flesh also hardens, making their skins as tough as those of a boar.

Bastarnae gains 0/+1 defense. Unlocks unit: *Warrior-Priest(Ares)*

Ares is pleased with all the death and destruction on the battlefield. Troops are -1 cost next turn.

Population: 28 Resources: 0 Order: 2

Tomb of Growth constructed: Population can be turned into resources at ratio of 2:1

The Blood Pits of Seicho: +1 order and the Kaminoki is empowered by blood sacrifice (up to gm’s discretion).

Explore: They come across A large abandoned Mining settlement. Overgrowth has started to take over the structures and some skeletons lay scattered about. (Continued in Diplomacy Chat)

Draken Guard
Population: 18 Resources: 0 Order: 1

The City by The Sea: A small bustling city by the sea catches your eyes. Near it is a Large Lighthouse and a Small Fort to keep the place safe from those that would do it harm. As your troops approach, they are greeted by a group of Five Green Goblins wearing Bronze Armor, carrying Spears and a Female Figure that Towers over them, clad in some unknown metal. “State your purpose, outsiders.”

A cloaked figure and a group of people clad in light armor also approached the city at the same time. (Continued in the Oni Diplomacy Chat 1)

Takrian Republic
Population: 23 Resources: 44 Order: 1

Military reserve corps: Takrian military, aside from its active service branch, also operates a reserve force. Those are troops trained for combat, but not on constant deployment. Whenever combat takes place or a settlement is attacked in takrian territory, the settlement spawns Xd3 legionary units, with X being the level of the settlement. Reserve legionaries disappear when the threat is over.

A Farming settlement has been raised to the ground by an invading army of barbarians.

Outside the Capital, a large barbarian horde gathers as the Winter settles in and makes camp outside the city walls, stopping all comings and goings from occurring.

The Ru-Ten Amalgam
Population: 12 Resources: 9 Order: 1

Sirewood Defenses- Through use of the Vines assisting in the defense of all settlements, they gain 0/+2 except under the attack of The Flame.

Exploration: Partially Submerged Metal Ruins are scattered about. It might have been a strange settlement of the Old World. Plants have overgrown most of the structures and a very pleasant odor wafts through the air. (Continued in Diplomacy Chat)

Population: 14 Resources: 3 Order: 2

Advancement unlocked: "Rearguard" - Garde Nationale are able to withdraw in good order, becoming more difficult to encircle and destroy outright. When a Garde Nationale is defeated in battle, roll a d10. On an 8+, they retreat and return after the current turn of combat.

Rumors spread to the population about an ancient protector of the Toulais people and his legion protecting the Eastern Borders. They feel safer for it. +1 Order

Population: 18 Resources: -6 Order: 2

The Army explores and discovers a deep cavernous scar in the ground. It looks as though it goes deep. (Continue in Diplomacy Chat)

Ogre Kingdoms
Population: 18 Resources: -2 Order: 0

The Ogre people have started to grumble over the low resources and quality of life with their new leader. -1 Order

The Marauding of the settlement draws out a response. The Leader, an extremely Obese Ogre arrives with a large club in his hand and a few others nearby wielding large rocks. “Youse thinkin stealing our stuff? We be takin youse skulls as payment.” (Continued in Diplomacy Chat)

The Order of Kerem
Population: 18 Resources: 10 Order: 1

The Desert is timeless and as such is not affected by the Harsh winter that hits the rest of the continent. A messenger arrives from an unknown source with a letter. It reads: “Beware those that ignite the light, for it brings only darkness.”

Quest 1: Gain 4 Trade Partners
“In order to remain truly neutral, it is important to first gain a thriving relationship with your neighbors. If you make yourself indispensable to those around you, they are far less likely to pick a fight with you. In essence, make sure that they need you. - Mysterious Prophet of Kerem

Population: 22 Resources: 24 Order: 1

Quest 1: Recover a malfunctioning Observation Machine

“One of our machines that we use to gather data has malfunctioned and gone far off course. We would appreciate it if our new neighbors could recover it for us so that we can continue to use the data that it provides.” - ZT02
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Skeleton Boi
The followers of the universe itself;

The Order of Kerem
Another two months has passed by… another day of the harsh yet life driving energy of the sun bearing down onto the inhabitants of the capital. But this wasn’t a day to reflect upon what is considered a normal occurrence that people who thrived in these lands had adapted to such life... and are living in relative peace and quiet for the most part. It was only through the efforts of a few foreign men, that their lives had changed... only for the better.

(Sorry for the short post, just gotta catch up to the rest of the rp)

The Order of Kerem continues forth:
Army make up:
Army 1;
- x1 Royal Guard
- x1 Footsoldier

Army 2;
-x1 Footsoldier
-x1 Hunters
-x1 Tamed Lions
-x1 Javelin Throwers

Free Actions:
Both Armies stay within their respective locations.

Army 2 Explores tile

-Pay 2 resources in order to send representative to the Great Embassy

Paid Actions:
1. Army 1 Continue building of Farming Settlement, using the final turn

2. Train Giant Desert Isopod unit at Capital

3. Research City Militia:
“In order to defend our settlements, our people must be ready to defend it at all costs.... and having some basic defense before hand will aid in this task.”

All settlements built by the Order of Kerem will gain 2 Milita units that are unable to leave the settlement, meaning that no settlement, even farms are left unguarded. Militia are also unable to be trained and more must be gained as of a result from research

Unit stats:

Name: City militia
Type: Troop
M: 0 (cannot move from settlement, and is considered a part of it)
HP: 2
Attacks: 1
Atk: -2
Def: -2

Trait: The masses: The mere size number of the Militia makes up for their lack of quality, allowing them to quickly reform their ranks if some fall within battle. Gain +1 hp as well as being foes that must be targeted first in order to attack other units.

Capital: +4
Settlement: +4

Cost for sending representative: -2
Research: -2
Giant desert Isopod training: -2
End Result:

12 resources left over​


Agathos was never particularly good at managing his anxiety. He nervously tapped the ground with his spear as he waited, his gaze fixated on the gates of the Takrian capital. It's walls were...lackluster, to say the least. Actually, that could be said for the entirety of the Takrian military. If this was a Mesanian settlement he would have encountered guerillas left and right, doing everything they could to inflict attrition upon the Mesanian forces. Every last man inside the walls would stand ready with whatever weapon they could find to fight him off. The walls would be tall, and powerful warriors would stand ready to duel him as equals.

But none of that was at display here. Some ill-prepared militia scrambled to fortify the city, trying to do anything without organization or discipline. Their walls looked like they were nothing but the barest minimum. These people were not warriors, that much was apparent. They were traders, diplomats, scouts, explorers.

So then why were they so insistent on fighting back?

Agathos could not understand it. The stubborness on display was monumental, and while at every other time he would have applauded their determination, right now, he didn't care for their bravery. Right now, he desperately wanted to have an excuse to order a return to Mesania. Not out of fear that they'd lose-out of fear that they'd win. War makes beasts out of men. Even the normally neutral and calm Marines had commited horrid atrocities while dancing to the tune of Mighty Ares and Wise Athena. If these people resisted, they would be made an example of. They would be shipped back to Mesania with collars around their necks, or, worse yet, the brutish Bastarnae would slay them all. And he could save them-he could save all of them by making a grand show of making a deal with their leader or representative, maybe throw in some gestures of submission and some monetary gifts to impress the men- and it would have been enough. They would have been saved, by using their wealth and diplomatic skill, which they clearly had in abundance.

"Come on...Come on...A white flag is all it would take to stop this. To stop all of this. Abandon your stupid pride, accept defeat, and live to see another day. Please. Please!"

"Such an eagerness for Battle!"
Agathos groaned loudly as he immediately recognized the source of the voice. The Great Minotaur. He didn't have something against the beastman, per se-but his arrogance, haughtiness, and obsession with magical artifacts were enough to wear anyone down. Still, he had proven himself a great commander-perhaps even greater than Agathos himself, although that was no surprise, considering the man hadn't even been commander for a year.

He turned around, giving a disheartened shrug to the Minotaur. He responded with an almost mocking smile.
"I am serious! You spend so much time here, right outside the walls. A metre further and you'd be well within range of their archers. And your stance betrays so much energy and nervousness-my, you truly can't wait!"

The mockery of the Beastman, Agathos was well used to by now, and so he simply shrugged again, turning his attention back to the city. His eyes found a vaguely feminine figure standing atop the walls-was their desperation really that strong, that they enlisted even the women? Even from this distance, it was obvious that the poor thing wasn't really suited for battle. It may never even have left this settlement before. He could not make her expression, but her stance betrayed something very clearly-fear.

"Well! You will need wait no longer! The leader of the Bastarnae informed me that all siege engines have been completed! We are to assault this city tonight! I have already devised a plan, it goes as follows...."

The words of the Minotaur faded away as Agathos felt his anxiety reach critical mass, the taste of bile filling up his mouth. He continued looking at the woman, forced into armor and clesrly uncomfortable in it. He couldn't see it, but he could feel the terror. Mental images of the woman being dragged by the hair to the tents of one of the Bastarnae chieftains, of watching her husband and children get torn apart by these humanoid monsters filled his mind. And in that brief moment, he realized that she knew. She did not want to fight him. None of them wanted to fight him.

But they were following orders. Their leader must have insisted upon this. He was the one who had the power to stop this conflict, and yet he did not. He did not care about his people, or his lands. Thousands would die, and his home territory would be lost-but, all of these were unimportant in the face of his pride. If he could so much as kill a dozen Mesanians, he would pat himself on the back and declare it a victory, without the slightest remorse over what it had cost his people.

Agathos felt rage, unfathomable rage, like he had felt staring down the jaws of the turtle. He raised his head to the skies and spoke, the words coming from deep within him. "Mightiest Gods of Olympus! Before your gaze, and with this Great Minotaur as my witness, I make this pledge-I will end this King's life, no matter the cost! He is gambling with the souls he has been entrusted! He is allowing his pride to come before the wellbeing of his own kin! He, while cowardly, pretends to be strong while not even daring to come face me! For all these crimes, I say this-He has commited Hubris of the highest sort. And I, working with the fury of the divine Erinyes, shall embody Nemesis and bring his righteous punishment for his horrible crimes. May his arrogance consign him to Tartarus until the Sun grows cold! This, I, Agathos Nikolaos, Hero of Mesania and servant of the Gods vow. Hear me!"

He turned back to the Minotaur, seeing genuine interest in his features for the first time since they had met. "Tell me of this plan. I am thirsting to find my way inside that city."

Advancement: Overwhelming Presence:
"Is this the man you want me to kill? The one who defeated a thousand foes on his own? Yeah, thanks but no thanks. No amount of coin is worth dying over."

While at war with Mesania, if a hero or leader is adjacent to any settlement of that faction, regular mercenaries cannot be recruited by that faction in any settlement within an adjacent tile, and any preexisting mercenaries that come to be within an adjacent tile will flee or surrender. Special mercenaries can still be hired, but will demand double the recruitment cost and upkeep for the increased risk(if hired normally and then brought within the range of Overwhelming presence's effects, they will demand the excess wage as soon as they are within range).

Train units: 2 Bireme units at Mesania

Advancement: Kind at Heart
Agathos, though a terrifying warrior, has his name for a reason, and will happily protect any and all allies, even when he himself would be harmed by such an action

Agathos gains the Born Hero trait: Whenever an allied unit on an army he is part of would receive damage by an attack, Agathos will heroically intervene, redirecting the attack towards himself(resolve as if though he was the intended target). Agathos can heroically intervene three times per turn. This trait becomes disabled when Agathos is performing a desperate breakthrough.

If more units would receive damage than he has interventions left, Agathos will prioritize, in that order:

-Heroes with 2 HP or less
-Elite units

Free Actions:

Army 1 assaults Takrian capital with intent to occupy.
Marines begin marauding.
Army 2 moves further northwest. Explores.
Army 3 marauds Zanzir settlement, then retreats to Kerem capital.


Unlucky Member
Turn 5:

The blood pits were surrounded by Hoshi, there was only one fight tonight. Under the guidance of the twin moon the righteous would be victorious tonight. It was a thought that didn’t calm the Red Petal at all. In moments it was about to face off against one of the strongest its species, the Purple Petal.

The latter jumped into the pit. Unlike the Red Petal it didn’t carry any weapons. The Purple Petal smiled, its needle like teeth bared. “My friends, what a beautiful night it is.” The Purple Petal roared. The surrounding Hoshi, unused to such spectacle, immediately became quiet. “My friends, what a beautiful night it is.” The Purple Petal roared again. “Truly, Hidetada, a beautiful night to die.”

Before Hidetada could respond the Black Petal stepped in. “Silence.” The one who watches said. He had been spending time with his now good friend Hekron. The inventor had fascinating ideas, which had made the Black Petal think. One of the things he had discovered was that he thought of himself in male pronouns. After Hekron had explained the concept to him it had grown on him.

“Tonight, we witness the end of a conflict that could not be ended by mere words alone. May the worthiest stand victorious!” For dramatic effect het spread his armed wide, before clapping his hands together. The Hoshi crowd exploded in noise as the fight began.

“Time to die weak one.” The Purple Petal snarled and a blast of necrotic energy shot from his hand towards the Red Petal. The latter ducked underneath the blast with a practiced grace. The Red Petal flourished his spear, then went on the attack.

The Red Petal was quick, a master of the spear, he surged forwards and jabbed at the Purple Petal’s head, neck and heart. The Purple Petal’s eyes narrowed in concentration as he dodged the three attacks, coming dangerously close to being skewered.

A blow to the head sent the Purple Petal sprawling, making the Hoshi watching from above go apeshit. Where had the blow come from? The Purple Petal thought a second before turning its head. The Red Petal’s spear cutting its cheek as it failed to puncture its eye. Green blood ran over the root covered bottom of the pit and for the first time in years the Red Petal smiled.

“Enough!” The Purple Petal shouted, the paralysed half of his face making the word unintelligible. It grabbed the spear and a second later the weapon crumbled to dust. Necrotic energy in one hand, growth magic in the other, the Purple Petal rose. Menacingly it walked towards the Red Petal, who was clearly distressed about losing its weapon.

The Purple Petal touched its cheek. The wound healed as the Red Petal watched nervously. “I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t enjoy what is coming next.” The Purple Petal said, a glint of madness in its eyes. A wave of necrotic energy blasted away the Red Petal’s legs. “Let me teach you true power, instead of twirling around with a sharp stick.”

The Red Petal backed up as far as it could, but once in the pit only the victorious could get out. The Purple Petal reached out and grabbed the legless Red Petal by the throat. Effortlessly he lifted the other Hoshi. “I see a shift coming.” It whispered. “I met one who agrees with me. Together It and I will reshape Mitsura. You just won’t be there to see it.”

Necrotic energy turned flesh to dust as the purple petal laid bare the Red Petal’s heart. “I will give you a parting gift. A true embrace of the Great One.” Growth magic surged out of the Purple Petal. The Red Petal’s eyes became big, then his skin exploded. The bark skin, which resembled redwood, became hard, and the Red Petal’s mouth opened in a silent scream as its body grew roots instead of legs.

When he was done the Red Petal was no more, only a solid wooden figure remained, forever locked in its silent scream.

Actions turn 5:

Movement: free movement only (Natural woodsmen strength gives double movement on jungle tiles)
  • Army 4: Unit Yari, Hero unit Dark Disciple. Army 4 splits, unit Yari moves 1 tile West. Dark Disciple moves 1 tile SE, then 1 tile East.
  • Army 1 splits, Hero unit Borage remains in place. Unit Yari moves 1 tile NE.

Free actions:
  • Army 4: Unit Yari, explore tile.
  • 20 pops are turned into 10 resources.
  • Blood is spilled in the Blood Pits for the glory of the Kaminoki.
  • Army 1: Unit Yari, engages in diplomacy with present factions
  • Action 1: Advancement: Place of exchange, -3 resources, Enables trade
  • Action 2: Advancement: Dangerous Flora I, -3 resources, Enemy units get -1/-1 on forest tiles that are connected to the Kaminoki (no settlement required).
  • Action 3: Advancement: Dangerous Fauna I, -3 resources, Enemy units get -1/-1 on forest tiles that are connected to the Kaminoki (no settlement required)

Continuing processes:
  • Complete: Growth of a new jungle tile 1 tile North East of capital 4/4 (5 -1 turn for presence Niwashi)
  • Complete: Inventor Hekron creates a new invention 3/3 (4 -1 for the Inventor’s Workshop advancement)
  • Borage grows a swamp tile 1 tile East, 1 tile North East of capital 2/4

Weaknesses Effects Location
Sunlight Units in deserts or snow tiles have -1/-1, +2 to fire weakness Empire wide
Sub-Kaminoki trees If a Kaminoki tree is destroyed, all units in that tile and surrounding tiles lose the bonus they receive from Strong Magics. Those not under the affect of the tree have a -1/0 Empire wide

Bonuses Effects Location
Natural Woodsmen Double movement for units on forest tiles +0/+1 while in forest Empire wide
Population Growth Population growth +2, Max pop +5 Empire wide
Strong Nature magics Units have +1/+1 in settlements Empire wide
The Inventor’s workshop While residing in his workshop Inventor Hekron creates and invention in 3 turns instead of 4. Seicho
Forrest Irrigation 1 when adjacent to a tile with fresh water new patches of forest are grown in one turn less than the required 4. Empire wide
Tomb of Growth Population can be turned into resources at ratio of 2:1 Empire wide
Blood Pits +1 order and the Kaminoki is empowered by blood sacrifice (up to gm’s discretion) Seicho

Settlement Type Level Pop Resources per turn Pop Growth Order
Seicho Capital 1 4 +2 +4 -
Kakucho (1 W capital) Standard 1 4 +2 +4 -
Hirogaru (1 E capital) Standard 1 4 +2 +4 -
Overall: - - 12 +6 +12 per turn 2

This roster shows where the troops will be located after the movements of this post.

Unit Type Location Army Stats (Strengths, weaknesses, settlements included)
Hekron the Inventor Hero Seicho (capital) No army assigned HP: 2 Attacks: 2 2/7
Borage Hero 1 E, 1 NE from capital Army 6 HP: 3(4) Attacks: 2 0/1
Dark Disciple Hero 1 East from capital, Hirogaru settlement. No army assigned HP: 2 Attacks: 2 6/4
Ite unit 1 Troop Kakucho (settlement 1W from capital) Army 3 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 3/2
Yari Unit 1 Troop 1 W, 1 NW from capital Army 4 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 2/0
Yari unit 2 Troop 1 E, 1 NE, 1NE from capital Army 1 HP: 1 Attacks: 1 2/0
Niwashi Elite 1 NE from capital Army 2 HP: 1 Attacks 2: 2/0
Yari unit 3 Troop Seicho (capital) Army 5 Hp: 1 Attacks 1: 3/4
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  • Location: Celest, Regalia (Capital Hex)

    Characters: Directeur Gibrian Armeron

    Events: Free Action - move 2nd Archers EAST 1 hex.

    By order of the western provincial governor, Gibrian was given leave to enter the capital city. It had been a close run affair. He committed a political blunder which nearly cost him this visit, and any reservations he might have had were overcome by a sheer sense of awe. Celest proved not just another large city, but a visual marvel of Gibrian’s time. Hundreds of sharp spires stood like knives stabbing into the winter sky, especially the Magisterial Conclave, which appeared to skirt the clouds on its precipice.

    Chef de Bataillon Tigre remained with the 2nd Archers camped some distance outside the city while Gibrian approached the walls with a small escort. He presented the signed writ which, he had been assured, would grant access to the city and then eventually the palace.
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The Emerald Knight
The Old Kingdom
~ The Regal Flag ~


  • "What?!" Geleon looks astounded at Derin, "You lost another battlemage company?!"

    "I did all I could, Marshal, but the enemy was just too strong for them." Derin says, feigning remorse, "Luckily, I was able to defeat it; another runic skeleton, much like the one we found before, but this one was much stronger. And it wielded this spear." Derin showed Geleon his new spear, the weapon oozing with power. "From what I have determined after examining this spear, it has a powerful entropic enchantment to it. It drains the energy and vitality out of those attacked by it, and gifts it to the wielder. I saw as the runic skeleton used this weapon against the battlemages, regaining its flesh and growing in strength as one mage after another fell before it. I shudder to think what might have happened if it had managed to kill me and escape into Celest."

    Geleon can only rub his face in sheer disbelief. It has just been one bad month after another. That was Regalia's last battlemage company from before the expansion. Now, Regalia will have to rebuild all companies from the ground up, just like what happened with the guardsmen and archer regiments. Geleon looks to the last four surviving battlemages from the company, those that were ordered out of the crypt by Derin, and one of them spoke up.

    "It's true, Marshal." The battlemage told him, "I was there when we fought against the first of the runic skeletons. It took several hits from Commander Derin and our entire company to bring down just one of them. Considering that skeleton and the ghoul we found, Mokanu, it is of little surprise something even stronger lurked down there. Despite the loss, if Commander Derin did not find and destroy it, it would have surely found its way out before long."

    Geleon could not help but sigh, walking over to his desk and taking his seat. In this moment, Geleon could not help but feel his age. So many have died in such a small space of time, it makes the aged Marshal feel very tired. After a few moments, Geleon looked to Derin, and asked, "Did you find anything further in the crypt?"

    "Beyond what you know, not much else." Derin told him, "There is more to the crypts, however. I was only able to explore them so far before I was forced to retreat due to our losses. It is clearly a place of dark power, considering the nature of the hostile forces found down there. I would suggest sealing the crypts, at least for the time being. We already have plenty to deal with regarding the war, we cannot also become distracted by hostile forces pouring out of the crypts as well. When the war is over, we can explore them further, but our strength must be placed into facing the Lizardmen threat."

    "Yes, you are right." Geleon agreed, "I shall order the crypts sealed, until the war is over. Once we have peace again, we may reclaim the crypts, as well as the Tower in the East. And... good work, Derin. It is... it is a very real shame we lost another company of battlemages, but at least you prevented something terrible from being unleashed upon the people of Celest. And the Primus will be informed of your heroics, of course."

    "I did only what I could." Derin said, faking the remorse and the regret very well, "I am sorry it was not enough to save our battlemages."

    "That will be all." Geleon told all five battlemages before him, "You are all dismissed."


Herald of the Great Devourer
Takrian Republic

Despite the adverse weather, takrian forces made their way to the besieged capital. Though a decision was made to attempt to find a peaceful solution, there was no certainty the raiders would be open to a compromise.

Meanwhile in the capital itself, even as the defenders prepared to repel the incoming assault, one soldier left the city. Exiting through a small door in one of the main gates, carrying a white flag as a sign as a sign of truce.

Unity: Capital lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Prosperity: Standard settlement lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Eternity: Standard settlement, lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Policies and advancements:
Unknown horizons: Being a colonization mission sent to an unknown planet, the crew of Unity was trained in handling the dangers of unknown territory. Exploration a tile is more likely to yield a favourable outcome. [policy]
Resource extraction: Intensified prospecting and advanced mining techniques lead to more efficient utilization of mineral wealth. All settlements gain +1 resource income. [advancement; lvl 1]
Military reserve corps: Takrian military, aside from its active service branch, also operates a reserve force. Those are troops trained for combat, but not on constant deployment. Whenever combat takes place or a settlement is attacked in takrian territory, the settlement spawns Xd3 legionary units, with X being the level of the settlement. Reserve legionaries disappear when the threat is over. [advancement; lvl 1]
Army 1: 1 legionary, 1 Ga'lade knight
Army 2: 1 legionary, 3 archers
Unity garrison: 1 cataphract, 1 Ga'lade knight, 1 reserve legionary
Army 1 moves to Unity and joins combat if negotiations fail or don't start
Army 2 moves to Unity and joins combat if negotiations fail or don't start
Unity garrison attempts negotiations with attacking Mesanians
Actions 1 and 2 used to facilitate army movement in cold conditions
Action 3 used to research advancement: coordinated attacks.
Marksmanship training: Though mostly used to shower enemy troops in a hail of arrows, takrian archers are additionally trained in individual marksmanship, serving as a makeshift replacement to snipers of Nazgir in eliminating high value targets. Archers gain +2 attack when targeting heroes and leaders.
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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

Kerem’s Reach

In the time that had passed since her creation of the Sand Devils, much had happened to the Princess of Zanzir, and none for the better.

“Welcome, your grace!” As her carriage crossed the threshold into the city a man of short stature greeted Amanitore and her entourage. He was overweight and sweating terribly out in the sun. From behind her sheer walls, Amanitore grimaced at the sight of the man. She traveled days to be here, slept out in the desert, and this is what she received as a welcome party. “You are not from Zanzir, clearly.” She mocked as the curtain was drawn back and one of her ladies moved to help her out of the carriage.

Her gaze swept across the farming city and she took in all that had been done to prepare it. “No, your majesty, I am just a merchant chosen to help you lead the city. A great honor might I add and I am very gra…” Before the man could finish his wordy thank you letter, Amanitore cut him off. “You won’t be staying. Guards, kill this man.”

The merchant’s eyes shot open with alarm and confusion at the sound of her command. “M-M-My Lady…..I assure you that your brother…” As the soldiers started to approach the man turned away from them and fled, running down the street as fast as his short legs would carry him. When he didn’t hear the sound of boots stomping after him a smile came to his face. Maybe the Princess was joking. Just as he slowed down, a high-pitched whistle filled the air, and before he could turn around to check what it was an arrow broke through his skull.

“Well shot.” Amanitore praised dryly. Kerem’s Reach was now her home as her brother had so politely left her with no choice, although he tried to make it seem as though she had chosen this. A city on the opposite end of the nation where still the desert stretched out before them endlessly. “Come, let’s make ourselves at home.”

As the retinue moved through the city, trained eyes watched Amanitore from behind stalls, from second story windows, and even in the fields where slaves worked. “Bring these notes to the foreman, every farm owner, and every merchant right away.”
“Yes, my lady.” Her servant quickly replied before she hurried away.

She came to the small estate that was to be her home and scoffed. “Slighted at every chance. Damn you brother.” As she headed inside the soldiers stayed outside and surrounded her home.

“Bandits! Bandits are in the province!” A commoner cried out as they ran towards the Princess’ home. With out hesitation the guards reacted, all racing to aid the civilians. It was only the Princess’ words that stopped them from going further. “We do not know what these bandits are capable of and we will not rush into a fight with them only to find ourselves out numbered or faced with an overwhelming foe. Stand guard and stay alert.” The Reach was still new to this part of the continent, the last thing she wanted to do was have her troops blindly attacking people.

Raven’s Heart

“You have my gratitude, cousin. If you hadn’t suggested making Amanitore the Mistress of Ships I would have locked her away for the rest of her life...or killed her.” Tenebrous sipped from his cup of wine and moved about the council room with renewed vigor.

“Let us just hope that she does a better job at building boats than she did at being Mistress of Coin.” Tut teased before he opened the ledger to the last edited pages. “She had done very little to increase the crown’s income, let alone the overall wealth of the city.”

Tenebrous snorted into his cup and shook his head. “Enough about her, you will be a much better Master of Coin.” He declared before he sat down at the table. “We are now without a Hand of the King, but we will survive without it. I hear the construct and such for the Black Market will begin soon. Is that true?”

“The Black Market? Is that really what we plan to call it?” The Master of War asked.

“Yes. Our cousin seems to have taken a liking to the name, brother.” Tut replied with a hint of amusement present in his own voice. “Work is finally beginning, your majesty. Stalls are being erected and merchants are moving themselves and their less approved wares to the former dungeons as we speak. They should be ready to open soon.”

“The former prisoners have all been sold into slavery as well, Cousin.” Solomon added onto his brother’s statement.

“Now let’s discuss this laboratory our soldiers discovered in, The Reach. The captain reports that the facility boasts advanced scientific technology and can even create life. The troops serving under him back his claim, so it seems to be true.” Tenebrous wasn’t sure what to make of the information and he had never heard of this Yzert civilization before this report. But if an entire unit said it was true then who was he to argue. “I’ve sent Raven’s to investigate just to make sure the information is correct.”

“If I may, your majesty. I say we make use of this place and its ability to create life, if it truly can.” The Master of War suggested. “We could create an army without end. No more enlisting citizens.” Solomon knew that his cousin was a man of the people so he wouldn’t shoot down something as rare as a chance to spare his people war.

“That could be rather costly, but with the black market underway and The Reach expanding, we may be able to afford funding restoration. Granted we can find some trade partners.” Tut looked across the table to his brother and then to the King.

“We’ll restore the laboratory, but until we have seen its full capabilities, everything else takes priority.” Tenebrous declared. “Now, meeting adjourned.” Before Tenebrous and his cousin could go their separate ways however, another Raven arrived with yet another note. Quickly reading it out, a pensive expression formed on the King’s face. "Foreign invaders. Hm.”​


  • Construct Black Market in Capital City
  • Train 2 Infantry units in Farming Settlement



  • Raven’s Heart (capital)
    • Palace
    • City Walls = 0/+1 to defending troops
    • 0/+2 to defending units

  • Sun’s Spire (Standard)
  • Kerem’s Reach (Farming)

Total Income:
10 per Turn
  • Base +2
  • Capital +2res
  • Sun’s Spire +2res
  • Kerem’s Reach +4res


  • 3x Spies
  • 2x Archers
  • 1x Infantry

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