1. General Deth Glitch

    Multiple Settings Reclaiming the New World | Feudal, Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Colonialism

    Reclaiming the New World After the brief period of stability that came once most of the old worlds land was conquered and the multitude of pathways to new worlds in that old world had been dealt with (whatever form that happened to take), the mighty nations looked to the new discoveries across...
  2. SyntaxAttack

    Fantasy [THE FOREST] (CLOSED)

    Welcome! Here’s the scenario: your character finds themselves in the forest, I don’t care how. They could be lost, they could be hiking, but all that really matters is that they’re in the forest, they could be in a group of explorers, or everyone can meet up at a later point. I don’t care. I’m...
  3. General Deth Glitch

    Multiple Settings Reclaiming the New World | Feudal, Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Colonialism

    Reclaiming The Old New World The New World was well known to exist, too many documents recovered that were written before the Schism referenced it for there to be any doubt. But the real question was how to get there. That was answered 38 years ago by the Great Explorer Clément Girardot. Upon...
  4. Scaleless

    Fantasy Voyage To The End [Made in abyss inspired]

    Voyage To The End From the depths of the earth, an ethereal abyss has beckoned, a void so vast and unfathomable that it has remained shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time. Its inky depths whisper secrets untold, and within its murky embrace lies a realm of unspeakable power. This is the...
  5. Scaleless

    Fantasy The Reliquary [Main]

    The Reliquary Ceaseless artifacts and maddening anomalies bespectacled the gilded rooms of the Reliquary. The great doors, with their elaborately carved panels and inlaid hinges, were flung open at approach; a light breeze stirred the creaking wicker shutters, and the clangorous murmurings of...
  6. Captain Shake n Bake

    Fandom Horizon Code: Red

    The year is 2920. Having once hoped to dominate the land and conquer all in their sights, the Carja are fighting a rapidly decaying war on three fronts; against the Nora tribe of the 'Savage East', the battlehungry Tenakth in the Forbidden West, and now against a looming civil war on their...
  7. MrThe

    Nation Building Beylik on the Border (CS)

    (example character sheet, none of this is canon for the game except for mention of the Padishah Emperor who you also serve) CHARACTER Name: Inana Binay Title(s): Emira Age: 19 Sex: Female Appearance: Personality: Extremely stubborn, quite tomboyish, somewhat easily provoked, and...
  8. MrThe

    Nation Building Beylik Bathhouse (OOC)

    Hi everyone, welcome to the Turkish Bathhouse for the game Beylik on the Border
  9. Captain Shake n Bake

    Fandom Monster Hunter: Horizon

    Fifty years ago, the Research Commission uncovered what they thought were the greatest secrets of the New World, with their highest ranks felling the likes of the devourer of Elder Dragons, the Old Everwyrm and even the legendary Fatalis itself. But the quest for new horizons never ceased. As...
  10. Dellay

    Fantasy Tribal Compromise (Closed for now)

    Sooo..I have sat on this idea for quite a while now, the plot is on the next tab, but I’ll resume the idea for you here; Looking for female characters to be played in a light fantasy setting long term Rp, writes at least around 1 paragraph, you’re also free to come with ideas and help on it be...
  11. Mitheral

    Futuristic Last of Us

    In the end it wasn’t really war, global warming, resource depletion, or cataclysmic events that got the better of us. Oh those happened too, just not as bad as they might have been. It was a pandemic, or rather a number of them all at once. Some think they might even have been the result of...
  12. jmann

    Fantasy A World Invoked - Sandbox God RP Interest Check

    A . . W o r l d . . I n v o k e d Stories have beginnings. . Heroes have mentors. Worlds have Gods. Before there was time, there was space. And before there was space, there was a word. And that word was: "Speak," and so there was sound, and...
  13. Dragongal

    Futuristic Horseshoes and Ion Grenades - IC

    The SWC-144 slid into the Earth dock with a hum. It had just gotten in from Venus and was ready for a fuel-up and reloading. This would be its last major reloading of anything - fuel, food, supplies - until they reached Jupiter. More important than all of those material items, though, it was...
  14. NakiaNiteshade

    Multiple Settings The Purple Duck Inn Open

    Welcome to The Purple Duck Inn!! I'm Nakia Niteshade. I am a mage, and I've studied alchemy. I also owe this inn. We have food, drink, and a room for travelers to refresh themselves. We also have a wide variety of goods for sale. Don't worry too much if you don't have the coin to pay. A hard...
  15. Geozaki

    Futuristic The Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix - Main RP

    Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. Arthur C. Clarke Since life first began, there have been those who have gazed upon the stars, For many, the infinite void posed nothing but existential danger... Wednesday, February 26th...
  16. Vexumin

    Multiple Settings We're Still Here {An Apocalypse Tale} (Interest Check) [Closed]

    When the Apocalypse came, it was with the roaring wail of war horns. Both the earth and skies opened to unleash the waiting forces of heaven and hell as they took to the end war with all their might. Angels ready at the gates of their holy citadels while the demons had waited to claw their way...
  17. Nero Kunivas

    Fantasy Tainted Blood - Lore

    Welcome to the Lore of the Tainted Blood universe! Please enjoy your time reading here. If you would like to contribute to the lore, please message me! Links: (To be filled) -------- The World and Lands -------- Avalon The world we all reside in, an ancient and large world that has held...
  18. Geozaki

    Futuristic The Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix - Out of Character Chat

    Hey everyone, this is the OOC thread for the U.S.S. Phoenix Roleplay There is a Discord server up as a second OOC option as well. Joining it is in no way mandatory but anyone who wishes to is more than welcome to join.
  19. Geozaki

    Futuristic The Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix - Database

    This thread will contain important information that may be useful to you through the RP Please refrain from posting here unless given permission to keep it as easy to navigate as possible. This whole thread is a massive WIP
  20. Geozaki

    Futuristic The Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix - Characters - Open and Accepting

    Welcome to U.S.S. Phoenix. Please enter your personal information into the ship's database before boarding. Thank You Hi there! Welcome to the characters thread for the Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix. Here I will do my best to provide you with all the information you will need to help...