1. Loki777

    Multiple Settings  Historical RP Search

    Ello Rpnation! Loki Here I have been RPing for quite some time now, and am interested in looking for fellow individuals who might be interested in some Feel free to call me Loki or Lokage. Here is some helpful information about me: I tend to post third person paragraph(s) form. (can be...
  2. Heavi

    Fantasy  "The Fight for Eterna" ➸ Role-Play (IC)

    fa-heart The Beginning It was late summer and the sun shined bright on the inhabitants of Terra. The capital was thriving and it showed. Crops were in abundance and women wore expensive dresses. The many bakeries, taverns, bars, and diners in Rose emitted mouthwatering aromas that filled the...
  3. Dragon Slayer Arcos

    Fantasy  Ending an Empire

    What would you do if you possessed power? Once, our world was a beautiful place, full of sprawling forests and crystal clear lakes and rives. Snow covered mountains and powerfully pure oceans. Majestic creatures of great power could be seen across the land, and cities and towns existed in a...
  4. RIPSaidCone

    Nation Building  𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝙲𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚄𝚜

    The Year is 1972. Following the Congo Event and the subsequent outbreak of both the African Flu, and the invasion of an extraterrestrial race known only as the Khim'Er'Sha. The world as we know it changed forever at the turn of the 20th century. Though they were eventually, and painstakingly...
  5. PapyrusXNellie21

    Fandom  Magi!!!

    I'm craving a Magi RP! SEND HELP!!! I like Judar...
  6. JustRani

    Realistic or Modern  A Medieval Times Realistic Roleplay (based of history )

    Hey! What's up? I'm Rani, currently 13 from Israel. Most of you people might think that because of my age I'm immature. But, I'm trying to be as mature as I can and show that I'm serious (ofc some jokes is always cool), my only border is grammar but I'm kinda good, and if I get something I...
  7. Just_a_loneley_pilgrim

    Fantasy  Fall of the empire

    "Thy shall not pass" The great empire of Areysia had existed for thousands of years. It's capital was world renowned and its army's are to be feared. Their emperors are said to be the best generals on earth. With their martial ability surpassing all of the other "lesser" races and humans...
  8. Reinhardt

    Fantasy  Tales of Arlandia

    TALES OFArlandia Do not post here unless your character sheet has been approved. Keep the OOC in its respective place, and follow the forum rules.
  9. hcaulfield

    Fandom  STAR WARS: Fall of the New Republic {Lore}

    Timeline of Events: 32 BBY - Han Solo is born 19 BBY - Anakin Skywalker assists in the murder of Jedi Master Mace Windu --> Anakin pledges himself to Palpatine (Darth Sidious) and, henceforth, becomes Darth Vader 19 BBY - The Galactic Republic is reorganized into the first Galactic Empire 19...
  10. hcaulfield

    Fandom  STAR WARS: Fall of the New Republic {Character Sheets}

    Skeleton: (it wouldn't hurt to spice up your character sheet with some coding, but you don't have to) Basics Full Name: Nicknames/Aliases: Affiliations: Age: Gender: Species: Parents: Family: Friends/Allies: Birthplace and year: Appearance Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Body Type: Body...
  11. hcaulfield

    Fandom  STAR WARS: Fall of the New Republic

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . The NEW REPUBLIC is under attack! The sinister FIRST ORDER, risen from the ashes of the former Empire, has progressively grown stronger to rival the forces of the New Republic. Their ruthless warfare continues to diminish the combined might of...
  12. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of Infinity

    "Life is a mysterious thing, even now with all our wisdom, we dont know how or why it first began."Grand wizard Zeddicus. Welcome to the world of Aria. A mystical world on the furthest edge of the universe utterly soaked in magic and other forms of power that leave one wondering how the...
  13. ZeeNathan

    Fantasy  New here and need someone who are ok with that

    Hey, this is the first time for me to do a roleplay in a website like this. I'm looking for someone who are ok with playing with a newbie like me. I had done some roleplay in an app like whatsapp and have experience in writing a story. I wanted to gain some experience and have someone to help me...
  14. AlexMcGonagall

    Fandom  The Last Czars 1x1 (Romanovs, historical Russia)

    Hey there! To keep it short, I'm looking for somebody to be the Czar Nicholas II to my Alexandra Feodorovna in 1x1 literate roleplay. Ideally, you've watched The Last Czars or are willing to. I'm not strict on historical accuracy at all and am okay with artistic freedom as long as the basics...
  15. Aarfy

    Multiple Settings  An artist seeking long-term recruitment!!!

    Dear future RP partner, Hello!!! I'm Aarfy and I've been roleplaying on and off for a decade (since I was 9) and creating original characters for even longer. Now that I have more time at home away from school, I am searching for an RP partner to develop lore and OCs with! Typically, when...
  16. Jigajig

    Fantasy  Yskera: The Spellbound Skirmish

    The feudal world Yskera, a world filled to the brim with magic, were humans, sorcerers and magicians alike rule the realm and study the arcane to try to master there secrets, for good or ill. Such has always been the ways of the land of Yskera. But now, the circles of sorcery find themselves at...
  17. Zmandd

    Factions RP: Interest Check

    Factions: Concept Planet Earth, in the year 2050. World War III broke out in the year 2025. The entire globe ravaged by nuclear war. As a result, almost all nations fall with a complete government collapse. Instead, the concept of formal governments gives way to "factions." Factions come from a...
  18. Count_Rossdorf

    Multiple Settings  Alternate history RP

    Hey everyone! Looking for someone, preferably female, and preferably at least 18 (because I don't feel comfortable communicating with minors in any context) interested in an alternate history roleplay. I have a more detailed layout here...
  19. ParadoxiiNight

    Fantasy  Magicium Narodius | Part 3: Death and Marriage

    And so it continues... It almost seems as though the sun has risen, illuminating the shadows and warding away the dark deeds that have come to pass. But has the sun really risen? If so, is it the sun that the good of this world desire, or is the horizon lit by the fire of a greater evil?
  20. Decius Lucius Felix

    Fantasy  M4F | Historical Fiction (Roman Empire) | OPEN

    Salve! I'm looking for a +18 y/o man or woman for a historical fiction roleplay, set in the Roman Empire in around 90-94 CE, during the reign of Domitian. Your character can come from any culture or background within the given time frame; Greek, Germanic, Numidian, Egyptian, Persian, Indian...