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"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
Abandoned house ,Great Elshien Forest, Imperius Western territory- 2:42AM
The Night was hot and humid, as it often was in the forests at this time of year. The buzz of insects was only interrupted by the rummaging of a lone raccoon whose hope was to find some morsel in the ruins of the house. Yet the creatures scurrying was interrupted by the shift in the air. It would turn to look at the bubbling shadows and decide to nope out the moment something began moving in them. That something turned out to be a someone, rather two someones. The Ashen Debris crunched beneath first a pair of leather boots with Pointed steel stilettos, and then beneath pale bare feet.

The dark skinned woman would sneer a bit as she took in her surroundings. “When you said Dilapidated you weren’t kidding. Why is it that you lead us here again?Her voice dripped with a nonchalant bemusement. She hadn’t waited for his answer before she began to look around apparently unimpeded by the dark of the night. The mans voice was a great deal more raspy as if the vocal cords making the noise were dry and torn. The scent of fathers blood lead into the Forest going this way and a nearby village reported smoke a few days back. Its a hunting lodge they claim. It could be nothing, but it could also be a good place for an assassin to lay low after his mark, and the fire could be covering evidence…The amusement seemed to redouble on the womans face. here i was thinking you wanted to be fun for once, whisking me off to spooky nowhere.The mans lack of amusement was made clear by his blatant ignoring of her, instead he inhaled deeply through his nose. its faint, but the scent is still here. Whoever killed father stopped here, or at least something with his blood did.The woman would frown but obviously with very little effort, seemingly more interested in keeping her cape from collecting too much soot. “Malchor seriously, youve been at this for six days now, youve hardly slept, youve been neglecting your oils and incense and frankly you smell like a corpse…and not in the good way. Can we please stop? Just for a little bit?”

If malchor was paying attention he didn’t show it, instead his eyes shifted from the singed grass, to the scorch lines across the floor, finally settling on the circular hole in the floor with its blackened edges. Inside the hole wasnt much to look at, just a bowl shaped crater. Malchor would poke at it with his staff and get back a clinking sound as if the metal had hit glass. “Malchor…”
The woman said as he stood up straight. “Yes Banreigh, we may leave now my dear.” he had a knowing glint in his eye and his wife just blinked at him, shocked that her argument’s worked, they usually fell on deaf ears. He seemed to have noticed her questioning demeanor, because he added. “We’ve reached a dead end. i have a theory but lack the expertise to test it, We should bring it to Her majesty’s attention, she can do with it more than i can.” He turned on his heel with inhuman grace back towards the brick fireplace their shadows had emerged from. “Maybe, but not now. Its late as all hell and that woman is less than a week out from losing her husband. She needs rest, so you will pick somewhere else to be.”
It was malchor’s turn to frown, but ye recognized the tone, and just shrugged. “Fine, i know someone who will be up at this hour, though i doubt he will be at the palace. Take us to Corp Grove.” The smirk on Banreigh’s face said she was satisfied and with a hand gesture, a glowing purple rune would appear in front of her hands and emanate its glow onto the shadows which would begin bubbling once again as the two stepped back in. Vanishing from sight and leaving a very confused raccoon in the distance.
8 hours later.
Capital city Imperius, 10:42 AM
The capital city was bustling, though not in the usual way. 8 of its 12 gates were closed with only one open on each of its cardinal directions. Trade and tourism had been shut down for a sixth day now. The four gates that did remain opened were for lords, the wealthy benefactors, nobles, and Foreign dignitaries come to pay their respects. Each one held a guard presence of several times the norm, Even a handful of Elite Knights from various noble houses had been stationed there. While not known to those looking from outside, the inside of the city was a military dictators wet dream. Most streets were closed off, the civilian populations faced curfews and the main streets were lined with armed and armored soldiers. Several armed naval airships were perched atop a number of spires and tintreach rapid strike teams were on standby. Attacking the capital city now would be akin to slapping a beehive with your bare hand while being deathly allergic to them.

Or at least that was what Hannah thought as the Solas Third wagon creaked slowly up the main road. She had been traveling for three days now with Mila and the family she served, first in an airship, and now a wagon as the capital hangar was full. She had to admit While a bit on the Posh side, the Solas nobles were rather nice. They gave her her own bed within the wagon beside Mila, and had treated her with the respect due a knight for the entire travel. “Maybe i should consider a long term gig?” She would mumble to herself as she looked back and movement caught her eye behind the caravan and Overhead. The batlike wings, the winding tail, the horns. There was no doubt, it Was a Dragon. She spun her head towards an airship hoping it would begin to rise but she couldn’t see any movement and was about to cry out when she spotted something off. The Dragon had the Corp Insignia painted in black on each wing.

As it got closer she could make out the shape of a man, no two men, riding upon the dragons back. The beast passed overhead and she could make out the harness and saddle for a brief moment before it passed them, high enough that its wingtips were above the tallest spires, but low enough that a man on the roof of the tower could likely have touched the beast. It continued on soaring directly towards the palace, before banking left and coming in to land in what she could only assume was a Hanger. “I guess thats why there is no hanger space.” she would say in a strange mixture of Awe and Sarcasm. Shaking off the minor adrenaline rush she would begin to scan the small crowd walking with her looking for her friend Mila.
The Corp Royal Palace.
Upon the back of The dragon named Mimi, the two princes would bank around the southern face of the palace and quickly discover a full hanger with very little room to maneuver. Tapping the left side of Mimi’s scaly neck while pulling the reigns would cause the blue scaled beauty to hover for a moment as the trio all looked for a spot. The cold shadowclad fingers of malchor would tap Alseeds shoulder as his elder brother pointed out a mostly empty area of walkway with just enough room for a skilled landing. With a nod Alseed would spur Mimi forward and the Dragon would flap a few more times to raise herself before gliding carefully towards where the reigns steered her. It was fairly obvious that she was nervous, but she trusted The younger prince enough to let him guide her. Fortunately she didn’t need much help securing her spot and while her landing drew stares and slack-jawed gawking she pulled it off expertly.

Finally the two brothers would begin speaking again as they dismounted. Look, all im saying is its a stretch. You haven’t even narrowed it down more than two noble families and possibly an entire different nation. Even then you still don’t know for sure if any if them are truly the cause. Im no expert in magic so i wont pretend like i have any clue myself, but i do fancy a mystery from time to time, and im telling you B- Sir Knight. You dont have enough evidence to make accusations yet.it was alseed who spoke first, his voice slightly nasally due to the High pollen at the Grove in this summer season. Yet aside from that he was in his standard regalia and garb seeing no need to dress specially for an occasion he would not be attending. Tomorrow was the funeral and while Malchor had been terrorizing the night looking for clues and trying to find the killer, Alseed had been keeping his hands busy and his mind occupied. Leave it to the Dark prince to bring him back into the muck and make him think about the harsh truth of this situation.

From beneath his black helmet Malchor would let out an almost wheezing sigh. “I know…your highness…but i must find the suspect at all costs. You know a good many things, but not how badly i want this killer. I…WANT…THEM.” Even from beneath the black helm Alseed could see a feint glow in the eyes of his brother. It was more than just the death of his father for him, alseed knew that. Malchor’s devotion to Father was borderline cultic worship, he saw that man as not just a father, but as the bright hope of stability and peace for the empire that deep down malchor loved. It was now Alseeds turn to sigh, but luckily before he had to respond they were cut off by the Buzzing sound of a Scrying sphere vibrating against the metallic Shadow of Malchors armor. With a low but audible groan he would pull his sphere from its pouch and open the small box it was in. The orb shimmered and the Form of Banreigh dressed in an ornate gown with a Dorche Death mask on and the Unique trees of the Corp Grove behind her. “i take it you’ve arrived?” She would say with a hint of impatience. “We just barely got here wo-“ malchor would start before his wife cut him off with a Perfect!”Then ended the conversation.

Putting his orb back into the box and the box in his satchel Malchor would turn back to his brother. “Lets just get this day over with, we can present what we have to Her majesty and go from there.” As he spoke his shadow began to gurgle and boil and from it rose Banreigh. Alseed would simply nod to his brother and place a hand reassuringly on his shoulder before banreigh finished manifesting herself. “Come now boys” she said with a snap of her fingers. “Fix your faces, tonight’s banquet is a celebration. You’ve had time to be sad, now your kingdom needs you to lead by example. We are celebrating your dads life, not mourning his death.” Her little rant ended with a sarcastic grin towards Malchor who was obviously unamused with his wife’s picking on his having to wear a helmet and hide his face again. But in the end she was right and he knew it. So with a beautifully faked smile Alseed would lead the way into the palace.
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Kailean of Freistadt
Captain of the Royal Guards
Location: Imperius Royal Palace
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The restless capital city of Imperius, the consecrated jewel of the Corp, was teeming with diversed denizens from places far and wide, whose pilgrimage were designed by their own agendas with delicate touch. Oppositions in life, as well as old allies flooded the outer walls, so that they may pay their respect to the late sovereign. Basking in the sun were formations of armed peacekeepers and armored sentinels, whose purpose were made clear by their bolstered ranks. But even the cautious congregation of knights and defenders were no match for the impetuous crowd, as city guards tended to their own rotations of watch. Despite their circumstances, the soldiers managed to solidify their positions and maintained a strong sense of cohesion, thanks to the initiative proposed by the Captain of the Royal Guards.

For the last few days, a fraction of the garrison were put in reserve, as to facilitate an efficient rotation of watch duty, thereby ensuring a steady posture of standing soldiers while bypassing their fatigue threshold. Their objectives were clear: the deterrence of hostile intentions, preservation of peace, and mitigation of crowd-control policies. A logistical nightmare for some, but a welcoming challenge for the Royal Guards, whose mundane attitude of their routines quickly entertained the notion of inter-force operations, where they could put their administrative training to good use. After all, the Royal force consisted plenty of veterans and specialists from the last war, whose abilities could only be recognized in the face of chaos. Among them, was their esteemed young commander from Freistadt.

By deliberate design, many gates were sealed in preparation for the sixth day, as the compass-oriented gates remained to grant the pilgrims their passage to the Royal Palace. At the cost of the incoming traffic, the Royal Guards aided the city's garrison and law enforcement in securing alternative routes inside the city, thereby separating the prioritized audiences en route to the Royal Palace, while ensuring security integrity. For the past few days, the Royal Guards had been put on high alert, and its members were ordered to memorize the plans by heart. Taking little chance with a security leak, their commander had personally seen to the personal briefing, preparation and action phases himself.

Faded azure eyes wandered the horizon, deprived of their rest since the order came down to ensure a proper state ceremony, marked the presence of the ever-vigilant Captain as he watched over the crowded city from the spire's balcony. At least now, with the sky under the control of the skyward behemoths, he need only concern himself with the matters on the premise. The weight of the mithril plating washed over his enduring form, as the armored paladin drew a sharp breath beneath his helmet. Despite the seemingly tranquil transition of events under his watch, Kailean did not dismiss the possibilities of an escalation. Though its role as a ceremonial balde was made clear, the commander had made sure to familiarize himself with its design ever since he was granted the seat of Royal Guards Captain. Residing by his waist, its unique maintenance complemented his armor. A proper attire for a prestigious commander, excluding his lack of emotions behind a faceless apparatus.

"That armor will be your coffin, sir." An armored Guard approached him, removing their helmet to take a breather as they adjusted their ruffled long hair. "When was the last time you withdrew yourself from that thing?" They added with a weary expression, with the drowsy marks of sleep-deprivation sullying their bright eyes.

"I take it everything is ready?" Kailean replied objectively, as he turned to face his subordinate. Having examined their shared circumstances of extreme vigilance, he understood her concerns for him.

"Aye, Captain. Also, His Highnesses Alseed and Malchor just made land."

"Understood." The man acknowledged the news with a crisp salute over his chest, before retreating from the elevated balcony. Shifting his gaze over at his runner, Kailean lifted his voice once again. "Have Bryst report to me instead, you are relieved of your post. Get some rest, Saoirse."

Struggling to raise her brows, the elven soldier replied, trying her best to widen her eyes in an effort to dissuade the captain of her drowsy state. "I'm fine, Captain. You've trained us for this." She said, instilling a sense of disgust in her superior officer's perception, as the woman's fair visage was quickly blemished by her blatant attempt to appear spirited. But to Kailean, her forced expressions appeared ghastly and crazed, akin to fish having its eyes squeezed out of its body. Needless to say, it terrified the man and had a high probability of materializing in his vulnerable dreams.

"I also trained you to assess your strength and act accordingly. Do not make me repeat myself." Kailean replied with a firmer tone, as they both stood dead in their tracks. Eventually, the woman would sigh and gave in to her commander's commands.

"Aye, Captain. I'll fetch the brute." She saluted the man in defeat, finally removing her horrifying expressions that she had donned, and took her leave.

He was never going to rid himself of Saoirse's bone-chilling face, Kailean concluded, as he immersed himself in the grand spiral that dug downward. Traversing the main hall that connected the vestibule and the grand chamber within, Kailean spotted the two Corp brothers and quickly formed a firm fist over his chest once again to greet them properly.

"Your Highnesses." He addressed them, as well as making sure to pay his respect to Malchor's spouse in his gradual bow. Having done so, Kailean continued, bringing the three up to speed with the latest actions taken.

"The guests have been processed the moment they entered the city gates, with a Guard attached to their details for their assigned routes towards the Palace. The premises are inspected hourly - nothing will get past us without our knowledge. A lockdown protocol has also been drawn up in a case of emergency. Scheduled rotations are implemented, so we will have constant observation and servicable readiness. All of my troops are presently accounted for and at your service. Rest assured, you're in safe hands here on the ground, Your Highnesses."

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C O R P , M A U V I E R
Interacting with:
Location: Royal Palace

There was a sense of unease amongst the men and women who worked directly with Mauvier in the most recent conflict. It was supposed to be a short skirmish against a group of insurrectionists— something that was simple for the second prince to handle. However, he had found it in himself to allow new soldiers to take to the field to experience and understand small-scale conflicts to prepare them for war should it ever come. The news of his father's death had reached the small band and they saw the prince waste no more time with the conflict. He had marched into the base of operations and had devastated it in a show of merciless power. A warning and a sentence altogether.

Then, he made his way back to the Imperium.

Mauvier would not arrive until the sixth day for festivities. He had sent word ahead of time to his siblings of his late arrival as well as alerting Silena of this to allow her to take over his duties. He expressed his shame in the action but Mauvier was not the kind of general who would leave his men behind. The group had gone through their own mourning per day they had traveled— expressing their deep regrets of not being in the royal capital at the last breath taken by their long-term king. Any soldier would report that their normally stoic general seemed to continue to act the same despite the grave news; those who worked with him closer would report that the air around him felt uncomfortable. Everyone agreed that the faster they could get back to Imperium, the better.

His entrance to the capital held little fanfare— rather, he responded to them with little interest. The guards allowed him entry and he relieved his soldiers of their duties so that they may enjoy the festivities later instead of having to stand guard. They were far too tired to be of any use after all, and they all seemed to understand it as they bid farewell to the prince. Mauvier made his way to the palace.

"Took you long enough, Mauvier." A stern yet warm voice greeted him as he entered through one of the side entrances to avoid the pain of having to interact with anyone else. Standing near the entrance was Silena, her arms crossed with a thin smile on her face. "You had missed the most important parts of the procession. Not very fitting for the second prince."
Mauvier nodded, solemn. "I understand that. Father had quite the timing when he had passed since I was nowhere close to the capital." A tinge of regret could be heard in his voice. From what he heard from correspondence with his brothers and Silena, their father's passing had been caused by another man felling him and the murderer had not been caught. Perhaps if he had been present at the palace during the slaying, he would have been able to prevent it or, at least, help. However, he could not rewind time. They could only keep moving forward. "And how are my siblings?"

Silena hummed and shook her head. "They have... their own ways of coping with the news. Perhaps it would be best if you would talk to them yourself. I heard Prince Alseed and the Dark Knight had arrived."

"Let us proceed then."

With that, the two made their way further into the palace in search of the other royal children. There was much to talk about and there was no doubt in his head that this day would not be as simple as it seemed.
Tarja Spiorad
(Queen Regent)

-- The Corp Royal Palace --
King's Chambers​

"That is the last of your belongings, Your Majesty." An orcish woman said with a deep bow as she exited the former King's bedchambers.

Tarja stood in the corridor watching as trunks and baskets of her things were carried out of what had been her bedroom for the past few decades. "Thank you Alanna." The Queen Regent replied, sending the orc servant on her way to oversee the rest of the work. With a deep breath Tarja stepped forward, her heels clicking on the stone floor as she entered the bedroom for what might be the last time.

As she crossed the threshold she exhaled a shaky breath, trembling with the pain of her loss. "Soon one of your children will take this room my love." Her hushed voice was gobbled up by the still plentiful decorations and belongings of Aslan that filled the room, forbidding any echoes. "Normally something like this would wait until after the ceremonies and celebrations...but I....we will be very busy with ensuring stability in your absence. I may not have the strength then."

The Queen found her way over to the bed where she'd slept last night, for the last time, and as she ran her hand along Aslan's side tears began to swell within her eyes. She'd done a lot of crying in private these past few days and each time it felt as though her heart would give up and fall apart. But as the sound of footsteps approached in the hallway, Tarja wiped her tears and composed herself.

"Your Majesty, you're needed in the banquet hall." A young man declared with a bowed head.

-- The Corp Royal Palace --
Banquet Hall​

In the great hall where the week long events were to meet their conclusion, Tarja stood with two of the event planners who were bickering amongst themselves. Of course no expense had been spared for the occasion and every inch of the room was tastefully decorated with seating for not just their premier guests, but any company they may have brought with them. Yet what Tarja had been most focused on was the lack of seating at her table. "We are one chair short." The Queen said softly, though her voice had been drowned out by the event planners, they did stop their back and forth long enough to hear her words. "Are you sure, Your Majesty? We accounted for all the heirs."

Her arms wrapped around her torso and Tarja turned her dark gaze upon the couple. "The Dark Knight will be sitting at this table as well. Find him a chair and it'd better match the rest of them." As they bowed their heads, Tarja walked around the duo but was stopped by a page, one she'd tasked with being a look out for the heirs. "Queen Tarja, Prince Alseed and the Dark Knight have arrived, and...Prince Mauvier has finally returned home." In the busyness of the day Tarja had forgotten that Mauvier was not present the past few days, that he had missed his father's passing.

"Gather them all in the King's study, I will meet them there."
Cordelia Cruach-Corp
How many days had it been? Six days felt akin to Six months to Cordelia. Who stood alongside her fellows as many days as she could, taking on as much of the burden she could handle, all to keep her mind from the pain. It was hard, to know the loss of her own father, for her, it was akin to her breastplate being slowly crushed into her own chest, stopping her every so often in a moment of privacy to finally let herself feel. While outside, she bears her title without even a second thought, becoming the immovable object that the people referred to as "Foebreaker" her fellows within the Royal Guards knew, she had feelings, she was in pain... She was grieving still. Yet, she wouldn't let it stop her, she wanted to see to it the killer of her father was brought a swift and just punishment, closure to say the least.

Pausing a moment, Cordelia would look up to the skies, hearing the familiar sounds of a dragon overhead, a familiar one too, Mimi. Which brought a small smile to Cordelia's lips, knowing her half-brothers were safe, a small blessing in a set of days that were filled with their own worries and struggles. Though the street she walked was open, and busy at that, Cordelia noticed how often people would move from her way, giving her an obvious wide birth. Was it fear? Pity? Or a mix of the both? It perplexed the Shieldmaiden, who would glance to each passerby, meeting their eyes with a gentle grin, attempting to assure them that her shield has not yet cracked. However, new, yet familiar faces started to appear in the streets.

Judging of the way they carried themselves, they were Mauvier's unit, he rushed back after the news of their father's death, even still, it was day six of the celebrations, he was a bit late, but... Given how far he had to return from, no one was going to be upset, but, with the gathering of her siblings, Cordelia looked to the other two guards, taking a heavy breath, speaking,
"It would appear I'm likely to be expected at the Palace... Continue the patrol, I'll rejoin the both of you when I can." With an affirmative nod, she would turn towards the palace, and begin walking towards it, the metal surrounding her frame clinking and clacking with each step, she never was much of a hidden presence.

It would take her some time to reach the Palace, needing no introduction to the army of guards positioned at the perimeter, Cordelia would enter the palace grounds, and finding a familiar face, "Oh. Welcome back Mauvier!" She'd call out, with a gentle smile and wave to her older brother, "I hope your travels went well." She'd continue, slowly approaching the older sibling of hers, recalling how rather close she was with him. Alongside the look on his face when he first struck Svalinn, the shield held, however, it's bearer was sent twelve feet back from the sheer force...

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Location: Imperial City -> Royal Palace Grounds
~City of Minerva, Vox->The Royal Garden, Imperius.~

Jigan’s footsteps echoed through the stone corridor as he made his way towards the sky dock. Slowly they were drowned out by the bustle of workers on the docks. The stonework became wood, the ceiling gave way to the sky as he stepped onto the universities Skyport. He had barely made it two steps in before the hardworking dock master approached him. The portly dwarf huffed with effort as he made a brisk pace towards the King of His nation. Jigan was already motioning for him to raise before he had even finished bowing. “Your majesty, the vessel is prepared, final inspections are underway, we weren’t expecting you for another hour…to what to we owe the honor?” Jigan would smile at the news honestly feeling a hit bad. “Well then it is with regret that i Inform you that plans have changed. I will no longer be requiring any assistance in transportation…the guest list does not agree with me.” The dwarf was clearly bothered but still began to turn and signal to his assistant however before he could get his attention Jigan placed a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. “Hold on now Dock master, there is work for you to do yet.” Jigan would reach into his cloak and produce a roll of paper with his royal seal on it. The dock worker took it and broke the seal to read it even as Jigan explained it. “A new flight manifest, i have prepared a crew it will be a simple drop and go operation. Your workers should be safe.” The dock-masters face paled and his expression shifted to one of fear. He looked back up at King Jigan to see he had already turned his attention to a new figure emerging from the Stone Hallway.

Malza Exited the Walkway with his glowing eyes locked on Jigan. In his left hand was two bags, with his Sword on his hip, and shield on his right arm. A few grains of Sand still lingered on his cloak. Jigan would raise a questioning Eyebrow towards the automaton receiving a nod in turn before he returned his eyes to the Dockmaster. The Flustered Dwarf had but one question. “Dagon my lord?” His voice would crack slightly and the king would smile warmly in response. “Do not worry my friend, you needn't set foot there yourself. Besides, those i am sending with you are more than capable of defending you. I wish i could say more, but im short on time, in fact…” Raising his left hand to look at his wrist would cause several crystals to project graphs and charts into the air above his wrist. The dockmaster had no hope of identifying them before Jigan returned his hand and the lightshow eneded. “I fear i am already late, do well and you will be rewarded as such.” he would say even as his Staff began to shimmer with a crackling blue energy.
As he finished his sentence the energy condensed into a small orb which he cast from his staff as if shaking a sticky goop off of it. The orb would travel the distance of five strides before pausing in the air and rapidly expanding into a ring roughly seven feet in diameter. The space within the ring would crack and fall away revealing a beautiful garden. The Royal Garden of The Palace in Imperius. “Come now Malza, We have much to do, the gears of fate are turning.” Jigan spoke as he walked timing his sentence to be ended the moment he crossed the threshold. The mechanical being Malza followed only pausing to look at the dockmaster and say “My father is greatful to you, even if he does not say it. Thank you for your hard work Dockmaster Thrantor.” he would end his comment with an exaggerated 90 degree bow before straightening abruptly and turning on his heel to follow his father into the Royal Garden…
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~The Western Gate of Imperius~
“Here you are dearie…One for you as well…now now no shoving, everyone will get their own…Guard!!! Help that man to his feet.” The Delegation of Multon had been very quick to get ready for the trip. However King Bauchas’s Insistence that they “See the state of Elshien’s people” ensured that they would forgo airship travel the moment they crossed the sea. It was all wagons and banquets since then. Every town the King stopped in he insisted they liven up the mood, he would buy out entire taverns worth of wine just to get the whole town drunk enough to begin telling stories and making merry. Captain Qinnius had to admit there was something nearly supernatural about it, he was arguably one of the most dedicated and experienced guardsmen here, having undergone training while Bauchas’s father reigned. He had never touched a drop of wine, but the more people that seemed to join in on the kings revelry the more he seemed to want it. If it hadn’t been for the bandits attempting to rob the last town town blind he might have succumbed to the temptation. Unfortunate for the bandits it seemed as Qinnius Slew them to the man with the help of a few other guards, all with the gentle king being none the wiser. He never took news of Such necessary evils well.

Even still the generosity and kindness of the king could get annoying particularly in times like this. Five days, they had been traveling five days to make it to this gate. Yet it had to be the gate where many of the poorer citizens had congregated. The lockdown had closed most smaller businesses in the city down and for many of the workers, a days wage was a days meal. Of course Bauchas could not turn a blind eye, many others had, but Qinnius knew the moment he saw the crowd they would be there for a while. The king was Handing out gold coins, likely more than a months wage for some of them, and he insisted Every one of the people there got one. This of course meant the guard was now in a state of emergency readiness, their king had stopped on a main road and was interacting with a large crowd. Still they know that to deter him would be to earn bitter whining for the next half a year, so they did their primary duty in silence eyes scanning the crowd. Luckily they seemed about halfway done with the whole ordeal. Qinnius was pulled from his thoughts when the kings meaty hand smacked him on the shoulder.
“Qinnius my good man, fetch me another coin bag…And some more jerky please, i fear i may starve if have to wait any longer.” this earned a bout of uproarious laughter from the king which was mildly contagious. One look at the man would tell you he Might well survive the harshest of winters and still have a little to spare. Nonetheless with a grin the Multon guard captain would go into the luxurious wagon in search of another satchel.
~Imperius royal palace~

Alseed and Malchor would continue on their way discussing their investigation, future plans, and had just gotten to the topic of national security when as if perfectly time none other than the captain of the guard would arrive. A genuine smile would wash over Alseed’s face as the Captain made his salute and followed it up with his report. “As if there was ever any doubt Kailean.” he said as the report finished. “My father made no mistakes when he promoted you.” he was about to continue when Banreigh chided in “So THIS is the man you’ve had such a crush on lately.” patting malchors chest and earning an exasperated sigh from him. “Its not a-….Yes.” Malchor had started but one look at his wifes face and he knew she wasnt going to stop picking on him anytime soon, so he just went with it.

“Anyw-“ Alseed was about to continue when a flustered looking butler crossed the hallways and then double took with a noticeable relief washing over him. “Your majesty, honorable knight, Captain Freistadt, forgive my intrusion, But her Majesty the Queen Regent Requests the presence of Prince Alseed and the Black Knight. She asks that you both meet her in the Kings Study. Your siblings will also be there.” The Man waited for a moment before a nod and gesture sent him on his way and the two brothers exchanged glances. “Well, its certainly busy today isn’t it. My apologies old friend, we must make our leave. Would you be so kind as to escort Lady Dorchè to Malchor’s quarters?” he would slightly bow, Unnecessary but a sign of respect as the two had spent many a sleepless night talking of the nations affairs.

The Brothers would continue on their way with Banreigh lagging behind. Yet before they had rounded the corner Malchor would place a hand on the captains chest to keep him still as he leaned in. “Have the northwestern guard tower Emptied and secured as soon as the banquet ends. Then meet me there at midnight, bring your two most loyal guards, and ensure they are competent. Bring three days traveling rations and Ashcloaks.” Malchor did not wait for a reply, this was not the first time he had approached the captain in such a manner. Though this time it wouldn’t be for a sparring session. As Malchor walked away he wondered if the captain had any idea what his own talents had just dropped in his lap. It didnt take long for Malchor to catch up to his brother leaving the captain with Banreigh. “You know as well as i do that i can go to husbands room at any time i please. I would like to go to the Grand hall instead…” She world lean towards him jamming her elbow towards him. “Let us go sir knight, before the wine warms.”
Pilgrim59 Pilgrim59

C O R P , M A U V I E R
Interacting with: Mineczka Mineczka
Location: Royal Palace

The two walked in relative silence— something that was typical for the couple. There was a lot that they needed to catch up on, both were aware of that, but there was time for that later. For now, they had places they had to be at. During their walk, Silena had procured a small journal and handed it over to Mauvier and they shared a quick look. Mauvier appeared to want to say something before a voice called out to him.

"Cordelia." He greeted with an incline of his head as he turned towards her and placed the small journal on the inside of his armor. "The skirmish was successful and the travel back was without incident." Mauvier responded as if it was some sort of report. Silena snorted and nudged him. He looked at her for a moment and he nodded slowly as his tone and face softened to a more casual and friendly one.

"And yourself? Was everything well during the mourning period?" Their closeness with their father varied greatly from one sibling to another. Even Mauvier, who had trained with their father often, was not actually as close to Aslan as most people. He was saddened to hear the news about his father and it was his duty to return as quickly as possible; but he felt the same way to him that he did towards the death of his mother, something that happened and the consequences should be dealt with.

One of the servants had found the three of them in the hallway and gave them a bow. "Your Majesties, your presence is requested by Her Majesty, the Queen Reagent at the King's Study. The other heirs were also called to meet her there."

"Understood. You are dismissed." Mauvier said. With that, the servant bowed before leaving the three to their own devices.

"Aha, Her Majesty wastes no time truly. I will see you later then, Mauvier. I'm sure we have plenty of time to talk later." She said, reaching up to pat him on the arm. "A pleasure to see you as always, Princess Cordelia." Silena continued, bowing toward Cordelia before making her way to the Banquet Hall to mingle with the nobles who were arriving.

"Well then, it seems we should make our way to the study." Mauvier said. What followed a small sigh of relief as he adjusted his own armor. "Between you and me, I am glad we do not immediately have to go to the banquet." He offered her a small smile before gesturing for her to follow as he began moving. It was no secret that Mauvier disliked social functions due to both the negative perception the nobility had of him and because he felt extremely out of his element whenever he had to appear during those events.


Captain of the Royal Guards
Location: Imperius Royal Palace
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Sergeant Saoirse
Royal Guard


Sergeant Makail
Royal Guard

Kailean maintained his stern expressions despite Alseed's commend. Praises often came at the expense of one's efforts, which the captain would receive as a guiding hand to strive for the better. Not by vanity, but by the commensurate promises of preserving the peace. Though it has not fallen on neglect, Kailean never once sought to collect commendations. While it propagated his instincts and refined his humility, it was also the very source of his lack of satisfaction with the finer things in life. It was not a complete surprise, as he was often perceived as a man of little ambitions. What struck him curious the most, however, was Lady Banreigh's remark in regards to his dealings with Malchor, of which was no less a perpetual element that contributed to his vigilance in all aspects. But to call it an affectionate understanding was clearly a statement made in humor, though he had never been graced with Malchor's conceding demeanor - until today. Could this really be the normalcy of marriage? A thought for another time, but nevertheless shelved as a point of reference for the inquisitive captain, as he himself has yet to fall for the con of matrimonial obligations or, at least, to be forced into one against his own will. Perhaps that was his blessing. As the vibrant rays broke through the stained glasses, it illuminated the slit within the armored paladin's enclosed visor - bringing to light their winsome azure eyes.

Shifting his gaze over at the butler's entry, prompted on behalf of Her Majesty summons that beckoned the immediate compliance of the Corp brothers. A matter left in confidence to be counseled by kins. His brilliant blue eyes shifted towards Lady Banreigh, engraving her fair visage within his mind as his immediate objective, before paying full heed to his benefactor's words. With his armored hand placed firmly against his plated chest, the metallic sentinel acknowledged Prince Alseed's words nonverbally. Following suit, the captain made way, where their shared path would finally diverge. Yet, before he could turn his heel, the captain found himself suspended by Malchor's firm hand. Thoughts ran by him, as Kailean quickly assessed their words. It seemed that there were other elements that he had expected to not expect while the ongoings at Imperius transpired. But given their urgent calling, as well as the specific semantics that were proffered, it was not some spontaneous bidding of the day, but rather a deliberate design that required Kailean's full attention. He will not fail, thought the captain, as he quietly nodded in compliance before returning to the task at hand - of which was quick to respond in kind.

Unsure of Lady Banreigh's intentions, as she chose to diverge from the Prince's directives, it seemed that Kailean had to adjust their destination. Lifting his left arm, the faceless suit of armor pointed towards the main corridor, having chosen to abide by Lady Banreigh's words.

"This way, Your Highness." Kailean spoke. Alas, he would not entertain her gesture, despite her arm's invitation. Though it was more of benign negligence on his part, for he was not certain what one should react accordingly in this manner. And thus, the initiation of distance. Pacing side by side, Kailean dwelled upon the woman's demeanor to complete her profile. While far from what he expected of Prince Malchor's spouse, there resided a certain sensation that he felt was shared by the two. Something deeper that what was shown on the surface, for their eyes betrayed them of their subtleties. But at times, he wondered if his personal assessments of individuals are askewed, after being thrown into a land of political animals and elusive orators that cut sharper than any fine blades ever could. Alas, such reflections were best left for the silent night's embrace, where one was given respite under the contemplative moon.

Upon their arrival at the Grand Hall, Kailean was approached by a tall knight, whose armor was reconfigured to fit their astonishing physique - which managed to deny the captain access to the light behind them. A well-protected giant, almost twice the height of their commander with the constructed integrity robust enough to snap Kailean in half if they were given the chance. Muffling beneath their fully-covered helmet, the faceless royal guard saluted the captain.

"Lieutenant Bryst (bryce) reporting for duty, sir. I was informed to relieve Sergeant Saoirse (sheer-sha)." The tall warrior said.

"Correct, lieutenant. As you were." Kailean replied, prompting Bryst to retract their arms behind their back and awaiting further instructions. The captain shifted their gaze towards the woman beside them, before lifting his voice once again. "Lady Banreigh, I apologize for the inconvenience, but there is another matter I must attend to. Lieutenant Bryst here will accompany you as needed. It was a pleasure to meet you, please excuse my immediate departure." He explained, saluting Banreigh with his fist over his heart, before taking a few steps back and pacing himself towards the door. Left behind, the tall knight adjusted to their ward's attention. "Ma'am. Let's get you situated. Refreshments are this way. If there are any concerns, please do not hesitate."

--- ---​

"Fweshh tatters... all for a price of ... two... cwoops... scrumptiousss..." The voice of the elven sleeper echoed the barracks, kicking the dark-haired warrior out of his sequence, as every words upon the page that he tried to absorb were quickly drowned out by the elf's comatosed mumbling. Lowering the book in his hand, the man gave the sleeping beauty a pair of knitted brows. Annoyed, he attempted to drown out her sleep-talking routine by plugging up his ears with balled-up pieces of cloth before resuming his journey across the page. It would not be long until a pillow knocked the book out of his hand, with the perpetrator present before his very own eyes, spread across the bed and was now resorting to snoring.

"Why you..." Before he could finish his words, the door sprung open and announced an armored knight's emergence. The distinguished ceremonial blade by their hip, as well as their white sash quickly revealed their identity, prompting the need for urgency from the guards in respite. Snapping to attention, the dark-haired guard ejected from his cot, throwing the earplugs away and finally stood at attention. "OFFICER ON DECK! ATTENTION!" He shouted, prompting the others within the room to do the same.

"Yo-u's a not... tatters... where... tatters?" The elf sprung from her back, pointing at the captain before her, and scratched her unkempt head slightly, before widening her eyes at the dark-haired warrior across from her, whose eyes were marked with disdain and disappointment. "Eh?!" Following everyone else, the woman got on her feet, and stood at attention as well. Two particular faces stood out, as the captain dug through his thoughts. While their tenure and natural demeanors left much to be desired, their proficiencies were not lost to their superior officer's eyes. Even if they were armed with differences against one another, he had faith that they were up to the task ahead.

"Vacate the room. Now." Kailean folded his arms, prompting the inhabitants to start shuffling out of the room in order. "Sergeant Saoirse. Sergeant Makail (mah-ka-el). Belay those steps." Stopping in their tracks, with their blanket still in tow, Saoirse turned towards the man alongside the victim of her destructive sleep sequence. With the footsteps finally receding outside the room, Kailean made sure the corridor was empty, before shutting the door behind him. A small talisman slid out of his hand, before laying atop a nearby desk. It glowed briefly, highlighting every corner of the room with a cyan outline before a gentle hum marked its intended effect. With the noises in the room muted and their environment secured, Kailean finally removed his helmet and placed it on the desk.

"As you were." He said, permitting the elven woman to fall back into her bed and wrapped up in her blanket. "I have a new detail for you two. Environment is subject to change, and sanctioned by a Royal in confidence. I want the Northwestern Tower cordoned off and secured by the banquet's end. Report to me at midnight, fashion yourself with Ashcloaks and rations for three days."

Turning over towards Saoirse, whose hand was raised, Kailean indulged her abrupt interruption. "Question?"

"Escalation rules, Captain?" She inquired, rocking back and forth in her seat. "Nothing solid. Be on your guard." Kailean replied, turning towards Makail briefly before another question was thrown his way. "May I sit this one out, sir?" Saoirse blatantly expressed.

"Non-negotiable, Sergeant." The captain said sternly, dissuading the woman from her attempt.

"Rotten beans! I guess this is it. I lived a good life anyways." She yawned loudly, waving her hands slightly in acceptance. "Mhm." Makail hummed firmly with a judgmental voice and a piercing glance to boot.

"Question, sir."

"You may speak, Sergeant Makail."

"This task bespoke of greater accountability. Why not seek the talents of those unbound by their obligations to a static post. Like that one lady... forgot her name."

"Oooh. You're talking about Lady Hannah?" Saoirse chimed in with intrigue.

"Yes. Her." Makail nodded slightly in agreement.

"Too high-profile. You two, however, are the perfect strangers. While I share your concerns, some insights may yet be gained in due time."

"The moon will reclaim her crown tonight. Maintain noise discipline and use the interior corridors - nothing rattles, nothing shines." Kailean added, before ripping the piece of mana-imbued talisman in half, finally liberating the living quarters from its silence. Picking up his helmet, the captain donned it once more. "As you were." He then left the room, leaving the two sergeants to glance at one another.

"Well, I'm going to catch some stars. Where are you going 'Kael?"

Tossing the pillow back to the woman, Makail grabbed his book and made for the door. "Somewhere quiet so I can read."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" She furrowed her brows at his final comment. Shrugging it off, Saoirse went back to sleep, as Makail attempted to occupy the remaining hours with his book - all the while keeping the room within his sight. While it was a sore chore, he had to make sure his annoying comrade was ready for the task ahead.

--- ---​

Eventually, the Captain would find himself back at the Grand Hall, where he swiftly dispatched Bryst on another task. Catching up to Banreigh once again, he finally mustered up his strength to find his voice. This was the perfect opportunity for the man to get a better grasp of Malchor's tendencies, for the long years in between the War and that of the present have surely molded the Black Knight's intrigues, absent of witnesses - spare one soul that could perhaps shed some light on his works.

"Lady Banreigh." He greeted the woman with a sincere salute. "I have drawn a prolonged conclusion that has yet to cohere. Perhaps you could enlighten me on this subject?" Pausing slightly to choose his next words, Kailean finally lifted his chin from his pondering hand and continued. "Your Highness, the profound Prince Malchor, seems to take great interest in the works of the Guards. Understandbly so, given my ... recent appointment to post. Alas. Forgive my blunt curiosity, but how did you two meet?"
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Tarja Spiorad
(Queen Regent)


As the Queen Regent prepared to exit the banquet hall a bout of magic tore open a rift in space to form a stable portal. Tarja hadn't left the imperial city very much, especially not to travel to neighboring nations so she didn't recognize the environment, but she did the person coming through the portal. "Jigan..." Their most important guests were arriving in earnest now which meant the great game would be getting in gear soon as well. The thought sent goosebumps in a wave down Tarja's arms as she considered having to interact and scheme with some of these people. She had to meet with the heirs, but she had time to stop and greet a foreign power. Woth a deep breath the Queen strolled through the corridor to make a sharp turn out of the castle and into the garden.

Her cape settled on the grass as the sun illuminated her jet skin and the smile that grew upon her face. "Dear friends, the empire welcomes you with open arms." Tarja clasped her hands together as she stepped forward to meet Jigan and Malza. "I am glad to have you both here and I know that Aslan is grateful for your continued partnership." She turned slightly to gestured to the nearby door. "I have some business to tend to, but the feast will start shortly and until then please feel free to explore the castle and the grounds."

She bowed her head in parting before she started back into the castle. She would need to spend more time with Jigan and his envoy to properly show her appreciation for their continued support and friendship Eventually she made her way up to Aslan's study and as soon as she entered she smelled that familiar scent of the late King. She was the first to arrivve which she appreciated as that lent her some time to stroll down memory lane. Wandering around the room her mind replayed old conversations she'd had here with her husband and all that she learned from him within these four walls. Were it not for him she would have been like a lamb to the slaughter for her ignorance of the royal court and how things worked in the palace. "Today is the day." She whispered with hope in her voice.

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Cordelia Cruach-Corp
Looking over Mauvier, he was the same as always to the much younger Cordelia, yet she deeply respected the man. Though she did understand the official sound of his voice, he was out on deployment at the time of their father's death, and had something she didn't, distance. That always helped, learning about a death from a distance as opposed to right there, and Cordelia understood it greatly, feeling her chest constrict up to her throat now, as Mauvier's tone shifted, sounding more friendly and casual to her, but... She took a moment to reply, looking away for a moment to gather herself. She was not too close to the King, they spent a fair amount of time together, sometimes training, other times, he'd catch her in the garden, helping the gardeners with a bright smile on her face, hidden by the sun hat she was wearing... Yet the pain was not at the loss of her father, and her words showed it,

"All was... Well. At least duties wise... Though many of us are still mourning. We'll recover in time, I think." Pausing a moment in her words, she adjusted herself, reaffirming her tight grip on Svalinn, looking to speak again before a servant came to the three of them, mentioning the queen wished to have everyone in the Study, releasing her held breath, Cordelia dreaded this, she was the worst in court affairs, having been dragged out several times for being a firey presence within the meetings. As the servant left Cordelia looked to Silena, smiling gently, "It was nice to see you too, Lady Silena." She'd reply, giving a friendly nod, hearing Mauvier as Silena walked away.

"I am of the same mind.... Neither of us have much care for Courtly appearances..." She'd reply, following Mauvier with a scoff, "I would not be shocked to see either of us leaving that banquet early, whether it you quietly leaving to join Lady Silena in her study, or I storm out after shouting at another noble... Again." Neither would surprise her, it also would not shock her should the two simply walk outside for a quick sparring session during the banquet. Yet, the deep seated guilt seemed to linger in her stomach, a feeling she, and many other of the Royal Guards shared, she was the Empire's Shield, and yet... She couldn't even protect the king from harm, if she failed there, what would happen should she need to become the shield for more than one person...?

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Location: Palace Grounds
Malchor & Alseed/ Jigan & Malza
The royal garden, Imperius—>The Kings Study.
LadyOfStars LadyOfStars

After rounding the corner Alseed would pause. His brother had already informed him of his plans, Plans that Alseed had helped draw up. When Malchor caught back up he would simply nod to his brother letting him know all was going according to plan. The rest of their walk was in silence aside from the occasional polite greeting and the Clanking of Malchors boots. As they crossed from the docks into the western courtyard he would spot Queen regent Tarja in the Courtyards garden speaking with Jigan before she departed towards the study. The duo would cross the courtyard making a beeline for the King of Vox. As soon as Jigan spotted them he would smile wide and approach with wide arms to embrace Alseed. “Ah! It is good to see you again my friends.” he would say as he hugged Alseed. Pulling away from the embrace he would hold a hand out to the Dark knight and receive one extended his way in return.

“I am sorry for your loss Alseed, but i must say, you are looking rather well all things considered. Is that confidence in the future to come?” he added that last part with a knowing look towards Malchor. “I suppose so, in part at least. I would be lying if i didn’t say the oils and smiles were more for others than myself. Though i do believe justice will Not be denied us.” Alseed’s tone was calm but anyone who knew him would note the touch of fire in his voice. “Of that i have no doubts. And you sir knight? How are you holding up? It is my understanding that you were very close to the king.” Malchor’s eyes Scanned the King with a cold indifference but he received a nudge on his hip from Alseed and Would snap out of his appraisal of the man before him. “I am fine, your highness.” He would say with a polite tone. “Please, Refer to me as Jigan, i am no King here today, i am a friend who has come to help.” Malchor was admittedly taken aback by that comment. Most nobles and kings flexed their titles, He was starting to see why Alseed liked him. “As you say Sir Jigan, i must apologize though, Prince Alseed and I have to be somewhere.” Jigan simply waved the comment away as if shooing a fly from his face. “No need for apologies, it was a short trip but taxing, i Should probably go find something to eat anyways, Before my son starts nagging again.” At this Malza let out a mechanical sounding hiss. “I do not Nag Father.” The mechanical being said as the two began to walk towards the banquet hall. “I will see you two later tonight.” He said as he left causing Malchor to shift his gaze to Alseed, his helm masking the puzzled expression, But The Prince still knew it was there. “You’ll find out in due time, you’ve got your connections, I’ve got mine.” And with that the Two reached the door to the study where Alseed would announce his presence with a light tapping on the door before he opened.

Banreigh Dorchè
Pilgrim59 Pilgrim59

As the knight escorted him Banreigh actually found him amusing. So professional and His refusal of here elbow showed a poised respect. He was indeed a guard worthy of a king. Once they reached the tall lieutenant she Would give the Captain a slight curtsy as he made his leave. She tried to poke fun at the lieutenant but he was likewise unresponsive to her Shenanigans so she resigned herself to her journey for wine. Upon arrival to the Grand hall she would hold her hand for the Lieutenant to cease his escorting. “Thank you lieutenant. Ill take from here.” She said picking up the pace as he waited at the entrance dutifully scanning the room. She was quick to find a lounge chair beside one of the Gilded Braziers and after a few moments she would find a servant to flag down. Asking for wine the servant would look at her with an odd expression before quickly catching herself as she recognized the patterns on the Mask. The woman assured her she would be right back, and scurried away very quickly. A smirk would spread across Banreigh’s face at her response. It was clear she was a girl that read a bit to much into the Dorchè Rumor mill. Nonetheless she returned with her Wine and just as quickly shuffled off.

The Dorchè Infernal sorceress had removed her death mask so she could drink and had only gotten a few sips in before Captain Kailean returned and After a few more sips his question would reach her and she would actually set her glass down turning to face the captain. Her expression shifted a bit as if she were trying to peer into the captains very soul. “An innocent Question, But not the one you really want answered…Still I met him on the battlefield 23 years ago, i had just finished my Infernal sorcery mastery Trials ,And a call for sorcerers to reinforce the lines put me under his command.” Reaching back for her glass she would go to sip but pause. “Captain, I was stripped of my Noble title, you needn’t treat me as if i were your superior. Speak Plainly and i shall do the same. Doting on things like decorum and titles will only serve to make the conversation Duller.” With that she Took another sip and would give a quick glance around the Grand hall before returning her Gaze to the Captain.
Alseed & Malchor
The Kings Study

As Alseed Entered the Study he would immediately feel the sense of Nostalgia wash over him. As a child he spent many long hours in this very room, reading his fathers Books gathered from across the nations. It wasn’t until he was 13 that he realized Aslan was actually getting the book’s specifically for him. While he was reminiscing his gaze met Queen Regent Tarja and he was about to say something when Malchor spoke up. “Today is indeed the day, Are you ready Your majesty? he said, apparently having heard Her whisper despite its utterance being before they even knocked. turning to look at his brother with a raised eyebrow, Alseeds look would shift as the shadow armor melted off of Malchor like a Candles wax and fall to the floor revealing his usual robes, and not so usual tired expression. The Duo would both approach the table but pause to await permission before sitting down, not just out of Noble etiquette but it was a force of habit at this particular table. Aslan would always gesture for someone to take the seat nearest him so that he could talk more intimately and friendly with people. A hand on a shoulder, a hair ruffle, even the spontaneous and irresistible hug. “I am sure she can handle it Malchor, and if not, thats why we are here.” he said reaching towards a chair in a questioning gesture.
LadyOfStars LadyOfStars

C O R P , M A U V I E R
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Location: Royal Palace

"I... see. I agree; time heals all wounds, as Silena says." Mauvier figured it would be true for everyone. However, he seemed to shift, eyes darting to the side and looking out one of the windows. The city laid beyond and, further still, other kingdoms. The Dagon conflict was once ended by their brother but was it really? Rakdos was rumored to continue to live despite the heavy damage and temporary death that had befallen upon Malchor. King Aslan, in all of his glory, acted as a metaphorical wall that prevented his enemies from making any grand attempts against their kingdom. However, that wall was now gone and proved to be as mortal as everyone else. The role of protecting the kingdom fell upon them now— children of Aslan. They had done miraculous feats of their own, but could they hold up to the expectations and the legend that their father passed down to them? “Unfortunately, time is not a luxury we likely have.” There was much to do and decisions to be made.

He nodded, seeing the possibilities vividly in his mind. Silena had gone to socialize, as it were, at the banquet but she likely would retire early in any case. Mauvier would join her if his presence was no longer needed. Then there was Cordelia who regularly lost her temper during the times she was invited to court and Mauvier, or one of the others, would escort her out so she could calm down. It was practically clockwork. “Perhaps it would be best to rein in your temperament for this banquet. Queen Tharja seems to be under enough stress as it is.” He raised a hand to place under his chin as he seemed to contemplate something. “Still, I would not blame you. The nobility are as insufferable as they are rich.” In theory, Mauvier was fully aware of how important it was to connect with the nobles and stay on their good side. Having their support was the reason why they could all stand together like this. However, Mauvier’s connections with the nobility were mostly rooted in his mother’s family— the Tintreach clan and those were mostly out of military obligation rather than actual socialization.

They arrived soon after at the King’s Study.

It was a fleeting moment of hesitation on Mauvier’s part as he stared at the door’s handle as if forgetting how to operate such a simple invention. The last time he had been here, King Aslan was alive. He mentioned the forming resistance and how he would like Mauvier to investigate it with a fresh batch of soldiers— to aid the commanders in sizing up who would be worth investing in. Funny, how life will suddenly deviate from a predicted path.

He reached out and pushed open the door and, for some reason, his brain had expected to see his father back on that same chair, back hunched over his desk and only looking up when Mauvier stepped inside. They would exchange a curt greeting before he was invited over by the desk to be assigned his next duty. Who to train next, where to launch a skirmish, it didn’t matter what the duty was. As long as it involved some sort of fight, Mauvier was called to do the job. That was how most of their meetings worked when he had been called upon King Aslan’s study. They were father and son, but more importantly, they were superior and subordinate. There was a distance between the two of them that wasn't very present in the others, but it was how Mauvier preferred their relationship to be.

But this time it was different.

The seat was empty. His siblings were present, as was the Queen Reagent. Mauvier gave them a solemn bow, clearly an apology and a greeting all in one action. He had already apologized for his tardiness in his letters and communications with him. It would only dilute the sincerity if he were to repeat it. "Greetings, everyone." He moved to allow Cordelia inside before moving to the table and awaiting permission. "It is a pleasure to see you all, as always." The wish for it to be in better circumstances was left unsaid.
Adric Pakston
The journey from Dùn Stàilinn to Imperius was a long one, a consequence of having to travel form the southern most point of Elshien towards it's northern center. He traveled with 30 men, enough to ward off even the most ambitious of bandits while still being respectful to his liege. His former liege, his oaths had no meaning, for the man they were made to was now dead. This would be a crucial time for any plans of separating themselves from the rest of Elshien. Of course, he needed supporters within Cruach for that to even be possible, with or without a liege lord.

So far he has only managed to snag one supporter, an elderly council member who had grown long in the tooth, and who many thought it best to put out to pasture. But they were in firm opposition to anything suggested by anyone other than a Cruach. He had one, now he needed six more Elders to support him, and prevent him form simply being removed for daring to suggest secession.

He was snapped back to reality when it was reported to him that they were quickly approaching some lumbering wagons of the Solas family. "Double file. We go around." He did not want to wait behind these wagons, it had taken them long enough to get within sight of Imperius and he would not be kept waiting any longer than necessary. He took position at the front of the column, his massive frame visible even on foot, he was far to large for most horses and his appearance spooked them more often than not. With a swift chop forward, the formation resumed it's pace and began to approach the rear of the caravan.
Tarja Spiorad

When it became clear that she was no longer alone in the study, Tarja turned and smiled at hearing the familiar voices that preceded the forms of the heirs. There was a brief moment where she expected her own son to enter behind them, but she quickly remembered that his soul was captured around her neck. So much she had lost. But she didn't dwell on any of that. She recognized the hesitation and pause within each of them, her eyes replaying the meetings they would have with their father in this room. Initially she was not sure how to proceed, but it was Malchor and Alseed's words that gave her certainty.

"Thank you all for finding your way here so expeditiously." Tarja spoke as she moved to the chair that was typically Aslan's. When her hand fell upon the back of it she felt the weight of his burden, his responsibilities, and his death pulling on her once carefree heart. "Please..." She gestured to all the empty chairs at the table. "...sit."

As she made herself comfortable she sat tall with her head raised. "I won't keep us here long, our guests have come from far and wide to pay their respects and to promise their continued friendship. But I'm sure you all know that there will be enemies as well as those who are uncertain of the future." Tarja's gaze swept across the table to each of Aslan's children.

"We will need to make a sure of strength to these people, to build new alliances and strengthen old one. And while I have been named...Regent...my only hope is that one of you will be upon the throne." Part of her didn't want to discuss the throne and its future, but she'd seen what siblings would do to one another for even a bit of power, this was the keys to the kingdom. "Your enemies will try to divide you and turn you against one another if it means they could have even a fraction of the throne's power, so be vigilant and look after one another."

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