1. GojiBean

    Fantasy Chronicles of Cre' Est (Triveila)

    "Achoo!" A pair of gleaming, glowing crimson spheres locked onto Lorraine as she sniffled and brought out a handkerchief from her bag to wipe her nose. "It's gotten a lot colder, hasn't it?" Kyero looked up towards the dark, cloudy sky. "Hmm." "Well, on the bright side the New Year's almost...
  2. GojiBean

    Fantasy Chronicles of Cre' Est (Gweynura)

    (This will be the main In-Character posting thread for characters whose stories are taking place in the nation of Gweynura. Roleplay: Chronicles of Cre' Est. Interest Check here.)
  3. GojiBean

    Fantasy Chronicles of Cre' Est (Veilbrand)

    (This will be the main In-Character posting thread for characters whose stories are taking place in the nation of Velbrand. Roleplay: Chronicles of Cre' Est. Interest Check here.)
  4. GojiBean

    Fantasy Chronicles of Cre' Est (Valkyom)

    (This will be the main In-Character posting thread for characters whose stories are taking place in the nation of Valkyom. Roleplay: Chronicles of Cre' Est. Interest Check here.)
  5. GojiBean

    Fantasy Chronicles of Cre' Est (OPEN)

    Hoyo peeps! Welcome to my Interest Check for Chronicles of Cre' Est! OOC Chat Page This is an RP set in a medieval low fantasy setting. Since it's low fantasy there are no high-fantasy elements such as non-human races (like elves, dwarves, etc), there's no magic, and there are no mythical...
  6. GojiBean

    Fantasy (Characters) Chronicles of Cre' Est

    Hoyo all! I'm here to make a character sheets thread for the RP I'm working on, Chronicles of Cre' Est! I've got two characters in mind for the moment, and am using placeholder images for them until I can commission custom images for them! The artist for the first character's current face...
  7. GojiBean

    Fantasy (Lore) Chronicles of Cre' Est

    Welcome to the Lore page for Chronicles of Cre' Est! This is gonna be a smaller RP (in terms of player count) and based on a story I've been developing since 2009... Yeah, I know. How does someone "develop" a story for that long? Well, when you start in 2009 knowing nothing about the craft of...
  8. DarKnight36

    Fantasy Embers of Telani

    The mayor of Ravalai, Bronson, sat in his home, reading over the letter that had just been delivered. The lines in his face had been pulled even deeper by what he read, and no comfort was gained by the knowledge that the situation was almost certainly out of his hands. He set the letter down and...
  9. Resting Witch Face

    Futuristic Rust and Dust: Pilgrimage (Sci-fi/Dystopia/Adventure)

    "Do you remember the last time you ate? What was it that you had to eat, something salty, or sweet? Perhaps both? It's a question that seems obvious and not really important on the surface but lacks my true context. For some of us, we don't really eat anymore. It's like a cherished memory for...
  10. GojiBean

    Fantasy Small Group, Medieval Fantasy War Story Partner Search! (Open)

    Hoyo! I'm looking for 2-3 people who like medieval fantasy and war story RP's to join me for an adventure! Fair warning, this RP is going to be a bit of an acquired taste. Despite being focused on war it's not going to feature any characters who are badasses and capable of turning the tide of...
  11. Thalia_Neko

    Fantasy Into the Dread Labyrinth

    Prologue~ A group of Raiders were screaming as they ran for their lives. "RUN! RUN!!!" One of them shouted to the others. With others repeating the same at various places, resulting in the word being echoed around. A totally unnecessary thing to do. They all already knew to do just that...
  12. Thalia_Neko

    Fantasy Dread Labyrinth interest check idea

    Hiya! For the record, Im already gming another rp, so Im not exactly 100% on how my schedule will be like. However, Ive felt perhaps I can do another rp. Or at least, Ive had an itch for another rp. This one will be quite different than my other rp, which is based on sort of the idea of...
  13. Juju

    Fantasy [closed] As the World Burns (Non-traditional Isekai/reincarnation RP)

    As the world burns... ...stars fall from the sky All across Aegisea, a brilliant flash from the cosmos announced the arrival of a new star. Like a second sun, its rays illuminated the land below in a cool, mystical glow. Even the cosmos seemed to stir into a dance, flushed out in billowy...
  14. Aron the Aron

    Fantasy Etrian Odyssey: The World Tree (abandoned)

  15. twinkie

    Realistic or Modern ȶɦɛ ʟօֆȶ ƈɨȶʏ օʄ ֆȶǟʀֆ

    Long ago... A small town called Hadena was created among the Olludae people. They were a quiet people, who kept solely to themselves and rarely sought any interaction with the outside world. Centuries passed and they grew from a town to a prosperous city. While they were left untouched, the...
  16. noil

    Fandom Way in the Past... Somewhere Else [main]

    The frenzy of activity in Valor Station was jarring as always as Sef struggled their way through the jostling crowd. In busy ports like this such things as day-night cycles and operating hours were nothing more than myth, and the diminutive Rishii clicked their beak nervously as they glanced...
  17. DarKnight36

    Fantasy Embers on the Wind

    Retriance panted from the exertion as he forced his aching arms and back to continue moving. Rhythmic, dull pounding reverberated throughout the room, the only light the crackling fire stuffed into the furnace before him. Sparks spat from the metal in front of him as his hammer continued its...
  18. DarKnight36

    Fantasy Embers on the Wind Lore Thread

    Interest Thread Character Thread Main Thread! Most of Ember's lore will probably be housed on our Discord, but I'll be putting here some basic highlights! More to come regarding the continent of Telani, the countries who reside there and more! The Pantheon There are eleven gods & goddesses...
  19. DarKnight36

    Fantasy Embers on the Wind Character Thread

    Interest Thread Lore Thread Main Thread! Basic Character Profile Name: Pronouns: Age: Race: Magical Affinity: Trade: Skills: Equipment: Appearance: Personality: Biography: Other: Please take the time to flip through the tabs below! Races The following is a list and a brief summary of each...
  20. DarKnight36

    Fantasy Embers on the Wind

    Fire is a fickle thing. Those caught in a dark, stormy night, as black and cold as winter, can find comfort in a warm, gleaming fire. But that comfort can turn to fear when lightning strikes, bringing a fire that eats all in its path. In both cases, what is left after? Embers. A millennia ago...