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Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

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Happy Necromancer
Birth of Nations Reboot
47,371 BA (Before Ascendancy)
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The city of Summerset was as always, a calm and peaceful place. People of all races lived in harmony, with all the advanced technology that allowed them to afford a high level of comfort in their every day lives. The birds chirped and the squirrels chittered and chattered as they went about their daily routines. The only thing of note that fateful day was that on the news there were strange solar flares that were erupting from the sun. Different in size, shape and content than normal solar flares that occurred. These ones were different, but scientists had no explanations for them, so they were merely a curiosity, a trifle in the every day life of these people.

How wrong they all were. It was a dangerous portend of things to come. Within a week, it all came to a head. First there was the sky turned red, then the drought, then the food shortage and finally, they arrived.....

Monstrous beings from another realm emerged and began laying waste to entire civilizations. In only a single month, all of known civilization had collapsed. And it wasn't that much longer until it was all gone. Just dust in the wind.

The screams and the fire and the torment. It was too much for most to bear. These beings were immensely powerful and unsightly to beholden. It was the end of all and there was nothing that they could do to stop it...…..

See the source image

……….or was there?


See the source image
The sound of metal boots on a metal floor reverberated throughout the structure until it suddenly stopped in front of a bluish white pod. A pink hand wiped off some condensation from the pod and inside was a man that had cybernetics on the right side of his face and his left hand. The man outside the pod inputed a series of numbers into a control panel and the pod opened up with a hissing sound.

"Welcome back to the Land of The Living, sir!" He saluted at the man still laying in the tube. The man looked disoriented as his non metal hand touched his cold face.

"How long has it been, Boyle?" HIs voice was strained and horse, a normal side effect of the cryo process.

"About 2,000 years since your last awakening sir. Based on the projections given by Alpha Team, and your own notes, it was about time to wake you again as things are about to get hot."

The cybernetic man started to pull himself out of the pod as his thoughts started to readjust to the awakening and the nightmares of the Old World started to fade back to the darkness that they belonged in. "Right, the projections. Does that mean that they've already reached the Bronze Age?"

Boyle handed the man some clothing, a military outfit of dark colors, red and black. "Yes. And they are all in the proper positions. Many of them have already begun to move out of their home areas and have started to explore. In fact...some very exciting news. Two of the nations, despite only minimal contact with each other, have developed the same religion of Kerem, which I find very impressive."

The man waved his hand dismissively as he dressed himself in is military garb. "Yeah, yeah. I'm sure that it's very fascinating Boyle. I'll read all about it in your report. For now, let's see the map."

"Right away Commander Le'Grange." Boyle moved his hands in a few expert motions and brought into existence with some swirling magical energies, a map of the continent.

"Hmm. Yes. This should be an interesting foray. We shall see how they all do. Perhaps they'll do better than we did." The Commander chuckled before sitting down in a large seat. "They'll have to, all things considering...."

1 AA (After Ascendency)​


Draken Guard
- Paleo_Rex Paleo_Rex
The Order of Kerem- Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505
Regalia- Emerald Emerald
Kyngdom of Khazar Dymraen- Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim
Zanzir Aka The Waste- LadyOfStars LadyOfStars
Mitsura- Verus Verus
Gecklicko Combine- Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3
The Oni- CaptainSully CaptainSully
Insectana- Flutterheart
The City State of Mesania- Athanas Athanas
Ogre Kingdoms VolcanicAccelerator VolcanicAccelerator
Azera TeaMMatE11 TeaMMatE11
Crab People? DapperKnight
Takrian Republic Martydi Martydi
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As night fell Seicho, the capital of Mitsure, wakened. Holes hidden in the roots of the trees opened to reveal thousands of black eyes. It was almost as if the swarm of eyes reflected the clear, star filled night sky. A sight only hindered by the thick canopy of the forest, which let in the occasional beam of pale moonlight. The shitakusa had woken and like every night, much work was to be done.

Far slower to wake where the council of petals. Unlike the undergrowth, whom scuttered around working frantically to be remembered by the Kaminoki, the petals felt secure in their knowledge that they would never be forgotten. Their work started later, but they laboured just as hard as any Hoshi. They were the highest of servants, but servants still.

After what would have felt like an eternity to a shitakusa the council members woke. As one their eyes opened and they rose from where they had lain. The council gathered, seating in a semicircle at the feet of the green petal, Ieyasu. Entangled as it had grown with the Kaminoki, Ieyasu strained to so much as drink from a cup of water.

It cleared its throat. “This one has listened. This one has the learned the will of our grower, may his roots connect the world.” It paused, but when no response came let out a nervous chuckle. The council did not respond, waiting for their agenda to be set. Green Petals started behaving oddly once they conjoined with the Kaminoki. The Blue Petal thought it had something to do with the consumption of the brain that took place during the entanglement.

“The great one has decided that now is the time to expand. We will plant new seed cores to increase Hoshi grow rate in the western and eastern regions of the great forest. A unit of shitakusa will be send to conquer and defend each of those regions. A niwashi will be send to the northeast to start expanding the forest. Additionally, a new unit of shitakusa Yari will be grown to defend the capital. So is the will of the creator. Now bugger off!”

The council of petals rose silently and the left the green one to mutter to himself. Life wasn’t easy for a green petal. It deserved its peace and quiet.

“Exciting, don’t you think?” The Blue Petal asked the Purple Petal. The latter one, Iemitsu, grinned, revealing needle sharp teeth.

“I have been waiting for this for a very long time.” It admitted in almost reverend whispers. The Blue Petal, Tsunayoshi, tilted its head in interest. Iemitsu waved his hand, releasing from it a wave of decay, killing a couple of small saplings. “It will be a matter of time before the one grants me permission to march on our enemies.” The eagerness in the purple petal’s eyes disturbed Tsunayoshi.

“I thought that the red petal would take care of securing new growing trees.” Tsunayoshi said. It didn’t understand why Iemitsu would be eager to take up the tasks of the Red Petal. It wasn’t Hoshi-like to think such things.

“The Red Petal lacks the understanding for what is coming, mark my words.” Iemitsu grinned again, but there was no mirth visible in its eyes. “Be glad Tsunayoshi, we will see the world change in our lifetime.”


Move 1 Shitakusa Yari unit from capital 1 tile east.
Move 1 Shitakusa Yari unit from capital 1 tile to the west.
Move 1 Niwashi unit 1 tile northeast
Move 1 Shitakusa Ite 1 tile east

1 action: move shitakusa Ite unit 1 tile east.
Free actions: Shitakusa Ite unit explores village tile [2 tiles east of capital] , activate policy on the tile of the Niwashi [1 tile north east from capital]
1 action: Establish 1 standard settlement 1 tile west of the capital-10 resources-action 1/3
1 action: Establish 1 standard settlement 1 tile east of capital of the capital-10 resources-action 1/3


Skeleton Boi
“All you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.”

The Followers of the Universe itself:

The Order of Kerem


Today was the start of a new Dawn, a new day for the people that follow under the guiding steps of the Council within the very capital itself, Tapsekhen, this grand city is thought of to be the beginning of a grand new desert kingdom united under one flag back when their ancestors were but mere nomadic tribes with no true purpose that had awaited their lives other than surviving. But it was those years ago, that their ancestors had begun to realize the truth of this realm, that they are in fact, creations of the true lord of all, the universe itself... Kerem, Alpha and Omega, father and mother... the creator of all. The blazing sun was bearing down upon the inhabitants of this ever-growing capital, but it inhabitants paid no mind to the familiar sun as the many individuals walked through the city streets, people on the market stalls trading wares and the occasional gold for trinkets and bobbles. But a strange sight to anyone not native to these lands would be the Giant Desert Isopods... these large horse sized beast are the work animals and native species to these deserts... the creatures pulling carts and occasionally being ride on top of around the city streets.

But within the very heart of the city, laid the foundation of the most important building within the nation, the room of the Grand-Council... chosen ones of Kerem that control a certain aspect of their nation, six individuals who are masters and veterans of their field... personally chosen by Kerem itself to rule over their people. As of now, the six are currently conversing with one another, voting upon a grave matter:

An large armored individual with a sword attached to the front right hip of his armor had spoken up first when peeping in the conversation:

“We cannot rest any longer... we must expand our borders from this capital and continue our growth!”

This was the councilman of the art of war, greatest warrior of all of their people, and leader of the armies of Kerem.

“While true... we simply cannot spare the resources to do so.”

The councilman of the capital’s economy had responded... not wanting the waste of valuable resources to be used on such a stupid manner, the fancy clothed man had slammed his fist onto the table.

“We could gain more if we agree to these rules... which is to not only begin mobilization of our forces to explore and claim new territory, but from the councilman of technological advancements.... create these pens to house our work beasts.”

The War councilman responded back.. his people have been lying in wait for too long, they needed to expand, especially with the threat of the outside world growing ever larger, they needed to prepare for the eventuality of war. The other four councilmen had conversed amongst themselves, but it has been decided from the very beginning, their people needed to thrive, to expand, to create a ever-lasting nation. And this, with near majority vote, with one against it, it has been decided that they will achieve this goal.

At the gate and entrance/exit to the capital, a force has begun mobilizing, a 240 strong force of Kerem’s finest spear men, accompanied by a regiment of 65 scouts that will move up just ahead to scout for any danger, the soldiers and scouts marching through the streets as nearby folk had waved and cheered goodbye to the brave new explores of the outsider world. The Royal Guards would remain here and protect the Capital from any outside threat while the rest of the force moves out... and as the forces, now determined to do their part of the Council, marched forth with a newfound passion. Only time will tell of how things will go down:

The armies of Kerem are mobilizing:

Free actions/movement
-Divide Army:
-Hunters + x2 Footsoldiers: Head West, Fast Movement, Head South West, Begin exploration of tile

-Royal Guards: Remain at Capital for the time being


-Begin Research of: Giant Desert Isopod pen

“While our nation have been using these strong beasts as work animals... and potentially war beasts if the time calls, it is but only recently we have created the means of housing them within our very walls....”

-Train: x1 Footsoldier​


Magic Eight Ball
It was another clear day above the clouds in the capital, the council met as per usual to discuss simple matters of the city, food production, buildings, and the maitanence of the millitary that was never used, Though the words of Rex were always on their mind and they were told be prepared for anything since the dark one could return at any moment.
Though today ended up different, the doors of the Great hall Slammed open due to a strong gust of wind and an old scent filled the air sparking old memories of conflict deep within the elders heads, causing deep Discussions to begin among them, Many were worried about what could be coming, others were worried on whether it was too late, but they all came to the agreement, to send a group to the surface to scout out the area and see if anything worth worrying about had started, where others will begin training and Researching a possible way to deal with the threat if it is what they have feared.

Free Movement-
Dragoon unit 1 drops to surface
Dragoon unit 1 Heads north east 1 block Explores Forest area
Juggernaut unit 1 heads south west Explores Forest area

Fast movement: Dragoon unit 1 flys over ocean north east one (1/3 action)
Research into what keeps the islands floating, and a use for its ability (research for gravity magic) (3 Actions Reduced to 2 as per policy -9 resources ) ( ( 2/3 action)

Wise dragon Sages speak of the island as a gift of the gods, and many have pondered what keeps it afloat. with the dark winds blowing its time to figure this out and use it to our advantage

Resources Remaining 1

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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

Flickering into existence a speck of flame illuminated the far end of the corridor. Even its dancing beauty could not fight back the cold dark that filled the...dungeon? “Wh-Where am I?” the woman’s trembling voice softly questioned. Her legs and arms had long been numb from lack of movement, but she could tell she was seated on a hard wooden chair. Heavy iron shackles weighed down and bound her limbs and as she attempted to rise, a second flame came to life, this time closer. “Who's there?!” Her voice broke, now full of fear as she pulled against the restraints. The rattling of the chains and rocking of the chair drowned out the approaching footsteps.

Suddenly a trail of fire blazed along the wall, racing towards the woman then behind her to the last wall torch. Approaching from the lingering darkness were two figures, one elderly and dressed in dark rags while the other was young and adorned in gold and sapphires blue.

(1) Home / Twitter

“This is her, Master. The Spy woman.” The elderly man declared. He moved with a limp, circling around to the back of the chair, his left leg giving a heavy thud every time he stepped.

“”N-No, no, no I’m not a spy.” She quickly countered. “I’m just a traveler from the north. I sought shelter in your beautiful...arg!” A leather strap abruptly cut the woman off as it tightened around her throat. The young man watched in silence, a statuesque silhouette with eyes colder than the dungeon. “Tell us who sent you.” He demanded in a low and even tone.

When the woman did not speak right away, a nail was placed to her left temple. The sharpness forced her eyes to shoot open and dart to the side. She could only see the elderly man’s face and the wicked grin he wore. “I-I I’m not a spy my lord, please! No one sent me!” Tears welled in her eyes as she met his icy gaze and knew what would come next.”ARGH!!” Her voice was deafening in the small quarters of the dungeon. The nail pierced through her flesh like jewelry and her tears rolled down her face.

“P-Please my lord...I…” When she lifted her head she saw an open palm before her face. The man before her had demanded silence. “Finish up here.” The words sent chills down her spine and her blood ran cold. She started to tremble now, shaken by the fear that these dark walls would be the last thing she ever saw. “I’m begging you Ple-AHH!” Again the nail and hammer collided as the man turned his back and took his leave of the scene.

A dry heat surrounds Raven Heart, as does a desert that is rumored to be full of sand spirits and skeletons. On any given day the sun’s rays cross over the walls of Raven Heart like a spy infiltrates any city. It’s light bathes the homes and street markets of the city in warmth and illuminates the myriad of colors that line the crowded streets. In the shadows of this light lurk the secret police of the King. a hundred eyes watching from the King’s chambers to the cemetery on the opposite side of the city. Towers archers watch the desert and streets pierce the skyline, constantly on patrol.

Sand sweeps through Raven heart with every breeze and while outsiders find it annoying, the residents barely notice anymore. Life inside Raven Heart can be just as unforgiving as life on the outside of its walls however. During the day slaves perform the toughest of tasks and while they are required to be given at least decent living standards, they are still treated like outsiders and given the least of all residents.

The night market is where one finds most of Zanzir’s tourists. Many of those who visit the city come in search solely of someone to buy or sell secrets. A lowly merchant may know of a treasure hidden in the region, a highborn might be selling their knowledge of the city's inner workings, while the crown might be selling the secrets of a foreign power. In Zanzir discretion comes at a cost and secrets only stay that way if you pay more than the person that is willing to buy them.

Ravens' Vault

“Congratulations all of you. From this day forth you are Ravens.” A low applause hummed through the large room just as a breeze blew open the silk curtains of sapphire blue. About fifteen men and women stood in the center of the room, their faces concealed by black masks. The singular person away from the group stood in the doorway watching with a displeased grimace upon her face. “You are all dismissed. Return to your quarters. Pack your things, and await your new assignments from the Master of Whispers.” The older man instructed with pride in his voice.

“Another year another flock of puppets for my brother to command.” Amanitore mocked as she pushed off of the door post and entered the room. She watched the Ravens exit without a sand, silent as death herself.

“Your Grace.” The elderly man started. “Becoming a Raven is the highest honor in the realm. Those men and women are more than puppets, they are guardians. Protectors of Raven’s Heart and everyone in it. Even those who might speak ill of their King or plot to undermine and embarrass him.” A knowing expression shaped the man’s face as he looked down upon the MIstress of Coin.

Amanitore’s gaze narrowed upon the man. She scoffed at his insinuation before she turned away and left him standing in the room by himself.

Street Markets

“We were told to return to our quarters and prepare to get our assignments, not wander the market for...what are we looking for?” Jupiter inquired as she followed Ororo through the crowded streets. Overhead incense burned and sheets of silk bond merchant stalls to homes of sandstone.

“Would you keep your voice down? And this is me preparing.” Optimism filled Ororo’s voice. He shuffled through the familiar streets and crowds with ease, never slowing down as excitement fueled his every step. “I just know they will give me a foreign assignment and when they do I will need a slave to accompany me. All the bests have disguises and I will need one too.” As they came upon the slave market Ororo grinned ear to ear. He could no longer hear Jupiter for the auctioneer was louder than anything or anyone in the area. His voice belted out price after price, the sums getting higher and higher with every second. He wasn’t interested in the type of slave that would be put on auction though, he needed something cheap that wouldn’t draw the attention of others.

As he squeezed through a group of highborns looking for domestic slaves he happened upon an elderly man and a young woman, both malnourished. They sat with their backs against the wall until they noticed Ororo staring at them. Slowly they rose to their feet and put on the best smiles they could muster. “Greetings mi’lord. This is my granddaughter...Bas. She can cook, clean, sew, and she can read, mi’lord.”

“You’re not slaves though.” Ororo said. He could tell from the lack of chains, absence of slave markings, and their appearance. They were poor, probably the lowest of their society, but they were free people. “Correct mi’lord, but....we have no money and...no way to feed her younger siblings. This is our last option.”

“There you are!” Jupiter bumped into Ororo and before she could ask what was going on he had reached into her pockets and stolen her coin purse. “I won’t buy your granddaughter from you, but I will loan you some money to get back on your feet. Bas can work for me to pay me back.” Ororo saw it in Jupiter’s face that she wanted her money back, but that she understood and wouldn’t argue for now.


1) Construct City Wall

2&3) Infantry settles City of Sun Spire


Archer #1 moves East 1 Tile

Spy moves W 1 tile

Infantry moves W 1 Tile


Archer #1 unit explores Eastern tile​


The proud City-State of Mesania
Coreatades was a firm believer that nothing could be achieved by one acting alone. Euvoia was built on the unity of it's people, on how they would struggle together against all odds, each small tribe contributing their own specialty to the whole. Much like the Olympians, who, despite each having governace over a different aspect of life, all bowed under the rule of Zeus, so too must men act, putting aside their differences and bowing before a son of Zeus, each doing their part for the greater good of Mesania.

And yet, he was reminded of something his mother often used to say to him in his young years-A ship has only one captain for a reason. And sitting in his council room, where he had brought in the other demigods to advise his next course of action, he could suddenly see the immense wisdom of her words. Glaukos, the son of Ares, was currently loudly arguing that the Mesanian army needed to at least double in size, and alongside the Bastarnae, set out to raid any of the surrounding settlements. This proposal was being vetoed by Mourlos, son of Hades, who was instead suggesting that great walls be erected from land and sea, for this new continent undoubtedly held many horrors that would consign everyone to an early grave. Pallada, daughter of Athena, was muttering under her breath of how foolish all of them were, that Euvoia was not made great through savage strength or fear but through it's academies that served as a beacon of knowledge. And these were not even the most disruptive ones.

Coreatades motioned for the slave next to him to fetch him more wine, to the latter's slight concern, as this was the seventh time he had requested a refill throughout the entire meeting. It was fortunate that Mesanian wine was watered down before consumption, or perhaps he would have joined in on the dissonant chorus that the supposdedly gifted people before him were currently forming. To tell all of them to fuck off his quarters was an increasingly attractive option, but he was well aware that they would take that as a sign to do as they pleased. And like a man drawn and quartered, their attempts to simultaneously have Mesania do everything would ultimately result in it getting torn apart.

"Silence! All of you!"
He slammed his fist on the table, hard, his voice booming like the thunder of his father. For the many flaws he possessed, Coreatades was never bad at commanding attention.

"Of what armies, do you speak of? Of what walls? We do not know who inhabits this continent or what their intentions are, but here you stand, already fully convinced that they are ripe for the taking, or that they are savage marauders that will seek to destroy us, instead?"

Glaukos remained seething, staring intently, but his words did have some effect on the more sensible demigods that were present. "Have you all forgotten what our strength was? It was neither towering walls, nor great armies, nor learned scholars that allowed us to survive, indeed, thrive here. It was our ships. Ships which we cannibalized to build Mesania. Do you not think it would be wise for us to begin restoring them? To do what we know for sure we are best at, instead of what each of you are dreaming we should be good at?"
Mourlos seemed to remain largely unconvinced. "One cannot deny the wisdom of your words, Harmost, and yet, what if the enemy comes not from the sea but from land? How will our ships help us then?"
Coreatades sighed, gulping the last of his cup and once again outstretching his arm for the slave to refill. Why must everyone be so stubborn? "So be it! Glaukos, begin amassing your clan. Mourlos, it is your duty to begin scouting the nearby land for other nations and any other good places we could expand to. Are you pleased?"

No, no they were not. And they wouldn't be for the foreseeable future. The best he could do was to stop them from tearing each other apart, and, in the process, making Mesania several small tribes. If this was what his Father had to deal with, on the daily, since the dawn of time, he perfectly understood why he so often eloped with mortal women. The stress was soul-crushing. Alas, no such luck for him...

"You're all dismissed. Do your duties as best you can, and we shall make our homeland worthy of Euvoia yet."
I hope, at least. I can do nothing but hope.

He held his arm out for yet more wine, already feeling his head get a little light.

Free Actions:
1 Unit of Clansmen moves west, explores.
1 Unit of Chariots moves 1 tile west, and one tile northwest.

Action Points:
Advancement: Basic Docks-Marines gain +1 attack. Unlock unit: Bireme

Advancement: Fishing Ships-Increase Resources gained each turn by 1.

Train Unit: Clansmen


The lord of randomness and the warp
"for there is no honor in magic"

imposing towers of metal rose from the ground haphazard and spiked less for style and seemingly as if structures were stacked upon one another spikes and protrusions designed to defend against some great beast attack this strange metal spire. The trend continued spreading towers of cold steel gave way to smaller shelters the spread of the based off these towers like rolling hills only broken by valleys for streets to pass through. So much metal would make any race uncomfortable the heat radiating off the imposing structure throughout the day and night. What creature would build in such a way? Answers would come soon the further one traveled into the metal landscape spires where replaced billowing smokestacks rolling metal hills morphed into boxy styles structure bearing nothing but efficiency the echos of tools clanking against metal rung through this cubic district all leading up to one to one recognizable structure a castle of stone and mortar metallic plating attached to it all kept shiny despite the smoke that billowed around it, the castle acting almost like a cruel overseer of the rest of this plagued landscape.

finally upon a balcony overseeing this almost classicly evil city was the twist horrific vile.. oh it was just a small gecko-like creature a goofy grin permanently affixed to its face eyes darting around and it stood upon a stool so it could look over the balconies railings. All the creatures amongst the city looked exactly like this adorable and non-threatening when divorced from thier architecture and technology. The one upon the balcony was known as gorbick... the great... looking out in the vast beyond from the safety of their city, he knew out there was dangerous, every and everyone could easily crush with if given the chance, they wouldn’t have gotten here without the guidance of Gokel. Letting out a chirpy sigh gorbick turned back walking into the castle as the meeting with his peers were about to begin.

several other gecklicko sat around a large circular table in the center a life sized replica of there first leader Gokel the statue was carved of stone and stood about a little over a meter tall. “Our current food situation is going to far outstrip our population of we do not act now“ squeaked Gespi a tan greenish skinned lizard all others nodding in agreement the next to speak was a brownish colour one her voice more feminine Gisl the head runesmith. “I suggest we set aside some industries sectors purely for exosuits, if what gorbick has said is true we shall need more of them to supplement the mechanicals” she announced chirping of agreement followed form all but Gespi. “We should look towards a more efficient way of fielding our great mechanicals yes Gisl.. unless you're unsuited for such a job?” He‘d ask not doubting her abilities for a second however they were married after all.. but it was just how the two's relationship worked. It simply prompted Gisl to smile back. “All in due time Gespi you know my record is spotless and I shall endeavor to prove myself worthy of this position” she replied swiftly. All attention turned to Gorbick now the Grick standing up and clearing his throat. “My peers, I suggest we launch a fully-equipped military expedition with what forces we have spare towards the frozen north... my source claims there to be possible artifacts of old there” he’d explain leading to less approval and more uncomfortable murmurs. “Trust me my fellow gecklicko if this fail my position will be duly forfeit to the next most capable do we not all wish to see a world where all gecklicko can rid themselves of the fickle reliance on spellcraft?” Hes short but sweet speech changed the tune of the group quickly to that of approval the group Dispersing towards there various talks and sectors.

Leaving Gorbick alone on the chamber for a moment the Grick then making his way over to an elevator-like system bringing him deep underground. A cavern guarded by several towering draconic-like constructs Uncovered by Gorbick himself was a metallic object each glowing somewhat the dimly lit cavern. Gorbick walking up to the metal structure taking a deep breath. “So AI... we meet again last time we spoke you claimed to know of how to divorce yourself form the fickle and untrustworthy arcane... while your claims of such a future are glorious.. I need some proof any proof that what you claim is a truth..” Gorbick words were less a demand and far more a plea to the metallic structure.. hopefully, answers would come soon.

the outskirts of the great metal city huge gates pulled away from a towering docking bay of sorts, striding out into the Wilds was first a diminutive sort of thing it appeared like a metal man headless and somewhat lanky carrying a large blade upon its back sitting in the center was a gecklicko, from a distance it frankly looked stupid and up close downright amusing 24 of these similar metal frames walked out followed by towering long-limbed spindly things each one much like its smaller cousins only the pilot was several meters in the air with long arms over three meters long all of this? To carry an oversized longbow strapped to its back now the thing even stood was a mystery in it of itself 10 of these similar stick men strider forth finally followed by the rumbling footsteps of a mechanical unlike the rest of the suit’s this was true armor a hulking behemoth of steel and the arcane its enormous blades looked as if they could cleave a giant in twain. It followed behind the others the tallest one taking the lead as they headed towards their destination Looming just over the horizon only vague image was something and whatever that something was it was truly massive. Only time would tell what this expedition would find for better or for worse...

Free action:
Army1: 2xSword Slingers1xlong striders-1×mechancial trooper: North West 2 tiles
Army1: explore
Fast movment: army1: actions 1
Advancement: cost: 2 :actions 1: forge districts: reduce the cost of sword slinger by 1.
Vast areas dedicated to the soul purpose of producing exosuits and thier weapons quality is everything. faliure is melted down and tried again.

Build settlement: farm: South West of capital: cost 5:Turns: 1/3
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The proud nation of the dwarfs it is indeed a sight to see. The nation of Khazar Dymraen is divided into 5 clans who are the descendents of the 5 sons of the all father who has refrained from any political ambition. The all father's name is Noddumlir Thraddirlum he is said to be the first dwarf to ever walk the earth. The five clans rival eachother constantly and fight for power but they are forever loyal to Noddumlir Thraddirlum for he is the father of the dwarfs he cannot be opposed by any dwarf.

The capital of Ner Thoram is a bustling city full of traders, you may wonder what a dwarven city looks like from the inside. At the front gates of Ner Thoram two "eternal guardians" stand to guard over the city gates. When you would find yourself walking through the gates you would suddenly find yourself situated not in a small room but in an enormous carved out hall. With decorated pillars and streets just like a normal city. The city is divided into residential areas and areas of designated for commerce, the dwarven homes are very cozy from the inside. They are a rather civilized folk although they may not look like it at first when you meet them outside of their city. Outside of their homeland they look ruff and some may even say barbaric but when you meet the dwarves inside their own city they will be dressed very nicely and you will find out that etiquette is one of the most important things in dwarf culture aside from their honor. It is in this mysterious land that the heads of the five dwarven clans met eachother for the annual meeting, where they would discuss the most important events and decide upon the future of the nation.

The five dwarven lords were sitting on their highly decorated throne like chairs. The chairs were carved out and decorated with gems, gold and of course the crest of their clan. They chairs were set in a circle at the same height so no one would sit higher than the other. A short (even for dwarven standards) dwarf stood up his long beard was slowly going grey with the first grey parts slowly infecting the other parts of his beard. He weared a red cloak decorated with several golden colored symbols of runes. He had a magnificent dagger hanging around his waist and he had a large scar across his face. "My brethren we have come here today to discuss which course we shall take for the next year. I want to make my intentions clear although all of you have probably already heard rumors about it. We shall set up new cities it is time for to seek new riches for the glory of our people. I cannot wait any longer, these hall greatly bore me. We have hidden too long, let us march."

"March to where! We of the Kazach clan are content with what we have we shall not join you nor support you in this rather risky venture" said an enormous (again for dwarven standars) dwarf. Other nodded, just as began to look like all hope was lost another dwarf stood up, the amount of shiny golden jewerly he had on could easily blind you. "I shall support you, we of the Trachar clan actually have the resources to pull this off unlike the Kazach clan who are just to hiding under some vague excuse instead of admitting that they simply dont have the gold" he grinned.

The enormous dwarf stood up before anyone knew it he had a large axe in his hand "You can come fight me you Trachar filth, anymore comments and i wont forgive it nor forget it"
"SILENCE!" a dwarf stood up who had a very long white beard, he was rather modestly clothed in comparison with the other lords. "You may be young but i will not allow any of this nonsense in the hall of the fathers."
That basically was the end of the quarrel and the dwarves left. It was decided now that two dwarven lords had united their efforts they could actually accomplish something like building a new settlement.

"Halt!" a group of soldiers were escorting dwarves to new lands when a dwarven lord appeared. It was the short dwarven lord who had proposed the plan, his name was Yrun Darin. "I shall accompany you to new lands, the Darin clan shall prosper once again!" he was met by a "hurrah". They marched out of their "safe" city and went on to new lands.

To be clear i start with 2 dymraenian guards and 1 Dwarven Knyght + 1 Protectors of the All-father

free action
* Move 1 dymraenian guard to tile west + move 1 dwarven knyght south west (so both into the adjacent tiles to the mountain range)
* Explore southern western tile by Dwarven knyghts.

Main actions
* Build a Settlement (normal one) - 1 Actions / 5 Resources (use all three actions) in both tiles where I sent troops.
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The Emerald Knight
~ Capital of the New World ~


  • Alexian's premiership would not start happily. One month has passed since he became Primus, and he is already presiding over a case regarding a breach of the Compact. And by a Magister, no less. Not one of his own Magisters, much to Alexian's relief, but even so none of this is remotely desirable to him. Within the courtroom, Alexian sits perched over all others at the very front of the room in his balcony, a seat reserved only for the Primus. In the courtroom, the Primus's presence is only ceremonial, and he only attends court when the most serious of hearings are being held. And breaches of the Compact, especially by a Magister, are perhaps the most serious cases that the Ministry of Law can ever be made to handle, for they strike at the very heart of Regalia itself.

    The Magister currently standing in the defense dock is charged with conspiracy, intimidation, exploitation, and the manslaughter of four mundanes. According to gathered evidence, he used his position of power to force mundane workers to work illegal hours, under threat of harm to themselves and their families if they spoke out, forcing them to work in atrocious conditions, resulting in the preventable deaths of four workers. The remaining affected mundanes are currently receiving treatment for injury, disease caused by extreme cold, and starvation.

    How any of this was even remotely possible is beyond comprehension. The Ministry of the Treasury, the defending Magister's ministry, is currently experiencing a purge as Alexian's officers go throughout the ministry, rank by rank, mass arresting any and all who had anything to do with this travesty. Alexian can only imagine what has been going on under Merilian's watch, all while staring a dangerous glower down at the defending Magister, his growing temper barely contained by courtroom propriety. As for the Magister, spending time in the dungeons seems to have been a new experience for him, his once fine clothes now dirty and ragged, his face drawn and gaunt. With hands bound by powerful ethereal chains, the Magister is simply powerless, forced to do nothing but stand and bear the weight of all stares upon him.

    Niman Salen, Magister for Ministry of Law, sits in her seat as judge within the courtroom. The defense box sits directly in front and below her, while Alexian is seated both behind and above her in his balcony box. The gallary takes up most of the courtroom at the back, row after row of benches, which are all full with both mundane and mage observers, much of them being the families of the victims. Flanking the defense box on both sides stand two long benches with tables; the one on the defendants left is meant for the prosecution, and the one on his right is for the defense. Both benches are empty right now, due to no representation being allowed for trials of this nature. None other than the Magister for the Ministry of Law, the Realm's foremost legal expert, could ever be trusted to reach the correct verdict in these cases.

    "Magister Lindin Holda," Niman speaks, her voice projecting loudly over the silent courtroom, even as she endures Lindin's stony glares, "It is, therefore, in review of the overwhelming evidence against you that you are found guilty on all charges of conspiracy, intimidation, exploitation, and manslaughter; all breaches of the Compact. In accordance with the law, you will be stripped of your titles, your property, your legal protections, and your life. Should you have any last words, now is the time."

    Lindin could only laugh, a laugh that came out as more of a croak, given that Lindin was both old and unused to the misery of a dungeon. When Lindin stopped laughing, his glower found Niman again, and his grin took the form of a snarl. "Pathetic," He growls, "The Compact. Do you truly intend to uphold that ridiculous piece of parchment?! For Mundanes?! We are Mages! We are their Masters, their Betters! They exist to serve us! That is all they are good for!"

    Angry murmurs start to grow from the gallery, and Alexian tenses. "Mark my words, Primus," Lindin glares back up at Alexian, his glare holding more than just spite, "You will regret this, doing this to me! You have no idea what you have done, what you have allowed this day! But you will know before long, and when you do, you will regret it! You and your puppets! You will all regret it!"

    "Enough!" Niman speaks up, standing from behind her bench, and a burst of magic from her renders Lindin without a voice, and only silence escapes his shouts, "Lindin, you are hereby sentenced to death for your crimes! By request, His Illuminance, the Primus, shall perform the execution personally."

    On cue, Alexian stands from his seat, and raises his hand as magic flows into him. At that very moment, however, there is another burst of magic. Lindin was standing bound by magical restraints on one moment, and the next he somehow freed himself, his bounds vanishing within a split second. The very next moment, Lindin raised his own palm up at the Primus and an arc of electricity escaped him, the Primus using his magic to quickly erect a shield to protect himself, the electricity arc deflecting off the shield and striking the courtroom ceiling, causing it to explode in a downpouring of stone and masonry. The gallery screams in shock and alarm, mundanes quickly rising and running for the exits, while mages stand and prepare to fight the rogue Magister. Niman drops behind her bench, cowering from the fight.

    The rogue Magister becomes the centre of another vortex of magical energy, drawing it out from all around him, and casts a violent spray of fire all across the front of the courtroom, engulfing Niman's bench and Alexian's balcony in flames. But Alexian is prepared this time. As soon as the fire spreads, it is drawn from within the room and concentrated to a single point, that point being within Alexian's hands, a fiery ball like a miniture sun burning in his hands. Lindin's face flashes with surprise, and the Magister is about to draw more magic to him, but it is simply too late. Alexian casts the ball of flames directly at Lindin, which exploding in a fiery blast the moment it touches him, the entire courtroom is engulfed again in flames for a few moments before the magic finally fades and the flames disappear. Niman was safely protected by one of Alexian's shields, as he protected himself with another. The mages in the gallery also raised their own shield, harnessing their collective strength and pouring it into the shield, proving to be enough to protect the gallery from the explosion, even if it stood splintered by the end. No one else had been killed or injured, thankfully, besides Lindin himself.

    The courtroom, however, is now a charred ruin. Everything at the front of the courtroom has been destroyed, either reduced to ash and broken apart into splinters, with the walls and ceiling and windows cracked and broken and reduced to debris. The only thing keeping the room from collapsing would be the magical wards, some of them still holding, large pieces of stone and masonry floating in the air above everyone's heads. Where Lindin stood, a blackened shadow of himself is all that remains of him, showing his hands raised in one last futile attempt to protect himself. With a bit of magic, Alexian floated down from the ruined balcony to stand over Lindin's shadow, just as Niman escapes her hiding spot to shakily stand at Alexian's side.

    "He... he actually..." Niman says as she stares at where Lindin stood, her voice full of shock, before she turns to Alexian, "Thank you, Your Illuminance. I-I had no idea Lindin could free himself like that..."

    "Yes, how is that even possible?" Alexian asks, with a raised eyebrow and questioning tone, "He was a bureaucrat, a bean-counter! He should not have been able to free himself, let alone cast spells right in the middle of the courtroom. Are not defense boxes warded against spellcasting?"

    "Yes, they are, Your Illuminance. This is as much of a mystery to you as it is to me. The only... well, the only one that might be able to defeat such wards would be... the Primus himself. I know Lindin does not, or at least he did not, have that kind of magical strength before today. I cannot say what exactly just happened." Niman confesses, before she straightens herself, and her voice clears, "But it shall be investigated, of course. I can only apologise for this spectacle, Your Illuminance."

    "Inform me of any findings, Niman." Alexian told her, "This cannot happen again."


Herald of the Great Devourer
Takrian Republic

A city of brick and stone stood on the gentle rolling hills that composed the southern shoreline of the continent. Established around a deep valley violently carved into the terrain by a crashlanding starship, the giant metallic carcass of Unity's namesake vessel towered over the settlement. Though much of their technology had been lost, the city stood as a testament to takrian tenacity. Even deprived of their advancements, the survivors established a functioning government and a primitive civilization.

Now with basic infrastructure in place, the republic has taken its first steps towards exploring and securing their new home. Military units set out from the capital, civilians were recruited to found new settlements and prospecting teams were sent out to evaluate potential sites for extraction of natural resources.
Resources: 10 starting
Income: +3
Expenses: -8
End of turn stockpile: 5
Order: 1
Population: 10 + 2 growth
Unity: Capital lvl 1; +3 resources, +2 population
Unity garrison: 2 legionaries, 1 archers, 1 cataphracts; currently in Unity
Policies and advancements:
Unknown horizons: Being a colonization mission sent to an unknown planet, the crew of Unity was trained in handling the dangers of unknown territory. Exploration a tile is more likely to yield a favourable outcome. [policy]
Resource extraction: Intensified prospecting and advanced mining techniques lead to more efficient utilization of mineral wealth. All settlements gain +1 resource income [advancement; currently being upgraded]
1 legionary split off from Unity garrison, move northeast and explore
1 legionary and archer split from Unity garrison, move northwest
Action 1 and 2 used to build a regular settlement northeast of Unity
Action 3 used to make an advancement (resource extraction level 1)


The Oni
Without honour there is only darkness
The Story of the Oni
The spring bloom was in full swing, the pink and crimson petals of the white barked trees flanked the long path to the Emperor's home. For someone with the title of and role of Emperor, there was no grand castle but rather a humble house at the end of a short road flanked by beautiful trees. The lack of grandeur wasn't lost on Jin as he approached the abode, such was the Emperor's trust in his people not even one armed guard stood waiting. The Shogun of the Oni approached the outer decking of the house and was greeted by the soft voice of Emperor Midori.

"Welcome Jin...please come and join me." The Emperor gestured for the Shogun to take a seat next to him.

Jin responded with a gentle bow before removing his shoes, taking a seat next to the Emperor. The view from the decking was beautiful, looking out from the top of Mount Oda across the Hideyoshi region. It was peculiar that the view was so beautiful and not restricted to the high walls of the Oni capitals castle, why Emperor Midori put such faith into his people was the reason he brought the clan wars to an end.

"Thank you for letting me sit with you," Jin said solemnly.

"I have told you before Jin, you need not focus on formalities with me in private." The Emperor reached behind him and brought forward a small scroll, unravelling it onto the wooden panelling before them.

Jin cast his eyes over the familiar mountain ranges of the region, but the lands beyond were unseen by him. His eyes widened as he realised that somehow, Emperor Midori had mapped out the majority of the continent. What Jin supposed was settlements were marked clearly and Jin was surprised to see just how many of them there were.

"I can see you're surprised," Emperor Midori said with a smile. "The map as you can see shows the entirety of our continent. The reason I show you it is to first let you know that the world beyond Hideyoshi is vast but to also show you my plans."

The Emperor began to gesture around the Oni home with his index finger, his voice filled with excitement and hope.

"I will be commissioning a new farming community here before looking to expand into the surrounding areas. While we undertake this I will begin sending our people out into the world so we can start to see what these other nations have to offer." Emperor Midori turned to Jin with a wide smile. "What do you think?"

Jin was lost with words, never before had the thought of leaving their mountainous home ever been spoken about but it was clear that the Emperor was no simple man.

"I must say the thought of going beyond the borders of the mountain sound like a tale from old, but if that is what you wish then I will see it happen." Jin bowed his head solemnly causing the Emperor to laugh.

“If I have to tell you one more time...I’ll…” The Emperor stuttered before letting out a sigh. “I won’t do anything. You’re the most loyal and trustworthy person I have met and in no uncertain terms I would trust our nation’s future in your hands if anything were to happen to me.” Before he could continue Jin interrupted.

“Forgive my interruption Emperor, but nothing will happen to you while I breathe. You united our people and ended a centuries old war. For that we would all gladly give our lives to you.” Jin bowed once more with his head, much to the exasperation of Emperor Midori.

“Jin…” he said looking down over the lands before them, “...our people are destined for great things.”
Paid for Actions

• Build Farming Settlement @ Peasants - 5 Resources - All 3 Actions to Complete​

Free Actions

• Movement: Samurai Cavalry - W, NW​
• Movement: Ashigaru Cavalry - E, NE​
• Movement: x2 Peasants: NE​
• Explore: Samurai Cavalry​
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Grock No-Name
Soon To Be Tyrant of The Thunder-Guts Tribe

The sounds of bloodthirsty cheering, drunkenly shouted bet placings, and good old chewing of massive beast bones all filled Grocks ears as he was lowered into the maw-pit. A cavernous massive trench in the earth that was dug into the center of camp. This pit had been where great feast games had been played all day. From Gut-Barging where two ogres bare-handed try and flip the other over their heads by each other's belt in a show of triumphant strength and fortitude, Face-Crackin where took turns punching the bloody hell out of each other to see who could keep standing longer or one of the feast favorites Rock-Buttin. A contest to see which ogre could crack the most massive boulder with a single headbutt! It was common for the winners to stumble away roaring happily after enduring injuries that would kill those soft southern Slimm ten times over.

However those were earlier on in the great tribe feast, they were violent games sure but violence was nearly as intrinsic to the Ogre's identity as gluttony so these games were played in good mirth, just some feast fun but that mostly harmless (by ogre standards) fun was gone, the air was electric with excitement that fed into the ogre's most savage desire for bloodlust. Grock locked eyes with the heavily adorned Tyrant across the pit from him and merely chuckled deeply "Today ya join Ghur's eternal hunt father" to which the much larger and more muscular ogre wearing the skull of some great cave beast roared back, "Prepare to be eaten boy, I've fought and ate more than twice my girth in challengers ye ain't no different" See the position of Tyrant within a tribe wasn't monarchal at all. Anyone from any position could fight for the right to rule, and many had tried to take down old Kruzog and all had failed so the fact his own son had barked a challenge at the feast was met with some surprise but no hesitation.

Suddenly a hunched but still massive Ogre walked into the ring as well, this one even more rotund than the rest of her kin. Meat hooks were caught in her skin carrying scraps of meat from various beasts, her skin was caked in blood and offal, she carried a leather apron filled to near bursting with tenderizers and filleting knives but the aura surrounding this ogre commanded a respect that signaled they were more than a simple preparer of food. This walking meat larder would raise a glowing hand to sky to signal the silence of all spectators. Grabbing what looked like the throat of some beast from one of her hooks, the butcher would begin speaking in a supernaturally booming voice "We gatha here to witnass the rite of leadership challenge, ya know the rules. One no weapons allowed only da might that great ghur blessed ya out the womb with, Two ya have to kill ya opponent in the maw pit attempting to flee means death, and finally this fight is to da end...the loser gets devoured bones and all understood?"
The two combatants nodded and both threw away their gutplates, this was a serious sign as an Ogre's organs were all located far lower on the body than any normal creature meaning their guts were a weak spot constantly guarded by a Ogre's prized possession...their gut plate the only armor most Ogre's bothered with so to remove this was a sign of true and utter murderous intent. The crowd began their epic bloodlust-filled chant once again as excitement for the action to began run high, with the bash of a massive drum the two ogres charged one another. Kruzog being bigger and stronger than his son was the favored combatant, throwing his weight forward he would attempt to grab his son's throat, this was a mistake as Grock recognized the tactic his father favored. He had thought enough to ask the tribe elders of the previous challenger's fates, and this was a tactic he expected. Ducking under the grab he'd rise upwards as the arm sailed over him and grab his fathers arm in his massive maw and with a vicious jerk of his head managed to tear off his fathers entire massive hand spitting it out with a roar, this earned a massive hooray from the crowd. Taking advantage of the shock this allowed him, he'd throw all he had into an uppercut against his opponent which he expected to knock his father clean to the ground....he had underestimated his father's strength. Whereas such a horrid wound as losing an entire hand would send many lesser races into shock or incredible blood loss, Ogre's had few pain receptors in the first place and with their enhanced durability wounds tended to seal fast making bleeding out an ogre a task nearly impossible. This lead to Kruzog taking the blow from his son before bellowing, "ONE DING I ALWAYS HATED ABOUT HANDS IS KNUCKLES THEY GET IN THE WAY OF A GOOD SLAMMIN" then he would reel back before slamming the bloody muscled stump into his sons face sending him spiraling backward. It was now Grock recognized the sheer strength difference, he wasn't small or anything for an ogre standing at a respectable 12ft tall average for the species, however, his father was of a different scale standing at a monstrous 15ft tall and wider than any other in the tribe. A true titan among goliaths, Grock was stunned by the sheer force of the blow and unable to respond immediately leading to his father kicking him hard enough that he slammed into the wall of the maw pit. Kruzog would bellow in monstrous arrogance, "My kin wishes to die by my fist? SO BE IT" he would roar at the crowd who roared back in a frenzy, he enjoyed soaking up this glory before the kill. However this gloating would prove to be a fatal mistake, Grock knew then and there he couldn't outfight his father, he was to big, to strong, however there was one thing his father wasn't...cunnin. Picking himself up slowly, Grock would turn towards the rough wall of da mawpit, had plenty of nooks and crannies to climb on so thats what he did, pulling himself up the walls of the mawpit some Ogres would point and gasp but these were drowned out by those wallowing in what they thought was a clean victory for the current Tyrant...how wrong they were. By the time Kruzog would turn to finish the fight and consume his foe, he would see the massive bulk of his son flying through the air from the rim of the pit right towards him....there was a sickening snap of a neck and when the body of the larger ogre hit the ground with a thunderous THUD...all knew it was over. Grock would rise from the pile of flesh victorious not roaring like the beast of his father but holding a bloody gore-soaked fist to the air silent asides the intense labored breathing of himself, then as if galvanized by some unseen force ogre's across the stands would begin to chant in unison


A new tyrant of the Thunder-Guts tribe had been born and at that same time, an Ogre earned his name.

As Grock leaned down to began tearing at the flesh of his former tyrant and father he swore he saw a final look of pride in the elder former tyrant ogre's eyes...there was little malice in his actions, Grock realized that now. The strong ruled, the weak devoured this was the kingdom of Ghur and those were its only decree's.



"You sure bout this Grock?" that was some 12th-time Bogkrus asked if Grock was sure about this....or at least Grock thought it was 12th, he had trouble with numbers over 10 but was slowly getting better. " I mean you just won the leadership of tribe? How will it look if you abandon us now? They will call you weak Tyrant" Grock sighed, "I ain't abandoning nothin, I must face these trials alone and if they are completed I'll be Tyrant of all tribes!" after his unconventional win against the former tyrant some of the more conservative Ogres in camp declared Grocks actions un-ogre but technically his opponent was killed in the pit so the title of leadership was taken. "Ya know why Im leaving ya in charge Bogkrus?" Bog wasn't very bright even by ogre standards but he was incredibly loyal to the upstart Tyrant, after Grock saved his life from a mournfang pack back when they were grubs and they served as Bruisers together. The tyrants lackies and enforcers around camp but....even back then there was something more going on in that head of Grocks, always watching and listening absorbing information instead of tossing it out. "Cause were brothers in arms!" guffawed Bog, wrapping a arm around Grock's shouler's "Yea's and I trusts you so you gotta listen to my direktions? Remember the plan?" Bog nodded after a moment or 10, "Take the boys, head south, and crush da first Slimm settlem.....whats it again?" Grock shook his head in exasperation, "Settlement! Its a slimm thing, they don't wander at all they like to sit in on spot they whole lives" that revelation shook Bog to his core, as that was quite different from the ogre's nomadic existence, "How do ya know all dis Grock?" to which he responded solemnly, "Aye...don't worry yourself bout it Bog" Grock moved for the tent door, ready to embark on the quest that would imbue him enough power that it'd edtch himself in ogre history...and slimm history for that matter. There was no welcoming party for Grock as he hoisted the massive boulders that functioned as gates against the wild beasts of their home range, Grock would ascend into the higher levels of the mountains of mourn...searching for a single ogre.



The Ninja. Now you see me, Now you don't.
Aegis, Capital of Azera

Alixandre, President

A new day dawns on the city of Aegis, the golden rays of light penetrating through the windows of people's homes. As the day wore on, the quiet streets bursted into life. Alixandre got ready for an address, reciting what he wrote in his mind. As the time approached, a crowd gathered in the city square. He stepped out onto the stage, and using his voice, started the address.

"Azerans, the road thus far has been difficult. We had our homes taken away under conditions no one could have predicted." He paused for a second. "We are entering a new age in our nation's history, one that we have the opportunity to forge for ourselves. We get to choose if our nation rises, or falls. I have faith that we can rebuild our once great nation. We are in a new enviornment, ready to shape by our hand, and we have our steadfast resolve that has been passed through generations. Azera will rise once again!" The crowd ruptured in applause as he walked off the stage. Sitting down with a handful of messengers, he handed out directions for them to pass to the military and the public, agreed upon by the other governors.

1st Battalion Swordsmen and 1x 1st Battalion Archers move East - activate cartography (mapped tile)
1st Cav Battalion moves southeast.
2nd Battalion Archers (2nd archer unit) stay to garrison the city.

1) Build Settlement - East - 5 resources
2) Recruit 1x Swordsmen - 5 resources
3) Research Ship Building


Happy Necromancer

Commander Le'Grange thumbed through some paperwork on the development of the nations at hand on the continent of Vostrica. The mechanical fingers on his cybernetic hand making the slightest whirring sounds as they moved back and forth. He counted once, then twice and finally a third time before he called over his trusty lieutenant.

"Boyle. Come over here."

Boyle had been hunched over conferring with another officer at their holographic console before he shot up ramrod straight with the precision of a whip at the sound of his commanding officer's voice. "Yes sir. Heading to you now."

Within a few strides, Boyle was at Le'Grange's side. "What can I do for you sir?"

The Commander's face scrunched up, at least the parts that weren't mechanical. "I've looked through the physical papers that you've given me when I haven't looked through the magical auras or even the holographic interfaces and I've noticed a bit of a discrepancy."

Boyle looked concerned by this as he was impeccable with his paperwork if nothing else. "What do you mean, sir?"

"This." He held up a report dealing with the various nations on the continent. "This says that there were 15 major nations on this land, but in later reports, it is stating only 13."

Boyle feels a cold sweat down his back as his lips purse together. "Well, you see sir." Barely a moment passes as he puts together his thoughts. "At first count we indeed had there as 15 major burgeoning nations, but 2 of them collapsed shortly before you were awoken from cryostasis. However the other nations are more then making up for it, as you can see in your reports."

Le'Grange placed the papers down on the nearby table. "Any particular reason why they collapsed? I didn't see anything listed in these current reports."

"I hadn't seen it worth noting, sir." Boyle suddenly felt as though he were under an extremely energy efficient heat lamp. "It was the more typical costs of failure. Not enough resources, unable to expand, internal strife leading to complete collapse."

"Hmm. Well next time, please place it in the reports. Nothing is unimportant if I am to make sure that they are able to face what is to come. Am I clear, Boyle?"

"Crystal, sir."

"Dismissed, Lieutenant." With that, Boyle had scampered away and out of the command room. Was he hiding something, or was he just incompetent in his absence while in cryo? Either way, he can not allow it to interfere with his plans for all the remaining nations next month. Something that will test their greatest warriors...….

1 AA, Turn 2, Month 2

Verus Verus
Resources 2 Population 14 Order 1

The Troop comes across a series of caverns. The sounds of metalworking could be heard down one of them. (Continue rp in the Diplomacy section on Discord)

Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505
The Order of Kerem
Resources 7 Population 12 Order 1

Giant Desert Isopod pen research complete. Allows training of Giant Desert Isopod troops. (Stats to be decided)

The Ha’avarti Tribe: A large village lies before you filled with human people that possessed skin the color of a darkened night sky. Sturdy structures made out of clay, filled the village and the entrance was guarded by two men with spears wearing metal chained armor and a yellow beast with a large mane of fur and sharp teeth. (Continue in Diplomacy Channel)

Paleo_Rex Paleo_Rex
Resources 11 Population 12 Order 1

Dragoon unit uncovers an ancient small treasure cache and gains 5 Resources.

Research into Gravity Magic unlocks being able to build settlements over water tiles

LadyOfStars LadyOfStars
Zanzir Aka The Waste
Resources 4 Population 12 Order 1

City Wall constructed. Adds 0/+1 to defending troops

Archer discovers a hidden Spy Ring. Gain 2 Spy Unit on this tile.

Athanas Athanas
The City State of Mesania
Resources 4 Population 12 Order 1

Advancement: Basic Docks-Marines gain +1 attack. Unlock unit: Bireme

Advancement: Fishing Ships-Increase Resources gained each turn by 1.

Clannsman explores tile and discovers:
Lover’s Land: A small village lies before you that seems teeming with humans of all shapes, sizes and genders wearing very little clothing as befitting the warm climate and then some. Sounds of happiness and joy can be heard from within the village. The front of the village is lightly guarded by a man and women wearing scantily clad leather armor that barely covered anything at all. The woman with a spear at her side and the man with a short sword. (Exploration continues in Diplomacy chat on discord)

Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3
Gecklicko Combine
Resources 4 Population 12 Order 1

Advancement: cost: 2 :actions 1: forge districts: reduce the cost of sword slinger by 1.

Army explores the tower:
Omega Tower: In the Frozen North lies a towering structure that seems to radiate magical energies. A purple field of energies seem to keep the place protected from the outside realm. On the other side of the purple field, strange runes can be seen on the Tower. On a nearby Tree stump, a similar style of rune can be seen. (Exploration continues in Diplomacy chat on Discord)

The A.I. seemed to think on this but a moment before speaking with a deep rumbling metallic voice devoid of all emotion. "If it is proof you seek, go find the crumbling ancient city far to The South and you shall have all the proof you need there."

Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim
Kyngdom of Khazar Dymraen
Resources 17 Population 12 Order 1

A new settlement has been constructed to the joy of the people. +1 Happiness

Army explores tile:
Discovers an ancient abandoned mine, gains 10 Resources.

Emerald Emerald
Resources 6 Population 12 Order 1

The archers explore the tile:
They discover a small cabal of BattleMages in a hidden conclave. Receive 3 Battlemages on this tile.

Martydi Martydi
Takrian Republic
Resources 5 Population 12 Order 1

Advancement (resource extraction level 1). Settlements gain +1 Resource collection.

Troop explores:
Ga’lade Castle: An impressive structure lies in front of you. A castle that seems to be made of sturdy materials. As you approach it, you can notice surrounding farmland and guards upon the castle battlements. You have heard rumors of the mighty warrior that lives there, inspiring others to come under his aid. Lord Ga’Lade. (Exploration continues on Diplomacy chat in Discord)

CaptainSully CaptainSully
The Oni
Resources 15 Population 14 Order 1

Farming settlement constructed and the people rejoice. +1 Happiness

Troops explore the tile:
Jigamundo’s Castle: The castle lies on a flat plain and rises towards the sun. It’s towers are placed carefully so as to not blot out the sun during its trip across the sky. It is encased with thick multiple wall barriers and battle hardened troops. Rumors of this place arise from before the unification of the Samurai. A man of Great Power is said to lie within the castle walls. However, Jigamundo is said to be a recluse and his clan is not friendly to outsiders, at least so the sayings go. (Exploration continues in Diplomacy chat on discord)

VolcanicAccelerator VolcanicAccelerator
Ogre Kingdoms
Resources 3 Population 12 Order 1

Quest 1 received:
The Gorging: Acquire 9 Feast! tokens
Every Tyrant and Bruiser under the sun dreams of attaining the power that the Ancients once did. What makes you any different? I want to see that you're capable of more than just surviving. I want to see that you're able to keep your tribe fed. And that's your whole tribe, ya hear? Not just yer Bruiser and his favorite Ironguts

Army explores: Discovers a small cache of resources. Gain 5 Resources

TeaMMatE11 TeaMMatE11
Resources 4 Population 14 Order 1

Ship building researched. Unlocked Lvl 1 ship (Stats to be decided)

A strange visitor in a black cloak arrives at the capital. (Continued in Diplomacy chat in Discord)​
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The Emerald Knight
~ The Land of Eternal Winter ~

  • Despite intensive searches, the surveyors would find nothing in addition to what had already been discovered. No new veins of ore, no further ferile lands to cultivate, no undiscovered forests to log. It looked as though this entire operation had been a waste, until near to the very end of the survey of the province, when the surveyors finally found something.

    Derin stood within the encampment for his forces, watching critically as his lieutenant puts the mundane archers through grueling drills, keeping them at their peak. Guarding a small group of surveyors was slow and dull work, and Derin did not want his soldiers growing complacent. They must be combat ready at all times, no matter the work they are to do. And with the Tower looming upon the horizon, there very well may be need of battle yet. The Commander, however, would be pulled from his observations when he sensed the presence of a surveyor coming near, fully expecting to hear the same thing he had heard for weeks. What he actually heard he did not expect.

    "We found something." The surveyor said, making Derin's eyebrow quirk upwards, "And something rather unexpected. I need to show it to you, Commander. Follow me."

    After half an hour of walking through the blistering winds, the surveyor would show Derin to wide-mouthed cave, the chill of the wind dropping as he enters, finding the magical sparks of light that the surveyors had lit as they delved deeper into the cave. After some measure of walking, Derin would find the rest of the surveyors, as well as their discovery. A great shimmering ward, and he recognised it as well. It is a wall ward, meant to hold physical objects out. Like people. The Commander could only stare at it in slight confusion.

    "From our observations, we have determined that the ward had been erected some time ago, long before the original surveyors came to the region." The surveyor that escorted Derin told him, "As it still stands, someone has been strengthening the ward repeatedly, for years. There are mages out here, Commander."

    There have been rumours for some time, of mages that managed to escape Regalia in the distant past and flee the oppression of the theocrats, only to vanish into the snow. Everyone expected that such mages had simply died due to the cold, and little evidence suggested that such mages managed to survive. Until now.

    "What do you wish to do, Commander?" The surveyor would ask, pulling Derin out of his considerations. "I will bring it down." Derin said, ordering the surveyors, "Back! All of you!"

    Once the surveyors were out of the way, Derin turned back to the ward, and gathered magic to him. The ethereal markings upon his skin would brighten and shine, power coursing through his veins and summoning it to his hands, a spark of electricity arcing through his body before he threw it out of himself, and a strike of electricity hit the ward, shattering it like glass as shards burst inwards deeper into the cave. The shards quickly dissipated, returning to the nothingness from whence all magic comes. With the ward down, Derin stepped forward and began to walk down deeper into the cave, when a presence rippled in the air.

    By instinct, Derin summoned his magic again and raised a shield, just before a blast of fire would hit his shield, enveloping him in flames, but none of it penetrating through the shield. With another pulse, Derin sent out a blast of entropic cold all around him, killing the flames instantly, and the Commander then found his assailant. A mage, who was just about to cast yet another spell when he stopped, his face twisted in malice soon relaxing into one of shock. Derin stood before him, confirming what he suspected.

    "You... you are a mage." The attacker spoke, in an more archaic dialect but still understandable, "You... do not look like you have fled the Kingdom."

    "That is because I belong to no Kingdom." Derin spoke with command, "I belong to the Realm of Regalia. Fear not. Regalia is not what it once was. The theocrats are dead and gone, and they have been for fifty years now. Mages and mundanes now live together, as one, in accordance to the Compact."

    "They live as one?" The mages frowns in disbelief, "Impossible!"

    "If you do not believe words, then perhaps you will believe your eyes." Derin told him, "Come with me, and I shall show you."


    The strange mage that attacked Derin joined him, reluctantly, and Derin showed him to the encampment. He showed the mage the mundanes, their place in the new Regalian society, and explained the nature of the agreement between their two peoples, the Compact. The mage was cynical at first, but slowly started to come around. In response to shown trust, the mage agreed to show Derin into his society, a small cave-dwelling community of mages. They were indeed the descendants of mages who fled Regalia in the distant past. Derin would be surprised to see how the mages had coped with living out here all this time, forming their own culture and society, one steeped in magic. Derin told this community of Regalia, a Realm where magic is not only freely practiced, but advancing quickly. Derin told them of Regalia's destiny, to grow and conquer this world, and many young mages grew inspired from these tellings.

    Finally, Derin offered the mages here to return to Regalia, where they will be welcomed openly, and able to seek comfortable lives within the Magisterium. The prospect of living on the outside world, to not struggle to survive has they have, appealed to them. After much discussion and debate, a vote was called, and the mages agreed by a slim majority to go to Regalia. Those mages who wanted to fight decided to join Derin within his army, enough mages to form three companies of battlemages. They were surprisingly good battlemages too. Their society required all capable mages to learn how to fight, in case the theocrats were to ever find them. But Derin had found them instead.

    Now with the surveying of the province complete, Derin charged the surveyors with the responsibility of escorting the mages back to Celest, with a report that Derin had written explaining all that had been discovered. And soon after the surveyors led the mages back to Celest, the additional archer regiment Derin requested arrived, and he could not be more pleased. 1000 archers, and over 60 battlemages. Whatever the Tower had in store, he was certainly ready for it.
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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

“Safe travels brother. Remember to respect desert or she will fuck your corpse.” Ororo grabbed the soldier’s forearm in his palm and held it firmly while he nodded his head. “You as well friend.” One month after his induction into the Raven Spy ring, Ororo had set out for his new assignment. Just as he had predicted he was given an assignment that would take him away from the kingdom of sand and spies. The desert was cruel and she would have consumed him were it not for the wisdom of the soldier who he had traveled with. The soldier would not be accompanying him however, they had their own tasks to perform for the King. As they parted ways a frail woman trailed behind Ororo. “Make sure you keep up, you heard what they said about getting separated.”

The woman who he had purchased as an indentured servant waddled behind Ororo with a bag overflowing with supplies. She wasn’t the malnourished woman that she was when they first met, but she still had a ways to go before she would be healthy.

Overhead, gliding gently on the faintest winds, a bird with black feathers cast its shadow down on Ororo and Bas. The raven let out a soft caw, beat its wings against the breeze, and continued to lead the two humans towards the massive silhouette in the distance.

With some distance between them and the fledgling spy, the infantry unit set to work raising the foundations for a new settlement.

Ravens’ Vault

The Vault was not only where the Ravens celebrated their acceptance, but also where those stationed within the city did most of their work. Through ornate, golden, double doors the scribbling of quills could be heard as dozens of young spies worked tirelessly to decode messages from their allies. There were some that worked to catalogue all that they had seen during their shift patrolling the city. In Zanzir privacy was a luxury that none could afford, not even the King’s own sister.

“Anything to report?” Tenebrous inquired as he looked over the shoulder of one of the spies tasked with shadowing his sister. His eyes skimmed over the coded text the woman had been writing down and he pouted.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, Your Grace.” The woman quickly replied.

“What is she waiting for? The sun to rise in the west and set in the east?” He sighed heavily and turned away from the spy, leaving her to her work. Followed by an elderly man, Tenebrous sat down behind his desk which overlooked the room. It was so quiet that one could read the thoughts of the person beside them if they listened even half-heartedly. “Father gave me her birthright and embarrassed her when he declared her an unfit spymaster. It is only a matter of time before she tries to take her revenge.”

“Perhaps you give her too much credit, my King. As your father said, she is not as skilled a spymaster as you or he. It is possible she is just...content.” The elderly man glanced down at Tenebrous through wrinkled eyes. So aged was he that his skin hung from his face and his body trembled simply standing in place.

“No. Amanitore was crowned princess and future Spymistress. That isn’t something that you let go of so easily after holding on to it for over two decades. But I’ll be damned if I lose to her. Let the game begin sister.” The Spymaster and King of Zanzir, Tenebrous had many resources at his disposal and the hardened heart to use those resources in the most effective ways.

City wall

In the shadow of the new line of defense, the temperature was still well over 80 degrees. A slave stood by Amanitore’s side though with a large palm leaf in hand. It beat against the open air, fanning the Princess and Mistress of coin as she took in the sight. “Well done Hermes. The One God would be proud of the work you and your men have done here for the king.” A graceful smile stretched across Amanitore’s face, attention turned towards the grey-haired foreman.

“You’re too kind, Mistress of Coin. We are forever grateful that you chose us for this task.” The man bowed rather deeply just before he walked around the Princess and headed off.

Mountain Range

In the nearby mountains the archers of Zanzir continued their trek in search of new discoveries.


Finish Construction of Sun Spire (Standard City)


Spy#1 continues W 1 Tile

Spy#2 Moves SE 1 Tile

Spy#3 Moves SW 1 Tile

Archer#1 Moves NW 1 Tile

Infantry#1 Moves West 1 Tile


Archer#1 Explores Tile



Raven’s Heart (capital):
City Walls = 0/+1 to defending troops

Sun’s Spire (Standard):

Total Income: 4 per Turn
Base +2
Capital +2res


3x Spies
2x Archers
1x Infantry​
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Bogkrus Mournslammer

Leading the Ogre warband, Bogkrus was intent on impressing his buddy Grock on his return by crushing the first Slimm settle...whatever he saw, so as the marauding tide of fat muscle and violence rolled over the land he kept a eye out for any of those slimm buildings. Eventually as they left the mountains of mourn Bog could just make out some big ole Slimm something in the distance, smelling fresh meat and victory Bogkrus would give a mighty blood thirsty roar to his troops before rallying them to charge and crush these puny Slimm.

Hunting packs of Sabertusks harried the ogres flanks, fangs dripping in anticipation at the meal they’re mammoth masters would provide them soon enough

Free Actions:

Move Army 1
One Tile South

Move Army 2 (Sabertusks)
Two Tiles South

Charge and Assault Azera Capital
With Army 1

Charge and Assault Azera Capital
With Army 2

Paid Actions:

Advance Army 1
Two Tiles South

Advance Army 2
One Tile South (They end on same tile as army 1)

Train 1 Unit of Ironguts​
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Unlucky Member
View attachment 868493
The Swarm leader drove its company through the by now familiar forest. They carried with them the inventor, including most of his research. The rest would be moved once the inventor settled in. The man himself was quite comfortable, being carried in a contraption of his making. He scribbled away in a little notebook as he observed things he deemed of interest.

What those things exactly were remained unclear to the swarm leader, but then again it was not for him to know. What he did know was that the inventor had shown great interest in one of the new settlements the petals had decided to grow. The inventor had tried to stand up in his contraption, but had almost fallen out, due to balance issues apparently. Balance issues, another concept the Swarm leader didn’t fully understand. He had never felt uneasy or incompetent in traversing the forests floor and roof, he had known how to do so from the moment his growth sack had burst open.

The Swarm leader didn’t stop, even though he heard the inventor asking for a break. It wasn’t entirely comfortable with the inventor’s interest in Hirogaru. Who was it to decide whether the inventor would be allowed to study the growth process? No, such things were for the council of petals to decide. With that comfortable thought the Swarm leader had led his company back to the capital.

To the Swarm leader’s relief word of their arrival had already been sent to council. As his company approached, they were greeted by the Black Petal, Ietsuna. The Swarm leader came to a halt in front of Ietsuna and kneeled. “Black Petal, we bring with us a friend. He will develop devices to help the forest grow.”

Ietsuna tilted his head. It watched as a hint of fear passed through the Swarm leader’s eyes. Ietsuna grinned lazily, and the Swarm leader relaxed. “Excellent work Swarm leader. The Kaminoki will remember this service. I will personally inform the Green Petal.” The Swarm leader bowed, unable to keep its joy hidden. “Take your company and go enjoy yourselves. It is not often that we can identify one who was so clearly of merit to the plan.”

“Excuse me?” Hekron said, but before he could follow up Ietsuna raised his hand.

“Friend Hekron, the council has been informed of your capabilities and we would be honoured to host such an esteemed person as yourself.” Ietsuna smoothly said. It took Hekron softly by the arm and led him towards the Kaminoki. “Friend Hekron, we have in preparation of your arrival started growing a suitable workshop for you, as well as living arrangements. Until they’ve completely been finished you will reside in my home, one of the few singular homes you will find in the city.” A fact Ietsuna was clearly proud of.

For a capital Seicho had few structures, most partially grown out of trees, some build against and between them. They walked over bridges of intergrown branches. Hoshi scuttled past them, careful to maintain a respectful distance.

“You catch us at a busy time.” Ietsuna said, his face unreadable. “As you must have seen on the way here, we are expanding. It is a stroke of luck to encounter one such as yourself at this vital point in time.” Ietsuna smiled. “Luck or destiny or design.” The Black Petal cast a look at the Kaminoki, whose branches covered everything overhead.

After a relaxed walk through the capital, they arrived at a structure at the ground level of the Kaminoki. “Come friend Hekron, let us have tea and something to eat, the maggots are delicious this time of year. We will discuss the future and we will see what can be accomplished.
View attachment 868495
1 tile nw of Seicho
As night fell the one that was niwashi woke. It looked at its work, before cracking its neck. Much work was still left to be done. Although it had already expanded the forest by a significant amount it wasn’t by enough. The work he was doing couldn’t be completed in a single month, it was a much too large a task.

The niwashi didn’t mind however. There was glory to be found in growing new sections of the forest and it provided it with a challenge many Hoshi would be envious of. Among other species he could be compared to an architect or a city planner. As it walked among growing saplings it planned out root networks and ecosystems. All niwashi were different and most of the time they didn’t work well together. Among Hoshi, niwashi were the few members of their species who preferred solitude over the companionship of their fellows.

This one liked to create order disguised as chaos. It preferred less temperate climates, but this close to the desert its options were slim. It had prepared for that eventuality and focused on plants and trees that would increase humidity. Once its work here was done the dry steppes and desert sand would be turned into lush jungle.

It hoped that after it was finished here, it would be allowed to move southwards to grow birches and oaks, its favourite trees.
View attachment 868496

Movement: free movement only

Using natural woodsman (doubling movement on forest tiles) army 4 Ite + Hero Hekron move to capital.

Army 1: Yari moves 1 tile south-east into the swamp

Free action: Army 1: Yari explores swamp tile.

Action 1: Advancement in capital Seicho: The inventor’s workshop, -2 resources, proposed effect: when inside his workshop Hekron creates an invention in 3 turns instead of 4.

Action 2: Continue establishing town 1 tile west of capital now named: Kakucho, Action 2/3

Action 3: Continue establishing town 1 tile east of capital now named: Hirogaru, Action 2/3 Continuing processes:

Growth of a new forest tile 1 tile ne of capital 1/4 (5 -1 turn for presence Niwashi)


Magic Eight Ball
Draken Guard
The council gathered looking over their findings having studied the rocks and the magic that causes their island to float they began to plan on their expansion, they started by gathering what materials they could and with the aid of the treasure they found at sea they Began the construction of another island. while thinking about what else they could use with this new found magic.
Resources- 11
Free Actions

Dragoon army 1 Travels east 1 hex
Dragoon army 1- Explores tip of forest.
Juggernaut army 3- Flys to surface
Juggernauts army 3 - Explore Coastal Region
Cost actions
Advancement: Research Gravity magic (Research faster transportation system) X3 (3 turns reduced to 2) -9 resources
Fast movement Juggernauts fly South West 1 Hex (1 turn)


The Oni
Without honour there is only darkness
The Story of the Oni
The autumn winds blew the leaves from the trees, spreading them far and wide across the path. Ankle deep in a concerto of colour Jin Sakai could only sit and wonder how one of his most reliable samurai, Samanosuke, was doing. The last he had heard was from a scout who saw them approaching a castle some distance away although if things did take a turn for the worse, he and his men would be ready for it. During the Clan Wars Samanosuke fought against Jin multiple times and even had the honour of besting him on a few occassions. Sheer luck and fortunate timing meant that both men remained living and it was for the betterment of the Oni.

As Jin reached the end of the path he was stood at the edge of a great river, the sound of a distant, roaring waterfall was nothing more than a gentle hum in the air. A large rock that rose from the ground offered the man a seat for much of his time at his home and this time was no different. He scrambled onto it and found his tools. A gentle smile crossed his face and he unravelled a scroll before him, a blank canvas for him to craft something for his dear friend who he hoped would find his way home soon. Jin closed his eyes and felt his mind begin to clear of the haze of consciousness. He could feel the world around him, the sounds of birds and insects chirping and the sound of running water felt as if they were part of his very being.

An immeasurable amount of time passed and Jin picked up a brush before writing out a message for his brother in arms.

Two opposing winds,
Bring a mighty hurricane,
Bound in brotherhood

He didn't consider himself a poet but for Oni custom, the thought went much further than the delivery itself. In reality, two warriors shared a mutual respect and sharing such works was their way of showing it beyond constant training.

Rising from the rock, Jin rolled the scroll up and tucked it inside his robe. It was at that moment hurried footsteps through the fallen leaves caught his attention. He turned around to see a messenger rushing towards him, red faced from a hurried jog. He bowed while gasping for air, Jin leaping from the rock to approach him.

"Please...catch your breath," Jin said to the young man.

"It's..." he gasped for more air, "okay...sir..."

Jin smiled at him and let out a little chuckle.

"I remember when I used to be on messenger duty, for the longest time I had wished for a horse. Although what you'll find is that when it comes to training with the others, you'll be able to fight harder and for longer than those around you." His words brought a grin to the young mans face as he nodded his head.

"I had never looked at it...that way..." he breathed in deeply once more and fortunately his speech returned to normal. "The Emperor has summoned you to inspect the new stables. He wants you to cast your eyes over them to make sure they meet your requirements."

"Is that all?" Jin said laughing, "If I had to relay that message I would have walked."

The pair shared a laugh before Jin gestured for him to leave, following him in his footsteps as he made his ways to the stable.


Units listed as non-combat do not attack but can be attacked in combat, no dice roll occur they are simply removed. If they do not have a combat unit with them and are attacked by enemy units, they are wiped out, unless in a settlement. Non-combat units do not use population and 2 can be recruited for every 1 recruitment action. Peasants will now from this point be classed as non-combat and as such do not count towards the troop limit mentioned in the Oni weakness.

Paid for Actions

• Advancement: - Architects - Planning a building is far more efficient than just trying to build it as you go. - Unlocks builders and -1 resource cost to items requiring building (e.g. forts, roads, settlements, not advancements)


M: 1
Type: Non-Combatant

Builders: For every three builder units, reduce the turn count for building/upgrading settlements and other specialist structures such as roads by 1 action to a minimum of 1. Maximum of 5 turn reduction from builders.​

• Advancement: Mustering Grounds - Oni men are willing to fight to defend their lands and sometimes that means spending a little bit more. - When using a recruit action for Ashigaru, may recruit a second unit for an additional 50% resource cost on the additional unit (rounding up).​

• Advancement: Stables - Horses bred for war don't flinch when charging an enemy line and barrel through them with no remorse. -Oni units that take cavalry as their trained military option gain +2/0 in the first round of combat.​

Free Actions

• Army 1: 1 Samurai & 2 Jigamundo Samurai - Move NE x2

• Army 2: Ashigaru - Move NW
• Diplomacy​

• Army 3: Peasants - Move E​
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Skeleton Boi
The Followers of the Universe itself:

The Order of Kerem

Back within the grand capital of Kerem’s people, the busy streets and shuffling people getting by to their locations had not dwindled in any amount. But even amongst a place such as this, rumors had continue to swirl around the commonfolk like a dust devil forming in the middle of an plain and moving from there. Within one of the many markets, it appears that construction has been moved unto their, multiple workers working at the edges of the market, expanding upon it and building new foundation, clearly the news of an alliance between a new village outside of their city, people who had managed to survive in the sacred lands of Kerem... fellow brothers and sisters in arms. They had joined their people as fellow brethren after the killing of an great beast, a 12 feet tall armored beast that had been plaguing the village and killing its hunters, but it was through the effort of their greatest soldiers that the beast had been killed. However, it was what occurred that had reached the public, and that was the death of their finest soldiers... people who died on the line of battle, and while they have died for a cause, some of the people had thought their lives were put to waste.

A man had approached one of many market stalls, dressed completely in a white cloth, covered head to toe in it, only the spots around his eyes being visible to others. The individual running the market stall however, while wearing white robes, had his face revealed, a bead necklace around his neck and wearing a white tunban on his head. The one in charge of the market stall had a toothy grin on his face, his sun-tanned skin shining under the blazing star that supports all life upon this planet, had gotten up from leaning on his stand and had spoken out to the stranger:

“Ah... Emercial, my favorite customer, come, come, see the many wares I have available today.”

the other man merely nodded and gotten to the front of the stand, looking at the fruits and vegetables that the man had available for sale. But then, the merchant had said.

“Ah, have you heard about the news? Apparently, we have managed to find an actual village, and inside the desert as well. Of course, came the rumors of our people dying for strangers... people not being able to return to their families, but to me, it seems like nonsense. After all, more people means more potential customers haha... eh, it was a joke, eh? Let’s just get back to selling my wares.”

As the two continued on with their business, Emercial eventually leaving with a basket of vegetables, now walking home. But on his way, he could see the effects of the last month occurring here, as it appears that more work beasts were here, the large horse sized Giant Desert Isopods were roaming the streets, either being lead by an individual or two with carts being pulled behind them, or being ridden upon their backs as mounts. However, for the rest of the journey, things were pretty peaceful, nothing much occurring during the way. Life was peaceful, for none here had any reason to fight amongst themselves in such a hostile land, and with years of staying together under the guiding words of the Council ever since they had first United, had accepted this fact.

Name: Giant Desert Isopods
Type: Troop
M: 1
HP: 1
Attacks: 1
Atk: 0
Def: 2

Trait: Beastly Armor; The Giant Desert Isopods naturally come with a strong and sturdy outer shell that protects them from any outside harm (gains 0/+2); the Giant Desert Isopods, without another human unit within the army, can only take the option of Raze or Sack when attacking a settlement.

Personal Chambers of the Councilman of War:
Within the personal chambers, laid a 5’7’ pale-skinned man sitting on the edge of the bed, stuck within his thoughts as he began to recall what had occurred within the council room.

Few hours earlier

“What you had done was waste the lives of our men, our fellow brothers to what... gain the support of some backwater village?”

“It was for a greater purpose, we have gained the support of an new village outside of our own... you know what this means? That there could be others out there, awaiting to be blessed with the words of Kerem and shown the truth of this universe....”

“Not everyone will be so willing to speak about Kerem... in fact, if we keep throwing our soldiers around long enough, people are gonna get scared and think we are threats. They are just a waste of resources better spent on our own well-being”

“They would only think of such unless we show them our intentions. And even if they do not want to join our people, then they should live in peace as we continue on within our lands and prosper.”

The Councilman of the Art of war as well as the Councilman of the capital’s economy had bickered back and forth, speaking of the new events, with the former happy that there were others that also lived within their lands, while the latter was not happy with it at all. A few days earlier, they had agreed that they will make an larger market square, before speaking of what to do from there on this very day. At the very least... they had been speaking about this for hours.

Ha’avarti Tribe Settlement

Elsewhere, within a new settlement, it had recently gone under the control of Kerem’s forces, after the Chieftain of the village had agreed to an alliance, that two shall now be one, and it was all due to the efforts of the brave soldiers that had fought the large beast and slain it, the lands a bit more peaceful now with the creature gone. A great feast was held after the return from the hunt to celebrate this alliance, and the spirits of individuals were at all the very high. The words of Kerem are continuing to spread throughout the lands... but this is merely the beginning of their nation.... but let us not focus upon that fact for now. The village had gotten a few upgrades from its rather primitive state of mud huts, now being replaced with stone building and better foundation, builders from the capital arriving to aid in the efforts, even the soldiers were helping to make this place more advance than what it once was. Perhaps this was a start of a new tomorrow. Of course, there have been the addition of two new types of soldiers into their ranks, one, being like that of the Hunters themselves, except using solely javelins and were built more so as an attacking unit than scout, while the other was none other than the tamed beasts of these people, Lions, they were called.

Javelin Warriors
1 HP
1 Attack
Atk: 1
Def: 0
Javelin Toss: Javelin warriors are speedy and capable of fast movements in order to hunt various predators. +1/0 and Attack First in combat

Tamed Lions
1 HP
1 Attack
Atk: 2
Def: 1
Lion's Ferocity: +0/+1. Gets boosted to +1/+1 when partnered with Javelin Warriors. On the roll of an 8+ instead of attacking, capable of preventing a Hero Unit from acting in that combat round.

Free Actions:
Army 1, stay within newfound village:
-1x Hunters
-1x Footsoldiers
-1x Javelin Warriors
-1x Tamed Lions

Army 2; Move East, begin exploration
-1x Footsoldier
-1x Royal Guard


1. Begin Research of Market Square

End Turn​


Herald of the Great Devourer
Takrian Republic

In the first months since their arrival on the planet, takrians seemed to be doing better than anybody would have expected. Having formed an alliance with a local lord and already well on their way to founding their second city, the republic was well on their way to securing a foothold on the continent. The knights provided by lord Ga'Lade would certainly reinforce the defense potential of the growing nation. In addition, new prospecting techniques were already showing their benefits, as both current and projected income from resource exploitation was on the rise. These new resources would certainly prove useful in the future.

Resources: 5 starting
Income: +4
Expenses: -7
End of turn stockpile: 2
Order: 1
Population: 12 + 2 growth
Unity: Capital lvl 1; +4 resources, +2 population
Prosperity: Standard settlement lvl 1; under construction 2/3
Unity garrison: 1 cataphracts
Prosperity garrison: 1 legionaries, 1 archers
Army 1: 1 legionaries, 2 Ga'Lade knights
Policies and advancements:
Unknown horizons: Being a colonization mission sent to an unknown planet, the crew of Unity was trained in handling the dangers of unknown territory. Exploration a tile is more likely to yield a favourable outcome. [policy]
Resource extraction: Intensified prospecting and advanced mining techniques lead to more efficient utilization of mineral wealth. All settlements gain +1 resource income. [advancement; lvl 1]
1 legionary split off from Prosperity garrison, move northwest and explore
Ga'lade knights split off from army 1, move one into Prosperity and one southeast
Remaining legionary from army 1 move northeast
Action 1 and 2 used to build a farming settlement east of Unity
Action 3 used to complete Prosperity


The lord of randomness and the warp
"regret not your diminutive size, but embrace its challenges and rise above“
The first of the great metallic spires rose form the ground great forge towers the processed the metals needed to construct the rest of the daunting settlements for the tiny gecklicko there mastery of metals was put to odd use in constructing settlements instead of using simpler materials it matter little to them though. for this was how they had always done it soon the farms would be constructed but what exactly grew in such a hellhole... that remained a mystery for now.

meanwhile the smoke stacks of the capital churched more blackened clouds into the sky within these metal chambers countless channels of metal flowed into models and hundreds of Grick worked to move and shift the large casts so they could be assembled overseeing this all was Gisl, who was simply on her lunch break, afterall what usage was a master runesmith if they simply observed and never did anything... something was bothering her though... this while improved felt so inefficient, many Gecklicko could be doing other things if they could find a way to automate some of these processes.. but how? That was the question bubbling in her mind.. a question that could wait for later as a new order of exosuits was required for an expedition to the south apparently there was something there of great importance... only time could tell was and she was eager to get this batch done for herself and Gorbick would be accompanying the search team on there travels there, she couldn’t wait.. thoug the idea of many long month away form home somewhat soured the notion..

The garrison now stationed at the strange tower had finished there search for now.. sending a single long strider back to inform the rest of the population about there finding during such an occasion one of there number by the name of Garli, who had risen to the occasion, and somehow found a way to harness magic In a standard way, this was entirely unprecedented but likely a major boon that was if something didn’t happens as returning longstriders reported strange creatures that somewhat resembled one of the statues seen within the tower perhaps they created it? None of the team where sure but they decided to bring up a more defensive posture just in case.

Free action:
Set army 1 to defend

advancement fire cap farms: Standard settlements (including capital) produce +1 resources per turn
Recruit: swordslinger cost R:1 P:1x2
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Two entire new cities had been build through the cooperation of two major dwarven clans. The enormous dwarf of the Kazach clan was named Thargut, he was the head of the Kazach clan one of the most prestigious clans. He was sitting in his throne hall, he was overthinking what had happened. The Darin and Trachar had managed to substantially grow their power through the construction of the new settlements. He smiled, they can keep themselves busy with such pointless activities. I shall hold the power over the army, i will lead Kazach clan to new heights.

With that in mind he thought up a plan to improve the Kyngdom's army. He assembled various influential officers and veterans from the military, they were all well known warriors who had proven their prowess in battle. "My lord, although we support this plan we would like to improve the training system too. The training of our troops take way too much time, we cannnot mobilize fast enough may a sizeable threat endager us. Especially now that we are spread more thin with new colonies. Therefor i would want to propose a plan to make the training system more modern."

"You have my blessing, everyone do whatever you need to. I shall personally fund all of you and build a new training barracks to proof how serious i am in modernizing our army." said Thargut. "I am afraid i have to leave right now because i do have some more important business to attend to". Thargut left the room full of veterans and war heroes, they would go on and keep discussing on what would be the way forward till the next morning. Thargut would keep his clan powerful enough to face the Darin and Trachar clan, he can't fail. The rivalry between his clans would mean that his people would be discriminated upon. He would never allow for that to happen.

Meanwhile in one of the new colonies Yrun Darin was overseeing the carving out of a new hall. He was satisfied with the progress they had made in such a short time, Yrun really like the intricate carvings of ancient battle and monsters that had been carved into the halls of the capital. He wanted to mimick that here but with Darin heroes and legends. This would become the Darin stronghold a place for his people to flourish. He was not gonna let anyone take that away from him, if only the all-father would show himself and take over the reigns he thought to himself. The all father chose not to interfere with the politics of the nation and he was rarely seen. He had left the nation in the hands of his sons who each lead their own clans, instead of working together they fought eachother relentlessly. Yrun was opposed to war, he thought of it as a barbaric thing. His father was killed in a duel against the Kazach clan, he hated the Kazach clan. The Kazach clan had been the clan of the oldest son of the all father, he saw himself as the one "true" heir so he was supposed to lead the country. This lead to gigantic battles in a free for all between all the clans, never again said the heads of the dwarven clans. They struck a deal that they would all reign over the nation through voting in a council, one big problem was that now battles happened through duelling. His father was basically forced to accept this request for the honor of his clan. But he lost, his father had been a sickly man and the Kazachs knew this.

Yrun would avenge his father and kill the head of the Kazach clan "Thargut i am coming for you!"


free action
* Move 1 dymraenian guard to the south west
* the 1 dymraenian guard explores that tile 2

Main actions
* Advancement - improving training of the troops
* Advancement - improving the production of armour and weapons for the royal army
* build settlement in the tile that the Dymraenian guard was sent to


The Ninja. Now you see me, Now you don't.
Azera's Settlement

Two guards, with a cloaked figure rush into the settlement. The garrisoned archers had a look of urgency as they approached the Captain of the swordsmen. "Sir, we're going to be under an attack in a month from now."

The captain looked at the lowly guard. "And by who's information are you running around with? You have to be careful with rumors--"

The captain was quickly inturrupted by the cloaked figure. "By my information. I observed a group of Ogres - towering giants that could beat this settlement and your army into a pulp if they were to get here."

The captain thought to himself deeply. "And who exactly are you?"

"Trent. Ballista master. I can help reinforce the settlement and help drive back the attacking force."

The captain looked at the two guards. "Dismissed."

The two guards turned to head back into the city to help with garrisoning it for the upcoming battle. He then turned to a nearby soldier. "Go get the Cavalry unit up here. Head Southeast from the main city. Tell them to get here. Take my horse. Go NOW!"

"Yes sir!" The soldiers saddled up and went to go deliver the message.

Cav Unit, Southeast of main city

After a week or so had passed, two soldiers galloped towards the cav unit. "Captain!" one of the guards shouted. "Message from the new settlement! We need reinforcements, we're going to be under attack soon!"

The Cav captain nodded. "Travel with us."


Cavalry move from Southeast to settlement.


Research - Improved Fortifications
Advancement - Level 2 capital​

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