1. Transformation

    Multiple Settings  Cyborg Spy/Special Forces Rescue

    -I’ve roleplayed for 10+years (well before I could write worth beans) -I prefer to write on Discord but I will entertain considering writing here. -I’m Advanced Literate,3+ paragraphs average; seeking Adv -Quality over quantity. But for this particular RP I really am looking for a two paragraph...
  2. Rogue-47

    Realistic or Modern  Liberty or Death interest check

    Before getting started on the story ideas it’s only fair that I let you know what to expect from me. 1) To be honest I’m not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we’re rping together the relationship can be referenced and such but again no smut. Although I...
  3. Melchrome

    Multiple Settings  Searching™ (Monsters, witches, lowlives, M//, F//)

    Hey there, ■ I'm Mel. ■ Been roleplaying for 15 years now. ■ I'm 27. ■ I live in the states and my time zone is Eastern. ■ Looking for as many roleplays as I can carry Guidelines and such... .I prefer if you are at least 24 when contacting me, I feel weird otherwise. Also, sorry, but...
  4. AussieAndCat

    Futuristic  Adv Lit, Regular, Long term

    Most of us start role playing on the playground. We don’t call it that of course, it’s “make believe” and the like. But between a few years of that and then 8 years of writing it, I’m still loving it every day! I’m 27 years old but my heart is still 12. First of all I’m very flexible, Problem...
  5. Aelis_K

    Multiple Settings  Let's Dive in Worlds Full of Magic

    Hello there, thanks for checking out my search! This post is about finding a long-term RP partner to create worlds and characters we can pour our souls into. I just want to be obsessed again by a great story and think about it all day during the boring hours. If you're also looking for a...
  6. LizzieKeen

    Fandom  Blacklist roleplay search

    I’m looking to do an RP where I’m Elizabeth Keen and someone else is one of the other characters preferably either Red or Katerina.
  7. LizzieKeen

    Fandom  Blacklist roleplay

    I’m looking to do an RP where I’m Elizabeth Keen and someone else is one of the other characters preferably either Red or Katerina.
  8. Rogue-47

    Multiple Settings  Liberty or Death: Battle Cry

    Los Angeles, California, United States April 9, 1937, Friday Prologue: A night to remember... Tag: @Rusty of Shackleford @Sushi Muncher @Jackson123 @SpazTheButcher The air was filled with the smoke of cigarettes at Martini’s. The bar itself was rather packed tonight with the usual local crowd...
  9. Rogue-47

    Multiple Settings  Liberty or Death (Alternative History Interest Check)

    Nineteen years have passed since the Great War ended in a costly stalemate for the Central Powers and the Entente. The United States by the strangest of fates avoids direct involvement on the Western Front. However, due to its economic ties with the Allies during the war the country suffered...
  10. Trektek

    Nation Building  Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

    Birth of Nations Reboot 47,371 BA (Before Ascendancy) The city of Summerset was as always, a calm and peaceful place. People of all races lived in harmony, with all the advanced technology that allowed them to afford a high level of comfort in their every day lives. The birds chirped and the...
  11. AMadHat

    Fantasy  The Destorian Train

    The Destorian Era, similar to that of the Edwardian Era and the Victorian Era, this story takes place in a small town called Queirness. The train arrives twice every decade, those who’ve been lucky to catch it, they’re allowed to take it once. The trains arrived, the location unknown, will you...
  12. Trektek

    Nation Building  Nation Sheets

    Nation Sheet Below is the CS to apply for the RP. For your benefit there is an example below the template so please take a look at it. If you need any help then please do not hesitate to ask, we're here to help! ----- Nation Name: (Simple) Capital City: (Simple) Nation Flag: (Picture...
  13. Trektek

    Nation Building  Birth of Nations: Rebirth (Currently Full)

    ----side bar---- ----image---- ----name & title---- ----name---- ----* * *your character's name here!---- Birth of Nations ----title---- ----* * *your character's title here! (no title? leave it empty!)---- The Rebirth...
  14. cyrinicstrife3

    Fantasy  Nightingale Guild

    Hello! Nightingale Guild is a RP Fantasy. It takes place in a modern style, post 2000's Fantasy world where Mage's Academies are seen and used as the most important aspect between wars and politics. Nightingale was destroyed a long time ago by a tyrant, yet rebuilt by the current Headmaster...
  15. Ryesona

    Fandom  Mass Effect Andromeda - Retaliation Interest Check

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Retaliation The Archon is dead. The Nexus, the outcasts, and the Angara have made planet fall on Meridian. The pioneers that braved the journey from the Milky Way to Andromeda and Angara celebrate and mourn alike. Despite the legendary acts executed by Ryder’s...
  16. gwenpool

    Fantasy  Tales of Jeogoa *sign-ups*

    ROLEPLAY THREAD: TBA OOC THREAD:Fantasy - Tales of Jeogoa *OOC* LORE THREAD: Fantasy - Tales of Jeogoa *Lore* Admins: @Gelatinous and @Mystical Birb Tales of Jeogoa is a fantasy setting of politics, magic, spirits, and what have you. This is semi-sandbox, meaning as long as you understand and...
  17. eyyliner

    Fantasy  𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 — open.

    --code by LEVIATHAN. colors: #110000 #be9b7b #854442 #fff4e6 #4b3832 far fa-circle far fa-circle far fa-circle far fa-circle --tab 1 START --img --title ❝ BOUND BY TIME ❞ a low fantasy roleplay interest check. --tab 2 START far fa-times --title welcome. Every second you...
  18. Wojak.

    Nation Building  Considering doing a WW3 RP, anybody interested?

    Post name says it all really, but I’ll explain a little further. I was wondering what would happen if WW3 had started in early 2020, and what this timeline would be like! This is my first time in a nation building RP, so I hope you can all bear with me! Feel free to ask questions and make...
  19. AMadHat

    Fantasy  Noxturnal

    You/Your OC went to the Field Near the woods with your friend(s) There are other people there too, to see this wonder, the Eclipse. as the Eclipse starts, the whole sky turns to a dreary lilac, you wait half an hour for the Eclipse to fade away, it Doesn’t, Suddenly the Nocturnal Creatures...
  20. AMadHat

    Fandom  The darkness below (A sandbox Minecraft RP)

    This is just a random sandbox Minecraft RP, feel free to join! :›