1. XorianGeth

    Fandom  Looking for a DM/GM for a One on One Xenonauts Roleplay

    Hey people. I'm currently looking for a DM/GM to run a One on 'One' Xenonauts roleplay. While I am looking to play in the general canon, I do wish to make some modifications to the lore, aesthetic and the like. You don't need to be knowledgeable on Xenonauts as I'm fine with a DM/GM winging it...
  2. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Fallen Gods (Greek / Norse)

    For over a thousand years the Gods have not walked among us. Or rather they have walked among us as mortals. The last pagans were converted in the 9th century. But one does not destroy beliefs with a simple proclamation any more than a god dies because a mortal says he does. We are going to...
  3. Meepkits

    Fantasy  Unique

    It was a quiet day in the forest, as usual, and Cinder found a spot to lie down on the generous grass, looking at the sunlight flittering through the trees, making the leaves shine and glisten as the wind gently brushed past them. It felt really good to be able to relax for once, recently...
  4. Agent23

    Futuristic  Willow's World- A Sci-fi Adventure

    The world we know In the early 21st century political division grew remarkably tense and a global war broke out. Often it had been said that world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones because mankind believed their weapons capable of wiping themselves out. As it turned out mankind had...
  5. PerilousAbyss

    Fantasy  Searching for intrepid adventurers eager to explore a surreal world of ruins, monsters, and danger! Details inside!

    Hello everyone! You can call me Perilous or Abyss or some permutation of the two! The title I feel says it all more or less, I've got a world prepared for this and an exploration-focused story/campaign I'd like to run in it! Before I get to the real details of what I've got in mind for the...
  6. MoonMidnight

    Fantasy  ORIGINS - A Minecraft Roleplay (no slots open!)

    I didn't realize until just now that I need to include this in the Off-Site Ad area. If you're interested, here's the link to the post: https://www.rpnation.com/threads/origins-minecraft-roleplay-2-slots-open.480926/
  7. Quiet One

    Kinda Weird. Looking for GM for Pathfinder 1e

    So...here's the thing. I'm not new to RPing, but am new to this site. I'm also new to dice systems. A few years ago I was introduced to first edition Pathfinder and I like it. I love building characters based on the rules and seeing what interesting combinations between races and classes I can...
  8. MissMoon

    Realistic or Modern  Runaways - Teen Adventure RP [Accepted Players Only!]

    --------the 9 variable values (the ones starting with "--") are meant to be filled in with your own colours + links; i recommend keeping the "name-shadow-colour" a light colour-------- {slide= --------this is the "basics" (mood + outfit + location) accordion-------- Literacy: Advanced...
  9. berristar

    Fantasy  Trust Me | CLOSED | 7/7 TAKEN

    "This is why we don't leave! Because they come after us! You can't trust anyone but our kind!" Underneath the modern world of humans hides a secret world of magic users, called artists. They keep themselves separated, but not by choice, hunted by creatures called daemons who will stop at...
  10. Unknown1

    Colosseum  Crest Collosseum [semi-casual] [development]

    [In development] You are set in a world were you find yourself in a colloseum in the clouds. You cannot see the bottom, the collosseum is raised on a very high peak connected to nothing. Far above the clouds. Some of you don't remember how you got here, some have been here for a long time. Not...
  11. Soot the Remnant

    Good to feel wanted

    Nothing here, sorry
  12. Young_Charles99

    Multiple Settings  Heroverse (D&D Inspired RP)

    ~Heroverse~ To whom it may concern, You have been invited to attend Julie’s Academy for the Gifted. Here, you will be expected to learn and grow as an individual while also learning to adapt and work in larger groups as a way of contributing to the world as a whole. We have a selection of...
  13. Arzee

    Futuristic  Bleeding Rainbows | Scifi Western RP

    — Bleeding Rainbows A Western Scifi Adventure --img here... CODE by LEVIATHAN. -- 01 here 01. welcome to stark.Welcome to the Stark System, patented and owned by the Stark Corporation. They bought the colonization rights from the Galactic Directorate, an intergalactic governmental...
  14. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  The Swamp Monster

    Really in the mood for some B-Movie inspired ridiculousness so let's see whose interested. Your family is on a cross country drive across the States and taken a wrong turn on the winding backroads snaking through the sprawling swampland. Stopping to get your bearings, you wait until your Mom...
  15. AiDEE-c0

    Multiple Settings  ⬩◆ An Ark called Sin ◆⬩

    Blackbox Type M>format DIVERGE >Exposition formatting has been initiated... Last month, the Earth became fully recognized as a doomed entity, riddled with Malice. It was an ironic fate for humanity, which thought itself untouchable up to that point. As technological gods driven by science...
  16. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings  Safety Not Guaranteed (Time Travel MxF)

    Inspired by the film by the same name, this will be an original plot with original characters. Only the initial premise will remain the same. The inspiration for the movie was a real life ad. See the link to the Wiki about the movie and note the Production history. Safety Not Guaranteed -...
  17. Agent23

    Futuristic  The World Below

    Physics is a strange concept a lot of the time the laws of reality which seem to hold everything together. Granted at smaller scales they seem to muddy a bit but regardless the laws of Physics seem to he the framework that holds our universe together. So what happens when you break the laws of...
  18. TerrorKitty

    Realistic or Modern  Campfire |The Woods are Dark, but the Fire is Bright| OPEN

    Do you remember why you're here? To get away from it all? To be where you want to be. To be with who you want to be with. It's scary sure, but you're not alone. Remember The Woods are Dark, but the Fire is Bright It's been so long since we all went out like this. Just being free, with no...
  19. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Shanghaied By Aliens

    https://www.xainesworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/No-Mans-Sky-Living-Ship-Locations-ARE-Consistent-Heres-How-It-Works-Starship-Hunting-Mapping-WEB.jpg You have been kidnapped by a living alien ship for reasons unknown. But you are not alone. There are aliens aboard. The first members of...