1. EveCreates

    Futuristic  There Are Shadows In Space (Sci-Fi Rp)

    “Are the evils in space really so evil?” -Modern Philosopher, Unidentified Your character is a scientific researcher in space, studying alien life forms recently found on a newly discovered planet. My character is a humanoid dark alien, which has a fairly restricted ability to shapeshift...
  2. Psychie

    Robotech Sentinels game idea!

    Hey everyone! I have been running a Robotech Southern Cross game, and now I am wanting to get a UEEF game using the 2nd edition of Robotech. I am planning on giving everyone some good perks for their characters, and will go into more detail as we get into character creation. This game will...
  3. ButtDanceClaudette

    Fandom  Millennium City: Stimulant - Quest: What Lies Below

    A few hours later... You remember traveling to the mission site—either by car or hell, maybe by foot—but that didn't matter. You stood up and found yourself standing in the middle of a horribly familiar fog-covered road. It was cracked, withering with disuse and decay, little brown weeds...
  4. K0mori

    Fantasy  The Devil's Meridian (Closed)

    Character Sheets and Additional Information: Link Discord: Link Thanks to Emperor Sagan for the map. Prologue 30th of September, 1919. The world has entered a new era of industrial progress, harnessing the power of ancient fuels to drive machines which defy the normal limitations of man-...
  5. Trektek

    Futuristic  Sunset Horizon CS

    Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Character description or facesheet Position on ship: Passenger(High class, low class, etc), Crew, Employee Personality: Reason for being on the Sunset Horizon: History: Family or Relations: (If applicable)
  6. Welling29

    Multiple Settings  Multiple Roleplays, and Stories to Be Told!

    Hello! I am posting this in search of a roleplay partner, and I must say I am quite new to this site (But thankfully not to roleplaying itself). I am open to doing most everything under the sun and have multiple of my own original roleplay ideas, but I am always open to collaborating to make it...
  7. Trektek

    Futuristic  Sunset Horizon

    Welcome, and thank you for choosing Ysrendele Cruise Line for all of your relaxation and vacation needs. Our top of the line space cruisers are as if you are in a hotel floating in space, taking you from one pleasing vista to another. Our well trained crew will be able to respond to your every...
  8. K0mori

    Fantasy  The Devil's Meridian ► Supernatural Horror on the High Seas

    They say that if you sail beyond the Devil's Meridian in a straight line, you won't emerge on the other side at the proper latitude, if you emerge at all. Few have made the crossing throughout history without emerging with broken bodies and twisted minds. The weather there roils at the...
  9. Forgotten_by_light

    Futuristic  What happened to System 18? CS

    (Anything between () can be removed) Name Age Appearance Personality(Forgot to add this sorry) Origin If a Venus Gifted, please -in detail- explain their ability Gear(Outfit too if you wish) Bio: --------------------------------- VVV Do not copy to CS VVV In 2535 the United Continents of...
  10. Wolfsbane

    Fantasy  Dancing Upon the Shore: Fantasy RP Interest & Development Check

    Hello everyone, Wolf here, bringing you a Role-play that will inspire your imagination and heart. By this, I mean that my ideal outcome for this Role-play is that the sky will be the limit! Now then, I’m sure we’re all excited, right? So let’s get down to the details! This Role-play will be in...
  11. EveCreates

    Fantasy  We, the Night, and He, the Light

    WE, THE NIGHT, AND HE, THE LIGHT “It’s like a mirror has descended from the sky, shattering our beliefs and rebuilding them in the opposite. Darkness and light are at war, but they also fight against our preconceived notions. Chaos. That is what this world has become.” We are in a world...
  12. Unconventionalist

    Futuristic  SUPERCLUSTER - The Lore-rich Sci-fi RP Built By Its Players

    "NEVER IN THIS MILLENIA HAVE WE EXPERIENCED A PEACE SO TRANQUIL YET SO FRAGILE" - Vurkha Marendis, Representative of the Leo Trifecta The home of countless intelligent and non-intelligent lifeforms. The Laniakea Supercluster is home to approximately 10,000 galaxies. At the rate the universe...
  13. OverconfidentMagi

    Fantasy  Ever After All

    Ever After All Once upon a time, heroes existed throughout the world. They held weapons forged in the deaths of gods and used magic that could tear the world apart. They called themselves Players. But all of the Players are long gone now, nothing more than stories and myths of ages past. Though...
  14. Forgotten_by_light

    Futuristic  What happened to System 18?

    In 2535 the United Continents of Earth sought to colonize planets out of their Solar system. So they created colonization ships, and taraforming technology, and sent the ships towards other known solar systems using warp drives. Using wormhole technology, they reached these solar systems in the...
  15. Ransokyos

    Fantasy  Hidden in the Twilight, Focused in the Light

    Entities of darkness and fear have been seen in many cities, consuming people, buildings, and poisoning the very land itself. It has been discovered that living upon the sea is easiest, while living on the coast is easier than living further inland, where these creatures seem to gather. Who or...
  16. Razor-D-Belphe

    Fantasy  Red Tide

    Hey! Floor is open for an interactive work of pirate fiction set in a fantasy world. The plot is loose to accommodate your contributions. Let's improvise together!
  17. Razor-D-Belphe

    Fantasy  Red Tide (Open)

    It's a clear mid-morning day on the quaint coastal port town. The air is thick with the scent of sea salt in the Harbor, the sea a majestic blue. Many ships are moored along the docks, and some can be seen in the distance, heading into open water, or else returning from their voyages. Seagulls...
  18. zooka

    Multiple Settings  "If you're some dumb folks looking to get murdered..." (Literate, M/F, F/F, or Double)

    Look, y'all, I'm tryin' to finally finish Uncharted 4 (because I hate when things end so I just don't finish them, #lifehack) and this big dumb idiot is just in constant heaps of trouble and knee-deep in bullshit and I have to say... I'm jealous. So here's what we're gonna do. I'd like to do...
  19. Trektek

    Fandom  Command and Conquer: Scorpion Base

    Gunfire lay all around them. It was a genuine bulletstorm from the automated defenses as they hid behind a destroyed tiberium harvester. At least it's partially burned out hull was still useful for something. Jasper was happy that those things were built so big and bulbous for increasing the...
  20. LetsGoGuy

    Fantasy  Reclaiming Humanity (Zombie Apocalypse OC)

    The end has come. When it came, people tried to stop it. Gangs gave up petty feuds, politicians from across the spectrum made plans, and national borders disappeared as countries poured aid into the hurting world. But it wasn't enough. The rotting hoards of dead flooded across the nation...