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A warrior needs not concern themselves with matters within the purview of men
In a land much different from our own, where airships fly high in the sky, magic is at the disposable of anyone who’s willing to learn, and a rustic feel fills the setting of the world. A peaceful world masks the horrors that lie deep within the surface. That is the setting of Prisma the Light. A fun, lighthearted adventure that eventually reaches a happy ending when the heroine saves the day by slaying the demon king. At least, that’s what it was supposed to be.

A group of lucky, or not so lucky, travelers have been called to the world when it was in need of a new hero. And the perfect story-book setting painted into the books soon comes crumbling down in the face of reality. If it hasn’t already. It has been about five years since these travelers first step foot in this world. Their experiences in this world vary greatly depending on who they are and where they are at, but at the end of the day, these summoned traveler should share one common goal in mind. Which is either surviving or returning to their homes. Whichever suits the individual better.

To those who happen to have a bit of insight into the future, aka those who know the plot of the book they’ve been put into, will note that they were soon approaching the deadly plague that would eventually lead to the almost end of the world.

It’s about a month before the 5th anniversary of the travelers’ arrival. With absolute radio silence about how they got here or what they’re even supposed to do, some may think that they’ll be stuck in this world forever with no explanation. But that all changed when each of the travelers received an urgent notice in the form of something similar to a status window.

To my travelers from another world,

Welcome to the land of Semonia! I apologize for my delayed greeting after such a long time. I did not anticipate the exact time that you all would arrive, so I hope you’ll forgive me for keeping you all in the dark.

Likewise, I’m sure you all must have a lot of questions about what’s going on and possibly how to get back to your homes. And I’m here to offer the answers you have been looking for! At least some of the answers. A disaster is about to befall this world, and I require the assistant for each one of you to ensure that this world lives to tell another story.

Of course, I do not intend to ask for free charity work. Should we all succeed, I’ll be able to send you back to your worlds with a reward of your choice. As long as it is within my power.

There’s much more that I’m sure has to be said, but let us save it for when we see each other face to face. Please come to the small village of Blita, located by in the southern part of Hortensia, before noon in exactly one month on the day of the next full moon. There is not much more I am able to say currently, as I have my own preparations to attend to. But I promise it will be worth your efforts.

I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Sincerely, ◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️


And soon that one month came and went. The day when they were finally going to be able to get some answers to their mysterious circumstances soon arrived. But despite the anticipation, they would find themselves approaching a somewhat deserted village. A recently deserted village at that. Not a single person in sight, besides the travelers themselves.

After a bit of looking around, fresh footsteps leading out of the village can be seen heading north. A lot of the houses seemed securely locked up, so it wasn’t like anyone was leaving in a rush to leave. It was a very odd situation where it seemed like the people who did live here suddenly left in a nice and orderly fashion. It seems the educational system here has taught them well.

It doesn’t seem like there are any dangers nearby as well, so all everyone can do is converse with each other or maybe try and investigate the area. It technically hasn’t reached noon yet. So there was a bit of time to spare.

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"So, that's Blita?" Standing at the edge of an airship's dock was Yuel, she was pointing at the small village in the distance. Next to her was the ship's navigator. He was reading a map and checking the location that the angel just pointed. Unfortunately the airship's route didn't pass above the village so she would need to fly by herself for a few miles.

"It should be. I never visit that place though so I'm not sure." He said while shrugging.

"Allright, I'm dropping off here then. Don't forget to remind the captain to take his medications, or he wouldn't be able to stop shitting in his pants." Preparing for her flight, Yuel picked up her only luggage: a rather large wooden briefcase that she must lift with both of her hands.

"Thank you for your help, Miss Healer!" The man gave her a salute and Yuel returned the gesture.

"and thank you for the ride."

Having said her farewell, Yuel jumped off from the ship, her wings were folded tight as she dived through the sky at 150 mph. The first time she was freefalling like this she ends up as a red paste on the ground, but now she's confident on her flying skill. Once she's close enough to the ground, she spread wide her wings, letting the wind stop her fall and changed her direction towards the village.

A month ago she suddenly received a pop out window containing an invitation to this Blita Village. She wasn't sure how to feel about this, suddenly got contacted by whoever this mysterious person who pulled her into this world after a whooping 5 years. Its like getting a call from that one high school friend who you never care before, and then she started aggressively trying to persuade you to buy a box of suspicious products and join her even more suspicious entrepreneur group... oh wait, that suspicious person was her. She was just that stupid and the day she got transported she still had the products of those damn pyramid scheme somewhere in her closet.


As Yuel finally arrived at the village, she was greeted by silence. The village was empty and she couldn't see anyone beside her. Yup, this looks like a trap. Still, Yuel nonchalantly take a tour around the village. It didn't take long for her to find a building that draw her full attention, a tavern. A tavern would have every things that she needs. Unfortunately for her, the door was locked. Unfortunately for the door, she didn't care. The door wasn't especially sturdy and she managed to broke the door after five kicks. There's still some time to kill until noon so Yuel stepped behind the counter and started to mix some cocktails for herself.​
Ashta Lecanor
Hortensia Harbor → Blita
“I want to come with you.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Let me come with you.”

“I’ll suggest-”
“No and still no, Zal…”

Her violet eyes narrowed as she locked her gaze on his, her right hand pressed gently against his lips to silence him, “I’m sorry, but I need to go alone.” She lowered her hand and resumed packing. Undeterred, Zal quickly moved to her side, tilting his head to catch her eyes, "But why?????"

She paused, her hands stilling over her belongings. She had no ready excuse, no plausible reason she could offer. The truth was beyond her ability to share and this was the first and only clue she had about her purpose. Leaving the Blind Crowns was difficult, especially leaving Zaldone, but she knew she couldn’t ignore the message. She couldn't just live as Ashta without understanding what was happening.

“I’ll be back soon, Zal…” she began, her heart pounding as she prepared herself for what she had to say next, “...and when I come back, let’s… let’s… get…” She hesitated, uncertain if this was the right moment, but knowing it might be the only way to stop Zal from insisting on coming along, “...married, just as you asked.”

Zal's expression transformed from a pleading puppy to joyous hyperactive dog. His eyes sparkled, and he placed his hands on his hips, grinning widely, “You said it, Ashta! You said it. You better keep your words.”

Ashta laughed and nodded as Zal kissed her forehead quickly. He then eagerly began to help her with packing, humming happily while she smiled worriedly… Can I really keep my words?

Blita was not at all what Ashta had expected. The village was deserted, empty, and eerily quiet, yet a faint trace of human (?) warmth lingered in the air. She ventured deeper into the village, hoping to encounter someone… anyone… but the streets remained desolate. She tried the door of one house, but it was locked tight, as if the entire village had been sealed by design. She tried another door with the same result—locked.

This wasn’t a village ravaged by raiders, it seemed deliberately abandoned. Not giving up, Ashta took another detour, choosing a different path that led her to the village's other side. There, she found fresh footsteps. She crouched down, examining them closely, her eyes tracing the path they marked. The trail seemed to lead south... or maybe north? No, it definitely headed east. She hesitated, unsure whether to follow the tracks or stay put, but then she recalled part of the message she had received.

To my travelers from another world...
I look forward to meeting you all very soon….

There were others expected to arrive, travelers like herself, who had been plucked from their worlds and thrust into this new one without any guidance. The prospect of meeting fellow travelers brought a different kind of comfort than what she found with the Blind Crowns and the people back in Hortensia Harbor. It felt like the promise of a reunion with long-lost friends, or the warmth of coming home after years of wandering.

As Ashta rose from her crouch, she sensed someone approaching. Light steps, but the presence was unmistakable. Her instincts kicked in as she reached for her sword, drawing it swiftly. She spun around, thrusting the blade toward the source of the footsteps, aiming for the neck—close enough to send a clear warning but precise enough to avoid causing harm.
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Serakiel Alakrite
Interactions: Dovinique Dovinique (Ashta); Mentions: —

He had been summoned. The forest at the outskirts of the village had been silent. Every step a soft thump as metal clinked, striking the grassy dirt, they echoed almost — groaning in the nature's unnatural quiet. Occasionally Serakiel would halt, lending his ears to the wind's murmur, to hear the sounds of life, but there was nothing, nothing except the low, hissing wind on his back, snatching at his black robes. In the five years of his self-appointed mission, the angel hadn't encountered anything quite like this. It was clear however, that it couldn't be ignored. The mute trees had started to thin as the angel drew closer to the town. He came across a winding road leading to the centre, even from this distance, Serakiel could tell that the same silence, which gripped the woodlands to his back, had stolen the life from Blita. He inclined his head slightly, silver locks gleaming beneath his hood, strands of moonlit radiance in the pale shadows that hung around his features. He took a breath. The air had been heavy with the musk of grain-pollen, and livened by the scent of a nearby river. "At least this remains untainted." Serakiel muttered.

Serakiel wished his expectations hadn't been satisfied. The angel's hazel-touched eyes panning across the buildings — quaint homes, vacant stalls, and unbarred shops all stood in sombre solitude. No signs of strife, blatant or otherwise, life's bustle — its existence had simply vanished. He walked slowly through the streets, imagining how such places were crowded with people, from the vendor clerks pawning their wares, the unhurried shuffle of the elderly, to the joy of children as they played. Serakiel shook his head, then heard the thump of booted footfalls.

He spun abruptly, moving in the direction of the sounds. Emerging out of an alleyway, the angel saw a woman on one knee, her focus drawn to the set of tracks leading away from her. Serakiel drew his warscythe, its dark, wicked blade curved downwards. Suspect of the stranger's presence, he moved swiftly and lowly, sidling towards the woman.

Suddenly she turned, sword drawn, brought to bear against the angel. Her reaction had been swift, honed on the whetstone of battle. There was a solid crack of metal striking metal as the sea-haired woman's blade struck the warscythe's haft. His reflexes kicked in the moment his eyes registered the thrusting motion, he had been reminded of the days under his father's tutelage, the ceaseless combat drills and weapon practice for a second.

He stood there, towering over the woman's svelte form. The sun had fallen behind him, throwing a ghastly shadow over her, then he unfurled his wings. Broad, and adorned by shifting threads of inky-blackness, trimmed with a metallic silver, the wings had been that of the sky, almost melting with the cloudless azure above them. A dark spectre, features inscrutable by the pale darkness of his hood, save for the pallid locks that cascaded down like ivory waterfalls. Cautiously, he stepped back away from the woman, allowing her room. His hand went up slowly, doffing the hood that obscured his face. His pale skin shone in the sun's light as though he were a spirit made manifest in the realm of mortals.

"You've answered the summons as well?" Serakiel asked. His voice had been rough, weary, but faintly melodic. It was a voice that belonged to a soloist, long since withered by a lifetime of songs. However, there was a hope there in his lilting candour, a fire that warms, but does not sear, suffusing the very air with an inviting warmth.

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Morgan Rhoda
Morgan adjusted his backpack straps for the umpteenth time. The bag wasn’t even that heavy; Evalina made sure that he only packed the essentials, while Laurence tried his hardest to make Morgan bring the whole house with him. No, he just needed to do something with his hands. He thought he might chew his fingernails down to the bed otherwise.

The days leading up to Morgan’s departure from Litdunn Forest were bittersweet, if not a little somber. Evalina was even quieter than she usually was, and Laurence was constantly not-so-subtly trying to dissuade Morgan from leaving.

In hindsight, maybe “I need to leave in a month and I don’t know if I’ll come back alive” wasn’t the best way to tell them about his upcoming trip to Blita.

And despite Morgan’s insistence on answering the summons, he almost gave into Laurence’s gentle behests for him to stay.

His recollection of Prisma the Light was hazy at best. He’d read the book as a child, and he only skimmed his new copy that he received prior to being transported to this world. Nevertheless, he knew about the upcoming disaster.

Jiang Maoling died in the original tale. Who’s to say that Morgan wouldn’t meet the same fate on this journey?

But that was all the more reason for Morgan to answer the call. He had to fight for a chance at surviving the plague, and if he failed — well, at least he would save his family the heartache of watching him pass in front of their eyes.

At last, Blita came into view. All of a sudden, it felt like a switch was flipped. His heart thundered in his chest. His hands and feet felt cold and he was trembling all over.

The task before him seemed insurmountable.

No, not the task of saving the world.

The task of meeting new people.

Still, he didn’t stop moving, and he stepped foot into the village. He swallowed and inhaled deeply until his chest ached — then promptly choked on the breath when a metallic clang rang in the air.

Morgan looked this way and that, but the streets were quiet save for the ringing reverberation of whatever had made that sound. Or rather, there wasn’t a single soul in sight. Huh. Maybe all the villagers were all enjoying a midday nap.

With some hesitation, he approached the direction of the noise, weaving around a few houses until he emerged at a path leading out the village. There, he saw two people, both with weapons drawn. Morgan shrank back and was ready to dart away, until he realized that he recognized one of them.

“Mister… uh, Serakiel?” he called out, just barely grasping the name from his memory. He recalled that Serakiel had passed through Litdunn Forest at one point. Morgan wasn’t good with remembering people and their names, but Serakiel had cut such a striking figure with his imposing height and beautiful countenance. Morgan couldn’t forget him even if he tried. Oh, but maybe he should introduce himself in case Serakiel forgot about him. “It’s Morgan. Um, from Litdunn Forest.”

Wait… why was Serakiel here? And why was he bearing arms against this pretty lady? Was this a test? To see their aptitude or something?

The relief of seeing someone he recognized was immediately replaced by a spike of anxiety. Morgan reached behind him to grab the handle of his staff, which was sticking halfway out of his backpack. Evalina had wanted to try and make a mana backpack for him, and Laurence was ready to throw his entire fortune away to buy one if she failed, but Morgan figured that it wasn’t worth it since he didn’t have much to pack anyway.

He was regretting the decision now as he fumbled to pull the staff out of its confines. Actually, no. Nevermind. He didn’t need the darn thing. He was taking too long, and neither of the two were attacking anymore.

Letting go of the staff, he instead brought his hand up in a wave. His cheeks were burning. Oh no.

“Hi. I’m Morgan.”

Aaand he said that already earlier. Time to die.
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Ba'al Loney​

Ba'al's feet hurt. He'd lost his left boot about three kilometers ago while navigating through a field of switchgrass (and wasted half an hour searching for it futilely) and lost the right to a particularly swift rapid one kilometer after. Now he was wandering through a dense forest, lost beyond comprehension and completely alone. Well, not completely alone. A small, brightly colored finch had settled on his head some time between the field and the river. Ba'al had only noticed it when it decided to paint his red hair white. Thank God for that river.

Wait, no, don't thank God for that river. It stole his boot! Darn river. His feet still hurt.

Besides his boots, he'd also been losing his food by way of a large, moth-eaten hole in the bottom of his pack. Thankfully, he'd been able to forage along the way. These little red things especially tasted divinely sweet, but they made his tongue all puffy for some reason. Ba'al stuffed another handful of fruit into his pocket. Maybe Shion would like them more.

The finch -- who he'd dubbed Stuart -- hopped from his distinctly hornless head to his shoulder and tweeted in his ear loudly. Ba'al winced and poked at the bird. "Quit it, Stuart, or I'll eat you next! You're going to make me go deaf." He bared his teeth threateningly. Stuart, deciding the threat was an empty one, decided to start snapping at the man's earlobe without mercy.


Roughly, he shoved a wild blackberry down the vicious bird's gullet, upon which Stuart crowed triumphantly and hopped back up to Ba'al's crown. Tears in his eyes, the tall demon gingerly cradled his ear. That son of a goat, it didn't even pay any rent! The least it could do was help him out of this forest. It felt as if he'd been wandering in circles for hours. Ba'al eyed a particularly familiar-looking stump. Maybe he had been going in circles. Why had he ever split up from the others, anyways?

...Huh, why wasn't he still with them? Ba'al paused and scratched his head with one hand. Befuddled, he scratched it with the second as well. He couldn't remember at all. Something-something letter, something-something village, something-something... something?

Giving up before his head exploded from his efforts, Ba'al shrugged. It didn't matter why he was in the forest. He at least remembered that his destination was Blita, to finally get an answer as to the strange inter-reality translation that had brought him to Semonia. Unfurling his yellowed map, Ba'al peered down at it. Yes, yes, there was the village and there was the road. He looked around. Well he certainly wasn't in either of those places. He drew a little 'X' across those areas with a thin stick of charcoal stuffed in another pocket. Two down, only a dozen more to go. Maybe a better vantage point would help.

Wiping away a bead of sweat before it could drip into his eyes, he bent over, slipping off his pack and placing it on the ground. Stuart tweeting inquisitively -- or he assumed it was inquisitively, he couldn't exactly speak whatever language birds spoke -- but he paid it no mind and crossed to the tallest, broadest tree he could see. Which, well, wasn't very tall nor very broad. The forest was densely packed, but all the trees were as slender as one of his thighs. Hopefully this would still work.

Ba'al dusted off his hands and began to climb the tree. Rough bark pricked at the exposed skin of his palms and feet and the wood creaked ominously, but the tree's strength held firm and he scaled it quickly. Finally reaching the top, he settled on an extending branch to take a look around his surroundings. In one direction, more trees. In another, more trees. In a third, more trees again -- oh, and the river that had stolen his shoes off in the distance!

He really hadn't gotten very far, had he?

In the final direction... ah?

Not even half a kilometer away, the forest came to a definite end. Beyond lay the outskirts of a small village. Though he could spot no signs of life -- no voices or movement or smoke from the chimneys -- unless Ba'al had managed to wander much, much farther than he should've, that must be Blita. He threw both hands up in the air and cheered loudly. Almost there!

His celebrations cut off sharply as the telltale creaking of wood rang out through the air. Aw, fiddlesticks.

The branch snapped suddenly, sending Ba'al crashing down into the forest below with a surprised cry. "Stuart, heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllpp meeeeeeee."

Stuart, having wings and also not feeling very inclined to try to save him, did not follow him down. Instead, the bird flew a few rounds about the treetop, chirping a merry little song before descending slowly and alighting on Ba'al's crumpled body. Stuart pecked him pointedly once, then a second time. Ba'al stirred and groaned, slowly managing to rise. His head ached something fierce. In a panic, he reached for his head, feeling around. Finding nothing but the forming bump on his crown, he released a sigh of relief. At least his horns hadn't reappeared. They had a tendency to pop out at bad times and he really just couldn't get the hang of putting the illusion back in place quickly. Not all too bad, then. Massaging the top of his head, he was thankful that his skull was made of sturdier stuff than most. To get away with only a bit of bruising and swelling after a fall like that would've been nothing short of miraculous back on Earth.

Spotting Stuart as the bird hopped off to gorge itself on a few fallen berries, Ba'al gave it a sour look. "You didn't even try to help me." Stuart paused, and looked up at the demon. It twittered angrily and spread its wings, as if displaying the disparity in their sizes. "Yeah, well, it's the thought that counts and you didn't think about it for a single second."

Cheep cheep cheep.

"Oh, don't give me that, I know you didn't. I can see it in your eyes."

Cheep cheep cheep. Cheep cheep.

"Don't lie to me! I know you're only here for the food!"

Cheep. Cheep cheep cheep. Cheep cheep.

"Wha- you really mean that, Stuart? Really, really?"


"Oh Stuart, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you thought that way. Here, eat some more berries!"

Stuart, being a bird, could not communicate with the teary-eyed Ba'al in the least. It ate the berries regardless.

Scooping up his stuff (and Stuart) and whistling a lighthearted tune, Ba'al set off in the direction of the village, prior pains all but forgotten. They breached the treeline after only a few minutes of walking, breaking out onto open ground for the first time in ages. The ramshackle buildings were organized in the standard 'weird stone medieval-y village' that most were, but there still remained no signs of life. Ba'al stopped at the first house he came upon and knocked firmly on the door. There was no response. He knocked again. Still nothing.

Frowning, he reached for the door and tried to open it. With a resounding crack, it tore off its hinges entirely, coming away in his hands. "Oops," he offered weakly, propping it up against the doorframe and beating a hasty retreat.

Making his way further into the village, his sharp ears picked up a few faint noises. Someone else was here. Crouching down slightly, he stealthily crept around and between the assorted buildings. Or as stealthily as a massive wall of a demon could ever hope to be. Stuart chirped pointedly, clearly not appreciative of Ba'al's best efforts. "Shhh," he hissed, reaching up and pinching the bird's beak closed. "Are you trying to give me away?"

Stuart threw a fit. Fluffing its feathers up and flapping its wings violently, the finch futilely struggled against the man's grip. In an act of terrible retaliation, it dug its little talons into his hair and yanked.


Ba'al spun wildly, trying and failing to free himself from Stuart's grip. His threadbare pack snapped and slipped off his shoulders, scattering the remnants of its contents across the floor. Hopping to try and dodge the strewn obstacles, he stumbled into a pile of jagged rocks -- and away from them with another sharp cry of pain. Dizzied and disoriented, Ba'al smashed into and through the nearest house, which promptly collapsed into rubble on top of him with a thundering crash.

Silence reigned for a moment before the pile of debris began to slowly shift and Ba'al reemerged. Coated head to toe in dust and marks, but remarkably unharmed overall, he rose like a ghost from the grave. He stood silently, ominously for a moment longer and then suddenly broke down into a series of hacking, spluttering coughs. Digging his way out of the pile, Ba'al rubbed his eyes with both hands, trying to clear the ashy residue from his face.

"That was awful, Stuart, and definitely your fault," he complained bitterly, pouting. "We're lucky that no one was around or someone might've gotten hurt. Besides me. Gosh, how embar..."

Finally blinking his eyes clear, Ba'al set his eyes upon the scene before him and froze. A group of people spread out in the small area between the houses, and he'd just happened to stumble right into them. Phooey.

"Hello!" Ba'al boomed, straightening out. He struck a well-practiced -- in the mirror every night after dinner-- pose of confidence. "I am Ba'al and I come in peace!" There we go, a perfect recovery. The others would be proud.

Location: Blita​

Raia Amantea
Hortensia Harbor → Blita
His heart always thumped with excitement at times like this. It was the beat of a loud drum that signaled the start of a new adventure, filling him with vigor as he excitedly set off to see new sights and immerse himself in new experiences. His destination this time, however, was far from exotic, merely a small village in his own home of Hortensia. And yet, the beat within his chest was faster and more intense than ever before.

Rather than the usual desires that fueled his adventurous spirit, he'd been overtaken by nervousness, a feeling that had become foreign to him over the years. He'd forgotten what it felt like to be anxious, much like he'd almost forgotten about his old life. A single message brought the emotion and fading memories back in full force.

Five years ago, he spent so much time wondering about how everything happened. He was plagued by a stream of endless questions without answers, leaving him with a crippling fear of night and day. He eventually accepted that as how things were, coming to terms with a lack of explanation as he closed that chapter for good. But now many of those questions were returning, dozens of new ones among them.

He was never able to tell how closely the world followed the old book he read. While it shared many of the same locations and people, there were many other things never captured in black and white. In light of recent revelations, it seemed as though things were unfortunately on the same path. He was reminded of the great evil, something he hadn't thought of ever since he started life anew.

There was also something even more surprising mentioned in the strange message he received. While great destruction and disease were definitely the most concerning and a top priority, his thoughts always kept drifting back to the mention of multiple people. Others like him who came from the world beyond the pages. Not once had he ever considered that there might be more people who suddenly found themselves here.

Honestly, knowing he was about to meet other people in the same situation as him was a big source of his current nerves. Not in a bad way, though. In fact, there was something comforting about knowing he wasn't alone. He just wasn't too sure how things would turn out when the time came. After all, he wasn't very experienced with that other place, his current world feeling more like home than anything. Well, even with that being said, his feelings were much closer to excitement than worry, as he was looking forward to getting to know everyone. His few negative emotions were focused on a different matter.

The message mentioned the possibility of being sent back. He had a lot of mixed feelings on that subject. It was something he stopped thinking about entirely all those years ago, but now it was at the forefront of his mind.

He spent a lot of time wondering what would happen to him if he went back. He thought about what would become of his family. More than anything, he thought about Raia. The real Raia. Just like at the start, he thought about what happened to his soul. Would it return to his body? If the original came back, then would he go back to...whatever was left of Riley Ward? Was there even anything to go back to?

With those thoughts in mind, he spent the last month with his family after traveling back to Hortensia. He ate with them, laughed with them, and spent every moment immersing himself in the loving environment that taught him it was okay to live. It was enough time to fill his heart and help him make up his mind about everything. Now his time was up.

After a great deal of walking, he finally set eyes on the deserted village. With no hesitation, he picked up the pace and charged ahead, his wild, waist-length mane following closely behind like a bushy tail. Unfortunately, there was no crowd waiting to greet him. Or any amount of people, for that matter.

With it being a small village, he expected it to be a little quiet, but he wasn't anticipating an actual ghost town. There were no farmers, no old ladies hanging clothes out to dry, and no kids chasing each other with sticks. He was disappointed by the lack of energy, but it was also a bit concerning. Where had everyone gone? Did they get a message to clear out?

He remained near the edge of the village for a period of time, walking in a circle with arms crossed as he tried to solve the mystery of the missing villagers. He considered it may have been a village-wide fishing trip, a severe case of introversion, and even the chance of everyone getting sent to another world. All very strong possibilities, but he kept coming back to his initial thought.

If someone told the villagers to go elsewhere, wouldn't it have to be the same person who called for him and the others? They'd have to have some authority for that, right? Like a lord or something?

Before he could fully crack the case like the bonafide detective he was, the sound of shouting and something crumbling caught his attention. Thinking that someone was in trouble, he immediately darted off, following the only source of noise in the eerily quiet village. He could only hope that the people weren't missing due to something dangerous.

The concern got him to the scene of the crime quickly, and to his relief, it wasn't quite what he was expecting. No monsters and no blood. There were a few people standing around, and while he was pretty happy about actually managing to find signs of life, his attention was immediately consumed by the house that had taken a beating.

"Ah, that's not good!"

Too preoccupied with infrastructure, he didn't look at the other folks too closely as he dashed over to the rubble. Figuring the villagers wouldn't be too happy to see one of their houses busted up when they returned, he got to work right away. Rubbing his hands together and working his magic in a very literal sense, he mended and manipulated stone back into its proper shape.

Wiping the nonexistent sweat from his brow with a look of satisfaction on his face, he turned away from his completed repairs and finally took notice of the ash-covered man right next to what used to be a pile of rubble. He saw large horns framing a head of blood-dyed hair, a striking figure that somehow went unnoticed while he was focused on construction duty.

"Huge!" That's the first word that left his mouth after giving the demon a good look. He looked him up and down, as if trying to measure him while he went to help dust some of the remaining ash off his person. "You alright? Looking a bit rough there, friend."

Raia adjusted pretty quickly, the demon's appearance being reduced to a lingering thought in the back of his mind as he continued to pat and wipe. Still, it was quite a shock. He didn't often meet people who were as tall as himself, let alone those who were even taller. Although, when he took another look around the place, there was another guy around the same height too. Heck of a day.

As he checked out the eye-catching pair of wings sprouting from his fellow giant, he finally took notice of the one familiar face in the small crowd of strangers. His already present grin stretched even wider as he bounded over to the short-haired woman, his energy levels rising by the second. "Ash!"

Getting close, he greeted her with a friendly pat on the back, not giving the presence of weapons much thought. "Been a while since we last bumped into each other, huh? You and the others doing good? And who are these guys? New recruits?"
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Rohen Walker
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Hortensia Harbor
"Just a tiiiiiny bit more..." Rohen said to herself as she was dripping a solution from one vial into a shell casing. It was just another normal day for Rohen. Business was booming and flourishing. She also had a stack of grimoires that she hasn't gotten to reading through yet. It had all sort of quality of life improving magic spells. Like cleaning laundry, folding them too; Two separate spells of course. A spell that removes oil stains from dishes and pots. One that can see through clothing... She's only tried it once on herself to see if it works and... It did. And one that creates a field of flowers. That one by far has been the most pleasant one she's tried.

She's getting side tracked, she needs to focus. Dripping the exact correct amount is crucial as just a bit too much, could cause an explosive result in her face. Unfortunately, that's what was going to happen in just a few seconds. A few seconds, four seconds tops. Just like a video game, a status screen popped up right in front of her. However, this wasn't a video game so seeing a status window in front of her very eyes like that was surprising and shocking to say the least. She's seen a spell that projects similarly to map out dungeons or general mazes, basically anywhere the user has explored, but to see this pop up without any spell prompt and in the form of a letter? Well, it was enough to distract her and accidentally panic when she poured too much of the solution to the point where it started... "boiling."

"Shit!" She exclaimed before she activated a defensive spell, which looked like a large quantity of hexagons formed in a way that acted like a sort of glass shield. It was an ordinary and basic defensive spell every mage from the academy was taught. Which means, it's a spell Rohen has a mastery over. At least in all sense of the word, familiarity. It was only sufficient by the time the mixed volatile solutions mixed and mingled before peaking over into a climax of an explosive blast. She could only put up a small patch in front of her to block the explosion from making direct contact with her while the table she used shielded her lower half, but the pressure from the blast is still pressure and it blew her backwards making her fall in her chair. Thankfully, the explosion wasn't too bad as it was just a small shotgun casing. About the size of her palm but three times its size. However, getting sent backwards and the back of her head being really close friends with the floor was a very unpleasant feeling as it just gave her a new ache.

Even after recovering from the blast, the status window still hovered in front of her face like an annoying little fairy calling her name and telling her to listen. At first, she examined it with great annoyance which soon turned into a more interested attitude once she realized the contents of said letter as she was getting up. How long has it been? Five years now? Almost? After all that this world's... She's assuming a deity has finally showed their face or even bothered to say hello?

"...Right, off I fuck." She said displeased before she turned around to walk away from the message intending to incinerate the room with the message in it. But it still followed. In front of her face. "...Go away. I'm not gonna follow your rules. I already flipped you off a couple years ago, get a hint." She said before turning another way but it still persists in following her. In front of her face. She started swatting away at it in frustration. "Buzz off!!" But to no avail. She sighed before going over a bucket of water and dunking her head into it in hope of making the message go away. Of course, it followed. Especially with the tighter space, it was more pushed against her face.

After taking her head out of the water and using a spell to dry herself, she groaned loudly in defeat. She sat back down on her chair, slumping into it. "...This better not be some elaborate prank to see if I'm fucking insane." She said before pulling out a calendar and marking it down. Only then did it finally disappear and she was able to rid herself of the message. The nervousness and anxiety that the message had brought her however did not leave her.

On the day of her departure, she packed most of the stuff she needed like essentials for camping for months' worth of travel, blacksmithing and alchemy related tools she can bring with her and other needs. Especially her weapons. She wore a cloak and brought an eye mask with her to disguise herself later. She didn't exactly trust that someone she doesn't know is asking her to go somewhere she isn't familiar with. Despite Blita being just south of the harbor, it's still a long way to get there. Unless...

"You're going out?" A blonde girl with emerald eyes wearing simple clothes asked Rohen. She had an expression on her face that looked like she was pleading her not to leave. After all, Rohen is her mistress. Who wouldn't want to separate from their master if they were treated so well? "Yes, Yona. I need to investigate something and it might be a little dangerous. Even so, I can handle it." Rohen said, trying to reassure her that it'll be okay. "Wait, if it's dangerous, maybe it's best I go with you." "No, save your money for yourself. There's no need to use your expenses for my sake." She said refusing the idea of Yona travelling with her, mainly for a number of reasons that isn't just because of the need for animosity regarding the status window message that only she saw. One because they were at the port now and they were starting to board. Rohen had already paid her fee to board the flight while Yona did not. Two, Blita is not where this airship was destined. She was going to take it half way and jump off mid-flight. She already notified the captain beforehand so all crew hands knew about her sudden departure off starboard. She intended to fly the rest of the way there because she happened to master the art of flight due to the previous Rohen's excessive use for it. Unlike Rohen, Yona cannot fly. "It'll probably take me a week or two to figure things out." Soon, the captain began to make an announcement.

"Last call for boarding! We will be leaving shortly!!"

Upon hearing that, Rohen sighed and looked at Yona. "It's time." Yona went and hugged Rohen in which Rohen followed suit and hugged her back. They held each other for a few moments more before separating. "Please come back safe, Mistress Rohen." Rohen chuckled. "Don't worry, I will." She said before she began making her way up the ramp and onto the airship. As the airship began liftoff and departed, she was waving to her apprentice who was waving back from below. She wished she could tell her apprentice the truth about many things but she didn't want to make her think otherwise. Besides, how would anyone react if they were told they were living inside a story book she read from another world? And that she was not from it despite all these feats? It mattered not as those worries began to fade away just like the scene before her as the airship flew away from the harbor. In just a few hours, she will be overhead in Blita and make the drop to investigate what has been bothering her so and put an end to her anxieties. Little did she know, she had just embarked on a journey of a lifetime...

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Rohen Walker
Accuracy & Precision
After breaching through a clearing in the trees, she finally got sight of the village of Blita. The airship didn't in fact fly overhead directly of it but it was close enough in terms of walking distance. It worked out a lot for Rohen as she was able to use her wind magic to fly down into the nearby forest and make a more covert-like approach to the village. She still wasn't sure who contacted her and who she would meet at this destination, so hiding her presence felt necessary for her safety at the moment. She continued her approach to the village, her masked and cloaked appearance concealing her identity to any who caught sight of her. It also made her look suspicious as nobody would know who or what she was. Just an unidentified figure.

The descent down was not too much trouble for Rohen. As the previous owner of this body had abused her wind magic to fly almost everywhere, her body remembers it keenly how it feels to fly. Possessing their memories and reciting them accurately also helped activating and piloting the magic. To call it a breeze would be an understatement. It felt like it was second nature to her. Everything. Flight pathing, velocity management and even just sudden stops and propulsions in mid-air was very fluently executed. It made her wonder just how long she could fly then and how fast she could actually propel herself. Now wasn't the time though, she had business to take care of and wished to return as soon as possible.

Once she got within the perimeter of the village, she used her wind magic to ascend up to the rooftops of the buildings. She made sure to pick out tall buildings in order to get a view of the scene below. In which the scene barely had or lacked any movement at all, like a still picture. She was getting really suspicious. Being called out to an empty village such as this? It wouldn't be out of her way to just turn around and fly all the way back to the harbor before anyone found out about her presence. But that was until she began to hear... movement.

Specifically it was the sound of iron clashing, a very familiar sound in her line of work. However, this isn't no metal on an anvil. These were weapons. A fight? Then came the crumbling sound of a building collapsing. From there, she could visually see the cloud of rubble and debris being launched up into the air, peeking over the horizon of the other roofs of the buildings that did not share the same fate. This prompted Rohen the need to investigate, but with caution. She began to prepare for contact. Slinging her rifle around into her hands in front of her, she loaded its ammo tube compartment to full capacity with just four sabot vials infused with ice that could shatter upon impact. Her hand cannon, loading a capsule which contained the gun's ammo which had magic properties of water.

The idea here being her weapons being used when any threats that come at her are too close to hit with Zoltraak, a simple offensive magic spell that shoots a blast of concentrated mana towards her target. It's a great tool to use for heavy artillery-like damages but it's a very close call if she were to use it in very close range. That's where her weapons come into play. A rifle to inflict mid ranged attacks of alchemically brewed ice projectiles which explode upon impact leaving behind a patch of ice to slow down targets or even crippling their movements. A hand cannon using water rounds that can ricochet off one target and over to another. It's not the most lethal of her arsenal but it'll hurt like a bitch. Like getting pelted with a water balloon but at terminal velocity. The pressure would surely stagger or even knock them back. Maybe dislocate something if shot at a joint.

She flew over to a nearby rooftop to where she could see a group of people all in one place. She counted five of them, two of them being notably huge. All of them male, except for one. One of them catching Rohen by surprise as she was very well acquainted with them. So much so that she's considered as part of Rohen's family, an individual who is very close to her and vice versa. She flew over and perched atop of a building a little closer to them to get a better view but it was still rather far for the group to spot her. Taking out a magnifying scope, she mounted it to her rifle and took aim but her finger off the trigger. She only wanted to confirm their identity. Her eyes widened.

"Ashta...? What's she doing here?"

She said to herself before she realized she had her weapon drawn along with the other individual with wings and a scythe. This alarmed Rohen as it seemed like Ashta was in trouble. But at the same time... not? The angel looking figure that stood a distance from her, surely the co-partner of what caused the clash didn't seem to be threatening her or anything. In fact, it looked like conflict was de-escalating. That's when she began to look at the rest of the group. Besides Ashta and the winged fellow, there was two other humans and one notably huge guy with... a bird? It seemed like... No, it wasn't exactly a companion. Perhaps just a tag-along. Out of all of them, only two of them seemed like they didn't exactly belong in this situation. Just awkward presences.

There was no threat, but she was still wary. She decided to just keep watching for a while longer. She wonders why they were all gathered in this one area, in this desolate place. She laid prone on her stomach and got into position just comfortable enough to watch them and snuff out her presence visually. If they could sense her, she'd actually be quite some buildings down. A dozen maybe. She didn't really have any intent to harm.

...Maybe it was just best to go down there for herself. If Ashta is there, perhaps the others are fine. If anything sprung out on them, she did have her hand cannon loaded and ready to go. She was also quite quick on the draw too so she might even act on reaction and reflex before pondering the hesitation of harming or taking life. She slung her rifle back behind her and stowed away the scope. After such, she got up and made her descent down using her wind magic. She proceeded to walk towards the group, her nervousness and anxieties starting to build up as she was now going to be part of the group and share whatever fate they were going to get.

As she approached the group, she didn't relinquish her hood or mask and just kept it on. When she entered their circle, she just waved at them.
"What... are you guys doing here?" She asked, not really trying to hide or change her voice to keep Ashta from figuring out it was Rohen behind the hood and mask. Besides, she's probably one in the wrong. She had her rifle drawn at them from a distance. This is just her coming clean, but she was still ready for any altercation even though the chance of it is extremely low. And... It is kind of chilly, she might wear the cloak a bit longer.

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